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Reprinted from Science, Nov. 10, 1922, Vol. LVI, No. 1454, pages 541-547 



In selecting groups of one thousand Amer- 
ican men of. science for statistical study in 
1903 and 1909, the workers in each of twelve 
sciences were arranged in the order of merit for 
their work bj^ ten of their leading eoUeagues.i 
The average positions gave the order, and, as 
there were ten observations of the position of 
each individual, its probable error could be cal- 

As the writer of this paper is a psyeholc^ist 
and the ultimate object of the work is the study 
of behavior with a view to advancing scientifie 
research, the psychologists may 'be used for 
illustmtions of method. William James was 
placed first in 1903 by the independent judg- 
ment of each of the ten observers. The psy- 
chologist who stood second had an average po- 
sition of 3.7 with a probable error of 0.5; the 
chances are even that his position was between 
3.2 and 4.2. The psychologists who stood 
third, fourth and fifth were assigned, respect- 
ively, positions of 4.0, 4.4 and 7.5, with prob- 
able errors of 0.5, 0.6 and 1.0. It follows that 
the relative order of Nos. II, III and IV is not 
determined definitely, whereas the chances are 
some 10,000 to 1 that each of these stood below 
No. I and above No. V. The protDable errors 
inci"ease in size 'as the work of the men becomes 
less significant; it is on the average 0.65 places 
for the first ten of the fifty psychologists and 
10J7 places for the last ten. Consequently No. 
XL on the list would have aibout one chance iin 
four of falling out of the group of fifty, if the 
number participating in the arrangement had 
been very large. 

The figures determine not only the validity 
of the positions, but also the differences in 
scientific merit among the psychologists, these 
varying inversely as the probable eri'ors. As 
men wlio are alwut 6 ft. 2 in. tal'l are likely to 
differ from each other about ten times as much 

^ Science, November 23, November 30 and 
December 6, 1906, "American Men of Science," 
The Science Press, 1910. 

as men who are alK>ut 5 ft. 8 in. tall, >o, fhe 
more distinguished scientific men at the top of 
the list differ from each other alx)ut ten times 
as much as those toward the bottom, and a unit 
can be adopted fur measuring the differences. 
This method for converting relative position.- 
into degrees of quantitative differences, which 
was first used by the writer^ to measure sub- 
jective differences in the intensity of lights has 
jjroveu to be of wide application. 

For a third selection of our thousand leading 
men of science it .seemed desirable, in order to 
avoid the inbreeding that might occur through 
selection by a limited group, to obtain a gen- 
eral vote from those competent, and, as before, 
the new methodological problems have proved 
to be of interest. The vailidity of votes appeai-s 
not to have been considered, yet the problem is 
wide-reaching and is closely related to tlie 
drawing of balls from an urn, which has 
largely occupied students of the theory of 

If, for example, the council of the American 
Psychological Association, which consists of 
eight members, decides witliout consultation in 
favor of a given measure by a vote of 6 to 2, 
how likely is this to represent the majority 
opinion of the 432 membei-s? We do not know 
the distribution of this "population," buit if 
from an urn containing 216 white and 216 black 
baills, 8 are drawn, the chances are ailx)ut one in 
nine that 6 will be white and about one in 
seven that 6 or more will be white. These may 
be regarded as approximately the chances that 
when the membership is a'bout evenly divided a 
vote of that character will be obtained from 
the council; and on this basis the desirability 
of a plebiscite vote may be decided. 

2 Philosophuiche Studien, 1902. See also 

"Studies by the Method of Relative Position," 
H. L. Hollingworth, in "The Psychological Re- 
searches of James McKeen CatteH, " a review by 
some of his pupils, on the occasion of the twenty- 
fifth anniversary of his professorship. New 
York, 1914. 


In 1916 Mr. Wilson was elected president by 
the vote in California, whieli was in his favor 
by 466,3UU to 462,394, giving bim a majority 
of 3,906. It migbt be supposed that this small 
majority would readily have 'lieen reversed by 
an indefinitely large electorate, but if the pop- 
ulation were equally divided this would prob- 
ably oeur only once if an election were held 
every day for a hundred years. 

If tbe memljei-s of a jury reached their deci- 
sion without consultation and stood eleven to 
one for conviction, many would conclude that 
the chances are eleven to one that the defendant 
is guilty. As a matter of fact if the total pop- 
ulation is divided in the same ratio and the 
legal fiction is followed that a man is proved 
guilty or innocent only by unanimous vote of 
twelve peers, the chance of obtaining a jury 
which without consultation -will be unanimous 
for conviction are about one in three, of ob- 
taining a jury unanimous for acquittal, only 
one in many billions. The practise of the 
counts must ultimately adjust itself to such con- 
ditions, and learn whether the unanimous vote 
of three or five jurymen without consultation 
is more or less valid than the unanimous vote 
of twelve after consultation. It must be de- 
cided on what probabilities a man s'hall be con- 
victed and to what extent the chances of inno- 
cence shall be considered in imposing sentence. 

When our rulers are selected and their legis- 
lation is determined by votes, it seems strange 
that knowledge concerning the variable and 
constant errors is so completely lacking. A 
decision of the supreme court, which may 
involve the welfare of hundreds of thousands 
of children or taxation amounting to billions of 
tlollars, is equally binding whether the vote is 
unanimous or by a majority of one. It would 
apparently be as i-easonable to require a three 
fourths vote of the supi-eme court to invalidate 
a law passed by 'boti houses of the congress 
and signed by the president, as to require a 
unanimous vote of a jury to award petty dam- 

The method of voting used to select scientific 

men might liave useful applications in indus- 

-try. For example, if a bank employs 100 

clerks, some of whom will be promoted from 
time to time, all of them might be asked to 
check the fifty per cent, and the five per cent, 
most deserving of promotion. From the rec- 
ords an order of merit for promotion would be 
obtained, together with the relaitive value of 
the men to the bank and the salaries deserved. 
The data would also throw light on tbose 
voting, for the value of the judgment of each 
is measured by its departure from the average; 
if any were prejudiced or unfair in their ta-eat- 
ment of friends or rivals this would be dis-i-^ 
covered. The combined judgment of associates 
is probably a more valid method of selection 
than the choice of a superior and would pre- 
suma'bly lead to bet'ter service. 

In like manner a group of factory workers 
or of laboring men might select a 'boss or 
leader by vote. If the employer would agree 
to take one of the five men receiving the most 
votes, the employees would understand and 
probably approve the method. Not only would 
a good selection free from favoritism be made, 
but the men would share in the control of their 
work and would be more loyal and more effi- 

The writer has proposed a compromise be- 
tween the competitive and the semi-communis- 
tic systems for payment of the salaries of uni- 
versity professors, according to which, say, five 
super-professorships with relatively large 
salaries and large freedom should be estab- 
lished. The difficulty under our present 
method is ithat the appointments would be by 
favor of tlie administration. If, however, a 
vote of the teachers in the university', and per- 
haps of the students, were itaken on the (basis 
of desert for research, teaching and service, a 
method of selection would be used pro*bably 
more accurate than the choice of the president 
and at the same time more conducive to co- 
operation and goodwill. 

In the selection by votes of one thousand sci- 
entific men the same number for each of the 
twelve sciences was retained as in the two pre- 
vious studies, this being nearly proportional to 
the total number of workers in each science. 
In the fiist edition of "American Men of 


Science" there were -listed atwut 4,000 .scien- 
tific men, in the second edition about 5,500, 
and in the present edition, published some fif- 
teen years after the first, the number is about 
9,600. The present writer was in 1888 the 
only professor of psychology in the world. The 
numljer of memibem of the American Pcs^'cho- 
logical Association, which has a professional 
qualification, increased from 127 in 1903, Avhen 
the first selection was made, to 432 in 1920. 
The average number of doctorates conferred in 
psychology during ithe five years prior to 1903 
was 12.6; it was 40 in 1920. Competition for 
inclusion among our fifty leading j^sycholo- 
gists or among our thousand leading men of 
science is thus much more severe at present 
than was the case when the seleotions were first 
made. There are now about 500 w-oi'king 
psyehologisits and about 10,000 scientific men 
in the United States; the present selection con- 
sists appi'oximately of those who form in each 
science the upper tenth in merit of their work. 
In the case of the psychologists, here used 

as an example, those in the two earlier groups 
of fifty (except five no longer occupied Aviith 
psychology or no longer residents of 'the United 
States), numbering 48, were asked to b^nd the 
names of 10 or a smaller number of others 
whose work warranted their inclusion in such 
a group. Then ithose who i-eceived two or 
more nominations were in like manner asked 
to propose 10 or fewer names. The 52 who 
received "the most voters were added to the 
original 48 to form a group of 100. These 
names wei'e placed in alphal>etical order on a 
list, which was sent to tthem all, with the re- 
quest to "check (V) about 50 (namely, about 
one half) of the names to indicate those who 
have done the besit work in psychology, placing 
a double check ( V V ) before about five of 
those whose work has 'been the most impor- 
tant." Eighty-three (besides one who replied 
too late) of the 100 returned the blank and, as 
each was asked not to consider himself, there 
were 82 votes. When more than five double 
ohecks were assigned they were weighted in- 


ZO 30 40 vTO 60 70 80 



versely as the number. The result of the vots 
can be conveniently shown by curves such as 
are here repi-oduced. The middle cui*ve gives 
the distri'bution of the 82 votes for the 100 
psychologists, the vertical ordinaites repre- 
sentdng the numl>er af votes, while the indi- 
viduals are ranged serially along the hori- 
zontal axis. Tlie bottom cui-ve :^hows the num- 
ber of double checks for each individual, 
namely, ithe opinion that he is one of the five 
psychologis-ts whose work is the most im- 
portant. The top curve represents the sum of 
two votes, and the individuals are arranged in 
order in accordance with this vote.-* 

As indicated on the curve and sliown on the 
taibles (which it seems unnecessary in this place 
to print) it wo and only two psj'^chologists were 
included among the fifty leading psychologists 
by unanimous vote of itJieir eighty-two col- 
leagues. The psychologist at the bottom of 
the fifty received 35 votes; three were given 
for the psychologist who stands last in the 
hundred. Sixty-two of the 82 voting include 
among the five whose work has 'been most im- 
portant the two psychologists who received a 
unanimous vote for inclusion among the fifty 
and 20 do not. Such differences in judgment 
are legitimate and significant. Thus the psy- 

3 Similar results have been obtained in each of 
the twelve sciences, the number of scientific men 
ranging from 175 chemists to 20 anthropologists. 
The returns, however, were most complete for 
psychology, the writer being personally acquaint- 
ed with nearly all psychologists and a second 
request having been sent to those who did not 
reply to the first. There were in all some 130,000 
votes to be collected, counted and tabulated. For 
the treatment of this material I am mainly 
indebted to my daughter, Miss Psyche Cattell. 
Dr. Dean R. Brimhall and Dr. Alexander Wedn- 
stein have also assisted in the revision of the 
material and in the computations. 

I am under very great obligations to Professor 
Raymond L. Pearl, of the Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, and to Professor H. L. Rictz, of the State 
University of Iowa, for their kindness in reading 
tlie manuscript of the paper and for the useful 
suggestions that they have made. This acknowl- 
edgement should not, of course, be construed as 
involving responsibility on their part. 

chologist placed eleventh is held 'by 22 of his 
colleagues to belong to the first five and by 21 
not to belong to the gix)up of 50, and similar 
conditions obtained for the one placed twen- 
tieth. The names could be guessed by one 
familiar with the situation. They are men of 
distinction Avhose moi^ important work is by 
some judged not to fall within the field of 

The attiitude of those voting is of scientific 
significance, for it measures ithe validity of 
judgments. If we assume the average judg- 
ment of the 82 psychologists to be nearly cor- 
rect, the departure from this average measures 
the competence of tlie individuals to form such 
judgments. There do not appear to be group 
differences dependent on distinction or age, 
but individuals, as shown in the previous study, 
differ in the ratio of about two to one. 
There will be an extraordinary change in 
our attitude toward political, social and busi- 
ness problems when we learn to look upon our 
observations, recollections, 'beliefs and judg- 
ments objectively, measuring the probability of 
their correctness and assigning probable errors 
to them. 

The top curve represents the sum of the two 
votes and the order there given is the one used. 
A different weighting of the two votes would 
not considerably affect the order. The vote for 
the five leading psychologists in the main dis- 
criminates only the positions of the men in the 
upper quantile. In place of the douible vote 
for the five and the fifty per cent, of the 100 
psychologists whose work has the most merit, a 
satisfactory dista-ibution might be obtained by 
a vote for 25, or one fourth of the whole num- 
ber. In view of the constant use of votes for 
elections and decisions, the problems involved 
deserve more complete investigation. 

A probable error can be found for tiie posi- 
tions of the individuals by a method that was 
apparently fii-st used by the present writer. 
When eighty of those voting are divided into 
ten gi-oups of eight each, we have the separate 
votes of each of tliese groups and from their 
variation the probable ea-ror of the average vote 
can ibe calculated. Thus the psychologist No. L, 


in the ten groups of eight votes each received, 
respectively, 4, 4, 2, 1, 4, 7, 4, 3, 2, and 2 votes. 
The probable error is 0.363, and for the group 
of eighty votes it is 3.63. The position on the 
curve assigned by eacli of the small groups can 
also be found and a probable eiTor calculated 
from these ten positions. 

The proijjable eurors based on 80 votes (as a 
rule for each fifth individual) are indicated by 
the broken vertical line on the curve and when 
referred to the order of merit toy the broken 
horizontal lines. The probable errors of the 
votes of the fire psychologists last in the fifty 
ai'e, respectively, 3.4, 2.8, 2.8, 3.1 and 3.6, an 
average of 3.14. The curve from No. X to 
No. C is nearly a straight line, the vote de- 
creasing from 79 for No. X to 3 for No. C. 
Consequently the probable error of t)he vote 
when referred to the order is increased by 
about one sixth. The probaible error of posi- 
tion at the bottom of the group of fifty is 3.6 ; 
there are thus only three or four for whom 
there would be as much as one chance in four 
of being dropped from the list if the arrange- 
ment were made by an indefinitely large elec- 
torate of the same character. 

In the first study of the psychologists, the 
probable error at the lower end of the fifty 
was 10.7, that is, there were 10 or 11 for whom 
there was one chance in four thalt they should 
not be included on the list. There were then 
ten arrangements in order of merit; now there 
are eighty votes. The probable error decreases 
as the square root of the number of observa- 
tions, and the probable errors in ifche two cases, 
other things being equal, should be about as 
3 : 1, which is in fac't almost exactly the case. 
The probable error of a single vote for the 
psychologists low in the group of fifty at the 
present time is thus the same as by order of 
merit in the group of 1903. 

In the first study, however, we were con- 
cerned with the upper quartile, and we are 
now concerned with the upper decile of the 
group of American psychologists. If we as- 
sume distributions in accordance with the curve 
of error, the men who now stand at the bottom 
of the fifty in the present selection will be as 
able as those who stood about twenty in the 

first arrangement. An examination of the rela- 
tive positions of the individuals who are in 
each of the two arrangements indicates that 
this tends to be the case. The probable error 
at the bottom of the fifty selected by votes 
should be in the neighborhood of those who 
stood about twenty in the first arrangements. 
This would make a single vote one half as 
valid (the ratio of the probable errors in the 
first arrangement for those near the bottom of 
the fourth hundred and in the tenth hundred 
of the thousand being 64 : 125) as a single 
judgment of order of merit. The figures given 
should, however, be regarded as indications of 
method rather than as exact determinations, 
Eor they are subject to various errors. 

The average position of the survivors of the 
first group of psychologists in the arrangement 
of 1903 was (after deaths have been eliminated) 
4; it is now for the same individuals 14.8. 
Those in the four following groups of ten have 
dropped, respectively, from 11.5 to 18.1; 20 to 
27.4; 29.5 to 59.2, and 39.5 to 64.9. This 
drop in position is on the average less than 
would be expected if the 10,000 scientific men 
of to-day are as able and have as good oppor- 
tunity as the 4,000 scientific men of 1903. The 
inference is that as the total number increases 
the proportion of men of distinction decreases. 
This may be due to the fact that men of si>ecial 
ability find their level apart from the size of 
the group or because the scientific career 
attracts less able men or gives them less oppor- 
tunity than formerly. Both factors are prob- 
ably present; it is apparent that the situation 
deserves further investigation. In the pre- 
vious study it was shown thait in the increased 
competition of a five-year period, those between 
40 and 44 years of age remained on the average 
about stationary; those below 40 gained; those 
above 44 lost, the loss being in direct propor- 
tion to the age. 

As the work of the men becomes more im- 
portant, the differences between the indi- 
viduals as measured by the probable error of 
position become greater, the distribution cor- 
responding in a general way to the upper end 
of the curve of error. In the case of the votes 
there are complications, for the votes for dif- 


ferent men do not have the same weight. The 
ten \vto receive the most votes receive nearly 
all the votes, and in the of the few who 
do not vote for them poor judgment or an error 
in checking is indicated. Some votes mean that 
a psychologist stands first or near the top of the 
list, whereas others mean that he is barely 
included. Consequently the order and the 
piobable errors in the ease of such a vote for 
one half of the group do not have great validity 
for the upper part of the distribution. The 
order is obtained in a satisfactory manner by 
the double vote, but this introduces further 
complications in the probable error. In all 
cases of votes, we have asymmeti-ical distribu- 
tions and skew curves. The quantitative rela- 
tions should be worked out in the first instance 
for less complicated material than that with 
which we are here concerned. 

In nearly all cases in which probable errors 
have been applied to psychological data, the 
determinations are more exact than common 
sense would presuppose. Thus the writer 
found* that in grading traits of character by 
ten individuals on a scale of 100, a position was 
assigned with probable errors varying from 
4.6 for physical health and cheerfulness to 3 
for originality and efficiency. All other traits, 
such as energy, courage, judgment and integ- 
rity, were assigned positions with intermediate 
probable errors, the average being 4, which is 
nearly the same as the probable error of posi- 
tion as determined by 80 votes of the psycholo- 
gists near the middle of the 100 in order of 

The comparatively small proba1)le errors ap- 
pear to be due to the fact that there ai'e con- 
stanlt errors which affect the whole group. The 
psychologists who vote are subject to the same 
kind of influences, not making in fact inde- 
pendent judgments, but being influenced as a 
group by the knoAvledge of what others think 
and hy all sorts of conditions, conventions and 
restrictions. If a similar vote were taken ten 
years hence the work of the same psychologists 
would be viewed from new standpoints and the 
pesitions would change to a much greater de- 
gree than the j)io)iable errors warrant. "Con- 

* Address of the president of the Amcrii-aii 
fcjocietj of Naturalists, Science, April 10, 1903. 

stant" errors are in fact more inconstant and 
variable than "variable" errors. 

In the case of a vote (as in any series of 
measurements) there are two factors entering 
into the probable error, one dependent on the 
quantitative conditions prescribed in advance, 
the other on the behavior of the individuals. 
The former may be called the deductive prob- 
able error and when the latter is determined l)y 
experiment and added to it the whole is the 
inductive or actual probable error. Thus, if 
from an indefinitely large number of balls 
equally distributed between black and Avhite, 
some are drawn, the most frequent distribution 
will be an equal number of black and white, 
but the average departure from equality will 
increase as the square root of the number 
drawn and the ratio of departure from equality 
will decrease as the square root of the number. 

If large numbers of white and black balls are 
distributed in the ratio of 33 white to 47 black, 
and we draw 80 balls, the most probable num- 
ber of white balls will be 33. The standard 
deviation from 33 in a large number of draws 
will be 4.40, and the quartile deviation or prob- 
able error will he 2.97; that is, in one case out 
of four there will be more than three white 
balls. The psychologist at the bottom of the 
fifty received 33 votes out of a possible 80. If 
an indefinitely large number of psychologists 
were distributed in this ratio the deductive 
probable error or error of sampling would be 
2.97. The actual prc^bable error, namely, 3.63, 
is composed of (the square root of th sum of 
the squares of the two) bhis deductive probable 
error and an error or deviation due to the 
groupings of the psychologists into different 
"species" with different points of view. The 
psychologist who stood XIL had a probable 
error of 3.1. The deductive probable errors 
are approximately the same for the two indi- 
viduals, but it is more difficult to form a judg- 
ment regarding No. L than regarding No. XIL.^ 

'' In these cases the actuiil and the deductive 
probable errors have probable errors of the order 
of magnitude of the differences between them, 
and these differences have only moderate validity. 
The writer has purposely "not minded his p's 
ami his q's," for it seems that equations are not 
becoming to one who is not a mathematician. 


The situation may be illustrated by an in- 
stance of general irapor'tance. Death rates, 
birth rates and marriage rates are continually 
used, but always witliout probable errors. 
Thus, for example, the Bureau of the Census 
issues weekly a bulletin that contains the death 
rates of the leading cities of the United States, 
but the figures have no meaning because one 
does not know whether the different rates ai'e 
due to chance fluctuations with a limited popu- 
lation or to causes such as a large proportion 
of infants or an epidemic of influenza.^ If the 
average death rate is 12 per thousand, in a city 
of 100,000 population there will be about 23 
deaths in a week. If black and white balls in 
indefinitely large numbers are distributed in 
the ratio of 23 black to 99,977 white and 
100,000 are drawn, the most probable number 
of black balls is 23, but one time in four there 
will be more than 27, Thus the recorded death 
rate for a week for a city of 100,000 will nor- 
mally fluctuate. If it is on the average 12, it 
will in half the weeks be approximately either 
as large as 15 or as small as 9. 

If the death rate exceeds 15 in two consecu- 
tive weeks then the chances are fifteen out of 
sixteen that it is due to some cause such as an 
epidemic. The conditions are obviously of 
practical importance for physicians and health 
officers. The situation for death rates is nicely 
illustrated by the illustration that has been 
used of the distribution of black and white 
balls in an urn. If the population of the 

6 In the last report received (for the week end- 
ing September 2, 1922) the death rate of New 
Haven is given as 5.8 and of Houston as 13.9. In 
the same week a year ago the death rate of New 
Haven was 10 and of Houston 7.6. Without 
probable errors these figures give no useful 
information in regard to the conditions in the two 

country were 100,000,000 and the death rate 
were 12 (as it should be, but is not), then 
1,200,000 people would die during a year. 
Axiong 100,000,000 black and white balls tliere 
are 1,200,000 black. But if we draw 100,000 
(?'. e., take a town of that population) there 
will be a chance fluctuation as described above. 
It is also the case that the ])alls are not com- 
pletely mixed, there being more black balls in 
some part of the uim than others. In some 
places we shall draw a larger proportion of 
black balls. When there is a negro population 
or a tenement house population or a large pop- 
ulation of very young or very old people, there 
are relatively more black balls. There are tem- 
porarily more black balls in one place when 
there is an epidemic or the like. In that case 
we have the analogy of the black balls attract- 
ing one another. 

This paper has been written to explain the 
methods used to select the thousand leading 
American men of science by votes. The psy- 
chologists have been taken as an example; if 
space and time permitted tables and curves 
might be given for the other sciences and a 
study of the data might yield results of inter- 
est. Such treatment must, however, be post- 
poned or left to others. The object of the 
present paper will be accomplished if it makes 
clear that the scientific men have been selected 
and placed in the order of merit for their work 
by valid objective methods and that the meth- 
ods used have wnde application. In a subse- 
quent paper the distribution of the scientifie 
men will be considered with special reference 
to the changes that have occurred in the course 
of ten years. 

J. McKeen Cattell 

Tfie Psychological Corporation, 
August 1, 1922 






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By the science fRESS 



was begun as a manusci reference list for the Carnegie Institution of Washing- 
ton, which made an appropria i of 351,000 toward the clerical and office expenses. It 

is hoped that the publication 
America. There is here given 

11 be a contribution to the organization of science in 
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activity of a country at a giv period. As a reference book for the field it covers, it 
may be even more useful in i iemic circles than Minerva or Who^s Who in America. 
But the chief service it shouliender is to make men of science acquainted with one 
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supported. We are conseque y in the fortunate position of knowing that whatever 
we do to promote our own inf sts is at the same time a service to the community and 
to the world. 

There are included in the rectory the records of more than four thousand men of 
science, and it is believed th 
America who have carried or;search work in the natural and exact sciences. Some 

are admitted who are suppose 
work, or by the preparation o. 

o have advanced science by teaching, by administrative 
;xt-books and compilations. There are also some whose 
work has been chiefly in engii ring, medicine or other applied sciences, and a few whose 
work is in education, econors or other subjects not commonly included under the 
exact and natural sciences, it the book does not profess to cover these fields. The 
names are included because tr are supposed to represent work that has contributed to 
the advancement of pure scie] ; the term being used in the narrower sense or because 
they are found in the membe ip lists of certain national societies. ***** 
It was intended that eac sntry should contain information as follows : 

(1) The full name with title ar uail address, the part of the name ordinarily omitted in correspondence 
being in parentheses. 

(2) The department of investig )n given in italics. 

(3) The place and date of birti 

(4) Education and degrees. 

(5) Positions with dates, the pi nt position being given in italics. 

(6) Temporary and minor posi is. 

(7) Honorary degrees and othe jientific honors. 

(8) Membership in scientific ai learned societies. 

(9) Chief subjects of research, )se accomplished being separated by a dash from those in progress. 

A star is prefixed to th( ubject of research in the case of about a thousand of the 
biographical notes. These a the thousand students of the natural and exact sciences in 
the United States whose wc is supposed to be the most important. In each of the 
twelve principal sciences thdames were arranged in the order of merit by ten leading 
students of the science. Th average positions and the probable errors were then calcu- 



There is no change in the general plan of thok. Arrangements were made to 
include biographical sketches of the thousand leacmen of science of foreign nations 
and to prepare a statistical study of their distrion, performance, etc. Material 
for this purpose was partly collected, but the war mdifficult both the obtaining of the 
material and objective judgments. The thousand ng American men of science who 
died prior to the publication of the first edition of book have been selected by ob- 
jective methods with a view to a scientific study. >w edition of this work published 
five years hence may include biographical sketches he thousand leading foreign men 
of science and of the thousand Americans who mane most important contributions 
to science prior to the twentieth century. 

The first edition, compiled in 1904 and 1905 an(blished at the beginning of 1906, 
contained about 4,000 biographies; the second editioublished at the end of the year 
1910, about 5,500. In the present edition, publishfifteen years after the first, the 
number is about 9,500. This increase may to someent be due to a more complete 
collection of the material, but in the main measuithe increase in the number of 
scientific men. 

After an interval of ten years, the thousand mehosc work for science has been 
most valuable have been reselected. Stars are p^efi to the subjects of research for 
these, as well as for those'who received this position inrevious edition. The selections 
were made by a vote of the men competent in each nee some two thousand in all 
being asked to take part, of^whom about one thous; complied. An account of the 
methods of selection and a further study of the scientifituation are in course of prepara- 
tion. In the present volume an appendix contains staiics and observations concerning 
origins and families of American men of science. | * 

Garrison, N. Y. 
May, 1921 


Aase, Prof. Hannah (Caroline), State College of 
Washington, Pullman, "Wash. Botany. ELk- 
point, S. Dak, July 12, 83. A.B, South Dakota, 
06; Ph.D, Chicago, 14. Instr. hot, Wash. State, 
14-19, asxt. prof, 19- A.A; Bot. Soc. Plant 

Abbe, Cleveland, Jr, Engineering and Mining 
Journal, Tenth Ave. and 36th St, New York, 
N. Y. Geology, Climatology. Washington, D. 
C, March 25, 72. A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M. 96; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, &8; Vienna and Paris, 01-03. 
Prof. nat. sciences, Winthrop Nor. and Indust. 
Col, 99-01; aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 03-06; with 
U. S. Weather Bur, 06-19; ' Eng. and Mining 
Jour,' 19- Asst. Md. Geol. Surv, 97-01; aast. 
6.1, 'Monthly Weather Kev,' 08-09, 14-16, ed, 
16-18; 'Sci. Am. Supplement,' 19. A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc; Berlin Gesell. fiir Erd- 
kunde. Typographic development; climate of 
Guam, Alaska; fall line of east North America; 
Washington winters. 

Abbe, Dr. Robert, 11 W. 50th St, New York, N. 
Y. Surgery. New York, April 13, 51. A.B, 
Col. City of N. Y, 70; M.D, Columbia, 74. 
Prof, surg, Woman's Med. Col, N. Y, 86-88; 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch, N. Y, 88-96; clin. instr. 
sur,T, Cilurnhia, 94-99, assoc, 99- Senior at- 
teniling surgeon, St. Luke 'a Hosp, 84- A.A; 
Surg. Ass. 

Abbe, Dr. Tnunan, Stoneleigh Court, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Medicine. Washington, Nov. 1, 73. 
A.B, Harvard, 95; M.D, Columbia, 99; Berlin. 
Instr. physics, physiol. and surg, Georgetown, 
02-05; physiol, George Washington, 06-10, surg, 
10- Am. Med. Ass. Radiotherapy; surgery. 

Abbot, C(harles) G(reeley), Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington, D. C. * Astrophysics. Wil- 
ton, N. H, May 31, 72. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
94, ]\[.S, 95; D.Sc, Melbourne, 14, Asst, Smith- 
sonian Astiophys. Observatory, 95-96, aid, act- 
ing in change, 96-07, director, 07-, asst. sec'y, 
Smithsonian Inst, 18- Draper medal, Nat. 
Acad, 10. Kat. Acad, (home sec'y, 19-); A.A; 
Astron. Soo; Philos. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. 
(v. pres, 08-10) ; Wash. Acad ; Soc. Astron. de 
Mex; Eoyal Astron. Soc; cor. mem. Meteor. 
Gesell; Soc. Astron. de France; Modena Acad. 
Solar physics; infra-rerl solar spectrum; solar 
constant of radiation; sensitive galvanometer; 
osmotic pressure; absolute recording pyr-heli- 
ometer; variability of sun and of terrestrial 
temperatures; utilization of solar heat. 

Abbot, Dr. E(d\'-ard) Stanley, 1301 Spruce St, 
Philadelphia, I'a. Psychiatry. Beverly, Mase, 
Dec. 13, 63. A.B, Harvard, 87, M.D, 93. 
Asst. listol, Hirvard Med. Sch, 90-92; house 
officer, Boston City Hosp, 92-94; asst. physi- 

cian, McLean Hosp, 94-98; asst. supt, Boston 
City Hosp, 00-04; first asst. physician, McLean 
Hosp, 04-09; clin. pathologist, 09-17, med. direc- 
tor, mental hygiene com, Public Charities Ass, 
Pa, 19- Major, M.C, 17, chief, neuro-psychiat. 
clinic, 17-18. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Psychol. 
Ass; Medico-Psychol. Ass; New Eng. Soc. 
Psychiat. Insanity; medical psychology. 

Abbot, Gen. Henry Larcom, U. S. A. (retired), 23 
Berkeley St, Cambridge, Mass. Engineering, 
Physics. Beverly, Mass, Aug. 13, 31. Grad, U. 
S. Mil. Acad, 54; LL.D, Harvard, 86. All 
grades from second lieut. to col, E.C, .54-95 (re- 
tired by law), brig. gen. retired, 04. Col, brevet 
brig, and maj. gen, U. S. Vols; chairman, group 
XVI, Centennial Expos, 76; higher jury of 
awards, Atlanta Expos, 95; pres, board of con- 
sulting engineers, Pittsburgh and Lake Erie 
Canal, 95-96; mem. Int. Commission Engineers, 
New Panama Canal Co, 97-00, consulting en- 
gineer, 00-04; prof, hydraul. eng, George Wash- 
ington, 06-; mem. many govt, boards. Nat. 
Acad; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; New Orleans 
Acad; oor. mem. Austrian Imperial Royal Geol. 
Soc. River and harbor improvements; coast 
defence; submarine mining; explosives; elec- 
tricity; vertical fire; astronomy; canals; river 
hydraulics; climatology of the Isthmus of Pan- 
ama; the Chagres River; the Panama Canal. 

Abbott, Dr. A(lexander) C(rever), 4229 Balti- 
more Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. *Hygiene, Bacteri- 
ology. Baltimore, Md, Feb. 26, 60. Baltimore 
City Col, 77; M.D, Maryland, 84, hon. Sc.D, 
07; Hopkins, 84-87; Munich, 87-88; Berlin. 
88-89. Asst. hygiene and bacter, Hopkins, 89- 
91; asst. in charge, lab. of hygiene, Pennsyl- 
vania, 91-96, prof, hygiene and barter, and 
director, lab. of hygiene, 97-, director, sch. 
hygiene and pub. health, 19- Director, div. 
path, bacter. and disinfection, Bur. of Health, 
Phila, 97; chief. Bur. of Health, and pres, 
Board of Health, 03-09. A.A; Soc. Bact; Am. 
Physicians; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. 
Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Philos. Soc. Bac- 
teriology and preventive medicine; infection, in- 
toxication and immunity. 

Abbott, Dr. C(harles) H(arlan), Massachusetts 
Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Zoology. 
Antrim, N. H, March 1, 89. A.B, Brown, 13, 
A.M, 14, Ph.D, 18. Instr. zool. Wash. State. 
14-15; biol, Haverford, 16-17; asst, Yale, 19; 
instr. sool, Mass. Col, 19- Second lieut, Sanit. 
C, 18. A.A; Ecol. Soc. Ecology; light reac- 
tions of land isopods. 

Abbott, Prof. George Alonzo, University, N. Dak. 
Chemistry. Alma, 111, July 7, 74. " B.S, De- 
Pauw, 95, A.M, 96; fellow, Chicago, 04-05; 
Austin fellow and research asst, Mass. Inst. 


Te<'h, 04-06, Ph.D, 08. Teacher chem, high seh, 
Evansville, Ind, 96-99; Cent. High Sch, Duluth, 
MiEn, 99-00; Manual Training High Seh, In- 
dianapolis, 00-04, 06-08; asst. prof, N. Dak. 
Col, 08-10; j^rof, North Dakota, 10- Chem. 
6oe; fel. Ind. Acad, (press sec'y); N. Dak. 
Acad; Cnt. Ass. Sci. Teachers (pres, 10). Py- 
rophosphoric acids; durability of paints. 

Abbott, Prof. J(ames) F(rancis), American Em- 
bassy, Tokyo, Japan. Zoology. Greeley, Colo, 
Sept. 27, 76. A.B, Stanford, 99; A.M, 03; fel- 
low, Chicago, 03-04, Ph.D, 06. Instr. English, 
Shigakt'H Shogyo Gakko, Japan, 00-01 ; prof. 
English lang, Imp. Naval Col, Etajima, Japan, 
01-03; prof, zool, Washington (St. Louis), 04- 
18; capt. mil. intel. div, gen. staff, 18-19; com- 
mercial attache, Am. Embassy, Tolyo, 19- 
A.A;- Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Royal Asiatic Soc, 
Japan (councilor). Faunal ichthyology; cteno- 
phore morphology; hybridization. 

Abbott, Dr. Maude EClizabeth Seymour), 229 
Prince Arthur St, Montreal, Can. Anatomy. 
St. Andrews East, Que. March IS, 69. A.B, Mc- 
Gill, 90, hon. M.D, CM, 10; M.D, CM, Bishop's 
Col, 94; L.R.C.P. and S, Edinburgh, 97. Asst. 
curator, path, museum, McGill, 99-01, curator, 
OS-, Governor's fellow, path, 04-10; lecturer 
path, 11- Ass. Path, and Bact; Montreal Med- 
ico-Chirurg. Soc; Int. Ass. Med. Mus. (sec'y- 
treas. and ed, 'Bui'); Can. Med. Ass. Patho- 
logical anatomy; congenital cardiac disease; 
organization of the medical museum and classifi- 
cation of specimens; respiratory metabolism; 
history of medicine. 

Abbott, Dr. Raymond B, 1803 Cedar St, Berkeley, 
Calif. Physics. Kans, 73. B.S, California. OS, 
M.S, 12, Ph.D, 19. Elec. engineer, Edison Elec. 
Co, 00-08 ; instr. physics, California, 10- Assoc. 
Physical Soc. Electricity ; conduction through 
radio vacuum tubes; velocity of sound from a 
moving source. 

Abel, Prof. John J(acob), Johns Hopkins Medi- 
cal School, Baltimore, Md. * Pharmacology, 
Physiological chemistry. Cleveland, Ohio, May 
19, 57. Ph.B, Michigan, 83, hon. A.M, 03; Hop- 
kins, 83-84; European universities, 84-90; M.D, 
Strasbourg, 88; hon. Sc.D, Michigan, 12; Pitts- 
burgh, 15; LL.D, Cambridge, 20. Principal, 
high sch, La Porte, Ind, 79-80, supt. pub. 
schools, 80-82 ; lecturer mat. med. and therapeut, 
Michigan, 90-91, prof, 91-93; pharmacol, Hop- 
kins, 9.3- Ed, 'Jour. Pharmacol, and Exp. 
Therapeut.' Nat. Acad; A. A; Physiol. Soc; 
Am. Physicians; Soc. Pharmacol, (pres, 09, 10) ; 
Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Biol. Chem. (v. pres, 07, 
pres, 08); Fed. Societies Exp. Biol, (councilor, 
14); Chem. Soc; Philos. Soc; Phila. Col. Pharm; 
assoc. mem. Soc. Royale des Sci. Med. et 
Nat. Bruxelles; cor. mem. Vienna Imp. Med. 
Soc. Composition of animal tissues and fluids; 
function and isolation of special chemical prin- 
ciples of the animal organism; ethyl sulpliid; 
carbaniic acid; pigment of negro's skin; isola- 
tion of the blood-pressure-raising constituent of 
the suprarenal capsules in form of a benzoyl 
derivative; )harinacol()gical action of alcohol; 
ar-tion of phthaleins and derivatives; the poisons 
of Amantia ]ihalloides; action of antimonials in 
experimental trypanosomiasis; convulsant dyes; 

lymph hearts of the frog; vividiffusion and 
plasmaphaeresis; crystalline poisons of Bufo 
agua; albumoses in the tissues; .active principles 
of the pituitary gland ; histamin and like sub- 
stances in animal tissues and hydrolytie products 
of proteids. 

Abraham, Herbert, 19 W. 74th St, New York, N. 
Y. Chemistry. New York, July 9, S3. B.S. 
Columbia, 03. Vice pres. Standard Paint Co, 
03- Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Soc; Soc. Test. 
Mat; Int. Ass. Test. Mat. Bitumens; oils. 

Abrams, Prof. D(uff A(ndrew), Lewis Institute, 
Chicago, 111. Civil engineering. Grand Tower. 
Ill, April 25, 80. B.S, Illinois, 05, C.E, 09. 
Asst, eng. exp. sta, Illinois, 0-5-07, assoc, 07-"i4; 
prof, in charge, structural materials research 
lab, Leivis Inst, 14- Wason medal, Concsete 
Inst, 18. A.A; Soc. Test. Mat; Math. Ass; 
Concrete Inst; 111. Soc. Eng; Chicago Eng. 
Club; Can. Inst. Eng. Brick and terra cotta 
block columns; drain tile; comp )sition and 
manufacture of concrete. 

Abrams, Prof. LeRoy, Stanford ITniversitv, Calif. 
Botany. Sheffield, Iowa, Oct. 1, 74. A.B, Stan- 
ford, 99, A.M, 02; fellow, Columbia, 04-05, 
Ph.D, 10. Acting prof, bot, Idaho, 99-00; asst. 
syst. bot, Stanford, 00-02, instr, 02-04; asst. 
curator, div. plants, IT. S. Nat. Museum, 05-0^ ; 
asst. prof. syst. bot, Stanford, 06-11, assoc. prof. 
bot, 11- Lecturer bot, California, 15; field asst, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 18. A.A; Bot. Soc; West. 
Soc. Nat. Flora of the Pacific states. 

Abt, Prof. Isaac Arthur, 104 S. Michigan Ave, 
Chicago, 111. Medicine. Wilmington, 111, Dee. 
18, 67. Hopkins, 89. M.D. Nortliwestern, 91: 
A^ienna and Berlin, 92-94. Intern, Michael 
Reese Hosp, 91-92; instr. physiol. and histol, 
Northwestern, 9497, prof, diseases of chUdren, 
Woman's Med. Sch, 97-01; assoc. prof, Rush 
Med. Col, 02-09; prof. Northwestern, 09- Ped- 
iat. Soc; Am. Med. Ass. Pediatries. 

Acheson, Dr. Edward G(oodrich), 35 W. 42nd St, 
New York, N. Y. *Electrometalhtrgy, Chemis- 
try. Washington, Pa, March 9, 56. Bellefonte 
Acad, Bellefonte, Pa; hon. Sc.D, Pittsburgh. 09. 
Civil engineer, 76-80; Edison's lab, 80-82; supt, 
<"ons. Lamp Co, Brooklyn, N. Y, 84; electrician, 
Standard Underground Co, Pittsburgh, 66-89; 
pres. Carborundum Co, 91-01 ; Int. .4chcson 
Graphite Co, 00-; Adieson Oildag Co; .Acheson 
Corp; Acheson Ink Co; director, Carborundum 
Co. John Scott medals, Franklin Inst, 94, 01; 
Rumford medal. Perkin medal; Grand Prix. 
Paris, OO; La. Purchase Expos, )4; Rumford 
premium, Am. Acad, 07. A.A; EUc. Eng; Elec- 
trochem. Soc. (pres, 08) ; Chem. Kng. (v. pres. 
08); Franklin Inst; London Soc Arts. Elec- 
tric furnaces and products; metliods of clay- 
working; lubricants; deflocculatioi of solid mat- 
ter; lubricatioTi. 

Achilles, Mrs. Paul Strong (Dr. Eiith Mulhall), 
Barnard College, New York, N. "V. Ps'jiholvgy. 
Boston. Mass. Aug. 6, 92. B.R, Cohuflbia, 14. 
A.M, 15, Ph.D. 18. Asst. psychol, Barnard. Co 
lumbia, 13-15; Vassar, 16-17; in.<itr, erten. dept, 
Columbia, 18- Clin, psychologist, N. Y. City; 
sch. ])sychol. examiner, Ossining, N Y, 18; 
Briareliff, 19. Psychol. Ass. Memory; judg- 
ment ; feeblemindedness. 


Ackert, Prof. J(ames) E(dward), Kansas State 
Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kans. Zoology. 
Woosung, 111, Aug. 31, 79. A.B, Illinois, 09, 
A.M, 11, fellow, 11-1.3, Ph.D, 1.3. Asst. zool, 
Illinois, 09-11; asst. prof, Kansas State, 13-16, 
assoc. prof, 16-18, prof, 18-, parasitologist, Exp. 
Sta, 13- A.A ; Soc. Zool ; Micros. Soe. Innerva- 
tion of integumentary sense organs; life histo- 
ries of ccstodes. 

Acree, Prof. S(olomon) F(arley), Hahnemann 
Hospital, Eoehester, N. Y. *Cliemistry. Mc- 
Gregor, Tex, Dec. 18, 7o. B.S, Texas, 96, 
M.S, 07; fellow, Chicago, 98-01, Ph.D, 02; Ber- 
lin, 0.3-04. Asst. chem, Texas, 96-97; instr, high 
sch, San Antonio, Tex, 97-98; asst, Chicago, 
00-01; assoc. prof, chem, Utah, 01-04; Johns- 
ton scholar, Hopkins, 05-06, assoc, 06-07, assoc. 
prof, 07-14; chief chemist, Forest Prod. Lab, 
14-17; prof, forest chem, Wisconsin, 14-17; 
Syracuse, 17-19; with Nat. Wood Chem. Ass, 
Syracuse, 17- A.A; Chem. Soc. (chairman, 
sect. org. chem, 09) ; Tex. Acad; Chem. Gesell. 
Reactions induced by enzymes; tautomerism; 
catalysis; theory of colors in indicators and dye 
stuffs; theory of mechanism of the reactions of 
alkyl halides; theory of pinaeone and pinaeoline 
rearrangements; mechanism of certain organic 

Adami, Prof. John George, University of Liver- 
pool, Liverpool, England. Pathology. Man- 
chester, England, Jan. 12, 62. Owens Col, Man- 
chester, 77-80, 85-87; B.A, Cambridge, 84, 
M.B. 86, M.A, 87; M.D, 90; Breslau, 84-85; 
M.R.C.S, 87, F.R.C.S, 19; F.R.C.P, 14; hon. 
M.A, M.D, MeGill, 99; LL.D, Toronto, New 
Brunswick; Rc.D, Dublin, 12. House physician, 
Manchester Royal Infirm, 86 ; demonstrator path, 
Cambridge, 87-90, John Lucas Walker student 
in path, 89, lecturer, 90, fellow and director nat. 
science, Jesus Col, 90-92; prof, path, McGill, 
92-19 ; V. chancellor, Liverpool, 19- Pathologist, 
Can. Dept. Agr, 97-02; Fothergill gold medal, 
London Med. Soc, 14; Croonian lecturer, Royal 
Soc, 19; hon. fel. Jesus and Christ's Colleges, 
Cambridge, 20. Soc. Nat; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soe. Baot; Physiol. Soc; Am. Physicians 
(v. pres, 10, pres, 11) ; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soe. Biol. 
Chem; hon. mem. Yet. Med. Ass; Royal Soc. 
Can; Montreal Medico-Chirurg. Soc. (pres, 98- 
00); Royal Col. Surg; Royal Col. Physicians; 
British Med. Ass. (pres, sect, path, 06) London 
Path. Soc; London Physiol. Soc; fel. Royal Soc; 
fel. Royal Soc. Edinburgh; cor. mem. Soc. Med. 
de Lyon. Cardiac, renal and hepatic pathology; 
heredity of disease ; causation of cancer and 
goitre; variability of bacteria; colon bacillus; 
tuberculosis ; degenerative processes. 

Adams, Prof. Cha(rle)s C(hristopher), New York 
State College of Forestry, Syracuse, N. Y. ""Zool- 
ogy. Clinton, Til, July 2.3.73. B.S, 111. Wesleyan, 
95, hon. Sc.D, 20; M.S, Harvard. 99; fellow,'Chi- 
eago, 00-03, Ph.D, OS. Asst. biol. 111. Wesleyan, 
95-96; asst. entomologist, state lab. nat. hist, 
Illinois, 96-98; asst. zool, Chicago, summer, 02; 
curator, univ. museum, Michigan, 03-06; di- 
rector, Cincinnati Soc. Nat. Hist, 06-07; assoc. 
animal ecol, Illinois, 08-14; asst. prof, forest 
sool, N. T. State Col. Forestry, Syracuse, 14-16, 
prof, 16-, director, Boosevelt Wild Life Forest 

Exp. Sta, 19- Curator, museum, Cincinnati, 06-07. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Ecol. Soc; Soc. Mammal; Soc. 
Foresters; Fisheries Soc; Ass. Geog. Habitats, 
faunas and associations dynamically and genet- 
ically considered; general animal ecology; ecol- 
ogy of inland environments, prairies, lakes and 
forests; migration and evolution; geographical 
distribution; forestry and the food supply; re- 
lation of animal ecology to forestry, economics 
and sociology'. 

Adams, Prof. C(omfort) A(very), 33 W. 39th St, 

New York, N. Y. Electrical engineering. Cleve- 
land, Ohio, Nov. 1, 68. B.S, Case, 90, E.E, 05. 
Elec. engineer, Brush Elec. Co, 90-91 ; instr. elec. 
eng. Harvard,' 91-96, asst. prof, 96-06, prof, 06-, 
dean, eng. sch, 19-; chairman, div. eng, Nat. 
Research Council, 19- Consulting engineer, 
Stone and Webster, 01-04; Am. Tool and Ma- 
chine Co, 04-; Warner Sugar Ref. Co, 10-; 
Okonite Co, 16-; Nat. Cond. and Cable Co. 20- 
Mem. jury awards, St. Louis, 04; board of 
award, Edison medal; Fritz medal. Chairman, 
gen. eng. committee, Council Nat. Defence; weld- 
ing committee, Emergency Fleet Corp. A.A; 
Elec. Eng. (pres, 18); Mech. Eng; Automotive 
Eng; Welding Soc. (pres, 19); Nat. Elec. Light 
Ass; Am. Acad; British Inst. Elec. Eng. In- 
duction motors; alternator regulation; syn- 
chronous motors; dynamo design schedules; com- 

Adams, Cyrus C(omelius), Jewett, N. Y. Geog- 
raphy. Naperville, 111, Jan. 7, 49. A.B, Chi- 
cago, 76. On ed. staff, 'N. Y. Sun,' 82-08. 
Pres, dept. geog, Brooklyn Inst, 89-93 ; chair- 
man, Committee on Collection of Geog. Material 
for Schools, 8<)-93. Delegate from Nat. Geog. 
Soe. to Sixth Int. Geog. Cong, 95. A.A; Ass. 
Geog. (pres, 06) ; Am. Geog. Soc. (assoc. ed, 
'Bui,' 02-08, ed, 08-15). Exploration; develop- 
ment of newly explored lands; the interaction of 
man with his geographic environment ; carto- 
graphic presentation of the facts of commercial 
and economic geography, 

Adams, Prof. Edwin P(limpton), Princeton Uni- 
versity, Princeton, N. J. *Physics. Prague, 
Bohemia, Jan. 23, 78. B.S, Beloit. 99; M.S, 
Harvard, 01, Ph.D, 04, Instr. physics, Prince- 
ton, 0.3-06, asst. prof, 06-09, prof, 09- A.A; 
Physical Soe; Philos. Soc; Math. Soc; Chem. 
Soc. Metallic conduction; Corbino effect in 
iron ; theory of magnetism. 

Adams, Prof. Frank, Berkeley, Calif. Irrigation. 
Chicago, 111, Sept. 19, 75. A.B, Stanford, 01; 
A.M, Nebraska, 06. Irrig. investigator, V. S. 
Dept. Agr, 00-06, 10-; prof, irrig. investiga- 
tions, California, 16- Irrigation with special 
reference to economics and agriculture. 

Adams, Prof. Frank D(awson), McGill Univer- 
sity, Montreal, Cun. Geoloqy. Montreal, Sept. 
17, .59, B.S, McGill, 78, M.S, 84, hon. Sc.D 02; 
Sc.D, Tufts, 14; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 92; LL.D. 
Toronto, 16; Queen's (Can), 19. Asst. chemist 
and petrographer, Can. Geol. Surv, 80-89. lec- 
turer geol, McGill. 89-94, Logan prof, 94-, dean, 
faculty of applied science. 08-, acting principal, 
19-20. Ed, 'Can. Record of Science.' 93-98; 
mem. Advisory Council for Scientific and Indus- 
trial Research; Can. Conservation Commission. 
Lyell medal, London Geol. Soe, 06. Pres, Int. 


Geol. Cong, 13. For. assoc. Nat. Acad; A.A; 
Geol. Soc. (v. pres, 09, pres, 16); Philos. Soc; 
hon. mem. Min. Eng; Min. and Metal; hon. 
mem. Am. Acad; cor. mem. N. Y. Acad; Wash. 
Acad; cor. mem. Phila. Acad; fel. Koyal Soc. 
Can. (pres) ; Can. Min. Inst, (pres, 10) ; fel. 
London Geol. Soc; fel. Eoyal Soc; hon. mem. 
Inst. Min. and Metal. Gt. Britain; cor. mem. 
Stockholm Geol. Soc; hon. mem. Eussian Geol. 
Soc; hon. mem. Ekaterinburg Nat. Hist. Soc. 
Igneous rocks and crystalline schists; experi- 
mental geology; movements set up in rocks by 
pressure; geology of the Laurentian of Canada; 
geology of the Monteregian Hills; conservation. 

Adams, Prof. Geo(rge) I (rving), University of Ala- 
bama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Geology. Lena, 111, Aug. 
17, 70. A.B, Kansas, 93, A.M, 95; Sc.D, Prince- 
ton, 96; Munich, 97; Yale, 11. Instr. nat. sci- 
ence, Kans. State Nor. Sch, 93-94; asst, Univ. 
of Kans. Geol. Surv, summers, 94-97; field asst, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 98-99, asst. geologist, 00-04; 
chief hydrologist, Cuerpo de Ingenieros de Minas 
del Peru, 04-06; mine examinations, Peru, Bo- 
livia and Chile, 06-07; geologist, div. of mines, 
Bur. Science, P. I, 08-10; prof. geol. and min- 
ing, Pei Yang Univ, Tientsin, China, 12-15; 
Peking Govt. Univ, 15-20; geol. and miner, Ala- 
bama, 20- Decorated by Chinese Govt. Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Miner. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Economic and structural geology. 

Adams, Dr. H(arold) S(tanard), The Naugatuck 
Chemical Co, Naugatuck, Conn. Biochemistry. 
Pittsfield, Mass, May 20, 88. A.B, Williams, 
11; fellow, Chicago, 12-14, Ph.D, 15. Asst. 
chem, Mass. Col, 11-12; instr. physiol. chem. 
Chicago, 14-16; physiol. chemist, E. R. Squibb 
and Sons, 16-20; director, research, Naugatuck 
Chem. Co, 20- A.A; Chem. Soc. Respiration of 
nerve tissue; physiological standardization; in- 
ternal secretion; overvoltage. 

Adams, Dr. H(enry) F(oster), Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Psychology. Oak Park, 111, Nov. 11, 82. Ph.B, 
Wesleyan, 05; Ph.D, Chicago, 10. Asst. prof. 
psychol, Kansas. 10; asst, Chicago, 11-12; inst, 
Michigan, 12-18, asst. prof, 18-20, assoc. prof, 
20- A.A. Visual perception; kinesthetic sen- 
sations; behavior of blind rats; memory; atten- 
tion value in advertising; business psychology; 
psychology of character. 

Adams, Prof. J (ames) F(owler), University Club, 
State College, Pa. Botany. Charlestown, Mass, 
March 5, 88. B.S, Mass. Col, 11; M.S, Pa. 
State, 14; fellow, Columbia, 17-18, Ph.D, 18. 
Asst. plant path, Mass. Col, 11; Pa. State, 12, 
asst. prof, bot, 14-18, assoc. prof, plant path, 
18- Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Torrey Bot. 
Club. Plant pathology; cytologj- of Uredinales; 

Adams, J(olm), 68 Fairmount Ave, Ottawa, Can. 
Botany. Antrim, Ireland, Jan. 20, 72. Queen's 
(Ire); A.B, Cambridge, 00, A.M, 03. Asst. 
prof, bot, Royal Col. Science, Dublin, 02-14; 
prof. Royal Vet. Col, 07-14 ; asst. Dominion 
botanist. Can, 14- A.A. 

Adams, Prof. John Mead, University of Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. Physics. Reading, 
Mass, June 6, 82. A.B, Harvard, 03, A.M, 05, 
Ph.D, 07, John Tyndall scholar, 08-09. Asst. 
physics, Harvard, 04-08; instr, Simmons, 07-08; 

prof, Occidental, 09-12; asst. prof. Queen's 
(Can), 12-16; Saskatchewan, 16-19; assoc. prof, 
California, 19- A.A; Physical Soc. Rontgen 

Adams, L(eason) H(eberling), Geophysical Labo 
ratory, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Cherry- 
vale, Kans, Jan. 16, 87. B.S, Illinois, 06. Tech. 
branch, U. S. Geol. Surv, 08-10; physical chem- 
ist, geophys. lab, Carnegie Institution, lu- 
Manufacturer optical glass, W. I. B, 17-18; ni- 
trate div, O. D, 18. Physical Soc; Chem. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. Physical anJ 
chemical constants of substances under high 
pressures; temperature measurements; gaseous 
equilibria and rate of reaction ; optical glass. 

Adams, Dr. L(everett) A(llen), Greeley, Colo. 
Anatomy. Lawrence, Kans, Sept. 23, 77. A.B, 
Kansas, 03, A.M, 06; Ph.D, Columbia, 15. Mu- 
seum iustr^ Kansas, 04-05; asst. biol, Colo. State 
Teachers Col, 06-13 ; head of dept, 15- Kans. 
Univ. biol. exped, 06; Colo. State Teachers Col. 
exped, 07; Frick scholar, Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist, 14. A.A; Paleont. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. 
Vertebrate anatomy; phylogeny of the jaw mus- 

Adams, Prof. Maxwell, 29 W. Ninth St, Reno, 
Nev. Chemistry. St. George, W. Va, Feb. 28, 
69. West Virginia, 90-91; A.B, Stanford, 95, 
A.M, 96; Ph.D, Chicago, 04. Lecture asst. chem, 
Stanford, 95-97; prof, Calif. State Nor. Sch, 
97-06, v. pres, 02-06; prof, Nevada, 06-, dean, 
col. arts and sciences, 17- Instr, exten. dept. 
Chicago, 00-01 ; director, state soils lab, Nev, 
14^16. A.A; Chem. Soc. Salts of tin; hydrox- 
ylamin; molecular weight of lactimid; action of 
hydroxylamin on salts of copper; wood distilla- 
tion under diminished pressure; composition of 
wood turpentine; flotation and essential oils. 

Adams, Oscar S(herman), 325 Seventh St, N. E, 
Washington, D. C. Applied mathematics. Near 
Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Jan. 9, 74. B.S, Kenyon, 90, 
A.M, 15. Supt. schools, Centerburg, Ohio, 99- 
03 ; Dover, 03-05 ; Rock Creek, 05-06 ; principal, 
Madison Township High Sch, North Madison, 
06-10; geod. computer, U. S. Coast and Geod. 
Surv, 10- Math. Ass. (sec'y-treas, Md.-Va.- 
D. C. sect, 19) ; Math. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Application of the theory of least 
squares to the adjustment of triangulation; the- 
ory of projections. 

Adams, Prof. E(ichard) L(aban), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Agricultwe. Dor- 
chester, Mass, Aug. 27, 83. B.S, Mass. Col. 05; 
Boston, 05; M.S, California, 10. Plant path- 
ologist, California, 0607 ; director, exp. sta, 
Spreckels Sugar Co, 07-12; asst. gen. manager. 
Miller and Lux, 12-14; prof, farm management, 
California, 14- Economics of farming. 

Adams, Prof. Roger, University of Illinois, Ur- 
bana, 111. * Chemistry. Boston, Mass, Jan. 2, 
89. A.B. Harvard. 09, A.M, 10, Ph.D, 12; Ber- 
lin and Kaiser Willielm Inst, 12-13. Instr. org. 
chem. Harvard, 13-16; asst. prof, Illinois, 16- 
19, prof, 19- Major, C. W. S. A.A; Chem. Soc. 
(sec 'y, org. div) ; Chem. Ge.sell. Alkali insoluble 
phenols; organic reagents; action of acid halids 
on aldehydes. 

Adams, Dr. Samuel S(hugert), 1801 Connecticut 
Ave, N. W. Washington, D. 0. Medicine. Wash- 


ington, July 12, 53. A.B, West Virginia, 75, 
A.M, 78; M.D, Georgetown, 79. Lecturer dis- 
eases of children, Georgetown, 79-83 ; pJ*o/. 
theory and practice of med, National Univ, 83- 
91; clin. pediat, George "Washington, 91-95; 
theory and practice of med. and diseases of chil- 
dren, Georgetown, 95-15; chief, sch. of med, 15- 
Am. Physicians; Pediat. Soc; Am. Med. Ass; 
Wash. Obstet. and Gynec. Soc; Wash. Acad. 

Adams, Capt. Walter H(olbrook), Whipple Bar- 
racks, Ariz. Mechanical engineering. Wo'rcester, 
Mass, April 17, 82. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03. 
Asst. meeh. eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-05; instr, 
Brooklyn Polytech, 05-08 ; prof, Pei Yang Univ, 
Tientsin, 08-13: Calif. Inst. Tech, 13-19; capt. 
engineers', TJ.S.A, 18-20, C.A.C, 20- Meeh. Eng; 
Eng. Educ. Heat power engineering. 

Adams, Walter S(ydney), Solar Observatory, Mt. 
Wilson, Calif. *Astronomy. Antioch, N. Syria, 
Dec. 20, 76. A.B, Dartmouth. 98, Sc.D, 13; 
A.M, Chicago, 99; Munich, 00-01. Asst. Yerkes 
Observatory, ni-O.'i; instr. astrophys, 0.3-04; 
asst. astronomer, solar observatory, Canvegie In- 
stitution, O-i-09, astronomer and asst. director, 
09- Gold medal, Eoyal Astron. Soc, 17; Draper 
medal, Nat. Acad, 18. Nat. Acad; A.A; Philos. 
Soc; Astron. Soc; Roynl Astron. Soc. Stellar 
motions in the line of sight; stellar and solar 
spectroscopy; rotation of the sun. 

Adamson, Grcorge P, General Chemical Co, 25 
Broad St, New York. N. Y. Chemistry. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Aug. 24, 64. B.S, Lafayette, 84, 
M.S, 87. Manager, the BaJcer and Adamson 
hranch (Easton, Pa), Gen. Chem. Co, manager, 
research dept. Gen. Chem. Co. A.A; Chem. 
Soc. (asst. ed, 'Eng. Jour'); Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Eleetroehem. Soc; Chem. Eng. Labora- 
tory reagents; P-amido phenol; metol; oxida- 
tion products of anilin and phenols; urea; di- 
phenyl amin. 

Addicks, Lawrence, 51 Maiden ^Lane. New York, 
N. Y. Metallurgy. Philadelphia, Pa, March 3, 
78. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 99. With Santa Rita 
Mining Co, 99-05; asst. to supt, Raritan Copper 
Works, 00-05; gen. supt, U. S. Metals Ref. Co, 
05-14; consulting engineer, 14- Mem. Naval 
Con. Board. Min. and Metal. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Meeh. Eng; Eleetroehem. Soc. (pres, 15) ; fel. 
Elec. Eng ; Soc. Test. Mat ; Int. Ass. Test. Mat ; 
Inst. Min. Metal. London. Smelting, refining, 
leaching and properties of copper, lead and zinc. 

Addis, Prof. T(homas), Lane Hospital, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Pathology. Edinburgh, Scotland, 
July 27, 81. M.B, Edinburgh, 05, M.D, M.R.C.P, 
08; Carnegie research scholar, Edinburgh Royal 
Infirmary, 08-09, fellow, 09-11. Clin, asst, out- 
patient dept, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, 10- 
11; asst. prof, med, Stanford, 11-13, assoc. prof, 
IS- Registrar, Leith Hosp, 11. Am. Physi- 
cians; Soc. Exp. Biol; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Soc. Clin. Invest; Am. Med. Ass. Coagulation 
of blood ; hereditary hemophilia ; plasma ; uro- 
bilin; hemoglobin pigment; glycosuria; urea in 

Addison, Dr. William H(enry) F(itzgerald), 

School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Anatomy. Whitbv, Ont, April 
23, 80. B.A, Toronto, 02, M.B, C^, :M.D, 17. 
Asst. biol, Toronto, 02-04; demonstrator histol. 

and embryol, Pennsylvania, 05-12, asst. prof, 
12-19, prof, 19-; anat, grad. sch. med, 20- 
A.A; Ass. Anat; Path. Soc. Phila; Physiol. Soc. 
Phila ; Phila. Col. Physicians. Regeneration and 
transplantation of normal tissues; histogenesis 
of cerebellar cortex and hypophysis; prenatal 
and neonatal lung; incisor teeth of albino rat; 
rhinencephalon of dolphin; hj'pophysis after cas- 
tration; phagocytosis; comparative histology of 

Adkins, Prof. Homer (Burton), University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Chemistry. Newport, 
Ohio, Jan. 16, 92. B.S, Denison, 15; A.M, Ohio 
State, 16, Ph.D, 18. Instr. org. chem, Ohio 
State, 18-19; asst. prof. Wisconsin, 19- Re- 
search chemist, exp. sta, American, summer, 18 ; 
E. I. duPont de Nemours and Co, summer, 19. 
Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; oxidation with 
alkaline permanganate; catalytic decomposition 
of esters. 

Adkins, W (alter) S(cott), University of Texas, 
Austin, Tex. Geology. Tenn, Dec. 24, 90. B.S, 
Tennessee, 10; Columbia, 12-13, 15-16. Instr. 
anat, col. med, Illinois, 17-18; curator collec- 
tions, hur. econ. geol, Texas, 19-20, assoc geolo- 
gist, 20- Paleont. Soc; Ass. Petrol. Geol; 
Southwest. Geol. Soc; Soc. geol. de France. 
Comanchean invert-ebrate paleontology and stra- 

Adler, Dr. Cyrus, 2041 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Archeology, Oriental history. Van Buren, 
Ark, Sept. 13, 63. A.B, Pennsylvania, 83, A.M, 
86; Ph.D, Hopkins, 87. Instr. Semitic lan- 
guages, Hopkins, 87-90, assoc, 90-93; librarian, 
Smithsonian Inst, 92-05; asst. sec 'y, 05-08; 
curator hist, religions and hist, arched, V. S. 
Nat. Museum, 08; pres, Bropsie Col. for Hebrew 
and Cognate Learning, 08-; acting pres, Jewish 
Theol. Sem, 16- Representative of Columbian 
Expos, to Turkey, Egj^t, Morocco, etc. Dele- 
gate for U. S. Govt, to Conf. on Int. Catalogue 
of Sci. Lit, London, 98 ; chairman, board of edi- 
tors, Jewish Translation of Bible; Jewdsh Class- 
ics Board. A.A; Archeol. Inst; Am. Jewish 
Hist. Soc. (pres); Anthrop. Ass; Philol. Ass; 
Oriental Soc; Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Philos. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc. Assyriology; 
Jewish antiquities and history; history of the 
Jews on the American continent. 

Adler, Dr. Herman M(orris), 721 S. Wood St, 
Chicago, 111. Criminology. New York, N. Y, Oct. 
10, 76. A.B, Harvard, 97; A.M, M.D, C'olumbLa, 
01. Asst. theory and practise of physic. Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 07-09, instr. neuropath, and psy- 
chiat, 09-12, asst. prof, psychiat, 12-16; mental 
disease and mental deficiency investigation, Nat. 
Committee Mental Hygiene, Rockefeller Founda- 
tion, 16-17; state criminologltt. III, 17-; prof, 
criminol. and head, dept. social hygiene, med. 
jurisprudence and criminol, med. dept, Illinois, 
19- Asst. clin. path, Boston City Hosp, 07-09; 
pathologist and asst. physician, Dnnvers State 
Hosp; major, M.C, 18-191 A.A; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soc. Biol. Chem; Psychopath. Ass; Soc. 
Clin. Invest; Chem. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol; Neur. 
Ass; Medico-Psychol. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Bos- 
ton Soc. Med. Sci; N. Y. Acad. Med. Person- 
ality and behavior difficulties; mental factors in 


Adriance, Prof. John S(abiii), Williamstown, 
Mass. Chemistry. New York, Feb. 18, 61. A.B, 
Williams, 82, A.M, 85, Ph.D, 90. Prof. chem. 
and toxical, N. Y. Homeop. Med. Col, 97- A.A ; 
liem. See ; See. Chem. Induat ; f el. London 
Chem. Soc. Breast milk; ash of breast milk. 

Agard, Dr. H(arry) L(eslie), Williamstown, 
Mass. Matlicynatics. Waterbnrv, Conn, Mni-ch 
19, 8.3. A.B, Wesleyan, 04; A.M," Yale, 08, Ph.D, 
11. Instr. math, Wesleyan Acad, 04-0.5; Phil- 
lips Andover, 05-07; Hopkins Grammar, 07-10; 
Yale, 10-11; Williams, 11-15. asst. prof, 15- 
A.A ; Math. Soc. 

Agg, Prof. T(ansey) E(adford), 707 Hodge Ave, 
Ames, Iowa. Engineering. Fairfield, Iowa, May 
17, 78. B.S, Ames, 05, C.E, 14. Instr. drawing, 
Illinois, 05-06, mech, 06-08; road engineer, 111. 
State Hi^iway Dept, 08-13; prof, highway eng. 
and in charge highway investigations, Iowa 
State, 13- Mem. div. eng, Nat. Research Coun- 
cil. Civil Eng; Soc. Test. Mat; Ass. State 
Highway Eng. (chairman, committee on tests 
and investigations). Load distribution on high- 
way bridge floors; gravel surfacing; concrete 
road failures; weight of traffic; proportioning 
unscreened gravel; tractive resistance. 

Agnew, Dr. J(ames) Howard, Houston, Tex. 
Internal medicine. Pittsburgh, Pa, Julv 31, 
84, A.B. Michigan, 07, A.M, 08, M.D, 10. 
A.sst. hygiene, Michigan, 07-08, med, 10-12, 
instr. clin. micros, 12-13, physical diagnosis, 13- 
14; prof, med, Alabama, 14-17; major, M.C, 
17-19; internist, Houston, Tex, 19- A.A. 
Pulse wave; incoagulable blood nitrogen. 

Agnew, Dr. P(aul) G(ough), 29 W. 39th St, New 
York, N. Y. * Physics. Hillsdale, Mich, Julv 3, 
81. B.L, Hillsdale, 01; A.M, Michigan, 02; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 11. Instr. physics, high sch, 
Pontiac, Mich, 02-05; lab. asst, "Bur. Standards, 
06-07, asst. physicist, assoc. physicist, and later 
physicist, 08-19; sec'y. Am. Eng. Standards 
Committee, 19- A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 16). 
Electrical measurements ; transformers. 

Agrainonte, Prof, Aristides, 146 K St, Vedado, 
Havana, Cuba. Microbiology, Tropical medicine. 
Camagiiey, Cuba, June 3, 69. A.B, N. Y. Univ, 
86; M.D, Columbia, 92; M.B, Havana, 99, M.D, 
00; hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 14. Sanit. inspector 
and asst. bacteriologist. Health Dept, N. Y. 
City, 97-98; acting asst. .surgeon, U.S.A, 98-02; 
prof, hacter. and exp. path, Havana, 00- Sec'y 
Board of Infectious Diseases, Havana, 02-09, 
chairman, 09; mem. Nat. Board of Health, 09- 
Breant prize, Paris Acad, 12; Cuban Govt, dele- 
gate. Int. Med. Congresses, 06, 09, 13; Int. IIv- 
giene and Demog. Cong, 10; Int. Sanit. Conf, 
11; Pan-Am. Sci. Cong, 15. Hon. mem. Soc. 
Trop. Med; Pub. Health Ass; Cuban Nat. Med. 
Cong, (pres, 17); Hav.nna Clin. Soc. (pres, 15- 
17): Havana Acad; Soc. de Path. Exotique; 
Hungarian Med. Soc; Int. Soc. Trop. Med. Yel- 
low fever; plague; dengue fever; intermarriage 
of lepers; trnchoni.i ; malaria; water purifica- 
tion; uncinariasis; tuberculosis. 

Ahem, Major George, U. S. A, (retired). War 
Department, Washington, D. C. Forestry, Geog- 
raphy. New York, N. Y, Dec. 29, 59. Grad, U. 

5. Mil. Acad; LL.B, Yale, 95. Officer, U.S.A, 
82- Prof, forestry, Mont. Col, 97-98; director 
forestry, P. I, 00-14. A.A; Soc. Foresters; 
Ass. Geog. Tropical forestry. 

Ahem, Prof. M(ichael) J(oseph), S.J, Canisius 
College. Buffalo, N. X. Geology. New Y'ork, 
N. Y, May 25, 77. A.B, St. Francis Xavier, 
96; A.M, Woodstock, 02; Innsbruck, Austria, 
07-11. Instr. chem. and geol, Bo.ston Col, 02- 
06; geol. and math, Woodstock, 06-07; prof, 
and director, dept. science, Canisius, 11-14; 
prof. chem. and head, dept. chem. and geol, 
Boston Col, 1.5-19; pres, and director chem. 
laboratorien, Ca7iisius, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Boston Col, 15-19; jyres. and director chem. 
Soc. Nat. Sci. Prehistoric archeology. 

Aikins, Prof. H(erbert) Austin, 2038 Cornell 
Road, Cleveland, Ohio. Philosophy, Psychology. 
Toronto, Can, March 1, 67. B.A, Toronto, 87; 
Ph.D, I'-ale, 91; hon. fellow, Clark, 92-93. Instr. 
philos. Southern California, 88; lecturer, Y'ale, 
90-91; prof, philos. and logic. Trinity (N. C), 
91-92; philos, col. for women. Western Beserve, 
93- A.A; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; Ass. Prof, 
(v. pres. 19). Logic; mental tensions. 

Ainslie, Charles N(icolas) 5009 Orleans Ave, 
Sioux Citv, Iowa. Entomology. Amsterdam, 
N. Y, Oct. 13, 56. A.B, Beloit, 77, A.M, 80. 
Banker, Rochester, Minn, 81-06; field agent, 
bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 06-12, entom. asst, 
in charge entom. lab, Sioux City, 12- A.A; 
Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. 
Soc ; Iowa Acad ; Sioux City Acad. 

Ainslie, Prof. Geo(rge) G (coding), R.R. 9 Knox- 
ville,Tenn. Entomology. Rochester, Minn, March 
7, 80. B.S. (Agr), Minnesota, OS. Asst. to 
state entomologist, Minn, 06-03; agent and ex- 
pert, bur. entom, XT. S. Dept. Agr, 08-09; asst. 
entom, Clemson, 09-10; entom. asst, bur. entom, 
U. S. Dept. Agr. 10- A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. 
Econ. Entom. Crambidae; Aphididae. 

Aitken, Prof. Robert G(rant), Lick Observa- 
tory, Mt. Hamilton, Calif. *Astronumy. Jack- 
son, Calif, Dec. 31, 64. A.B, Williams, 87, A.:M, 
92, ScD, 17; Pacific (Calif), 03. Instr. math, 
Livermore, 88-91; prof. math, and astron. Pa- 
cific (Calif), 91-95; asst. astronomer, Liclc Ob- 
servatory, 95-07, astronomer, 07- Principal, 
acad. Pacific (Calif), 93-95. Lalande gold 
medal for double star discoveries, French Acad, 

06. Nat. Acad; A.A; Philos. Soc; Astron. Soc; 
Pacific Astron. Soc. (ed, 97-08, 11-, pres, 98, 
15); Wash. Acad; assoc. Royal Astron. Soc. 
Double Stars; faint satellites; comets; photom- 
etry; rapid binary stars; statistical studies re- 
lating 1o liinary stars; orbits of binary stars. 

Akeley, Prof. Lewlfe E(llsworth), Vermilion, S. 
Dak. Physics. Clarendon. N. Y, Feb. 22, 61. 
A.B, Rochester, 86, A.M, S8, LL.D. 12. Prof, 
nat. and physical sciences. South Dakota, 87-8S, 
physics and chem, 88-04, prof, physics, 04-, dean, 
col. eng, OS- Phy.sical Soc; Eng. Educ. Teach- 
ing of physics and electrical engineering. 

Akers, Prof. O(scar) P(erry), Allegheny College, 
Meadvillo, Pa. Mathematics. Trenton, Mo, 
June 16, 72. A.B, Colorado, 00, A.M, 02; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 05. Asst. math, Cornell, 04-05; asst. 
prof, Allegheny, 05-07, prof, 07- A.A; Math. 


Soc; Math. Ass; Cireolo Mat. di Palermo. Line 

AkimofF, Nicholas W(ladimir),303 Harrison Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. Engineering. Russia, May 
15, 77. Mech. E, Moscow, 01. Practising engi- 
neer, 0218; engineer and manager, Vibration 
Specialty Co, 18- Lecturer dynamics, Pennsyl- 
vania. Mech. Eng; Automotive Eng; Math. 
Soc; Naval Eng; Franklin Inst. Dynamics; 
vibratory motion. 

Albert, Prof. Henry, Iowa City, Iowa. Pathology, 
Bacteriology. Walcott, Iowa, Oct. 11, 78. B.S, 
Iowa, 00, fellow, 01-02, M.D, M.S, 02; Vienna, 
0.3. Instr. path and bacter, loxva, 02-03, prof, 
OS-; director. State Bacter. Lab, 04- Asst. 
physician, State Insane Asylum, Independence, 
Iowa : pathologist, univ. hosp, Iowa, 03-14. A. A ; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Am. Med. Ass. 
Leucocytes; sarcoma of the spleen; pseudo-para- 
sites; typhoid bacillus carriers; hypernephroma ; 
disinfectants ; hypertrophy of the mammary 
glands; chordoma; influenza; diphtheria. 

Albrecht, C(larence) J(ohn), State Museum, 
Seattle, Wash. Zoology. Waverly, Iowa, Sept. 
28, 91. A.B, Iowa, 13. Curator zool, state 
museum, Washington (Seattle), 13- Mem. 
Hawaiian Bird Reservation exped. to Laysan Isl, 
11; Carnegie Alaska-Siberia exped, 13; collector 
for Wash, game exhibit, Panama-Pacific Expos, 
13; director. Field Museum exped. to Ol^mipic 
Mountains, 15; Calif. Acad, exped. to Olympic 
Mountains, 17; director, Iowa exped. to north- 
west coast, 19. Mus. Ass. Birds and mammals; 
mountain beavers. 

Albrecht, Prof. Sebastian, Dudley Observatory, 

Albany, N. Y. Astrophysics. Milwaukee, Wis, 
Aug. 22, 76. B.S, Wisconsin, 00; fellow, Lick 
Observatory, 03-06, Ph.D, California, 06. Teacher 
science, high sch. West Bend, Wis, 00-02; asst. 
Lick Observatory, 06-08, asst. astronomer, 08- 
10; first astronomer, Cordoba Observatory, 10- 
12; acting junior prof, astron, Michigan, 12-13; 
astronomer, Dudley Observatory, 13- Mem. L. 
O. Crocker eclipse exped. to Flint Island, OS. 
A. A; Astron. Soc; Soc. Astron. de Mex. Comets; 
satellites; Mars; variable stars of the third and 
fourth class ; the relation between stellar spec- 
tral types and the intensities of lines in the 
spectra; distortions of photographic films; per- 
sonal scale; anomalous dispersion in the sun. 

Albrecht, Prof. W(illia)m A(lbert), University 
of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Agronomy. Flana- 
gan, 111, Sept. 12, 88. A.B, Illinois, 11, B.S, 14, 
M.S, 15, Ph.D, 19. Instr. soils, Missouri, 16-19, 
asst. prof, 19- Soc. Agron; Soc. Bact; Am. 
Acad. Soils; soil bacteriology. 

Alburger, Prof. H(enry) Il(ihl), 3264 N. Penn- 
sylvania St, Indianapolis, Ind. Pathology. Ger- 
mantown. Pa, April 16, 74. M.D, PennsVlvania, 
02. Demonstrator path, Pennsvlvania, " 05-07 ; 
junior prof, Indiana, 08, prof, 08-14; patholo- 
gist, Methodist Hosp, 13-19, consulting patholo- 
gist, 19- Various hosp. positions. Am. Med. 
Ass; Phila. Path. Soc. Focal infections; vac- 
cine therapy. 

Alcock, Dr. Frederick James, Geological Survey 
of Canada, Ottawa, Can. Geology. Griersville, 
Ont, Nov. 16, 88. B.A, Toronto, 12; Ph.D, Yale, 

15; Wisconsin, 15-16. With Can. Geol. Surv, 
11- Am. Geog. Soc. The Pre-Cambrian of 
northern Canada. 

Alden, Prof. Geo(rge) I(ra), 48 Queen St, Wor- 
cester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. Temple- 
ton, Mass, April 22, 43. B.S, Harvard, 68; 
M.M.E, Cornell, 90. Head, dept. mech. eng, 
Worcester, 68-96 ; treas. and consulting engineer, 
Norton Emery Wheel Co. and Plunger Elevator 
Co; V. chairman, board of directors, Weston Co. 
Mem. Worcester sch. committee, 94- (chairman, 
2 years). Mech. Eng. (v. pres, 91-93.) Cylin- 
der condensation in steam-engine; power trans- 
mission and measurement. 

Alden, Prof. Harold L(ee), University, Va. As- 
tronomy. Chicago, 111, Jan. 10, 90. A.B,Whcaton, 
12; M.S, Chicago, 13; fellow, Virginia, 14-17, 
Ph.D, 17. Asst. photog. photom, Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, 12-14; instr. astron, Virginia, 14-17, 
adj. prof, 18-, asst, McCormick Observatory, 14-^ 
Instr. navig. U. S. Shipping Board, 18-19. 
A. A; Astron. Soc; Meteorol. Soc; Ass. Prof. 
Stellar parallax; visual and photographic pho- 

Alden, Dr. W(illiam) C(linton), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. *Geology. Mitchell, 
Iowa, Sept. 27, 71. A.B, Cornell (Iowa), 93; 
fellow, Chicago, 97-98, A.M, 98, Ph.D, 03. Asst. 
principal, high sch, Parker, S. Dak, 93-94; prin- 
cipal schools, Centerville, 94-95; special field 
asst, TJ. S. Geol. Surv, 96-01, asst. geologist, 01- 
10, geologist, 10-12, in charge, sect, glacial geol, 
IS- Non-res. decent geol, Chicago. 03-11. 
Geol. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc; Wash. Acad. 
Glacial geology; glacial geology of Wisconsin, 
Iowa, Montana and New England. 

Alderman, Prof. W(illiam) H(orace), 1380 Ray- 
mond Ave, St. Paul, Minn. Horticulture. Hollev, 
N. Y, April 6, 85. B.S. A. Cornell, 08. Asst. and 
later assoc. horticulturist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Ge- 
neva, 08-11; prof, hort. West Virginia, 11-19; 
dean col. agr. and director, Exp. Sta, 18-19; 
chief, div. hort, Minnesota, 19- A.A; Soc. Hort. 
Sci. Culture of plums, apples and peaches; 
breeding of strawberries, Irish potatoes and 
sweet potatoes. 

Alderson, Pres. Victor C(lifton), Colorado School 
of Mines, Golden, Colo. Mathematics, Tech- 
nical education. Plymouth, Mass, June 4, 63. 
A.B, Harvard, 85; hon. Sc.D, Beioit and Armour, 
03. Supt. schools, Dublin, Ind, 8.5-87; instr. 
math, high sch, Englewood, 111, 87-93 ; prof, 
Armour, 93-99, dean, tech. col, 99-03; pres, 
Colo. Sch. Mines, 03-13; Winnemuca Mt. Mining 
Co, 13-15; consulting engineer, 15-17; pres, 
Colo. Sch. Mines, 17- Mem. advisory committee 
Carnegie Tech. Schools, Pittsburgh, 01. A.A; 
Eng. Educ; Colo. Sci. Soc; Inst. Petrol. Tech. 

Aldrich, Prof. J(ohn) M(erton), U. S. National 
Museum, Washington, D. C. Entomoloaii. 
Little Valley, Minn, Jan. 28, 66. B.S, S. Dak. 
Col, 88, M.S, 91; Mich. Agr. Col, 89-90; M.S, 
Kansas, 93; Ph.D, Stanford, 06. Asst. zool, S. 
Dak. Col, 89-92; prof, zool, Idaho, and. entomol- 
ogist, Exp. Sta, 93-05, biol, 05-13 ; entomologist, 
bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 13-19; assoc. 
curator, U. S. Nat. Museum, 19- Editor, Say 
foundation, 16- Entom. Soc. (sec'y-treas, 15-) ; 



Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. Soc. Classi- 
fication and literature of Diptera; catalogue of 
North American Diptera. 
Aldrich, L(oyal) B(laine), Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington, D. C. Astrophysics. Mil- 
waukee, Wis, Nov. 20, 84. A.B, Wisconsin, 07, 
A.M, 09. Asst. physics, Wisconsin, 07-09; 
bolometric asst, Smitlisonian Astrophys. Observ- 
atory, 09- Mem. Smithsonian solar eclipse 
exped. to Mt. Wilson, 18. A.A. Solar radiation ; 
reflecting power of clouds. 
Aldrich, Dr. T(homas) B(eU), Parke, Davis and 
Co, Detroit, Mich. Physiological chemistry. 
Port Jefferson, N. Y, June 10, 61. Albany Nor, 
Col, 79-82; Ph.D, Jena, 92. Principal pub. 
schools, 82-88; asst. chem, Jena, 91; prof, phys- 
> ics and chem, Lake View High Sch, Chicago, 

92-93; assoc. physiol. chem, Hopkins, 93-98; 
research chemist, Parke, Davis and Co, 98- 
Physiol. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem; Chem. Soc. New 
derivatives of phenylmethylpyrazolons; secretion 
of the anal glands of Mephitis mephitica ; deriv- 
atives of chlorotone and brometone; isolation and 
synthesis of adrenalin; pituitrin; enzymes; anti- 
toxins; toxins; halogen tertiary butyl alcohols. 
Aldrich, T(ruman) H(eniinway), Birmingham, 
Ala. Paleontology. Palmyra, N. Y, Oct. 17, 48. 
M.E, Rensselaer, 69. Asst, Ala. Geol. Surv; 77ii/i- 
ing engineer, Birmingham, Ala. Mem. 54th 
Cong. A.A; Paleont. Soc; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Civil Eng. Tertiary paleontology and strati- 
Aldrich, W(illia)m S(leeper), 122 S. Michigan 
Ave, Chicago, 111. Engineering education. 
Philadelphia, Pa, March 8, 63. Grad, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 83; M.E, Stevens, 84. Asst, Boys' 
High Sch, Reading, Pa, 85-87; Phila. Man- 
ual Training Sch, 87-89; instr. drawing, Hop- 
kins, 89-91, assoc. mech. eng, 91-92; head dept. 
and prof. mech. eng. West Virginia, 93-99; head 
dept. and prof. elec. eng, Illinois, 99-01 ; director, 
Clarkson Mem. Sch. Tech, 01-11; with U. S. 
Reclamation Service, 11-13; acting prof. mech. 
and elec. eng, Arizona, 13-14; assoc. prof. elec. 
eng, Colo. Agr. Col, 14-18 ; engineer, Am. Bridge 
Co, Gary, Ind, 18- Past asst. engineer (lieut), 
U. S. N, Spanish-Am. War. Mech. Eng; Elec. 
Eng; Eng. Educ. Engineering administration; 
Alexander, Dr. Charles P(aul), State Natural His- 
torv Survey, Urbana, 111. Entomoloqv. Glovers- 
ville, N. Y, Sept. 25, 89. B.S, Cornell, 13, Ph.D, 
18. Asst. biol, Cornell, 11-14, instr, nat. hist, 
15-17; curator. Snow collection. Kansas, 17-; 
syst. entomologist. State Nat. Hi^f. Surv, III, 
19- Special syst. entomologist, Maine Exp. Sta, 
summer, 13. A.A; Entom. Soc. Biology, phyl- 
ogeny and taxonomy of crane-flies. 

Alexander, D(aniel) Basil W(llliani), Oflico of 
Borough Engineer, Durban, South Africa. Chem- 
istry. Ipswich, England, Feb, 24, 62. Victoria, 
Manchest-er, 82. With Alcatraz Asphalt Co, 98- 
01; Barber Asphalt Paving Co, 01-13; chief 
, chemist, Gen. Petrol. Co, 13-16; with Barber 

Asphalt Paving Co, 16- A.A; Chem. Soc. 
(councilor, S. Calif, sect, 12, pres, 13) ; Chem, 
Eng: Soc. Chem. Tndust; Soc. Test. Mat. For- 
mation of carbenes; pavements; lubricating oils. 
Alexander, Prof. H(artley) B(urr), University 
of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Philosophy. Lin- 

coln, April 9, 73. A.B. Nebraska, 97; Harrison 
fellow, Pennsylvania, 98-00; fellow, Columbia, 
00-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. ed, 'New Int. Encyclo- 
pedia,' 03; 'Webster's Dictionaries,' G. and C. 
Merriam Co, 03-08; prof, philos. Nebraska, 08- 
Butler silver medal, 17. Leopold Zunz Mem. lec- 
turer, 19. A.A; Philos. Ass. (pres, 19); West. 
Philos. Ass (pres, 17). Metaphysics; esthetics; 
American Indian mythology. 

Alexander, Dr, J(ames) W(addell), 29 Cleveland 
Lane, Princeton, N. J. Mathematics. Sea Bright, 
N. J, Sept. 19, 88. B.S, Princeton, 10, A.M, 11, 
Ph.D, 15; Paris and Bologna, 13-14. Instr. 
math, Princeton, 11-12, 15-16, asst. prof, SO- 
Math. Soc. Analysis situs; algebraic geometry. 

Alexander, Jerome, 255 W. 108th St, New York, 
N. Y. *Chemistry. New York, Dec. 21, 76. 
B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 96, M.S, 99. Treas. and 
chief chemist, Nat. Gum and Mica Co. and Nat. 
Glue and Gelatine Works, 96- Mem. committee 
on colloids, Nat. Research Council. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; N. Y, Chemists Club; 
Soc. de Chim. indust. (councilor, N, Y. sect). 
Colloid chemistry; ultramicroscopy. 

Alexanderson, E(mst) F(redrik) W(emer), 8 
Adams Road, Schenectady, N. Y. Electrical en- 
gineering. Upsala, Sweden, Jan. 25, 78. Lund, 
Sweden. 96-97; grad, Stockholm Polytech, 00; 
Tech. Hochschule, Berlin, 00-01. Draftsman, C. 
and C. Elec. Co, 01; consulting engineer, Gen, 
Elec. Co, 02-, chief engineer, Badio Corp. of 
America, 20- Elec. Eng; Radio Eng. (v. pres, 
16), Electric locomotives; single-phase railway 
and induction motors; self -exciting alternator; 
physiological tolerance of alternating current 
strengths; dielectric hysteresis at radio fre- 
quencies ; electrical propulsion of ships ; magnetic 
properties of iron; high frequency alternator; 
magnetic amplifier; multiple tuned antennae; 
barrage receiver. 

Aley, Pres. Robert J(udson), University of 
Maine, Orono, Maine. Mathematics. Arney, 
Ind, May 11, 63. B.S, Valparaiso, 82; A.B, 
Indiana, 88, A.M, 90; Harrison fellow, Pennsyl- 
vania, 96-97, Ph.D, 97; LL.D, Pennsylvania, 17; 
Franklin, 09. Instr. math, Indiana, 91-10; supt. 
pub. instruction, Ind, 09-10; pres, Maine, 10- 
Acting asst. prof, math, Stanford, 94-95; ed, 
' Educator- Jour, ' 03-13. A.A; Math. Soc; Nat. 
Council Educ. (pres, 13); fel, Ind. Acad. Mod- 
ern pure geometry. 

Alger, Philip L(angdon), 24 Rosa Road, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. Electrical engineering. Washing- 
ton, D. C, Jan. 27, 94. B.S. St. John's (Md), 
12, A.M, 16; B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 15. Asst, 
instr. and research asst, Mass. Inst. Tech. 16-17; 
engineer, Gen. Elec. Co, 19- Second lieut, and 
lieut, ordnance dept, 17-19; capt, O.R.C, 19- 
Elec. Eng; Math. Soc, Induction motors; bal- 

Algue, Rev, J(oseph), S.J, Manila Observatory, 
Manila, P. I. Meteorology. Manrcsa, Spain. 
Dec. 28. 56. Toulouse, Fmnce. 72-77; George- 
town, 91-93, Ph.D, 03; Sc.D, Manila, 12. Prof, 
physics, Zaragoza, Spain, 78-84; Tortosa, 84-88; 
asst. director, Manila Observatory, 94-97, di- 
rector, 97- Commissioner from Spanish Govt, 
to Columbian Expos, 93; asst. director, observa- 
tory. Georgetown, 91-93. Int. Cong, Paris. 00; 
St." Louis, 04; Innsbruck, 05. Hon. mem. Royal 


Meteor. Soc. Cyclones; climate of the Philip- 
pine Islands. 

AUan, Prof. F(rancls) B(arclay), 380 Brunswick 
Ave, Toronto, Can. Chemistry. Simcoe Co, 
Ont, Nov. 4, 67. B.A, Toronto, 93, fellow, 
93-95, M.A, Ph.D, 00. Asst. lecturer chem, 
Toronto, 95-00, lecturer, 00-07, assoc. prof. org. 
chem, 07-19, prof, ID- Chem. Soc; Royal Soc. 
Can; Chem. Gesell. Bismuth salts; derivatives 
of phthalic acid. 

Allan, Prof. John A(ndrew), University of Al- 
berta, Edmonton, Alta, Can. Geology. Aubrey, 
Que, July 31, 84. B.A, McGill, 07, M.S, 08; 
Ph.D, Mass Inst. Tech, 12. Asst. geol, Mase. 
Inst. Tech, 08-11; prof. geol. and miner, Al- 
herta, 12-, in charge, dept. mining eng, 14- 
Field geologist. Can. Geol. Surv, 06-15. A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Can. Min. Inst. Mining; petrog- 
raphy; structural geology and physiography of 
the Canadian Rocky Mountains; oil gas; coal; 
experimental eeramics. 

AUard, H(arry) A(rdell), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Botany. Ox- 
ford, Mass, Jan. 28, 80. B.S, North Carolina, 
05. Scientist, bur. plant indus, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
06- Wash. Entom. Soc. Plant breeding and 
nutrition ; cotton ; the distribution of Fowler 's 
toad; musical Orthoptera; mosaic diseases of to- 
bacco; day length and plant growth. 

Allardice, Prof. R(obert) E(dgar), Stanford Uni- 
versity, Calif. * Mathematics. Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, March 2. 62. M.A, Edinburgh, 82. Asst. 
prof, math, Edinburgh, 82-92; prof, Stanford, 
92- Math. Soc; fel. Edinburgh Royal Soc; 
Edinburgh Math. Soc. (ed, 'Proc,' 89-91), Math. 
Soc. Geometry; properties of certain systems of 

Allee, Prof. W (aider) C(lyde), University of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, 111. *Zoology. Bloomingdale, 
Ind, June 5, 85. B.S, Earlham, 08; M.S, Chi- 
cago, 10, Ph.D, 12. Asst. zool, Chicago, 10-12; 
instr. bot, Illinois, 12-13; zool, Williams, 13-14; 
asst. prof, Oklahoma, 14-15 ; prof, biol. Lake 
Forest Col, 15-21 ; assoc. prof, zoo], Chicago, 21- 
Instr. zool, Woods Hole, summers, 14-, in charge 
invert, zool, 18- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
(sec'y); Ecol. Soc; Entom. Soc. Seasonal suc- 
cession in ponds ; rheotaxis in Isopoda ; ecology 
and behavior of isopods, fish, May-fly nymphs 
and Woods Hole invertebrates. 

Alleman, Prof. Gellert, Swarthmove College, 
Swarthmore, Pa. Chemistry. Littlestown, Pa, 
July 23, 71. B.S, Pennsylvania Col, 93; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 97. Instr. chem, Maine, 97-98; Wash- 
ington (St. Louis), 98-02; prof, Swarthmore, 
02- A.A; Chem. Soc^ Eleetrochem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indus; Franklin Inst; CHiem. Gesell. 
Diazo-compounds; Portland cements; action of 
chemicals on wood fiber; phenol ethers; anti- 
septics; coal tars; creosote oils; asphalts; 
strength of treated timbers; oxidation of pe- 
troleum; electrolysis; occluded gases in ferrous 

Allen, Dr. Arthur A(ugTistus), Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. Zooloqy. Buffalo, N. Y, 
Dec. 28, 85. A.B, Cornell, 07, A.M, 08, fellow, 
08-09, Ph.D, 11. Instr. zool, Cornell, 09-15, 
asst, prof, ornith, 15- Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 
exped. to S. Am, 12. A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; 

Soc. Mammal. Ornithology; mammalogy; con- 
servation; ecology-. 
Allen, Prof. B(emiet) M(ills), 1653 Indiana St, 
Lawrence, Kans. *Emhryology. Greencastle, 
Ind, July 4, 77. Ph.B, DePauw, 98 ; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 03. Instr. anat, Wisconsin, 03-08, asst. 
prof, 08-11, zool, 11-13 ; prof,, 13- A.A ; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Soc. Exp. Biol; Ass. Anat; 
Wis. Acad. Embryonic development of ovary 
and testis of the mammals; anatomy of Hirudo; 
eye of Bdellostoma; development of rete cords, 
sex cords and sex cells of Chrysemys; origin of 
sex-cells; effect of extirpation of thyroid gland 
and hypophysis of amphibians on bodily growth ; 
influence of glands of internal secretion on 
growth and differentiation. 

Allen, Prof. C(alvin) Frank (Francis), Montview 
St, West Roxbury, Mass. Engineering. Rox- 
bury. Mass, July 10, 51. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
72. Civil engineer, water works and sewerage, 
72-78; railroad engineer, 79-85; attorney-at- 
law, 85-86; asst. prof, later assoc. prof, and 
prof, railroad eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 87-16. 
Civil Eng; Eng. Edue. (sec'y and pres) ; R. R. 
Eng; New Eng. R. R. Club* (pres, 06); Mass. 
Highway Ass. (pres) ; Boston Soc. CJivil Eng. 
(pres, 99). Railroad engineering. 

Allen, Prof. Charles E(lmer), 2014 Chamberlin 
Ave, Madison, Wig. *Botany. Horicon, Wis, 
Oct. 4, 72. B.S, Wisconsin, 99, Ph.D, 04. Instr. 
iot, Wisconsin, 01-04, asst. prof, 04-07, assoc. 
prof, 07-09, prof, 09- Research asst, Carnegie 
Institution, 04-05; ed-in-chief, 'Am. Jour. Bot,' 
18- A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Wis. Acad. 
(sec'y, 05-07, v. pres, 15-18). Middle la- 
mella in thickened cell walls; spindle forma- 
tion in pollen mother-cells of larch; nuclear 
division and chromosome reduction in pollen 
mother-cells of lily; germination of egg and 
chromosome reduction in Coleochaete; spermato- 
genesis in mosses; inheritance in Sphaerocarpos. 

Allen, Prof. Charles M(etcalf), Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, Worcester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. 
Walpole, Mass, Dee. 12, 71. B.S, Worcester, 94, 
M.S, 99. Asst. mech. eng, Worcester, 95-97, 
instr. hydraul. and lab. work, 97-02, asst. prof, 
exp. eng, 02-06, prof, 06-09, hydraul. eng, 09- 
A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; Civil Eng. Ab- 
sorption dynamometers; application of the steam- 
engine indicator to rowing; current meter rating 
stations; water-wheels; absorption dynamometers 
of large powers; large gears; rope and belt 

Allen, Charles R(icketson), Federal Board for 
Vocational Education, Washington, D. C. Chem- 
istry, Education, Physics. New Bedford, Mass, 
Aug. 6, 62. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 85; A.M, 
Harvard, 02. Senior teacher science, high sch, 
New Bedford, 86-09; director, New Bedford 
Indus. Sch, 09-11; agent, Mass. Board of Educ, 
11-17; with Emergency Fleet Corp, 17-18; 
special agent. Fed. Board for Vocational Educ, 
18- Asst. gen. chem, Inst. Tech, 86; 
private asst. to Prof. Wolcott Gibbs. Harvard, 
86. Chem. Soc; Eastern Ass. Physics Teachers; 
New Eng. Ass. Chem. Teachers. Nitrogen in 
sewage; dissociation of acetylene; industrial 

Allen, Dr. Edward Riley, E. I. du Pont de Ne- 
mours and Co, Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. 



Pana, 111, July 28, 84. B.S, Illinois, 06; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 13. Asst. org. chem, Cornell, 11-12; 
assoc. soil biol, Ohio Exp. Sta, 13-15, in charge 
soil technol, 15-17; assoc. biochem, Washington 
(St. Louis), 17-19; org. chemist. E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Co. 19- Visiting investigator, 
Mo. Bot. Garden, 17-19. Chem. Soe. Organic 
and biological chemistry; soil biology and tech- 
Allen, Prof. Edward S(witzer), West Virginia 
Uuiversitv, Morgantown, W. Va. Mathematics. 
Kansas City, Mo, Dec. 12, 87. A.B, Harvard, 09, 
A.M, 10, Ph.D, 14; Rome, 11-13; Gottingen, 12. 
Instr. math, Dartmouth, 13-14; Brown, 14-15; 
Michigan, 15-19; asst. prof. West Virginia, 19- 
Math. Soc; Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Algebraic 

Allen, Dr. E(dwin) W(est), 1923 Biltmore St, 
Washington, D. C. Agriculture. Amherst, Mass, 
Oct. 28, 64. B.S, Mass. Col, 85; Ph.D, Got- 
tingen, 90. Asst. chemist, Mass. Exp. Sta, 85- 
88; asst, office of exp. statioiis, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
90-93, asst. director, 93-15, chief, 15- Ed, ' Exp. 
Sta. Record,' 95-; exec, sec'y. Committee on 
Country Life. A.A. (sec'y, M, 14-18, v. pres, 
20); Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. (sec 'y-treas, 10-14). 
Agricultural chemistry. 

Allen, Dr. E(ugene) T(homas), Geophysical Lab- 
oratory, Washington, I). C. *Chemistry. Athol, 
Mass, April 2, 64. A.B, Amherst, 87; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 92; Harvard, 93-95. Assoc, chem. 
Woman 's Col. of Baltimore, 90-91 ; acting prof, 
Colorado, 92-93; prof. Mo. Sch. Mines, 95-01; 
chem. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 00-06; re- 
search chemist, geophysical lah, Carnegie Insti- 
tution, 07- Instr, summer sch, Harvard, 93-95. 
Chem. Soc. (pres. Wash, sect, 04). Inorganic 
and mineralogical chemistry; optical glass; vein 
formation; volcanic phenomena. 

Allen, Dr. E(zra), Ursinus College, Collegeville, 
Pa. Zoology. Coudersport, Pa, May 8, 70. A.B, 
Bucknoll, 95; fellow, Clark, 00-01; Chicago, 05; 
Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 14. Teacher science, Perki- 
omen Sem, 9G-00; prof, biol. State Nor. Sch, 
Mont, 03-07; Phila. Sch. Pedag, 07-18; Ursinus, 
19- Investigator, Wistar Inst, 10-18; hon. in- 
vestigator zool, Pennsylvania, 15-19; educ. ad- 
viser, A.E.F, 19; lecturer biol, A.E.F. Univ. 
Beaune, 19. A.A; Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool; Phila. 
Acad. Cytology; mammalian nerve and germ 
cells; cytological methods. 

Allen, Francis H(enry), 4 Park St, Boston, Mass. 
Ornitholiigy. .Jamaica Plain, Mass, Aug. 3, 66. 
Grad, Roxl)ury Latin Sch, 84. Mem. ed. staff, 
nought on Mifflin Co, 01- Mem. Ornith. I'nion; 
Nuttall Ornith. Club (council). Distribution of 
birds; bird-song; habits of birds. 

Allen, Dr. Frank, University of Manitoba, Winni- 
peg, Can. Experimental pitysics. Canterbury, 
N. B, Feb. 6, 74. A.B, New Brunswick. 95; 
A.M, Cornell, 00, follow, 00-01, Ph.D, 02. Instr. 
physics, Cornell, 01-04; prof, Manitoba, 04- 
Fcl. Royal Soc. Can. Color and color vision; 
sound sensations; physiological optics; liquid 
air production. 

Allen, Prof. F(rank) W(isdom), University Farm, 
Davis, Calif. Horticulture. Columbia, Mo, July 
18, 87. B.S. (Apr), Mi.ssouri, 10; M.S, Towa 
State, 13. Instr. hort, Iowa State, 10-13; Wash. 

State, 13-14, asst. horticulturist, Exp. Sta, 14- 
17; bur. markets, U. S. Dept. Agr, 17-20; asst. 
prof, pomol, California, SO- Pomology; apples. 

Allen, Dr. Frederick Madison, Physiatric Insti- 
tute, Morristown, N. J. *Medicine. Des Moines, 
Iowa, March 16, 79. A.B, California, 02, M.D, 
07, Research fellow. Harvard Med. Sch, 09-12; 
assoc. med, Rockefeller Inst, 13-18; practising 
physician, 19-20; director, Physiat. Inst, 20- 
Lecturer, Harvey Soc, 16. Am. Physicians; Soc. 
Exp. Path; Harvey Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Dia- 
betes; nephritis; metabolism. 

Allen, Dr. Glover M(orriU), 234 Berkeley St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Zoology. Walpole, N. H, Feb. 8, 79. 
A.B, Harvard, 01, A.M, 03, Ph.D, 04. Sec'y and 
librarian, Boston Soc. Nat. Eist, 01- A.A; Soc. 
Zool; mem. Ornith. Union ; Soc. Mammal; Appa- 
lachian Mt. Club; Wash. Biol. Soc; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist, (sec'y, 01); Nuttall Ornith. Club 
(pres, 19) ; Harvard Travellers Club. System- 
atic zoology ; heredity. 

Allen, Dr. J(oel) A(saph), American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N. Y. *Vertebrate 
zoology. Springfield, Mass, July 19, 38. Law- 
rence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 62-67; hon. Ph.D, In- 
diana, 86. Asst. ornith, museum comp. zool, 
Harvard, 71-85; curator mammal, and ornith, 
Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 85-19, curator mammal, 
SO- Chief, scientific staff of govt, exped, North. 
Pacific R. R. Surv, 73 ; special collaborator, U. 
S. Geol. and Geog. Surv. (Havden), 78-83; ed. 
'Bui. Nuttall Ornith. Club,' 76-83; 'The Auk,' 
84-12; 'Bui.' and 'Memoirs,' Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist, 87-17. Walker grand prize, Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist, 03. Nat. Acad; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
Soc. Mammal; fel. Ornith. Union (pres, 83-91) ; 
Ass. Geog; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; fel. N. Y. 
Acad. (v. pres, 92); Wash. Acad; hon. mem. 
British Ornith. Union ; hon. mem. Ornith. Gesell ; 
etc. Mammals and birds; geographical zoology; 
mammals of Patagonia and Nicaragua, mammals 
and birds of northeastern Siberia, South Amer- 
ica and Africa. 

Allen, Prof. John R(obins), U. S. Bureau of 
Mines, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mechanical engineering. 
Milwaukee, Wis, July 23, 69. B.S, Michigan, 92, 
M.E, 96. Sec'y, l! K. Comstock Construction 
Co, 93-95; inst. mech. eng, Michigan, 96-99, 
asst. prof, 99-02, junior prof, 02-05, prof. 05- 
11; dean eng, Robert Col. Constantinople. 11- 
13; head of dept. Michigan. 13-17; dean. dept. 
eng. and archit. Minnesota, 17-19; research dept. 
Bur. Mines, W- Consulting engineer, Detroit. 
A.A; Mech. Eng; Soc. Heat, and Vent. Eng; 
Eng. Educ; hon. mem. Nat. Ass. Sta. Eng; 
Mich. Eng. Soc; Detroit Eng. Soc. Heating and 
ventilation; manufacture of peat into a fuel. 

Allen, Prof. Joseph, 9 Myrtle St, White Plains. 
N. Y. Matliematics. New Bedford, Mass, March 
21, 70. A.B. A.M, Harvard, 92, 92-94. Inst. 
math. Cornell. 94-97; assoc. prof. Col. City of 
N. Y. 07- A.A; Math. Soc. Analytical ge- 

Allen, Kenneth, 1235 Municipal Building, New 
York, X. Y. Hydraulic and sayiitary engineer- 
ing. New Bedford,, April 6, 57. C.E, 
Rensselaer, 79. Consulting engineer, 85-89; 
city supt. construction, Kansas City, Mo. 89-90 ; 
principal asst. engineer. Baltimore Sewerage 



Commission, 95-99; consulting engineer, Balti- 
more, 00-02 ; engineer and supt, Water Dept, 
Atlantic City, N. J, 02-06; div. engineer, Balti- 
more Sewerage Commission, 06-08 ; engineer, 
Metropolitan Sewerage Commission, iV. Y. City, 
08-14, sanit. engineer, Board of Estimate and 
Apportionment, 14- Civil Eng; Soc. Munic. 
Improv; Pub. Health Ass. 

Allen, Prof, R(eginald) B(ryant), Kenyon Col- 
lege, Gambler, Ohio. Mathematics. Medford, 
N. J, Jan. 3, 72. B.S, Eutgers, 93, M.S, 97; 
Ph.D, Clark, 05. Acting prof, math, Mass. Col, 
95; asst. prof, Adelphi, 97-01; instr, Clark, Oo- 
06; prof, Kenyon, 06- A.A; Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass. (chairman, Ohio sect, 16). Hypercomplex 
number systems; multiple algebras. 

Allen, K(olland) C(raten), Lake Superior Iron Ore 
Association, Cleveland, Ohio. Geology. A.B, 
Wisconsin, 05, A.M, 08. Instr. econ. geol, Mich- 
igan, 08-09, lecturer, 09-13 ; state geologist, 
Mich, 09-19; v. pres, Lake Superior Iron Ore 
Ass, 19- A.A; Geol. Soc; Ass. Econ. Geol; Min. 
and Metal. Eng. Geology of the Iron River dis- 
trict of Michigan. 

Allen, Dr. Euth F(lorence), Hilgard Hall, Berk- 
eley, Calif. Plant pathology. Sturgeon Bay, 
Wis, May 23, 79. A.B, Wisconsin, 05, A.M, oV, 
Ph.D, 09. Asst. bot, Wisconsin, 0.5-10; instr, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 10-14; inst. and later asst. prof, 
Welleslev, 14-18; playit pathologist, hur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 18- A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Phytopath. Soe. Cereal diseases; cytology. 

Allen, Prof. Samuel J(ames) M(clntosh), Uni- 
versity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. *Physics. 
Maitland, N. S, Oct. 5, 77. B.S, McGill, 00, 
M.S, 01; fellow, Hopkins, 03-04, Ph.D, 06. 
Demonstrator physics, McGill, 00-03 ; instr, 
Cincinnati, 06-09; asst. prof, 09-14, assoc. prof, 
14-19, prof. exp. physics, 19- Physical Soc ; 
Can. Civil Eng; Ohio Acad. (v. pres, 19). 
Radio activity; passage of a rays of radium and 
X-rays through matter; radio-activity of smoky 
atmosphere; relations between X-ray wave 
lengths, atomic numbers and absorption coeffi- 

Allen, W (alter) S (teams), 224 State St, Flush- 
ing, N. Y. Chemistry. Acworth, N. H, Dee. 1, 
77. A.B, Amherst, 00. Asst. geol, Amherst, 00- 
02; anal, and research chemist, Gen. Chem. Co, 
03-, in charge, Laurel Hill Lab, 10- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; N. Y. Chemists Club. Analytical 

Allen, William Fitch, Oregon University Medical 
School, Portland, Oregon. Anatomy. Oneonta,N. 
Y, 75. A.B, Stanford, 00, A.M, 02; Ph.D, Min- 
nesota, 15. Asst. to Dr. E. P. Allis, 01-06 ; physiol, 
California, 06-10 ; inst. embryol, and comp. anat, 
Illinois, 10-11; histol. and embryol, Minnesota, 
11-16; prof. anat. and head of dept, Oregon, 16- 
Ass, Anat; Wash. Aca^. Anthropology; mi- 
croscopical technique ; morphological and experi- 
mental neurology; blood vessels and lymphatics 
in fishes. 

Allen, W(illiam) M(arshall), Department of Agri- 
culture, Raleigh, N. C. Chemistry. Wadsboro, 
N. C, Jan. 70. North Carolina, 89-92; Hop- 
kins, 97-98. Asst. chemist, N. C. Exp. Sta, 
94-97; asst. to state chemist, Ga, 97-98; first 

asst. state chemist, N. C, 99-06, food chemist, 
06-19, chemist, 19- Chem. Soc. (pres, N. C. 
sect, 09-10); Agr. Chem; Ass. Food and Dairy 
Departments (v. pres, 08, sec'y, 09). Food 

AUen, W(infred) E(mory), Scripps Institution, 
La Jolla, Calif. Biology. West Newton, Ind, 
June 6, 73. B.L, Earlham, 98; A.M, Law- 
rence, 04; Nebraska, 99-00, 04-05; Illinois, 
10-11. Athletic coach, Earlham, 96-99; asst. 
physical director, Nebraska, 99-00; physical di- 
rector and registrar, Lawrence, 03-04; head, 
biol. dept, high sch, Spokane, Wash, 00-02; 
State Nor. Sch, Kearney, Nebr, 05-08; asst. 
zool, Illinois, 10-11 ; head, biol. dept, high sch, 
Stockton, Calif, 12-16 ; Fresno, 16-19 ; biologist, 
Scripps Inst, California, 19- A.A; Ecol. Soc; 
Micros. Soc ; West. Soc. Nat ; Calif. Acad. IMor- 
phology; regeneration; fresh-water plankton; 
marine phytoplankton. 

Aller, Henry D(ay), Bureau of Fisheries, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Zoology. N. J, 80. B.S, Rut- 
gers, 02; Cornell, 02-03. Bur. Forestry, 03-04; 
supt. and director, U. S. Fisheries Lab, Beau- 
fort, N. C, 07-12, agent, fur-seal fisheries, 
Pribilof Islands, Bur. Fisheries, 12- A.A. The 
marine Mollusca of Beaufort, North Carolina. 

Ailing, Harold L(attimore), 400 Oxford St, Roch- 
ester, N. Y. Geology. Rochester, Feb. 7, 88. 
A.M, Columbia, 17, Ph.D, 20. Expert geol, N. 
. State Museum, 17-; instr, Eochester, 20- 
A.A; assoc. Min. and Metal. Eng; Chem. Soc; 
Rochester Acad. Crystallization of rock form- 
ing minerals; Adirondack Precambrian. 

Allis, Dr. Edward Phelps, Jr, Milwaukee, Wis, 
or Palais de Carnoles, Menton, France. *Verte- 
brate morphology. Milwaukee, Sept. 14, 51. 
C.E, Del. Lit. Inst, 66; Antioch, 67-68; Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 68-69, 71 ; LL.D, Wisconsin, 03 ; hon. 
M.D, Groningen, 14. Mem. and officer of Edw. P. 
Allis Co, Mihvaul-ee, 71- Laureat, Paris Inst, 
98 ; Officier d 'Acad ; Chevalier Legion d 'honneur. 
A.A; Soe. Nat; Ass. Anat; Am. Geog. Soc; Mus. 
French Art; fel. N. Y. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist; fel. London Linnean Soc; London Zool. 
Soc; London Royal Micros. Soc; London Royal 
Meteor. Soc; London Soc. Arts; Anat. Soc. Gt. 
Britain and Ireland; North British Acad; Soc. 
astron. de France ; Soc. m6teor de France. The 
anatomy and development of the head of ver- 

Allport, Dr. F(loyd) H(enry), 27 Everett St, 
Cambridge, Mass. Psychology. Milwaukee, Wis, 
Aug. 22, 90. A.B, Harvard, 13, Ph.D, 19. 
Instr. psychol. Harvard, 19- With A.E.F, 17- 
18. Psychol. Ass. Exi^erimental and social 

Almy, Charles, Jr, Dewey and Almy Chemical Co, 
Cambridge, Mass. Chemical engineering. Cam- 
bridge, April 6, 88. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 10. 
Research assoc. applied chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
10-11; tech. director. Am. Vulcanized Fibre Co, 
12-15; gen. manager and sec'y, Va. Red Oil 
Products Corp, 16-17; lieut. col", C.W.S. 18-19; 
V. pres. and sec'y, Dewey and Almy Chem. Co, 
19- Chem. Soc; British Soc. Chem. Indust. 
Animal and vegetable oils and fats; vulcanized 



Almy, Prof, Frank F(ayette), 436 East St, Grin- 
nell, Iowa. Physics. Little Compton, R. I, Jan, 
12, 66. B.S. Nebraska, 90; Hopkins, 90-93; 
Chicago, 99, 01-02. Prof, physics, Grinnell, 93- 
Lecturer phrsics, Columbia, 09-10; asst, educ, 
director, district eight, S,A.T.C, 18. A.A; 
Physical Soc; Iowa Acad, (pres, 09). Some 
properties of coherers; pressure shift of lines in 
the spectrum of iron; electrodeless discharge in 

Almy, Dr, John E(dwin), 2300 A St, Lincoln, 
Nebr, Physics. Centralia, 111, Oct, 13, 75, B.S, 
Nebraska, 96, A.M, 97 ; Ph.D, Berlin, 00. Instr. 
physics, Nebraska, 00-02, adj. ;grof, 02-05, asst, 
prof, 05-07, assoc. prof, 07-09, prof, 09-, chair- 
man of dept, 19-20. A.A; Physical Soc; Nebr. 
Acad. Accidental double refraction; spark po- 
tentials; discharge through gases; dielectric 
strength of various glasses and double refracting 
media; cathode potential. 

Alperin, Dr. David, 750 Green Ave, Brooklyn, N. 
y. Biological chemistry, Bucharest, Roumania, 
M.S, Freiburg, 02; M.D, N. Y. Univ, 07; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 12, Lecturer physiol. chem. and di- 
rector chem. and path, laboratories, Eclectic 
Med, Col. 03-12; assoc. prof, ophthal, N. . 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. Nucleoprotein metabo- 
lism ; uricolysis and uricase. 

Alsberg, Dr. C(arl) L(ucas), U. S, Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Biochem- 
istry. New York, N. Y, April 2, 77. A.B, 
Columbia, 96, A.M, M.D, 00. Asst. physiol. 
chem, Harvard Med. Sch, 02-05, instr. biol. 
chem, 05-06, faculty instr, 06-08; chem. biol- 
ogist, bur, plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 08- 
12, chief, bur. chem, 12- Investigator, Bur. 
Fisheries, 07-08, A.A; Agr. Chem. (sec'y- 
treas, 20, ed, 'Jour'); Am. Med. Ass. (mem. 
council pharmacy and chem) ; Physiol. Soc; Soc. 
Erp. Biol; Chem. Soc. (councilor at large); 
Soc, Biol. Chem. (past pres) ; Soc. Pharmacol; 
Boston Soc. Med. Sci. (past sec'y). Chemistry 
of nucleic acids and of proteins ; cystinuria ; en- 
zymes; phosphoric acid metabolism; poisonous 
plants; oxidizing enzymes; biology and toxicol- 
ogy of molds of the genus Penicillium ; cyano- 
genesis in plants; pharmacologj' ; food and agri- 
cultural chemistry. 

Altenburg, Prof, Edgar, Rice Institute, Houston, 
Tex. Zoology. Jersey Citv, N. J, June 11, 88. 
A.B, Columbia, 11, A'.M, 12, Ph.D, 16. Instr. 
biol, Rice Inst, 17-20, asst. prof, 20- A.A. 

Alter, Prof. Dinsmore, University of Kansas, 
Lawrence, Kans. Astronomy, Physics. Colfax, 
Wash. March 28. 88, B.S, Westminster (Pa), 
09; M.S, Pittsburgh, 10; Ph.D, California, 16. 
Instr. physics and astron, Alabama, 11-12, asst. 
prof, 12-13, adj. prof, 13-14; instr. astron, 
California. 14-17; asst. prof, Kansas, 17-19, 
assoc. prof, 19- Major, C.A.R.C, A.A; Phys- 
ical Soc; Astron. Soc. Orbits; meteorology; 
perturbations; gravitational theory. 

Alter, Dr. Nicholas M, New Haven Hospital, New 
Haven, Conn. Pathology. Hungary. 86. M.D, 
Univ. of Hungary, 11. Instr. anat, Univ. of 
Hungary, 10-11, path, 11-13 ; pathologist, Monte- 
liore Home and Hosp, N. Y. City, 14-15; How- 

ard A. Kelly Hosp, 15-19; Yale, 19- Physical 
chemistry applied to cancer research. 
Alvarez, Prof, Arthur Carl, 1909 Dwight Way, 
Berkeley, Calif. Civil engineering. San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, Nov. 2, 86. B.S, California, OS. 
Instr. civil eng, California, 08-13, asst. prof. 13- 
19, assoc. prof, 19- Assoc. Civil Eng; Soc. Test. 
Mat. Building construction; structural engi- 

Alvarez, Dr. Walter Clement, 177 Post St, San 
Francisco, Calif. Medicine. San Francisco, 
July 22, 84. M.D, Cooper Med. Col, 05; Har- 
vard, 13. Asst. path, Cooper Med. Col, 05-06; 
asst. med, Stanford, 12-13; instr. research med, 
Hooper Foundation for Med. Eesearch, Califor- 
nia, 14-20, asst. prof, SO- Caldwell lecturer, 
Rontgen Ray Soc, 20. Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Am. Med. Ass; Calif. Acad. Physiology 
and pathology- of digestion; intestinal peristalsis. 

Alvord, John Watson, 5203 Kenwood Ave, Chi- 
cago, 111. Hydraulic and sanitary engineer- 
ing, Newton Center, Mass, Jan. 25, 61. Prep, 
sch; Europe, 88, 94; hon. C.E, Wisconsin, 13. 
City engineer, Lake View, Chicago, 84-88; 
Cicero, 111, 89 ; Columbian Expos, 90-93 ; consult- 
ing engineer, 94- Mem. numerous appraisal 
boards; consulting engineer to many munici- 
palities in the Central West; govt, war work, 
two years. Chanute medal. West. Soc. Eng. 02; 
medal as one of the designers of the Columbian 
Expos, 93. A.A; Civil Eng. (director, 18-); 
Water Works Ass. (pres, 10) ; West. Soc. Eng. 
(pres. 10); 111. Soc. Eng. (pres, 02. 04);_Pub. 
Health Ass. Sewage purification; economics of 
valuation and appraisement: flood prevention. 

Alway, Prof. Frederick J(ames), 1386 Grantham 
Ave, St. Paul, Minn. *Chemistry. Waterford, 
Ont, May 28, 74. B.A, Toronto, 94; Ph.D, Hei- 
delberg, 97. Prof, chem, Nebr. Wesleyan, 98- 
06; agr. chem, Nebraska, 06-09, head prof, 09- 
13; prof, soil chem, Minnesota, and chief, div. 
soils Exp. Sta, IS- A,A; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Agron; Peat Soc. Reduction of nitrocom- 
pounds; hydroxylamino- and nitroso-compounds; 
bleaching of flour; soils of northern steppes; 
prairie soils; humus; soil moisture; glacial and 
peat soils. 

Amberg, Dr. Emil, David Whitney Building, De- 
troit, Mich. Aural surgery. Santa Fe, N. Mex, 
May 1, 6S. M.D, Heidelberg, ^4; Berlin, 97. 98; 
Yienna, 95, 97, 07. House surgeon, aural dept, 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston. 96-97. Otol. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Acad. Ophthal. and Oto- 
laryngol. The ear; the lateral sinus; instru- 
ments; influence of the work-pause on mental 
efficiency; interstate reciprocity for the license 
to practice medicine. 

Amberg, Dr. Samuel, Children's Memorial Hos- 
pital, T.'^o Fullerton Ave, Chicago, 111. Medicine. 
f'annstatt, Germanv, Aug. 15. 74. Gymnasium, 
annstatt; Berlin, "rS-9 6; M.D, Heidelberg, 98. 
Asst. and instr. pediat, Hopkins, 99-03, assoc, 
03-10, assoc. prof, 10-12; mem, Sprague Mem. 
Inst, and a.fsoc. prof. exp. med. Rush Med. Cnl, 
IS- Pharmacologist, C.W.S, 18. Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Biol. Chem: Soc. Pharmacol: Am. Med. 
Ass; cor. mem. Vienna Gesell. fiir Innere Med. 
und Kinderheilkunde. Pediatrics; pharmacol- 
ogy; physiological chemistry. 



Ambler, Dr. Joseph A(lfred), 5105 13th St, N.W, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Danbury, Conn, 
June 30, 89. Ph.B, Yale, 10, Ph.D, 13. Prof, 
chem, Acadia, 13-16; asst. petroleum chemist, 
color lab, bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 16- Chem. 
Soc. Coal-tar intermediates; pyrimidins; pseudo- 
thiohydantoins; amins; sulphonic acids. 

Ames, Dr. Adeline, Normal, Nebr. Botany. Hen- 
derson, Nebr, Oct. 6, 79. B.S, Nebraska, 03, 
A.M, 04 ; Ph.D, Cornell, 13. Asst. bot, Nebraska, 
02-04; scientific asst, bur. plant indust, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 04-11, asst. pathologist, 13-20; asst. 
prof, bot, Sweet Briar, 20- Bot. Soc; Phyto- 
path. Soc. Systematic mycology; plant pa- 

Ames, Prof. E(dward) S(cribner), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. Bhilosophy. Eau Claire, 
Wis, April 21, 70. A.B, Drake, 89; B.D, Yale, 
92; Ph.D, Chicago, 95. Frof . philos, Chicago, 
97- A. A; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; West. 
Philos. Ass. Psychology of religion. 

Ames, Prof. J(oseph) S(weetman), Charlecote 
Place, Guilford, Baltimore, Md. *Physics. Man- 
chester, Vt, Julv 3, 64. A.B, Hopkins, 86, fel- 
low, 87-88, Ph.D, 90; Berlin, 86-87; LL.D, 
Washington (Md), 07. Asst. physics, EopMns, 
88-91, assoe, 91-93, assoc. prof, 93-99, prof, 99-, 
director, physical lab, 01- Ed. board, 'Astro- 
phys. Jour'; Harris lecturer. Northwestern, 13. 
Nat. Acad; Physical Soe. (pres, 19, 20) ; Philos. 
Soc; Am. Acad; hon. mem. Royal Inst; Soc. de 
Physique. Electrodynamics; spectroscopy; spec- 
trum of hydrogen. 

Ames, Dr. L(ewis) D(arwin), Delano, Calif. 
Mathematics. Keeseville, X. Y, July 11, 69. 
B.Litt, Missouri, 99; A.B, Harvard, 01, A.M, 02, 
Ph.D, 04. Instr. math, Chillicothe Nor. Sch, Mo, 
90-98, 99-00; Harvard, 01-02; Missouri, 02-06, 
asst. prof, 06-12, assoc. prof, 12-20. Slowly con- 
vergent series ; analysis situs ; continuous groups. 

Ames, Prof. Oakes, Bussey Institution, Forest 
Hills, Boston, Mass. Botany. North Easton, 
Mass, Sept. 26, 74. A.B, Harvard, 98, A.M, 99. 
Asst. hot. Harvard, 99-00, instr, 00-10, asst. prof, 
15-, asst. director, hot. garden, 99-09, director, 
09- A. A ; Soc. Nat ; Bot. Soc ; Am. Acad ; New 
Eng. Bot. Club; Mass. Hort. Soc. (past v. pres) ; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Wash. Biol. Soc; N. Y. 
Acad; Int. Ass. Bot; fel. London Linuean Soc. 
Economic botany; orchidology. 

Amesse, Dr. J(ohn) W(illiam), 624 Metropolitan 
Building, Denver, Colo. Medicine. Eagle River, 
Mich, Jan. 15, 74. M.D, Michigan, 98. Sanit. 
officer, U. S. Pub. Health Service, Honolulu, 9S- 
00, Manila, 00-04, Havana, 06-09, mem. staff, 
hj'gienic lab, 07; lecturer diseases of children 
and of tropics, Colorado, 10- Ed, 'Denver Med. 
Times,' 13-14; lieut. col, M.C, A.E.P, 17-19; 
mem. Colo. Board of Health, 18- A. A; Soc. 
Trop. Med; Ass, Study Int. Secretions; Cong. 
Int. Med; N. Y. Acad. Med. Pediatrics; dis- 
eases of the tropics; yellow fever; hemorrhage 
of infants. 

Ami, Dr. Henry M, Strathcona Park, Ottawa, 
Can. Geology, Paleontology. Belle Rtiere, 
Can, 58. A.B, McGill, 82, A.M, 85, hon. Sc.D, 
07; Sc.D, Qfueen's (Can), 91. Paleontologist, 
Can. Geol. Surv, 82- Mem. various commissions 

for Govt, of Can. Bigsby gold medalist, Lon- 
don Geol. Soc, 03. A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. 
Soc ; Wash. Geol. Soc ; Montreal Nat. Hist. Soc ; 
Ottawa Field Nat. Soc. (past pres, curator, 
archeol. museum); N. B. Nat. Hist. Soc; N. S. 
Inst; Hamilton Ass; fel. Royal Soc. Can; fel. 
London Geol. Soc; Schweiz. Geol. Gesell. 
Chronological geology; paleontology; bibliog- 
raphy; graptolites; first Eparchean 'formation; 
Paleozoic fossils of Canada; Utiea formation in 
Canada; Carboniferous faunas and floras of 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; Quebec Group 
and Devono-Carboniferous of Quebec and the 
maritime provinces of Canada; the St. Law- 
rence-Champlain-Appalachian fault ; resources 
of Canada along the line of the National Trans- 
Continental Railway. 

Amoss, Dr. Harold L(indsay), Rocketeller Insti- 
tute, New York, N. Y. Pathology. Cobb, Kv, 
Sept. 8, 86. B.S, Kentucky, 05, M.S, 07; M.D, 
Harvard, 11, D.P.H, 12. Chemist, Ky. Exp. Sta, 
05-06; hygienic lab, U. S. Pub. Health Service, 
06-07 ; bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07-08 ; West. 
Pa. Hosp, 09; asst. prev. med. Harvard Med. 
Sch, 09-12; hacter. and path, Eochefeller Inst, 
12-14, assoc, 14-19, assoc. mem, 19- Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Public Health Ass; Soc. Immunol; 
assoc. mem. Am. Physicians. Bacteriology; 
acidity of gastric contents; oxidases in the 
blood; expired air; dysentery; poliomyelitis. 

Amsden, Dr. George ' S(amuel), Bloomingdale 

Hospital, White Plains, N. Y. Psychiatry. Ash- 
tabula, Ohio, May 7, 70. A.B, Harvard, 01, 
M.D, 05; Munich, 09-10. Pathologist, Bloom- 
ingdale Eosp, 0.5-14, asst. physician, 14- Lec- 
turer, Barnard, Columbia; Smith. Medico- 
Psychol. Ass; Psychopath. Ass. Relation of per- 
sonality to behavior and education. 

Anderegg, Prof. Frederick, 207 E. College St, 
Oberlin, Ohio. Mathematics. Meiringeu, Switzer- 
land, June 11, 52. A.B, Oberlin, 85, A.M, Ober- 
lin and Harvard, 88. Instr. math. Harvard, 89- 
90; prof, Oberlin, 90- A.A; Math Soc; Math. 
Ass. Trigonometry. 

Anderegg, Prof. F(rederick) O(sband), Purdue 
Universitv, Lafavette, Ind. Chemistry. Oberlin, 
Ohio, Sept 20, 87. A.B, Oberlin, 10; A.M, Har- 
vard, 12, Ph.D, 15. Chemist, Mallinckrodt 
Chem. Works, 14-16; instr. chem, Illinois, 16- 
18; asst. prof, Purdue, 18- A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Ind. Acad. Silent electrical discharge through 

Anderegg, L(ouis) T(lieodore), 1132 College St, 
Fargo, N. Dak. Chemistry. Rogersville, Ohio, 
March 11, 88. A.B, Oberlin, 11, A.M. 13; M.S, 
Michigan, 15. Instr. inorg. chem, Michigan, 13- 
15; teacher, high sch, Delphos, Ohio, 15-16; 
Decatur, 111, 16-18; asst. agr. chemist. Kans. 
^:xp. Sta, 18-19; agr. chemist, N. Dal: Exp. 
Sta, 19- Agricultural chemistry. 

Anders, Dr. Howard S, 1823 Spruce St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Medicine. Norritonville, Pa, Nov. 
12, 66. A.B, Cent. High Sch, Phila, 85, A.M, 
92; M.D, Pennsylvania, 90. Intern, Presby- 
terian Hosp, Phila, 90-91; instr. clin. med, 
Medico-Chirurg. Col, Phila, 94-96, lecturer, 97- 
99, prof, physical diagnosis, 99-13. Physician 
to Samaritan and Phila. Gen. Hospitals. A.A; 
Am. Med. Ass; Climat. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; 



Pa. Soc. Tuber, (past pres) ; Royal Meteorol. 
Soc. Street-width and pulmonary tuberculosis; 
the weather and epidemic influenza; dust and 
tuberculosis; physical diagnosis. 

Anderson, Dr. Alexander P(ierce), Tower View 
Laboratory, Red Wing, Minn. *Botany, Indus- 
trial chemistry. Red Wing, Nor. 22, 62. B.S, 
Minnesota, 94, M.S, 95; Ph.D, Munich, 97. Bot- 
anist and })aeteriologist, Clenison, 97-99; asst. 
prof, bot, Minnesota, 99-00; biologist and ento- 
mologist, Clenison, 00-01; curator, herbarium, 
Columbia, 01; private research. A. A; Forestry 
Ass; Am. Geog. Soc; Bot. Gesell. Formation of 
abnormal resin-canals in Coniferae; growth of 
fruits determined by weighing; plant diseases; 
starch and starchy products. 

Anderson, C(arl) O(tto), Golden, Colo. Metal- 
lurgy. Rosedale, Kans, March 14, 96. B.S, 
Kansas, 17; U. S. Bur. Mines fellow, "Washing- 
ton (Seattle), 17-18, M.S, 18. With corps eng, 
U.S.A, and C.W.S, 18-19; asst. metallurgist, 
V. S. Bur. Mines, 19- Cliem. Soc. Flotation 
and electrochemistry. 

Anderson, Prof. Douglas S(inith), Tulane Uni- 
versity, New Orleans, La. Electrical engineering. 
Lexington, Ya, Sept. 6, 71. A.B, Washington 
and Lee, 90; A.M, Tulane, 92; Polytech. Sch, 
Zurich, 06-07. Asst. prof, physics, Tulane, 93- 
97, assoc. prof, 97-00; prof. elec. eng, Missis- 
sippi, 00-01; assoc. prof, Tulane, 01-06, prof, 
and head of dept, 07-, dean, col. tech, 19- A.A; 
Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. 

Anderson, Prof. Ernest, University of Nebraska, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Chemistry. Kaufman, Texas, 
81. B.S, Texas, 03, M.S, 04, fellow, 04-05; fel- 
loAV, Chicago, 06-09, Ph.D, 09. Research instr. 
chem, Chicago, 09-12; asst. prof, Mass. Col, 12- 
14, assoc. prof, 14-17; prof. agr. chem, Trans- 
vaal, 17-20; chem, Nebraska, 20- A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Royal Soc. S. Africa. Organic and physi- 
cal chemistry; sugars; aldehydes; calorimeter; 
alkali soils of South Africa ; toxic principles of 
South African poisonous plants. 

Anderson, Frank M, 2604 Etna St, Berkeley. 
Calif. Geology. Ashland, Oregon, June 4, 63. 
A.B, Willamette, 89; A.B, Stanford, 95; M.S, 
California, 97. Prof. nat. science, Siskiyou Co. 
High Sch, Calif, 95-96; instr. miner, California, 
97-98; geologist, S. P. Co. OQ-ll, 15-16: Stand- 
ard Oil Co, 13-15; consulting oil geologist, 16- 
Curator paleont, Calif. Acad. Sciences, 03-17. 
Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc. Geology; paleontologj' ; 
economic geology of northern California. 

Anderson, Col. Geo(rge) L(ucius), Palo Alto, 
Calif. Electrical engineering. Delafield, Wis, 
April 9, 49. A.M, Lawrence, 70; grad, U. S. 
Mil. Acad, 74; Naval War Col, 97. Second 
lieut, 74-81, lieut, 81-98; instr. math, U. S. 
Mil. .\cad, 8.5-89; elec. and mines. Officers' Sch, 
Ft. Monroe, 89-95; rapt. Seventh Artil, 98-02; 
major, TJ. S. Artil. Corps, 02-06, lieut-col, 06-08, 
col, 08- Mem. ordnance board, U. S. Proving 
Ground, Sandy Hook. 0.VO7; ordnance and for- 
tification board, Washington, D. C, 17-19. Phi- 
los. Soc; hon. mem. Franklin Inst. Range-find- 
ers and sights; electric control of heavy guns; 
operation of submarine mines; telescopes for 

Anderson, Prof. H(arry) W(arren), 811 Michi- 
gan Ave, Urbana, HI. Botany. Ladoga, Ind, 
Oct. 14, 85. A.B, Wabash, 07, A.M, 10; re- 
search fellow, Shaw Sch. of Bot, 10-11; Ph.D, 
Illinois, 17. Instr. bot, Wabash, 08-10; path- 
ologist. 111. Exp. Sta, 11-12; prof, bot, Wabash, 
12-17; asst. prof, pomol, Illinois. 17- A.A; 
Phytopath. Soc ; f el. Ind. Acad. Plant pathol- 
ogj'; chestnut blight fungus; fruit diseases. 

Anderson, J(acob) P(eter), P. O. Box 1074, 
.Tunfau, Alaska. Botany. Glenwood, Utah, April 
7, 74. Nebraska, 93-95; B.S, Iowa State, 13, 
M.S, 16. Instr. science, Graceland, 02-06; hor- 
ticulturist, Sitka Exp. Sta, U. S. Dept. Agr, 14- 
16; florist. Instr. hort, Iowa State, summer, 13. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci; Iowa Acad. 
Horticulture; mycology; local floras; plant dis- 

Anderson, Prof. J(ohn) A(ugTist), Mt. Wilson 
Solar Observatory, Pasadena, Calif. * Astronomy. 
Rollag, Minn, Aug. 7, 76. B.S, Valparaiso, 00; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 07. Instr. astron, Hopkins, 08- 
09, assoc, 09-11, assoc. prof, 11-15; mem. staff, 
Mt. Wilson Oiservatory, Carnegie Institution, 
16- Asst, U. S. Naval Observatory, eclipse 
exped. to Spain, 05; asst, Carnegie Institution, 
07. A.A; Astron. Soc; Physical Soc; Optical 
Soc; Chem. Soc. Spectroscopy; ruling of grat- 

Anderson, Dr. John E(dward), Yale Station. New 
Haven, Conn. Fsychologii. Laramie, Wvo, June 
13, 93. A.B, Wyoming, 14; A.M, Harvard, 15, 
Ph.D, 17. Instr. psychol, Yale, 17- Lieut, 
Sanit. C, 17-19. Psychol. Ass. Experimental 
psychology; mental tests; circulatory reactions 
in physical and mental work. 

Anderson, Dr. John F, 195 College Ave. New 
Brunswick, N. J. Ba^'t etiology. Fredericksburg, 
Va. March 14, 73. M.D, Virginia, 96; Vienna; 
Paris; Sch. Trop. Med, Liverpool. Asst. sur- 
geon, U. S. Pub. Health Service, 98-03, past 
asst. surgeon, 03-12, surgeon. 12-15, asst. direc- 
tor, hygienic lab, 02-09, director, 09-15; direc- 
tor, research and hiol. laboratories, E. R, Squibb 
and Sons, 1,5- Lecturer hygiene, Rutgers, 16-; 
prof, exp. med, Georgetown, 12-15; Cutter lec- 
turer. Harvard ; lecturer, Harvey Soc, 07. A.A ; 
Ass. Path, and Baet. (pres, 15) ; Am. Physi- 
cians; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Exp. Path. (v. pres) ; 
Tub. Health Ass. (pres, 15) ; Am. Med. Ass. 
Hygiene; sanitation; imnnmology; anaphylaxis; 
serum therapy; etiology of typhus and measles. 

Anderson, Dr. Leroy, Box 109, R. R. 2. San Jose, 
Calif. Ilorticulture. Magee, N. Y, Dec. 4, 6G. 
B.S, rornell, 96, fellow, 96-97, M.S.A, 97, Ph.D. 
02. .\sst. dairy husbandry, Cornell, 97-00; in- 
str. animal and dairy indust, California, 00-02; 
director, Calif. Polytech. Sch, 02-08; prof. agr. 
practise and supt, farm schools, California, 08- 
13. N. Y. State Dairy Ass; Calif. Dairy Ass. 
Cooperative marketing of farm products. 

Anderson, Dr. P(aul) J(ohnson), Massachusetts 
.Agricultural T'oUege, .\mherst, Mass. Botany. 
Ladoga, Tnd, :^rarch 27, 84. A.B, Wabash, 10; 
fellow, Cornell, 10-12, Ph.D, 14. Instr. bot, 
JJ/rt.w. Col, 15-16, asst. prof, 16-17, as.soc. prof, 
]8*T9. prof. SO-, as,^oc. plant pathologist, Exp. 
Sta, 17- Field pathologist. Pa. State' Chestnut 
Blight Commission, 12-14. A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Phj-topath. Soc. Injury to fruit trees; diseases 



of rose, cauliflower and onion; N. American 

Anderson, Prof. Philip Arthur, 1343 Cleveland 
Ave, St. Paul, Minn. Animal husbandry. St. 
Paul, May 1, 90. B.S, Minnesota, 14. Tnstr. 
animal husbandry, col. agr, Minnesota, 15-17, 
asst. prof, 17- 

Anderson, Robert van V(leck), Menlo Park, Calif. 
Geologii. Galesburg, 111, April 18, 84. A.B, 
Stanford, 06. Field asst. and geol. aid, U. S. 
Geo]. Surv, 06-09, asst. geologist, 09-12, geolo- 
gist, 12-13; S. Pearf-on and Son, 13-18; repre- 
sentative, W. T. B, and Am. delegate on Inter- 
Allied Trade Committee, Stockholm, 18-19; 
director, Whitehall Petroleum Corp, Ltd, 19- 
Scientific exped. to Japan, 05; examiner oil 
fields in Mexico and Trinidad, 11. A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Ass. Geog; Paleont. Soc; Seismol. Soc; 
Archeol. Inst; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
(sec'y, 10); Wash. Biol. Soc. Cretaceous and 
Tertiary geology of California; geology of oil 

Anderson, Prof. E(oss) P(eter), 212 W. Fourth St, 
Oil City, Pa. Chemistni. Savannah, N. Y, Feb. 
22, 87. A.B, Cornell, 08, Ph.D, 12. Asst. chem, 
Cornell, 07-11, instr, 11-14, asst. prof, 14-17; 
chief chemist, United Nat. Gas Co, 17- Capt, 
C.W.S, 18. A.A; Chem. Soc; Optical Soc. Gas- 
oline in natural gas; gas analysis. 

Anderson, Dr. Rudolph J(ohn), New York Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Bio- 
chemistry. Hiirna, Sweden, Sept. 13, 79. B.S, 
Tulane, 06; Upsala, Berlin and London; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 19. Biochemist, N. . Exp. Sta, Geneva, 
11- Capt, S. C, 17-19. A.A; Soc. Biol. Chem; 
Chem. Soc. Nutrition; calorimetry; organic 
phosphorus compounds of plants; metabolism of 

Anderson, Dr. Rudolph M(artin), Geological Sur- 
vey of Canada, Ottawa, Can. Zoology. Decorah, 
Iowa, June 30, 76. Ph.B, Iowa, 03, Ph.D, 06. 
Asst, museum, Iowa, 01-06; instr, Blees Mil. 
Acad, 0'6-OS; field worker. Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist, 08-12, asst. mammal, 13 ; zoologist in 
charge mammals, Nat. Museum, Can. Geol. 
Surv, 13-, acting chief, biol. div, 20- Mem. 
Stefansson-Anderson exped. of Am. Museum 
Nat. Hist, to arctic regions, 08-12; Can. arctic 
exped, 13-18; advisory board, wild life protec- 
tion (Canada). Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; 
Cooper Ornith. Club; Wash. Biol. Soc. Mam- 
malogy; ornithology; distribution, ecology and 
life histories of arctic and sub-arctic animals; 
wild life conservation. 

Anderson, Prof. S{amuel) Herbert, University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. Physics. Berrien 
Springs, Mich, Aug. 21, 80. A.B, Park, 02, A.M, 
03; Ph.D, Illinois, 12. Prof, physics and chem, 

, Albany (Oregon), 05-07; asst. prof, physics, 
Occidental, 07-10; instr. and later asst. prof, 
Washington (Seattle), 12- A.A; Physical Soc. 
Effect of frequency on capacity; photo-electric 
cells; photo-electric properties of vapors of 
alkali metals. 

Anderson, Prof. W(illiam) E(lijah), Miami Uni- 
versity, Oxford, Ohio. Mathematics. Arcadia, 
Ohio, Oct. 2, 75. A.B, Wittenberg, 02; Chicago, 
summers, 05, OS, 09; Harrison feljow, Pennsyl- 
vania, 11-12; Ph.D, 13. Teacher math, high seh, 

Mansfield, Ohio, 02-05; prof, Midland, 03-08; 
Wittenberg, 08-18; instr, Pennsylvania, 12-13; 
assoc. prof, Miami, 18- A.A; -Math. Ass; As- 
tron. Soc. Astronomy. 

Andrews, Dr. A(lbert) LeEoy, Cornell Universi- 
ty, Ithaca, N. Y, Botanij. Williamstown, Mass, 
Dec. 27. 78. A.B, Williams, 99; A.M, Harvard, 
03; Ph.D, Kiel, 08. Jnsir. German, West Vir- 
ginia, 03-04; Dartmouth, 04-05; Cornell, 09- 
Systematic botany, especially, bryology; North 
American Sphagnaceae. 

Andrews, C Clement) W(alker), The John Crerar 
Library, Chicago, 111. Chemistry, Library econ- 
omy. Salem, Mass, Jan. 13, 58. A.B. Harvard, 
79, A.M, 80; LL.D, Northwestern, 11. Instr, 
chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 83-95, librarian, 89-95; 
John Crerar Library, 95- Ed, 'Tech. Quarterly,' 
91-95. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Library Ass. (pres. 06); Library Inst; Chem. 
Gesell. Optical analysis of sugar ; the arrange- 
ment of a scientific and technical reference 

Andrews, Prof. E(than) A (lien), .Tohns Hopkins 
Universitv, Baltimore, Md. *Zoologv. New 
York, N.'Y, Sept. 10, 59. Ph.B, Yale, 81; Poly- 
tech, Hanover, 83; fellow, Hopkins, 84-86, Ph.D. 
87. Asst, U. S. Fish Commission, 79-81; asst. 
biol, HopUns, 87-92, assoc. prof, 92-08, prof, 
08- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (v. pres, 91, 
pres, 04); Ecol. Soc. Eyes of annelids; anat- 
omy and embryology of invertebrates; repro- 
duction in crayfish; Folliculina. 

Andrews, Mrs. Ethan Allen (Gwendolen Foulke), 
Bellona and Lake Avenues, Govans, Md. Biol- 
ogy. Bala Farm, Pa, June 26, 63. Private sch ; 
hearer in biol, Bryn Mawr, 88. A.A. Structure 
and habits of protoplasm ; animal and child psy- 
chology; biological philosophy; education; In- 
fusoria; Rotatoria. 

Andrews, Dr. Frank M(arion), Indiana Universi- 
ty, Bloomington, Ind. Botany. Vienna, Ind, 
72. A.B, Indiana, 94, A.M, 95; Ph.D, Leipzig. 
0'2; Smithsonian table, Naples Zool. Sta, 08! 
Asst. bot, Indiana, 94-97, instr, 97-04, asst. 
prof, 04-07, assoc. prof, 07- A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Ind. Acad. Physiological botany; effects of 
gases on plant cells. 

Andrews, Dr. Grace, 116 Cambridge Place. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Mathematics. Brooklvn, Mav 30. 
69. B.S, Wellesley, 90; A.M, Columbia, 99, 
Ph.D, 01. Asst. math, Barnard, Columbia, 00- 
02. The primitive double minimal surface of 
the seventh class and its conjugate. 

Andrews, Horace, 125 Lancaster St, Albany, N. 
Y. Civil engineering. New Haven, Conn, March 
19, 52. -Ph.B, Yale, 71, C.E. 72. U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv, 72-78; N. Y. State Trigo- 
nometric Surv, 78-84; city engineer, Albany, 
86-00 ; consulting engineer, 00- Instr. survey- 
ing, Sheffield Sei. Sch, Yale, 72-73; eng. in- 
spector, N. Y. State Board of Health, 84-86; 
mem. Albany Board of Health, 86-00; examiner 
for eng. positions, N. "Y. State Civil Service, 
88-94. Civil Eng. (director, 08-10) ; Soe. Mu- 
nic. Improv; Geom. Verein. Geodetic and 
higher surveying; municipal engineering. 

Andrews, Dr. Launcelot W(inchester), Williams- 
toAvn, Mass. ^Chemistry. London, Ont, June 
13, 56. Ph.B, Yale, 75; Ph.D, Gottingen, 82. 



Prof, cheni, Iowa, 85-04; research chemist, 
Mallinckrodt Chem. Works, 04-10; pres, An- 
drews Chem. Works, 10. Teacher physics, high 
sch, Spring:field, Mass, 76. A.A; Chem. Soc. 
(pres, St. Louis sect, 08-10); St. Louis Acad, 
(v. pres, 09) ; Iowa Acad, (past pres) ; Iowa 
Eng. Soc; hon. mem. Davenport Acad; London 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Volumetric methods 
of chemical analysis; rational relations between 
densities and optical properties of aqueous solu- 
tions and their molecular composition; synthesis 
of formic and oxalic acids. 

Andrews, R(oy) C(hapman), American Museum 
of Natural History, New York, N. Y. Zoology. 
Beloit, Wis, Jan. 26, 84. A.B, Beloit, 06; A.M, 
Columbia, 13. Assoc, curator mammals, Am. 
Museum i^^'ai. Hist, 06- Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 
exped. to Alaska, 08; St. Lawrence, 09; special 
naturalist, 'Albatross' exped. to the Orient, 09- 
10; exped. to Korea, 11, 12; naturalist, Borden 
exped. to Alaska, 13; leader. Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist, expeditions to Asia, 16-20. A.A; Soc. 
Mammal; Wash. Biol. Soc; N. Y. Acad; cor. 
mem. London Zool. Soc. Water mammals; 
Asiatic zoology. 

Andrews, W(llliam) S(yines), 136 Park Ave, 
Schenectady, N. Y. Electrical engineering. 
Saltford, England, Sept. 10, 47. Private educa- 
tion; Beckington Commercial Col, England. 
With Thomas A. Edison, 79-81; supt, testing 
dept, Edison Lighting Co, 81-83, construction 
of cent, stations, Edison Co, 83-8.5, chief en- 
gineer, 85-86; gen. supt, Marr Constr. Co, 86- 
88 ; partner, Leonard and Izard Co, 88-89 ; supt. 
constr. and later asst. gen. manager. Gen. Elec. 
Co, 89-92; gen. supt, Petersborough works. 
Can. Gen. Elec. Co, 92-93; Edison Lighting Co, 
93-94; consulting engineer. Gen. Elec. Co. 94- 
A.A; Elec. Eng; Hlum. Eng. Soc; Electrochem. 
Soc; Nat. Elec. Light Ass; Franklin Inst; Lon- 
don Soc. Arts. Fluorescence and phosphores- 
cence; spectral analysis of rare gases; analysis 
of rare gases; safety glasses for arc welders; 
selenium cells; electrical apparatus and devices. 

Andronescu, Dr. D(emetrius) I (on), Emerson, 
N. J. Botany. Targoviste, Koumania, March 
18, 80. Agr.E, Koumania Col. Agr, 06; M.S, 
Illinois, 14, Ph.D, 15. Director, Govt. Exp. 
Sta, Anadalkioi, Eoumania, 07; lecturer, Studina, 
08; director, Herastrau, 11; official commis- 
sioner to the U. S. for the Roumanian Govt, 13- 
16. A.A; Bot. Soc. Plant physiology; cytol- 
ogy; genetics; Mendelism; vitality of pollen; 
effects of endosperm removal. 

Andros, S(tephen) O(sgood), 910 Michigan Ave, 
Chicago, 111. Mining. Gardiner, Maine, 76. A.B, 
Bowdoin, 97; B.S, Mich. Col. Mines, 02, M.E, 03. 
Asst. supt, Imp. Coffee Co, 03-05; pres, Coffee 
Primo Mining Co, 05-09; field asst, 111. coal 
mining investigations, 11-15; asst. prof, mining 
research, Illinois, 15-16; pres, sec'y and direc- 
tor, various land companies, 16- Chairman, 
board directors, N. Mex. Naval Consulting 
Board. A.A; Min. Eng; Eng. Educ; 111. Acad. 
Placer mining; coal mining. 

Andrus, L(ucius) B(uckley), Kelsey Brewer and 
Co, Grand Rapids, Mich. Electrical engineering- 
Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 22, 75. E.E, 10; M.S. 
(E.E), 10. Supt, fire alarm, telegraph and 

police signal systems, Columbus, Ohio, 00-02; 
with Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, 02-04; 
gen. supt, Ind. and Mich. Electric Co, 04 ; chief 
engineer, Kelsey Brewer Co. Lecturer elec. eng, 
Notre Dame. A.A; Elec. Eng. Effect of syn- 
chronous motors on line regulation; effect of 
inertia on speed regulation; water wheel tests 
in place. 

Angela, Sister Helen (Dorety), College of Saint 
Elizabeth, Convent Station, N. J. Botany. 
Kaolin, S. C, May 4, 70. A.B, St. Elizabeth, 
03; A.M, Chicago, 07, fellow, 08-09, Ph.D, 09. 
Prof. hot. and head of dept, St. Elizabeth, 09- 
A.A; Bot. Soc. Plant anatomy and physiology; 
anatomy of cycads. 

Angell, Dr. F(rank), Stanford University, Calif. 
*Fsychology. Rhode Island, 57. B.S, Ver- 
mont, 78, L.H.D, 92; Ph.D, Leipzig, 91. 
Teacher, high sch, Washington, D. C, 80-87; 
asst. prof, psychol, Cornell, 91-92; prof. Stan- 
ford, 92- Investigator, Belgian Relief Commis- 
sion, 16- Psychophysics ; sensory discrimination 
for different intervals of time. 

Angell, Dr. James E(owlaud), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. *Psychology. Burlington, 
Vt, May 8, 69. A.B, Michigan, 90, A.M, 91; 
A.M, Harvard, 92; Berlin and Halle, 93; Sc.D, 
Vermont, 15. Instr. philos, Minnesota, 94; asst. 
prof. exp. psychol, Chicago, 95-01, assoc. prof, 
01-04, prof, and head, dept. psychol, 04-20, 
dean, senior colleges, 08-11 ; dean, faculties, arts, 
lit. and science, 11-20; acting pres, 13, 18; chair- 
man Nat. Research Council, 19; pres, Carnegie 
Corp, 20-21 ; Yale, 21- Lecturer psychol, Cali- 
fornia, 03 ; Wellesley, 04 ; Ichabod Spencer lec- 
turer. Union Col, 11 ; Sorbonne lecturer, Paris, 
15. Nat. Acad; Psychol. Ass. (pres, 06); West. 
Philos. Ass. (v. pres, 03). Psychology of atten- 
tion; organic accompaniments of conscious proc- 
esses; auditory localization; reaction time; ef- 
fect of partial tones on localization of sound; 
dermal space-perception; memory and develop- 
ment in motor coordination ; animal intelligence ; 
rhythm ; vision ; affection. 

Angell, Prof. M(artin) F(uller), University of 
Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Physics. Delavan. Wis, 
Dec. 29, 78. B.S, Wisconsin, 02, A.M, 05, Ph.D, 
11. Asst. physics, Wisconsin, 02-03, 04-05; 
prof, physics and math. New Mexico, 03-04, 
physics and elec. eng, 05-13, dean, col. science 
an<l eng, 08-13; prof, physics, Idaho, IS-, act- 
ing dean, univ. faculty, 18-19, col. letters and 
sciences, 19-20. A.A ; assoc. mem. Physical Soc. 
Absorption of infra-red radiations; self-recor^d- 
ing electrometer for atmospheric potential; at- 
mospheric potential; gradient measurements; 
thermal conductivity of metals at high tempera- 

Angler, Prof. RosweU P(arker), Yale Station, 
New Haven, Conn. Psychology. St. Paul, 
Minn, Oct. 21, 74. A.B, Harvard, 97, A.M, 01, 
Ph.D, 03; Berlin, 04-06. Asst, physiol. lab. j^ 
Berlin, 05-06; instr. psychol, Yale, 06-08, asst. 
prof, 08-17, prof, 17-, acting director, psychol. 
lab, 09-14, director, 14-, dean of freshmen, 20- 
A.A; Psychol. Ass; Physiol. Soc; Philos. Ass. 
Esthetics; psychology and physiology of vision. 

Angle, Dr. Edward H(artley), 1025 N. Madison 
Ave, Pasadena, Calif. Orthodontia. Herrick, Pa, 



June 1, 55. D.D.S, Pa. Col. Dental Surg, 78; 
hon. M.D, Marion-Siras-Beaumont Col. Med, 99; 
hon. Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 15. Prof, histol, comp. 
anat. of teeth and orthodontia, Minnesota, 89- 
91 ; orthodontia, Northwestern, 92-98 ; Marion- 
iSims-Beaumont Col. Med, 96-98; Washington 
(St. Louis), 98; founder and prof, orthodontia, 
Angle Sch. OrtJwdontia, St. Louis and New 
London, 00-13, Pasadena, Calif, 16- Special 
surgeon, Great North. R.E, 92-95; Wabash R.E, 
96-08. A.A; Soc. Orthodont. (pros, 00); hon. 
mem. Soc. Dental Mex; hon. mem. Verein Zahn- 
arzte; hon. mem. Verein Oster. Zahnarzte; hon. 
mem. Vienna Orthodont. Gesell; hon. mem. 
Verein Wiener Zahnarzte; hon. mem. Dental 
Soc. Sweden; hon. mom. Mcd-Dental Soc. Fin- 
land. Fractures of the maxillae; malocclusion 
of the teeth; orthodontic mechanism. 

Angle, Dr. E(dward) J(ohn), 2219 B St, Lin- 
coln, Nebr. Medicine. Cedarville, 111, April 1, 

64. B.S, Wisconsin, 90; M.D, Pennsylvania, 95; 
A.M, Nebraska, 98. Prof, genito-urinary surg. 
and dermat, Nebraska, 05-10; specialist, skin 
a7id genito-urinary diseases. A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; Urol. Ass. Zoology; genito-urinarv and 
skin diseases; kidneys of the. pig. 

Anthony, A (If red) W(ebster), Natural History 
Museum, San Diego, Calif. Ornithology. Cayuga 
Co, N. Y, Dec. 25, 65. Pub. schools. Mining 
engineer. Fel. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; 
Caurinus Club. Pelagic and insular ornithology. 

Anthony, Charles, Vieytes y Gorriti, Bahia Blanca, 
Argentina. Engineering. Hereford, England, 

65. Royal Sch. Mines, Bristol; Cambridge. 
Asst. engineer, Bateman and Parsons, 90-91; 
engineer first class, Argentine Govt, 91-93 ; prin- 
cipal res. engineer, Buenos Aires Sanit. Im- 
provement Works Commissioners, 93-02; con- 
sulting engineer, Cape Colonial Govt. 03-06: 
legal representative and chief engineer. Dirks and 
Dates, 06-08 ; gen. manager, Bahia Blanca Water 
WorJcs Co, 09- Civil Eng ; fel. Royal Astron. Soc ; 
British Inst. Civil Eng. (pres, 86-89) ; fel. 
British Sanit. Inst; fel. Edinburgh Royal Soc; 
fel. R. Met. Soc. Hydraulic and sanitary engi- 
neering; sewage disposal; color determination; 

Anthony, Prof. Gardner C(hace), Tufts College, 
Mass. Graphics. Providence, R. I, April 24, 
56. Brown, 75-77; Tufts, 77-78, A.M, 90, ho 
Sc.D, 05. Mechanical engineer, 78-85; instr, R. 
I. Sch. of Design, 85-87; director, R. I. Sch. 
Tech. Drawing, 87-93; prof. tech. drawing and 
dean, Bromfieid-Pearson Sch, Tufts, 93-, dean, 
eng. sch, 98- A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ. 
(pres, 13). Mechanical and machine drawing; 
gearing; descriptive geometry. 

Anthony, H(arold) E(lmer), American Museum 
of Natural History, New York, N. Y. Zoology. 
Beaverton, Oregon, April 5, 90. B.S, Columbia, 
15, A.M, 20. Asst. zool. and chem. l^acific 
(Oregon), 10-11; mammal. Am. Museum Nat. 
Sist, 11-18, assoc. curator, 19- Field asst, U. 
S. Biol. Surv, summers, 10, 11. Lieut, F.A, 17- 
18, capt, 18-19. Mem. or leader, scientific ex- 
peditions to west, states, Mexico, Ecuador, 
Panama, Isthmus of Darien, P. R. and Cuba. 
Soc. Mammal; assoc. Ornith. Union; fel. N. Y. 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; Explorers' Club. Mam- 

malogy; mammals of Oregon, Panama, Cuba and 
Porto Rico; Pleistocene Mammalia of the West 

Anthony, R(oy) D(avid), State College, Pa. 
Horticulture. Rochester, N. Y, April 2, 84. B.S, 
Rochester, 08; B.S. A, Cornell, 10, M.S.A, 13, 
Ph.D, 20. Asst. pomol, Cornell, 10-11, instr, 12- 
13 ; assoc. horticulturist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 
13-19; research horticulturist. Pa. State, 19- 
A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci. Fruit breeding. 

Appleby, Dean W(illiam) R(emsen), University 
of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Metallurgy, 
Assaying. Hoboken, N. J, Feb. 11, 65. A.B, 
Williams, 86, A.M, 93; sch. mines, Columbia, 
87. Asst. anal, and pharmaceut. chem, N. Y. 
Col. Pharmacy, 88-89; prof, mining and metal, 
Minnesota, 91-92, metal, and dean, sch. of mines, 
00- Consulting metal, engineer, U. S. Bur. 
Mines, 18- Mem. jury awards, Panama-Pacific 
Expos. Min. and Metal. Eng; Min. and Metal. 
Soc; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Lake Su- 
perior Min. Inst; London Inst. Min. and Metal; 
N. of England Inst. Min. and Mech. Eng. 

Appleman, Dr. Cha(rle)s O(rval), College Park. 
Md. Botany. Millville.Pa,Dec.6,78. Ph.B, Dick- 
inson, 03 ; Ph.D, Chicago, 10 ; Cold Spring Har- 
bor, summer, 05. Instr, Swarthmore Prep. Sch, 
03-04; prof, biol, Lombard, 04^08; plant physi- 
ologist, Md. Exp. Sta, 10-, prof, plant physiol. 
and biochem. and dean, grad. sch, Maryland, 18- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Chem. Soc. Physiology and bio- 
chemistry of plants. 

Appleton, Prof. J(ohn) H(oward), 209 Angell St. 
Providence, R. I. *Chemistry. Portlsfnd. Maine, 
Feb. 3, 44. Ph.B, Brown, 63, A.M, 69, Sc.D, 00. 
Instr. chem, Brown, 63-68, Newport-Rogers 
prof, 68-14, emer. prof, 14- Mem. U. S. Mint 
Commission, 91; consulting chemist. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (v. pres); N. Y. Acad. Industrial 
chemistry; artificial dyes. 

Appleton, Dr. L(illa) Estelle, Oxford College, 
Oxford, Ohio. Psychology. Victory, Vt, Nov. 9, 
58. B.Litt. Oberiin, 86, Ph.B, 90; Ph.M, Chi- 
cago, 03, M.S, 04, Ph.D, 09; fellow. Clark. 08- 
09; Columbia, 10-11. Various school positions, 
75-01; director, sch. educ, Upper Iowa,_ 07-08; 
acting head, dept. educ. and supt, training sch, 
Marshall, 09-10; acting head, dept. philos. and 
educ, Milwaukee-Downer, 11-12; instr. psychol. 
and educ. Kindergarten Training Sch, 12-16: 
editorial work, 16-18; head, dept. psychol. and. 
eduo, Oxford (Ohio), 18- A.A; Brussels Solvav 
Inst, de Sociol. Comparative phylogenetic and 
ontogenetic psychology- ; art ; _ play activities of 
adult savages and civilized children. 

Arbuckle, Dr. H(oward) B(ell), Davidson, N. C. 
Chemistry. Lewisburg, W. Va, Oct. 5, 70. A.B, 
Hampden-Sidney, 89, A.M, 90; Virginia; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 98. Fellow and instr, Hampden- 
Sidney, 89-90; instr, dept. chem. and physiea, 
Florida State, 91-95; asst. chem, Hopkins, 96- 
98; dept. chem. and biol, Agnes Scott Col, 98- 
06, prof, chem, 06-13; Davidson, 13- Chem. 
Soc. (pres, Ga. sect, 07) ; N. C. Acad, (pres, 16). 
Death in shell during artificial incubation; toxic 
effects of fertilizers on tobacco. 

Arbuthnot, Dr. Thomas S(haw), 6425 Fifth Ave, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Medicine. Pittsburgh, Feb. 18, 
71. A.B, Yale, 94; M.D, Columbia, 98; L.R.C.P, 



M.R.C.S, London, 00. Dean and assoe. prof, 
med, Pittsburgh, 09-19. Mem. staff, Mercy 
Hosp, Pittsburgh; trustee, Shadyside Acad. 
Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Med; Pittsburgh Col. 
Physicians; Pittsburgh Acad. Med. Internal 
Archibald, Prof. E(benezer) H(enry), University 
of British Columbia, Vancouver, B. C, Can. 
*Chemistnj. Brookvale, N. S, Sept. 27, 73. B.S, 
Dalhousie, 97, M.S, 98; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 
02. Demonstrator chem, McGill, 02-04; instr, 
Syracuse, 04-06, asst. prof, 06-09, assoc. prof, 
09-12, prof, 12-15; asst. prof, British Colv/mbia, 
15-17, assoc. prof, 17-20, prof, chem, and head 
of dept, 20- A.A; Chem. Soc; fel. Royal Soc. 
Can; fel. Royal Soc. Edinburgh. Conductivity 
of salt solutions; freezing-point of dilute solu- 
tions; atomic weight of caesium, rubidium, po- 
tassium and platinum; the electric conductivity 
of organic bodies dissolved in the liquefied halo- 
gen hydrids; basic properties of oxygen; com- 
pounds of the halogen acids and organic sub- 
stances containing oxygen; separation of 
platinum from iridium; separation of iron from 
manganese by means of nitrosophenylhydroxyl- 

Archibald, Dr. Edward William, 52 Westmount 
Boulevard, Montreal, Can. Surgery. Montreal, 
Aug. 5, 72. B.A, McGill, 92, M.D, CM, 96. 
Af!st. surgeon, Boyal Victoria Hosp, 04-; assoc 
prof. din. surg, McGill, 08- Surgeon, Children's 
Mem. Hosp. Ass. Path, and Bact; Surg. Ass; 
Int. Soc. Surg. Pancreatitis; cerebral injuries; 
intestinal tuberculosis. 

Archibald, Prof. Ilay(mond) C(lare), Bro\vn Uni- 
versity, Providence, E. I. *Mathematics. South 
Branch, N. S, Oct. 7, 75. A.B, Mt. Allison, 95, 
teacher's diploma in violin, conservatory of 
' music, 94, artist's diploma, 95; A.B, Harvard, 
96, A.M, 97, 97-98; Berlin, 98-99; Ph.D, Stras- 
bourg, 00; Paris, 09-10. Teacher math, Mt. 
Allison Ladies' Col, 94-95, prof, 00-07; prof. 
and head of dept, Acadia, 07-08; instr, Brown, 
08-11, asst. prof, 11-17, assoc. prof, 17- Li- 
brarian and head, violin dept, Mt. Allison 
Ladies' Col, 00-07; ed.-in-chief, 'Am. Math. 
Monthly,' ed, 'Rev. semestrielle publ. math.' 
A.A; Math. Soc. (librarian, mem. ed. board, 
'Bui'); Math. Ass. (councilor, 16); Am. Acad; 
London Math. Soc; British Math. Ass; Edin- 
burgh Math. Soc; Soc. math, de France; Math. 
Verein. The cardioid and some of its related 
curves; mathematical instruction in France; 
restoration of Euclid 'h book on division of fig- 
ures; mathematical education; bibliography of 
Simon Newcomb; projective geometry. 

Arctowski, Dr. Henryk (Bronislaw), New York 
Public Library, New York, N. Y. Geography, 
Climatology. Warsaw, Poland, Julv 15, 71. 
Lioge, 88, 93-95; Paris. 89 92; Zurich. 96; 
Ph.D, Lemberg, 12. Oceanographer and mete- 
orologist, Belgian antarctic exped, 97-99; mem. 
Belgica Commission ; asst. Royal Observatory, 
Belgium, 04-09; chief, science div, N. Y. Pub. 
Library, 11-19. ^fcdal, Belgian Royal Goog. 
Soc; Order of Leopold; Murchison grant, Lon- 
don Geog. Soc. A.A; Ass. Geog; N. Y. Acad; 
fel. London Geog. Soc; Belgian Geog. Soc; cor. 
mem. Soc. Beige de G6ol; Polish Soc. Nat. 

Antarctic geology; oceanography; meteorology; 
aurora australis; climatic fluctuations; solar 
faculae; reactions of vapors; solutions; crops. 

Ardagh, Prof. E(dward) G(owan) R(ussell), Uni- 
versity of Toronto, Toronto, Can. Chemical en- 
gineering. B.A.Sc, Toronto, 01. Assoc, prof, 
chem. eng, Toronto. Soc. Chem. Indust. (chair- 
man, Toronto Branch, 18-20, asst. ed, 'Ab- 
stracts'). Natural gases of Ontario. 

Arey, Prof. Leslie B(rainerd), 2421 S. Dearborn 
St, ('hicago, 111. Anatomy. Camden, Maine, 
Feb. 15, 91. A.B, Colby, ).2; Ph.D, Harvard, 
15. Austin teaching fellow. Harvard, 13-15; 
instr. anat, Northwestern, 15-16, assoc. prof, 17- 
19, prof, micros, anat, ]!)- Aa^. Anat: Soc. 
Zool. Experimental anatomy; physiology of the 
sense organs and sensory behavior; retinal phys- 
iology; normal shape of red blood corpuscle; 
mammalian histology-. 

Arey, Prof. M(elvln) F(ranklin), 2320 Normal 
St, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Geology. Hampden, 
Maine. A.B, Bowdoin, 67, A.M, 70. Private 
and corporal, 22d Maine Volunteers, 62-63; 
principal, sem, Bucksport, Maine, 68-72; supt. 
schools. Cedar Falls, Iowa, 74-77; Fort Dodge, 
Iowa, 77-90; prof. nat. science, Iowa Teachers' 
Col, 90-, head of dept, 09-17, curator, museum, 
17- Iowa Univ. exped. to Bahamas, 93; sec'y, 
Iowa State Educ. Council, 25 years; special asst, 
Iowa Geol. Surv; mem. City Council, 99-15. 
A.A; Iowa Acad, (pres, 05). Underground 
waters of Iowa. 

Argall, Philip, First National Bank Building, 
Denver, Colo. Chemistry, Metallurgy, Geology, 
Belfast, Ireland, Aug. 27, 54. Wicklow and 
Dublin schools. Manager, various mines in for- 
eign countries and in the U. S. ; consulting min- 
ing and metallurgical engineer, 01- Gold medal, 
London Inst. Min. and Metal. Min. Eng; Min. 
and Metal. Soc; Colo. Sci. Soc; London Inst. 
Min. and Metal; Royal Irish Acad. Nickel ore 
deposits; .sampling and dry crushing in Colo- 
rado; cyanid process; siderit and sulphids of 
Leadville, Colo. 

Arkell, Prof. T(liomas) R(eginald), Hamilton, 
Ontario, Canada. Animal husbandry. Arkell, 
Ont, March 30, 87. B.S. A, Toronto, 08. Prof, 
animal husbandry, N. H. Col, and animal hus- 
bandman, N. H. Exp. Sta, 09-12; chief, sheep 
and goat div, Can. Dept. Agr, 12-18; manager. 
Can. Wool Growers, Ltd, 18- A.A ; Soe. Animal 
Nutrition. Nutrition in sheep; Mendelian in- 
heritance in sheep. 

Arkin, Prof. Aaron, 519 Front St. Morgnntown, 
W. Va. Pathology. Libau, Russia, Sept. 6, 88. 
Fellow, Chicago, 08-09, 12-13, B.S, 09, Ph.D, 
13; fellow. Rush Med. Col, 10-12, M.D, 12; 
A.M, "Wisconsin, 10. Instr. pharmacol, Wiscon- 
sin, 09-10; prof. path, and hactcr. West Tir- 
ginia. IS- Chief bacteriologist and pathologist, 
W. Va. State Hygienic Lab, 14-17; mem. Mem. 
Inst, for Infectious Diseases, Chicago, 10-12; 
Sprague Mem. Inst, Chicago, 12. A.A; Am. 
Med. Ass; Physiol. Soc; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Soc. Pharmacol; Pub. Health Ass; Soc. Bact. 
Syphilis of the bowel ; catalytic activity of blood 
and tissue; phagocytosis; immune reactions; 
sodium salts. 



Arlitt, Dr. Ada Hart, Low Buildings, Brvn Mawr, 
Pa. Psjichologii. New Orleans, La, July 27, 90. 
A.B, Tiilane, 13; Ph.D, Ctieago, 17. Fellow, 
Sprague Mem. Inst, Cliicago, 17; assoc. educ. 
psychol, Bryn Mawr, 11- Psychol. Ass; S. Soc. 
Philos. and Psychol. Educational and animal 
psychology; mental tests. 

Arms, Dr. B(urdett) L(oomis), State Bo.Tid of 
Health, Jacksonville, Fla. Bacteriology, Spring- 
field, Vt, Sept. 27, 69. M.D, Vt. Coi. Med, 05. 
Bacteriologist, Boston Board of Health Lab, 
06-08; asst. director, 08-10. director, 10-13; 
lecturer munic. lab. methods, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
10-13; state bacteriologist, Oregon, 13-14; prof, 
prev. med, Texas, 14-16; state bacteriologist, 
Ala, 16-17; director, div. diagnostic laboratories, 
Fla. State Board of Health, 17- Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Nat. 
Committee Milk Standards. Laboratory studies 
of diphtheria, tuberculosis, glanders, and hook- 

Armsby, Dr. H(enry) P(rentiss), State College, 
Pa. * Animal nutrition. Northbridge, Mass, Sept 
21, 53. B.S, Worcester, 71; Ph.B, Yale, 74, 
Ph.D, 79, Sc.D, 20; Leipzig, 76; LL.D, Wiscon- 
sip,04. Asst. chem. Worcester, 71-72; teacher nat. 
science, high sch, Fitehburg, Mass, 74-75; asst. 
chem, Rutgers, 76-77 ; chemist, Conn. Exp. Sta, 
77-81; V. principal. Conn. Col, 81-83; prof. agr. 
chem. Wisconsin, and assoc. director, Exp. Sta, 
83-87; director. Exp. Sta, Pa. State, 87-07, 
dean, sch. of agr, 90-02, director, inst. of ani- 
mal nutrition, 07- Chairman, committee on 
coop. exp. sta. exhibits, Columbian Expos, 93; 
Paris, 00; mem. committee on dairy tests, Co- 
lumbian Expos, 93 ; expert animal nutrition, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 98-20; mem. Commission on Agr. 
Research, 06-08; delegate. Inter- Allied Scien- 
tific Food Commission, 18. Nat. Acad; A, A; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. 8ci ; Physiol. Soc; Ass. Agr. 
Ool. (pres, 99) ; Soc. Animal Nutrition (pres, 
08); Soc. Biol. Chem; for. mem, Stockholm 
Royal Acad. Agr. Stock feeding; utilization of 
the potential energy of the food of domestic 

Armstrong, Prof. A(ndrew) C(ampbell), Middle- 
town, Conn. * Philosophy, Psychology. New 
York, N. Y. Aug. 22, 60.^ A.B, Princeton, 81, 
fellow, 81-82, A.M. 84, theol. sem, 82-85, hon. 
Ph.D. 96; Berlin, 8.5-86; A.M. Wesleyan, 94. 
Assoc, prof, ecclesiastical hist, Princeton Theol. 
Sem, 86-87, instr. hist, Princeton, 87-88; prof, 
philos, Wesleyan. 88- Cooperating ed, ' PsTchol. 
Rev,' 04-10. Psychol. Ass; Ass. Prof; Philos, 
Ass. (mem. exec, committee, 01-03, pres, 15), 
Historical philosophy; history of intellectual 
progress; eras of 'Aufkliirung' in western 
thinking; historical development of the philoso- 
phy of values. 

Armstrong, Dr. Charles, U, S, Public Health 
Service, Washington, D. C. Medicine. Allinnce 
Ohio, Sept. 25, m. B.S, Mt. Union, 10; M.D^ 
Hopkins, 15, Supt, schools. Oreentown, Ohio, 
10-11; intern. New Haven Gen, Hosp, 15-16; 
a.^st. surgeon. V. S. Pub. Health Serv, 16- Bot- 
ulism; milksickncss; trachoma. 

Armstrong, Prof. Geo(rge) E, 320 Mountain St, 
Montreal, Can. Surgery. Can, June 15, 54 
M.D, CM, McGill, 77; LL.D, Queen's (Can); 

D.Sc, Liverpool. Prof, anat. Bishop's Col, 77- 
83, physiol, 83-85; surg. and din. surg, McGill, 
95- Col, C.O.M, 14-19; C.M.G, 18. Surg. Ass; 
Col. Surg, (pres); Can. Med. Ass; Int. Soc. 
Surg. Embryology and physiology of the intes- 
tinal tract; gastric hemorrhage. 

Armstrong, Prof. G(ordon) N(elson), Delaware, 
Ohio. Mathematics. Adelphi, Ohio, Feb, 14, 75. 
A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 93j A.M, Harvard, ' 03; 
D.Tech, Munich, 13. Teacher math, and phvsics, 
high sch, E. Liverpool, Ohio, 97-02; instr. math, 
Oberlin, 05-07; assoc. prof, applied math, Ohio 
Wesleyan, 07-10, prof, W- Research worker, 
dept. terrestrial magnetism, Carnegie Institu- 
tion, summer, 14. A.A; Math. Soc. Hidden 
periodicities; magnetic and sunspot phenomena. 

Arnold, Dr. Bion J(oseph), 105 S. La Salle St, 
Chicago, 111. Electrical engineering. Casnovia, 
Mich, Aug. 14, 61. Nebraska, 79-80, E.E 98, 
hon. D. Eng, 11; B.S, Hillsdale, 84, M.S,' 87, 
hon. Ph.M, 89; Cornell, S8-8fl ; hon, Sc.D, Ar- 
mour, 07. Industrial positions, 84-88; with 
Thomson-Houston Elec. Co, 89-93; pres. Arnold 
Elec. Power Sta. Co, 96-; consulting engineer 
street railways, Chicago, 02-, chief subway en- 
gineer. Consulting engineer, Pub. Service Com- 
mission, First Dist, N. Y. State; univ. lecturer. 
Medal, Trans-Miss. Expos, 98; La. Purchase 
Expos, 04; diploma, Pan-Am. Expos, 01; Long- 
streth medal, Franklin Inst, 03. Delegate, Int. 
Elec. Cong, Paris, 00, St. Louis, 04 (chairman 
exec, committee and v. pres). A.A; Elec. Eng. 
(pres, 03); Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; West. See. 
Eng. (pres, 06). The magnetic clutch; storage 
batteries for traction work; power plants for 
large buildings: single phase railway construc- 
tion; traffic needs of large American and Cana- 
dian cities ; aerial torpedoes. 
Arnold, Dr. F(elix), 824 St. Nicholas Ave, New 
York, N. Y. Psycholoqy. Education. New 
Y^ork. June 15, 79. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 98; 
Pd.M. N. Y. ITniv, 02, Pd.D, 03;' Ph.D, Colum- 
bia, 05, Teacher, pub. sch, N. T. City, 99-08, 
principal, 08- Lecturer philos, Columbia, 07; 
educ. psycho], dept. educ, Baltimore. Aid. 06, 
lecturer school management, N. Y. Univ, 10. 
A.A; Psychol. Ass; N. Y. Acad. The psychol- 
ogy of association; attention and interest; 
school and class management; mental and phys- 
ical retardation; methods of instruction; theory 
of education; social ethics; genetic psychology; 
applied psychology. 
Arnold, Dr. H(arold) D(eForest), 463 West St, 
New York, N. Y. Physics. Woodstock Valley, 
Conn, Sept. 3, S3. Ph.B, Wesleyan, 06, M.S, 07; 
fellow, Chicago, 07-09, Ph.D. 11, Asst. phvsics, 
Wesleyan, 06-07; Chicago, 08; prof, Mt. "Alli- 
son, 09-10; re.tearcli engineer. Western Elec. Co, 
11- A.A; Phvsic.-il Soc; Elec. Eng. Arc be- 
tween metallic electrodes; viscosity; telephone 

Arnold, Dr. Ralph, 42.1 T^uion Oil Building. 
120 Broadwav. New York, N. Y. *Paleontology, 
Geology. Marshalltown, Iowa. April 14, 75. 
Throop, 94-96; A.B. Stanford, 99, A.M. 00, 
Ph.D, 02. Asst. miner. Stanford. 99; instr. 
chem. and phvsics, Hoitt's Sch. Menlo Park, 
Calif, 99-00; field asst, Wash, Sch. of Mines 
Mining Surv, 00; asst.'geol, Stanford, 00-02; 
aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 03-05, paleontologist, 05- 



08, geologist, 08-09; consulting geologist and 
engineer, 09- Temporary field asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 00-03 ; lecturer petrol, geol. and tech, Chi- 
cago, 14; Harvard and Mass. Inst. Tech, 16; 
chief, oil, gas and mines sect, Bur. Int. Revenue, 
17-19. A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Soc. 
Econ. Geol; Seismol. Soc; Min. and Metal. Eng. 
(chairman, southwest, sect, chairman, petrol, 
committee, 19-20); Min. and Metal. Soc. (mem. 
council, 18-); Ass. Petrol. Geol; Pacific Astron. 
Soc; Cooper Ornith. Club; LeConte Geol. Soc. 
(sec'y, 01) ; Geol. Soc. of Am. Univ. (pres, 02) ; 
Wash. Geol. Soc. (sec'y, 07); Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; London Geol. Soc; London Mala- 
col. Soc; Royal Geog. Soc. Pleistocene and 
Tertiary paleontology and stratigraphy of the 
western coast of North America; geology, pale- 
ontology and technology of the California oil 
fields; paleontology of San Pedro, California; 
Tertiary and Quaternary Pectens of California ; 
paleontology of the Santa Cruz Mountains; 
geology and oil resources of Coast Ranges; oil 
resources of the world ; taxation of mines. 

Arnold, Prof, S(amuel) T(onilinson), Brown ITni- 
versity. Providence, R. I. Chemistry. Fall 
River, Mass, 92. A.B, Brown, 13, A.M, 14, Ph.D, 
16. Inst. che7n, Brown, 16-18, asst. prof, 18- 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, R. I. sect, 18). Analytical 

Amy, Prof. A(lbert) C(edric), 2115 Dudley St, 
St. Paul, Minn. Agriculture. Washington Co, 
Minn, Nov. 4, 77. B.S.(Agr), Minnesota, 09. 
Asst. prof, agr, Minnesota, 09-, a7id asst. agri- 
culturist, Exp. Sta, 09-14, in charge farm crops, 
14- Soc, Agron. Farm crops; forages; small 
grains; corn; rotations. 

Amy, Prof. H(enry) V(inecome), 115 W, 68th St, 
New York, N. Y, Pharmacy. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Feb. 28, 68. Ph.G, Phila. Col. Pharm, 89, Ph.M, 
19 ; Ph.D, Gottingen, 96. Frof. pharmacy. West- 
ern Reserve, 97-11 ; chem, Col. Pharmacy, Co- 
lumbia, 11- A.A; Pharmaceut. Ass; Chem. Soc; 
Franklin Inst. Pharmaceutical chemistry; re- 
vision of the United States Pharmacopajia and 
of the national formulary, 

Arps, Prof, George F(rederick), 216 E, Lane 
Ave, Columbus, Ohio. Psychology. Cary, 111, 
Jan. 23, 75. A.B, Stanford, 04; A.M, Indiana, 
05; Ph.D, Leipzig, 08, Assoc, prof, educ. and 
psychol, Indiana, 08-10; asst, prof, psychol, 
Illinois, 10-12; prof, Ohio State, 12- Major, 
Sanit, C, 18-19, A, A; Psychol Assoc. Sensa- 
tions of pressure; attention and rhythm; the 
influence of intensity on the acoustic perception 
of depth; awareness as an eflBciency factor; 
visual discrimination; color induction; regenera- 

Arsem, William C(ollins), Schenectady, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Chelsea, Mass, May 1, 80. B.S, 
Mass. Tech, 01. Chem. engineer, Gen. Elec. 
Co, 01-18; pres. and treas, Org. Products Corp, 
16-; pres, Indust. Tech. Corp, 18- Silver medal, 
Panama-Pacific Expos, 15. Chem. Soc. (pres, 
east. N, Y, sect, 15-17); Eleetrochem, Soc; 
Elec, Eng. Electrochemistry; organic chemis- 
try; transformation of carbon into graphite; 
electric vacuum furnaces; valency and molecular 
structure; electrode surface and dielectric phe- 

Arthur, Prof. J(oseph) C(harles), La Fayette, Ind, 
*Botany. Lowville, N, Y, Jan. 1] . 50. "B.S, Iowa 

State. 72, M.S, 77, Sc.D, 20; Hopkins, 78-79; 
Harvard, 79; Sc.D, Cornell, 86; Bonn, 96; LL.D, 
Iowa, 16. Instr. bot, Minnesota and Wisconsin, 
79-82 ; botanist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 84-87 ; 
prof, bot, Purdue, 87-88, veg. physiol. and path, 
and botanist, Exp. Sta, 88-15, emer. prof. bot. 
15- Int. Cong. Arts and Sciences, St. Louis, 04 
(speaker). A.A. (sec'y, F, 86, asst. gen. sec'y. 
87, V. pres, 95); Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. (pres, 02, 
19); Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Philos. Soc; Ind. 
Acad, (pres, 93); Iowa Acad; Phila. Acad; 
Torrey Bot. Club; Int. Ass. Bot; Cong. Int. Bot. 
(mem. committee nom. crypt, 05-10). Fungous 
diseases of cultivated crops; development of 
plant rusts; the connection of aeeial and telial 
stages of heteroeeismal Uredinales. 

Artschwager, Dr, Ernst, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N, Y. Botany. Linkuhnen, Germany, 
July 9, 89, B.S, Colorado, 15; Ph.D. Cornell, 
18. Scientific asst, bur. plant indust. U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 16-17; asst. plant physiol, Cornell, IS- 
Collaborntor, bur. plant indust, U. 8. Dept. Agr, 
17- Bot. Soc ; Phytopath, Soc, Plant anatomy, 
physiology and pathology, 

Ashcraft, Prof. T(homas) B(ryce), 34 Pleas*ant 
St, Waterville, Maine, Mathematics. Marsh- 
ville, N, C, Nov. 27, 82. A.B. W.nke Forest, 
06; Ph.D, Hopkins, 11. Principal, Wingate 
High Sch, 06-07 ; assoc. prof, math, Colby, 11- 
13, prof, 13- Math, Soc, Quadratic involutions 
on the plane rational quartic. 

Ashford, Col, Bailey K(elly), M, C, U. S. A, 

17 Nereidas Ave, San Juan, P, R. Medicine. 
Washington. D, C, Sept, 18, 73, M.D, George- 
town, 96. Sc.D, 11. Army med. officer, 97- 
Mem. P. R. Inst. Trop. Med. and Hygiene, 13-; 
Rockefeller Foundation med, exped, to Brazil, 
16; in charge battle training of med, officers, 
A,E.F, 17-18; mem. trop. diseases prevention 
committee, London ; consulting ed, Med. and 
Surg. Hist, of the World War, 20. U. S. dele- 
gate. Int. Cong. Indust. and Alimentary Hy- 
giene, Brussels, 11. Am. Phvsicians; Soc. Clin. 
Invest; Soc. Trop. Med; Col*. Surg; P. R. Med. 
Ass, (pres, 15), Tropical diseases; application 
of medical science to war. 

Ashhurst, Dr. Astley P(aston) C(ooper), 1629 
Spruce St, Philadelphia, Pa, Surgery. Phila- 
delphia, Aug. 21, 76. A.B. Pennsylvania, 96, 
M.D, 00. Surgeon Episcopal Hosp, 15-; Ortho- 
pedic Hosp. 14-; prosector, Pennsylvania, 04- 
11. inst, 11-20, assoc. ,?0- Col. M.R.C, A.E.F, 
17-18, Gross prize, Phila. Acad. Surg, 10, Ool. 
Surg; Surg. Ass; Soc. Int. de Chirurg. "En- 
largement of the prostate; fractures of the hu- 
merus: upper abdomen ; nuiltiple fractures; ])or- 
foration of intestine and gall-bladder in typhoid 
fever; tetanus; empyema; birth injuries of 

Ashley, Prof. Geo(rge) H(all), Capitol, Harris- 
burg, Pa. *C,enlngy. Rochester, N. Y, Aug. 9, 
66. M.E, Cornell," 89; A.M, Stanford, 92. Ph.D, 
94. Paleontologist, Ward's Nat. Science Estab, 
Rochester, N. Y. 89-91; asst. geologist, Ark, 
Geol, Surv, 91-93; teacher, high schools, Stock- 
ton and San Bernardino. Calif, 94-96; asst, 
state geologist, Ind. 96-00; prof. biol. and geol, 



Col. of Charleston, 00-03; asst. geologist, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 01-05, geologist, 05-12, administra- 
tive geologist, 12-19; state geologist, Pa, ID- 
Trot pharmacog, Med. Col. of S. C, 01-03; 
mem. juries of awards, S. C, I. and 'W. I. Expos, 
02; state geologist, Tenn, 10-12; acting prof, 
geol, Vanderbilt, 17. A. A; Geol. Soc; Min. 
Eng; Social Sci. Ass; Wash. Geol. Soc; cor. 
mem. Ind. Acad; hon. mem. S. C. Pharmaceut. 
Ass; hon. mem. Tenn. Acad. Geology of coal; 
sources of power. 

Ashman, Dr. G(eorge) C(romwell), Bradley Poly- 
technic Institute, Peoria, 111. Chemistry. Frank- 
fort, Ind, Aug. 19, 69. B.S, Wabash, 95, A.M, 
06; M.S, Chicago, 05, Ph.D, 08. Asst. chem, 
Wabash, 95-96; instr. physics and chem, high 
sch, Fi'ankf ort, Ind, 96-01 ; 111. State Nor. Sch, 
01; chem, Bradley Polytech, 02- A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Central Ass. Sci. and Math. Teachers; Ind. 
Acad; 111. Acad. Determination of the radium 
emanation in the atmosphere; preparation of 
iirano-uranie oxid, UaOs, and a standard of ac- 
tivity; the specific radio-activity of thorium and 
its products. 

Ashton, Prof. C(harles) H(amilton), 1200 Ohio 
Pt, Lawrence, Kans. Mathematics. Cambridge, 
N. Y, Aug. 12, 66. A.B, Union, 87, A.M, 90; 
A.M, Harvard, 93; Ph.D, Munich, 09. Teacher, 
private sch, 87-89; prof, math. State Nor. Sch, 
Mansfield, Pa, 89-92; instr. Harvard, 94-03; 
asst. prof, Kansas, 03-10, assoc. prof, 10-15, 
prof, 15- Math. Soc; Math Ass; Circolo Mat. 
di Palermo. Theory of functions of complex 

Atchison, Dr. Clyde S(hepherd), 403 E. Chestnut 
St, Washington, Pa. Mathematics. Carnegie, 
Pa, June 28, 82. A.B, Westminster (Pa), 03; 
fellow, Hopkins, 06-07; Ph.D, 07. Instr, Ttvath, 
Williams, 07-11, asst. prof, 11-12; prof. Wash- 
ington and Jefferson, 12- With eng. dept, Erie 
R. R, several summers; auditor, U. S. Shipping 
Board, summer, 18. Math. Soc; Math. Ass. 
Geometry; rational curves?. 

Atkeson, Prof. T(homas) C(lark), 1831 Lamont 
St, N.W, Washington, D. C. Agriculture. Buf- 
falo, W. Va, Feb. 15, 52. LL.B, Kentucky, 74 ; 
Ph.D, Morris Harvey, 97. Prof, agr, West 
Virginia, 91-93 ; pres, Morris Harvey, 93-97 ; 
prof. agr. and dean, col. agr. West Virginia, 97- 
10, prof, animal husbandry, 10-14, emer. prof, 
14-; Washington representative, Nat. Grange 
Ass. 19- Ed, 'Ashland (Ky) Jour'; 'Big 
Sandy Herald'; 'W, Va. Farmer.' Soils; crop 
production; animal husbandry; animal feeding; 
woo] production. 

Atkinson, Prof, A(lbert) A(lgemon), Athens, 
Ohio. Physics, Electrical engineering. Nelson- 
ville, Ohio, March 7, 67. B.S, Ohio (Athens), 
91, M.S, 95; Michigan, 92-93. Supt. schools, 
E. Townsend, Ohio, 91-92; assoc. prof, physics, 
Ohio (Athens), 93-95, prof, physics and elec. 
eng, 95- A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Ohio 
Acad. The relative actinic power of the spec- 
trum colors; surface tension and osmotic pres- 
sure; deposition of copper and silver; elongation 
of nickel in transverse magnetic fields. 
Atkinson, Pres. Alfred, IMontana Agricultural 
College, Bozeman, Mont. Aqrieiilture. Seaforth, 
Ont, Oct. 6, 79. Ont. Agr, Col, 99-02; B.S.A, 
Iowa State, 04, Sc.D, 20; M.S, Cornell, 12. 

Asst. agron, Iowa Exp. Sta, 02-04; prof. Moat. 
Col. and Exp. Sta, 04-19, pres, 19- State food 
administrator, Mont, 17-19. Soc. Agron; Dry 
^Farming Cong, (chairman exec, committee, 5th 
Cong) ; Corn Ass. (v. pres) ; Plains Coop. Exp. 
Ass. (v. pres). Dry farming; soil moisture con- 
trol and nitrate formation. 

Atkinson, Dr. Daniel A(rmstrong), 132 Oakwood 
Ave, West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. Zoology. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 7, 75. M.D, Pittsburgh, 
01. Custodian Eeptilia and Batrachia, Carnegie 
Museum. A.A; Pittsburgh Acad, Geographic 

Atkinson, Dr. Elizabeth A(llen), 4106 Locust 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry, Geology. Wil- 
mington, Del, Oct. 7, 68. Certificate in chem, 
Pennsylvania, 95, Ph.D, 98. Asst. demonstrator 
chem, Woman's Med. Col. of Pa, 99-02; treas, 
Phila. Clin. Lab, 01-07. Chem. Soc. Metal 
separation by means of hydrobromic acid gas; 
indium in tungsten minerals. 

Atkinson, F(rederick) C(omelius), 1857 Gent 
Ave, Indianapolis, Ind. Chemistry. Newton, 
Ala, Jan. 13, 81. B.S, Ala. Polytech, 02, M.S, 
03. Asst. chemist, Southern Cotton Oil Co, 03- 
04; S. C. Exp. Sta, 05; district chemist, South- 
ern Cotton Oil Co, 05-08; chemist, Am. Hominy 
Co, 08; assoc. chemist and sec'y, McCandless 
Lab, Atlanta, Ga, 09-12; chief chemist, Am. 
Hominy Co, 13- Chem Soe. (v. pres, Ind. sect, 
13, pres, 16-18, councilor, 15, 16, 19,' 20) ; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Electrochem. Soc; Oil Chemists 
Soe; Ass. des Chim. de Sucre et Distillerie; 
Chem. Gesell. Biological and industrial chem- 
istry; cereals and cereal products; destructive 
distillation; leather. 

Atkinson, James (Purviance), New York City 
Department of Health, New York, N. Y. Chem- 
istry. Elizabeth, N. J, Jan. 3, 70. A.B, Prince- 
ton, 92, M.S, 96. Asst. miner, and anal, chem, 
Princeton, 92-96 ; asst, chem. research lab, Dept. 
Health, N. Y. City, 96^4, chief chemist, 04-. 
Adj. prof, diseases of digestion, Fordham, 10. 
Soc. Biol. Chem; Soe. Exp. Biol. Experimental 
immunity ; toxicology of foods and drugs. 

Atkisson, Major Earl J(ames), U. S. A, Edgewoofl 
Arsenal, Md. Chemistry, Engineering. Broken 
Bow, Nebr, Aug. 12, 86. Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 
08; M.E, Cornell, 11; grad, Army Eng. Sch, 12. 
Director elec. and mech. eng, Army Eng. Sch, 
13-15; asst. supt, Gatun Locks, Gatun, C. Z, 
15-17; commanding officer, first gas regt, 17- 
19; with Peace Commission and corps engineers, 
19; senior instr, The Inf. Sch, 19-20; command- 
ing officer, Edgewood Arsenal, 19- D. S. medal. 
A.A; Elec. Eng; Chem. Soc. 

Attix, Prof. J(ames) C(onner), 2355 N. 13th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry, Metallurgy. Near 
Kenton, Del. Feb. 28, 70. B.S, Lafavette, 95, 
M.S, 98; D.b.S, Medico-Chirurg. Col, Phila, 01, 
M.D, 04. chem, Lafayette, 95-96; Pa. 
State, 96; chemist, various iron and steel works, 
96-98; asst. chem. and metal, Modico-Chirurg. 
Col, Phila,. 98-01; supt, St. Ignace furnace. 
Mich, and Goshen furnace, Va, 01-03; prof, 
chem. a7id toxical, Temple, 04- A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Agr. Chem; Phila. Rontgen 
Ray Soc. Volatile combustible matter in coal 
and coke; poisons; poisoning by permanganate 
of potash; utilization of fine ore and fine dust 



in tlie blast furnace; hippuric acid secreted and 
excreted in certain infections; blood pressure in- 

Atwater, " Miss Helen W(oodard), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Home 
economics. Somerville, Mass, May 29, 76, B.L, 
Smith, 97. Personal ed. asst. to Prof. \V. 0. 
Atwater, Wesleyan, 97-04; expert, scientific asst. 
and later in charge ed. tcork, office home econ, 
V. S. Dept. Agr, 09- Exec, chairman, food pro- 
duction and home econ. dept, woman 's commit- 
tee, C. X. D. Home Econ. Ass. Nutrition; 
economics of clothing, household equipment and 

Atwell, Prof. C(harles) B(each), 1938 Sherman 
Ave, Evanston, 111. Botami. Theresa, N. Y, 
April 11, 5.5. Ph.B, Syracuse, 79, Ph.M, 82; 
Harvard, 87; Freiburg, 91. Asst. principal, 
aead, Lowville, N. Y, 79-80; instr, acad. dept, 
Northwestern, 80-82; principal pub. schools, 
South Evanston, 111, 82-84; instr, acad. dept, 
Northwestern, 84-87, Northwestern, 87-91, prof. 
biol, 91-94, hot, 94- Registrar, col. dept, North- 
western, 90-02; city forester, Evanston, 111. 
Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Ecol. See; Bot. Cent. 
States; 111. Acad; Chicago Acad. Algae; chlo- 
rophyll ; algae of Cook County, Illinois ; devel- 
opment of Lathyrus maritimus; embryology of 

AtweU, Prof. Wayne J(ason), 24 High St, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. Embryology. Fairfield, Nebr, Oct. 
19, 89. A.B, Nebr. Wesleyan, 11; A.M, Michi- 
gan, 15, Ph.D, 17. Research asst. histol, Michi- 
gan, 13-14, instr. anat, 1418; prof, Buffalo, 18- 
Ass. Anat; Ass. Study Int. Secretions. Develop- 
ment and physiology of the hypophysis. 

Atwood, Dr. Charles Edwin, 14 E. 60th St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine. Shoreham, Vt, July 21, 
61. B.S, Cornell, 80; M.D, Bellevue Med. Col, 
83. Physician, Hudson River State Hosp, 85- 
87; Utica State Hosp, 87-92; Bloomingdale 
Hosp, 92-05; Vanderbilt Clinic, 92-13. Assoc. 
ed, 'Jour. Insanity,' 87-92; visiting neurologist, 
N. Y. Hosp. and Schools for Children, 07-13; 
clin. asst. neur^ Columbia, 92-13. Am. Med. 
Ass; N. Y. Acad. Med. Insanity; neurology. 

Atwood, Dr. Geo(rge) G(ray), 865 Myrtle Ave, 
Albany, N. Y. Botany. Springfield, Mass, 
March 2, 47. Sc.D, Syracuse, 14. Chief, bur. 
plant indust, N. Y. State Dept. Agr, 00- A.A; 
Ass. Econ. Entom; N. Y. Forestry Ass. (v. pres). 
Economic entomology; plant pathology; for- 
estry; gipsy and brown tail moths; blister rust; 
chestnut fungi ; trees and shrubs for parks and 
lawiis: orchard propagation. 

Atwood, Horace, Morgantown, W. Va. Agricul- 
ture. Summer Hill, N. Y, Aug. 1, 68. B.S.A, 
Cornell, 91, M.S.A^ 97. Asst. agr, W. Fa. Exp. 
Sta, 97-14, chief, poultry research dept, 18- 
Poultry Ass; Int. Ass. Instructors and Investi- 
gators Poultry Husbandry. Feeding; soil fer- 
tility; breeding; mortality of incubator chicks. 

Atwood, Dr. Wallace W (alter), Clark ITniversitv, 
Worcester, Mass. *Phy.^icnl geography. Chicago, 
111, Oct. 1, 72. B.S, Chicago, 97, Ph.D, 03. 
Instr. physiog, Lewis Inst, Chicago, 97-99; geol, 
Chicago, Inst, 99-00, director, 00; asst. physiog, 
Chicago 01-02, assoc, 02-03. instr. gool. 03-08, 
asst. prof, physiog. and gen. geol, 08-10, assoc. 

prof, 10-13; prof, physiog. Harvard. 13-20; 
pre-f, and prof, physical geog, Clark, 20- Asst. 
geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01-09, geologist, 09- 
Trustee, Children's Museum, Boston, 14; direc- 
tor, Children's Museum, Cambridge, 1.5- A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Ass. Geog; Am. Acad; 111. Acad; 
Chicago Acad; Chicago Geog. Soc. Glaciation; 
ancient glaciers among the Rocky Mountains; 
structural and economic geology; coal resources 
of Alaska; physiography of ,San Juan Moun- 
tains ; the new geography. 
Atwood, Prof. W(infred) M(cKenzie), 214 N. 7th 
St, Corvallis, Oregon. Botany. Aurelia, Iowa, 
July 25, S3. A.B, Cornell (Iowa), 07, A.M, 10; 
M.S, Chicago, 11, fellow, 12-13, Ph.D, 13. Assoc, 
prof, plant physiol, Oregon Col, 13- A.A; Bot. 
Soc. Delay of germination of seeds; respira- 
tion of fruits. 

Aub, Dr. Joseph C(harles), Harvard Medical 
School, Boston^ Mass. Phi/siology. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, May 13, 90. A.B, Harvard, 11, M.D, 16. 
Intern, Mass. Gen. Hosp, 14-15; asst. physician, 
Russell Sage Inst. Path, 1.5-16; res. physician, 
Mass. Gen. Hosp, 16-17; instr. physiol, Harvard 
Med. Sch, 19-20, asst. prof, 20- Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Clin. Invest. Metabolism. 

Auchincloss, William S(tuart), Atlantic High- 
lands, N. J. Engineering. New York, N. Y, 
March 19, 42. C.E. Rensselaer, 62. Civil engi- 
neer, A. and G. W. R. R, 64; U. S. commis- 
sioner, Paris Expos, 67; ship builder and car 
manufacturer, 69-79; commission merchant, 79- 
95. A.A; Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Phila. Eng. 
CJub; Inst. Braziliera; British Ass. War- vessel 
case-mates; indicators for passenger elevators; 
axle-boxes and trucks for railroad cars; thread 
spoolers; averaging instruments for calculating 
accounts; link and valve motions; laws of rain" 

Auchter, Prof. E(ugene) C(urtis), College of 
Agriculture, College Park, Md. Borticvlture . 
Elingrove, N. Y, Sept. 14, 89. B.S.A, Cornell, 
12, M.S, 18. Asst. pomol, Cornell, 11; instr. 
hort. West Virginia, 12-14, asst. prof, 14-17, 
assoc. prof, 18 ; prof, and head of dept, Md. Col 
and pomologist, Exp. Sta, 18- A.A; Soc. Hort.' 
Sci; Pomol. Soc. Orchard survey; apple and 
peach culture; pruning of the pomaceous and 
drupaceous fruits. 

Auchy, George, 6948 Hegerman St, Taconv, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Chemistry. Pottstown, Pa, April 
23. 62. Lafayette, 78-82. Chemist, Durham 
Iron Works, 82-86; Nashua Iron and Steel Co, 
94-97; Keystone Saw Works. 97-11; private 
research political econ, 11- Methods of chem- 
ical analysis of iron and steel. 

Auer, Dr. John, Rockefeller Institute, 66th St. 
and Ave. A, New York, N. Y. *Physiologii. 
Pharmacology. Rochester, N. Y, March 30, 75. 
B.S, Michigan, 98; M.D, Hopkins, 02. Fellow, 
Rockefeller Inst, 03-05, asst, 05-06; instr. 
physiol. Harvard Med. Sch, 06-07; assoc. mem. 
Rockefeller Inst, 08- House officer, Hopkins 
Hosp, 02-03; major. M.R.C. A.A; Am. Physi- 
cians; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Pharmacol, (sec'y, 12- 
17) ; Soc. Exp. Biol; Harvey Soc. Anaphylaxis; 
edema ; motor phenomena of the gastrointestinal 
tract: respiration; functional effect of epi- 
nephrin, magnesium salts, antiseptics, and war 



Ault, J(ames) P(ercy), 36th St. and Broad 

Branch Road, VVashin^on,D.C. Physics. Olathe, 
Kans, Oct. 29, 81. A.B, Baker, 04; A.M, Colum- 
bia, 09. Magnetic observer, dept. terrestrial 
magnetism, Carnegie Institution, 04-10, mag- 
netician, 10-12, alternate commander and mag- 
neticiaji, 12- Mem. magnetic surv, West Indies 
and Panama, 05 ; Pacific Ocean, 05-06 ; Mex, 06- 
07 ; Can, 08 ; navigating officer and magnetic ob- 
server, 'Carnegie,' 09-10; in charge, magnetic 
surv. exped. to Peru, Bolivia and Chili, 12; in 
command, 'Carnegie,' N. Atlantic and Arctic 
Oceans, 14. A.A; Wash. Philos. Soc. Terres- 
trial magnetism. 

Aungst, Prof. R(euben) H(arper), 244 Willough- 
bv Ave, Brooklvn, N. Y. Chemistry. Suedberg, 
Pa, April 17, 79. B.S, Pa. State, 05, M.S, 19. 
Instr. chem, Pratt Inst, 06-14; prof, Adelphi, 


Austin, Prof. Arthur Everett, Tufts College 
Medical School, Boston, Mass. Biochemistry. 
Boston, Mass, April 11, 61. A.B, Bowdoin, S3, 
A.M, 87; M.D, Harvard, 87. Prof. med. chem. 
and toxicol, Tufts, 93-06; assoe. prof, physiol. 
chem, Virginia, 06-07; prof. chem. and toxicol, 
Texas, 08; asst. prof. din. med, Tufts. Col. 
Physicians; Gastro-Enterol. Ass; Soc. Biol. 
Chem. Diseases of the digestive tract; diato- 

Austin, Prof. C(lift) F(ay), Finca Laguna, Her- 
radura, Cuba. Horticulture. South Haven, 
Mich, Oct. 23, 73. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 99. 
Asst. horticulturist, Ala. Exp. Sta, 00-02 ; assoc. 
prof, hort, Md. Col, 02-04; chief, dept. hort, 
Estacion Central Agron, Cuba, 04-09; asst. ad- 
ministrator, Cent. Nueva Luisa Sugar Estate, 
09. A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc. Fruit 
and vegetable culture. 

Austin, Prof. F(rank) E(ugene), Box 441, Han- 
over, N. H. Electrical engineering. Amesbury, 
Mass, 73. B.S, Dartmouth, 95, fellow, 96-97, 
E.E, 15. Frof. elec. eng, Dartmouth, 02-, 
mechanics, Thayer Sch, 18; physics, Nonvich, 
06-08. elec. eng' 08-14, head of dept, 14- A.A; 
Eng. Educ. Hydraulics; mechanical engineer- 
ing; automatic mapper; transformers; alter- 
nating currents; magnetism. 

Austin, Dr. J(ames) Harold, Hospital of Eocke- 
feller Institute, New York, N. Y. Medicine. 
Philadelphia, Pa, Sept. 22, 83. B.S, Pennsylva- 
nia, 05, M.D, 08. Assoc, research med, Pennsyl- 
vania, 11-14, assoc. med. and asst. physician, 
Univ. Hosp, 12-17; asst, EocTcefeller Inst, 19- 
20, assoc. 20- Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Clin. 
Invest; Phila. Col. Physicians. Nephritis; 
physiology of the spleen. 

Austin, L(eonard) S(trong), 1515 W. Eighth St, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Metallurgy. Stratford, 
Conn, Feb. 26, 46. Ph.B, Yale, 68. Mech. 
engineer, 68-71; chemist, exploration in Pata- 
gonia, 77-79; practising metallurgist, 81-02; 
prof, in charge, dept. metal, and ore dressing, 
Mich. Col. Mines, 03-09; mining and metal, 
engineer, 09- Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. Soc; 
Min. and Metal. Inst. Silver, lead and copper 
smelting; common metals. 

Austin, Prof. Louis W(inslow), Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Washington, D. C. *Physics. Orwell, Vt, 
Oct. 30, 67. A.B, Middlebury, 98, Sc.D, 20; 
Strasbourg, 89-90, Ph.D, 93; fellow, Clark, 90- 
91. Instr. and later asst. prof, physics, Wiscon- 
sin, 93-01 ; on staff, Physik-Tech. Reichsanstalt, 
Charlottenburg, 02-04; Bur. Sta^idards. 04-, 
head, U. S. Naval Eadio Eesearch Lab, 08- 
Radio Eng. (pres, 14); Physical. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; Soc. de Physique; 
Physik. Gesell; Int. Union Sci. Eadio. (v. pres, 
20). Physical measurements; elasticity in met- 
als; magnetostriction discharge of electricity 
through gases; specific heat of gases at high 
temperatures, and in radio-telegraphy; trans- 
mission formula; high frequency measurements; 
atmospheric disturbances. 

Austin, Dr. Richard S(isson), 735 FuUerton Ave, 
Chicago, 111. Pathology. Providence, E. I, 
April 18, 85. M.D, Harvard, 11. Asst. path, 
Boston City Hosp, 11-13; instr. bacter. Harvard 
Med. Sch, 13-15; asst. prof, path. Rush Med. 
Col, 15-; pathologist, Children's Mem. Hosp, 15- 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Med. Ass. Bacteriol- 
ogy; pulmonary tuberculo.sis in children; heredi- 
tary sv'philis. 

Austrian, Dr. Charles Robert, 1417 Eutaw Place, 
Baltimore, Md. Medicine. Baltimore, Md, 85. 
A.B, Hopkins, 04, M.D, 09. Asst, instr. and 
later assoc. med, HopJcins, 10- A.A; Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Soc. Clin. Invest. Bacteriology; im- 
munology; internal medicine; infectious dis- 
eases; tuberculosis; etiology of angio-neurotic 

Avers, H(enry) G(odfrey), U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C. Geodesy. 
Elmore, Ohio, March 6, 86. A.B, George Wash- 
ington, 13. Geod. computer, U. S. Coast and 
Geod. Surv, 08- Math. Ass; Wash. Philos. Soc; 
Wash. Soc. Eng. Precise leveling. 

Avery, Dr. ElroyM(cKendree), New Port Eichey, 
Fla. Physics, Chemistry. Erie, Mich, Julv 14, 
44. Ph.B, Michigan, 71, Ph.M, 74; Ph.D, Hills- 
dale, 82, LL.D, 94, D.C.L, 06. Principal, East 
High Sch. and City Nor. Sch, Cleveland, Ohio, 
71-79; mem. Ohio Senate, 92-96. A.A. (sec'y, 
B, 90) ; Econ. Ass; Ohio Archeol. and Hist. Soc; 
Avery Library and Hist. Soc. (founder and 

Avery, Dr. Oswald T(heodore), Rockefeller Insti- 
tute, New York, N. Y. Bacteriology. Halifax, 
N. S. A.B, Colgate, 00; M.D, Columbia, 04. 
Assoc, director, dept. bact, Hoagland Lab, 07- 
13 ; assoc. and assoc. mem, Eocl'efeller Inst, 13- 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact; Soc. Clin. 
Invest; Harvey Soc; N.'Y. Acad. Med. Bac- 
teriology of acute respiratory disease. 

Avery, Chancellor S(amuel), University of Ne- 
braska, Lincoln, Nebr. *Chemistry. Bureau Co, 
111, April 19, 65. A.B, Doane, 87, LL.D, 09; 
Idaho, 09; B.S, Nebraska, 92, A.M, 94; Ph.D, 
Heidelberg, 96. Instr. chem, Nebraska, 95-97, 
adj. prof, 97-99; prof, Idaho, 99-01; agr. chem, 
Nebraska, 02-05, chem. and director, chem. lab, 
05-06, head prof, 05-08, acting chancellor, 08- 
09, chancellor, 09- Major, C'.W.S, 17-18. A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Aromatic glutaric 
acids; determination of arsenic and iron; prua- 



sic acid in sorghum and kaffir corn; extermina- 
tion of prairie dogs; arsenical insecticides; 
sulphur and lime in cattle dips; constitution of 
Paris green and its homologues; action of so- 
dium benzyl cyanid ,with cinnamic ester; syn- 
thesis of certain aromatic succinic acids; nitra- 
tion of b-p-tolylglutaric acid. 

Ayer, Dr. James B(oume), 518 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mass. Medicine. Boston, Dec. 28, 82. A.B, 
Harvard, 03, M.D, 07. Asst. neuropath, and 
instr. neur. Harvard Med. Sch; neurologist, 
Mass. Gen. Eosp. A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Neur. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Boston Soc. Psychiat. 
and Neur. Cerebro-spinal fluid. 

Ayers, Dr. Howard, Winding Way and Valley 
Eoad. Cincinnati, Ohio. *Biology. Olympia, 
Wash, May 21, 61. B.S, Harvard, S3; Heidel- 
berg; Strasbourg; Ph.D, Freiburg, 86; LL.D, 
Missouri, 99. Instr. zool, Michigan, 86-87; 
Harvard and Radeliffe, 87-88 ; Woods Hole, 89- 
98 ; director, Allis Lake Lab, Milwaukee, 89-94 ; 
prof, biol, Missouri, 9-4-99; pres, Cincinnati, 99- 
04. Walker prize. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 83. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; cor. mem. Phila. 
Acad. Vertebrate morphology'; anthropology; 
morphology- and physiology of the vertebrate 
ear; vertebrate cephalogenesis. 

Ayres, H(iram) D(outhitt), B. F. Goodrich Rub- 
ber Co, Akron, Ohio. Physics. College Hill, 
Ky, May 30, 78. A.B, DePauw, 02; A.M, Cor- 
nell, 04, Ph.D, 13. Asst. physics, DePauw, 02- 
03; instr, Ohio State, 04-05; physicist, Carnegie 
Institution, 05-10; chief physicist. Tie B. F. 
Goodrich Eubher Co, 13- A.A; Physical Soc. 
Elasticity of metals. 

Ayres, H(orace) B(eemer), Kimberly, Minn. For- 

. estry. Allamuchy, N. J, Sept. 20, 56. B.S, 
Lafayette, 78. Timber inspeator and geologist, 
eng. dept, N. P. R. R. Co; Minn, and Pacific R. 
R; Northern Transcont. Surv; Adirondack 
Forest Surv; land departments, St. P. and D. 
R. R. Co. and N. P. R. R. Co; field asst, U. S. 
Geol. Surv; forest expert, bur. of forestry, U. S. 
Dept. Agr; manager, Kimherly Explor. Co. 
A.A ; Forestry Ass. Southern Appalachian 
forests; Cascade Mountain forests; northern 
Rocky Mountain forests; conditions favoring 
growth of valuable timber; jack pine in the 
' Great American Desert. ' 

Ayres, Dr. Leonard P(orter), Cleveland Trust 
Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Education. Niantic, 
Conn, Sept. 15, 79. Ph.B, Boston, 02, A.M, 09, 
Ph.D, 10; Columbia, 07-09. Supt. schools, 
Caguas. P. R, 03-04; San Juan, 04-06; gen. 
supt, P. R, and chief, div. statist, 06-08; 
director, div. statist, and div. educ, Russell Sage 
Foundation, 08-21 ; v. pres, Cleveland Trust Co, 
21- Lecturer educ, Boston, 09; N. Y. TJniv, 12; 
Illinois, 13; Colorado. 13; director, educ. sur- 
veys, various cities, 12-15; col, Gen. Staff, 17- 
19: chief statist, officer. War Dept; statistician. 
Am. Peace Commission. A.A. Cv. pres, 16) ; 
Statist. Ass. Statistics; hygiene; psychology. 

B > 

Babasinian, Dr. V(ahan) S, South Bethlehem, 
Pa. Chemistry. Mar,sovan, Asia Minor, Nov. 
28, 76. A.B, Anatolia, 95; A.M, Brown, 03, 
Ph.D, 06. Instr. chem, Brown, 03-06; org. 

chem, Lehigh, 06-09, asst. prof, 09-11, assoc. 
prof, 11- Instr. chem, summer sch, California, 
09; research chemist, C.W.S, 18-19. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Sulphonation of aliphatic com- 
pounds; dyes, 

Babb, Cyrus C(ates), Granite Falls, N, C. Hy- 
draulic engineering. Portland, Maine, June 18. 
67. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 90. Engineer, T. s! 
Geol. Surv, 90-02; U. S. Reclamation Service, 
02-09; Maine State Water Storage Commission 
and U. S. Geol. Surv, 10-16; consulting engi- 
neer, 16- Civil Eng. 

Babb, Prof. M(aurice) J(efferis), 157 Cricket 
Ave, Ardmore, Pa. Matlientatics. Marshalton, 
Pa, Oct. 20, 70. B.S, Haverford, 05; Ph.D, 
Pennsylvania, 10. Prof, math, Dickinson Sem, 
96-00; Bellefonte Acad, 00-01; instr. Pa. State, 
01-05; Pennsylvania, 05-10, asst. prof, 10- 
Trustee, Phila. Collegiate Inst, 11-; assoc. ed, 
'Math. Teacher'. A.A; Math. Soc; Ass. Teach- 
ers Math. Middle States and Md. Pedagogy and 
history of mathematics; theory of numbers. 

Babbitt, Dr. James A(ddison), 1901 Chestnut St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Hygiene, Otology. Wakes- 
field, Vt, Oct. 22, 69." A.B. Yale, 93; A.M, 
Haverford, 96; M.D, Pennsylvania, 98. Prof, 
hygiene and physical educ, Haverford; instr. 
otol, Pennsylvania. Asst. laryngologist and 
aurist, German Hosp; larj'ngologist, Garrett 
Home for Deaf Children; rhinologist. Children's 
Hosp. Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otol. Soc; Phila. 
Col. Physicians; Phila. Laryngol. Soc. Rhinol- 
ogy; laryngology; physical education; tests of 

Babcock, Dean E(arle) J(ay), University of 
North Dakota, Grand Forks, N. Dak. Chemistry, 
Engineering. St. Charles, Minn, June 11, 65. 
C'arleton; B.S, Minnesota, 89; Sc.D, North Da- 
kota, 14. Instr. chem. North Dakota, 89-91, 
prof. chem. and geol, 91-02, chem, metal, and 
mining and dean, col. mining eng, 98-, col. eng, 
16-, acting pres, 17-18. State geologist, N. Dak, 
97-02. Director, N. Dak. Min. Exp. Sta. A.A; 
Min. Eng; Chem. Soc; Eng. Educ. Mining en- 
gineering; industrial chemistry; fire clays; lig- 
nite coal; gas; briquetting; cement; building 

Babcock, Prof. Ernest B(rown), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Plarit qenetics. 
Edgertown, Wis, July 10, 77. B.S, California, 
05, M.S, 11. Teacher biol. and nature study, 
Los Angeles Nor. Sch, 06-07; instr. plant path, 
California, 07-08, asst. prof, 08-09, agr. educ, 
09-12, prof, genetics, IS- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Hort. Sci. Nature and origin of certain forms 
of Juglans californica Wats; nature and mech- 
anism of the germinal substance. 

Babcock, Harold D(elos), Mt. Wilson Solar Ob- 
servatory, Pasadena, Cfllif. Physics. Edgerton, 
Wis, Jan. 24, 82. B.S, California. 07. Asst. 
physics, California, 05-06; lab. asst, Bur. Stand- 
ards, 06-08; physicist, Mt. Wilson Solar Ob- 
servatory, 09- A.A. Standard resistances; 
Zeoman effect; iron arc spectrum; electrostatic 
field of sun. 

Babcock, Dr. H(arold) L (ester), Woodleigh Road, 
Dedham, Mass. Herpetology. Holliston, Mass, 
May 30, 86. Worcester, 05-06; M.D, Boston, 



10; Berlin, 11. Asst. curator reptiles, Boston 
Soc. Nat. EiM. Soc. Ichthyol. and Herp. Tur- 
tles of New England. 

Babcock, Prof. Henry A(ndrews), Northwestern 
rniversity, Evanston, 111. Physics. Lebanon 
Springs, N. Y, July 17, 91. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 12, M.S, 13; fellow, Northwestern, 14-16, 
Ph.D, 16. Instr. physics, Northwestern, 16-17, 
assoc. prof, 19- Second lieut, A. S, A.E.F, 17- 
19. Physical Soc. Heat; specific heat of am- 

Babcock, Dr. S(tephen) M(oulton), 432 Lake St, 
Madison, "Wis. *AqricuUural chemistry. Bab- 
cock Hill, N. Y, Oct. 22, 43. A.B, Tufts, 66, 
LL.D, 01; Ph.D, Gbttingen, 79; Se.D, Wiscon- 
sin, 17. Instr. chem, Cornell, 75-77, 81-82; 
chemist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 82-88; prof. 
agr. chem, Wisconsin, and chief chemist, Exp. 
Sta, 88-13, asst. director, 99-13, emer. prof, IS- 
Mem. jury of awards, Pan-Am. Expos, 01. 
Bronze medal. Wis. Legislature, 99 ; grand prize, 
Paris Expos, 00; St. Louis Expos, 04; silver 
medal, Stockholm, 08. A.A. (sec'y, C, 94). 
Dairy chemistry; influence of low temperatures 
upon the curing of cheese; conservation of 
gravity during molecular changes; constitution 
of matter. 

Babcock, Wmiam Henry, 810 F St, N. W, Wash- 
ington, D. C. History. St. Louis, Mo, Jan. 1, 
49. LL.B, Columbian, 69. Asst. examiner, U. 
S. Patent Office, 73-77; patent lawyer. Wash. 
Anthrop. Soc. (sec'y, 12). Ethnology; folk-lore; 
cartography; pre-Columbian explorations; song 

Baber, Dr. E(rl) A(rmitage), Dayton State Hos- 
pital, Dayton, Oliio. Psychiatry. Griggsville, 
111, May 3, 83. M.D, Louisville, 09. Supt, Bay- 
ton State Hosp, 11- A.A; Medico-Psychol. 
Ass ; Am. Med. Ass ; Am. Acad. Med ; Ass. Study 
Int. Secretions. 

Baber, Miss Zonla, University of Chicago, Chicago, 
111. Geography. Kansas, 111, Aug, 24, 62. B.S, 
Cliicago. Principal, ward sch, Youngstown, 
Ohio, 86-88 ; critic teacher. Cook Co. Nor. Sch, 88- 
90, head, dept. geog, 90-99; sch. of educ, Chi- 
cago, 01- Principal, element, sch, sch. of educ, 
Chicago, 02-03. A.A; Soc. Sci. Educ; Chicago 
Geog. Soc. (pres) ; cor. mem. Soc. Geog. de 
Geneve. Geography in education. 

Bachman, Prof. A(lois), Institute of Microbiol- 
ogy, Tucuman, Arg. Eep. Bacteriology. Cor- 
doiaa, Arg. Eep, Aug. 30, 74. M.D, Buenos 
Aires, 05. Chief, path, lab, Buenos Aires, 00- 
05, prof, bacter, 05-15; Cordoba, 1.5-19; di- 
rector, Inst. Mioroiiol. and Hygiene, Tucuman, 
19- Director, clin. lab, Buenos Aires Hosp, 05- 
12; instr. bacter, Cordoba, 15-19. Delegate, 
Int. Hygiene Committee, Paris, 19. Argentine 
Med. Soc. Immunity; anaphylaxis. 

Bachmann, Dr. Freda M, University of Wis- 
consin, Madison, Wis. Bacteriology. Genoa, 
Ohio, Nov. 7, 78. A.B, Miami, 07, A.M, 08; fel- 
low, Wisconsin, 08-09, Ph.D, 12. Asst. bot. and 
plant path, Wisconsin, 09-12; asst. prof. bot. 
and bacter, Milwaukee-Downer, 12-34; instr. 
agr. hacter, Wisconsin, 14- A.A; Soc. Bact. 
Cytology; morphology and physiology of bac- 
teria; yeasts; molds. 

Bachmann, Prof. J(ean) G(eorge), 10 Dixie Ave, 
Atlanta, Ga. Physiology. Mulhouse, Alsace, 
July 18, 77. M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 07. Res. 
phj'siologist and lecturer hygiene, Jefferson 
Hosp, 07-09; demonstrator physiol, Jefferson 
Med. Col, 09-10; prof, Atlanta Med. Col, 10-15; 
Emory, 15- A.A; Physiol. Soc. Venous pulse; 
action of strophanthus in heart block; inter- 
auricular time interval. 

Back, Dr. E(mest) A(dna), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Entomology. 
Northampton, Mass, Oct. 7, 80. B.S, Mass. Col. 
and Boston, 04; Ph.D, Mass. Col. 07. Deputy 
state nursery inspector. Mass, 02-06; instr. 
entom, Mass. Col, 04-06, bot, 06-07; agent and 
expert, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07-10; 
entom. investigator, Cuba and Mexico, 10-12; 
entomologist, Ya. Exp. Sta, 12-16; fruit fly in- 
vestigations, Hawaii, Bermuda and Spain, hur. 
entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 13-17, entomologist in 
charge stored product insect investigations, 17- 
A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. Soc; Wash. 
Entom. Soc. Biology and control of citrus white 
flies; fumigation and fungous diseases; protec- 
tion of stored food products; Asilidae; Aleyro- 

Bacon, Prof. Arthur A (very), Syrian Protestant 
College, Beirut, Syria. Physics. Laconia, N. H, 
Oct. 26, 75. A.B, Dartmouth, 97, A.M, 01. 
Tutor physics, Oberlin, 97-98; asst, Dartmouth, 
98-00, instr. math, and astron, 00-01 ; prof, 
physics, Hobart, 03-19, sec'y and registrar, 07- 
17; prof, physics, Syrian Protestant Col, 19- 
Capt, Am. Red Cross, Palestine, 18, major deputy 
commissioner, 19. A.A; Physical Soc. Equi- 
librium of vapors at curved surfaces of liquids. 

Bacon, Prof. C(harles) S(umner), 2156 Sedgwick 
St, Chicago, 111. Medicine. Spring Prairie, 
Wis, July 30, 58. Ph.B, Bcloit, 78; M.D, North- 
western, 84. Prof, gj'nec, Chicago Polyclinic, 
91-94, obstet, 95-; Illinois, 03- A.A ; Col. Surg ; 
Am. Med. Ass. (chairman, sect, obstet, 05) ; 
Chicago Med. Soc. (pres, 03) ; Chicago Gynec. 
Soc. (pres, 01) ; Chicago Acad. Med. Pathol- 
ogy of pregnancy; tuberculosis and pernicious 
A'omiting in pregnancy. 

Bacon, Clia(rle)s V(incent), 3 Park Row, New 
York. N. Y. Chemistry. New York, March 24, 
85. Grad, Cooper Union, 04, 04-06; Columbia, 
summer, 10. Chemist, various companies, and 
consulting chemist, 02- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Test. Mat; Int. Ass. Test. Mat. Fixed oils, their 
various products and lubricants; substitutes for 
linseed oil; refining fixed oils and the manufac- 
ture of lubricants. 

Bacon, Dr. Charles W(alter), 1134 12th St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry, Plant physioloon. 
Worcester, Mass, March 11, "S6. A.B, Clark, 06, 
A.M, 07, Ph.D, 11. Asst. chem, Clark, 07-09; 
asst. physiologist, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 10- A.A; Chem. Soc. Distillation; to- 
bacco curing; physiological plant diseases. 

Bacon, Prof. Clara Latimer, 2316 N. Calvert St, 
Baltimore, Md. Mathematics. Hillsgrove, 111, 
Aug. 13, 66. A.B, Wellesley, 90; A.M, Chicago, 
04; Ph.D, Hopkins, 11. Teacher, secondary 
schools, 90-97; instr. math, Goucher, 97-05, 
assoc. prof, 05-14, prof, 14- Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass; Ass, Teachers Math. Middle States and Md. 



Bacon, Prof. George P(reston), Tufts College, 
Mass. Physics. Charlemont, Mass, Aug. 24, 66. 
A.B, Dartmouth, 87, A.M, 90. Assoc, prof, 
math, Beloit, 92-02 ; prof, physics, Wooster, 02- 
08; assoc. prof. math, and physics, Simmons, 
10-19, prof, physics, Tufts, 19- A.A; Physical 
Soc; Astron. Soc. 

Bacon, N(atlianiel) T(erry), Peace Dale, R. 1. 
Chemistry. Litchfield, Conn, Aug. 16, 5S. B.S, 
Yale, 79. With Solvay Process Co, 84-95, tech. 
expert, 95- A.A; Chem. Soc. Physico-chem- 
istry; soda manufacture; international finance. 

Bacon, Dr. Raymond F(oss), Mellon Institute, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. ^Chemistry. Muncie, Ind, June 
29, SO. B.S, DePauw, 99, A.M, 00, hon. Sc.D, 
19; fellow, Chicago, 01-04, P'h.D, 04; hon. Sc.D, 
Pittsburgh, 18. Instr. chem, DePamv, 99-00; 
prof, Vincennes, 00-01; commercial chemist, 
Chicago, 04-05; chemist, Bur. Science, P. I, 05- 
10; asst. chemist, bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
10-11; senior fellow, Mellon Inst, 11-12, assoc. 
director, 12-14, director, 14- Col, C.W.S, A.E.F; 
assoc. mem. Naval Con. Board. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Chem. Eng; Min. and 
Metal Eng; Ceramic Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
London Chem. Soc; Soc. Chim. de Paris; Soc. 
de Chim. indust. Industrial research; tropical 
oils and resins. 

Badertscher, Prof. JCacob) A, Bloomington, Ind. 
Histology. Bluffton, Ohio, Jan. 11, 79. Ph.B, 
Ohio (Athens), 09, Ph.M, 10; Ph.D, Cornell, 14. 
Asst. biol, Ohio (Athens), 08-09, instr. 09-10; 
asst. histol. and embryol, Cornell, 10-11, instr, 
11-14; a7iat, Indiana, 14-15, asst. prof, 15-17, 
assoc. prof, 17- A.A; Ass. Anat. Muscle de- 
generation; the thymus: the ultimobranchial 

Badger, Prof. Walter Lucius, 917 Church St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Chemical engineering. Minne- 
apolis, Minn, Feb. 18, 86. A.B, Minnesota, 07, 
B.S, 08, M.S, 09. Chemist, Great West. Sugar 
Co, 09; instr. chem, Minnesota, 10; lab. asst. 
Bur. Standards, 10-12; prof. chem. eng, Michi- 
gan, 12-; director of research, Swenson Evapor- 
ator Co, 17- Chem. Soc; Chem. Eng; Electro- 
chem. Soc; Mich. Eng. Soc. Design of chemical 
machinery; water softening; evaporator design; 
alloys of calcium. 

Baehr, Dr. George, 987 Madison Ave, New York, 
X. Y. Pathology. New York, April 16, 87. 
M.D, Columbia, 08; Freiburg, 11-12; Vienna, 
12-13, Assoc, path, Mt. Sinai Hosp, N. Y. City, 
1.1-, asst. attending physician, 19- Research fel- 
low, Mt. Sinai Hosp, 10-11, 14-17, 19-; mem. 
Red Cross Sanit. Commission to Serbia and Rus- 
sia, 15-16; lieut. col, M.C, 17-19. A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Soc. Clin. Invest; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Harvey Soc; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. Acad. 
Med; Int. Ass. Med. Mus. Experimental medi- 
cine; nephritis. 

Baekeland, Dr. L(eo) H(endrik), Yonkers-on- 
Iludson, N. Y. *Chemistry. Ghent, Belgium, 
Nov. 14, 63. Sc.D, Ghent, 84. Asst. prof, chem, 
Ghent, 85-88, assoc. prof, 88-89; prof, chem, 
and physics, Higher Nor. Sch, Bruges, 85-89; 
mfg. and consulting chemist, 89-99; research 
chemist, 99-; hon. prof. chem. eng, Columbia. 
ilem. Naval Consulting Board, 15; chairman, 

committee on patents, Nat. Research Council; 
mem. administrative board, Inst. Int. Educ. 
Chandler lecturer, Columbia, 14. Nichols medal, 
Chem. Soc, 09, Gibbs medal, 13, Perkins medal, 
16; Scott medal, Franklin Inst, 10; Chandler 
medal, Columbia, 14; grand prize, Panama- 
Pacific Expos, 15. Order of the Crown, Belgium, 
19. A.A; Chem. Soc. (v. pres, 09, chairman, N. 
Y. sect, 08, councilor at large, 07-) ; Electro- 
chem. Soc. (pres, 09); Chem. Eng. (pres, 12); 
Soc. CTiem. Indust. (v, pres, Oo) ; N. Y. Chem- 
ists Club (pres, 04). Int. Cong. Chem, London, 
09, pres, sect, plastics, 12. Oxidation of hydro- 
chloric acid under the influence of light; sepa- 
ration of copper and cadmium; dissociation of 
nitrate of lead; photographic chemistry; indus- 
trial electrolysis of alkali-chlorids; velox paper 
process; condensation products of phenols and 
formaldehyde; l)akelite; plastics; electric insu- 
lation; impregnation of wood; varnishes. 

Baetjer, Prof. F(rederick) H(enry),4 E. Madison 
St, Baltimore, Md. F^nntgcnology. Baltimore, 
Oct. 4, 74. A.B, Hopkins, 97, M.D, 01. Eont- 
genologist, Hopkins Hosp, and assoc. prof. din. 
rontgenol, HopTcins. Consulting rontgenologist, 
various hospitals; Major, M.C; Delegate, Int. 
Riintgen Ray Cong, Amsterdam, 08. Am. Ront- 
gen Ray Soc. (pres, 11) ; Baltimore Med. Soc. 
(v. pres, 15) ; hon. mem. N. Y. Rontgen Ray 
Soc; hon. mem. Phila. Rontgen Ray Soc. Tho- 
racic aneurysms; gastro-intestinal diseases; ef- 
fects of Rontgen rays upon embryonic tissues. 

Bagg, Dr. Halsey J(oseph), Cornell University 
Medical College, New York, N. Y. Heredity. 
Utica, N. Y, Oct. 23, S9. B.S, Columbia, 14, 
A.M, 15, Ph.D, 18. Asst. biol, Rockefeller Inst, 
10-11; instr, N. Y. Univ, 14-17; research feJ- 
loio, Huntington fund for cancer research, med. 
col, Cornell, 17- Psychol. Ass; assoc. mem. N, 
- Y. Acad. Heredity of animal behavior and 
growth; pathological effects of injection of 
radio-active solutions. 

Bagg, Dr. Rufus M(ather), Jr, 7 Brokaw Place, 
Appleton, Wis. Geology. West Springfield, 
Mass, April 19, 69. A.B. Amherst, 91; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 95. Principal, high sch, Lubec, Maine, 
91-92; asst. geol, Hopkins, 95-97; asst, N. Y. 
State Museum, 97; prof. geol. and miner, Colo. 
Col, 98-99; instr. science, high sch, Colo. 
Springs, 99-00 ; sub-master, high sch, Brockton, 
01-03; prof, miner, and petrog, N. Mex. Sch. 
Mines, 03-04; mining engineer and geologist, 
04-08; instr. geol. Illinois, 08-11; prof. geol. 
and miner, Lawrence, 11- Instr. science. Wor- 
cester Summer Sch. for Boys, 91. 92; mem. Md. 
Geol. Surv, 96-98. Diploma and bronze medal, 
Paris Expos, 00. A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Palcont. Soc ; Wash. Geol. Soc ; Wis. Acad. Cre- 
taceous and Tertiary Foraminifera ; artesian 
water and oil supplies. 

Bagley, Prof. W(illiam) C (handler), Teachers 
College, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 
Education, Psychology. Detroit, Mich. March 
15, 74. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 95; M.S, Wiscon- 
sin, 98; Ph.D, Cornell, 00; Ed.D, R. L Col, 19. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Mich, 95-97 ; asst. psychol, 
Cornell, 00-01; principal pub. schools, St. Louis, 
01-02 ; V. pres. and director of training, Mont. 
State Nor. Col, 02-06; supt, training dept, State 



Nor. Sch, Oswego, N. Y, OG-08; prof, educ, Illi- 
nois, 08-17, director, sch. of edue, 09-17; prof, 
educ, Teachers Col, Columbia, 17 - A.A; Psychol. 
Ass ; Soc. Sci. Educ. Api^erception of the spoken 
sentence; correlation of mental and motor abil- 
ity in school children; factors of the educative 
process; educational values; minimal essentials 
in elementary school systems. 
Baliney, Luther William, Scovill Manufacturing 
Co, Waterbury, Conn. Metalhirfjy. Eed Bluff, 
Calif, Dec. 25, 78. Met.E, Stanford, 11. Asst. 
prof, metal, Stanford, 07-11; Yale, 11-17; 
metal, engineer, research dept, Scoville Mfg. Co, 
17- Min. Eng; Chem. Soc. Gold and silver; 
laboratory methods; casting shop metallurgy. 

Bailey, Prof. Benj(amin) F(rankliii), University 
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Electrical 
engineering. Sheridan, Mich, Aug. 7, 75. 
B.S.(E.E), Michigan, 98, A.M, 00, Ph.D, 07. 
Instr. elec. eng, Michigan, 01-06; asst. prof, 
06-09, junior prof, 09-13, prof, 13- Designing, 
constructing, and chief engineer, various com- 
panies. Elec. Eng. (sec'y, Detroit- Ann Arbor 
sect. 11); Soc. Auto. Eng. X-ray; "Wehnelt in- 
terrupters ; eleetrohi:ic rectifiers ; induction coils ; 
induction motors; dynamo electric machinery. 

Bailey, Dr. Charles Hervey, 437 W. 59th St, New 
York, N. Y. Pathology. Dorchester, Mass, June 
21, 81. A.B, Brown, 03; M.D, Harvard, 10. 
Ees. pathologist, St. Luke's Hosp, N. Y. City, 
10-12; assoc. cancer research, Crocker Research 
Fund, Columbia, 14; instr. path, Stanford, 14- 
15, asst. prof, 15-16; assoc. prof, histol. Tufts, 
16-17; assoc. path, Columbia, 17- Visiting pa- 
thologist, various hospitals, N. Y. City. Soc. 
Exp. Biol. Experimental pathology; serology; 
arteriosclerosis; nephritis; amyloid disease. 

Bailey, Prof. C(lyde) H(arold), University Farm, 
St. Paul, Minn. Biochemistry. Minneapolis, 
Minn, April 15, 87. B.S, N. Dak. Col, 13; M.S, 
Minnesota, 16. Asst. grain standardization, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 07-11; instr. and asst. prof. agr. 
chem, Minnesota, and cereal technologist, Exp. 
Sta, 11-16; chemist, Minn. Grain Inspection 
Dept, 16-17; assoc. prof. agr. biochem, Minne- 
sota, 17-20, prof, 20-, assoc. agr. biochemist, 
Ecrp. Sta, 17- A.A; Chem. Soc. Chemical tech- 
nology of cereal industries; biochemistry of 
bread-making; respiration of cereals. 

Bailey, Prof. E(dgar) H(enry) S(ummerfield), 
1101 Ohio St, Lawrence, Kans. *Chemistry. 
Middlefield, Conn, Sept. 17, 48. Ph.B, Yale, 
73; Strasbourg, 81; Ph.D, 111. Wesleyan, 83; 
Leipzig, 95. Instr. chem, Yale, 73-74; Lehigh, 
74-83; prof, Kansas, 83-, directqr, chem. lab, 
00- Cliemist, Kans. State Board of Health and 
State Board of Agr; lecturer, Kansas City 
Univ. Med. Col. A.A; Chem. Soc. (councilor, 
06-17, chairman, div. water and sewage, 17-) ; 
hon. mem. Am. Inst. Homeop ; mem. Ass. State 
and Nat. Food and Dairy Departments; Kans. 
Acad, (past pres. and sec'y). Sanitary and ap- 
plied chemistry; toxicology; delicacy of special 
.senses; mineral waters; mineral resources of 
Kansas; applications of the ion theory; the 
action of preservatives; chemistry of foods. 

Bailey, Dr. E(dward) M(onroe), Box 1106, New 
Haven, Conn. Chemistry. New London, Conn, 

Aug. 27, 79. Ph.B, Yale, 02, M.S, 05, Ph.D, 10. 
Asst. chemist, Conn. Exp. Sta, 02-17, chemist in 
charge, anal, lab, 17- State chemist, Conn, 19- 
Chem. Soc; Agr. Chem. Agricultural chemi.stry; 
chemistry and bacteriology of the banana; foods 
and drugs. 

Bailey, Prof. Ernest W (infield), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. Horticulture. Worcester, 
Mass, March 28, 85. B.S, Mas.s. Col. and Boston, 
08: M.S, Illinois, 09; California, 19-20. Asst. 
agron, Mass. Col, 08; asst. instr. and assoc. 
plant breeding, /HtJiots, 10-15; asst. prof, pomol, 

* col. agr. and plant breeding, Exp. Sta, 16- 
A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc. Plant physi- 
ology and breeding; systematic pomology; 
periodicity; growth and reproduction. 

Bailey, F(loyd) D(ouglas), Oregon Agricultural 
College, Corvallis, Oregon. Plant pathology. 
Prescott, Wis, April IS, 87. Ripon, 06-09; A.B, 
Wisconsin, 10, M.S, 3 2. Pesearch asst, Oregon 
Col, 11- Phytopath. Soc. Potato and truck 
crop diseases. 

Bailey, Prof, Frederick H(arold), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mathematics. Leominster, Mass, April 24, 65. 
A.B, Harvard, 87, A.M, 89. Asst. math, Har- 
vard, 89-91; instr, Mass. Inst. Tech, 91-93, asst. 
prof, 93-04, assoc. prof, 0407, prof, 07- Instr. 
math, Radcliffe, 90-91; Simmons, 02-03. Math. 
Soc. Analytic geometry; calculus. 

Bailey, Dr. Frederick R(andolph), Elizabeth, N. 
J. Histology, Pathology. Elizabeth, Oct. 26, 
71. A.B, Princeton, 92, A.M, 95 ; M.D, Columbia, 
95. Adj. prof. nor. histol, Columbia, 95-09. 
Pathologist and attending physician. Gen. Hosp, 
Elizabeth, N. J, 96- Ass. Path, and Bact; N. 
Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Normal his- 
tology; embryology. 

Bailey, Dr. George Corbin, 112 29th St, Woodcliff- 
on-Hudson, N. J. Chemistry. Kans, Dec. 1. 85. 
A.B, Wisconsin, 09; A.M, 'Yale, 14, Ph.D, 16. 
Chemist, Winchester Arms Co, 16; Barrett Co, 
17- Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; catalysis; 
pyrimidins; amins; constituents of coal tar; 
resins; perfumes. 

Bailey, Herbert (Stevens), Southern Cotton Oil 
Co, Savannah, Ga. Chemistry. Bethlehem, Pa, 
Sept. 12, 80. A.B, Kansas, 02; B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 06. Chemist, Armour Packing Co, 03-04; 
asst. oils, Mass. Inst. Tech, 05-06; instr. chem, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 07-08; chief, oil, fat and wax 
lab, bur. chem. U. S. Dept. Agr, 09-18; chemist, 
E. I. duPont de Nemours and Co, 18-20; direc- 
tor research, South. Cotton Oil Co, 20- Chair- 
man, interdepartmental committee on fats and 
oils, Food Ad, 17-18; chem. ed, 'Cotton Oil 
Press,' 19- Chem. Soc. (sec'y. Wash, sect, 09) ; 
Soc. Test. Mat; Oil Chem. Soc. Oils for arti- 
ficial leather; paints; varnishes; animal and 
vegeta})le oils. 

Bailey, Prof. Irving W(idmer), Bussey Institu- 
tion, Forest Hills, Boston, Mass. *Botany. 
Tilton, N. H, Aug. 15, 84. A.B, Harvard, 07, 
M.F, 09. Asst. bot. Harvard, 08-09, instr. for- 
estry, 09-12, asst. prof. 12-20; assoc. prof, 30- 
Mem. advisory board, U. S. Forest Products Lab, 
14-16; in charge wood sect, materials eng. dept. 
Bur. Aircraft Production, 18. A.A; Soc. Nat; 



Bot. Soc. (mem. ed. board, 'Am. Jour. Bot, ' IS- 
IS); Ecol. Soc; Soc. Foresters (mem. ed. 
board, 'Proc, ' 14-16); Am. Acad. Comparative 
physiological and pathological plant anatomy. 

Bailey, Dr. J(ames) B(obinson), University of 
Texas, Austin. Tex. Chemistry. Houston, Tex, 
Dec. 11, 68. A.B, Texas, 91; Ph.D, Munich, 97; 
Leipzig, 00-01. Student asst. chem, Texas, 91, 
tutor, 91-94, instr, 96-00, adj. prof, and later 
prof. org. chem, 01- Tex. Acad; Chem. Gesell. 
Semicarbazid acids; hydrazin acids; hydrazo- 
acids; hydantoins; action of mustard oils on 
hydrazo- compounds; use of cyanic and prus*c 
acids in glacial acetic acids; the criss cross addi- 
tion on conjugate systems. 

Bailey, Prof. J(ohn) Wendell, Agricultural Col- 
lege, Miss. Zoology. Winona, Miss, .Ian. 9, 95. 
B.S, Miss. Agr. Col, 15, M.S, 17; A.B, Cornell, 
16. Field asst, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 14; 
instr. zool. and entom, Miss. Agr. Col, 14r-15, 
asst. prof, 16-17; scientific asst. bur. entom, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 17-18; alumni sec'y and prof, zool, 
Miss. Agr. Col, 19- Cornell biol. exped, 16; in 
mosquito control, U.S.N, 18-19. A.A; Entom. 
Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom. Myriapoda ; Araehnida ; 

Bailey, Prof. L(iberty) H(yde), Ithaca, N. Y. 
*Botany. South Haven, Mich, March 15, 58. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 82, M.S, 85; LL.D, Wis- 
consin, 07; Alfred, 08; Litt.D, Vermont, 19. 
.Prof. hort. and landscape gardening, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 84-88 ; hort, Cornell, 88-03, director, col. of 
agr, 03-1.3. Chairman, Commission on Country 
Life, appointed by Pres. Eoosevelt, 08. Veitchian 
medal, 98. Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres, 15); Bot. 
Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci. (pres, 07); Pomol. Soc; 
Philos. Soc; Am. Acad. Systematic botany; 
cultivated plants. 

Bailey, Prof. L(orlng) W(oart), Frederieton, N. 
B, Can. Biology, Geology. West Point, N. Y, 
Sept. 28, 39. A.B, Harvard, 59, A.M, 61; Ph.D, 
New Brunswick, 73; LL.D, Dnlhousie, 96. Prof. 
chem. and nat. science, Nero BriinsioicTc, 61-01, 
l)iol. and geol, 01- Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 
(patron); New Eng. Bot. Club; fel. Eoyal Soc. 
Can; N. S. Inst; Nat. Hist. Societies of St. 
John, Frederieton, Quebec and Montreal. Bot- 
any (Diatomaceae) ; geology of New Brunswick. 

Bailey, Prof. Pearce, 118 E. 80th St, New 
York, N. Y. Neurology. New York. .luly 12, 
65. A.B, Princeton, 86, AjM, 89; M.D, Colum- 
bia, 89. Adj. prof, neur, Columbia, 06-10. Con- 
sulting neurologist, various hospitals. Neur. 
Ass; N. Y. Neur. Soc. (pres, 03-05); Harvey 
Soc. Pathological anatomy of the nervous sys- 
tem; medical psychology; nutritional diseases. 

Bailey, Prof, S(oloii) I(rving), Harvard Observa- 
tory, Cambridge, Mass. * Astronomy. Lisbon, 
N. H, Dec. 29, 54. A.B, Boston, 81 ; A.M, Har- 
vard, 87. Asst. prof. a,<itron, Harvard, 93-98, 
assoc. prof, 98-12, Phillips prof, IS-; in charge 
of Arequipa branch of Harvard Col. Observa- 
tory, 92-19, acting director, 19- A.A; Astron. 
Soc; Am. Acad; Wash. Acad; assoc. Royal 
Astron. Soc; Lima (Peru) Geog. Soc; Int. 
Astron. Union. Astronomy and meteorology; 
variable stars in clusters. 

Bailey, Vernon, 1834 Kalorama Road, Washing- 
ton, D. C. *Biology. Manchester, Mich, June 

21, 64. Michigan, 93; George Washington, 94, 
95. Chief field naturalist, biol. surv, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 87- A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. 
Mammal; Forestry Ass; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Cooper Ornith. Club. Distribution of 
mammals, birds and plants; spermophiles and 
gophers of Mississippi Valley; revision of Evo- 
tomys; biological survey of Texas; mammals of 
Glacial National Park. 
Bailey, Mrs. Vernon (Florence Merriam), 1834 
Kalorama Road. Washington, D. C. Ornitliology. 
Locust Grove, N. Y, Aug. 8, 63. Smith, 82-86. 
Mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; Cooper 
Ornith. Club; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. 
Ornithology; birds of village and field; birds of 
the western United States; wild animals of Gla- 
cier National Park. 

BaUy, William Lloyd, Ardmore, Pa. Ornithology. 
Germantown, Pa, Dec. 26, 61. B.S, Haverford, 
83. Prof, archit, Pennsylvania, 90. Fel. Ornith. 
Union ; Inst. Archit : State Ass. Archit. Pa. 
(sec'y, 09-); Del. Valley Ornith. Club (pres, 
90); Phila. Acad. Bird photography; birds of 
Maine, New Jersey, North Dakota and Mag- 
dalen Islands. 

Bain, H(arry) Foster, U. S. Bureau of Mines, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology, Mining. Sey- 
mour, Ind, Nov. 2, 71. B.S, Moores Hill, 90; 
Hopkins, 91-93; Ph.D, Chicago, 97. Asst. state 
geologist, Iowa, 93-00; special asst, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 00-01; manager, Consol. Franklin Mines 
Co, 01-02; geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 02-08; 
state geologist, 111, 0.5-09; ed. 'Min. and Sci., 
Press,' 09-15; ed. 'Min. Mag,' London, 15-16; 
explorations, Far East, 16-18; asst. director. U. 
S. Bur. Mines, 18-19; with New York Orient 
Mines Co, 19-20; director, U. S. Bur. Mines, 
20- Lecturer econ. geol, Iowa, ^^\ Chicago. 99. 
02, 03, Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. 
Soc. Structural geology; ore deposits; mining 
methods; lead and zinc deposits. 

Bain, Prof. J. Watson, University of Toronto, 
Toronto, Can. Chemistry. London, England, 
Nov. 1.5, 75. B.A.Sc, Toronto, 97, fellow. 97- 
99; Ziirich, 01. Demonstrator chem, Toronto, 
99-02, lecturer, 02-05, assoc. prof, applied chem, 
05-16, prof. chem. eng, 16- CTiem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; fel. Can. Inst. Chem; Chem. 
Gesell. Industrial chemistry and chemical en- 

Bainbridge, Dr. W(illla)m Seaman, 34 Gramercy 
Park. New York, N. Y. Surgery. Providence, 
R. I. Feb. 17, 70. M.D, Columbia', 93; hon. A.M, 
Shurtleflf, 99; hon. M.S, Washington and Jef- 
ferson, 02; hon. Sc.D, West. Univ. of Pa, 07; 
LL.D, Lincjoln Mem. Univ; Coe. Prof. .lurg. N. 
Y. Polyclinic, 06- Surgeon, N. Y. Skin and 
Cancer ITosp; consulting surgeon, Manhattan 
Hosp; commander, M.C, U.S.N.R.F. Am. Med. 
Ass, Cancer; internal secretions; goiter; ab- 
dominal surgery. 

Baitsell, Prof. George A(lfred), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Zoology. Wright, Iowa, 
Oct. 2, 85. B.S, Central (Iowa), 08; A.M, Yale, 
09. Ph.D, 14. Prof. biol. and chem. Central 
(Iowa), 09-10, acting dean and prof, biol, 12- 
13; Seessel fellow, zool, Tale. 13-14, instr, 14-18, 
asst. prof, 18- Instr. invert, zool. Woods Hole, 
13-19; asst. physiologist, army-navy gas investi- 



gation; capt, C.W.S. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soe. Zool; 
Soc. Exp. Biol; Ass. Anat; Physiol. Soc. Life 
history of Protozoa; tissue culture; wound heal- 
ing; fibrin; connective-tissue formation. 

Baker, Prof. Alfred, 81 Madison Ave, Toronto, 
Can. Mathematics. Toronto. B.A, Toronto, 
69, M.A, 78. Principal, high schools, Vienna, 
Perth and Oshawa, 69-72; master math. Upper 
Canada, 72-75; lecturer, Toronto, 75-87, prof, 
87-19. Math. Soc; fel. Eoyal Soc. Can; Soc. 
math de France. Mechanics; trigonometry; qua- 
ternions; geometry of position; the foundations 
of geometry; analytic and synthetic geometry. 

Baker, A(rthur) C(liallen), Bureau of Entomol- 
ogy, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washing- 
tori, D. C. Entomology. Belleville, Ont, Feb. 5, 
85. Ont. Agr. Col. diploma, 09; B.S.A, To- 
ronto, 11; Ph.D, George Washington, 18. Ex- 
pert and entomologist, deciduous fruit insect 
investigations, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr. 11- 
A.A; Entom. Soc; Zool. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. Soc. (ed, 'Proc,' 
18-); Wash. Biol. Soc; Ont. Entom. Soc; 
Wash. Acad. Aphididae; Aleyrodidae. 

Baker, Dr. A(rthiu:) L(atham), Rye, N. Y. Math 
ematics. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 7, 53. C.E 
Rensselaer, 73; Ph.D, Lafayette, 89. Adj. prof 
civil eng, Lafayette, 73-80; principal, high sch 
Scranton, Pa, 82; prof, math, Stevens High Sch 
Hoboken, N. J, 89-91; Rochester, 91-01; head 
math, dept, Manual Training High Sch, Brook 
lyn, K Y, 01-16. Math. Soc; Rochester Acad 
(sec'y, 92-00). Mathematical pedagogy; mi 
croscopy; xylology. 

Baker, Prof. C(harles) F(uller), College of Agri- 
culture, Los Baiios, P. I. Botany, Zoology. 
Lansing, Mich, March 22, 72. B.S, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 92; A.M, Stanford, 03. Asst. zoologist, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 91-92; asst. to zoologist and 
entomologist, Colo. Agr. Col, 92-97; zoologist, 
Ala. Polytech, and entomologist, Exp. Sta, 97- 
99; teacher biol, Cent. High Sch, St. Louis, 99- 
01; asst. prof, biol, Pomona, 03-04; chief, dept. 
bot, Cuban Exp. Sta, Santiago, 04-07; curator, 
herbarium and bot. garden, Museu Goeldi, Para, 
Brazil, 07-08; assoc. prof, biol, Pomona, 08-09, 
prof, 09-12; agron, Univ. Philippines, 12-20, 
dean, 18- Zoologist and assoc. botanist, Ala. 
Biol. Surv; in charge, Colo, forestry and zool. 
exhibit, Columbian Expos, 93; botanist, H. H. 
Smith exploring exped. in Santa Marta Mts, Co- 
lombia, 98-99; asst. director, Bot. Gardens, 
Singapore, 17-18; publisher, 'Invert. Pacifica'; 
ed, 'Pomona Jour. Entom'; 'Pomona Jour. 
Econ. Bot'; on editorial boards, 'Philippine 
Agr, ' ' Philippine Jour. Science ' and ' Philippine 
Agr. Rev.' A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. 
Soc; S. Calif. Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc; Havana 
Acad. Comparative anatomy of special groups 
of plants and animals; Hemiptera and Hymenop- 
tera ; economic plants of the world. 

Baker, Prof, Charles Laurence, 2320 Hilgard Ave, 
Berkeley, Calif. Geology. Cordova, 111, Oct. 10^ 
87. Oberlin, 05-07; fellow, Chicago, 08-10, 
B.S, 08; California, 10, fellow, 11-12, A.M, 16. 
Asst. biol, Monmouth, 04-05; comp. anat. and 
vert, histol, Oberlin, 05-07; instr. geol. Cali- 
fornia, 11; asst. geologist, South Pacific R. R. 
Co, 12-13, 17-18; geologist, bur. econ. geol. and 

tech, Texas, 14-17. Field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
08, 10; in charge, three vert, fossil-hunting ex- 
peditions, Great Basin Desert, 11-12. A.A; 
Min. Metal. Eng; Ass. Petrol. Geol; fel. Am. 
Geog. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Pacific Coast Paleont. 
Soc. (sec'y, 11); fel. Royal Scottish Geog. Soc. 
Structural and geotectonic geology, especially of 
the Tertiary of western North America; geol- 
ogy of petroleum, coal and water. 

Baker, Charles Whiting, 'Fern Hill,' Montclair, 

N. J. Engineering, Economics. Johnson, Vt, 
Jan. 17, 65. C.E, Vermont, 86. Assoc, ed, 
'Eng. News,' 87-95, managing ed. and sec'y, 
Eng. News Pub. Co, 95-05, ed.-in-chief and v. 
pres, 05-17; consulting engineer and consulting 
ed, 'Eng. News Record, 17-20; director, Eng. 
Business Exchange, 20- Aid, U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv, 84; draftsman, Baldwin Loco- 
motive Works, 86-87; commissioner. Palisades 
Interstate Park, 11- Mech. Eng. (v. pres, 09-) : 
Soc. Terminal Eng. (v. pres, 19-) ; Econ. Ass. 
Economics of transportation sj'stems. 

Baker, Prof. E(dwin) M(yTon), University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Chemical engineer- 
ing. Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 21, 93. B.S, Pa. 
State, 16. Chemist and later shift supt, Hooker 
Electroehem. Co, 16-18; instr. chem. eng, Michi- 
gan, 18-20, asst. prof, SO-; consulting engineer, 
Chem. Equipment Co, 19- Chem. Soc. Electro- 
ehem. Soc; jr. mem. Chem. Eng. Spray systems 
for washing and scrubbing gases. 

Baker, Ernest L, 662 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Portland, Maine, 80. B.S, Maine, 
03. Asst. chemist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, 05-07, assoc. 
chemist, 07-14; chief chemist. Patent Cereals Co, 
14-20; Schreiher Products Corp, 20- Chem. 
Soc. Cereal foods; cattle foods; dextrins; 
starches; sugars; vegetable oils; sugars from 
cereal starches. 

Baker, F(rank) C(ollins), Natural History Mu- 
seum, Urbana, 111. Zoology. Warren, R. I, Dec. 
14, 67. Brown, 88-89 ; Jesup scholar, Acad. Nat. 
Sciences, Phila, 89-90; B.S, Chicago Sch. Sci. 
95. In charge, invert, dept. Ward's Nat. Sci. 
Establishment, Rochester, 91-92; curator zool, 
Field Museum Nat. Hist, 94; curator, Chicago 
Acad. Sciences, 94-15; zool. investigator, Syra- 
cuse, 15-17; curator, museum nat. hitt, Illinois, 
18- Phila. Acad, exped. to Mexico, 90. A.A; 
Ecol. Soc; Mus. Ass. (councilor, 14-16) ; assoc. 
Ornith. Union; 111. Acad, (sec'y, 11) ; 111. Audu- 
bon Soc. (v. pres, 96-15); Chicago Acad, (sec'y. 
94-96, 08); fel. Rochester Acad, (sec'y, 91). 
General MoUusca; fresh-water MoUusca; mu- 
seum administration; molluscan protoconch; 
biometrics; Lymnseida}; molluscan ecology; 
Pleistocene MoUusca. 

Baker, Herbert A, 812 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, 111. 
Chemi-^try. Oshawa, Ont, Aug. 27, 87. B.A, 
Toronto. Chief chemist, Am. Can Co, 11-18, 
dist. sales manager, 18- Chem. Soc. Food can- 
ning and spoilage; salts of tin in canned foods. 

Baker, Dr. Horace Burrington, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Zoology. Sioux 
City, iowa. Jan. 25, 89. B.S, Michigan, 10, 10- 
13. Ph.D, 20. Instr. 2ool. Colo. Col, 13-17, asst. 
prof. 17; instr, Pennsylvania, 20- With Mich. 
Biol. Surv, summers, 08-09; Bryant Walker 



exped. to Mex, 10. Ecol. Soc. Ecology; Mol- 
]usca; Orthoptera. 

Baker, H(ugh) P (otter), Syracuse University, 
Syracuse. N. Y. Forestry. St. Croix Falls, Wis, 
Jan. 20, 78. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 01 ; M.F, Yale, 
04; D.Oec, Munich, 10. Forest a-sst, V. S. 
Forest Service, 01-; assoc. prof, in charge for- 
estry, Iowa State, and forester, Exp. Sta, 04-07; 
prof, forestry, Pa. State, and forester, Exp. Sta, 
07-12; dean,'N. Y. State Col. Forestry and prof, 
silviculture, Syracuse, 12-20; sec'y, Am. Paper 
and Pulp Ass, 20- Asst, Forest Surv, Nebr. 
and Wyo. 01; chief, Iowa Forest Surv, 05; in 
charge forestry- short course, Colo. Agr. Col, 07. 
A. A; Soc. Foresters; Forestry Ass. (v. pres, 
Iowa, 05); Am. Civic Ass; X. Y. Acad; Wash. 
Acad; Royal Geog. Soc. Sand dunes along Co 
lumbia River; public lands of central Idaho; 
silviculture in New Mexico ; forest surveys of 
Idaho and Iowa ; adaptability of prairie states 
to growing of trees for commercial purposes; 
forest nursery practise ; improvement of forest 
trees by breeding; collection and storage of tree 

Baker, Prof. Ira O(sboni), 1208 W. California 
Ave, Urbana, 111. Civil engineering. Linton, 
Ind, Sept. 23, 53. B.S, Illinois, 74, C.E. 77, hon. 
D.Eng, 03. Prof, civil eng, Illinois, SO- Civil 
Eng; Soc. Test. Mat; Eng. Educ; West. Soc. 
Eng. Masonry; roads and pavements; engi- 
neers' surve3-ing instruments. 

Baker, Dr. J(olm) C(lark), 97 Fifth St, Ridgefield 
Park, N. J. Chemistry. Ridgeway, Iowa, Aug. 
11, 84. B.S, Fpper Iowa, 10; A.M, Columbia, 
15, Ph.D, 16. Asst, Upper Iowa, 10; head, dept. 
science, N. Mex. Nor. Univ, 10-13 ; asst. chem, 
Columbia, 14-16; assoc. chemist, N. Y. Exp. 
Sta, Geneva, 16-19; chemist, Wallace and Tier- 
man Co, 10- Chem. Soc; Biochem. Ass. Dia- 
statie enzymes; dairy problems; casein; milk 

Baker, John T(ownsend), Phillipsburg, N. J. 
Chemistry. Orange, N. J, June 30, 60. M.S, 
Lafayette. Pres, J. T. Baker Chem. Co. Manu- 
facture of chemical reagents. 

Baker, M(oses) N(elson), 53 Oakwood Ave, 
Upper Montclair, N. J. Engineering. Enos- 
burgh, Vt, Jan. 26, 64. Ph.B, A'er'mont, 86, 
C.E, 99. Assoc, ed, 'Eng. News,' 87-17; 'Eng. 
News Becord,' 17- Mem. Board of Health, 
Montclair, 94-04, pres, 04-15; v. pres, N. J. 
State Dept. of Health, 15. Pub. Health Ass; 
Water Works Ass; Nat. Munic. League (chair- 
man, exec, committee, 13-18) ; New Eng. Water 
Works Ass; N. J. Sanit. Ass. (pres, 03). Civil 
and sanitary engineering; puV:>lic health; water 
and sewage treatment; garbage and refuse dis- 
posal; municipal administration. 

Baker, Oliver E(dwin), 1 Hesketh St. Chevy Chase 
Md. Agricultural geography. Tiffin, Ohio, 83 
B.S, Heidelberg (Ohio), 03, M.S, 04; Columbia 
05; Ph.D, Wisconsin, 20. Agricultural econo 
mist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 12- Wis. Soil Surv, sum 
mers, 10, 11. A. A; Ass. Geog; Ecol. Soc 
Climate of Wisconsin in relation to agriculture 
atlas of American agriculture. 

Baker, Prof. R(ichard) P(hilip), University of 
Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Mathematics. Condover, 

England, Feb. 3, 66. Oxford, S4-S7 ; B.Sc, Lon- 
don, 87; Ph.D, Chicago, 10. Instr. math, loica, 
05-10, asst. prof, 10-15, assoc. prof, 15- A. A; 
Math. Soc; Math. Ass. Algebraic equations; 
groups; geometry; thermodynamics. 

Baker, Dr. Robert H(orace), University of Mis- 
souri, Columbia, Mo. Astronomy. Northampton, 
Mass, March 29, 83. A.B, Amherst, 04, A.M, 
05; Ph.D, Pittsburgh, 10. Asst, Amherst Col. 
Observatory, 04-06; Allegheny Observatory, 06- 
10; asst. prof, astron, Brown, 10-11; Michigan, 
11; prof, and director Laws Observatory, Mis- 
souri, 11- A. A ; Astron. Soc. Spectroscopy 
and photometry. 

Baker, Prof. Ross Allen, 114 Trinity Place, Syra- 
cuse, N, Y. Chemistry. Greencastle, Ind, Nov. 
13, 86. A.B, DePauw, 06, A.M, 07; Ph.D, Wis- 
consin, 14. Instr. chem, high sch, Danville, 111. 
07-08; prof. Baker, 08-10; instr, Wisconsin, 10- 
14; Minnesota, 14-16; asst. prof, 17-18; prof, 
gen. and inorg. chem, Syracuse, 19- Major, 
C.W.S, and commandant, U. S. Gas Sch. 1 8. A.A ; 
Chem. Soc; Cent. Ass. Sci. and Math. Teachers. 
Inorganic chemistry; rare heavy metals. 

Baker, Dr. S(ara) Josephine, 33 W. 96th St, New 
I'ork, X. Y. Child hygiene. Pouglikeepsie, N. 
Y, Nov. 15. 73. M.D, Woman 's Med. Col, N. Y, 
98; D.P.H, Bellevue Med. Col, 17. Med. in- 
spector, dept. health, N. Y. City, 01-07, asst. 
commissioner, 07-08, director, hur. child hygiene, 
08- Lecturer child hygiene, Teachers (];ollege, 
Columbia; Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col; 
surgeon, U. S. Pub. Health Service; special 
agent, children's bur, U. S. Bur. Labor. Child 
Hygiene Ass. (pres, 18); Pub. Health Ass; Sch. 
Hygiene Ass; Am. Med. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad. 
Med. Control and supervision of midwives; in- 
fant mortality; health supervision of children; 
health aspects of child labor. 

Baker, Dr. Smith, Camden, N. Y. Neurology, 
Psychology. Marcy, N. Y, Sept. 25, 50. :M.D, 
Michigan, 71; hon. A.M, Colgate. 84. Practising 
physician. Lecturer preservation of health, Col- 
gate, 84, 92-93. A.A; fel. Neur. Ass. Normal 
and abnormal psychology; hysterics; the morbid 

Baker, Prof. Tho(ma)s R(akestraw), Winter 
Park, Fla. Physics. Chemistry. Chester Co, Pa, 
Feb. 27, 37. B.S, First Pa. State Nor. Sch, 60, 
M.S, 61; Pa. State, 62-65; Ph.D, Gottingen. 71. 
Prof, math. Pa. State, 61-67; nat. science, 
First Pa. State Nor. Sch. 71-86; Pollins, 92-12, 
director, museum, 12- Conducted private lab, 
Orlando, Fla, 87-90. Electricity; acoustics; dy- 

Baker, Prof. Will(iam) C(oombs), 135 Centre 
St, Kingston, Ont, Can. Physi-cs. Kingston, 
Dec. 16, 71. A.M, Queen's (Ont), 95; 1851 
Exhibition scholar, Cambridge, 99-00. Demon- 
strator physics, sell, mining. Queen's (Can). 95- 
02, lecturer. 02-08, asst. prof. 08-12, assoc. prof, 
12-20. prof, 20- Physical Soc. Hall effect in 
gold for small fields; ultra-violet light effect in 
starting discharge; absorption of hydrogen by 

Baker, Dr. Wilmer, Station 20, New Orleans, La, 
Anatomy. Kayne. La, July 3. 91. M.D, Tulane, 
Id. Instr. anat, Virginia, 16-18, adj. prof, 18- 



19; asst. prof, Tulane, 19- Ass. Anat. Gross 
Eakke, Dr. A(rthur) L(aurence), Ames, Iowa. 
Plant physiology. Fargo, N. Dak, June 26, 86. 
B.S, Iowa State, 09, M.S, 11; Ph.D, Chicago, 
17. Asst. bot, Iowa State, 08-09; instr. science, 
Elgin Acad, 09-10 ; bot, Iowa State, 10-13, asst. 
prof. l)ot. and plant pliysiol, 13-17, assoc. prof, 
17- Assoc, desert lab, Carnegie Institution, 13, 
14. A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Ecol. Soc; 
Iowa Acad. Life history of Helminthosporium 
teres; effect of city smoke upon vegetation; 
transpiring power of plants. 

Balch, Dr. Alfred W(illiam), 1 Madison Ave, New 
York, X. Y. Chemistry, Medicine. East Sagi- 
naw, Mich, Aug. 27, 73. Ph.G, Mass. Col. Phar- 
macy, 94; M.D, Harvard, 98. Instr. org. and 
anal, chem, Mass. Col. Pharmacy, 94, asst. prof, 
08; asst. pharmacol. Harvard Med. Sch, 98; 
asst. surgeon, U. S. N, 01-04, passed asst. sur- 
geon, 04-09; asst. prof. med. chem. and toxicol, 
med. sch. Tufts, 09-17; with Metropolitan Life 
Ins. Co, 17-18, asst. med. director, 18- A.A; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Trop. Med; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Pub. Health Ass; Ass. Life Ins. 
Med. Directors; Ass. Mil. Surg; Chem. Soc. 
Azoturia; pharmacological action of corn smut; 
action of drugs on the flow of bile. 

Ealch, Edwin Swift, 1412 Spruce St, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Geography, Ethnology. Philadelphia, 56. 
A.B, Harvard, 78. Mem. Phila. Bar, 82- A.A; 
Philos. Soc; Franklin Inst; Am. Geog. Soc; 
Phila. Geog. Soc. (pres, 95); Appalachian Mt. 
Club; cor. mem. Wyoming (Pa) Hist, and Geol. 
Ass; hon. mem. Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz; fel. Eoyal 
Geog. Soc. Mountains; caves; polar discoveries; 
comparative art. 

Balch, Francis N(oyes), 60 State St, Boston, 
Mass. Biology. Boston, Nov. 23, 73. A.B, Har- 
vard, 96, A.M, 97, LL.B, 00; Woods Hole, 96; 
U. S. Fish Commission, 97; Cold Spring Harbor, 
98, 99; Bermuda, 10. Mem. Mass. Constitu- 
tional Convention, 17-19; Mass. Legislature, 19- 
Boston Finance Commission. A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Boston Mala- 
col. Club (v. pres and past pres) ; London Mala- 
col. Soc; Conehol. Soc. of Gt. Britain and Ire- 
land. Coloration of Mollusca; bird migration 
and coloration; chromatophores of cephalopods; 
the Nudibranchiata. 

Balcom, Dr. E. W(ilfred), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D, C. Chemistry. 
Morden, N. S, Nov. 18, 77. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 00, Austin fellow, 02-04; Ph.D, Heidel- 
berg, 05. Asst. anal, chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
00-02; instr. gen. and physical chem, Michigan, 
05-06, anal, chem, 06-07; asst. chemist, bur. 
chem, V. S. Dept. Agr, 07-09, acting chief, U. 
S. Food and Drug Inspection Lab, Nashville, 
Tenn, 09-11, chief, 11-14, food investigation 
chemist, 14- A. A; Chem. Soc. Physical, ana- 
lytical and food chemistry. 

Baidauf, Dr. Leon K(alm), 205 W. Breckenridge 
St, Louisville, Ky. Internal medicine. Louis- 
ville, Ky, Dec. 17, 77. Ph.G, Phila. Col. Phar- 
macy, 96; A.B, Hopkins, 01, M.D, 05. Instr. 
path, and bacter, Albany Med. Col, 05-07; asst, 
city pathologist, St. Louis, Mo, 07-10; prof, 
path, and bacter, Louisville, 10-14; practising 

physician, internal med, 15- Ass. Path, and 
Bact. Arteriosclerosis ; experimental leucocytosis 
and leucopenia; fatty infiltration of the liver; 
ccrebro-^pinnl syphilis. 

Ealderston, Prof. Lloyd, Hokkaido Imperial Uni- 
versity, Sapporo, Japan. Chemistry. Colora. Md, 
July 3, 63. B.S, Pennsylvania, 02. Ph.D, 04. 
Teacher physics, chem. and math, various schools, 
85-03; physics, State Nor. Sch, West Chester, 
Pa, 04-IU; chemist, Elk Tanning Co, lU-17; 
prof, leather chem. and technol^ EolcJcaido Imp. 
Univ, 17- Assoc, ed, 'Leather and Glue,' 12-17. 
Inter. Ass. Leather Trade Chemists. A.A; 
Leather Chem. Ass. (mem. council, 12-14, assoc. 
ed, 'Jour,' 12-17). Speed of sound in liquids; 
microbiology of tan liquors; chrome tanning 
liquors; Japanese tanning materials. 

Ealdwin, Dr. Bird T(homas), University of Iowa, 
Iowa City, Iowa. *Psychology, Education. Mar- 
shalton. Pa, May 31, 75. B.S, Swarthmore, 00, 
traveling fellow, 02-03; Pennsylvania, 01-02; 
A.M, Harvard, 03, Ph.D, 05; Leipzig, 06. 
Principal, Friends' Schools, Moorestown, N. J, 
00-02; asst. psychol. and logic, Harvard, 03- 
04, educ, summer, 04; prof, pedag, West Ches- 
ter State Nor. Sch, 05-06, psychol, 06-10; 
lecturer psychol. and educ, Swarthmore, 06-10; 
assoc. prof. educ. and head, sch. of art of teach- 
ing, Texas, 10-12; prof, psychol, Swarthmore, 
12-17; research prof, Iowa, and director, Child 
Welfare Research Sta, 17- Lecturer educ. psy- 
chol, Chicago, 09-10; prof, Hopkins, summers, 

15, 16, fall and winter, 16-17; major, Sanit. C, 
18-19; chief psychologist and director recon- 
struction, Walter Reed Hosp. A.A. (sec'y, Q) ; 
Psychol. Ass. (chairman, committee on certifi- 
cation of psychologists). Educational psychol- 
ogy; physical growth and school progress. 

Ealdwin, Dr. Edward R, Saranac Lake, N. Y''. 
"Medicine. Bethel, Conn, Sept. 8, 64. M.D, 
Y'ale, 90, hon. A.M, 14. Lab. asst, med. dept, 
Yale, 89-90; intern, Hartford Hosp, 90-92; asst, 
Saranac Lab, 94-15; director, Trudeau Founda- 
tion, 15- A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; emer. 
mem. Am. Pliysicians; Soc. Clin, luvost ; Am. 
Med. Ass; Ass. Tuber; Climat. Ass. Tubercu- 
losis; immunity and infection; tuberculin, 

Ealdwin, Dr. Francis Marsh, Iowa State College, 
Ames, Iowa. Zoology. West Upton, Mass, Jan. 

16, 85. A.B, Clark, 06, A.M, 07; Ph.D, Illinois, 

17, Instr. nature and science, Louisville Nor. 
Sch. (Ky), 08-11; prof, biol. West. Md. Col, 
11-15; asst. zool, Illinois, 15-17; asst. prof, 
loiva State, 17-19, assoc. prof, 19-20, prof, 
pliysiol, 20- Bur. Fisheries, Woods Hole, 15; 
asst. zool, Illinois, summer, 16. Physiol. Soc; 
Iowa Acad. Earthworm; Amblystom'a; carotid, 
aorta and subclavian arteries of the rabbit; 
permeability of sea-urchin egg; consumption of 
oygen in marine forms. 

Ealdwin, Dr. Fred (eric) k A(mos), Yfetropolitan 
Building, St. Louis, Mo. Pathology. Kalamazoo, 
Mich, May 14, 77. M.D, Michigan, 98, A.B, 02^ 
Sc.D, 04. Asst. histol, Michigan, 96-97, instr. 
path, 98-04; asst. city bacteriologist and pa- 
thologist, St. Louis, 04-07; prof. path. Baylor, 
07. Ass. Path, and Bact. Yellow elastic and 
reticulum tissues in tumors of the skin; local- 
izations of tuberculosis; carcinoma of the pan- 



creas; inflammations of mucous membranes; 
pituitary {rjand; multiple auemic infarcts of the 
liver; changes in bone marrow produced by 
splenectomy and hemolytic agents; chylothorax; 
pathology of thoracic duct. 

Baldwin, G(eorge) Clyde, Federal Building, 
Idaho Falls, Idaho. Civil engineering. Kins- 
man, Ohio, April 14, 84. B.S, Kansas, 06. Sur- 
veyor, Alaska Boundary Surv, 06-09; junior en- 
gineer, asst. engineer and later hydraulic engi- 
neer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 10- Aid, U. S. Coast and 
Geod. Surv, 03-04, 05. Assoc. Civil Eng; Ass. 
Eng. Hydrometry; stream measurements; 
water distribution. 

Baldwin, Prof. J(ames) Mark, Harris Forbes and 
Co, 56 William St, New York. N. Y, and 118 
Rue d'Assas, Paris, France. *Fsychology, Phi- 
losophy, Biology. Columbia, S. C, Jan. 12, 61. 
A.B, Princeton, 84, A.M, 87, Ph.D, 89; Leip- 
zig and Berlin, 84-85; hon. Sc.D, Oxford, 99; 
LL.D, Glasgow, OO; South Carolina, 05; Sc.D, 
Geneva, 09. Instr. modern languages, Prince- 
ton, 86; prof, philoa, Lake Forest, 87-90; 
Toronto, 90-93; psychol, Princeton, 93-03; philos. 
and psychol. Hopkins, 03-09; hon. prof, Mexico. 
10-15; 2^'''(^fy Ecole dcs Hautes Etudes Socinle.^, 
Paris, 19- Spencer lecturer, Oxford, 16. Com- 
mander, Imp. Order St. Sava, Servia, 19; Cheva- 
lier Legion d 'honneur, 18. Mem. .jury of awards, 
Columbian Expos, 93; co-editor, 'Johnson's Cy- 
clopedia.' 93; 'Psychol. Rev,' 94-10. Gold 
medal, Denmark Royal Acad, 97. Int. Cong. 
Psychol, London, 92 (v. pres) ; Int. Cong. Crim- 
inal Anthrop, Geneva, 96 (hon. pres) ; Int. Inst. 
Soeiol, 98; v. pres, 10. A. A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. 
Ass. (pres, 97); Philos. Ass; Philos. Soc; S. Soc. 
Philos. (pres, 04-08); London Aristot. Soc; 
London Soeiol. Soc; for. cor. Inst, de France; 
Belgrade Royal Acad; Tokyo Royal Acad. Ge- 
netic logic; affective logic; esthetics; sociology. 

Baldwin, S(amuel) Prentiss, Williamson Build- 
ing, Cleveland, Ohio. Geology, Ornithologi/. 
Cleveland, Oct. 26, 68. A.B, Dartmouth, 92, 
A.M, 95; LL.B, Western Reserve, 95. Prac- 
tising lawyer, 94-99. A. A; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Geol. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc. Geology of Lake 
Champlain, Muir Glacier, Snake River and New 
Mexico; bird banding through systematic trap- 

Baldwin, W(esley) M(anning), Union University 
Medical College, Albanv, N. Y. Anatomy. 
Troy, N. Y, Aug. 18, 81. Med. Col, Cornell, 
00-04, A.B, 07, A.M, 09, M.D, 11; Bonn and 
Wiirzburg, 11-13. Asst. anat, med. col. Cornell, 
04-06, asst. demonstrator, 06-07, instr, 07-09, 
09-14, asst. prof, 14-15; prof. Union Med. Col, 
15- A. A; Ass. Anat; Anat. Gesell. Human 
anatomy and histology; duodenal diverticula; 
accessory pancreatic duet; minor duodenal pa- 
pilla; histology of mu.scle cells; tendon fibrillae; 
effect of ultra-violet and X-rays on tissues, par- 
ticularly embryonic. 

Baldwin. William J(ames), World Building, 61 
Park Row, New York, N. Y. Civil and mechan- 
ical enqinecring. Waterford, Ireland, June 14, 
44. Pub. schools, Boston; private tutors in 
sciences. Engaged in shipbuilding and naval 
construction with Donald McKay, Civil War; 
asst. naval constructor, Paraguayan War, Bra- 

zil; consulting engineer, 6S- Prof, thermal eng, 
Brooklyn Polytech ; assoc. ed, ' Eng. Record. ' 
Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; assoc. mem. Inst. Archit. 
Steam heating; hot water heating and fitting; 

Balfour, Prof. Donald C(hurch), 427 S. Glencoe 
St, Rochester, Minn. Surgery. Toronto, Can, 
Aug. 22, 82. M.B, Toronto, 06, M.D, 14. Assoc, 
prof, surg, Minnesota, 15- Surgeon, St. Mary's 
Hosp, Rochester. Surg. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; 
Soc. Clin. Surg; Ry. Surg; Interurban Clin. 
Soc; West. Surg. Ass. Thyroid; gastric ulcer; 

Balke, Dr. Clarence W(illiam), 27 Linden Ave, 
Highland Park, 111. Chemistry. Auburn, Ohio, 
March 29, 80. A.B, OberliU, 02; Ph.D. Pennsyl- 
vania, 05. Instr. chem, Oberlin, summer session, 
03 ; acting prof, physics and chem, Kenyon, 03- 
04; research fellow, Pennsylvania, 05-06, instr, 
chem, 06-07; assoc, Illinois, 07-10, asst. prof, 
and later prof, inorg. chem, 10-16; chem. direc- 
tor, Fansteel Products Co, 16- A.A; Chem. Soc. 
Atomic weights of columbium, tantalum and rare 
earths: metallic cerium, tungsten and molyb- 

Ball, Prof. Albert, Cooper Union, New York, N. 
Y. Physics. Perrysburg, N. Y, July 14, 73. 
A.B, Cornell, 01. Instr. physics, Pratt Inst, 01- 
05; Cooper Union, 05-07, asst. prof, 07-12, prof, 
in charge, 12- A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; 
Eng. Educ. 

Ball, Carleton R(oy), U. S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D. C. Agronomy. Little 
Rock, Iowa, June 12, 73. B.S, Iowa State, 96, 
M.S, 99, Sc.D, 20. Asst. bot, Iowa State, 96-98, 
asst. botanist, Exp. Sta, 97-98; asst. agrostolo- 
gist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 99-05. agronomist, bur. 
plant indust, 06-18, cereaJist in charge, ofp.ce 
cereal investigation, 18- A.A; Soc. Agron. 
(sec'y. 10-14, pres, 16); Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; 
Iowa Acad; Wash. Bot. Soc. (v. pres, 19) ; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Wash. Acad. Administration of re- 
search; wheat and grain sorghums; taxonomy of 
willows and grasses. 

Ball, Prof. E(lmer) D(arwin), Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, Iowa. Entomology, .\thens, Vt, 
Sept. 21, 70. B.S, Iowa State, 95, M.S, 98; 
fellow, Ohio State, 00-01, Ph.D, 07. Asst. zool. 
and entom, Iowa State, 95-97; Colo. Agr. Col, 
97-01, assoc. prof, 01-02; prof. Utah Col, 02- 
07, director, exp. sta. and dean, seh. of agr, 07- 
16, state entomologist, Wisconsin, 16-18; prof, 
sool. and entom. loua State, 18- A.A; Entom. 
Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Ecol. Soc; Iowa Acad; 
Utah Acad. (pres. 10); Davenport Acad; Wa,sh. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Taxonomy and 
life-histories of Hemiptera-Homoptera; N'orth- 
American Cercopidae, Fulgoridae and Jassidae; 
codling moth and beet leaf -hoppers ; Jassidae of 
Mexico; insect carriers of plant diseases; in- 
heritance of fecundity in fowls. 

BaU, F(rank) H, Penberthy Injector Co, Detroit, 
Mich. Steam engineering. Oberlin, Ohio. High 
pch. V. pres. and gen. manager. Am. Engine 
Co; manager, Penberthy Injector Co. Mech. 
Eng. (v. pres). Steam engines; carburetion for 
gasoline engines; apparatus for metering the 
air and gasoline. 



Ball, Max W(aite), Box 930, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Geology. Munson, 111, Sept. 9, 85. E.M, Colo. 
Sch. Mines, 06. Field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
06-07, geol. aid, 07-08, junior geologist, 08-09, 
asst. geologist, 09-14, geologist, 15-16; mining 
engineer, U. S. Bur. Mines, 16-17; cMef geolo- 
gist, Eocky Mt. div, Koxana Petrol. Corp. 17-18, 
manager, 18-20; gen. manager, Matador Petrol. 
Co, 20- A. A; Min. Eng; Ass. Petrol. Geol; 
Petrol. Inst; "Wash. Geol. Soc. Economic geol- 
ogy; conservation; economics of petroleum in- 
dustry; Little Snake River coalfield, Wyoming; 
placers of northern Routt County, Colorado; oil 
fields of the United States. 

Ball, Prof. Oscar M(elville), College Station, Tex. 
Botany. Miami, Mo, Aug. 25, 68. Oklahoma, 
92-93; fellow, Virginia, 96-97, A.B, 97; Bonn, 
OO; Ph.D, Leipzig, 03. Instr. bot, Virginia, 
95-96; prof. chem. and biol. Miller Sch, Va, 
97-00; bot. and mvcol, Tex. Col, 03-10, biol, 
10- A.A ; Tex. Acad ; Bot. GeseU. Plant physi- 
ology and pathology; paleobotany; soil bacteri- 
ology; nitrogen-fixing bacteria of legumes; eco- 
nomic botany. 

Ball, Dr. S(tanley) C (rittenden) , 151 Sumner 
Ave, Springfield, Mass. Zoology. Shelbume 
Falls, Mass, Nov. 19, 85. Ph.B, Yale, 11, Ph.D, 
15. Draftsman, marine biol. lab, Carnegie In- 
stitution, Tortugas, Fla, 13-14; asst. curator 
zool, Peabody Museum, Yale, 15-16; instr, Mass. 
Col, 16-18; prof, biol, Int. Y. M. C. A. Col, 18- 
Anatomy; histology; physiology; migration of 

Ball, Dr. Sydney H(obart), 42 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Geology. Chicago, 111, Dec' 11, 79. 
A.B, Wisconsin, 01, Ph.D, 10. Asst. geologist. 
Mo. Bur. of Mines and Geol, 01-02; asst. geol, 
Wisconsin, 03-04; geol. aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
04-05, asst. geologist, 0.5-07; chief geologist, 
Soc. Int. Forestiere et Miniere du Congo, 07-09; 
consulting mining geologist, 09- Cbevalier Bel- 
gian Royal Order of the Lion, 19. A.A; Min. 
Eng; Min. and Metal. Soc; Geol. Soc; Wash. 
Geol. Soc; British Inst. Min. and Metal; Soc. 
Beige de Geol. Geology of Miller County, Mis- 
souri; reconnaissance in southwestern Nevada; 
areal geology of the Georgetown (Colo) quad- 
rangle; geology of Belgian Congo; precious 

Ball, Prof. T(heodore) R(olly), 6043 Kingsbury 
Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry. Marshall- 
town, Iowa, July 29, 83. B.S, Drake, 08; Har- 
vard, 08-09; M.S, Illinois, 14, fellow, 15-16, 
Ph.D, 16. Instr. chem. Drake, 10-13; Illinois, 
16-17; asst. prof. Washington (St. Louis), 17- 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, St. Louis sect, 19). Inor- 
ganic chemistry; physical chemistry; ionization 
in mixed electrol.vtes. 

Ballard, Prof. Charles W, 115 W. 68th St, 
New York, N. Y. Pharmacognosy. New York, 
July 6, 87. Ph.Ch, Columbia, 07, Phar.D, 08, 
A.M, 11. Instr. pharmacog, Columbia, 07-18, 
prof, 18- Pharmacognosist, S. B. Penick Co, 
14-17; mieroanalyst, Health Dept. N. Y. City, 
17- Pharmaceut. Ass. Food and drug botany; 
microscopy of food and drug products. 

Ballard, H(arlan) H(oge), 247 South St, Pitts- 
field, Mass. Natural history. Athens, Ohio, 
May 26, 53. Olivet, 69-70; A.B, A.M, WU- 

liams, 75. Principal, high sch, Lenox, Mass, 
74-80; Lenox Acad, 80-86; librarian and cura- 
tor, Berkshire Athenaeum and Museum, Pittsfield. 
Mass, 88- Dept. ed, 'St. Nicholas,' 80-86; ed, 
'Swiss Cross,' 86-88; 'Popular Science News,' 
88-92. Medal, Columbian Expos, 93. A.A; 
Agassiz Ass. (founder. 75, pres, 75-05). Meth- 
ods of interesting youth in natural science. 
Ballard, Prof. W(alter) R(ayinond), College Park, 
Md. Horticulture. Towanda, 111, May 8, 78. 
B.S, Kansas State, 05. Asst. horticulturist, Md. 
Exp. Sta, 06-11, pomologist, 12-18; garden spe- 
cialist, States Relations Service, 18-19; asst. 
prof, pomol, Maryland, and in charge, small 
fruit investigations, Exp. Sta, 19-20, specialist, 
veg. and landscape gardening, exten. service, 
20- Soc. Hort. Sci. Plant breeding; orchards; 
small fruits. 

Ballard, W(illiam) S(alisbury), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Plant pathol- 
ogy. Platteville, Wis, May 29, 81. A.B, Illi- 
nois, 04. Asst. bot, Illinois, 0406; scientific 
asst, asst. pathologist and later pathologist, fruit 
disease investigations, bur. plant indust, 77. St 
Dept. Agr, 06- A.A; Phytopath. Soc; Chem. 
Soc. Parasitic and physiological diseases of 

Ballou, H(enry) A(rtliur), Imperial Department 
of Agriculture, Barbados, B. W. I. Zoology, 
Entomology. West Swanzey, N. H, July 23. 72. 
B.S, Mass. Col, 95, M.S, 06. Employed by Gipsy 
Moth Committee, Mass, 95 ; instr. bot, forestry * 
and entom, Conn. Col, 97-01; asst. bot. lab, 
Mass. Col, 01-02; entom/)logist. Imp. Dept. Apr, 
B. W. I, 03- A.A; for. mem. Ass. Eeon. En- 
tom. Agricultural zoology. 

Bancroft, Dr. Frank W(atts) R. D. Box 81, Con- 
cord, Calif. Physiology, Zoology. San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, Oct. 18, 71. B.S, California, 94, 
M.S, 96; A.M, Harvard, 96, Ph.D, 98; Berlin, 
98-99; Naples Zool. Sta, 99. Instr. and later 
asst. prof, physiol, California, 00-11; assoc. 
exp. biol, Rockefeller Inst, 11-12, physiol, 12. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Anatomy, embryol- 
ogy and physiology of the tunicates; general 
physiology; morphogenesis; action of saline 

Bancroft, Geo(rge) J(arvis), Bancroft Block, 
Denver, Colo. Milling engineering. Denver, 
Sept. 10, 73. B.S, Stanford, 95;' Colo. Sch. 
Mines, 96. Ed, 'Min. Science.' 08- Min. Eng; 
Colo. Sci. Soc. Origin of ore deposits. 

Bancroft, Prof. Geo(rge) K(ussell), Morgan- 
town, W. Va. Chemistry. Wevmouth, N. S, 
.luly 7, 78. B.A, Acadia, 06; A.B, Yale. 
14. 'Silliman fellow, 1.5-17, Ph.D, 17. Principal, 
pub. schools, Freeport, N. S, 98-99, 00-03, 06- 
07 ; science master, Halifax Acad, 07-13 ; asst. 
instr. chem, Yale, 14-17; prof. chem. and 
physics, Transylvania, 17-18; asst. prof. org. 
chem, Kentucky, 18-20; assoc. prof. West Vir- 
ginia, 20- Chem. Soc. (seeV, Lexington sect, 
18) ; Ky. Acad; N. S. Inst. Organic chemistry; 
esters derived from substituted aliphatic alcohols. 

Bancroft, Dr, J(oseph) Austen, McGill Univer- 
sity, 461 Grosvenor Ave, Montreal, Can. Geol- 
ogy. North Sydney, N. S, April 8, 82. B.A, 
Acadia, 03; Yale, 04, A.M, 06; Ph.D, McGiU, 
10. Demonstrator geol, McGill, 05-08, lecturer, 



08-10, asPt. prof.. 10-11. assoc. prof, 11-13, 
Daivson prof, 13- Geol. See; Can. Min. Inst; 
fel. Royal, See. Canada; Montreal Nat. Hist. 
Soc. Petrography and economic geology; geol- 

. ogy of coast and islands between the strait of 
Georgia and Queen Charlotte Sound, B. C; 
copper deposits. 

Bancroft, M(erle) FCowler), 50 Carling Ave. Ot- 
tawa, Can. Geoloyy. North Sydney, N. S, Nov. 
2, 90. B.A, Acadia, 11; A.B, Yale, 13, fellow, 
13-15. Engineer, Price Bros, and Co, 11-12; 
asst. geologist, Can. Geol. Surv. Field asst. 
Can. Geol. Surv, summers, 10-16. Geology of 
the Kootenay Lake, the Slocan and Lardeau 

Bancroft, Prof. Wilder D (wight), 7 East Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Physical chemistry. Middle- 
town, R. 1, Oct. 1, 67. A.B, Harvard, 88; Ph.D, 
Leipzig, 92; hon. Sc.D, Lafayette, 19. Asst. 
chem, Harvard, 88-89, 93-94. instr. 94-95; asst. 
prof, physical chem, Cornell, 95-03, prof, OS- 
FA, Mour. of Physical Chem,' 96-; chairman, 
div. chem, Nat. Research Council, 19-; lieut. col, 

' C. W. S. Nat. Acad; Philos. Soc; Chem. Soc. 
(pres, 10); Physical Soc; Electroehcm. Soc. 
(pres, 05, 19); Am. Acad; hon. mem. London 
Chem. Soc. Phase rule; mass law; electrochem- 
istry; alloys; irreversible reactions; chemistry 
of light; colloid chemistry. 

Bangham, Prof. R(alph) V(andervoort), 4417 
Gaston Ave, Dallas, Tex. Biology. Wilming- 
ton, Ohio, Feb. 26, 94. A.B, Wilmington, 15; 
B.S, Haverford, 16, A.M, 17. Asst, Haverford, 
16-17, instr. biol, 17-18; prof, Tex. Col, 18-19; 
asst. prof, anat, Baylor, 19- A.A. Trematode 
parasite, Azyga ; mutations in Drosophila virilis; 
degeneration of vagus nerve. 

Bangs, Outram, Museum of Comparative Zoology, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Zoology. Watertown, Mass, 
Jan. 12, 63. Lawrence Sei. Sch, Harvard, 84. 
Jsst. in charge of mammals and birds, museum 
comp. zool. Harvard, 00- A.A; fel. Ornith. 
l^nion; Soc. Mammal; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; 
Nuttall Ornith. Club. Mammals; birds. 

Banker, Prof. Howard J(ames), Eugenics Record 
Office, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. Mycology. 
Schaghticoke, N. Y, April 19, 66. A.B, Syra- 
cuse, 92; A.M, Columbia, 00, Ph.D, 06. Instr. 
hiol, Southwestern Nor. Sch, California, Pa, 01- 
04 ; prof, DePauw, 04-10 ; researcher eugenics, 
eugenics record office, Carnegie Institution, 10- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; Eugenics Re- 
search Ass. Hydnaceae. 

Banks, H(enry) W(ard), 3d, Noroton, Conn. 
Chemistry. Englnwood, N. .7^ Oct. 28, 90. A.B, 
Williams, 13; Columbia, 13-14, fellow, 16-17. 
Chemist, Harriman Research Lab, Roosevelt 
Hosp, N. Y. City, 14-16; Marvin Davis Labora- 
tories, 19-20; Banks and Craig, 20- In mil. 
service, 16, 17-19. A.A; Chem. Soc. Industrial 
and food chemistry; nephelomctry ; chemical de- 
tection of blood. 

Banks, Dr. John H(enry), 26 .loliii St. Now 
York, N. Y. Mining engineering. New York, 
Nov. 28, 61. E.M, Columbia, 83, fellow, 85-90, 
Ph.D, 95. .\nal. worker, Ledoux and Ricketts, 
83-85; asst. to Prof. P. de P. Ricketts, Colum- 
bia, 85-90; mem. firm Ricketts and Banks, 90- 

15; consulting engineer and metallurgist, 15- 
Min. Eng; Soe. Chem. Indust. Metallurgy. 

Banks, Nathan, Lexington, Mass. *EntomoJopif. 
Roslyn, N. Y, April 13, 68. B.S, Cornell, 89, 
M.S, 90. Agent, div. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
90-92, asst. entomologist, 96-16; curator insecis, 
museum comp. zool. Harvard, 16- Entom. Soc 
(pres, 18); Cambridge Entom. Club; N. Y. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc; Phila. Entom. 
Soc; assoc. Phila. Acad. Systematic American 
araehnology; neuropterology ; geographical dis- 
tribution and habits of insects; catalogues of 
Neuroptera of the world and of American Ar- 
achnida and Heteroptera and fossorial Hymenop- 
tera; mimicry and protective resemblance in 

Banta, Dr. A(rthur) M(angun), Cold Spring Har- 
bor, L. I, N. Y. * Zoology. Greenwood. Ind, 
Dec. 31, 77. A.B, Indiana, 03, A.M, 04; Ph.D, 
Harvard, 07. Instr. pub. schools, 95-97; prin- 
cipal, high school, 99-01; asst. zool, Indiana, 
03-05; Harvard, 05-07; prof, biol, Marietta, 
07-09; res. investigator, sta. for exp. evolution, 
Carnegie Institution, 09- A.A; Soe. Nat; Soc. 
Zool; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soe. Ichthyol. and Herp; 
Ecol. Soe; Ind. Acad; Ohio Acad. Speleology; 
animal behavior; inhibition of development of 
melanin pigment in animals; effects of selection; 
comparative physiology and effects of changed 
environment on eavernicolous and non-caverni- 
colous animal species; sex determination. 

Barach, Dr. Joseph H{ayem), 5745 Beacon St, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Medicine. Kalvary, Poland, 
March 12, 82. M.D, Pittsburgh, ' 03. Res. 
physician, West. Pa. Hosp, 03-04, res. patholo- 
gist, 05 ; pathologist, Eye and Ear Hosp, 04-0? , 
South Side Hosp, 10; visiting physician, Prest. 
Hosp, 10-16; consulting physician, dept. health, 
Carnegie Inst. Tech, 20- Cnpt, M.C, 18-19. 
Cong. Sch. Hygiene, Buffalo, 11; Int. Cong. Hy- 
giene and Demog, Washington, 10. A.A; Am. 
Med. Ass; fel. Col. Physicians. INIorphology of 
the blood; physics of ]ihysical diagnosis; cardio- 
vascular system in health and disease. 

Barbeau, C(harles) Marius, Geological Survey, 
Ottawa, Can. Anthropology. Beauce, Que, 
March 5, 83. B.A. Laval, 03, LL.L. 07; B.^^c, 
Oxford, 10; Sorbonne, 09. Asst. anthropologist. 
Can. Geol. Surv, 11, assoc. anthropologist, 19- 
Assoc. ed, 'Jour. Am. Folk-lore,' 16- Folk-lore 
Soc; Royal Soc. Can. (hon. treas, 20-); cor. 
mem. Paris Soc. des Am^ricanistes. Folk-lore ; 
Wyandot, Huron, Iroquoian and Tsimshian eth- 
nography; French and English folk-lore of Can- 

Barber, E(mest) R, Audubon Park, New Orleans, 
La. Entomology. Liverpool, England, Oct. 12, 
84. Ont. Agr." Col, 03. With bur. entom, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 11- A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom. Con- 
trol of insect pests. 

Barber, Herbert S(pencer), U. S, National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. C. Entomology. Yank- 
ton, S. Dak, April 12, 82. Pub. schools. Asst. 
preparator, IT. S. Nat. Museum, 97-02; U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 02-04; U. S. Nat. Museum, Oi-; 
asst, U. S. Dept. Agr, 08- A.A; Entom. Soc; 
Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. Acad; Wash. Entom. 
Soc. Coleoptera. 



Barber, Prof, M(arshall) A(lbert), University of 
Teimesscc, Memphis, Tenn. Bacteriology. Crown 
Point, Ind, Nov. 22, &8. A.B, Kansas, 91; A.B, 
Harvard, 92, A.M, 94, Ph.D, 07. Asst. hot, 
Harvard, 92-93; asst. and assoc. prof. bot. and 
bacter, Kansas, 94-06, prof, bacter. find path, 
med. sch, 06-11; with Bur. Science, P. I, 12-15; 
Int. Health Board, 16-17; major, Sanit. C, 18; 
with Eockefeller Inst, 18-19; special expert, 
malaria research, U. S. Pul). Health Service, 21- 
Barber, T(homas) C(aldweU), Box 639, Browns- 
ville, Tex. Entomology. Liverpool, England. 
July 27, 81. B.A.Sc, Toronto, 04. Hort. inspec- 
tor, 111, 06-07; asst. entomologist. La, 07-10; 
in charge sugar cane insect investigations, bur. 
entom, TJ. S. Dept. Agr, 11-12; entomologist, 
Sugar Exp. Sta, Tucuman, Argentina, 12-14; 
Delta Lab, Tallula, La, 14-16; Fed. Hort. Board, 
17-18, in charge, sugar cane investigations, 
Broiunsville, Tex, 18- A. A; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Entom. Soc. 
Barber, Prof. W(illiam) Haxley, 416 Woodside 
Ave, Eipon, Wis. Physics. Black Earth, Wis, 
Aug. 28, 78. B.S, Wisconsin, 01, A.M, 09; Chi- 
cago, summers, 11-13, 14. Asst. principal, high 
school, Eipon, Wis, 01-04, principal, 04-05; asst. 
Bur. Standards, 05-06; prof, physics, Eipon, 06-, 
registrar, 10-15, dean, 15-, acting pres, 17-18. 
Asst. physics, Chicago, summer, 13. Physical 
Soc; Ass. Prof; Wis. Acad. Oil-drop falling in 
hydrogen gas. 
Barber, Dr. William Howard, 616 Madison Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Surgery. New York, 86. 
A.B, Columbia, 09, M.D,'ll. Instr. surg, N. Y. 
Polyclinic, 14-16 ; instr. surg, Univ. and Belle- 
vue Hosp. Med. Col, 15-19, lecturer and direc- 
tor, lah. exp. surg, 19-, asst. attending surgeon, 
Bellevue Hosp, 18- A.A; Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. 
Med. Ass; Col. Surg; N. Y. Acad. Med. Surgery 
of the stomach and intestine. 
Barbour, Prof. Erwln H(inckley), University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Geology. Springfield, 
Tnd. A.B, Yale, 82, Ph.D, 87. Asst. paleontolo- 
gist, U. S. Geol. Surv, under Prof. O. C. Marsh 
at Yale, 82-89; prof, geol, Grinnell, 89-91; head 
prof, Nebraslca, state geologist and curator. 
State Museum, 01- With U. S. Geol. and 
Hydrog. Surv. A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; 
Soc. Vert. Paleont; Ass. Mus; mem. Ornith. 
Union; Nebr. Acad; Nebr. Ornith. Union. Ver- 
tebrate paleontology. 
Barbour, Dr. Henry Gray, Yale University, New 
Haven, Conn, Pharmacology. Hartford, Conn, 
March 28, 86. A.B, Trinity, 06; M.D, Hopkins, 
10, fellow, 10-11; Freiburg, 11; Vienna, 12; 
London, 13. Asst. prof, pharmacol, Yale, 12- 
A.A; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Pharmacol ; Soc. Exp. 
Biol. Regulation of body temperature; fever; 
periodic respiration; drug effects on mammalian 
arteries; pyretic and antipyretic drugs; amines; 

Barbour, Thomas, Museum of Comparative Zool- 
ogy, Cam])ridgo, Mass. *Zoology. Martlias Vine- 
yard, Mass, Aug. 19, 84. A.B, Harvard. 06, 
A.M, 08, Ph.D. 11. Curator Ocronica, Harvard 
Library, 08-, assoc. curator, reptiles and am- 
phibians, museum comp. sool. Harvard, 10-, 
instr, sch. trap, med, 14-, mem. faculty, Peabody 
Museum, IS- Gold medal. Harvard Travellers 

Club, 07. Delegate, Pan-Am. Scientific Cong, 
Santiago, Chile, 08-09. A.A; mem. Ornith. 
Union; Soc. Mammal; Am. Acad; Explorers 
Qub; fel. N. Y. Zool. Soc; Phila. Acad; Bos- 
ton Soc. Nat. Hist; Wash. Biol. Soc; Nuttall 
Ornith. Club; hon. fel. Acad. Nat. Phys. Med. 
Sci, Cuba; fel. Royal Geog. Soc; Royal Asiatic 
Soc. Herpetology; geographical distribution; 
fishes and reptiles. 

Barbour, William C(lay), C.-ntral High School, 
Newark, N. J. Botany. Newark Valley, N. Y, 
Nov. 15, 77. B.Se, N. Y. Univ, 13; N. Y. Bot. 
Garden. Teacher, high sch, Sayre, Pa; Sucea- 
sunna, N. J; N. Y. City. A.A; Micros. Soc; 
Fern Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; Bot. Soc. Copen- 
hagen. Lichenology; ecology of mosses; sper- 

Bardecn, Dr. C(harles) R(usseU), University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. *Anatomy. Kala- 
mazoo, Mich, 71. A.B, Harvard, 93 ; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 97. Asst. anat, HopTcins, 97-99, af?60c, 
99-01, assoe. prof, 01-04; prof, Wisconsin, 04-, 
dean, med. sch, 07- A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat; 
Soc. Zool; Soc. Exp. Biol. Experimental morph- 
ology; growth of skeleton, muscles and nerves 
in vertebrates ; variation in distribution of nerves 
in man; regeneration in planarians; action of 
X-rays on development; size of human heart; 
proportions of human body during post-natal 

Bardwell, Prof. Fred Ij(eslie), University of Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Chemistry. Excel- 
sior, Minn, Sept. 2, 58. B.S, Minnesota, 81 ; 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 84. Asst. chem, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 84-86, instr, 86-94, asst. prof, 94- 
11, Case, 11-15. Lecturer chem, Minnesota, 17- 
19. Work for various india-rubber mfg. and 
culture companies. A.A; Chem. Soc. India- 

Bareis, Prof. Grace M(arie), 201 W. 11th Ave, 
Columbus, Ohio. Mathematics. Canal Winches- 
ter, Ohio. A.B, Heidelberg (Ohio), 97; Brvn 
Mawr, 97-99, 02-06; fellow, Ohio State, 06-08, 
Ph.D, 09. Teacher, Miss Roney's Sch, Bala, Pa,. 
00-06; asst. prof, math, Ohio State, 08- Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Groups. 

Barkan, Prof. A(dolf), 2209 Laguna St, San 
Francisco, Calif. Medi-cine. Eperies, Hungarv, 
Jan, 45. M.D, Vienna, 66; Zurich; LL.D, Glas- 
gow, 02. Asst. physiol, Graz, Austria, 67; 
junior asst, eye dept, Vienna Hosp, 6S; prof, 
ophthal. and otol. Cooper Med. Col, 72-; Stan- 
ford, 09- Eye and ear surgeon. Lane's Hosp; 
German Hosp; Hebrew Orphan Asylum. A.A; 
Am. Med. Ass; San Fi-aneiseo Soc. Eye, Ear and 
Throat Surg. (pres. 09); Otol. Gesell; Heidel- 
berg Ophthal. Gesell; hon. mem. Budapest Soc. 
Physicians and Surg. Embryology of the eye; 
surgery of the eye and ear. 

Barker, Prof. A(ugustus) L(awrence), 524 Lin- 
coln St, Ripon, Wis. Chemistry. Cedar Bluff, 
Ala, Feb. 10, 88. B.S, Alabama, 10, fellow, 
10-11, M.S, 11; fellow, Chicago, 14-15. Instr. 
biol, Alabama, 11-13; asst. prof, chem, Missis- 
sippi, 15-16; instr. physiol, Emory, 16-17; prof, 
chem, Pipon, 17- Chem. Soc; Wis. Acad. Or- 
ganic ciemistry; biochemistry. 

Barker, Dr. E(Imer) Eugene, Insular Experi- 
ment Station, Rio Piedras, P. R. Genetics. 



Crown Point, N. Y, Dec. 31, 86. A.B, Cornell, 
10, Ph.D, 14. Scicntilic aid, sta. for exp. evolu- 
tion, Carnegie Institution, 11; asst. prof, plant 
breeding. Cornell, 14-19; plant breeder, Insular 
Exp. Sta, 19-20; chief agronomist, 20- A.A. 
Breeding of native Porto Eican plants; physi- 
ography; the brook stickleback. 
Barker, Prof. E(rnest) F(raiiklin), 720 Haven 
Ave, Ann Arbor, Mich. Thijsics. Listowel, Ont, 
March 16, 86. B.S, Eochester, 08 ; fellow, Michi- 
gan, 13-14, A.M, 13, Ph.D, 15. Instr. math. 
Eochester, 10-12; asst. physics, Michigan, 14- 
15; prof, Western, 15-19; nat. research fellow, 
Michigan, 19- A.A. Infrad-red spectra. 
Barker, Prof. Franklin D(avis), Station A, Lin- 
coln Nebr. Zoology. Ottawa, Kans, Sept. 16, 
77. A.B, Ottawa (Kans), 98, A.M, 00; Ph.D, 
Nebraska, 10; fellow, Harvard, 15. Prof, biol, 
Ottawa (Kans), 98-03; instr. sool, Nebraslca, 
04-05, adj. prof, 06, asst. prof, 06-08, assoc. 
prof, 09-13, prof, IS- Asst. zool, Chicago, sum- 
mers, 99, 00. A.A; Soc. Zool; Micros. Soc ; Nebr. 
Acad, (sec'y). Trematode genus Opisthorchis. 
Blanchard; new trihedral Taenia; situs inversus 
in the Trematoda; variations in trematodes; 
avian parasites; the parasitic fauna of fresh 
water turtles; parasites of muskrats; parasitic 
worms of the Bermudas. 
Barker, Dr. Harold C(harles), University of Penn- 
svlvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Physics. Philadel- 
phia, Dec. 3, 75. B.S, Pennsylvania, 03, A.M, 
05, Ph.D, 07. Asst. cheni, Drexel Inst, 96-98; 
physics. Pennsylvania, 03-04, instr, 04-10. asst. 
prof, 10-19, prof, 19- Physical Soc. Peltier 
eloctromotivQ force. 
Barker, Dr. LeweUys F(ranklin), Johns Hopkins 
Hospital, Baltimore, Md. ^Medicine. Norwich, 
Ont, Sept. 16, 67. M.B, Toronto, 90, hon. M.D, 
05 ; fellow, Hopkins, 92-94 ; Leipzig, 95 ; Munich 
and Berlin, 04; LL.D, Queen's (Can), 07; 
McGill, 11. Assoc, anat, Hopkins, 94-97, assoc. 
prof, 97-99, path, 99-00; prof, anat, Chicago, 
and head, dept. anat, Eush. Med. Col, 00-05; 
med, Hopkins, 05-14, din. med, 14-, physi- 
cian-in-chief, Hopkins Hasp, 05-14, visiting 
physician, 14- Asst. res. pathologist, Hopkins 
Hosp, 94-99, Hopkins med. commissioner to 
Philippine Islands, 99; special federal commis- 
sioner from U. S. Treas. Dept. for investigation 
of plague in San Francisco, 01; assoc. ed, 'Am. 
Jour. Anat,' 02-; trustee, Mem. Inst, for In- 
fectious Diseases, Chicago. A.A; Soc. Natr 
Ass. Anat; Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Physi- 
cians (v. pres, 11); Soc. Biol. Chcm; Soc. Clin. 
Invest; Neur. Ass; cor. mem. Edinburgh Medico- 
Chirurg. Soc; cor. mem. Vienna Imp. Med. Soc; 
cor. mem. Budapest Eoyal Soc. Physicians; for. 
mem. Swedish Med. Soc. Structure, physiology 
and pathology of the nervous system; infectious 
diseases; morbid anatomy of hereditary ataxia; 
amino-acids in urine ; pathological physiology of 
the heart; clinical diagnosis of internal dis- 
Barlow, Prof. WCilliam) E(dward), Virginia Poly- 
technic Institute, Blacksburg, Va. Chemistry, 
Metallurgy. Burv, England, May 11, 70. B.A, 
Cambridge, 95, M.A, 99; Ph.D. Gottingen, 03. 
Demonstrator and asst. prof, chem, Iowa, 92-01. 
asst. prof. chem. and metal, 03-04; assoc. prof. 

indust. chem. and metal, Va. Polytech, 04-06, 
prof, metal, and metoXlog, 06-, dean, grad. dept, 
03- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Test. Mat; Steel 
Treat. Soc; Int. Ass. Test. Mat. Metallog- 
raphy; correlation of physical properties of 
alloys with constitution, heat treatment and 
mechanical treatment. 
Barnard, Prof. E(dward) E(raerson), Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, Williams Bay, Wis. *Astronomy. 
Nashville, Tenn, Dec. 16, 57. Vanderbilt, 87; 
A.M, Pacific, 89; hon. Sc.D, Vanderbilt, 93; 
LL.D, Queen's (Can), 09. In charge, Vander- 
bilt Univ. Observatory, 83-87 ; astronomer, 
Lick Observatory, 87-95; prof, practical astron, 
Chicago, and astronomer, Yerkes Observatory, 
95- Mem. U. S. Naval Observatory total eclipse 
exped. to Sumatra, 01; assoc. ed, 'Astron. Jour.' 
Lalande gold medal, Paris Acad, 92, Arago gold 
medal, 93, Janssen gold medal, 00; gold medal, 
Eoyal Astron. Soc, 97; Janssen prize, Soc. 
astron. de France, 06; Bruce gold medal. Pacific 
Astron. Soc, 17. Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres, 98) ; 
Astron. Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc; Am. Acad; 
Philos. Soc; hon. mem. Eoyal Astron. Soc. Can; 
for. assoc. and fel. Eoyal Astron. Soc; Soc. 
astron. de France. Visual and photographic 
astronomy; star clusters; parallax; variable 
stars in clusters; comets; dark nebula; aurorac; 
milky vray; gegenschein; satellites and planets. 
Barnard, H(arry) E(verett), American Institute 
of Baking, Minneapolis, Minn. Chemistry. Dun- 
barton, N. H, Nov. 14, 74. B.S, New Hamp- 
shire, 99. Asst. chemist, N. H. Exp. Sta, 00; 
V . S. Naval Smokeless Powder Factory, Indian 
Head, Md, 01 ; chemist, State Board of Health, 
N. H, 01-05; Ind, 05-19, state food and drug 
commissioner, 07-19; director. Am. Inst. Baking, 
19- Food and drug inspection chemist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr; mem. standards committee, U. S. 
Govt; Lake Mich. Water Commission, 08-09. 
Chem. Soc. (pres, Ind. sect, 06, director, 17-) ; 
Agr. Chem. (referee, food adulteration) ; Ind. 
Sanit. and Water Supply Ass. (pres). Food 
adulteration; sanitation; water supplies; water 
supplies of Indiana; purity of Lake Michigan 
water; preservation of fruit syrups and crushed 
fruits; beer analysis; determination of benzoate 
of soda in foods. 
Barnard, Prof. W(illia)m N(ichols), Cornell Uni- 
versitv, Ithaca, N. Y. Mechanical engineering- 
Canton, 111, April 24, 75. M.E, Cornell, 97. 
Instr. machine design, Cornell, 97-00; chief 
draftsman, The Eussell Engine Co, Massillon, 
Ohio, 01-03 ; asst. prof, machine design, Cornell, 
03-05, power eng, 05-07, prof, 07- A.A; Mech. 
Eng; Eng. Educ. Machine design; steam ma- 
cliincry; heat-power engineering. 

Bamebey, Prof. O(scar) L(eonard), 5543 Claren- 
don Ave, Detroit, Mich. Chemical engineering. 

* Hughesville, Mo. Feb. 23, 86. B.S, Nebra.ska, 
08, A.M, 09; Ph.D, Wisconsin, 12. Instr. chem, 
Nebraska, 08-10; Wisconsin, 10-16; prof, 
Eutgcrs, 16-17; chief research chemist, air re- 
duction service, 17-18; capt, C.W.S, 18-19; 
manager, Nizer Lab. Co, Detroit, 19-; pres, 
Barnehy Cheney Eng. Co, Columbxu^, Ohio, 19- 
Chem. Soc. Inorganic and analytical chem- 
istry; determination of titanium, iodin; cyanid; 
differential iodimetry; manganese; rare earths; 
non-aqueous solutions. 


Barnes, Prof. Fred Asa, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Railroad engineering. Stock- 
bridge, Mass, June 17, 76. C.E, Cornell, 97, 
M.C.E, 98. Draftsman, U. S. Navy, 99; asst. 
res. engineer, Santiago de Cuba, 99-02; instr. 
ry. eng, Cornell, 02-05, asst. prof, 05-15, prof, 
15- A.A; R. R. Eng; Eng. Educ; Civil Eng. 
Railroad surveying and construction. 

Barnes, Dr. Harry Lee, Wallum Lake, R. 1. 
Medicine. Adams, Mass, Aug. 10, 77. M.D, 
Vermont, 98. Med. supt, Stonywold Sanatorium, 
03-04; F. I. State Sanatorium, 05- Am. Med. 
Ass; Climat. Ass. Pulmonary tuberculosis. 

Barnes, Prof. H(o-ward) T(umer), McGill Uni- 
versity, Montreal, Can. Physics. Woburn, 
Mass, July 21, 73. B.A.S, McGill, 93, M.A.S, 
96, Sc.D, 00. Demonstrator physics, McGill, 95- 
98, lecturer, 00-01, asst. prof, 01-06, assoc. prof, 
06-07, Macdonald prof, 07-19, director, Mac- 
donald Physics Building, 09-19. Assoc, ed, 
'Jour. Physical Chem'; Joule studentship, Lon- 
don Royal Soc; Int. Electiotech. Commission; 
British Science Guild (sec'y, Can. committee). 
Int. Elec. Cong, St. Louis, 04 (sec'y, sect. A). 
A.A; Physical Soc; fel. Royal Soc. Can. (pres, 
math, and physics sect, 09) ; fel. Royal Soc; fel. 
Royal Meteor. Soc; Soc. de Physique. Stand- 
ards of electro-motive force ; continuous electric 
calorimetry ; specific heats of water and mer- 
cury; density of ice; variation of the specific 
heat of liquids with temperature ; critical veloc- 
ity of liquids; thermal and electrical measure- 
ments; heating effect of radium; mountain 
temperature; ice formation. 

Barnes, Dr. James, Brvn Mawr, Pa. ^Physics. 
Halifax, N. S, Dee. li, 78. A.B, Dalhousie, 99, 
A.M, 00, 1851 Exhibition scholar, 00-03 ; fellow, 
Hopkins, 03-04, Ph.D, 04. Instr. physics, Hop- 
kins, 04-06; assoc. Bryn Maivr, 06-10, assoc. 
prof, 10-17, prof, 17- A.A; Physical Soc. 
Electrical conductivity and freezing-points of 
mixtures of electrolytes; spectrum analysis with 
interferometers; effect of external conditions on 

Barnes, Dean Jasper C(onverse), Maryville Col- 
lege, Maryville, Tenn. Psychology. Meigsville, 
Ohio, Aug. 28, 61. A.B, Marietta, 90, A.M, 93; 
Ph.D, CMeago, 11. Supt. schools, Belpre, Ohio, 
90-92; prof. educ. and principal, prep, dept, 
Maryville, 92-01, acting prof, psychol. and polit. 
science, 01-03, prof, psychol, 03-, dean, 14- 
Prof. psychol, Summer Sch. of South; mem. 
faculty, Ohio State, summer 20 ; mem. Rhodes 
Scholarship Committee for Tenn, 13-19. A.A; 
Psychol. Ass ; S. Soc. Philos. and Psychol, 
(councilor, pres, 15). Voluntary control; per- 
sonality in the Afro-American. 

Barnes, William, Decatur, 111. Entomoloqy. De- 
catur, Sept. 3, 60. B.S, Harvard, 93, M.D, 96. 
A.A ; Am. Med. Ass. Lepidoptera of North 

Barnes, WiUiam Hutt, 2436 Channing Way, Ber- 
keley, Calif. Bacteriology. Grotiot Co, Mich, 
Sept. 7, 77. A.B, Stanford, 16; A.M, California, 
17. Teacher science, high sch, Manila, P. I, 12- 
13; bacteriologist. Cutter Laboratories, 15-17; 
instr. iacter, California, 17- Soc. Bact. Im- 

Bamett, Prof. E,(obert) J(ohn), Manhattan, Kans. 
Pomology. Denison, Kans, Jan. 16, 74. B.S, 
Kansas State, 95, M.S, 11. Prof, pomol, Wash. 
State, 14-20; Kansas State, 20- A.A; Soc. 
Hort. Sci. Agricultural teaching; apples. 

Bamett, Prof. S(amuel) J(ackson), Department 
of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution, 
Washington, D. C. *Physics. Woodson Co, 
Kans, Dec. 14, 73. Emporia, 89-91; Chicago, 
92-93; A.B, Denver, 94; Virginia, 9.5-96; fel- 
low, Cornell, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. Instr. physics 
.ind biol, Denver, 94-95; asst, astron. ohser\'a- 
tory, Virginia, 95-96, instr. astron, 96; instr. 
and later prof, physics, Colo. Col, 98-00; asst. 
prof, Stanford, 00-05; prof, Tulane, 0.5-11; 
asst. prof, Ohio State, 11-12, prof, 12-18; chief, 
div. exp. work, dept. terrestrial magnetism, Car- 
negie Institrition, 18- Magnetic oltserver, U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 02-04 ; Comstock prize, 
Nat. Acad, 18. A.A; Physical Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. Experimental and 
theoretical electricity and magnetism. 

van Bameveld, Prof. Cha(rle)s E(dwin), Tucson, 
Ariz. Mining and metallurgical engineering. 
Doetinchem, Netherlands, Nov. 26, 74. College 
Commercial, Boulogne; Kings Col, Can; B.S, 
McGill, 93. Mining engineer, 93-96; asst. prof, 
miner, and practical metal, Ariz. Sch. Mines, 
96-97; prof, mining eng, Minnesota, and con- 
sulting mining engineer, 98-13; chief, dept. 
mines and metal, Panama-Pacific Expos, San 
Francisco, 1415; prof, mining, California, 16; 
supt, southtrest sta, V. S. Bur. Mines, 17- Min. 
Eng. Metal mining; copper leaching and con- 

Barney, Dr. I(da), 7 Paradise Road, Northampton, 
Mass. Mathematics. New Haven, Conn, Nov. 
6, 86. A.B, Smith, 08; Ph.D, Yale, 11. Prof. 
math, Rollins, 11-12; asst. Smith, 12-13, instr, 
13-17; asst. prof, Lake Erie, 17-19; prof, Mere- 
dith, 19-20; asst. prof. Smith, SO- A.A; Math. 
Soc. Analysis. 

Barney, R(aymond) L(ivingston), Fairport, Iowa. 
Ichthyology. Providence, R. I, Oct. 21. 91. 
B.S, R. LCol, 15; M.S, Brown, 16. Instr. biol, 
Brown, 15-] 6; temporary asst, U. S. Bur. Fish- 
eries, 16, scientific asst, 16-18, director, Beau- 
fort Lab, 18-20, Fairport Lai. 20- Fisheries 
Soc. Green-gilled oysters; life history of 
Elassoma; Gambusia. 

Bamhart, Dr. John Hendley, New York Botanical 
Garden, Bronx Park, New York. N. Y. Botany. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, Oct. 4, 71. A.B, Weslevan, 92, 
A.M, 93: M.D, Columbia, 96. Ed. asst, N. Y. 
Bot. Garden. 03-12, librarian, 06-12, hihliogra- 
pher, 1"- Delegate of N. Y. Bot. Garden, Int. 
Bot. Cong, Vienna, 05; Brussels. 10. A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Torrcy Bot. Qub (ed-in- 
ehief , 03-07, v. pres, 08-) ; fel. N. Y. Acad ; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. Botanical bibliography and 
nomenclature; taxonomy of flowering plants; 
.American Lentibulariaceae; local floras of North 

Bamhart, P(ercy) S(pencer), Scripps Institution 
for Biological Research, La Jolla, Calif. Biol- 
ogy. Berkley Heights. N. J, Sept. 17, 81. A.B, 
Southern California, 11, A.M, 14. Asst. biol. 
Southern California, 07-11, instr. zool, 11-13; 
asst. prof, marine biol, A^enice Marine Biol. Sta, 
13-14; scientific asst, Bur. Fisheries, 14-; ctira- 



tor, Scripps Inst, California, 14- A.A. Marine 

Bamum, Dr. Charlotte C(yntliia), 417 W. 114tli 
St, New York, N. Y. Mathematics. Phillipston, 
Mass, Mav 17, 60. A.B, Vassar. 81; Hopkins, 
90-93; Ph.D, Yale, 95. Teacher, Betts Acad, 
Stamford, Conn, 81-82; Hillhouse High Sch. 
New Haven, 83, 85-86; computer, Yale Observa- 
tory and 'Dana's Mineralogy,' 83-8-7; teacher 
astron, Smith, 89-90; math, Carleton, 95-96; 
computer, Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co, 98; Fidel- 
ity Mutual Life Ins. Co, Phila, 00-01; U. S. 
Naval Observatory, 01; tidal div, U. S. Coast 
and Geod. Surv, 01-08; ed, biol. surv, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 08-13; ed. and proof-reader, scien- 
tific works, 14- Asst. ed, 'Webster's Int. Diet,' 
86-90, 97. A.A; Math. Soc. Functions having 
lines or surfaces of discontinuity; tides and 
currents; annuities. 

Barott, Herbert G(eorge), 1329 Emerson St, N. 
W, Washington, D. C. Physics. Burton, Ohio, 
July 13, 81. E.E, Syracuse. 09. Asst. physicist. 
Bur. Standards, 10-17; in charge respiration 
calorimeter lab, U. S. Dept. Agr, 17- Energy 
elimination and respiratory exchange in men 
and plants. 

Barr, Prof. John H(enry), 36 Gramercy Park, 
New York, N. Y. Machine design. Terre Haute, 
Ind, June 19, 61. B.M.E, Minnesota, 83, M.S, 
&8; M.M.E, Cornell, 89. Draftsman, Calumet 
and Hecla Mining Co. 83-84; mech. engineer, 
Lake Superior Iron Works, 84-85; instr, later 
asst. prof, and prof. mech. eng, Minnesota, 85- 
91; asst. prof, Cornell, 91-95; assoc. prof, and 
prof, machine design, 95-03; manager. Smith 
Premier Works, 03-09; chief engineer, licming- 
ton Typewriter Co, 09- Mem. N. Y. State Com- 
mission on Voting Machines,' 03-15; trustee. 
Cornell, 05-15; major, ordnance dept, 17-19. 
A.A; Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst; Army Ord- 
nance Ass. Proportions of steam-engines; 
engine valve friction; compression in steam- 
engines; kinematics of machinery; elements of 
machine design. 

Barre, Prof. H(enry) W (alter), Clemson College, 
S. C, Botany. Lexington, S. C, May 5, 81. 
B.S, Clemson, 05 ; Nebraska, 07, A.M, 10. Field 
agent plant path, Nebraska Insect Pest and 
Plant Disease Bur, 07; botanist, Clemson Exp. 
Sta, 07-08, director, 17-; botanist and plant 
pathologist, S. C. Exp. Sta. 07-; prof. hot. and 
bacter, Clemson, 11-, director of research, 17- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Agrou; Phytopath. Soc. 
Plant disease* of South Carolina; cotton an- 
thracnose; rot in sweet potatoes. 

Barrett, Dr. Albert M(oore), 630 Oxford Road, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Fsychiatni. Austin, 111, July 
15, 71. A.B, Iowa, 93, M.D, 95; Heidelberg, 
01-02. Pathologist and asst. physician, Dan- 
vers Hosp. for Insane, Danvers, Mass, 02-06; 
director,' State Psychopathic Hosp, Mich, 06-20. 
prof, psychiat, Michigan, 20- Asst. neural 
path, Harvard Med. Sch, ^5-06. Neur. Ass; 
Psychopath. Ass; Medico^sychol. Ass; Am. 
Med. As.s. Neuropathology ; p.sychiatry. 

Barrett, Prof. J(ames) T(heophilus), Citrus Ex- 
periment Station, Riverside, Calif. Vlant pa- 
thologi/. Butler, 111. Nov. 14, 76. A.B, Illinois, 
03, A.M, 07; fellow, Cornell, 08-10, Ph.D, 10. 

Asst. bot. 111. Exp. Sta, 03-08; Cornell, 08-10; 
assoc, Illinois, and asst, Exp. Sta, 10-13; prof, 
plant path, sch. trop. agr, California, and plant 
pathologist. Citrus Exp. Sta, 13-19, acting dean, 
grad. sch. trop. agr, and acting director. Citrus 
Exp. Sta, 19- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; 
West. Soc. Nat. Mycology; bacterial, fungous 
and physiological diseases of plants. 

Barrett, b(tis) W(arren), 202 W. 103d St, New 
York, N. Y. Agriculture. North Clarendon, Vt, 
April 18, 72. B.S, Vermont, 90. Botanist and 
entomologist, P. R. Exp. Sta, 01-05; plant in- 
troducer, U. S. Dept. Agr, 05-08; director agr, 
Mozambique, 08-10; chief, div. hort, bur. agr, 
Manila, P. I, 10-14; horticulturist, C. Z, 14-17; 
with C. W. S. and U. S. Dept. Agr, 17-19. 
Mex. agente viagero, Paris Expos, 00. A.A; 
Wash. Entom. Soc; Philippine Acad. Tropical 
agriculture; zootechny; coconut, cacao and cof- 
fee culture. 

Barrett, Prof. S(ampson) K(irby), New York 
University, University Heights, New York, N. 
Y. Physics, Electrical engineering. Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y, Sept. 7, '86. E.E, Brooklyn 
Polytech, 10; N. Y. Univ, 13-16. Instr. physics 
and elec. eng, Brooklyn Polytech, 10-15, asst. 
prof, 15-17; asst. prof. elec. eng, N. Y. Univ, 
19- Lieut, N. R.F, 19; consulting engineer, 
15- A.A; Elec. Eng; Naval Inst. Brownian 
movements; commutation phenomena; illumina- 
tion; induction motors; shading coils; single- 
phase and polyphase relays; ozonators; electrical 
dryers; magnetos foe aeroplanes; insulating 
paints and varnishes; oscillograph; naval fire 
control apparatus; gunnery. 

Barrett, Dr. S(amuel) A(lfred), Public Museum. 
Milwaukee, Wis. Anthropology. Little Rock, 
Ark, Nov. 12, 79. California, 00-04, B.S, 05. 
LeConte fellow, 05-06, M.S, 06, Ph.D, 08. Asst. 
anthrop, California, 06-08; ethnologist, George 
G. Heye exped. to S. Am, 08-09; cnrator 
anthrop. Pub. Museum, Milwaiikee, Wis, 09- 
A.A; Anthrop. Ass; Ethnol. Soc; Folk-lore Soc; 
Wis. Areheol. Soc; Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc; Calif. 
Acad. Indians of Ecuador, California and Wis 
consin; Wisconsin archeology. 

Barrett, Storrs B (arrows), Yerkes Observatory. 
Williams Bav, Wis. Astronomy. Kingsville, 
Ohio, Aug. 12, 64. A.B, Rochester, 89; fellow, 
Chicago, 93-95. Principal, Middlebury Acad, 
89-91; science teacher, high sch, Palmyra. N. 
Y, 91-92; sec'y, Yerkes Observatory, 00-. a.tst. 
prof, astrophys, Chicago, 14- A.A; Astron. Soc. 
Stellar radial velocities; spectroscopic binary 

Barringer, Daniel Moreau, Real Estate 
Building, Philadelphia, Pa. Geology. Raleigh, 
N. C, May 25, 60. A.B, A.M, Princeton, 79; 
LL.B, Pennsylvania, 82; Harvard, 89-90; Vir- 
ginia, 91. Practising lawyer, Phila, 82-89; con- 
sulting geologist and mining engineer, 91- 
Trustee, .leffeison Med. Col, Phila. A.A; Min. 
Eng; .\m. Iron and Steel Inst; Min. and Metal. 
Soc; .\m. Gcog. Soc; Phila. Acad; Harvard 
Eng. Soc; Princeton Eng. Soc; Phila. Zool. Soc; 
Franklin Inst. Mines and mining in the United 
States; minerals of commercial value; origin of 
Meteor Crater, Arizona. 

Barringer, L(awTeuce) E(ugene), 108 Lenox 
Road, Schenectady, N. Y. Ceramics. Washing- 



ton, D. C, March 1, 76. E.M, Ohio State. 
Chemist, Columbus Brick and Terra Cotta Co, 
00-02; Gen. Elec. Co, 02-09, engineer of insula- 
tions, 09- Silver medal, Panama-Pacific Expos, 
15. Ceramic Soc. (pres^ 16); Chem. Soc. Elec- 
trical insulating wares; brick; kilns. 

Barron, Leonard, Garden City, L. I, N. Y. Horti- 
culture. Chiswick, England, Sept. 29, 68. Birk- 
beck Inst, London ; gardens, Eoyal Hort. Soc. 
England. Asst. ed, 'Gardeners' Qironiflc, ' Lon- 
don, 85-94; ed, 'Am. Gardening,' 94-04; 'Gar- 
den Magazine,' N. Y, 05- See'y, Int. Conf. on 
Plant Breeding, New York, 02 ; Int. Conf. Plant 
Hardiness, New York, 07. A. A; Soc. Hort. 
Sci; Am. Inst; N. Y. Hort. Soc. (see'y, 98- 
09). Adaptation of plants to ornamental gar- 
dening; methods of horticulture. 

Barron, Prof. Moses, 503 Seventh St, S. E, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Pathology. Kovno, Eussia, Nov. 
8, 83. B.S. Minnesota, 10, M.D, 11. Demon- 
strator path, and bacter, Minnesota, 12-13, instr. 
path, 13-16, asst. yrof, 16- Director, path, lab, 
City Hosp, Minneapolis, 13-14; City and Co. 
Hosp, St. Paul, 14-17; lieut, capt. and major, 
M.C, 17-19. A.A; Am. Mod. Ass; Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Minn. Path. Soc. Bacteriology; tu- 

Barrows, Dr. Albert L(loyd), National Research 
Council, Washington, D. C. Zoology. Nord- 
hoff, Calif, May 28, 83. B.S, Pomona', 06; Cor- 
nell, 06-07; fellow, California, 11-12, M.S, 12, 
Ph.D, 17. Teacher science, Cavite High Sch, 
Cavite, P. I, 07-10; asst. zool, California, 12- 
14, instr, 14-19; see'y, div. states and educ. re- 
lations, Nat. Besearch Council, 19- Mem. scien- 
tific stafP, 'Albatros?.' 08-09. A.A. (see'y. 
Pacific div, 14-17); Paleont. Soc; Calif. Acad. 
Marine protozoa ; marine rock and wood-boriug 

Barrows, Prof. Harlan H, University of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. Geography. Armada, Mich, 77. 
B.S, Chicago, 03; hon. Pd.M, Mich. Nor. Col, 
12. Asst. geol, Chicago, 03-07, instr. geol. and 
geog, 07-08, asst. prof, 08-10, assoc. prof, geog, 
10-14, prof, 14-19, head of dept, 19- Ass. 
Geog. (v. pres, 20). Historical geography; 
geography of middle Illinois valley. 

Barrows, Prof. H(arold) K(llbrith), 6 Beacon 
St, Boston, Mass. Uydraulic engineering. Mel- 
rose, Mass, Nov. 9, 73, B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
95. Asst. and assoc. prof, civil eng, Vermont, 
01-04; district engineer, U. S. Geol. Surv, 04- 
09; consulting engineer, 07-; assoc. prof, hy- 
draulic eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 09- Civil Eng; 
Eng. Educ; Am. Water Works Ass; New Eng. 
Water Works Ass ; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. Water 

Barrows, Prof, Walter B(radford), Agricultural 
College, East Lansing, Midi. Zoology. Wel- 
lesley Hills, Mass, Jan, 10, 55. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 76. Instr. chem. and physics. Col. 
Nacional, Argentina, 79-81; science. State Nor. 
Sch, Westfield, Mass, 81-82; biol, Wesleyan, 
82-86; first asst. ornithologist, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 86-94; prof. sool. and physiol, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 94- Entomologist, Mich. Exp. Sta, 97-98. 
A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Mich. Acad, (see'y, 96-01, pres, 
05). Migration and economic relations of birds; 

interrelations of birds and insects; local (Mich.) 
bird population and the causes of fluctuation. 
Barrows, Prof. W(illiam) E(dward), Jr, 36 
Myrtle St, Oroiio, Maine. Electrical engineering. 
Ludlow, Yt, Feb. 20, 78. B.S, Maine, 02, E.E, 
08. Student engineer. Gen. Elec. Co, 02-04; 
instr. elec. eng, Pennsylvania, 04-06; asst. prof, 
Armour, 06-12; prof, Maine, 12- Elec. Eng; 
Ilium. Eng. Soc; Eng. Educ; Nat. Elec. Light 
Ass. Light; photometry; illumination. 

Barrows, Prof. William Morton, State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. Zoology. Rochester, N. Y, 
April 7, 83. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 03 ; Harvard, 
05, M.S, 06, Sc.D, 20. Teacher science, N. Man- 
chester, Ind, 06-07; instr. zool, N. H. Col, 07- 
09; asst. prof, Ohio State, 09- A.A; Soc. Zool; 
Ecol. Soc. Reactions of Drosophila to odorous 
substances; reactions of spiders to vibrations of 
web; color in cocker-spaniels; spiders of Ohio. 

Barrus, Prof. M(ortier) F(ranklin), Forest Home 
Drive, Ithaca, N. Y. Plant pathology. Forest- 
ville, N. Y, March 17, 79. A.B, Wabash, 08; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 11. Asst. bot, Wabash, 07-08; 
plant path, Cornell, 08-10, instr, 10-11, asst. 
prof, 11-14, prof, 14- A.A; Phytopath. Soc. 
Bean diseases; varietal resistance of beans to 
anthracnose; potato diseases. 

Barry, Prof. Frederick, 880 181st St, New York, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Lvnn, Mass, Feb. 13, 76. 
A.B, Harvard, 97, A.M."09, Ph.D, 11. Research, 
asst. chem, Carnegie Institution, 11-12; instr, 
Columbia, 12-18; asst. prof, N. Y. Univ, 18- 
Lecturer hist, of science, Columbia, 18-19. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Chemical energetics; calorimetry; 

Barss, Prof. A(lden) F(orrest), University of 
British Columbia, Vancouver, B. C, Can. Horti- 
culture. Hoosick, N. Y, March 29, 88. A.B, 
Rochester, 10; B.S.A, Cornell, 12; M.S, Oregon 
Col, 14. Research asst. hort, Oregon Col, 14-17, 
asst. prof, pomol, 17-18; assoc. prof, hort, Brit- 
ish Columhia, 18- A.A; Soc. Hort. Stei. 

Barss, Prof. H(oward) P(hillips), Oregon Agri- 
cultural College, Corvallis, Oregon. Plant pa- 
thology. Victoria, B. C, April 20, 85. A.B, 
Rochester, 07; M.S, Harvard, 09. Austin teach- 
ing fellow. Harvard, 09-10; instr. bot. and asst. 
plant path, Wash. State, 10-12; asst. plant pa- 
thologist, Oregon Exp. Sta, 12-14. assoc. pathol- 
ogist, 14-15, prof, and head, bot. and plant path, 
dept, Oregon Col, 15- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phyto- 
path. Soc. (mem. board of editors, 18) ; Ass. 
Prof; New Eng. Bot. Club; West. Soc. Nat. 
Bacterial diseases of stone fruits. 

Barss, Dr. William Eaymond, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Physics. 
New Germany, N. S, Feb. 15, 85. B.S, Acadia, 
07; A.B, Yale, 09, Sloane fellow, 10-12, Ph.D. 
12. Asst. physics, Yale, 09-12; instr, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 12- Physical Soc. Measurements of 
radiocativity by means of alpha rays; ioniza- 
tion by collision in gases and vapors. 

Bartell, Prof. F(loyd) E(arl), University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Chemistry. Con- 
cord, Mich, June 16, 83. A.B, Albion, 05; A.M, 
Michigan, 08, Ph.D, 10. Assoc, prof, chem, 
Simpson, 05-07 ; instr. gen. and physical chem, 
Michigan, 10-16, asst. prof, physical chem, 16- 



18, assoc. prof, 18- Research chemist, nitrate 
div, O. D, 17-18. CTiem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc. 
Permeability of membranes and osmotic pres- 
sure; electrochemistry; methods of analysis; 
colloids; surface tension. 
Bartelmez, Dr. George W(illiam), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. Anatomy. New York, N. 
Y, March 23, 85. B.S, N. Y. TJniv, 06; fellow, 
Chicago, 07-10, Ph.D, 10. Asst. biol, N. Y. 
Univ, 06-07; instr. anat, Chicago, 10-19, assoc. 
prof, 19- Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool. Early avian de- 
velopment; morphology of ichthyopsidan brain. 

Earth, Carl G(eorge) L(ange), 10 S. 18th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Meclianical engineering. Chris- 
tiania, Norway, Feb. 28, 60. Grad, Horten's 
Tech. Sch, Norway, 77. Draftsman and later 
chief designer, Wm. Sellers and Co, Phila, 81- 
95; chief draftsman and engineer, Rankin and 
Fritz Foundry and Machine Co, St. Louis, 95- 
97; prof, applied meeh. Int. Correspondence 
Schools, 97-99; shop engineer, Bethlehem Steel 
Co, 99-02; consulting mechanical engineer, 02- 
A.A; Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst; Phila. Eng. 
Clb; Buffalo Eng. Club. Theoretical and ap- 
plied mechanics; strength of columns; transmis- 
sion of power by leather belting; art of cutting 
metals; mathematical approximations; mathe- 
matics of graded income tax. 

Bartholomew, Prof. C(yrus) E(dgar), 1608 Ave. 
G, Miami, Fla. Entomology. Wellsville, Ohio, 
Dec. 24, 77. B.S, Iowa State, 04, M.S, 06. 
Instr. entom, Iowa State, 04-09, asst. prof, 09- 
11, assoc. prof, 11-16; specialist, apiculture, 
Tennessee, 16-17; Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, 
18; asst. to plant commissioner, Fla, 19- A. A; 
Entom. Soc; assoc. Ass. Econ. Entom. 

Bartholomew, Prof. E(lbert) T(homas), School 
of Tropical Agriculture, Riverside, Calif. Botany. 
Stockton, Kans, Oct. 18, 78. A.B, Kans. State 
Nor. Sch, 09; fellow, Wisconsin, 10-11, Ph.D, 
14. Asst. prof, iot, Kans. State Nor. Sch, 09- 
10; instr, Wisconsin, 11-15, asst. prof, 15-20; 
research prof, plant path, sch. trop. agr, Cali- 
fornia, 20- Acting instr. bot, Stanford, 18. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Wis. Acad. 
Apple and cedar rusts; diastase in certain red 
algae; black heart in potatoes; cytology of cer- 
tain rusts. 

Bartholomew, Mrs. L(ucille) K(eene), Citrus Ex- 
periment Station, Riverside, Calif. Flant pathol- 
oov. St. Louis, Mo, July 23, 88. B.S, Missouri, 
09, A.B, 10, A.M, 12, Ph.D, 16 ; fellow, Wisconsin, 
13-14. Asst. bot. Missouri, 10-13, instr, 14-16; 
asst. pathologist cereal disease investigations, 
hur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr. Cytology of 
fungi; cereal diseases; smuts. 

Bartlett, Prof. C(harles) J(oseph), 183 Bishop St, 
New Haven, Conn. Internal medicine. Sutton, 
Vt, Dec. 18, 64. A.B, Yale, 92, A.M, 94, M.D, 95. 
Asst. and instr. path, Yale, 95-97, asst. prof, 
97-00, prof, 00-17; director, laboratories, Conn. 
Dept. Health, 17- Pathologist, New Haven 
Hosp, 00-17. A.A; Ass. Immunol; Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Soc. Bact; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. 
Path. Soc; Conn. Acad. 

Bartlett, Prof. Dana P(rescott), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mathematics. Boston, Mass, Oct. 4, 63. B.S, 

Mass. Inst. Tech, 86; Munich, 03-04. Instr. 
math, Mass. Inst. Tech, 86-92, asst. prof, 92- 
98, assoc. prof, 98-05, prof, 05- Asst, Harvard 
Col. Observatory, 87. Math. Soc; Math. Yerein. 
Method of least squares. 

Bartlett, Prof. Edward P(ayson), Pomona Col- 
lege, Claremont, Calif. Physical chemistry. 
Belchcrtown, Mass, Oct. 17, 84. A.B, Dartmouth, 
08; A.M, Harvard, 13, Ph.D, 15. Teacher sci- 
ence, Blees Mil. Acad, 08-09; instr. chem. 
Pomona, 09-11; Austin teaching fellow. Har- 
vard, 11-13; asst. prof, Pomona, 14-19, assoc. 
prof, 19-, acting dean, 16-18. Capt, U.S.A, 18- 
19. Chem. Soc. Piezo-chemistry. 

Bartlett, Prof. Edwin Julius, Hanover, N. H. 
Chemistry. Hudson, Ohio, Feb. 16, 51. A.B, 
Dartmouth, 72, A.M, Sc.D, 18; M.D, Rush Med. 
Col. 79. Instr. sciences, Monson Acad, Mass, 
72-73; high sch, Glencoe, 111, 74-75; Lake For- 
est Acad, 76-78; assoc. prof. chem. Dartmouth, 
78-83, prof, 83-20; retired, 20. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; N. H. Acad. Toxicology. 

Bartlett, G(eorge) M(iller), 2533 College Ave, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Mechanical engineering. 
Chicago, 111, Aug. 5, 73. B.S, Amherst, 01, 
A.M, 04. Instr. physics and math. Case, 01-03 ; 
mechanism and descrip. geom, Michigan, 03-10; 
chief engineer. Diamond ChaiJi and Mfg. Co, 
Indianapolis, Ind, 10- A.A; Mech. Eng; Heat 
Treaters Soc. Descriptive geometry; the kine- 
matics of machines; universal shaft couplings; 
the skew bevel gear; the four -bar linkage. 

Bartlett, Prof. Harley Harris, University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. *Botany. Ana- 
conda, Mont, March 9, 86. A.B, Harvard, 08. 
Asst, Gray Herbarium, Harvard, 05-08 ; chem. 
biologist, bur. jDlant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
09-15; asst. prof, bot, Michigan, 15-17; botan- 
ist, Hollandsch-Amerikaansche Plantage Maats- 
chappij, Sumatra, 18; assoc. prof, bot, and 
director, dept. bot. gardens and arboretum 
Michigan, 19- Mem. Nat. Research Council 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. (sec'y, 15-17, v 
pres, 19); Chem. Soc; Soc. Agron; New Eng 
Bot. Club; Wash. Acad'; Wash. Bot. Soc. (treas 
13); Wash. Biol. Soc. Oenothera; plant pig 
ments; plant nutrition. 

Bartlcy, Dr. E(lias) H(udson), 65 S. Portland 
Ave, Brooklvn, N. Y. Pediatrics, Chemistry. 
Bartley, N. j, Dee. 6, 49. B.S, Cornell, 73 ; M.D, 
Long Tsl. Col. Hosp, 79; hon. Ph.G, Brooklyn 
Col. Pharmacy, 96. Instr. chem, Cornell, 74- 
75; prof, Swarthmore, 75-78; chief chemist. 
Health Dept, Brooklyn, 82-88; prof. chem. and 
toTicol, L. I. Col. Hosp, 86-. pediatrics, 01-; dean 
and prof. org. chem, Brooklyn Col. Pharmacy, 
92-02. Mem. Kings Co. Board of Pharmacy, 
91-98; mem. committee of revision, IT. S. Phar- 
macopcria, 10- A.A; Col. Physicians (v. pres); 
Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; Pharmaceut. Ass; 
Am. Med. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad. Med; Brooklyn 
Pediat. Soc; Brooklyn Path. Soc. Food chem- 
istry; clinical chemistry; infant feeding. 

Barton, G(eorge) E(stes), 227 Pine St, Millvillc, 
N. J. Chemistry. Worthington, Mass, May 9, 
71. B.S, Worcester, 91; M.S, George Washing- 
ton, 95. Asst. chemist. Naval Torpedo Sta, 
Newport, R. I, 91-92; chemist. Aetna Powder 
Co, Chicago, 92-94; chief chemist, Whitall 



Tatum Co, 96- Formerly assoc. ed, 'Jour. In- 
(lust.and En^. Chcm'; asst. ed.'Chem. Abstracts. ' 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Clic-m. Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Ceramic Soe; Soc. de Cliim. indust. Explosives; 
glycerine; glass; graduated chemical glassware; 
glass manufacture. 

Barton, Prof. Geo(rge) H(unt), 89 Trowbridge 
St, Cambridge, Mass. Geology. Sudbury, Mass, 
July 8, 52. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 80. Asst. 
drawing, Mass. Inst. Tech, 80-81 ; asst, Hawaiian 
Govt. Geol. Surv, 81-83; asst. geol, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 83; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 89- 
94; asst. prof, geol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96-04; 
director, Teachers Sch. of Science, 02- Lecturer 
geol, Boston. 96-04, 16-17; past pres, Chil- 
dren's Museum, Boston. A.A; Geol. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Forestry Ass; Appalachian Mt. Club 
(past pres); Arctic Club; Am. Alpine Club; 
Boston Sci. Soc. (past pres) ; Harvard Travel- 
lers Club; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Glacial geol- 
ogv; dynamic and structural geology; lithology; 
distribution and origin of drumlins in Massa- 

Barton, Dr. James M(oore), Atlantic City, N. J. 
Surgery. Philadelphia, Pa, Oct. 16, 46. A.M, 
Jefferson Med. Col, 65, M.D, 68. Res. physi- 
cian. Episcopal Hosp, 68-69; asst. to Prof. S. 
D. Gross, and surgeon. Charity Hosp, 69-79; 
surgeon and prof. clin. surg, Jefferson Med. 
Col, 79-00. Lecturer operative surg, Phila. Sch. 
Anat, 77-82; surgeon, German Hosp, 79-86; 
Phila. Hosp, 90-00. Surg. Ass. 

Barton, Ralph M(artin), 67 Boston Ave, S. E, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. Newport; N. 
H, July 21, 75. A.B, Dartmouth, 04; Harvard, 
07-08 ;" Chicago, 10-12. Instr. math, Dartmouth, 
03-08; asst. prof, 08-13; prof. New Mexico, 13- 
14; Lombard, 14-16, dean and acting pres, 15- 
16; instr. math, Minnesota, 16-19, asst. prof, 
19- A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Circolo Mat. 
di Palermo. 

Barton, Prof. Samuel G (Godwin), 26 N. Millick 
St, Philadelphia, Pa. Astronomy. Ivyland, Pa, 
Jan. 1, 82. A.B, Temple, 03; fellow", Pennsyl- 
vania, 05-06, Ph.D, 06, research fellow, 06-07. 
Prof, math, Clarkson Mem. Col. Tech, 07-11; 
asst. prof. math, Swarthmore, 11-13 ; instr. 
astron, Pennsylvania, 13-14, asst. prof, 14- 
Asst, U. S. Naval Observatory, summers, 07, 08, 
1 1 ; director, U. S. Shipping Board Navig. Sch, 
17-19. A.A; Astron. Soc. Secular perturba- 
tions; orbits of asteroids; star positions. 

Barton, Dr Sam(ue)l M(arx), Sewanee, Tenn. 
Mathematics. Near Winchester, Va, May 9, 59. 
A.B, Virginia, 83, Ph.D, 85; fellow by courtesy, 
Hopkins, 93-94. Prof, math, Emory and Henry, 
85-93; math, and civil eng, Va. Col, 94-95; 
prof. math, and acting prof, civil eng, Univ. of 
the South, 95-09, prof, pure math, 08- A.A; 
Math. Soc; Tenn. Acad. (v. pres, 16). Theory 
of equations; plane surveying. 

Barton, Prof. Wilfred M(ason), 1730 Connecticut 
Ave, Washington, D. C. Medicine. Washington, 
July 16, 71. M.D, Georgetown, 92. Prof, thera- 
peut. and pharmacol, Georgetown, 06-14, assoc. 
prof, med, 14- Attending physician, George- 
town Univ. and Washington Asylum Hospitals. 
D. C. Med. Soc. (pres, 11); Wash. Acad. In- 

ternal medicine; pharmacology; medical termi- 

Bartow, Prof. Edward, University of Iowa, Iowa 
City, Iowa. *Chemistry. Glenham, N. Y, Jan. 
12, 70. A.B, Williams, 92; Ph.D, Gottingen, 
95. Asst. chem, Williams, 92-94, instr, 95-97; 
Kansas, 97-99, assoc. prof, 99-05; prof, Kansas 
City Med. Col, 02-05; assoc. prof, Illinois, 05- 
06, prof, 06-20; loxva, and head of dept, 20- 
Director, 111. State Water Surv, 05-17, chief, 
17-20; acting assoc. prof, chem, Kansas, 97; 
mem. Commission on Coal Mine Explosions in 
Kansas; Lake Mich. Water Commission. Major, 
Sanit. C, 18, lieut. col, 19. A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Eng; Pub. Health Ass; Am. Water Works 
Ass; 111. Soc. Eng. and Surv; New Eng. Water 
Works Ass. (v. pres, 20); 111. Acad; 111. Water 
Supply Ass. (sec'y-treas) ; Kans. Acad. (v. pres, 
02, pres, 04) ; Soc. de Chim. indust. Crystals of 
white arsenic; formation of amids in anhydrous 
ammonia; derivatives of m-isocymene; synthet- 
ical preparation of quinolin derivatives; Kansas 
petroleum; water supplies of southeastern Kan- 
sas; derivatives of m-ethyltoluene; water analy- 
sis and treatment; activated sludge method of 
sewage treatment. 

Bartsch, Prof. Paul, Smithsonian Institution, 
Washington, D. C. *Biology. Tuntschendorf, 
Germany, Aug. 14, 71. B.S, Iowa, 96, M.S, 99, 
Ph.D, 05. Aid, div. mollusks, V. S. Nat. Mu- 
seum, 96-05, asst. curator, 05-14, curator, div. 
marine invertebrates, 05-; prof, zool, George 
Washington, 99-; director, histol. and physiol. 
laboratories, med. dept, Howard, 01- Assoc, ed, 
'The Osprey, ' 00-; Smithsonian representative, 
'Albatross' exped. to the Philippines, 07-10; 
mem. Bur. Fisheries exped. to Lower Calif, 11 ; 
mem. Stnithsonian Inst, expeditions to Cuba, 
Haiti, the Bahamas and Fla; assoc. breeding of 
terrestrial mollusks, Carnegie Institution; dele- 
gate, Pan-Am. Scientific Cong, Washington, D. 
C, 16; delegate, first Pan-Pacific Cong, 20. 
A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; Geol. Soc; Ecol. 
Soc; Paleont. Soc; Ass. Geog; Ass. Anat; Hu- 
mane Educ. Soc. (pres); Malacol. Ass; Agassiz 
Ass; Soc. Helminthol; Wild Flower Preserva- 
tion Soc. (pres) ; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc; Conchol. Soc. 
Gt. Britain and Ireland; Malacozool. Gesell. 
Mollusks; birds. 

Baruch, Dr. Simon, 51 W. 70th St, New York, N. 
Y. Medicine. Schwersenz, Poland. .Tuly 29, 
40. Roval Gymnasium, Posen, Poland; M.D, 
Med. Col. of Va, 62. Surgeon, Confed. States 
Army, 62-65; attending and consulting physi- 
cian, J. Hood Wright Hosp, 81-20 ; prof, hydro- 
therapy, Columbia, 07-13; attending and con- 
sulting physician. Sea View and Bellevue TIos- 
pitals, 10- Medal, Paris Expos, 00; La. Pur- 
chase Expos, 04. Chairman, S. C. State Board 
Health, 80. Ass. Prom. Hygiene and Pub. Baths 
(pres, 12-15) ; S. C. Med. Ass. (pres, 74) ; hon. 
mem. Vercin Volksbaeder. Physical therapeu- 
tics; hydrotherapy; perforating appendicitis. 

Barus, Prof. Carl, 30 Elmgrove Ave, Providence, 
R. I. *Physics. Cincinnati, Ohio. Feb. 19, 56. 
Sch. of mines, Columbia, 74-76; Wiirzburg, 76- 
80, Ph.D, 79; LL.D, Brown, 07; CTark, 09. 
Physicist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 80-92; prof, U. S. 



Weather Bur, 92-93; physicist, Smithsonian 
Inst, 93-95; Hazard prof, physics, Brown, 95-, 
dean, grad. dept, 03- Asst. to Prof. Kohlrausch, 
Wiirzburg, 79-80 ; mem. council, Carnegie Insti- 
tution, 02. Rumford medal, 00. Int. Cong:. 
Radiol, 05, 10 (mem. comite d'honneur). Nat. 
Acad; A. A. (v. pres, 97); Physical Soc. (pres, 

05, 06) ; Philos. Soc; Ass. Prof. (mem. council, 
18-); Am. Acad; cor. mem. British Ass; hon. 
mem. Royal Inst. Magnetism; iron carburets; 
high temperatures; high pressures; thermody- 
namics; pliysical geology; atmospheric conden- 
sation; ionization; ionization and nuclcation of 
gases and the atmosphere; interferometry; 
measurement of ' g. ' 

Bascom, Dr. F(lorence), Bryn Mawr, Pa. *Geol- 
ogy. Williamstown, Mass. A.B, B.L, Wiscon- 
sin, 82, B.S, 84. A.M. 87; Ph.D, Hopkins, 93. 
Instr. geol. and petrog, Ohio State, 93-95; 
lecturer and assoc. prof, geol, Bryn Mawr, 95- 

06, prof, 06- Assoc, ed. 'Am. Creologist.' 96-: 
geol. asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 96-01, asst. geol- 
ogist, 01-09, geologist, 09- A.A; Geol. Soc: 
Min. and Metal. Soc; Seismol. Soc; Min. Eng: 
Am. Geog. Soc; Wash. Acad; Phila. Geog. Soc; 
Phila. Acad. Ancient lavas and the crystalline 
schists; geology of eastern Pennsylvania; pe- 
trography of the Neponset area, Boston basin; 
Philadelphia and Trenton geologic folios; geo- 
logic folio.i of the Pennsylvania Piedmont prov- 

Base, Dr. Daniel, 390.1 Alto Ave. Baltimore. 
:Md. Chemistry. Baltimore, Sept. 6, 69. Grad, 
Baltimore City Col, 88 ; A.B, Hopkins, 91, Ph.D, 
95. Prof. chem. and plant histol, Md. Col. 
Pharm, 95-20 ; assoc. prof, chem, Col. Physicians 
and Surg. Baltimore, 00-04; prof. anal, chem, 
Maryland, 04-10; chemist, Hynson, Westcoit 
and Dunning. A.A; Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. 

Baskerville, Prof. Charles, College of the City of 
New York, New York, N. Y. *Chemistry. 
Deer Brook, Miss, June 18, 70. Mississippi, 
86-87; Virginia, 88-90; Vanderbilt, 91; B.S, 
North Carolina, 92, Ph.D, 94; Berlin, 93. Asst. 
chem. North Carolina, 92, in.str, 94, asst. prof, 
95-98, assoc. prof, 98-00, prof, and director, 
chem. lab, 00-04; Col. City of N. Y, Oi- Asst. 
to state geologist, N. C, 92-94; asst. chemist. 
N. C. Geol. Surv, 94-00, chemist, 00-04. Long- 
streth prize, Franklin Inst, 12. U. S. delegate. 
Int. Cong. Applied Chem, London, 09 (chair- 
man, sect. anal. chem). A.A. (sec'y, C, 98, gen. 
sec'y, 00, v. pres, 03); Chem. Soc. (chairman, 
N. C. and N. Y. sections) ; Electrochem. Soc. 
(chairman, N. Y. sect); Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Chem. Eng; Wash. Acad; N. C. Acad, (pres); 
N. Y. Acad. (v. pros, 13); N. Y. Cliemists CIul) 
(sec'y); fel. London Chem. Soc. Rare eartlis, 
especially zirconium, thorium and praeseody- 
mium; reaction of nietnls with concentrated sul- 
f)liuric acid; universal distribution of certain 
elements, as titanium; analysis of titaniferous 
iron ores; existence of carolinium ; new salts of 
rare earth; atomic weight of thorium and prae- 
.seodymium; lanthanates, neodymates, praeseo- 
dymates and lanth.nnalums; thorates; varial)ility 
of preparations; injury to vegetation caused by 
noxious gases; oil shales of Canada; ethyl ether; 

chemistry of anesthetics; wood alcohol; oil-ether 
colonicanesthesia ; refining vegetable and animal 
oils; recovering paper; solvents for i^hosgene; 
oil-ethyl chlorid mixture; chlorin as preventive 
for influenza; occupational diseases in chemical 

Basquin, Dr. Olin H(anson), 225 Kedzie St, 
Evanston, 111. ^Physic6. Dows. Iowa, Jan. 30, 
69. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 92 ; A.B, Harvard, 94 ; 
A.M, Northwestern, 95, Ph.D, 01. Chief engi- 
neer, Luxfer Prism Companies, 97-00; assoc. 
prof, physics. Northwestern, 01-09, prof, applied 
mechanics, 09- Eng. Educ; Soc. Automotive 
Eng; West. Soc. Eng. Distribution of daylight; 
arc spectrum of hydrogen; steam meter; direc- 
tion of stress in beams; endurance tests; shear- 
ing tests; columns under eccentric loads. 

Bass, Prof. C(harles) C(assedy), 1216 Broadway, 
New Orleans, La. -Medicine. 0&rley, Miss. 
Jan. 29, 75. M.D, Tulane, 99. Instr. med, 
Tulane, 0.5-07, lab. clin. med, 07-09, director, 
09-14, prof. exp. med, 12-, director, lab. clin. 
and trop. med, 14- Head, Tulane exped. for 
study of malaria, 12-; chairman, commission for 
study of malaria, S. Med. Ass, 13. A.A; Am. 
Med. Ass. (mem. committee on scientific re- 
searches, 13); Am. Physicians; Soc. Baet ; Soc. 
Trop. Med; Soc. Clin. Invest; Micros. Soc; New 
Orleans Acad. Hookworm ; pellagra ; typhoid 
fever; malaria; pyorrhea alveolaris; laboratory 

Bass, Col. Edgar W(ales), U. S. A. (retired), Bar 
Harbor, Maine. Mathematics, Astronomy. 
Prairie du Cliien, Wis, Oct. 30, 43. Grad, U. S. 
Mil. Acad, 68. OfEcer, corps of engineers, 
U.S.A, 68-78; prof, math, U. S. Mil. Acad. 78- 
98; col, retired, 98. U. S. Vol. Army, 62-64; 
instr. philos, U. S. Mil. Acad. 69-74, 76-78; 
asst. astronomer, I^. S. transit of Venus exped. 
to New Zealand, 74-75; solar eclipse exped. to 
Colo, 78. A.A; Math. Soc; Archeol. Inst; Mil. 
Order Loyal Legion. Trigonometry; diflFerential 

Bass, Prof. Frederic (Herbert), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Engineering. 
Hyde Park, Mass, June 19, 75. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 01. Eng. asst. Metropolitan Water Works 
of Mass, 96-99, 01 ; ongineer and director, eng. 
dir, Minn. State Board of Health, 06-15; prof, 
mimic, and sanit. eng, Minnesota, 11- Consult- 
ing engineer, League of Minn. Municipalities. 
Civil Eng; Pub. Health Ass; Water Works Ass. 

Basset, Dr. G(ardner) C(heney), Reed College, 
Portland, Oregon. Psychology. Boston, Mass. 
Juno 17. 73. A.B, Clark, 11; fellow, Hopkin.s. 
12-13, Ph.D, 13. Res. investigator, psychol. and 
neur, sta. for exp. evolution, Carnegie Institu- 
tion, 13-14; prof, psychol, Pittsburgh, 14-19; 
asst. prof, Stanford, 19-20; prof, Beed, SO- 
A.A; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Zool; Eugenics Re- 
search .\ss. Neurology; eugenics. 

Bassett, Dr. V(ictor) H(ugo), 402 Henry St, East 
Sav:tnnah, Ga. Pathology. Aledo, 111, May 7, 
71. A.B, Knox, 96; M.D, Hopkins, 03, 'fel- 
low, 04-05. Asst. chem, Wisconsin, 96-98, asst. 
bacteriologist, Exp. Sta, 98-99; instr. bacter, 
Northwestern, 03-04; prof. path. Wisconsin Col. 
Physicians and Surg, 05-06; asst. prof, Mar- 
quette. 07-08; city bacteriologist. Savannah, Ga. 



08- Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Path. Soc. Dysen 
tery; the milk supply of Baltimore; sewage; 
intestinal obstruction; splenic anemia; duodonnl 
diverticula; accessory pancreas. 

Bassett, W(illiam) H(astings), Cheshire, Conn. 
Metallurgy. New Bedford, Mass. March 7, 68. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech. Chemist and later 
supt, Pope's Isl. Mfg. Corp, 91-95; teacher 
chem, Swain Free Sch, 95-00; chemist, N. .1. 
Zinc Co, 00-02; Coe Brass Mfg. Co, 02-0:i; 
tech. supt, Am. Brass Co, 12- A.A; Min. Eng; 
Chem. Eng; Inst. Metals (v. pres, 12-15); Soc. 
Test. Mat. (chairman, committee on metallog- 
raphy) ; Chem. Soc; Int. Ass. Test. Mat. (mem. 
copper committee) ; British Inst. Metals; Lon- 
don Soc. Chem. Indust. Alloys; relation be- 
tween i^roperties and treatment of metals and 

Bassler, Prof. Il(ay) S(mith), U. S. National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. <'. ^Geology. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, July 22, 78. A.B, Cincinnati, 02; 
M.S, George Washington, 03, Ph.D, 05. Asst. 
curator stratig. paleont, JJ. S. Nat. Museum, 
03-07, curator, 07- ; asst. prof, and later 2"'o/. 
geol, George Washington, 04- A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Paleont. Soc. (sec'y, 10-); Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Geol. Soc. Ordovician and Silurian stratigraphy 
and paleontology; fossil Bryozoa and Ostracoda. 

Bassoe, Dr. Peter, 1031 Michigan Ave. Evanston, 
111. Nc-urology. Drammen, Norway, May 18, 
74. B.S, Christiania, Norway, 92;' M.D. Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Chicago, 97. Assoc, prof, 
nervous and mental diseases. Bush Med. Col. 
Neurologist, Presby. Hosp, Chicago, 07- A.A; 
Neur. Ass; Chicago Med, Path, and Neur. 
Societies. Gigantism ; leontiasis ossea ; blasto- 
mycosis; poliomyelitis; caisson disease; en- 

Bastin, Dr. Edsou S(underland), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. ^Geology. Chicago, 111, 
Dec. 10, 78. A.B, Michigan, 02; M.S, Chicago, 
03, Ph.D, 09. Geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 05- 
20; prof. econ. geol, Chicago, W- Geol. Soc; 
Wash. Geol. Soc. (sec'y, 10); Inst. Min. and 
Metal. Peat deposits of Maine; chemical com- 
position as a criterion in identifying metamor- 
phosed sediments ; geology of Rockland and 
Eastport quadrangles, Maine; origin of graphite 
deposits; genesis of the ores of Tonopah, Ne- 
vada ; silver ores of Cobalt, Ontario ; metallic 
minerals as precipitants of gold and silver; eco- 
nomic geology of Giffin County, Colo ; geology 
of Braden Copper Mine, Chili. 

Batchelder, Charles Foster, 7 Kirkland St, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Ornithology. Cambridge, July 
20, 56. A.B, Harvard, 78, C.E, 82. A.A; fel. 
Ornith. Union (past pres) ; Soc. Mammal. 

Batchelder, Dr. P(aul) M(ason), University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. Mathematics. Portsmouth, 
N. H, Jan. 10, 86. A.B, Dartmouth, 08; A.M. 
Princeton, 10; Ph.D, Harvard, 16. Instr. math. 
Northwestern, 13-15; Texas, 16- Difference 

Batcheller, Prof. J(ames) H(ervey), 963 Adams 
St, Corvallis, Oregon. Mining engineering. 
Boston, Mass, Dec. 10, 78. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 00. Mining engineer and metallurgist; 

assoc. prof. min. eng, Oregon Sch. Mines. Min. 
and Metal. Kng. 

Batchelor, Dr. L(eon) D(exter), Citrus Experi- 
ment Station, Riverside, Calif. Agriculture. Up- 
ton, Mass, May 8, 84. B.S, N. H. Col, 07; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 11. instr. hort, Cornell, 07-10; horti- 
culturist, Utah Col, 10-15; prof, plant breeding, 
California, 15-19, orchard management, 19- 
Mem. Utah Agr. Commission, 10-15. Soc. Hort. 
Sci. Orchard management; variation and yield 
of fruit trees; field trials; irrigation. 

Bateman, Prof. Alan M(ara), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Geology. Toronto, Ont. 
B.A, B.S, Queen's (Can), 10; Ph.D, Yale, 13. 
Mining and field geologist, 05-10; a.sst. geolo- 
gist. Can. Geol. Surv, 11-12, geologist, .secondary 
enrichment investigation, 13-15; instr. geol, 
Yale, 15-16, asst. prof, 16- Consulting geolo- 
gist. Kennecott Copper Corp; ed, 'Jour. Econ. 
Geol.' A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Can. Min. 
Inst. Economic geolog>'; ore deposits; ore for- 

Bateman, Prof. H(arry), California Institute of 
Technology, Pasadena, Calif. *Mathematics. 
Manchester, England, May 29, 82. Trinity Col, 
Cambridge, 00-05, fellow, 05-11; Gottingen and 
Paris, 05-06; Ph.D, Hopkins, 13, Johnston 
scholar, 12-15. Lecturer, Liverpool, 06-07; 
reader math, physics, Manchester, 07-10 ; lec- 
turer math. Bryn MaAvr, 10-12; Hopkins, 15-17; 
prof, aernoaut. research and math, physics, 
Calif. Inst. Tech, 17- Smith's prize, Cambridge, 
England, 05. Physical Soc; Math. Soc; British 
Ass; London Math. Soc. Geometry; mathemat- 
ical physics; definite integrals; partial differen- 
tial and integral equations; functions of 
Legendre and Bessel; electromagnetism; theory 
of relativity; dynamical meteorology: prob- 
ability; seismology; sound. 

Bateman, Prof. W(illiam) G(eorge), University 

of Montana, Missoula, Mont. Chemistry. Salt 
Lake City, Utah, April 1, 83. A.B, Stanford, 
07, A.M,"09; Ph.D, Yale, 16. A.sst. and instr. 
chem, Stanford, 0.3-10; prof, Pei Yang Univ, 
Tientsin, 10-12; prof. Montana, IS- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Physical Soc. Toxicity of thallium 
salts; copper in plants and soils of smelter re- 
gions; salts of the halogen acids; development 
of speech in children. 

Bates, C(arlos) G (lazier), U. S. Forest Service, 
Colorado Springs, Colo. Forestry. Topeka, 
Kans, Oct. 14, 85. B.S, Nebraska. 07. Forest 
asst, forest examiner and later silviculturist, U. 
S. Forest Service, 07- A.A; Soc. Foresters 
(chairman, Denver sect, 17, 19) ; Ecol. Soc. 
Forest ecology. 

Bates, Prof. C(linton) O(wen), Coe College, 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Chemistry. Cane Hill, 
Ark, June 4, 58. A.B, Arkansas, 83; Michigan, 
85-86; hon. Ph.D, Coe, 94. Principal, prep, 
dept, CTierokee Nat. Male Sem, Tahlequah, Okla, 
83-85; high sch, Owosso, Mich, 86-89; prof. 
chem, Coe, 89- A.A; Chem. Soc; Iowa Acad, 
(pres, 06). Clay for paving brick; water for 
engines; physiological effects of sulphur dioxid 
on the human system; market milk; city water 



Bates, Frederick (John), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physical chemistry. Marys- 
ville, Kans, Jan. 2, 77. B.S, Kansas, 00; A.M, 
Nebraska, 02. Lab. asst. and later physicist, 
Bur. Standards, 03- Supervisor, government 
sugar laboratories, customs serv, Treas. Dept ; 
mem. Int. Sugar Commission. Physical See; 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, sugar sect); Wash. Philos. 
Soc. Natural and magnetic rotary polarization, 
especially anomalous rotary dispersion; effect of 
clarifying reagents on rotarj' dispersion curves 
of sugar solutions; sensibility of sensitive strip 
spectral polarizing system; quartz compensating 
polariscope with adjustable sensibility; sugar; 
cadmium vapor arc lamp; new Baume scale. 

Bates, Prof. Geo(rge) A(ndrew), Tufts College 
Medical School, Boston. Mass. Histology, Em- 
bryology. Boston, Aug. 5, 47. M.S. D.M.D, 
Tufts. Prof, histol. and emhryol. Tufts. A.A; 
Ass. Anat; hon. mem. Am. Acad. Dental Sci; 
hon. nicm. Mass. Dental Soc; Boston Soe. Nat; 
Boston Soe. Nat. Hist. 

Bates, Rev. J(ohn) M(allory), Red Cloud, Nebr. 
Botany, Ornithology. Wallingford, Conn, Jan. 
3, 4C. A.B, Trinity. 72, A.M, 75 ; grad, Berke- 
ley Divinity Sch, Middletown, Conn, 76. V. 
principal, high sch, Middletown, 73-74; Epis. 
clergyman, 76- Chaplain and head master, 
Bethany (Kans). 83-86. A.A; assoc. Ornith. 
Union; Nebr. Ornith. Union (pres, 02). The 
economic value of the fodder plants of Ne- 
braska; plant rusts, their life history; the 
ranges of known rusts; sedges of Nebraska. 

Bates, P(haon) H(ilbom), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Sipesville, Pa, 
Aug. 1. 79. A.B, Cent. High Sch, Phila, 98; 
B.S, Pennsylvania, 02. Asst. chemist. Pa. R. R. 
02-06; structural materials chemist. IT. S. Geol. 
Surv, 06-10; chemist, Bur. Standards, 10- 
A.A; Chem. Soe; Ceramic Soc; Concrete Inst; 
Soe. Test. Mat. Hydraulic properties of silica- 
lime-alumina compounds; Portland cement; con- 

Bates, Prof. Stuart J(effery), California Institute 
of Technology, Pasadena, Calif. Physical chem- 
istry. Toronto, Can, May 9, 87. B.A, Mc- 
Master, 07, M.A, 09; fellow, Illinois, 10-12, 
Ph.D, 12. Research asst, McMaster, 09-10; re- 
search assoc. physical chem, Illinois, 12-13, 
instr. anal, chem, 13-14; prof, physical chem, 
Calif. Inst. Tech, 14- Research asst, Bur. 
Standards, 13. Chem. Soc. Value of the Fara- 
day; iodin coulometer; theory of solutions. 

Bates, Prof. W(illiam) H(unt), 116 N. Grant St, 
West Lnfayette, Ind. Mathematics. Winchester, 
Tenn, Jan. 4, 70. A.B, Vanderbilt, 94; A.M, 
Chicago, 02, Ph.D, 10. Asst. math, Battle 
Ground Acad, Franklin, Tenn, 94-97; principal, 
Smyrna Fitting Sch, Smyrna, Tenn, 97-00; 
instr. math, Purdue, 0.3-10, asst. prof, 10-11, 
as.wc. prof, 11- A.A; Math. Soc; Ind. Acad; 
Math. Verein. Differential geometry. 

Bathe, Prof. Cyril, McGill University, Montreal, 
Can. Applied mathematics. Liverpool, Eng- 
land, June 21, 85. B.S, B.Eng, Liverpool, 04, 
B.S.(Math), 05, M.S, 06, fellow, 06-07; Berlin 
and Charlottenburg, 11; Sc.D, McGill, 17. Lec- 
turer civil eng, McGill, 07-11, asst. prof, applied 
mech. and applied math, 11-19, assoc. prof, civil 

eng. and applied math, 19- Designer, Quebec 
bridge, St. Lawrence Bridge Co, 12-13; research 
officer. Can. machine gun corps, 18; Royal Air- 
craft Establishment, England, 18-19. Can. Soc. 
Civil Eng; Can. Inst. Eng. Distribution of 
stress in steel structures ; theory of structures ; 
aeronautics; steam turbines. 

Batson, Prof. William H(oward), University of 
South Dakota, Vermilion, S. Dak. Psychology. 
Martinsville, Ohio, Sept. 18, 81. A.B, AntioVh, 
07; Ph.D, Michigan, 15. Supt. sch, Osborn, 
Ohio, 07-11; prof, edue, Texas Christian, 13-17; 
prof. educ. and director, training sch. Southwest. 
State Nor. Sch, Okla, 17-18; prof, educ, South 
Dakota, 19- Psychol. Ass. Acquisition of skill. 

Battle, Dr. H(erbert) B(emerton), 103 S. Court 
St, Montgomerv, Ala. Chemistry. Chapel Hill, 
N. C, May 29, 62. B.S, North Carolina, 81, 
Ph.D. 87. Asst. chemist, N. C. Expt. Sta, 81- 
87, mreetor, and state chemist, 87-97; chemist, 
N. C. State Board of Health, 87-97 ; pres, South. 
Chem. Co, 97-01; tech. worker. South. Cotton 
Oil Co, 02-03, dist. supt, 03-06; pres. Battle 
Lai). Corp, 06- A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. 
Soc; Oil Chem. Soc; Ala. Toeh. Ass; Ala. An- 
throp. Soc. Manufacture of cotton seed and 
peanut products. 

Bauder, Prof. Arthur Russell, University of Ala- 
bama, University. Ala. Physics, Electrical en- 
oinecring. Cleveland, Ohio. B.S, Case. 89, E.E, 
18: A.ii, Columbia. 96. Instr, Lafayette; Penn- 
sylvania; prof, physics and elec. eng. Stetson; 
Alabama, IS- Elec. engineer, N. V, N. H. and 
H. R. R; consulting elec. engineer, 97- Elec- 
trolysis; resistance; temperature coefficient of 
resistance; polarization; inductance; capacity. 

Bauer, Prof. Geo(rge) N(eander), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis. Minn. Mathematics. 
Jordan, Minn, Jan. 8, 72. B.S, Minnesota, 94; 
M.S, Iowa, OS; Ph.D, Columbia. 00. Teacher, 
high sch, Montevideo, Minn, 94-95; instr. math, 
Iowa, 9.5-98; Minnesota, 00-02, asst. prof, 02- 
07, prof, 07- Math. Soe; Circolo Mat. di 
Palermo. The parallax of a*. Cass, and the 
positions of 56 neighboring stars; simpler ele- 
ments of analytic geometry; trigonometry. 

Bauer, Dr. L(ouis) A(gricola), The Ontario, 
Washington, D. C. * Terrestrial magnetism. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 26, 65. C.E, Cincinnati, 
88, M.S, 94, Sc.D, 13; Ph.D, Berlin, 95; Sc.D, 
Brown, 14. Civil engineer, 86-87; computer, U. 
S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 87-92; decent, math, 
phy.sics, Chicago, 95; instr. geophysics, 96; asst. 
prof. math, and math, physics, Cincinnati. 97- 
99; chief, div. terrestrial magnetism, and in- 
spector magnetic work, U. S. Coast and Geod. 
Surv, 99-06; director, dept. terrestrial magnet- 
ism, Carnegie Institution, 04- Chief, div. ter- 
restrial magnetism, Md. Geol. Surv, 96-99; 
astronomer and magnetician. West. Boundary 
Surv. of Md, 97; lecturer terrestrial magnetism, 
Hopkins, 99-; mem. commission on terrestrial 
magnetism. Int. Ass. Academies, 04-; ed, 'Ter- 
restrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Elec,' 96- 
Lagrange prize, Royal Belgian Acad, 05; Neu- 
mayer gold medal, Berlin Gesell. fiir Erdkunde, 
13.* Int. Meteor. Conf, 98 (mem. permanent com- 
mittee on terrestrial magnetism) ; sec'y, sect, ter- 
restrial magnetism and elec. Int. Geophys. Union, 



19-30, V. pres. and chairman, sect, terrestrial mag- 
netism and elee, Am. Geophys. Union, 20-; mem. 
Nat. Eesearch Council, 17-' A.A. (v. pres, 09); 
Physical Soc; Astron. Soc; Ass. Geog. (v. pres, 
09); Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 08) ; hon. mem. Corn- 
wall Polytech. Soc; Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz; 
Meteor. Gesell; cor. mem. Gottingen Eoyal 
Acad; Lisbon Acad; Batavia Acad. 

Bauer, Dr. W(illia)m C(harles), Northwestern 
University, Evanston, III. Electrical engineer- 
ing. Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 26, 73. B.S.(E.E), 
Cincinnati, 96, 96-97; Chicago, 05; Sc.D, Baker, 
08. Instr. civil eng, Cincinnati, 96-97; drafts- 
man, Bullock Elec. Co, 97; prof, physics and 
chem, Baker, 97-08; physics and elec. eng, 
Denver, 08-09; elec. eng, Northwestern, 09-, 
acting director, col. eng, 12, 17-18. Magnetic 
oliscrver and director, Baldwin Magnetic Ob- 
servatory, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 00-02; 
consulting elee. and mech. engineer, 03-; mag- 
netic observer in Canada of eclipse for U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 05; supt, Baldwin Light 
and Power Plant, 06-08; director, S.A.T.C. 
Eadio Sch, Northwestern, 18. Chem. Soc; Elec. 
Eng; Electrochem. Soc; Eng. Educ. Primary 
electric battery for closed circuit service; alter- 
nating current rectifiers; vapor lamps; storage 
batteries; ignition systems for gas engines; 
electrolytic reactions. 

Baum, Prof. F(rank) G(eorge), Hobart Building, 
San Francisco, Calif. Electrical engineering. 
Ste. Genevieve, Mo, July 18, 70. A.B, Stanford, 
98, E.E, 99. Asst. elec. eng, Stanford, 98-99; 
practical work, 99-00 ; instr. elec. eng, Stanford, 
00-02, asst. prof, 03-; consulting engineer, 07- 
Chief engineer, Calif. Gas and Elec. Corp, 04- 
Elec. Eng. (v. pres, 06-08). Alternating cur- 
rent work; compounding alternating current 
generators; the limiting distance to which power 
can be transmitted; water power development. 

Bauman, Dr. Louis, 265 Central Park West, New 
York, N. Y. Biochemistry. New York, Sept. 
10, 80. M.D, Columbia, 02; Berlin, 05, 07-08; 
Breslau, 07. Intern, Mt. Sinai Hosp, New York, 
02-05; lecturer biol. chem. McGill, 09-11; asst. 
prof. med. and director of research lab, Iowa 
State, 11-19; assoc. med, Columbia. 19- Visit- 
ing physician, Presb, Hosp, N. Y. City, 19- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Am. Med. Ass. Muscle extractives; 
scurvy; amino acids; hyperthyroidism; epilepsy. 

Baumaim, Dr. Emil J(acol3), Montefiore Home 
and Hospital, New York, N. Y. Physiological 
chemistry. New York, Feb. 5, 91. B.S, Col. 
City of N. Y, 12; Ph.D, Yale, 15. Asst. physiol. 
chem, Yale, 1416 ; lecturer, Toronto, 16-17 ; 
physiol. chemist, Montefiore Home and Hosp, 
N. Y. City, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc. Metabolism. 

Baumberger, Dr. J(ames) Percy, Stanford Uni- 
versity, Calif. Physiology. San Leandro, Calif, 
Sept. 17, 92. B.S, California, 14; M.S, Harvard, 
]6, Sc.D, 18. Asst. physiol. and entom, Ead- 
cliffe, 17-18; zool. Harvard, 14-19, Austin teach- 
ing fellow, 17-18, asst. bot, 18; instr. nat. sci- 
ence, Lowthorpe Hort. Sch, 16-18 ; physiol, 
^Stanford, 19- Sergt, M.C, Cent. Med. Dept. 
Lab, Dijon, 18-19. A.A; Entom. Soc; Pacific 
Coast Entom. Soc; Cambridge Entom. Soc. In- 

sect physiology; relationship of insects to 
microorganisms; hibernation; longevity. 

Baumgartner, Dr. E(dwin) A(be), Halstead Hos- 
pital, Halstead, Kans. Anatomy. Halstead, 
Feb. 14, 88. A.B, Kansas, 10, fellow, 11, A.M, 
11; Ph.D, Minnesota, 15. Instr. anat, Wiscon- 
sin, 11-12; Minnesota, 12-14; Washington (St. 
Louis), 14-19; assoc. anat, Halstead Hosp, Hal- 
stead, Kans, 19- A.A; Ass. Anat. Embryol- 
ogy; pathology; development of glands and 

Baumgartner, Prof. W(illiam) J(acob), Universi- 
ty of Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. Zoology. Ex- 
celsior, Mo, May 14, 71. A.B, Kansas, 00, 
A.M, 01; fellow', Chicago, 02-04. Instr. zool, 
Kansas, 04-05, asst. prof, histol. and zool, 
05-13, assoc. prof, IS- Asst, Univ. of Kans. 
paleont. exped. to Oregon, 05, entom. exped. to 
Ariz, 07, zool. exped. to Tex, OS, and zool. exped. 
to Wash, 09; on staff, Puget Sound Marine Sta, 
10-17; managing ed, 'Kans. Univ. Science Bui,' 
10-14, 19- A.A; Soc. Zool. Chromosome indi- 
viduality in Gryllus ; the biology of the crickets ; 
spermatogenesis in the Gryllidae. 

Bausch, Edward, Bausch and Lomb Optical Co, 
Eochester, N. Y. *Optics. Eochester, Sept. 26, 
54. Cornell, 75. V. pres, Bausch and Lomh 
Optical Co. A.A; Optical Soc; Micros. Soc. 
Manipulation of the microscope. 

Bawden, H(enry) Heath, San Ysidro, Calif. Phi- 
losophy, Psychology. Elyria, Ohio, Sept. 28, 71. 
Illinois, 88-90; A.JB, Denison, 93, fellow, 93-94, 
A.M, 94; Eochester Theol. Sem, 94-96, 97-98; 
fellow, Chicago, 98-00, Ph.D, 00. Instr, gym- 
nasium, Denison, 91-94, biol, 97-98; philos, 
Iowa, 00-01; prof, Vassar, 01-07; Cincinnati, 
07-08. A.A; Philos. Ass; Psychol. Ass; West. 
Philos. Ass. Pragmatism; behaviorism; meth- 
odology; esthetics. 

Baxter, Prof. Gregory P(aul), Coolidge Memorial 
Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass. ^Chemistry. Som- 
erville. Mass, March 3, 76. A.B, Harvard, 96, 
A.M, 97, Ph.D, 99. Asst. chem, Harvard, 95- 
97, instr, 97-99; Haverford, 99-00; asst. prof, 
Swarthmore, 00-02; instr. anal, chem. Harvard, 
02-05, asst. prof, chem, 05-15, prof, 15- Instr, 
sunmier sch. Harvard, 97, 02-; Eadcliffe, 02- 
Nat. Acad; A.A; Chem. Soc; Am. Acad. Ana- 
lytical and inorganic chemistry; atomic weights 
and other physico-chemical constants. 

Bayley, Dr. W(illiam) S(Mrley), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. *Minernlogy, Geology. 
Baltimore, Md, Nov. 10, 61. A.B, Hopkins, 83, 
Ph.D, 86. Prof, geol, Colby, 88-04; instr, Le- 
high, 04-06; asst. prof, Illinois, 06-09, assoc. 
prof, miner, and econ. geol, 09-13. prof, geol, 
IS- Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 89-08, 
geologist, 09-; assoc. ed, 'Am. Naturalist,' 86- 
02; reviewer, 'Neues Jahrbuch,' 90-08; business 
ed, 'Econ. Geol,' 05- A.A; Geol. Soc. (coun- 
eilor, 19); Wash. Geol. Soc; Chem. Gesell. De- 
scriptive mineralogy; geology of iron districts 
of Lake Superior region; metamorphism ; ig- 
neous rocks; iron ores of New Jersey and North 
Carolina; kaolins of North and South Carolina; 
geology of New Jersey Highlands; geology of 
crystalline rocks in Llano district, Texas. 

Bayne- Jones, Dr. S(tanhope), Johns Hopkins 
University Medical School, Baltimore, Md. 



Bacteriology. New Orleans, La, Nov. 6, 88. 
A.B, Yale, 10; M.D, Hopkins, 14, A.M, 17. 
Intern med, Hopkins Hosp, 15-16; instr. path, 
Hopkins, 16, assoc prof. path, and bacter, 20- 
A.A; 8oc. Bact; Ass. Immunol; Am. Med. Ass. 
Pathology; immunology. 

Bazzoni, Prof. C(harles) B (lizard), University 
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Physics. 
Newburg, N. Y, Jan. 28, 86. B.S, Pennsylva- 
nia, 11, A.M, 13, Ph.D, 14. Instr. physics, Penn- 
sylvania, 11-17; Harrison research fellow, Lon- 
don, 15-16. Asst. research, King's Col, London, 
16-17; asst. prof, physics, Penn.'iylvonia, 19- 
Capt, corps engineers, A.E.F, 17-19. Physical 
Soc; Radio Eng. Photoelectric and thermionic 
emissions; ionization potentials. 

Beach, Prof, Frederick Elijah, Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Physics. New Haven, June 
12, 63. Ph.B, Yale, 83, Ph.D, 93. Machinist 
and draftsman, 83-90; asst. physics, Yale, 91- 
94, instr, 94-95, asst. prof, 95- Physical Soc. 

Beach, Prof. S(pencer) A(mbrose), Station A, 
Ames, Iowa. Ilortioulture. Summer Hill, N. Y, 
Sept. 15, 60. B.S.A, Iowa State, 87, M.S, 92. 
Assoc, prof. hort. and hot, Tex. Col, 90-91; hor- 
ticulturist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 91-05; prof. 
hort^ Iowa State, and horticulturist, Exp. Sta, 
05-, V. dean agr, 06- A. A; Pomol. Soc; Soc. 
Hort. Sci; Iowa Hort. Soc. (pres) ; Iowa Acad; 
fel. Royal Hort. Soc. Pomology; plant breed- 
ing; self-fertility and pollination of the Amer- 
ican grape and the apple; treatment of fungous 
diseases in garden and orchard ; handling of 
apples in storage; soil management for apple 
orchards; unit characters in the apple; ajjple 
stocks with reference to their adaptability for 
top working in orchards. 

Beach, Prof. W(alter) S(purgeon), Bustleton Sta- 
tion, Philadelphia, Pa. Plant pathology. Brown- 
ton, Minn, Jan. 24, 90. B.S, Minnesota, 14; fel- 
low, Mich. Agr. Col, 14-15, M.S, 15; fellow, Illi- 
nois, 17-18, Ph.D, 18. Asst. bot, Illinois, 15-17; 
instr. plant path, Pa. State, 18-19, asst. prof, 
19- A.A; Phytopath. Soc; Bot. Soc; Phila. 
Acad. Fusarium wilt of China aster; biolog- 
ical specialization in Septoria ; diseases of vege- 

Beadle, C(hauncey) D(elos), Biltmore, N. C. 
*Botany. St. Catharines, Ont, Aug. 5, 66. 
Ont. Agr. Col, 84; Cornell, 89. Director, Bilt- 
more Herbarium, 90-16. Botany of the south- 
ern states; Crataegus; Philadelphus; Rudbeckia; 

Beal, Prof. A(lvin) C(asey), Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Horticulture. Mt. Vernon, HI, 
Nov. 30, 73. B.S, Illinois, 97; M.S.A, Cornell, 
03, Ph.D,- 11. Foreman, hort. dept. 111. Exp. 
Sta, 98-99, supt, agr. greenhouses, 00-01, asst. 
hort, 01-02, floriculture, 02-03, instr, 0.3-09; 
asst, Cornell, 09-10, asst. prof, 11-13, prof, 13- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci. (chairman, com- 
mittee on floric. courses, 13, 14). Floriculture; 
forcing vegetables under glass ; greenhouse 
thrips; greenhouse construction and manage- 

Beal, Dr. A(rthur) F(loyd), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Arlington, Colo, 
Sept. 25, 88. A.B, Kansas, 11, A.M, 12; fellow, 

Pittsburgh, 14-16, Ph.D, 17. Magnetic observer, 
U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 12-14; instr. phys- 
ics, Albion, 16-17; asst. physicist, Bur. Stand- 
ards, 17-20, assoc physicist, 20- Astron. Soc; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. Weights and measures; 
variation of latitude. 

Beal, Carl H(ugh), Wells Fargo Building, San 
Francisco, Calif. Geology. A.B, Stanford, 12, 
A.M, 15, E.M, 20. Asst. geologist, K. T. and 
Co, 13; consulting geologist, 13-14; instr, dept. 
geol. and mining, Stanford, 14-15; oil and gas 
inspector, U. S. Bur. Mines, 15-16, asst. to chief 
petrol, technologist, 16-18; special agent, bur. 
internal revenue, Treas. Dept, 18-19; consulting 
geologist and engineer, 19- Petroleum geology. 

Beal, Dr. Fred(erick) W(ahn), University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Mathematics. 
Hamilton, N. Y, July 18, 79. Ph.B, Colgate, 
02, A.M, 05; fellow, Princeton, 09-10, Ph.D, 11. 
Instr. math. Pa. State, 05-08; Brown, 10-11; 
Pennsylvania, 11-18; acting prof, Tennessee, 
18-19; asst. prof, Pennsylvania, 19- Math. 
Soc. Normal congruences determined by cen- 
ters of geodesic curvature ; a congruence of 

Beal, Prof. Geo(rge) D(eiiton), 712 W. Nevada 
St, Urbana, 111. Chemistry. Scio, Ohio, Aug. 
12, 87. Pharm. D, Scio, 07, Ph.B, 08; A.M, Co- 
lumbia, 10, Ph.D, 11. Asst. chem, Scio, 06-08; 
instr, Illinois, 11-14, assoc, 14-18, asst. prof, 
18-20, assoc. prof, 20- Ebert prize, Pharma- 
ceut. Ass, 20. A.A. (sec'y,. C, 17); Chem. Soc. 
(sec'y, div. pharmaecut. chem, 15-19) ; Pharma- 
ceut. Ass. (mem. research commission, 18, 19) ; 
hon. mem. 111. Pharmaceut. Ass. Quantitative 
organic analysis; alkaloids and fatty acids; 
anthraquinone drugs. 

Beal, Dr. J(ames) H(artley), 801 W. Nevada St, 
Urbana, 111. Pharmacy. New Philadelphia, 
Ohio, Sept. 23, 61. B.S, Scio. 84, A.B, 88; 
LL.B, Cincinnati Law Sch, 86; Ph.G, Ohio Med. 
Col, 94; Sc.D, Mt. Union, 95; hon. Pharm.D, 
Pittsburgh, 02; hon. Ph.M, Phila. Col. Ph.-.r- 
macy, 13. Prof. chem. and dean, dept. phar- 
macy, Scio, 87-07; prof, applied pharmacy, 
Pittsburgh, 02-11; gen. sec'y and ed, 'Jour. 
Am. Pharmaceut. Ass,' 11-14; director, phar- 
macy research, Illinois, 14- Chairman, board of 
trustees, U. S. Pharmacopoeia, 10-; mem. W. I. 
B, 18; Nat. Drug Trade Conf. (pres, 18). First 
Remington medalist, 19. A.A; Pharmaceut. 
Ass. (pres, 04) ; Am. Conf. Pharmaceut. Facul- 
ties (pres, 07); Chem. Soc; Ohio Pharmaceut. 
Ass. (pres, 98). Pharmacy food and drug 
laws; poison and habit-forming drug legislation. 

Beal, W (alter) H(enry), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Agriculture. 
Hanover Co, Va, Dec. 9, 67. A.B, M.E, Va. 
Polytech, 86. Asst. chemist, Mass. Exp. Sta, 
87-91; employee, U. S. Dept. Agr, 91- V. S. 
Dept. Agr. delegate. Int. Cong. Agr, Liege, 05. 
A.A; Ass. Agr. Col. (rec. sec'y, sta. sect); 
Acad. Polit. and Social Sci. Methods and re- 
sults of agricultural experiment station work. 

Beal, Dr. W(illiam) J(ames), 40 Sunset Ave, 
Amherst, Mass. * Botany. Adrian, Mich, March 
11. 33. A.B, Michigan, 59, A.M, 63, Ph.D, 80; 
B.S, Harvard, 65; M.S, Chicago, 75; hon. Sc.D. 
Mich.Agr. Col, 05; D.-^gr, Syracuse,16. Teacher 



nat. science, Friends Acad, and Rowland Inst, 
Union Springs, N. Y, 59-68 ; prof, bot, Chicago, 
* 68-70; lecturer, Mich. Agr. Col, 70-71, prof, 
bot. and hort, 71-81, bot. and forestry and 
curator, museum, 82-03, lot, 03-10, emer. prof, 
10- Director, State Forestry Commission, Mich, 
88-92. Wilder silver medal, Pomol. Soc. A. A. 
(v. pres, 83); Bot. Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. 
(pres, 82); Pomol. Soc; Bot. Cent. States; Mich. 
Acad, (pres, 92). Grasses; seed dispersal; pol- 
lination of plants; trees; weeds; how plants 
protect themselves. 

Beal, W(iUiam) O(tis), University of Minnesota, 
Minneapolis, Minn. Astronomy. Eollin. Mich, 
Feb. 18, 74. B.S, Earlham, 96; Earlham fellow, 
Haverford, 96-97, A.M, 97; fellow, Chicago, 01^ 
02, 12-13, M.S, 02. Instr. math, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 97-00; Chicago Manual Training High Sch, 
02-03; 111. Col, 03-04; asst. prof, 04-05, prof, 
05-12; asst. astronomer, Minnesota, 13- A.A; 
Astron. Soc; Math. Soc; Cent. Ass. Sci. and 
Math. Teachers. Periodic orbits ; proper motion 
of stars; comet positions. 

Bean, Barton A(ppler), U. S. National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. Ichthyology. Bainbridge, 
Pa, May 21, 60. Academy; private study. 
Clerk, aid, asst. curator and later acting cura- 
tor. If. S. Nat. Museum, 81- Mem. Baltimore 
Geog. Soc. exped. to the Bahamas, 03; various 
minor expeditions to Wash, Oregon and Fla. for 
U. S. Fish Commission and U. S. Nat. Museum. 
Medal, Columbian Expos, 93; Atlanta, Nash- 
ville, Omaha, Pan-Am, Charleston and La. Pur- 
chase; silver medal and diploma, Paris Expos, 
00. Fisheries Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc. Fishes of 
the Atlantic coast, especially of Florida, the 
Bahamas and deep water; the poisonous toad 
fishes (Thalassophryne) ; genus Lepomis; deep- 
water skates off south Atlantic coast; reports 
on fishes of the earlier explorations by United 
States Government; Rhinodon on the Atlantic 
coast of America; fishes of Vancouver Island, 
B. C. 

Bean, Prof. C(harles) Homer, 622 Boyd Ave, 
Baton Eouge, La. Psychology. Petersburg, 
Ohio, Feb. 28, 70. A.B, Nebraska, 99; Chicago; 
Ph.D, Columbia, 12. Asst. prof, psychol, Ind. 
State Nor. Sch, 04-14; prof, psychol. and educ. 
Louisiana, 15- A.A ; Psychol. Ass. Educational 
psycholog;v' ; reviews; standard tests; forget- 
ting; temporary blindness. 

Bean, E(mest) F, Science Hall, Madison, Wis. 
Geology. Zearing, Iowa, Jan. 30, 82. A.B, 
Wisconsin, 09, A.M. 11. Instr. geol, Wisconsin, 
11-15, asst. prof, 15-17; asst. Nat. Geog. Soc 
exped. to Alaska, 09-10; geologist. Wis. Geol. 
Surv, 11, chief of parties, 13-15, asst. state 
geologist, 16- A.A. Economic geology of the 
Pre-Cambrian ; areal and glacial geology. 

Bean, Prof. Il(obert) Bennett, University, Va. 
Anatomy, Anthropologu. Gala Water, Va, March 
24, 74. ' B.S, Virginia Polytech, 00 ; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 04. Asst. anat, Hophiius, 04-05; instr, 
Michigan, 05-07; asst. prof, Univ. Philippines, 
07-08, assoc. prof, 08-10; Tulane, 10-16; prof, 
Virginia, 16- Lecturer heredity. Teachers' As- 
sembly, Baguio, 08; govt, investigator Benguet 
Tgorots, 08. A.A; Ass. Anat; Anthrop. Ass. 
(councilor, 19). Human types and their geo- 

graphical distribution; Filipinos; American ne- 
groes; growth; weight of organs; weight of 
parts of the leg in living men; sitting height; 
relation of ear form to susceptibility and im- 
munity to disease and to race and type. 

Beans, Prof, Hal T(rueman), Columbia Universi- 
ty, New York^ N. Y. Chemistry. Pleasanton, 
lians, Aug. 20, 76. B.S, Nebraska, 99, A.M, 
00 ; Ph.D, Columbia, 04. Instr. chem, Columbii, 
03-11, asst. prof, and later assoc. prof, 11- 
Chem. Soc. Inorganic, physical and analytical 
chemistrj"; colloids. 

Bear, Prof. Firman E(dward), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Colum.bus, Ohio. Agriculture. German- 
town, Ohio, May 21, 84. B.S, Ohio State, 08, 
M.S, 10; Ph.D, Wisconsin, 17. Instr. agr. chem. 
and soils, Ohio State, 08-10, asst. prof, 10-13; 
prof, soils in charge soil investigations, West 
Virginia, 14-16; prof. agr. chem. and soils, 
Ohio State, 16- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Agron. 
Agricultural chemistry; lime and bacteria in 
soils; nitrogen fixation and loss. 

Beard, J(ames) T(hom), 58 Washington Ave, 
Danbury, Conn. Civil and mining engineering. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, Oct. 19, 55. C.E, E.M, Colum- 
bia, 77. Asst. engineer, N. Y. and Brooklyn 
Bridge, 77-80; asst. and div. eng, C. B. and Q. 
R. E, 80-83; U. S. Dept. Min. Surv, 83-85; 
mining engineer, Colo. Fuel and Iron Co, 85-96; 
principal, sch. mines. Int. Cor. Schools, and 
assoc. ed, 'Mines and Minerals,' 96-11; senior 
assoc. ed, 'Coal Age,' 11- A.A.; Min. Eng; 
Min. and Metal. Soc; Mine Inspectors' Inst; 
N, of England Inst. Min. and Mech. Eng. 
Mine ventilation, gases and explosions; safety 
lamps; design of centrifugal ventilators; detec- 
tion of mine gases. 

Beard, Dr. J(oseph) H(oward), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. Physiology. Linden Hill, 
Md, Jan. 12, 83. A.B, St. John's (Md), 02, 
A.M, 12; M.D, Hopkins. Instr. physiol, Illi- 
nois, 12-18, prof, hygiene a7id univ. health offi- 
cer, 18- Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass. In- 
ternal medicine; urinalysis during pregnancy; 
the relations of certain industries to disease; 
nervousness; health education. 

Beard, Dr. R(ichard) O(lding), tjniversity of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Physiology. 
Middlesex, England, Dee. 20, 56. M.D, North- 
western, 82. Prof, physiol. and director, dept. 
physiol. and Pharmacol, Minnesota, 87- Assoc. 
Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Minn. Acad. 
Med. (past pres). NerA^ous system; dietetics; 
physiological chemistry; food adulteration. 

Beardslee, H(enry) C(urtis), Perry, Ohio. Bot- 
any. Painesville, Ohio, Sept. 28, 65. A.B, 
Western Reserve, 89, A.M, 92. Teacher science, 
Univ. Sch, Cleveland, 90-01 ; senior master, 
Asheville Sch, 01-20. A.A; Phytopath. Soc; 
Ohio Acad, (trustee, 97-00) ; N. C. Acad. 
Fleshy fungi; fungous flora of North Carolina. 

Beardsley, J(ames) W(allace), 134 Eider Ave. 
Syracuse, N. Y. Civil engineering. Coventry. N.Y, 
Sept. 11, 60. C.E, Cornell, 91. Asst. engineer, 
sanit. dist, Chicago, 92-98; Deep Waterway 
Commission, 98-00; with canal and harbor 
works, corps engineers, U.S. A, 00-02; consult- 
ing engineer, Philippine Commission, and direc- 
tor, pub. workSj P. 1, 02-08; investigator of 



irrig, Java, Burma, India and Egypt, 08-09; 
chief engineer, P. R. Irrig. Service,^ 10-16; 
consulting engineer, ordnance dcpt, U.S. A, 18; 
asst. chief, eng. surveys, Grand Canal, China, 
18-19; engineer wem. highway commission, 
Panama, 20- Civil Eng; West. Soc. Eng. Irri- 
gation and highways. 

Beates, Dr. H(enry), 260 S. 16th St, Philadelphia, 
Pa. 'Medicine. Philadelphia, Dee. 20, 57. M.D. 
Pennsylvania, 79; hon. M.S, Washington and 
Jefferson, 09, Se.D, 10. Practising physician. 
Pres, Pa. State Board Med. Examiners, 01-11; 
Nat. Confed. State Med. Examining and Licens- 
ing Boards, 07-08. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Thera- 
peut. Soc; Archeol. Inst; Phila. Col. Physicians; 
Phila. Acad. Therapeutics; circulatory and 
cardiac diseases; anaesthesia; medical legisla- 

Beattie, Dr. James Alexander, Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Chem- 
istni. Louisville, Ky, July 24, 95. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 17, M.S, 18, fellow, 19-20, Ph.D, 20. 
Research chemist, Am. Writing Paper Co, 16; 
asst. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 17-18, research 
assoc, 20- Physical chemistry; ionic theory; 
thermodynamics; equations of state. 

Beattie, Prof. R(olla) Kent, U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Botany. 
Ashland, Ohio, Jan. 14, 75. A.B, Cotner, 95; 
B.S, Nebraska, 96, A.M^ 98. Instr. science, high 
sch, Leadville, Colo, 96-97; Cheyenne, Wyo, 98- 
99; bot. Wash. State, 99-03, prof, and head of 
dept, and botanist, Exp. Sta, 03-12; forest pa- 
thologist, TJ. S. Dept. Agr, 12-14, path, inspec- 
tor, fed. hort. board, 14-19, pathologist in charge 
foreign plant quarantines, 19- Instr. physics 
and chem, Cotner, summer, 93 ; chem, Nebr. 
State Nor. Sch, summer, 98. A.A; Bot. Soc;, 
Phytopath. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Plant pa- 
thology; flora of Palouse region, Washington 
and Oregon; food plants of sheep. 

Beattie, W(illiain) R(enwlck), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Wasliington, D. C. Agriculture. 
Zane.sville, Ohio, Dec. 17, 70. B.S, M.S, 
Ohio State. Asst. bot. Ohio State, 96-98; asst. 
horticulturist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 99-12; agr. and 
indust. commissioner, St. Louis and Southwest. 
R. R, 12-18; horticulturist, U. S. Dcpt. Agr, 18- 
Soc. Hort. Sci; Am. Peat Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; 
Wash. Biol. Field Club. Plant growth under 
glass; peanuts. 

Beatty, Dr. Hugh Gibson, Ohio State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. Speech defects. Washington 
C. H, Ohio, Sept. 12, 80. Ph.C, jM.D, Ohio 
State; Vienna. Asst. prof, dept. oto-rhino- 
laryngol, Ohio State. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Col. Surg; Columbus Acad. Med. Otology; 
rhinology; laryngology. 

Beauchamp, Rev. W(illiam) M(artin), 121 Mark 
Ave, Syracuse, N. Y. History, Archeology. 
Coldenham, N. Y, March 25, 30. Delaney Divin- 
ity Sch; S.T.D, Hobart, 86; LL.D, Syracuse, 20. 
Rector, Grace Church, Baldwinsville, N. Y, 65- 
00; examining chaplain of diocese of Central N. 
Y, 84- Arclicologist, N. Y. State Museum, 96- 
06. Adoption by Onondagas, 04; Cornplanter 
medal for Iroquois research, 05. A.A. (sec'y, 
H, 89-92); Onondaga Acad, (pres, 01); Onon- 
daga Hist. Ass. (hon. pres, 20). American his- 

tory; archeology; natural sciences; folk-lore, 
language and history of the Iroquois; New 
York Indian life; local colonial history. 

Beaumont, Prof. A(rthur) B(ishop), 103 Butter- 
field Terrace, Amherst, Mass. Agronomy. Waco, 
Tex, Jan. 21, 87. B.S, Kentucky, 08; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 18. Teacher science, high sch. North 
Bend, Oregon, 09-11; science and agr. and head 
of dept, Oregon Nor. Sch, 11-13; asst. soil 
technol, Cornell, 13-17; assoc. prof, agron. and 
acting head of dept, Mass. Col, 17-19, prof, and 
head of dept, 19- Soc. Agron. The reversi- 
bility of the colloid condition of soils. 

Becht, Prof. Frank Christian, 2421 S. Dearborn 
St, Chicago, 111. Physiology, Pharmacology. 
Lexington, 111, Nov. 28, 79. B.S, Chicago, Ois, 
fellow, 06, Ph.D, 09; M.D, Northwestern, 15. 
Asst. physiol, Chicago, 07-09, assoc, 09-10; asst. 
prof, Illinois, 10-12 ; pharmacol. Northwestern, 
12-14; Chicago, 14-17; prof, Northwestern, 17- 
Lecturer physiol, McGill, 15. Soc. Pharmacol; 
Physiol. Soc. Heat paralysis; antibodies in the 
serum and lymphs; influence of the hypophysis 
on sugar metabolism; catalases of the blood; 
cerebrospinal fluid. 

Bechtel, A(lbert) R(eiff), Wabash College, Craw- 
fordsviUe, Ind. Botany. Royersf ord, Pa, March 
21,82. B.S, A.M, Pennsylvania, 12; Ph.D, Cor- 
nell, 20. Teacher, pub. schools, Arontgomory 
Co, Pa, 03-04; principal, high sch, Cochranville, 
06; science teacher, high sch, Downingtown, 07- 
08; asst. instr. bot, Pa. State, 13, instr, 14; 
N. Y. State Col. Agr, Cornell, 14-20; prof, 
Wabash, 20- A.A; Bot. Soc. Weeds; taxonomy 
of seed plants. 

Beck, Dr. Joseph C(lar), University of Illinois 
College of Medicine, Chicago, III. Medicine. 
Czecho-Slovakia, Sept. 26, 70. M.D, Illinois, 95. 
Assoc, prof, oto-laryngol, med. dept, Illinois, 04- 
Attending surgeon. Cook Co. Hosp, 05-; head of 
ear, nose and throat dept, North Chicago Hosp, 
04- Lieut-col, U.S.M.R.C, 19; Czecho-Slovak 
Army, 18-19. Col. Surg; Am. Med. Ass. (pres, 
sect, oto-laryngol, 19) ; Acad. Ophthal. and Oto- 
Laryngol. (pres, 14) ; Laryngol. Rhinol. and 
Otol. Soc; Chicago Oto-Laryngol Soc. (pres, 
09). Surgery; surgery of the head and neck. 

Beck, RoUo Howard, R. A. 288, San Jose, Calif. 
Ornithology. Calif, 70. Field collector, Calif. 
Acad, 03-09; Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 10-17. 
Mem. Ornith. Union; Cooper Ornith. Club. 
Water birds; Tubinares. 

Becker, Prof. A(lbert) J(ohn), Ohio Valley Roof- 
ing Co, Evansville, Ind. Applied mechanics. 
Evansville, Ind, Oct. 6, 77. B.S, Michigan, 03, 
M.E, 07; Ph.D, Illinois, 15. Instr. mcch. eng. 
North Dakota, 04-06, asst. prof, 06-07, prof, 
applied math, 07-19; seo'y-treas. Ohio Valley 
Hoofing Co, 20- Mcch. Eng; Eng. Educ. 
Strength of materials; bi-axial loading of mild 
steel; effect of temperature on the strength of 

Beckett, C(liarles) H(arrison), State Life Insur- 
ance Co, Indianapolis, Ind. Mathematics. Au- 
rora, Ind, May 24, 76. A.B, Cornell, 00, 00-02. 
Assoc, prof, math, Purdue, 05-12; actuary, 
State Life Ins. Co, 12- Consulting actuary. 
Math. Soc; Am. Inst. Actuaries (pres, 17-19); 
Statist. Ass. Actuarial science. 



Beckett, Prof. Samuel Hume, University Farm, 
Davis, Calif. Civil engineering. Calif, Sept. 
19, 83. B.S, California, 09. Scientific asst, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 09-12, irrig. engineer, 12-15; 
instr. and asst. prof, irrig. practise, Califorma, 
15-18, assoc. prof, 18- Development and eco- 
nomic use of irrigation water. 

Becknell, Dr. G(uy) G(aillaird), University of 
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. Physics. Milford, 
Ind, April 16, 78. B.S, Northwestern, 04, fel- 
low, 05, M.S, 05; hon. fellow, Clark, 08-09, 
senior fellow, 09-11, Ph.D, 11. Instr. physics, 
Purdue, 05-08; research asst, Clark, 08-09; 
prof, Mt. Allison, 11-12; instr, Syracuse, 12- 
14; Northwestern, 14-15; Pittsburgh, 16-17, 
asst. prof, 17-20, prof, SO- A. A; assoc. mem. 
Physical Soc. Residual E.M.F. in carbon arc; 
demagnetization of iron and steel. 

Beckstrand, Prof. E(lias) H(yrum), University 
of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Engineering. 
Meadow, Utah. B.S, (E.E), Michigan, 00; 
M.M.E, Cornell, 01. Prof. mech. eng, Utah, 03- 
Engineer, Yampa tramway, Bingham, Utah. 
Mech. Eng; Elee. Eng; Soe. Test. Mat. Test- 
ing of brick and macadam rock; testing and 
value of lubricating oils ; effect of alkalies on 

Beckwith, Angle M(aria), Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Washington, D. C. Plant pathology. 
Grand Rapids, Mich, Jan. 27, 81. A.B, Michi- 
gan, 04; Chicago, 04-05. Asst, biol. lab, Vas- 
sar, 06-08; expert xylotomist, U. S. Forest 
Service, 08-10; scientific asst, bur. plant indus- 
try, U. S, Dept. Agr, 10- A.A; Phytopath. Soc. 

Beckwith, Prof. Cora J(ipson), Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Zoology. Grand Rapids, 
Mich, March 24, 75. B.S, Michigan, 00; A.M, 
Columbia, 08, Ph.D, 14. Asst. biol, Vassar, 00- 
02, instr. zool, 02-13, asst. prof, 14-15, assoc. 
prof, 15- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Lateral 
line organ in Amia calva; cytology of hydroid 
germ cells. 

Beckwith, Prof. T(heodore) D(ay), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Bacteriology. Utica, 
N. Y, Dec. 8, 79. B.S. Hamilton, 04, Root fel- 
low, 04, M.S, 07; Ph.D, California, 20. Scien- 
tific asst, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-07; asst. prof, 
bacter. and plant path, N. Dak. Col, and asst. 
botanist, Exp. Sta, 07-11; head, dept. bacter, 
Oregon Col, and bacteriologist, Exp. Sta, 11- 
20 ; asst. exp. path, California, 20- Capt, Sanit. 
C, 18. A.A; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Water 
supplies; soils; cold storage; experimental pa- 

Bedell, Prof. Frederick, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. *Physics, Electrical Engineering. 
Brooklyn, N. Y, April 12, 68. A.B, Yale 90; 
M.S, Cornell, 91, fellow, 91-92, Ph.D, 92. Instr. 
physics, Cornell, 92-93, asst. prof, 93-04, prof, 
04- Assoc, ed, 'Physical Rev,' 93-12, managing 
ed, 13. A.A, (sec'y, B, 97, gen. sec'y, 99); 
Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Aeronaut. Soe. Alter- 
nating currents of electricity; direct and alter- 
nating current testing; aerodynamics. 

Beebe, Prof. Murray C(harles), Wadsworth Watch 
Case Co, Dayton, Ky. Electrical engineer- 
ing. Racine, Wis, Feb. 25, 76, B.S, Wisconsin, 
97. Instr. elec. eng, Wisconsin, 97-00 ; research 
dept, Nernst Lamp Co, 00-04; assoc. prof, elec. 

eng, Wisconsin, 05-07, prof, 07-18; with West. 
Elec. Co, 19; chief engineer, Wadsioorth Watch 
Case Co, SO- Elec. Eng; Nat. Elec. Light Ass. 
Electric lighting; chemistry of rare earths. 

Beebe, Prof. S(ilas) P(almer), 417 Park Ave, 
New York, N. Y, Physiological chemistry. St. 
Johns, Mich, April 22, 76. B.S, Valparaiso 
96; B.S, Harvard, 00; M.S, Yale, 02, Ph.D, 04; 
M.D, Cornell, 09. Instr. chem, high seh. New 
Haven, 00-03; physiol. chemist, Huntington 
Fund for Cancer Research, Loomis Lab, 03-09; 
prof. exp. therapeut, med. col, Cornell, 09-15. 
Lecturer, summer sch. Harvard. 02-04. A.A; 
Physiol. Soc; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Soc, Cancer Research; Soc. Biol. Chem. 
Effect of alcohol and alcoholic fluids on excre- 
tion of uric acid in man; tumor tissue; fat 
from proteid; immunity; serum therapy; physi- 
ology of thyroid and parathyroid. 

Beebe, William, New York Zoological Park, New 
York, N. Y. * Ornithology. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
July 29, 77. Columbia, 96-99. Curator ornith, 
N. . Zool. Park, 99- ; hon. curator, and director, 
tropical sta, N. Y. Zool. Soc, 19- Elliot medal. 
A.A; fel. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; Ecol. 
Soc; N. Y. Linnean Soc; fel. N. Y. Zool. Soc; 
fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. Audubon Soc; cor. mem. 
London Zool. Sof. Evolution of color in birds; 
ecology of the birds and other vertebrates of 
neotropical regions. 

Beede, Dr. J(oshua) W(iUiam), 711 San Antonio 
St, Austin, Tex. Geology, Paleontology. Ray- 
mond, N. H, Sept. 14, 71. B.S, Washburn, 96, 
A.M, 97; Ph.D, Kansas, 99. Instr. paleont, 
Kansas, 97-99 ; teacher science, Atchison Co. 
High Sch, Kans, 99-01; instr. geol, Indiana. 01- 
06, asst. prof, 06-09, assoc. prof, 09-17 ; geolo- 
gist, bur. econ. geol, Texas, 17- Asst, Kans. 
Geol. Surv, 96, 98, 03-09; U. S. Geol. Surv, 01, 
02. A.A. (mem. exec, committee, 16) ; Geol. 
Soc; Paleont. Soc; Am. Geog. Soe; Ass. Petrol. 
Geol; Ind. Acad; Kans. Acad. Stratigraphic 
geology and paleontology of Kansas coal meas- 
ures; invertebrate paleontology of the Permian 
Red Beds of Oklahoma and Texas; faunal divi- 
sions of Kansas coal measures; cycle of subter- 
ranean drainage; Permian of Kansas, Oklahoma 
and Texas. 

Beegle, Dr. Frank Moore, Glidden Co, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Chemistrij. Williamsburg, Pa, June 19, 
89. B.S, Pa. State, 12; fellow, Columbia, 16- 
18, A.M, 17, Ph.D, 18. Research chemist, Ohio 
Exp. Sta, 11-16; Bur. Aircraft Production, 18- 
19; chief chemist. Am. Chem. and Mfg. Co, 
19-20; research chemist, Glidden Co, 20- Chem. 
Soc. Organic and biological chemistry; aero- 
plane dopes, varnishes and enamels; vegetable 
oils; synthetic gums. 

Beer, Dr. Edwin, 88 Central Park West, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine. New York, March 28, 
76. A.B, Columbia, 96, M.D, 99. Visiting 
surgeon, Bellevue Hosp. and Mt. Sinai Hosp. 
A.A; Col. Surg; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. Path. 
Soc; N. Y. Acad. Physiology and pathology of 
the kidneys, urinary bladder, intestines and 

Beers, F(rank) T(roxell), Washburn, Wis. Chem- 
istry. Emporium, Pa, Feb. 19, 75. B.S, Pa. 
State, 98. Asst. chem, Pa. State, 98-99; chem- 



^8t, Bellefonte Furnace Co, 9^-00; duPont de 
Nemours and Co, 00-03, asst. supt, 03-06. supt, 
06-08; Barlsdale Works, 08-19, manager, 19- 
Chem. Eng. Explosives. 

Beeson, Prof. J(asper) L(utlier), 202 Columbia 
St, Milledgeville, Ga. Chemistry. Keener, Ala, 
Aug. 31, 67. A.B, Alabama, 88, A.M, 89; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 93. Instr. physics, Alabama, and 
chemist, Ala. Greol. Surv, 88-89; research chem- 
ist. La. Exp. Sta, and prof, chem, La. Sch. of 
Sugar, 93-96 ; prof. nat. science. Bethel, 96-97 ; 
chem. and physics, Ga. Nor. and Indust. Col, 
97- Prof, physic?, Georgia, summer, 09. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Action of alcohol on certain diazo 
compounds; sugar chemistry; nitric nitrogen 
gathered by the Leguminosae. 

Beeson, Dr. M(alcolm) A(lfred), Stillwater, Okla. 
Agronomy. Gadsden, Ala, June 20, 79. B.S, 
Ala. Polytech, 00; Hopkins, Ul-03 ; hon. Sc.D. 
Prof, science, E. Miss. Female Col, 00-01 ; pres. 
and proprietor, Meridian Male Col, 03-14; prof, 
agron. and agronomic, Okla. Col, 15- Trustee, 
E. Miss. Female Col. A.A; Soc. Agron. Crops; 
farm management. 

Beetle, Dr. Ealph D(ennison), Dartmouth Col- 
lege, Hanover, N. H. Mathematics. New Bed- 
ford, Mass, Jan. 21, 86. A.B, Dartmouth, 06, 
A.M, 11; fellow, Princeton, 12-14, Ph.D, 14. 
Instr, high sch, Littleton, N. H, 06-07; math, 
Dartmouth, 07-12, 14-15, asst. prof, 15- A.A; 
Math. Soc. Differential geometry of curves and 

Begeman, Prof. Louis, 2315 Iowa St. Cedar Falls^ 
Iowa. Physics. Evansville, Ind, March 1, 65. 
B.S, Michigan, 89, M.S, 97; Ph.D, Chicago, 10. 
Supt. schools, Corydon, Iowa, 89-95; prof, 
physics and chem, Parson's, 95-99; prof, physics, 
Iowa State Teachers Col, 99- A.A ; Cent. Ass. 
Sci. and Math. Teachers; Iowa Acad, (pres, 12). 
Charge of the electron by the cloud method. 

Begg, Dean A(lexander) S(wanson), Harvard 
Medical School, Boston, Mass. Embryology. 
Council Bluffs, Iowa, May 23, 81. M.D, 07. 
Instr. path, Drake, 07-09, asst. prof, path, histol, 
and embryol, 09-10, prof, histol. and embryol, 
10-13; teaching fellow, Harvard Med. Sch, 11- 
12, instr. comp. arnit, 13-18, a,sst. dean, demon- 
strator anat, and instr. histol, 19- Research 
assoe, Carnegie Institution, 15-; U. S. Army, 
17-19. A.A; Ass. Anat. Development of veins; 
cytology of intestinal epithelium. 

Behr, Dr. Amo, Arlington Court, Pasadena, Calif. 
Chemistry. Palompen, Germany, Aug. 14, 46. 
Tiibingen, 66; Berlin, 67; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 69. 
Chemist, Matthiessen and Wiechers Sug. Ref. 
Co, Jersey City, N. ,J, 74-81; supt, Chicago 
Sug. Ref. Co, 81-92. Perkin research medal, 
Soc. Chem. Indust, 09. Int. Cong. Applied 
Chem, London, 09. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 
Jndust; Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry, pure 
and applied to the refining of suijar; the manu- 
facture of starch and glucose from corn. 

Behre, Dr. E(llinor) H(elene), Louisiana State 
University, Baton Kougt, La. Zoology. Atlanta, 
Ga, Sept. 28, 86. A.B, Radcliffe, 08; Tulane, 
13-15; Ph.D, Chicago, 18. Instr. in charge, 
dept. biol, Tulane, 12-15; asst. zool, Chicago, 
15-18; research asst, sta. for exp. evolution, 
Carnegie Institution, 18-19; instr. biol. New- 

comb, 19-20; asst. prof, zool, Louisiana, 20- 
Physiological zoology; anatomy, 

Belirend, B(emard) A(rthur), 71 Colchester St, 
Brookline, Mass. Engineering, Physics. Ville- 
neuve, Switzerland, May 9, 75. Polji;ch, Berlin, 
94; London; Paris. Asst. chief electrician, 
Oerlikon Co, Switzerland, 98 ; chief engineer and 
chief designer, Bullock Elec. Mfg. Co, 00-09; 
chief electrical engineer and consulting engineer, 
AUis-Chalmers Co, 09; advisory engineer in 
charge, power dept, Westinghouse Elec. and 
Mfg. Co, 09-11, consulting engineer, 09- Scott 
medal, Franklin Inst, 12. A.A; Elec. Eng; 
Mech. Eng; Civil Eng; Am. Acad. Alternating 
current phenomena ; induction motor ; steam 
turbine generators; alternators and long lines; 
regulation and scientific methods of testing. 

Behrens, Prof. Charles A(ugust), 217 Lutz .\ve, 
West Lafayette, Ind. Bacteriology. Grand 
Rapids, Mich, Jan. 5, 85. B.S, Michigan, 09, 
M.S, 10, Ph.D, 13. Instr. iacter, Michigan, 10- 
14; prof, and head of dept, Purdue, 14- A.A; 
Soc. Bact; Ass. Prof; fel. Ind. Acad; Mich. 
Acad. Protozoology; Trypanosoma brucei; 
Spirocheta novyi; pipets for holding and 
measuring fluids; acute poliomyelitis; Erdmann 
culture medium for Protozoa. 

Beilby, Dr. George Everett, 247 State St. Albany, 
N. Y. Pathology. Harpersfield, N. Y, April 
10, 76. M.D, 99. Clin. prof, surg, Albany Med. 
Col, 14- Asst. surgeon, Albany Hosp. Ass. 
Path, and Bact. Surgery; pathology and sur- 
gery of the thyroid gland. 

Beinhart, E(mest) G(eorge), H. Zering Manufac- 
turing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. Agricii'fvrr. Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Sept. 24, 87. B.S, Iowa State, 10. 
Asst. chem. sect, Iowa Exp. Sta, 06-08, tobacc* 
experiments, 08-09; in charge plant improve- 
ment, Sunnybrook Tobacco Co, 09-10; asst. in 
charge New Eng. tobacco investigations, bur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 11-19; asst. man- 
ager, H. Zering Mfg. Co. 70- A.A; Chem. 
Soc. Tobacco culture; plant nutrition. 

Belfield, Dr. W(illiam) T(liomas), 32 N. State St, 
Chicago, 111. Medicine. St. Louis, Mo, 56. 
Michigan, 72-73; M.D, Rush Med. Col, 78; 
Vienna. Prof, bacter, Bush Med. Col. 91-98; 
genito -urinary surg, 98- Cartwright fund lec- 
turer. New York, 83. A.A; Ass. Genito-Urinary 
Surg, (pres, 02) ; Urol. Ass. (pres, 08). Biology 
and sociology of sex. 

Bell, Dr. A(lexander) Graham, 1331 Connecticut 
Ave, N. W, Washington, D. C, "Physics. Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, March 3, 47. London, 68; 
hon. Ph.D, Wiirzburg, 82; hon. M.D, Heidel- 
berg, 86; LL.D, Illinois Col, 81; Harvard, 96; 
Amherst, 01; St. Andrews, 02; Edinburgh, 06; 
hon. Sc.D, Oxford, 06, LL.D, 07; Dartmouth, 
14; Geergo Washington. 13. Engaged in re- 
search. With Gardiner G. Hubbard established 
'Science,' 83. Regent, Smithsonian Inst, 98. 
Volta Prix, 80; Oflficier, Legion d'honneur, 82; 
medal, liOndon Soc. Fine Arts. 02 ; Royal Albert 
medal ; John Fritz medal, United Eng. Societies, 
07; Cresson medal, Franklin Inst, 12; Hughes 
medal. Royal Soc, 13; Edison medal, 14. Aero- 
nautic Cong. Jamestown Expos, 07 (pres) ; 
Second Int. Eugenics Cong. (hon. pres), 13. 
Nat. Acad; A.A; Am. Ass. Prom. Teaching 



Speech to Deaf (pres) ; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. 
Soc; hon. mem. London Royal Inst. Invention of 
telephone (patent, March 17, 76) ; inductance 
balance; telephone probe; graphophone; elec- 
tricity; phonetics; speech; aerial navigation; 
the instruction of the deaf in America; live 
stock breeding; application of electricity. 

Bell, Prof. E(lexious) T(hompson), University 
of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. *Patholoffy. 
Hatch, Mo. Aug. 31, 80. B.S, Missouri, 01, fel- 
low, 01-02^ M.D, 03; Bonn, 05-06. Asst. anat, 
Missouri, 02-03, instr, 03-07, asst. prof, 07-11; 
path, Minnesota, 11-16, ossoc. prof, 16- In 
charge, dept. anat^ Missouri, 03-04. Ass. Anat; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Ass. Cancer Research; Am. 
Med. Ass. Experimental morphology ; histogene- 
sis of the thymus; adipose tissue; fatty meta- 
morphosis ; nephritis. 

Bell, Dr. E(ric) T(emple), University of Wash- 
ington, Seattle, Wash. Mathematws. Aberdeen, 
Scotland, Feb. 7, 83. A.B, Stanford, 04; A.M, 
Washington (Seattle), 08; Ph.D, Columbia, 12. 
Asst. math, Washington (Seattle), 07-08, instr. 
and later, asst. prof, math, 12- A.A ; Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Theory of numbers; numerical 
functions; analytical theorems in arithmetic. 

BeU, Prof. Henry Gough, Temple Building, 
Toronto, Canada. Agronomy. Orangeville, 
Ont, May 24, 80. B.S.A, Toronto, 05. Asst. 
experimentalist, Ont. Agr. Col, 05-07 ; asst. prof, 
farm crops, Iowa State, 07-10; prof, agron, 
Maine, 11; agronomist, Nat. Fertilizer Ass, 11- 
18; director, soil and crop improv. bur. Can. 
Fertilizer Ass, 18- Phytopath. Soc; New Eng. 
Coirf. Rural Progress (sec'y). Effect of stor- 
age on flour; variation in potatoes. 

Bell, Prof. J(ames) Carleton, 1032 Sterling Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology. Mt. Vernon, 
Ohio, Dec. 11, 72. A.B,' Denison, 96; A.M, Har- 
vard, 03, Ph.D, 04. Instr. Latin, Boston Latin 
Sch, 04-05; asst. philos, Harvard, 05-06; instr. 
exp. psychol, Wellesley, 05-07 ; prof. educ. 
psychol, Brooklyn Train Sch. for Teachers, 07- 
12; art of teaching, Texas, 12-16; psychol. and 
educ, BrooTclyn Training Sch. for Teachers, 16- 
Founder and managing ed, 'Jour. Educ. Psy- 
chol.' A.A; Psychol. Ass; N. Y. Soc. Exp. 
Study Educ. (sec'y-treas). Animal psychology; 
movement; visual perception; mental tests; edu- 
cational measurements. 

Bell, Prof. James M(unsie), University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Chemistry. Ches- 
ley, Ont, April 19, 80. B.A, Toronto, 02, M.A, 
05; Sage fellow, Cornell, 04-05, Ph.D, 05. Soil 
Chemist, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 05-10; 
assoc. prof, physical chem. North Carolina, 10- 
13, prof, 13- A.A; Chem. Soc. Atomic weight 
of zirconium; thermal properties nitrotoluenes ; 
chemical affinity and free energy. 

Bell, John Hume, 477 Tillow Road, South Orange, 
N. J. Electrical engineering. Aberdeenshire, 
Scotland, Sept. 6, 79. Telegraph engineer, Brit- 
ish Post Office, 04-11; West. Elec. Co, 11- 
Elec. Eng; British Inst. Elec. Eng. Land and 
submarine telegraphs; printing telegraphs; tele- 
graph transmission. 

Bell, Dr. Louis, 32 Sylvan Ave, West Newton, 
Mass. * Physics. Chester, N. H, Dec. 5, 64. 

A.B, Dartmouth, 84; fellow, Hopkins, 86-87, 
Ph.D, 88. Prof, physics, Purdue, 88-89; ed, 
'The Electrical World,' 90-92; consulting elec. 
engineer, 93-; lecturer elec. power transmis- 
sion, Mass. Inst. Tech, 95-05. Int. Elec. Cong, 
St. Louis, 04 (sec'y, sect. D). A.A; Astron. 
Soc; Ilium. Eng. Soc. (past pres); Nat. Elec. 
Light Ass; Elec. Eng; Am. Acad; Ilium. Eng. 
Soc. London (v. pres). Spectroscopy; alternat- 
ing current phenomena; wireless telephony; 
physiological optics; physical interpretation of 
albedo ; oculars. 

Bell, Dr. Wdlliam) B(onar), 803 Rittenhouse 
St, Washington, D. C. Biology. Milton, Iowa, 
June 2. 77. M.Di, Iowa State Nor, 99; Woods 
Hole, 01; A.B, Iowa, 02, fellow, 0.3-05, M.S, 03, 
Ph.D, 05; Smithsonian table, Naples Zool Sta, 
05. Asst. prof, zool, and physiol, N. Dak. Col, 
05-08, prof, 08-16; a.^st. biologist, bur. biol. 
surv, TJ. S. Dept. Agr, 16- A.A; Soc. Mammal; 
Ornith. Union ; Wash. Biol. Soc. Homologous 
crustacean appendages ; beetles, birds, mammals, 
and plants of North Dakota; extermination of 
ground squirrels, gophers, prairie dogs, and jack 

Bellamy, Dr. A(lbert) W(illiam), University of 
rticago, Chicago, 111. Zoology. Yukon, OWa, 
June 30, 92. B.S, Kansas State, 14 f fellow, 
Chicago, 16-17, Ph.D, 19. Asst. zool, Kansas 
State, 12-14, zool. and genet, 14-16; zool, Chi- 
cago, 17-18, assoc, 18-19, instr. zool. and genet, 
10- A.A; Soc. Zool. Genetics; experimental 
evolution ; development in Amphibia. 

Bellis, Arthur E(dward), 95 Princeton St, Spring- 
field, Mass. Metallurgy. Waltham, Mass, May 
26, 89. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 13. Instr. cheni, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 13-15; metallurgist, N. E. 
Westinghouse, 15-17; Springfield Armory, 17- 
Chemist, Watertown Arsenal. Min. Eng; Soc. 
Test. Mat. Physical chemistry; metallography; 
heat treatment of steel. 

Beman, Prof. W(ooster) W(oodruff), University 
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. * Mathematics. 
Southington, Conn, May 28, 50. A.B, Michigan, 
70, A.M, 73; LL.D, 'Kalamazoo, 08. Instr. 
Greek and math, Kalamazoo, 70-71 ; math, Mich- 
igan, 71-74, asst. prof, 74-82, assoc. prof, 82- 
87, prof, 87- A.A. (sec'y. A, 90, v. pres, 97); 
Math. Soc; London Math. Soc; Math. Verein; 
Gircolo Mat. di Palermo. History of mathe- 

Benedict, Dr. A. L, 377 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, 
N. Y. Physiology, Archeology. Buffalo, Aug. 
25, 65. Rochester, 83-85; A.B, Michigan, 87; 
M.D, Buffalo, 88; M.D, Pennsylvania, 89; hon. 
A.M, Ohio Wesleyan, 91. Instr. therapeut, med. 
dept, Buffalo, 90-96, prof, physiol. and digestive 
diseases, dental dept, 95-01. Supt. ethnol. and 
archeol. Pan- Am. Expos, 01; capt, M. C, 17-18; 
capt, M. C, N. Y. G, 19-20, major, 20-; ed, 
'Buffalo Med. Jour,' 11-18. Prize, N. Y. State 
Med. Soc, 95, 96; gold medal. Am. Med. Ass, 00. 
Am. Acad. Med. (v. pres, 00) ; Gastro-Enterol. 
Ass. Physical diagnosis; physiologic chemistry 
and physics, as related to digestive organs; 
transition period of Seneca Indians; archeology 
of Niagara frontier; mound -builders. 

Benedict, Prof. Francis G(ano), Nutrition Labor- 
atory, Vila St, Boston, Mass. ^Chemistry. Mil- 




waukee, Wis, Oct. 3, 70. A.B, Harvard, 93, 
A.M, 94; Ph.D, HeMelberg, 93; hon. Sc.D, Wes- 
Icyan, 11. Instr. cheni, Mass. Col. Pharmacy, 
93-94; Wesleyan, 96-01, assoe. prof, Ol-O.j, 
prof, 05-07; 'director, nutrition lab, Carnegie 
Institntion, 07- Physiol, chemist, nutrition in- 
vestigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 9.1-07; chemist, 
Storrs Exp. Sta, 96-01. Nat. Acad; A.A ; 
Chem. Soc; See. Biol. Chem; Physiol. Soc; 
Philos. Soc; Am. Acad. Analytical methods; 
metabolism in man; temperature of the human 
body; respiration calorimeters. 
Benedict, Prof. H (arris) M(iller), I'niversity of 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Botany. Buda, 
111, Dec. 8, 7.'^. A.B, Doane, 94; B.S, Nebraska. 
96. A.M, 97; Pli.D, Cornell. Grad. zool, 
Nebraska, 96-97; head, biol. dept, high sch, 
Lincoln, Nebr, 97-98; Omaha, 99-00; nsst. 
biol, Cincinnati, 01-02; asst. prof, 03-09, assoe. 
prof, 09-11, prof, hot, 11- A.A; Bot. 8oe ; 
Nature Study Soc; Ohio Acad. Plant physi- 
ology; senility in plants. 
Benedict, Dr. H(arry) Y(andell), ITniversity of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. Mathematics, Astronomy. 
Louisville, Kv, Nov. 14, 69. Fellow, B.S, Texas, 
92, A.M, 93; Ph.D, Harvard, 98; LL.D, Baylor, 
20. Tutor math, Texas, 93; asst, observatory, 
Virginia, 93-95; instr, Texas, 99, adj. prof, 
math, and astron, 99-02, assoe. prof, 02-06, 
prof, applied math, 06-, director, dept. of exten, 
09-11, dean, col. arts and sciences. It- Instr. 
math, and astron, Vanderbilt, 99. A.A; Math. 
Soc; Eng. Educ. 
Benedict, Dr. James E, TJ. S. National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. Biology. Norwalk, Conn, 
Jan. 5, 54. A.M. Ph.D, I'nion. Res. naturalist, 
'Albatross/ Atlantic cruise, 82-86; asst. cura- 
tor, V. S. Nat. Museum, 89- Crustacea; anne- 
Benedict, Dr. R(alph) C(urtiss), 322 E. 19th St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Botany. Syracuse, N. Y. 
June 14, 83. Ph.B, Syracuse, 06; Columbia, 
08-09, fellow, 09-10, Ph.D, 11. Aid, N. Y. 
Bot. Garden, 06-08; instr. bot, Fordham, 10- 
11; High Sch. of Commerce, N. Y. City, 12-16; 
chairman, dept. biol, Bushwick High Sch, 16- 
19; first asst. biol, Stuyvesant High Sch, 19- 
Instr. bot, X. Y. Univ, summer, 10; res. inves- 
tigator, Brooklyn Bot. Garden, 14- A.A; Bot. 
Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; Fern Soc. (ed, 'Jour,' 
10-). Phyiogeny and classification of ferns. 
Benedict, Prof. Stanley R(ossiter), 477 First 
Ave, New York, N. Y. *Chrmistry. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, March 17, 84. A.B, Cincinnati, 06; Ph.D, 
Yale, OS. Instr. chem, Syracuse, 08-09; assoe. 
biol. chem, Columbia, 09-10; asst. prof. chem. 
path, med. col, Cornell, 10-11, chem, 11-12, 
prof, 12- Harvey lecturer, N. Y. Acad. Med, 
16. A.A; Soc. Biol. (hem. (pres, 20); Physiol. 
Soc. Uric acid in its relation to metabolism. 
Benedict, Dr. Susan R(ose), 11 Barrett Place, 
Northampton, Mass. History of mathematics. 
Norwalk. Ohio, Nov. 29, 73. B.S, Smith, 95; 
A.M, Columbia, 06; Ph.D, Michigan, 14. Instr. 
viath. Smith, 06-14, assoe. prof, 14- Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Algebraic symbols; early 
treatises on algorism. 
Benger, Dr. Ernest B(aden), Parlin, N. J. Chem- 
istry. Belvidere, 111, Dec. 20, 85. B.S, Grin- 

nell, 07; M.S, Wisconsin, 13, fellow, 14-15, 16- 
17, Ph.D, 17. Teacher science, high sch, Minn, 
and Ky, 07-14; instr. chem, Wisconsin, 15-16, 
rescarcli chemist and lab. director, E. I. duPont 
de Nemours and Co, 17- Chem. Soc. Physical 
and inorganic chemistry; photochemistry. 
Bengis, Dr. R(obert) O (liver), Heyden Chemical 
Works, Garfield, N. J. Chemistry. New Haven, 
Conn, May 2, 90. Ph.B, Yale, Ph.D, 13. Bio- 
chemist, Pharmacol, lab, bur. chem, LT. S. Dept. 
Agr. 14-16; asst. chief chemist, Calco Chem. 
Co, 16-19; chief chemist, Heyden Chem. Co, 19- 
Chem. Soc. Organic, pharmaceutical and bio- 
logical chemistry; dyes and intermediates. 

Bengtson, Prof. N(els) A(ugust), 1529 S. 24th 
St, Lincoln, Nebr. Geography. Winslof, Swe- 
den, -Mav 22, 79. A.B, Nebraska, 07, A.M, 08. 
Prof, gf'ofj. State Nor. Sch, Peru, Nebr, 0.3-04, 
05-00; instr, Nebrasla, 08-09, asst. prof, 09- 
12, assoe. prof, and later prof. geol. and geog, 
13- Instr. geog. Cornell, summer, 12 ; prof, 
Virginia, 13; U. S. Soil Surv, 14; Nebr. Geol. 
Surv, 15; collaborator, bur. soils, V. S. Dept. 
Agr, 14-; trade commissioner, U. S. Dept. Com- 
merce, 19. A.A; Ass. Geog; Nebr. Acad. Geol- 
ogy; soil survey; Pennsylvanian and Permiaa 
stratigraphy of Nebraska; economic geography 
of Norway; geology of Honduras. 

Benjamin, Prof. C(harles) H(enry), Purdue Uni- 
versity, La Fayette. Ind. Mechanical engineer- 
ing. "Fatten, Slaine, Aug. 29, 56. M.E. Maine, 
81 ; hon. D.Eng, Case, 08. Instr. mech. eng, 
Maine, 80-83, prof, 83-86; Case, 89-07; dean, 
sch. eng, Purdue, 07-20, director, Eng. Exp. Sta, 
17- Mech. Eng. (v. pres, 17) ; Eng. Educ; hon. 
mem. Cleveland Eng. Soc. Bursting of cast iron 
fly-wheels and cylinders; stresses in pulley 
arms; smoke abatement; lubrication; locomo- 
tive head lights; farm tractors. 

Benjamin, Prof. Earl W(hitney), 208 Waite Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Poultry husbandry. Almond. N. 
Y. Oct. IG, 89. B.S.A. Cornell."ll. M.S.A. 12, 
Ph.D, 14. Instr. poultry husbandry, Cornell, 
11-14, asst. prof, 15-19, prof, 20- Marketing. 

Benjamin, Dr. G(eorge) H(illard), 160 Fifth Ave. 
New York, N. Y. rhysies. New York, Dec. 
25, 52. Union, 72; M.D. Albany Med. Col, 74; 
Ph.D, Freiburg, 82. Indust. engineer and patent 
agent; pres, Conn. Development Co; New 
Process Conil)ustion Co. Ed, ' Appleton 's Ency. 
of Applied ]\Iech'; 'Nat. Ency. of Applied 
Mech.' Medico-Legal Soc; British Ass. Indus- 
trial chemistry; high explosives. 

Benjamin, Dr. Marcus, U. S. National Museum, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry, Technology. San 
Francisco, Calif, Jan. 17, 57. Ph.B, Columbia, 
78; hon. A.M, Lafavette, 88; Ph.D, Nashville, 
89; Sc.D, Pittsburgh, 05; LL.D, St. John's. 
(Md), 10. Chemist, U. S. lab. Appraiser's 
Store, N. Y. Citv, 83-85; lecturer chem, N. Y. 
Woman's Med. Col, 84-86; ed, U. S. Nat. Mu- 
seum. !>(>- Lecturer, Washington Cathedral, 11- 
Mein. jury of awards, T'olumbiau, Nashville, 
Omaha, Pan-Am. Charleston, La. Purchase and 
Jamestown Expositions; ed. contributor, Apple- 
ton's Cyclopedias, 'Int. Cyclopedia,' 'Int. Year- 
book,' 'New Practical Cyclopedia'; mem. U. S. 
Assay Commission, 96, 00, 04, 06, 12. 17, 18. 
Int. " Cong. Arts and Science, St. Louis, 04 



(sec'y> sect, indust. ehcm). A. A; (sec'y, I, 98, 
T. pres. and acting pres, 99, 00) ; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; fel. London chcni. Soc. 

Beimer, Prof. R(aymond) C(alvln), Fieemont, 
Ohio. Chemistry. Minneapolis, Minn, May 13, 
77. B.S, Minnesota, 02; A.M, Wisconsin, 05, 
Ph.D, 09. Instr. chem, Mich. Agr. Col, 02-03; 
Wisconsin, 03-06; asst. prof, Arizon;i, (1(3-11; 
prof, electromctal, Pittsburgh, 11-13; director, 
Freemont Lab, Nat. Carbon Co, 13- Asst, Wis. 
Geol. Surv, 03-06; mem. U. S. Assay Commis- 
sion, 12. A. A; Chem. Soc. Yttrium earths; 
electrochemistry; primary cells; corrosion; ca- 

Bennett, Prof. Albert A (mold), University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. '^Mathematics. Yoko- 
hama, Japan, June 2, 88. A.B, A.M, Brown. 

10, _M.S, 11; Ph.D, Princeton, lo; Gottingen; 
Paris; Bologna; Chicago. Instr. math, Prince- 
ton, 14-16; ad.i. prof, Texas, 16-18, assoc. prof, 
18- Math, and dynamics expert, ordnance dept, 
U.S. A, 19-; asst. ed, 'Annals of Math.' Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Exterior ballistics. 

Bennett, C(arlyle) W(ilson), Michigan Agricul- 
tural College, East Lansing, Mich. Plant pa- 
thology. Narrows, Kv, .June 8, 95. B.S, Ken- 
tucky, ]7; M.S, Mich" Agr. Col, 19. Asst. hot, 
Mich. Agr. Col. 17-19, instr, 19- Phytopath. 
Soc. Plant rots. 

Bennett, C(harles) W(illiam), Ithaca, N. Y. 
Physical chemistry. Hartford, Kv, March 29, 
86. B.S, A.M, Vanderbilt, 09; Ph.D, Cornell, 

11. Asst. chem. Vanderbilt, 07-09; Cornell, 
09-11, instr, 11-13, asst. prof, 13-15; chemical 
technologist. Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc. 
Electrochemistry; electrolysis of solutions; pho- 
tochemical effects; storage batteries; nitrogen 
fixation; phosphoric acid; alumina. 

Bennett, E(dmund) R, Boise, Idaho. Horti- 
culture. Geneva, Mich, June 3, 74. B.S, Mich. 
Agr. Col, 02, M. Hort, 08. Asst. hort. Conn. 
Col, 03-06; asst. horticulturist, Colo. Exp. Sta, 
06-09, prof, hort, Colo. Agr. Col, 09-13; horti- 
culturist, C. E. T. and P. R. R, 13-14; field hor- 
ticulturist, Idaho, 16- Soc. Hort. Sci. 

Bennett, Prof. Edward, University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis. Electrical engineering. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa, Oct. 26, 76. E.E, Pittsburgh, 97. 
Engineer, Nernst Lamp Co, 99-02, chief en- 
gineer, 03-04, consulting engineer, 04-05; head 
engineer, National Elec. Signaling Co, 0.5-06; 
engineer, Telluride Power Co, 06-09 ; assoc. prof. 
elec. eng, Wisconsin, 09-13, prof, 13- With 
Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co. A. A; Elec. 
Eng; Electrochem. Soc; Eng. Edue; Radio Eng; 
Tlhim. Eng. Soc; Ass. Prof. Nernst lamp de- 
velopment; lightning arresters; wireless teleg- 
raphy; power transmission. 

Bennett, Dr. Harold S(elden), l Grove Place, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Chemistry. A.B, Cornell, 13,' 
Ph.D, 17. Teacher chem, Cornell, 13-15. Capt, 
C W. S, 17-18; in charge, dept. chem, Forman 
Christian Col, Lahore, India, 19-20. Chem. Soc. 
Electrical endosmose; hydronitric acid, 

Bennett, Hugh H(ammond), Bureau of Soils, 
Washington, D. C. Agriculture. Wadesboro, 
N. C, Apr. 15, 81. B.S, North Carolina.' Soil 
scientist, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 03- Mem. 
agr. exped. to Canal Zone, (I9; in charge agi-. 

exped. to Alaska, 14. Lieut, engineers, 18, re- 
serve officer, 18- A. A; Soc. Agron. Soils. 

Bennett, Dr. James Percy, University of Cali- 
fornia,, Berkeley, Calif. Botany. Pender, Ne- 
braska, Oct. 25, 86. A.B, Missouri, 11, A.M, 
13; Ph.D, Wisconsin, 18. Instr. bot, Wisconsin, 
15-18; pomol, California, 19- A. A; Bot. Soc; 
Phytopath. Soc; Chem. Soc; Calif. Bot. Soc. 
Plant nutrition and growth; physiology and nu- 
trition of fruit trees. 

Bennett, Prof. W(illiam) Z(ebina), College of 
Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. Chemistry. Montpe- 
lier, Vt, Feb. 25, 56. A.B, Harvard, 78, A.M, 
81, Ph.D, 83; Berlin, 88. Asst. chem, Harvard, 
78-80; master science, DeVeaux, 80; adj. prof, 
Wooster, 80-83, prof, 83-86, chem. and physics, 
86-02, prof. chem. and director, chem. lab, 02- 
A.A ; Chem. Soc ; Cleveland Chem. Soc. Mu- 
cochloric acid; dichloracrylic acid; tetrabrom- 
propiolic acid; methods for determining nitrites 
in water. 

Benoliel, S(olonion) D, 4508 Locust St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Chemistry. New York, N. Y, 
.lune 1, 74. B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 93; E.E, 
A.M, Columbia, 96. With Gen. Elec. Co, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y, 96-97; instr. physics, elec. and 
chem, Adelphi, 97-01; gen. manager, Roberts' 
Chem. Co, 01-06; Int. Chem. Co, 06- Lecturer, 
Boards of Educ, New York City and Brooklyn; 
Brooklyn Inst. Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; 
Elec. Eng. Alkalies; synthetic muriatic acid; 
lubricating compounds; soap. 

Bensley, Dr. B(enjamin) A(rthur), University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Can. Zoology. Hamilton. 
Can, Nov. 5, 75. B.A, Toronto^ '96; Senff fel- 
low, Columbia, 99-00, Ph.D, 02. Lecturer, zool, 
Toronto, 02-06, assoc. prof, 06-14, prof, 14- 
Director, Ont. Museum Zool, Toronto. A.A; 
Paleont. Soc; fel. Royal Soc. Can. Compara- 
tive anatomy; general mammalian and marsu- 
pial evolution. 

Bensley, Prof. R(ol)ert) R(ussell), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. "Anatomt/. Hamilton, 
Can, Nov. 13, 67. B.A, Toronto, 89, M.B, 92, 
hon. D.Sc, 19. Asst. demonstrator biol, Toronto, 
92-99, demonstrator, 99-01 ; asst. prof, anat, 
Chicago, 01-05, assoc. prof, 05-07, prof, 07- 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Anat. (pres, 18-); Soc. 
Exp. Biol; British Ass. The gastric glands of 
mammals; esophageal glands of Urodela; micro- 
chemistry; the glands of Brunner; structure of 
the human stomach; salivary glands; pancreas; 
structure of protoplasm; thyroid gland. 

Benson, Prof. C(lara) C(ynthia), University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Can. Biochemistry. Port 
Hope, Can, June 5, 75. B.A, Toronto, 99, fel- 
low, 99-03, Ph.D, 03. Instr. science, Lillian 
Massey Sch. Household Science, 0.3-05; lecturer 
physiol. chem, Toronto, 05-06, n.ssoc. prof, 06- 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem; Home Econ. Ass; 
Can. Inst. Chem. Physiological and food chem- 
istry; rates of chemical reactions; chemistry of 
physiological fluids; chemistry of fish. 

Benson, Prof. Harry K(reitzer), Universitv of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. Chnnisfni. Leb- 
anon, Pa, Jan. 3^ 77. A.B, Franklin and Mar- 
shall, 99, A.M, 02; fellow. Columbia, 06-07, 
Ph.D, 07. Instr. science, high sch, Kent, Wash, 
00-03; assoc. prof, chem, Washington (Seattle), 
04-19, prof, and head of dept, 19- Asst. soil 



surv, Wash. State Geol. Surv. and bur. soils, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 09-; commercial agent, U. S. 
Dept. Commerce, 14; consulting chemist. Am. 
Nitrogen Products Co, 17-; capt, ordnance dept, 
18-19. Chem. Soc. (pres, Puget Sound sect, 
09). Industrial chemistry; molten hydrates as 
solvents; soils of western Washington; wood 
tar from western conifers. 
Benson, Dr. Robert L(ouis), P. O. Box 356, Port- 
land. Oregon. Pathology. Flint, Mich, May 
30, 80. A.B, Michigan, 02, A.M, 04; M.D, Rush 
Med. Col, 10. Bacteriologist, Fla. State Board 
of Health, 10-12; prof, path, Oregon, 13- City 
bacteriologist, Portland, Oregon. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Int. Ass. Med. Mus. 

Bent, Arthur Cleveland, Taunton, Mass. Ornith- 
ology. Taunton, Nov. 25^ 66. A.B, Harvard, 
89, Sec'y, Bristol Co. Acad Sci, 09-12, pres, 
IS- Ornith. Union; Nat. Ass. Audubon Soc; 
Nuttall Ornith. Club; Wilson Ornith. Qub; 
Cooper Ornith. Club. Distribution and life his- 
tories of American birds. 

Bentley, Prof. Gordon M(ansir), Knoxville, Tenn. 
Zoology, Entomology. Great Barrington, Mass, 
Sept. 23, 76. B.S.A, Cornell, 00, A.M, 01. Prof, 
bot. and zool, Union Acad, Belleville, N. Y, 01- 
05; instr. entom, N. C. Col, and asst. state 
entomologist, 05-06; instr. zool. and entom, 
Tennessee, 06-08, assoc. prof, and entomologist, 
Exp. Sta, 08-; asst. state entomologist, 08-09, 
state entomologist and plant pathologist, 09- 
A.A. (v. pres, 18); Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. 
Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Fed. Hort. Inspectors 
(pres); Tenn. Hort. Soc; Nursery Ass; Florists 
Ass; Beekeepers Ass. (sec'y-treas) ; E. Tenn. 
Beekeepers Ass. (pres). 

Bentley, Prof. John, Jr, Cornell University, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Forest engineering. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
June 8, 80. With U. S. Forest Service, 07-ll_; 
asst. prof, forest engineering, Cornell, 12-17, 
prof, 17- Lecturer lumbering, Yale, 17-19. 
Soc. Foresters. Forest management. 

Bentley, Prof. Madison, University Hall, Urbann, 
111. *Psychology. Clinton, Iowa, June 18, 70. 
B.S, Nebraska, 95; Ph.D, Cornell, 98. Asst. 
psychol, Cornell, 97-98, instr, 98-02, asst. prof, 
02-12; prof, and director, psychol. lab, Illinois, 
12- Ed, 'Psychol. Index.' A. A; Psychol. Ass; 
Philos. Ass. The memory image; mental syn- 
thesis; comparative and social psychology; men- 
tal inheritance; eugenics. 

Bentley, Dr. William B(urdelle), Morris Ave, 
Athens, Ohio. Chemistry. Maple Valley, N. Y, 
Aug. 8, 66. A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 90, Ph.D, 
98. ABst. chem, Harvard, 90-91; adj. prof, 
chem. and physics, Arkansas, 91-94; assoc. prof. 
94-00; prof, chem, Ohio (Athens), 00- Asst. 
chem, U. S. Torpedo Sta, Newport, R. I, 90; 
capt, ordnance dept, U.S.A, 18-19. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; hon. fel. London Soc. Biol. Chem. De- 
rivatives of symmetrical tribrom benzol. 

Benton, Prof. J(ohn) E(obert), Gainesville, Fla. 
Physics. Concord, N. H, .Tune 6, 76. B.S, 
Trinity (Conn), 97, A.B, 98; Ph.D, Gottingen, 
00. Instr. math, Princeton, 00-01 ; asst. physics, 
Cornell, 01-02 ; various positions in govt, scien- 
tific work, 02-04; research asst, geophys. lab, 
Carnegie Institution, 04^05; prof, physics and 

elec. eng, Florida, 05-, dean, col. eng, 10- A.A ; 
Physical Soc; assoc. Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. 
Mechanical properties of matter, especially elas- 

Benton, Ralph, University of California, Berk- 
eley, Calif. Entomology. MunicJi, Germany, 
Aug. 2, 84. B.S, Mont. Col, 06; B.L. California, 
07, M.S, 09. Asst. mil. science and tactics, 
Mont. Col, 01-03, asst. apiculture, 04-05; asst. 
entom, California, 06-08, instr, 08-10; head, 
dept. agr, Los Angeles Norm. Sch, 10-12; 
assoc. prof. Southern California, 12-14; in- 
spector, U. S. Biol. Surv, 14-18; lieut, Inf, 
18-19; instr. agr. educ, California, 19- Asst, 
U. S. examiner surveys, Mont, summer, 01; 
asst. to entomologist, Mont. Exp. Sta, sum- 
mers, 02-04; special field agent entom, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, in Europe, summer, 05. A.A; 
Entom. Soc; Nat. Bee Keepers' Ass; Calif. 
State Bee Keepers' Ass. Wintering of bees: 
varieties of bees of economic importance ; the 
production of honey on a commercial basis; 
queen rearing on a commercial basis; control 
of mating of queen bees; artificial impregna- 
tion; the floral relationships of bees; wax secre- 
tion and production; bee diseases and resistant 
varieties of bees. 

Bentz, Dr. Charles A, 126 W. Humbolt Parkway, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Bacteriology. Buffalo, Feb. 20, 
79. M.D, Buffalo, 02. Lecturer histol. and 
bacter, Buffalo, 02-04, bacter, 04-07, embryol, 
10, assoc. prof. prev. med; city bacteriologist. 
Clin, pathologist, Erie Co. Hosp; Sisters of 
Charity Hosp; St. Mary's Maternity Hosp; 
Mem. Hosp; Providence Retreat. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Buffalo Acad. Med. Trichinosis; 
rhinophyma ; tetanus ; arthritis deformans ; avian 

Benzenzerg, George Henry, 1018 Wells Build- 
ing, Milwaukee, Wis. Engineering. New York, 
N. Y, Mav 31, 47. G.E, Michigan, 67, D.Eng, 
12; Sc.D," Wisconsin, 11. Asst, U. S. Lake 
Surv, 66-69; C. M. and St. P. R. R. and M. 
and N. R. R, 60-73; asst. city engineer, Mil- 
waukee, 73-82, city engineer, 82-99; consulting 
engineer, 95; chief engineer, Cincinnati Water 
Works, 04-09. Consulting engineer for cities 
throughout the U. S. A.A; Civil Eng. (pres, 
07) ; Munic. Eng. (pres, 96) ; Am. Water Works 
Ass. (pres, 93); New Eng. Water Works Ass. 
Water purification. 

Berg, Prof. Ernst Julius, Union University, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. Electrical Engineering. Oster- 
sund, Sweden, Jan. 9, 71. M.E, Royal Polytech. 
Stockholm, 92; hon. Sc.D, Union, 09. Elec. en- 
gineer. Gen. Elec. Co, 92-04, consulting engineer. 
04-09 ; prof, in charge, dept. elec. eng, Illinois, 
09-13; Union, IS- A.A; Elec. Eng; Math. Soc 
Rotary converters; transmission line disturb- 
ances; electromagnetic radiation. 
Berg, Dr. William N(athan), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Pathological 
chemistry. Klein-Verdein, Hungarv, Sept. 22, 
81. B.S, Columbia, 04, Ph.D, 07; D.V.M, George 
Washington, 16. Asst. physiol. chem, Col. Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, Columbia, 04-07, tutor biol. 
chem, 07-08; chemist, dairy div, bxir. animal 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 08-12, path, div, 12- 
Capt, Sanit. C. 18-19. A.A; Soc. Exp. Biol; 
Soc. Biol. Chem; Wash. Acad. Determination 



of ammonia in milk; the digestibility of differ- 
ent proteins in various pepsin-acid and trypsin- 
base solutions; relation between the physiological 
action of ions and their physico-chemical prop- 
erties; chemical changes in stored butter; slow 
proteolysis of casein ; chemical nature of anti- 
toxin; immunization against blackleg; anthrax 

Bergeim, Dr. Olaf, .Tefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Physiological chemistry. Wa- 
tertown, S. Dak, Nov. 6, S8. B.S, S. Dak. Col, 
08 ; M.S, Illinois, 12 ; Ph.D, Jefferson Med. Col. 
14. Asst. chem, Illinois, 11-12; instr. physiol. 
chem. and toxicol, Jefferson Med. Col, 12-14, 
demonstrator physiol. chem, 14-16, org. and 
physiol. chem, 15-17, assoc, 17-19, asst. prof, 
19- Mem. research div, C. W. S, 18. Eighth 
Int. Cong. Applied Chem. A.A; Soc. Biol. 
Chem; Chem. Soc; Physiol. See; Soc. Exp. Biol. 
Digestion and metabolism. 

Berger, Prof. E(dward) W(illiam), State Plant 
Board, Gainesville, Fla. Zoology. Middleburg, 
Ohio, Nov. 29, 69. A.B, German Wallace, 91; 
Ph.B, Baldwin, 94; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Prof. 
science, Baldwin, 99-01; Lincoln High Sch, 
Cleveland, 01-02; entomologist, Florida, 06- 
A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Ohio 
Acad; Fla. Entom. Soc. Physiology and his- 
tology of Cubomedusae; Pseudoscorpionidae ; 
habits of Hyphantria cunea; biology of Aley- 

Bergey, Dr. D(avid) H(endricks), 206 S. 53d St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Bacteriology, Hygiene. Mont- 
gomery Co, Pa, Dec. 27, 60. M.D, B.S, Penn- 
sylvania, 84, Scott fellow, 94-95, D.P.H, 16; 
A.M, 111. Wesleyan, 94. Instr. hygiene, Penn- 
sylvania, 95-96, first asst, lab. hygiene, 96-03, 
asst. prof, bacter, 03-16; hygiene and iacter, 
16- Capt, M. 0, 17, major, 18. A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Exp. Biol. Com- 
position of expired air; pseudo-diphtheria ba- 
cilli; hemolysis and bacteriology; influence of 
alcoholism upon hemolysis; anaphylaxis; phago- 
cytosis; types of infection and immunity; in- 
fluence of food preservatives on enzyme action; 

Bergman, Prof. H(erbert) F(loyd), College of 
Hawaii, Honolulu^ Hawaii. Botany. Medicine 
Lodge, Kans, Sept. 15, 83. B.S, Kansas State, 
05; M.S, Minnesota, 15, Ph.D, 18. Asst. bot, 
Kansas State, 06-08; asst. prof. N. Dak. Col, 
08-12; Minnesota, 12-17; asst. pathologist, bur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 17-19 ; prof, hot, 
Col. of Hawaii, 19- A.A; Ecol. Soc. Plant 
physiology and ecology; flora of North Dakota; 
aeration of roots ; plant succession. 

Bergtold, Prof. W(illiani) H(arry), 1159 Eace St, 
Denver, Colo. Ornithology. Buffalo, N. Y, Oct. 
28, 65. M.D, Buffalo, 86; hon. B.S. Hobart, 
90. Prof, path, Buffalo, 90-94; Denver, 96- 
00. Mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal. Incu- 
bation periods of birds. 

Berkeley, Dr. W(ima)m N, 12 Clay St, Balti- 
more, Md. Chemistry. Aldie, Va, Sept. 24, 67. 
Virginia, 87-88, 91-92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. 
Chemist, Dora Furnace Co, Va, 92-93 ; prof, 
chem, St. John's (Md), 93-96; instr. science, 
Model and Training Sch, San Juan, P. R, 99 ; 
chemist, Superior Board of Health, P. R, 00-05; 
chemist in charge, Phila. pure food lab, U. S. 

Dept. Agr, 05-06; prof, physics and chem. 
Sweet Briar, 06-07; instr. indust. and gen. 
chem, Lehigh, 08-09; chemist, U. S. N. Exp. 
Sta, Annapolis, 09-18; ed. 'Fuel Bui,' U. S. 
Fuel Ad, 18-19; industrial chemist, 19- Instr, 
Diechman Sch, Baltimore, 98. A.A; Chem. Soc. 
Rate of reduction of isomeric nitro-benzoic 
acids; food value of bananas. 

Berkey, Dr. Charles P(eter), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. *Geology. Goshen, Ind. 
March 25, 67. B.S, Minnesota, 92, M.S, 93, 
Ph.D, 97. Instr. miner, Minnesota, 93-03 ; tutor 
geol, Columbia, 03-07, instr, 07-10, asst. prof, 
10-14, assoc, prof, 14-16, prof, 16- Asst, Minn, 
and Wis. Geol. Surveys; special geologist, N. Y. 
Geol. Surv; geologist, N. Y. City board of 
water supply, 06-18. A.A. (mem. council, 16) ; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; fel. N. Y. Acad. (v. pres, 
13); Minn. Acad. (cor. sec'y, 97-03). The 
geology and mineralogy of certain Keweenawan 
and Cambrian areas in Minnesota and Wiscon- 
sin; clays and other mineral resources; inter- 
pretation and chronology of certain laminated 
glacial deposits; structural and stratigraphic 
features of the Highlands of New York; struc- 
tural, areal and engineering geology of New 
York City; quality of the bluestone of the Cats- 
kills; geology of the Catskill aqueduct; origin 
of the St. Peter sandstone of the Mississippi 
Valley; geology of Porto Rico and of the West 
Point quadrangle, N. Y. 

Berliner, Emile, 1458 Columbia Road, Washington, 
D. C. Electricity, Acoustics. Hanover, Ger- 
many, May 20, 51. German schools. Chief in- 
strument inspector, Bell Telephone Co, 78-81. 
Mem. Wash. Milk Conf, 07. John Scott medal, 
Franklin Inst. The loose contact telephone 
transmitter; telephone induction coil; the 
gramophone; milk supply. 

Berman, Dr. Nathan, 29 Parker St, Port Chester, 
N. Y. Bacteriology. New Haven, Conn, Dec. 
17, 93. Ph.B, Yale, 14, M.S, 16, Ph.D, 17; fel- 
low, Hopkins, 18-19. With Arlington Chem. 
Co, 19- With Eli Lilly and Co, summer, 17; 
Red Cross sanit. service, 17-18; U. S. Pub. 
Health Service, summer, 18. Soc. Bact. Bac- 
terial metabolism. 

Bemheim, Dr. Bertram M(oses), 2313 Eutaw 
Place, Baltimore, Md. Surgery. Paducah, Ky, 
Feb. 15, 80. A.B, Hopkins, 01, M.D, 05. Asst. 
surg, EopTcins, 12-14, instr. din. surg, 14- 
Visiting surgeon. Union Protestant Infirm ; 
Hosp. for Women of Md ; Cliurch Home and In- 
firmary; attending surgeon, Hebrew Hosp; ma- 
jor, M. C, A.E.F, 17-19. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Col. Surg, (founder); Surg. Research Club; 
Berlin Surg. Soc. Surgery of the vascular sys- 
tem; blood transfusion; gangrene of the ex- 

Bernstein, Prof. B(enjarain) A(bram), University 
of California, Berkeley, Calif. Mathematics. 
Posvol, Russia, May 20, 81. Baltimore City Col, 
97-02; A.B, Hopkins, 05; Ph.D. California, 13. 
Instr. math, California, 07-19, a3st. prof, 19- 
A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass. Mathematical 
logic; theory of probability. 

Bemton, Dr. Harry S(aul), 2013 O St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Hygiene. Jan. 15, 84. 
A.B, Harvard, 04, M.D, Harvard Med. Sch, 



08. Director, Bender Lab, Albany, N. Y, 09- 
14; patholo^st, R. I. State Board of Health, 
14-18; instr. path, Harvard Mod. Sch, 16-18; 
director, Child Welfare Soc, Washington, 19- 
Prof. mod. juris, Georpe Washington; lecturer 
hygiene, Georgetown. Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Int. As's. Med. Mus. Child hygiene; bacteriol- 
og}-; pathology; epidemiology. 
Berolzheimer, D(aniel) D(eronda), 1 Madison 
Ave, New York, N. Y. Chemvitry. New York, 
June 30, 77. Col. City of N. Y, 93-95; N. Y. 
Univ, 9.5-97; Wiijzburg, 97-00. Chemist in 
charge, phvsiol. and anal. lab. of Dr. Judson 
Daland, Pliila, 00-04; director, Biochem. Lab, 
N, Y, 04-06; anal, lab, Arlington Cheni. Co, 
Yonkers, N. Y, 06-10; librarian, N. Y. Chem- 
ists Club, 10-15; The Barrett Co, N. Y, 15-19; 
asst. tech. ed, 'The Chem. Cat. Co,' N. Y, 19- 
Chem. Soe. (librarian, 10); Soc. Chem. Indust ; 
N. Y. Chemists Club (librarian); Ohio Archeol. 
Soc; Soc. Chim. indust. Chemical and technical 
bibliography; carbonyl chlorid; poisonous war 
gases; chemical dictionary. 

Berry, Prof. Charles Scott, 608 Oswego St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Psychology. Hamlin, Kans, 
May 23, 75. A.B, Hiram, 03 ; A.M, Harvard, 
05,'Ph.D, 07, James Walker fellow. Harvard, at 
Berlin, 07-08. Asst. eeon, Hiram, 03-04; philos. 
Harvard, 06-07; acting asst. prof, educ, Michi- 
gan, 08-09, asst. prof, 09-15, assoc. prof, 1.5-19, 
prof, 19-; director, psychol. clinic, pub. schools, 
Detroit, 19- Capt, Sanit. C, 17-18, major, 18- 
19. A.A; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Col. Teachers 
Educ. Comparative psychology; imitation in 
animals; psychology and education of excep- 
tional children. 

Berry, Prof. Charles W(illiam), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Engineering. Charlestown, Mass, May 21, 72. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 95, Swett fellow, at Got- 
tingen, 95-97. Asst. instr. heat eng, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 99-00, instr, 00-08, asst. prof, 08-12, 
assoc. prof, 12-20, prof, 20- Refrig. Eng. Ap- 
plication of thermodynamics to engineering 
problems; refrigeration; heat transmission. 

Berry, Prof. Edward W(ilber), Johns Hopkins 
I^niversitv, Baltimore, Md. Paleontology. 
Newark, 'N. J, Feb. 10, 75. Hopkins, 0.5-06. 
Asst. paleont, Hopkins, 06-08, instr, 08-10, 
assoc, 10-13, assoc. prof, 13-17, prof, 17- 
Asst. state geologist, Md, 17-; geologist, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 10-; mem. Williams Mem. exped. 
to S. Am, 19- Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist, 01. A.A; Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc; Paleont. 
Soc ; Philos. Soe ; N. Y. Acad ; Torrcy Bot. Club 
(sec'y); Soc. geol. de France. Historical geol- 
ogy; floras and geological history of southeast- 
ern North America ; geological and geographical 
distriliution of flowering plants. 

Berry, George M(agruder), 661 Allen St, Syracuse, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Leonardtown, Md, Feb. 18, 
78. B.S, George Washington, 99. Chemist, 
Park Steel Co, 99-03; Willson Aluminum Co, 
03-04 ; consulting chemist, Wyckoff, Seamens 
and Benedict, 04-05; chief chemist, Ealcovih 
Steel Co, 05- Lecturer metal, Syracuse, 16- 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Syracuse sect, 11-13, v. pros, 
1.5-16, pres, 16-18, councilor, 19) ; Electrochem. 
Soc; Min. Eng. Metallurgy; electric furnaces; 

effect of gases on steels when heated ; melting 
and refining of fine steels. 
Berry, Prof. H(erman) C(laude), University of 
Pennsvlvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Engineering. 
Near Zionsville, Ind. A.B, Indiana, 97 ; B.S.C.E, 
Purdue, 02. With T. St. L. and W. R. R, 02; 
instr, Colo. Sch. Mines, 02-03; with U. S. 
Reclamation Service, 03-04; instr. civil eng, 
Cornell, 04-05; prof, Pennf:yli'ani<i, 05- Assoc. 
Civil Eng; Soc. Test. Mat; Phila. Eng. Club. 
Reinforced concrete; beams; columns; arches. 

Berry, Prof. James B(erthold), Meadville, Pa. 
Botany, Education. Edwardsville, 111, Aug. 2, 
80. B.S.F, Minnesota, 10; M.S. Pa. State, 13; 
Munich, 13-14; Mich. Agr. Col, 17; Georgia, 
18-19. Forest asst, U. S. Forest Service, 10-11 ; 
instr. forestry. Pa. State, and forester, Exp. 
Sta, 11-13; prof, forestry, Georgia, 14-17, 
forestry and plant path, 14-20; supervisor voca- 
tional agr. educ, Crawford Co, Pa, 20- Collabo- 
rator, V. S. Forest Service; bur. plant indust, 
T^ S. Dept. Agr; 'Bot. Abstracts.' A.A; Phy- 
topath. Soc. Georgia plant diseases; southern 
woodland forestry; corn production; seed treat- 

Berry, Prof. Otto Carter, 633 R>issell St, West 
Lafavette, Ind. Engineering. Ohio, Sept. 30, 
83. A.B, Michigan, 05, B.S, 06; M.E, Wiscon- 
sin, 18. Assoc, prof. eng. Purdue, 17- Auto- 
motive Eng. Carburetion. 

Berry, Dr. S(amuel) Stillman, 745 W. Highland 
Ave, Redlands, Calif. Zouloqy. T'nitv, Maine, 
March 16, 87. A.B, Stanford, 09, Ph.D, 13; 
A.M, Harvard, 10. Asst. zool, Stanford, 10-11; 
research asst. and librarian, Scripps Inst, Cali- 
fornia, 13-16, re-search zoologist, 16-18; asst, 
V. S. Bur. Eisheries. 08- A.A; West. Soc. Nat; 
Calif. Acad; S. Calif. Acad; London Malacol. 
Soc. West American Mollusca ; cephalopods of 
America, Japan, Hawaiian Islands, Kermadec 
Islands; chitons of western North America and 
North Pacific; biophotogenesis. 

Berry, Prof. W(illiam) J(ohnston), 224 St. Johns 
Place, Brooklvn, N. Y. Mathematics. Brooklyn, 
May 3, 8. "C.E, Brooklyn Polytech, 03, M'.S, 
04;' A.M, Harvard, 08. Instr. math, Brooklyn 
Polytech, 04-07; Harvard, 08-09; asst. prof, 
BrooTclyn Polytech. 09-17, assoc. prof, 17- 
Sec 'y, faculty," Brooklyn Polytech, 09-1 7. A.A ; 
Math. Ass; Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. Systems of 
linear partial differential ox]iressions. 

Bessey, Prof. Ernst A(theam), Michigan Agri- 
cultural College, E. Lansing, Mich. *Botany. 
Ames, Iowa, Feb. 20, 77. A.B, Nebraska, 96. 
B.S. 97, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Halle, 04. Asst. veg! 
pathologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 99-01, asst. in 
charge seed and plant introduction, 01-02, veg. 
pathologist, 04-06, pathologist in charge, sub- 
tropical lab, Miami, Fla, 06-08; prof. bot. and 
bacter, Louisiana, 08-10; hot, Mich. Agr. Col, 
10- Lab. asst. bot, summer sch, Colorado, 94, 
95, 96; field collector, N. Y. Bot. Garden. 97; 
div. agrost, U. S. Dept. Agr, 98, agr. explor, 02, 
03, 04. A.A. (sec'y, G, 01); Bot. Soc; Phyto- 
path. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; Mich. Acad, 
(pres, 15); Int. Ass. Bot. Mycology; plant 
pathology; Florida strangling figs; flora of 
Louisiana and Michigan; plant diseases due to 



Best, Dr. G(eorge) N(ewton), EosemoDt, N. J. 
Bryologii. Round Valley, N. J, Oct. 16, 46. 
Lafayette, 73; M.D, Pennsylvania, 75. A.A ; 
Torrey Bot. Club; Sullivant Moss Chapter 
fpres. 01); cor. mem. Phila. Bot. Club. Musei; 

Bthel, Ellsworth, Stnte Museum, Denver, Colo. 
Botany. Smyrna, Ohio, June 20, 63. B.S, IJ. 
S. Grant Univ, 86; hon. A.M, Denver, 05. Instr. 
biol, high seh, Denver, 90-17; curator nat. hist, 
Colo. State Museum, 12-; pathologist, bur. plant 
indust. U. S. Dcpt. Ayr, 77- Mem. Colo. Con- 
servation Commission. Bot. Soe; Colo. Sci. Soc; 
Colo. Acad, (pres) ; Colo. Forestry Ass. (sec'y). 
Fungi; algae; Myxomyeetes. 

Bethune, Rev. C(harles) J(ames) S(tewart), 

Toronto, Can. Entomology. West Flamboro, 
Ont, Aug. n, 38. Upper Canada, 55-56; B.A, 
Trinity (Can), 59, M.A, 62, D.C.L, 83. Ed, 
'Canadian Entomologist,' 68-73; head master. 
Trinity Col. Seh, Port Hope, Ont, 70-99; ed, 
'Canadian Entomologist,' 85-09; i)rof. entom. 
and zool, Ont. Agr. Col, 06-20. A.A; Entom. 
Soe. (v. pres, 08); Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci; fel. Royal 
Soc. Can. (pres, sect. IV, 00); Can. Inst; Out. 
Entom. Soc. (pres, curator and librarian, 04) ; 
Ottawa Field-Nat. Club; N. S. Inst. Economic 
entomology; Canadian Lepidoptera ; life his- 
tories of injurious insects. 

Betten, Prof. Cornelius, 215 Kelvin Place, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Biology. Orange City, Iowa, Nov. 13, 
77. A.B, Lake Forest, 00, A.M, 01 ; fellow, Cor- 
nell, 04-05, Ph.D, 06. Instr. biol, Buena Vista, 
01-03; Lake Forest, 0.5-06, asst. prof, 06-07, 
prof, 07-15; sec'y and register, N. Y. State 
Col. Agr, Cornell 1.5-20, v. deaii, 20- A.A; 
Entom. Soc. Entomology; Trichoptera. 

Betts, Anson G(ardner), Stachhouse. N. C. Metal- 
lurgy. Troy, N. Y, April 14, 76. B.S. Yale, 
97; A.M, Columbia, 98. Min. Eng; Chem. Soc; 
Electrochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. Electro- 
chemical and metallurgical processes. 

Betts, Prof. George Herbert, Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, 111. Psychology. Clarksville, 
Iowa, April 1, 68. Ph.B, Cornell (Iowa), 99, 
A.M, 02; Ph.M, Chicago, 04; Ph.D, Columbia, 
09. Teacher and supt, pub. schools, Iowa, 89- 
97; instr. psychol. and educ, Cornell (Iowa), 99- 
01, prof, 02-18, director, summer seh, 0.5-18; 
prof, religious educ, Boston, 18-19; Northwest- 
ern, 19- Exten. lecturer educ. psychol, Teach- 
ers Col, Columbia, 08-09. A.A. " Educational 
psychology; the functions and distribution of 
mental imagery. 

Betts, Dr. Joseph B(arton), 400 Forest Ave. 
Buffalo, N. Y. Pathology. N. Y, June 10^ 
72. M.D, Albany Med. Col, 94. Pathologist, 
Buffalo State IJosp, 95- Am. Med. Ass; 
Medico-Psychol. Ass. General and nervous his- 

Betts, Dr. Philander, 790 Broad St, Newark, 
N. J. Engineering. Nvack, N. Y, Mav 28, 68. 
B.S. Rutgers, 91, M.S, 95; E.E, Columbian, 03; 
Ph.D, George Washington, 14. In.str. and later 
asst. prof. elec. eng. and meeh. eng, George 
Washington, 00-01 ; chief engineer, N. J, Pub. 
Utilities Commission, W- Major, reserve corps 

engineers, 17-19, lieut. col, 19- A.A; Elec. 
Eng; Mcch. Eng; Elec. Ry. Ass; Ilium. Eng. 
Soc ; Eng. Educ ; New Eng. Water Works Ass. 
Public utilities; economics; electric railway 
operation; copper plating of steel. 

Beutenmiiller, William, Highwood, N. J. *Ento- 
mology. Iloboken, N. J, March 31, 64. Pub. 
and private schools, N. Y. City. Curator, dept. 
entom, Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 88-12. A.A; 
fel. Entom. Soc ; Ass. Econ. Entom ; N. Y'. 
Entom. Soe. (pres, 00, ed, Mour,' Vols. I.-XI) ; 
cor. mem. Wash. Entom. Soc; Brooklyn Entom. 
Soc. Lepidoptera; Coleoptera ; gall-insects; 
bibliography of American entomology ; Sesiidae ; 
the genus Catocala ; insects of the Black Moun- 
tains, North Carolina ; Lepidoptera found within 
50 miles of New York City ; insects injurious to 
forest trees. 

Bevan, Prof. Arthur (Charles), University of 
Montana, Missoula, Mont. Geology. Delaware, 
Ohio, Aug. 8, 88. B.S, Ohio Wesieyan, 12 ; Chi- 
cago, 14-17. Asst. geol, Ohio Wesieyan, 1.3-14, 
instr, 14-15; asst, Chicago, 1.5-17; instr, Ohio 
State, 17-19; asst. prof, Montana, 19- A.A; 
Ohio Acad. Geology of western Montana. 

Bevan, Dr. Arthur Dean, 1550 State Parkway, 
Chicago, 111. Surgery, Anatomy. Chicago, Aug. 
6, 6l". Sheffield Sci. Seh, Yale, 78-79; M.D, 
Rush Med. Col, 83; Leipzig, 92-93. Surgeon, 
U. S. Marine Hosp. Service, 83-88; prof, anat, 
Rush Med. Col, 88-89, assoc. prof, surg, 98-02, 
prof. Bush Med. Col. and Chicago, 02- Sur- 
geon, Presbyterian Hosp, 94- Prize, Chicago 
Med. Soc, 98. A.A; Ass. Anat; Surg.* Ass; Am. 
Med. Ass. Surgical anatomy of liver and bile 
tracts ; surgical treatment of gall-stones, of 
stomach and of undescended testis; iodid of 
potash in blastomycosis; traumatic neurosis; 
the effect of X-rays on malignant tumors. 

Bevier, Prof. Isabel, University of Illinois, Ur- 
bana, 111. Home economics. Plymouth, Ohio, 
Nov. 14, 60. Ph.B, Wooster, 85, Ph.M, 88; sum- 
mer seh. Harvard, 88; Prof. Atwater's lab, 94; 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 98. Principal, high seh, 
Shelby, Ohio, 85-87; Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 87-88; 
prof. nat. science. Pa. Col. for Women, 88-97 ; 
chem. Lake Erie, 98-99; home economics and 
head of dept, Illi)iois, 00- Asst. nutrition in- 
vestigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94-99; mem. jury 
of awards, Columbian Expos, 93 ; board of edi- 
tors, ' Jour. Home Econ. ' A.A ; Chem. Soc ; 
Pub. Health Ass; Home Econ. Ass. (v. pres). 
Selection and preparation of food; bread mak- 
ing; jilanning of meals. 

Beyer, Prof. Geo(rge) E(ugene), 364 Audubon 
St, New Orleans, La. Biology. Meissen, Sax- 
ony, Sept. 9, 61. Dresden, 7.3-79; Berlin, 79- 
80; special studies under Brehm, Staudinger 
and Engelhardt. Instr. nat. hist, Tulane, 95- 
97, asst. prof, biol, 97-02, assoc. prof, 02-12, 
prof, 12-18, med. entom. and parasitol, seh. trop. 
med. and hygiene, 16-18; med. entomologist, La. 
State Board, of Health, 19- Asst. surgeon, U. 
S. Marine Hosp. Service, Vera Cruz, Mex; 
special inspector, U. S. Dept. Agr. A.A; 
fel. Ornith. Union ; Micros. Soc ; Pub. Health 
Ass; Bird-lore Soc; La. Soc. Nat. (pres); La. 
Audulion Soc. (pres). Birds; reptiles; archeol- 
ogy of Louisiana; mosquitoes and their relation 



to disease; yellow fever organism; flies in pub- 
lic markets; plague. 
Beyer, Prof. S(amuel) W(alker), Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, Iowa. Geology. Clearfield, Pa, May 
15, 65. B.S, Iowa State, 89 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 95'. 
Instr. geol, Iowa State, 91-95, asst. prof, 95-98, 
prof, 98-, V. dean, eng. div, 08-17, dean, 17-18, 
indust. science div, 19- Asst, Iowa Geol. Surv, 
92-; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 01- A.A; 
Geol. Soc. (councilor, 13) ; Min. Eng; Eng 
Educ; Wash. Geol. Soc; fel. Iowa Acad. (v. 
pres, 08). Economic geology; Iowa clays, 
quarry products and peat deposits; Iowa road 
and concrete materials. 

Bibbiiis, Prof. A(rthur Bameveld), Lee Mineral 
Co, 201 Park Ave, Baltimore, Md. Geology. 
Hanover, Mich, Aug. 6, 60. Ph.B, Albion, 87; 
Hopkins, 87-89. Curator and head, dept. geol. 
and miner, Goucher, 92-16; investigator for oil 
and gas. Mem. Md. Geol. Surv; U. S. Geol. 
Surv. A. A; Md. Acad, (pres, 20-). The Po- 
tomac group. 

Bichowsky, Dr. F(rancis) Russell v, Geophysical 
Laboratory, Washington, D. C. Physical chem- 
istry. San Gabriel, Calif, Feb. 19, 89. A.B, 
Pomona, 12; M.S, California, 14, Ph.D, 16. 
Physical chemist, geophys. lab, Carnegie Institu- 
tion, 16-19; research felloio, Nat. Research 
Council, California, 19- Chem. Soc; Physical 
Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Equilibria in the hy- 
drogen-sulphur-oxygen system ; atom structure ; 
radiation law; low temperature calorimetry. 

Bicknell, "E(ugene) P(intard), 30 Pine St, New 
York, X. Y. Botany, Ornithology. Woodmere, 
L. I, N. Y. A.A; Bot. Soc; fel. Ornith. Union; 
Torrcy Rot. Club ; Phila. Bot. Club. 

Biddle, Dr. H(enry) C(halmers), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Chemistry. Kirk- 
wood, 111, Oct. 4, 69. A.B, Monmouth, 91; 
grad, McCormick Theol. Sem, 96; fellow, Chi- 
cago, 97-99, Ph.D, 00. Instr. chem. and physics, 
Monmouth, 91-92, prof, 92-93; chem, Mary\alle, 
99-00; asst, Chicago, 00-01; instr, California, 
01-06, a.<ist. prof, 06- Chem. Soc; CTiem. Gesell. 
Derivatives of formhydroxamic acid and their 
relation to fulminie acid; the reduction of cop- 
per by solutions of ferrous salts; the determina- 
tion of molecular weights ; decomposition of the 
esters of formylchloridoxime. 

Bidwell, Dr. Charles C(larence), 105 Valentine 

Place, Ithaca, N. Y. Physics. Rochester, N. Y, 
Oct. 23, 81. A.B. Rochester, 04; Ph.D, Cornell, 
14. Instr, high sch, Cranford, N. J, 08-10; 
physics, Cor7iell, 11-17; asst. prof, 17- Re- 
search fellow, Carnegie Institution, 14-15. A.A; 
Physical Soc. Thermo-electric relations in oxids; 
carlion-graphite thermo-junction ; actual and 
blnck-body toniporatures for various metals. 

Biefeld, Prof. P(aul), Denison University, Gran- 
ville, Ohio. Physical chemistry. Konigswalde, 
Germany, March 22, 67. B.S, Wisconsin, 94; 
Ph.D, Ziirich, 00. Asst, high sch, Appleton, 
Wis, 94-97; asst. jjhysics to Prof. H. F. Weber, 
Ziirich, 99-00; prof, physics and math, Tech. 
Ilildburghauson, Germany, 00-06; physics and 
astron, Buchtel, 06-11; prof, astron. and di- 
rector Swasey Observatory, Denison, 11- Asst, 
Yerkes Observatory, summer, 19 ; mem. solar 

eclipse exped. to Colo, 18. Hon. mem. Sta. 
Eng; Pacific Astron. Soc. Physics; electrical 
engineering; electrolysis; constant of diffusion. 

Biehn, Prof. J(oseph) F(avll), 5444 Lakewood 
Ave, Chicago, 111. Bacteriology. Chicago, April 
1, 78. A.M, Northwestern, 98, M.D, 01; Post- 
Grad. Med. Sch, 01-02. Instr. bacter. and clin. 
path, Northwestern, 99-02; asst. prof, path, 
Post-Grad. Med. Sch, 01-02; prof, bacter, 
sanit. sciences and pub. health, Dearborn Med. 
Sch, 03-05; supt. and bacteriologist, Munic. Lab, 
Chicago, 04-09; director, scientific and research 
laboratories, Abbott Allcaloidal Co, 09- Bacteri-, Mercy, Samaritan, Wesley and Post-Grad. 
Hosp. Training Schools, 01-04; prof, bacter. 
and special path, Am. Med. Col; path, and 
bacter, Dearborn Post-Grad. Med. Sch. A.A; 
Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Path. Soc. Comparative 
value of antiseptics; bacteriology of scarlet 
fever; methods of preserving vaccine; hemolytic 
action of streptococci serums ; diphtheria ; water 
analysis; bacteriology of Chicago milk supply; 
ventilation of street cars; opsonic therapy; 
pasteurization of milk; sanitary examination of 
waters of south shore of Lake Michigan; anti- 
pneumococcus serums and opsonins. 

Bierring, Dr. Walter Ij(awrence), Bankers Trust 
Building, Des Moines, Iowa. Pathology. Daven- 
port, Iowa, July 15, 68. M.D, Iowa, 92, 94; 
Vienna and Heidelberg, 92; Vienna, 93, 96, 01; 
Pasteur Inst, Paris, 94. Prof. path, and bacter, 
Iowa, 93-03, theory and practise of med. and 
clin. med, 03-10; med, Drake, 10-13; pres, Iowa 
State Board of Health, and med. examiner, 
Iowa, 13- Mem. Nat. Board Med. Examiners, 
16- A.A; Am. Med. Ass. (chairman, sect, 
med, 19); Ass. Tuber; Am. Acad. Med. Bac- 
teriology; hematology; pernicious anemia; chlo- 
roma ; cardio-vascular diseases. 

Bigelow, Dr. Edward F(uller), Arcadia, Sound 
Beach, Conn. Biology. Colchester, Conn, Jan. 
14, 60. Yale, 96-97; Cold Spring Harbor, 99; 
R. I. Col, 99; Woods Hole, 00-01; A.M, Ph.D, 
Taylor, 99. Ed, various scientific magazines, 
99-00; nature and science ed, 'St. Nicholas 
Magazine,' 00-; ed, 'Guide to Nature.' Scout 
naturalist. Boy Scouts of Am, and naturalist 
ed, 'Boys' Life,' 16-20; naturalist guide, Camp 
Fire Girls of Am, and asst. ed, ' Every-girl 's 
Mag,' 20-; director, summer schools of nature 
study. Conn. Assoc. Ornith. Union; Agassiz 
Ass. (pres, 07-) ; Brooklyn Inst ; N. Y. Micros. 
Soc. Germination of seeds and artificial growth 
of plants with Sachs' solution; aquatic micros- 
copy; life histories of insects; rabbits; honey 

Bigelow, Prof. Frank H(agar), Observatorio 
Magnetico, Pilar, F. 0. C. A, Argentina. Meteor- 
ology, Solar physics. Concord, Mass, Aug. 28, 
51. A.B, Harvard, 73, A.M, 80; B.D, Episcopal 
Theol. Sch, Cambridge, 80; L.H.D, George 
Washington, 98. Asst. astronomer, Cordoba Ob- 
servatory, 73-76; U. S- Naval Observatory, 77; 
Cordoba Observatory, 81-83; rector, St. Paul's 
Church, Natick, Mass, 80-81; prof, math, Ra- 
cine, 84-89; asst, 'Nautical Almanac' OflBce, 89- 
91; prof, meteorol, U. S. Weather Bur, 91-10; 
solar phj'sics, George Washington, 94-10; di- 
rector, Solar and Magnetic Observatory, 16- 



Mem. U. S. eclipse expeditions to W. Africa, 89 ; 
S.C, 00; Spain, 05; asst. minister, St. John's 
Church, Washington, 91-10; ed, 'Monthly 
Weather Rev,' 09-10; prof, meteorol, Oficina 
Meteorol, Buenos Ayres, 10-; mem. Int. Solar 
Commission. A. A (sec'y. A, 91); Astron. Soc; 
Ass. Prom. Quaternions; Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. (pres, 98); Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz; 
cor. mem. Meteor. Gesell. Solar physics; ter- 
restrial magnetism; meteorology; barometry of 
the United States; dynamics of the atmosphere; 
temperature and vapor tension; variations in 
relation to solar radiation; evaporation at the 
Salton Sea; climatology of the United States; 
atmospheric radiation and circulation ; the sun 's 

Bigelow, Prof. H(arold) E(ugene), Sackville, N. 
B, Can. Chemistry. Spencer's Island, N. S, 
Oct. 7, 81. B.A, Mt. Allison, 03; Harvard, 07, 
A.M, 08, Ph.D, 11. Prof, chem, Mt. Allison, 
11-14, dean, McClellan Sch. of Applied Sci, 13- 
14; asst. prof, chem, Brown, 14-15; prof, Mt. 
Allisan, 15- A. A; Chem. Soc; Chem. GeseU. 
Replacement of hydrogen in benzene substituted 
compounds; barium. 

Bigelow, Prof. Harriet W(illlams), Smith College 
Observatorv, Northampton, Mass. Astronomy. 
Eayetteville, N. Y, June 7, 70. A.B, Smith, 93 ; 
Ph.D, Michigan, 04. Asst. astron, Smitli, 96-01, 
instr, 04-06, assoc. prof, 06-11, vrof, 11- A.A; 
Astron. Soc. Comets; positions of stars. 

Bigelow, Dr. Henry (Bryant), Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. *Zoology. 
Boston, Mass, Oct. 3, 79. A.B, Harvard, 01, 
A.M, 04, Ph.D, 06. Asst. invert, zool, museum 
comp. sool, Harvard, 06-13, curator coelenterates, 
13- Agassiz exped. to Maldive Islands, 01-02; 
Brown-Harvard exped. to Labrador, 00; 'Alba- 
tross' E. Pacific exped, 04-05; Agassiz exped. 
to W. Indies, 07. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
mem. Ornith. Union; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. 
Nat. Hist; fel. Royal Geog. Soc. Medusae; cy- 
tology; oceanography; Siphonophorae ; Philip- 
pine Medusae; cytology of the Coelenterata. 

Bigelow, Dr. Lucius A(urelius), Brown Uni- 
versitv. Providence, R. I. Chemistry. B.S, 
Mass.' Inst. Tech, 15; Harvard, 16-17; Ph.D, 
Yale, 19. Asst. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 15-16; 
Yale, 17-18; instr, St. Lawrence, 19-20; org. 
chem. Brown, 20- Chem. Soc. Side chain oxi- 
dations with potassium permanganate. 

Bigelow, Prof. Maurice A(lplieus), Teachers Col- 
lege, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 
*Zoology. Union Co, Ohio, Dec. 8, 72. B.S, 
Ohio Wesleyan, 94; M.S, Northwestern, 96; 
Ph.D, Harvard, 01. Instr. biol, Ohio Wesleyan, 
94-95; zool. Northwestern, 96-98; Mol, Teachers 
Col, Columbia, 99-03, adj. prof, 03-07, prof, 07- 
A.A. (sec'y, F, 08); Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
Nature Study Soc. (sec'y-treas. and ed, 08); 
fel. N. Y. Acad. Comparative studies of the 
early development of some lower Crustacea, 
especially Cirripedia. 

Bigelow, Dr. Robert P(ayne), Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. *Zool- 
ogy. Baldwinsville," N. Y, July 10, 63. B.S, 
Harvard, 87 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 92, Adam T. Bruce 
fellow, 91-93. Instr. hiol, Mass. Inst. Tech, 93- 
12, asst. prof, zool, 12-15, assoc. prof, 15-, li- 

brarian, 95- Ed, 'Am. Naturalist,' 97-98; 
'Tech. Quarterly,' 95-08. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Zool; Ass. Anat; Am. Acad; Bo.ston Soc. Nat. 
Jlist. Embryology of Medusae; Crustacea; 
Stomatopoda from the Pacific Ocean. 

Bigelow, Dr. S(ajnuel) Iiawrence, 1520 Hill St, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. *Chemistry. Boston, Mass, 
Feb. 23, 70. A.B, Harvard, 91; B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 95; Ph.D, Leipzig, 98. Instr. gen. chem, 
Michigan, 98-01, asst. prof, and acting director, 
lab. gen. chem, 01-04, junior prof, 04-05, gen. 
and physical chem, 05-07, prof, 07- A.A ; 
Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Mich. Acad; 
Wash. Acad; Franklin Inst. Catalysis; decom- 
position point of electrolytes; polarization witli 
low voltages and the residual current; colloidal 
solutions; capillarity; osmosis; surface tension. 

Bigelow, W(illard) D(ell), National Canners As- 
sociation, 1739 H St, N. W, Washington, D. C. 
*Chemistry. Gardner, Kans, May 31, 66. A.B, 
Amherst, 89. Assoc, prof, chem, Oregon, 89-90 ; 
instr, high schools, Washington, 91-92; prof, 
nied. dept. National Univ, 91-98; asst. chemist, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 92-01, chief, div. of foods, bur. 
chem, 01-03, asst. chief, 03-13; chief chemist, 
Nat. Canners Ass, 13- A.A; Cliem. Soc; Soc. 
Bact; Soc. Test. Mat. Food chemistry; develop- 
ment, ripening and storage of fruits; influence 
of preservatives on health and digestion; com- 
position and purity of foods; food inspection 
and enforcement of food laws; technology of 

Biggs, Dr. George P(atten), 133 W. 71st St, New 
York, N. Y. Pathology. Trumansburg, N. Y, 
Oct. 26, 67. M.D, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. 
Med. Col, 89. Asst. pathologist, N. Y. Hosp, 
91-96, pathologist, 96-06; Health Dept, N. Y. 
City, 94-14. Prof, physiol, N. Y. Vet. Col, 92- 
97;" lecturer special path, Univ. and Belleveue 
Hosp. Med. Col, 98-03. N. Y. Acad. Med; N. 
Y. Path Soc. 

Biggs, Prof. Hermann M, 39 W. 56th St, New 
York, N. Y. *Medicine. Trumansburg, N. Y, 
Sept. 29, 59. A.B, Cornell, 82; M.D, Univ. and 
Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 83 ; LL.D, N. Y. Univ, 
09; Rochester, 18; Sc.D, Harvard, 20; hon. 
F.R.C.P, Edinburgh. Prof. clin. med. and assoc. 
prof, med, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 
87-14; pathologist and director, bactcr. lab, 
Health Dept, N. Y. City, 92-14, chief med. offi- 
cer, 02-14; N. Y. State Commissioner of Health. 
14- Director, Rockefeller Inst; mem. Int. Health 
Board, Rockefeller Foundation; med. director 
gen, League of Red Cross Societies. A.A; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
Nat. Ass. Tuber, (pres); N. Y. Acad. Med; N. 
Y. Path. Soc; British Med. Ass; hon. fel. British 
Sanit. Inst; cor. mem. Int. Bur. for Tuber. 
Bacteriology; clinical and preventive medicine. 

Bigney, Prof. A(ndrew) J(olmson), Evansville 
College, Evansville, Ind. Biology. Moores Hill, 
Ind, Feb. 15, 64. A.B, Moores Hill, 88, A.:M, 
91, Sc.D, 13; Hopkins, 93-94; Woods Hole, 02. 
Prof. biol. and geol, Moores Hill, 88-92, 94-17, 
acting pres, 09, 15-16; asst. zool. Harvard, 17- 
18; asst. prof, physiol, Syracuse, 18-19; prof, 
sool, Evansville, 19- Asst. biol, Hopkins, 93-94. 
A.A; fel. Ind. Acad, (sec'y, 10-15, pres, 15). 
Amoeba; early stages in various eggs; pro- 



tective coloring in terns; nitrifying bacteria; 
medicinal value of Eupatorium pcrfoliatum; 
efifect of adrenin on pigment of skin and retina 
of frog; science progress. 

van der Bijl, Dr. H(endrik) J(ohannes), Depart- 
ment of Mines,Pretoria, 8. Africa. *Pliysic.s. Pre- 
toria, S. Africa, Nov. 23, 87. B.A, Cape of Good 
Hope, 08; A.M, Ph.D, Leipzig, 12. Instr. 
phvsics, Koval Rcli. Tech, Dresden, 12-13; re- 
search pliysicist, Western Elec. Co, 13-20; tech. 
adviser, bur. mines. S. Africa, 20- Physical Roc; 
Elec. Eng; Radio Eng. Conduction of electric- 
ity in high vacua ; thermionic vacuum tube. 

Bill, Dr. E(arl) Gordon, Dartmouth College, Han- 
over, N. 11. Mailicmatics. Billtown, N. 8, June 
23, 8-4. A.B, Acadia, 02; A.B, Yale, 05, A.M, 06, 
Ph.D, 08; Bonn, 10-11. Asst. math, Sheffield 
Sci. Sch, Yale, 07-08, instr, 08-10; Purdue, 11- 
12; asst. prof. Dartmouth, 12-20, prof, 20- 
Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Math. Verein. Calculus 
of variations; non-euelidean geometry. 

Billings, Erie M(onroe), 484 Woodbine Ave, Roch- 
ester, N. Y. Chemistry. Canton, N. Y, March 
4, 89. B.S, St. Lawrence, 11; M.S, Rochester, 
15. V. principal, Lowville Acad, 11-12; first 
asst. chem. West High Sch, Rochester, 12-17, 
acting head, dept. chem, 17-18; organic research 
chemist, Eastman Kodak Co, 18-19, sec'y, re- 
search lab, 19- Chem. Soc. (sec'y-treas, Roch- 
ester sect, 18-); West. N. Y. Physics Club 
(pres, 16) ; N. Y. Teachers' Ass. (organizer and 
pres, science sect, 16), Organic chemistry; 

Billings, Dr. Frank, 1550 N. State Parkway, Chi- 
cago, 111. * Medicine. Highland, Wis, April 2, 
54. M.D, Northwestern, SI, M.S, 90; Vienna, 
85-86; Sc.D, Harvard, 15. Intern, Cook Co. 
IIosp, Cliicago, 81-82; demonstrator anat, 
Northwestern, 82-85, prof, physical diagnosis, 
87-90, med, 90-98; Hush Med. Col, !)8-, dean 
of faculty, 99-, prof, med, Chicago, 05-; at- 
tendinfj physician, Presh. Hosp, 9,9- Shattuck 
lecturer. Harvard, 02; Lane lecturer, Stanford, 
16; pres. 111. State Board of Charities, 06-12; 
col, M. C, 17-19; lieut. col. Red Cross and 
chairman, mission to Russia, 17. A.A ; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Am. Physicians (pres, 07); 
Am. Med. Ass. (pres, 02, treas, 07-10); Ass. 
Tuber, (pres, 08); Chicago Path. Soc; Chicago 
Acad. Internal medicine. 

Billings, Dr. F(rederick) H(oratio), Redlands, 
Tnlif. Botany. Chicago. 111. May 26, 69. A.B, 
Stanford, 96;' A.M, Harvard, 97; Ph.D, Munich, 
01. Asst. prof. nat. science, Pomona, 91-93; 
prof, bot, Louisiana, 01-07; assoc. prof. bot. and 
bacter, Kansas, 07-13. prof, bacter, 13-17. 
Soc. Bact; Pub. Health; Ivans. Acad. Plant 
embryology; bacteriology; citriculture. 

Billings, Dr. John S(edgwick), Douglastnn, L. 1, 
N. Y. Medicine. Washington, D. C. July 31, 
69. A.B, Hopkins, 89; M.D, Pennsylvania, 92. 
Deputy health commissioner, N. Y. City, 16-19; 
med. director, east, group of telephone com- 
panies, 19-20; director, N. Y. Tuher. Ass, SO- 
Ass. Tuber, (director, 19) ; N. Y. Acad. Med. 
Preventive and industrial medicine; tubercu- 

Billingsley, Paul, Pioneer Building, Seattle Wash. 
Geolof/y. New York, N. Y, Nov. 30, 87. A.B, 
Columbia, 08, A.M, 10. Geologist, Anaconda 
Copper Mining Co, 10-18, 19- Lieut, gen. staff, 
U.S. A, 18-19. A.A; N. Y. Acad. Geology of 
boulder batholith of Montana; Montana ore de- 

Bills, Dr. Marion A(lmira), 1247 Murdock St, 
l'ittsl)urgh, I'a. Psychology. Allegan, Mich, 
88. A.B, Michigan, 08; I'ii.D, Bryn Mawr, 17. 
Asst. psychol, Michigan, 15-17; prof, Oxford 
(Ohio), 17-18; asst. prof, Kansas, 18-19; re- 
search as.'it, hur. personnel, Carnegie In.^t. Tech, 
1!)- Rise of visual sensation with time; effect 
of fumes of wood alcohol on vision; advertising. 

Bilsing, Prof. Sherman W, Agricultural and Me- 
chanical College of Texas, College Station, Tex. 
Entomology. Crestline, Ohio, Dec. 8, 85. B.S, 
Otterbein, 12; A.B, Ohio State, 12, fellow, 12- 
13, A.M, 13; California, 15. Imtr^ entom, Tex. 
Col, 13-15, assoc. prof, 15-16, prof, 16- A.A; 
Entoni. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom. Insect food of 

Binford, Pres, Raymond, Guilford College, Guil- 
ford, N. C Zoology. Carthage, Ind, Julv 15, 
76, B.S, Earlham, 01; M.S, Chicago, 06; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 12. Prof, biol, Guilford, 01-14; zool. 
Earlham, 14-18; pres, Guilford, 18- Scientific 
investigator, Beaufort Lab, Bur. Fisheries, sum- 
mers, 08-11; instr. invert, zool. Woods Hole, 
12-14. A.A; Soc. Zool. Sporangium in ferns; 
life histories of crabs; fertilization in crusta- 

Bingham, Prof. Eugene C(ook), Lafayette Col- 
lege, Easton, Pa. ^Physical chemistry. Cornwall, 
Vt, Dec. 8, 78. A.B, Middlebury, 99; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 05. Prof, chem, Richmond. 06-15; 
asst. physicist. Bur. Standards, 15-16; prof. 
chem, Lafayette, 16- Chemist, Bur. Standards, 
18, A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Test. Mat ; hon. mem. 
Va. Chemists' Club. Fluidity and plasticity; 
viscosity; fluidity; solubility. 

Bingham, Major Harold C(lyde), 710 Varnum St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C Psychology. Rowan, 
Iowa, .Ian. 21, 88. A.B, Elisworth," 10; A.M, 
Harvard, 12. Prof. educ. and psychol, Ells- 
worth, 12-17; asst. psychol, Harvard, 15-16; 
psychol. examiner, .*?. C, /?. G. 0, 17-19, major 
in charge psychol, 19- Psychol. Ass. Animal 
behavior; intelligence measurements. 

Bingham, Prof. Hiram, Yale University, New 
Hiivoii. Conn. Geography, History, Aeronautics. 
Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov. 19, 75. A.B, Yale. 98; 
A.M, California, 00; A.M, Harvard, 01, Ph.D, 
05; Litt.D, Cuzco, 15. Austin teaching fellow. 
Harvard. 01-02. 04-05; asst. hist, 0.3-04; pre- 
ceptor, Princeton, 05-07; lecturer S. Am. geog. 
and hist, Yale, 07-08, Latin Am. hist. 08-10, 
asst. prof, and curator Latin Am. collections, 
10-15, prof, 15- Shaw lecturer dii^loni. hist, 
Hopkins, in; director, Yale and Nat. Geog. Soc. 
exped. to Peru, 11-15. Major and lieut. col, 
Air Service, A.E.F, 17-19; reserve mil. aviator. 
A.A; Ass. Geog; Anthrop. Ass. (mem. council. 
19-); Antiq. Soc; Am. Council Learned Socie 
ties (exec, committee); Am. Alpine Club; Pol 
Sci. Ass; Am. Hist. Ass; fel. Royal Geog. Soc; 
Royal Anthrop. Inst; Hispanic Soc; Nat. Acad. 
Hist. Bogota ; Soc. Geog. dc Lima. South Amer- 



ican geogfraphy and history, particularly Vene- 
zuela, Colombia and Peru; bibliography; trade 
routes from Buenos Ayres to Lima ; Vitcos and 
Machu Picchu, Inen cities. 

Bingham, Dr. W (alter) V(an Dyke), Carnegie 
Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa. * 
clwlocni. Swan Lake, "lowa, Oct. 20, 80. A.B, 
Beloi't, 01; fellow, Chicago, 0-3-06, Ph.D, 07; 
A.M, Harvard, 08. Instr, secondary schools, 01- 
05 ; assoc. psychol, Chicago, 06-0" ; instr. educ. 
psychol, Teachers Col, Columbia, 08-10; asst. 
prof, psychol. and educ, Dartmouth, 10-15, prof, 
psychol," Carnegie Inst. Tech, 15-18, director, 
div. applied psychol, 18- Exec, sec'y, commit- 
tee on classification of personnel in army, 17-lS ; 
lieut. col, U.S.A, 18-19; chairman, div. anthrop. 
and psychol, Nat. Research Council, 19-20. 
A.A. (sec'y, council, 17); Psychol. Ass. (sec'y, 
11-13, mem. council, 17-19); Int. Musikgesell. 
Audition; psychological ejects of music. 

Binney, M(organ) T(hompson), 615 N. Lake St, 
Madison, Wis. Plant pathology. Racine, Wis, 
June 11, 91. B.S, Kansas State, 16; M.S, Wis- 
consin, 18. Asst. instr. plant path, Kansas 
State, 15-16; Wisconsin, 16-; asst. pathologist, 
office cereal disease investigations, bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Bept. Agr, 16- A.A; Phytopath. 
Soc. Wheat rusts; Pleosphaerulina briosiana on 

Binnie, Dr. J(ohn) F(airbaim), Rialto Building, 
Kansas City, Mo. Surgery. Stirling, Scotland, 
April 22, 63. A.M, Aberdeen, 82, M.B, CM, 
86. Prof, surg, Kansas, 05. Lieut, col, U.S.A. 
Surg. Ass. (v. pres, 08, 20). 

Binns, Prof. Charles F{ergus), Alfred, N. Y. 
Ceramics. Worcester, England, Oct. 4, 57. 
King's scholar, Worcester Cathedral Sch, 68-72; 
hon. M.S, Alfred. With Royal Porcelain Works, 
Worcester England, 72-97; examiner in pottery 
and porcelain, London, 95-97; principal. Tech. 
Sch, Trenton, N. J, 98-00; director, N. Y. State 
Sch. Clay-worMng and Ceramics, 00- Supt, 
Ceramic Art Co, Trenton, N. J, 99; mem. jury 
on ceramics, St. Louis Expos, 04 (sec'y). 
Silver medal, Paris, 00. Ceramic Soc. (v. pres, 
00, pres, 01, sec'y, 18). Technology of clays, 
glazes and fuels for potter's use; art and his- 
tory of pottery. 

Bioletti, Prof, Prederic T(heodore), University 
of California, Berkeley, Calif. Botany, Horti- 
culture. Liverpool, England, July 21, 65. B.S, 
California, 94, M.S, 98. Instr. viticulture, Cali- 
fornia, 94-02 ; horticulturist, Elsenburg Col, 
Cape Colony, 02-05; assoc. prof, viticulture, 
California, 05-14, prof, viticulture and enology, 
14-19, viticulture, 19- Chairman, Citrus Com- 
mission, Cape Colony. A.A ; Soc. Ilort. Sci ; 
San Francisco Micros. Soc. Viticulture; zymol- 
ogy; enology. 

Birch, Prof. Raymond R(ussell), Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. Veterinary medicine. Zean- 
dale, Kans, 81. B.S, Kansas State. 06; D.V.M, 
Cornell, 12, Ph.D, 16. Agr. inspector. Bur. Agr, 
P. I, 07-08, specialist animal indust, 09; instr, 
asst. prof, and later prof. vet. research, N. Y. 
State Vet. Col, Cornell, and in charge. Vet. Exp. 
Sta, 12- Vet. Med. Ass; U. S. Live Stock 
Sanit. Ass. Hog cholera; tuberculosis. 

Birchard, Dr. F(rederick) J(ames), Department 
of Trade and Commerce, Postal Station B, Win- 
nipeg, Can. Biological chemistry. Toronto, 
Can, Dec. 17. 75. B.A, Toronto, 01 ; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 09. Fellow chem, Rockefeller Hosp, 10; 
fellow and asst. Rockefeller Inst, 10-12; chevi- 
ist, bur. animal indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 13; 
dept. Trade and Commerce, Winnipeg. Soc. 
Biol. Chem; Soc. Exp. Biol. Proteins and their 

Bird, Prof. Grace E(lecta), 81 Camp St, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Psychology. Brooklvn, N. Y. 
Ph.B, Chicago; A.M, "Columbia, iO; Ph.D, 
Brown, 18. Psychologist, F. I. Col. Educ, 14-; 
prof. educ. psychol, B. I. Col, 19- Educational 
psychology; tests and measurements; improve- 
ment with ])ractice. 

Bird, H(enry), Rye, N. Y. Entomology. Rye, 
Oct. 12, 69. Pub. schools. Consulting entomol- 
ogist. A.A; Entom. Soc; fel. N. Y.^Acad; N. 
Y. Entom. Soc. Economic entomology; noc- 
tuid moths of North America ; Papaipema and 
allies; acid soil plants; artificial acidulation of 

Bird, Dr. R(obert) M(ontgomery), University, 
Ya. Cltemistry. Petersburg, Va, June 13, 67. 
B.A, B.S, Hampden-Sidney, 97; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
01. Prof, science and math, Frederick Col, Md. 
98-99; acting prof, chem. Miss. Agr. Col, 01- 
02; acting prof. agr. chem, Missouri, and chem- 
ist, Exp. Sta, 02-03, instr. agr. chem, 03-05, 
asst. prof, 05-06, acting prof, 06-07; prof, chem, 
Virginia, 07- Chemist, committee on educ. and 
special training, war plans div, general staff, 
U.S.A. A.A; Chem. Soc. Reactions of ortho- 
sulphobenzoic acid; toxic agents for orchards; 
analytical methods; positive ions from non- 
metallic elements; wood extracts. 

Bird, Prof, William W(arren), 10 Harvard St, 

Worcester, Mass. Mechanical engineering. 
Somerville, Mass, April 11, 66. B.S, Worcester, 
87. Asst. and instr. mech. eng, Worcester, 87- 
91, asst. prof, steam eng, 94-96, prof. mech. 
eng, 04- Mech. Eng; Soc. Test. Mat. Cylinder 
condensation; power transmission by leather 
belting; twist drill tests. 

Birdsall, Lewis I(saac), Filtration Plant, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Sanitary science. Patterson. 
N, Y, Oct. 16, 84. A.B, Williams, 07; A.M. Illi- 
nois, 09. Chemist. 111. State Water Surv, 07-09; 
commercial chemist and bacteriologist. 10-11; 
supt. filtration. Rock Lsland, 111, 11-12; supt. 
filtration, Minneapolis, 13- A.A; Water Works 
Ass; Pub. Health Ass; Cliem. Soc; Minneapolis 
En'T. Club. Water purification; Lake Michigan 
water; a standard culture medium for water 
works laboratories. 

Birge, Pres. E(dward) A(sahel), XTniversity of 
Wisconsin, Madison. Wis. *Zonlogy, Limnology. 
Trov, N, Y, Sept, 7, 51. A.B, Williams, 73, 
A.M, 76. LL.D, 03; Ph.D. "Harvard, 78; Leipzig, 
80-81; hon. Sc.D, Pitt.sburgh, 97; LL.D, Wis- 
consin, 05; Missouri. 19. Instr. nat. hist, Wis- 
consin, 75-79, prof, zool, 79-11. dean. col. let- 
ters and science, 91-19, acting pres, 00-03, pres, 
18- Commissioner fisheries. Wis, 9.>-15; director, 
Wis. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 97-19, pres, 
commissioners, 19-; commissioner forestry. Wis, 
07-15; Wis. Conservation Commission, 08-15. 



A.A ; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (pres, cent, branch, 
08, 10); Ecol. Soc; Micros. Soc. (pres, 02); 
Fisheries Soc. (pres, 07); Wash. Acad; Wis. 
Acad, (pres, 90, 18-21). Cladocera ; lake tem- 
peratures; biology of plankton. 

Birge, Dr. RCaymond) T(hayer), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Physics. Brooklyn, 
N. Y, March 13, 87. A.B, Wisconsin, 09, A.M, 

10, Ph.D, 14. Instr. physics, Syracuse, lS-15, 
asst. prof, 15-18; instr, California, 18-20, asst. 
prof, Z0~ A.A; Physical Soc. Spectroscopy; 
band and line series relations in spectra ; Planck 
constant; concave grating; indicators. 

Birkett, Prof. H(erbert) S(tanley), Mcill Uni- 
versity, Montreal, Can. Medicine. Hamilton, Can, 
July 17, 64. M.D, McGill, 86. Prof. Otolaryngol. 
McGill, 94-, dean, med. faculty, 14- Chief, 
oto-laryngol. clinic. Royal Victoria Hosp; con- 
sultant, Alexandra Hosp. and Mackay Inst, for 
Infectious Diseases. Laryngol. Ass. (pres, 07) ; 
Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otol. Soc. (pres, 18). 

Birkhoff, Prof. George David, 122 Craigie St, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Mathematics. Overiselj 
Mich, March 21. 84. A.B, Harvard. 05, A.M, 
06; Ph.D, Chicago, 07. Instr. math, Wisconsin, 
07-09; preceptor, Princeton, 09-11, prof, 11-12; 
asst. prof. Harvard, 12-19, prof, 19- Querini- 
Stempalia Prize, 19. Nat. Acad; A.A; Math. 
Soc; Am. Acad; Royal Danish Acad. Differen- 
tial equations. 

Bimie, Col. R(ogers), U. S. A. (retired), 511 
Fifth Ave, New York, N. Y. Mechanical engi- 
neering. Glen Burn Farm, Md, April 5, 51. 
Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 72. Lieut. 13th U. S. 
Inf, 72-78; lieut, ordnance dept, U.S.A, 78-86, 
capt, 86-01, major, 01-06, lieut. col, 06-07, col, 
07-15, retired, 15. Inf. service. Camp Douglas, 
Utah, 72-74; in charge of party, U. S. Geol. 
Surveys west of 100th meridian, 74-78; chief 
ordnance officer. Seventh Army Corps, 98-99; 
Div. of Cuba, 99; mem. Ordnance Board, 99, 
pres, 00-02, 08-12, 13-15; commanding, ord- 
nance proving ground, Sandy Hook, N. J, 08- 
12; acting chief of ordnance, U.S.A, 12-13; 
mem. firm, Bimie, Hawkins and Watson, 19- 
Chevalier Legion of Honor. A.A; Mech. Eng. 
Gun construction; ordnance materials. 

Bisby, Prof. G(uy) E(ichard), Agricultural Col- 
lege, Winnipeg, Can. Botany. Brookings, S. 
Dak. Aug. 17, 89. B.S, S. Dak. Col, 12; 
A.M, Columbia, 17; Ph.D, Minnesota, 18. Lab. 
asst, Brooklyn Bot. Garden, 13-14; asst. bot, 
Purdue, 15-16; instr. plant path, Minnesota, 16- 
18; asst. prof, 18-20; prof, Manitoba Agr. Col, 
SO- Consulting pathologist. Am. Potato Co, 
summers, 14, 15. A.A; Phytopath. Soc; Bot. 
Soc. Plant pathology; slime moulds; rusts; 
potato diseases. 

Bisch, Dr. L(oui8) E(dward), Haywood Building, 
Asheville, N. C. Neuropsychiatry. Brooklyn, 
N. Y, March 10, 85. A.B, Columbia, 07, M.D, 

11, Ph.D, 12. Intern, Manhattan State Hosp, 
11-13; lecturer educ. psychol. Teachers Col, Co- 
lumbia, 13-15, assoc, 15-16; instr. neuropath, 
N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch, 14-15; organizer 
and director, P.sychopathic Lab, N. Y. City, 16; 
Mental Hygiene Clinic, Norfolk, Va, 18-19; res. 

vied, director, Eillcrest Manor, Asheville, N. C, 
19- Physician, Clearing House for Mental De- 
fectives, N. Y. City, 12-35; physician, N. Y. 
Neur. Inst, 12-16; director, psychiat. div, fifth 
naval dist, U.S.N.R.F, 17-19. A.A; Medico- 
Psychol. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Eugenics Re- 
search Ass. Clinical psychology; biochemistry. 
Bishop, Prof. Avard L(ongley), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Business administration. Wil- 
liamstown, N. S, March 4, 75. B.A, Acadia. 01- 
A.B, Yale, 03, A.M, 04, Ph.D, 06. Instr. com- 
mercial geog, Yale, 04-08, asst. prof, science of 
society, 08-11, geog. and commerce. Sheffield 
Set. Sch, 11-14, prof, 14-18, business adminis- 
tration, 18- Ass. Geog; Econ. Ass. 

Bishop, Earl S(tephen), Edgewood Arsenal, Edge- 
wood, Md. Agricultural chemistry. Imperial, 
Nebr, Jan. 14, 89. B.S, Nebr. Wesleyan, 09; 
A.M, Nebraska, 11; fellow. Queen's (Can), 11- 
13. Asst. chemist, Nebr. Exp. Sta, 13-14; fel- 
low, Mellon Inst, 14-17; with Gas Service, 
U.S.A, 17-19; state chemist, Nebr, 19; research 
chemist, Edgewood Arsenal, 20- Chem. Soc. 
Cereals; soil?, legumes; humus; fertilizers; war 
gases; explosives. 

Bishop, Prof. F(rederic) L(endall), University of 
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. Physics. St. 
Johnsbury, Vt, Aug. 26, 74. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 98; Ph.D, Chicago, 05. Head, dept. 
physics, Bradley Polytech. Inst, 98-09 ; prof, 
physics and dean, col. eng, Pittsburgh, 09- 
A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ. 
(see'y). Thermal conductivity; heat of dilu- 
tion; variation of wave length with pressure; 
surface tension; high temperature; viscosity; 
glass technology. 

Bishop, H(arry) E(ldridge), 3344 S. Michigan 
Ave, Chicago, 111. Chemistry. Indianapolis, 
Ind, Jan. 22, 76. B.S, Purdue. Asst. chem, 
Shortridge High Sch, Indianapolis, Ind, 00-02; 
food chemist, Ind. State Lab. of Hygiene, 05- 
19; chemist. Glass Container Ass. of Am, 20- 
Director, chem. lab, Ind. Dental Col, 13-19. 
Chem. Soc; Agr. Chem; Ind. Acad. Food 

Bishop, Howard B(erkey), 284 Springfield Ave, 
Summit, N. J. Chemistry. Bloomington, 111, 
Jan. 24, 78. B.S, Michigan, 00. Chief chemist, 
anal, lab. Gen. Chem. Co, Laurel Hill, N. Y, 02- 
10, research chemist, 10-17; chief chemist, Nat. 
Aniline and Chem. Co, 17-19; consulting chem- 
ist, 20- W. H. Nichols medal, Am. Chem. Soc, 
08. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. 
Eng; N. Y. Chemists Club. Analytical chem- 
istry; manufacture of acids, alkalies and salts. 

Bishop, Dr. Louis B(ennett), 356 Orange St, 
New Haven, Conn. Ornithology. Guilford, 
Conn, June 5, 65. A.B, Yale, 86, M.D, 88. 
Head, dept. pediat, New Haven Dispensary, 
96-08; instr. pediat, Yale, 99-08. A.A; fel. 
Ornith. Union; Conn. Acad; N. Y. Linnean 
Soc; cor. mem. Nuttall Ornith. Club; Cooper 
(Calif) Ornith. Club; Wilson Ornith. Club; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. 

Bishop, Dr. L(ouis) Faugeres, 54 W. 55th St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine. New Brunswick, N. .J, 
March 14, 65. A.B, Rutgers, 85, A.M, 89, Sc.D, 
19; M.D, Columbia, 89. Instr. chem. and phys- 



ics, Princeton Prep. Sch, 85-86; house physi- 
cian, St. Luke 's Hosp, N. Y. City, 89-92 ; .din. 
director, Fordham, 04-08, din, prof, heart and 
Hood vessel diseases, 05- A. A; N. Y. Acad. 
Med. (sec'y and chairman, sect. med). Blood 
pressure in man ; cause of heart disease. 

Bishop, Miss Mabel, Hood College, Frederick, Md. 
Biology. Bridgeport, Conn, 81. A.B, Wellesley, 
05; fellow, Smith, 07-09, A.M, 08; Hopkins, 10- 
11; Michigan, 12-13; Cornell, 14; Wellesley fel- 
low, Chicago, 16-17. Lab. asst. path, med. col, 
Cornell, 05-07; instr. biol, Goucher, 09-11; re- 
search asst. embryol. and histol, Michigan, 12- 
13 ; head, dept. biol, Eockf ord, 14-19 ; Hood, 19- 
Tn charge embryol. Cold Spring Harbor, 08- 
A.A; Pub. Health Ass; Social Hygiene Ass. 
Embryology; nervous system, heart and anterior 
arteries of a dicephalous pig embryo. 

Bishop, Sherman C, New York State Museum, 
Albany, N. Y. Zoology. Sloatsburg, N, Y, 
Nov. 18, 87. B.S, CorneU, 13. Asst. entom, 
Cornell, 09-13, plant path, and entom, 14-15, 
biol, 15-16; zoologist, N. Y. State Museum, 16- 
Assoc. mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; Soc. 
Ichthyol. and Herp. Spiders; reptiles; batra- 

Bishopp, F(red) C(orry), Box 208, Dallas, Tex. 
Entomology. Virginia Dale, Colo, Jan. 14, 84. 
B.S, Colo. Agr. Col, 02, fellow, 02-03. Asst. 
prof, entom. and zool, Md. Col. and asst. state 
entomologist, 03-04; special field agent, bur. 
entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-08, agent and expert, 
08-11, entom. asst, 11-16, entomologist, 16- 
A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. Soc; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Tex. Acad. Veterinary and medi- 
cal entomology; cotton insect pests. 

Bissell, Prof. G(eorge) W(eltoii), Michigan Agri- 
cultural College, E. Lansing, Mich, Mechanical 
engineering. Poughkeepsie, N. Y, July 14, 66. 
M.E, Cornell, 88. Instr. exp. eng, Cornell, 88- 
91; prof. mech. eng, Iowa State, 92-07, v. dean 
eng, 04-07; dean eng, Mich. Agr. Col, 07- 
Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; Mich. Eng. Soc; De- 
troit Eng. Soc. Properties of lubricants; steam- 
engine economics. 

BisseU, Prof. Wayne W(illiam), Mayo Clinic, 
Rochester, Minn. Pathology. Lodi, Wis, June 
18, 86. B.S, Wisconsin, 09; M.D, Rush Med. 
Col, 11. Res. patholqgist. Cook Co. Hosp, Chi- 
cago, 13-16; asst. prof, path, Mayo Foundation, 
Minnesota, 16- Ass. Path, and Bact. Defects 
of the heart; coma; fat embolism; shock; influ- 
enza; blood cultures. 

Bisson, Prof. Charles S(tewart), Stafte School of 
Mines, Rapid City, S. Dak. Chemistry. San 
Jose, Calif, March 15, 91. B.S, California, 15, 
M.S, 16, Ph.D, 19. Asst. chem, California, 16- 
19; projf. in charge of dept, S. Dah. Sch. Mines, 
19- Chem. Soc. Physical and inorganic chem- 
istry; electromotive force and thermal meas- 
urements; columbium; tantalum. 

Bitting, Dr. A(rvlll) W(ayne), 3344 S. Michigan 
Ave, Chicago, 111. Chemistry. Bourbon, Ind, 
May 24, 70. B.S, Purdue, 91 ; D.V.S, Iowa State, 
95; M.D, Indiana, 00. Comparative patholo- 
gist, Fla. Exp. Sta, 91-93; Purdue, and Exp. 
Sta, 93-97; food technologist, bur. chem. U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 07-13; Nat. Canners Ass, 13-18; 

director research, Gla.'^s Container Ass, 19- 
Exec, subsistence div, Q. M. C, 18-19. Chem. 
Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Baet. Food technol- 
ogy : canning. 

Bitting, Mrs. K Catherine) G (olden), 3344 S. 
Michigan Ave, Chicago, 111. Botany. Stratford, 
Can, April 29, 69. B.S, Purdue, 90, M.S, 92. 
Asst. botanist, Ind. Exp. Sta, 90-93; instr. biol, 
Purdue, 93-01, asst. prof, 01-05; micro-analvst, 
bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07-13; Nat. Can- 
ners Ass, 13-18; bacteriologist. Glass Container 
Ass, 19- A.A; Bot. Soe; Soc. Baet; Ind. Acad. 
Micro-organisms of preserved foods. 

Bixby, Gen. W(iUiam) H(erbert), U. S. A. (re- 
tired), 1709 Lanier Place, N. W, Washington, 
D. C. Civil and military engineering. Charles- 
town, Mass, Dec. 27, 49. Mass. Inst. Tech, 66- 
67 ; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 73 ; postgrad, U. S. A. 
Eng. Sch, 75; Ecole des Ponts et Chauss^es, 81. 
Asst. prof, eng, U. S, Mil. Acad, 75-79; U. S. 
engineer to attend French army manceuvers, 80, 
and to examine and report on iron fortificationa 
in Europe, 81-82; capt, corps engineers, 83-95, 
major, 95-04, lieut. col, 04-08, col, 08-10, brig, 
gen. and chief of engineers, U. S. A, 10-13. 
Adjt, U. S. battalion engineers, 82-83 ; in charge 
various U. S. harbor, river, lighthouse and forti- 
fication improvements, 84-18 ; Charleston earth- 
quake eng. duty, 87; lecturer coast defences, 
U. S. Naval War Col, 87; U. S. lighthouse engi- 
neer, 95-01, 17-19; U. S. lighthouse inspector, 
98-99 ; mem. IT. S. board on long-span suspension 
bridges, 93; steel and Portland cement, 00; 
chief engineer, Dept. of the Lakes, Dak. and 
Mo, U. S. A, 07-08; pres, Miss. River Commis- 
sion, 08-10, 17-18; pres. Int. Navig. Cong, 12; 
chairman, eng. sect. Pan- Am. Sci. Cong, 15 ; 
Chevalier Legion d'houneur. Civil Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Soc. Test. Mat; Naval Inst; U. S. Mil. 
Service Inst; Terminal Eng. (pres, 12); Soc. 
Am. Wars, (commanding general, 14-17) ; Cav- 
alry Ass; Econ. Ass; Am. Acad; Wash. Acad; 
British Ass; British Inst. Civil Eng; Soc. des 
Ing. civils de France. Graphical solutions; 
wind pressures; Portland cement; iron for forti- 
fications; bridges; canals; river, harbor, and 
lighthouse improvements. 

Bizzell, Prof. James A(drian), New York College 
of Agi-iculture, Ithaca, N, Y. Chemistry. Glen- 
wood, N. C, April 13, 76 . B.S, N. C. Col, 95, 
M.S, 00; fellow, Cornell, 01-02, Ph.D, 03. Instr. 
chem, N. C. Col, and asst. chemist, Exp. Sta, 
95-01; asst. chemist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Cornell, 
03-07, asst. prof. soU technol, N. T. State Col. 
Agr, 07-12, prof, IS- Soil technology and fer- 

Black, Dr. CaroUne A(dair), Connecticut College 
for Women, New London, Conn. Botany. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y, Jan. 28, 87. A.B, Indiana, 08, A.M, 
09, Ph.D, 12. Teaching follow bot, Indiana, 
08-10, instr, 09-10; instr, N. H. Col, and asst. 
botanist, Exp. Sta, 10-12, asst. prof, 12-15, 
assoc. prof, 15-17; Conn. Col. for Women, 17- 
Instr, Indiana, summers, 09-10. A.A; Bot. Soc. 
Plant morphology and cytology; plant diseases.' 

Black, Prof. Davidson, Peking Union Medical 
College, Peking, China. Anatomy. Toronto, 
Can, July 25, 84. M.B, Toronto, 06, B.A, 09; 
Manchester, 14; Cent. EUiteh Inst, for Brain 



Research, 14. Asst. histol, Toronto, 08-09 ; instr. 
histol. and cmbryol. Western Reserve, 09-11, 
assoc, 11-13, asst. prof, anat, 13-17; prof. neur. 
and embniol, Peking Union Med. Col, 18- Capt, 
M. C, Can, 17-19. A. A; Ass. Anat; See. 
Mammal. Comparative neurology; physical an- 
Black, Dr. Homer V(an Valkenburgh), Athens, 
Ga. Chemistry. Amerieus, Ga, Jan. 16, 77. 
A.B, Georgia, 96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Adj. 
prof, chem, Ga. Tech, 00-02, junior prof, 02- 
07; adj. prof, Georgia, 07-10, assoc. prof, 10- 
19, prof, 19- Chem, Soc. Analytical methods; 
permanganates of barium, strontium and cal- 
cium ; cotton seed oil. 

Black, Prof. J(ames) H(arvey), 3915 Cedar 
Springs Road, Dallas, Tex. Bacteriology. Hunt- 
ington, W. Va, March 27^ 84. M.D", Southern 
Methodist), 07. Prof, bacter. and histol, South- 
ern Methodist, 07-08, bacter. and physiol, 08- 
12, bacter. and path, 12-15, dean, med. faculty, 
1415; prof, barter, and prev. med, Baylor, 15- 
A.A ; Micros. Soc ; Soc. Bact ; Am. Med. Ass. 
Immunology; colloidal gold solutions. 

Black, N(ewton) Henry, Roxbury Latin School, 
Boston, Mass. Physics, Chemistry. Putney, Vt, 
May 3, 74. A.B, Harvard, 96, A.M, 06; Berlin, 
12-13. Instr, St. George's Sch, Newport, R. I, 
96-98; high sch, Concord, N. H, 98-00; master 
physics and chem, Boxbury Latin Sch, 00- 
A.A; assoc. Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; East. Ass. 
Physics Teachers. Physical chemistry; refrac- 
tive index of solutions. 

Black, Otis Fisher, U. S. Department of Agricul- 
ture, Washington, D, C. Chemistry. Cambridge, 
Mass, March 11, 67. A.B, Harvard, 91; fellow, 
Northwestern, 92-93, A.M, 94. Asst. chem, 
Harvard, 9.5-01, instr, 01-06, research asst. biol. 
chem, Harvard Med. Sch^ 06-09; chemist, bur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 09- A. A; Soc. 
Biol. Chem; Chem. Soc; Wash. Acad. Organic, 
analytical and biological chemistry. 

Black, Gen. W(illlam) M(urray), U. S. A, 2324 
California St, Washington, D. C. Engineering. 
Lancaster, Pa, Dec. 8, 55. Franklin and Mar- 
shall, 70-73, Sc.D, 12; grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 
77; D.Eng^ Pa. Mil. Col, 20. Promoted through 
all grades to col, 77-16, major gen. and chief of 
engineers, 16-19, retired, 19; mev}. firm, Black. 
McKinney and Stewart; instr. practical mil. 
eng, U. S. Mil. Acad, 82-86; civil eng, U. S. 
Eng. Sch, 91-95; commander, Eng. Sch. of Ap- 
plication, 01-03; adviser, Dept. Pub. Works, 
Cuba, 06-09; chief engineer officer in charge 
river and harbor works, Dist. No. 1, N. Y, 
Depts. East and Gulf, 09-16. Engineer com- 
missioner, D. C, 97-98; lieut. col. and chief en- 
gineer, U. S. Vols, Spanish-Am. War, and in 
charge cleaning of Havana, Cuba, 99-01 ; senior 
mem. of board for raising of 'Maine,' 10-12. 
Rowland prize, Civil Eng, 93; Fry prize, U. S- 
Mil. Service Inst, 03; D. S. medal. Civil Eng; 
T^, S. Mil. Service Inst; Soc. Am. and For. 
Wars. Harbors on sandy coasts; improvements 
in methods and materials of military engineer- 

Blackader, Dr. A(lexander) D(ougall), 236 Moun- 
tain St, Montreal, Can. Medicine. Montreal, 
June 19, 47. B.A, McGill, 70, M.D, CM, 71; 

M.R.C.S, London, 74, M.A, 17; Vienna, 84; 
Prague, 88. Lecturer and later prof, diseases of 
children, McGill, 81-, prof. Pharmacol, and 
therapeut, 91-; consulting physician, Montreal 
Gen. Hosp; Children's Mem. Hosp; Montreal 
Foundling and Baby Hosp; pres, Alexandra 
Hosp. A. A; emer. mem. Am. Physicians; Pediat. 
Soc. (pres, 93); Climat. Ass; Can. Med. Ass. 
(pres,17) ; Montreal Medico-Chirurg. Soc. (pres, 
96). Clinical medicine, especially pediatrics; 

Blackman, E(lmer) E(llswortli), 136 S. 29th St, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Archeology. Davenport, Iowa, 
Aug. 16, 63. Pub. schools. Instr, pub. schools, 
83-99; archeologist and curator, museum, Nebr. 
Hist. Soc, 00- A.A; Mus. Ass; Miss. Valley 
His. Ass. Ethnology; history; the archeology 
and the Indians of Nebra~ska. 

Blackman, Dr. M(aulsby) W(illett), N. Y. State 
College of Forestry, Syracuse, N. Y. Zoology. 
Lawrence, Kans, March 26, 76. A.B, Kansas, 
01, A.M, 02; Austin fellow, Harvard, 04-05, 
Ph.D, 05. Instr. zool. and histol, Kansas, 01- 
04; comp. anat. and embryol. Western Reserve, 
05-07, lecturer histol, 07-09 ; asst. prof, zool, 
Syracuse, 09-11, assoc. prof, 11-13; prof, forest 
entovx, N. Y. State Col. Forestry, Syracuse, 13- 
A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Ecol. Soc; 
Ass. Prof. Spermatogenesis of myriapods; his- 
tology of scent glands of Mephitus; Pitiogenes; 
boring insects; Tpidae; Cirambycidae; Bupresti- 
dae ; insects in dying, dead and decaying hickory. 

Blackwelder, Dr. Eliot, 317 Railway Exchange 
Building, Denver, Colo. *Geology. Chicago, 111, 
June 4, 80. A.B, Chicago, 01, fellow, 02-04, 
Ph.D, 14. Instr. geol, Chicago, 02-03; Wiscon- 
sin, 05-06, asst. prof, 06-09, assoc. prof, 09-10, 
prof, 10-16 ; prof, and head of dept, Illinois, 
16-19; acting prof, Stanford, 19; chief geolo- 
gist, Argus Oil Co, 19- Asst. geologist, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 06-09, geologist, 09-18; asst, Car- 
negie exped. to China, 03-04; mem. Calif. Petrol. 
Commission, 17. A.A; Geol. Soc; Ass. Geog; 
Min. Eng; Ass. Petrol. Geol; Ecol. Soc; Ornith. 
Union; Chicago Acad. Glacial, stratigraphic, 
economic and historical geology; sedimentation; 

BlackweU, F(rancis) O(gden), 49 Wall St, New 
York, N. Y. Engineering. New York, June 23, 
67. C.E, Princeton, 87. Consrilting engineer- 
Telford premium, British Inst. Civil Eng, 10. 
Civil Eng; Mech. Eng; Elec. Eng; British Inst. 
Civil Eng. Hydraulic, steam and electric con- 

BlackweU, Dr. H(oward) L(ane), 4 Riedesel Ave, 
Cambridge, Mass. *Pliysics. East Orange, N. J, 
July 19, 76. A.B, Hariard, 99, A.M. 00, Ph.D, 
05. Eng. offices, Crocker-Wheeler Co, 00-01; 
asst. physics, Harvard, 01, research fellow, 05- 
Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. Double refraction in 
an electrostatic field. 

Blair, Andrew A(lexander), 406 Locust St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. *Chcmistr)i. Woodford Co, Ky, 
Sept. 20, 48. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 66. 
Midshipman and ensign, U. S. N, 62-69; chief 
chemist, U. S. Board to test iron, steel and 
other metals, 75-78; div. mining geol, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, and tenth census, 79-81; consulting 
chemist, 82- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. 



Indust; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc. Chemical analy- 
sis of iron and steel, ores and alloys. 

Blair, E(oy) J(ay), 700 University St, Montreal, 
Canada. Forestry. Eoekburn, Que, July 5, 89. 
B.A, McGill, 14. Pathologist, Can. Forest Prod- 
itcts Laboratories, 15- A.A ; Soc. Foresters ; 
Phytopath. Soe; Can. Soc. Forest Eng; Can. 
Forestry Ass; Can. Phytopath. Soc. Decay of 
structural timber. 

Blair, Dr. Vilray Papin, Metropolitan Buildinfr, 
St. Louis, Mo. Anatomy. St. Louis, 71. A.M, 
Christian Brothers Col, 89; M.D, Washington 
(St. Louis), 93. Instr, med. dept, Washington 
(St. Louis), 94-97, demonstrator anat. and lec- 
turer osteol, 97-99, demonstrator anat. and 4ec- 
turer descriptive anat, 99-04, asst. prof, anat, 
04-08, clin. prof, surg, 08-, prof, oral surg, 
dental dept, 07-, assoc. surg, 14- Chief, sect, 
oral and plastic surg, U. S. A, 17-18; senior 
consultant, maxillo-fncial surg, A.E.F, 18; con- 
sultant oral and plastic surg, U. S. A, 19. A.A ; 
Surg. Ass; Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; Col. 
Surg; Archeol. Inst; Soc. Int. de Chirurg. 

Blair, Dr. W(illlam) Held, N. Y. Zoological Park, 
New York, N. Y. Comparative medicine. Phila- 
delphia. Pa, Jan. 27, 75. D.V.S, McGill. 02. 
Veterinarian and pathologist, N. Y. Zool. Parle, 
OS-; prof. comp. path, N. Y. TJniv, 05- Lec- 
turer comp. path, Toronto, 13-14. Vet. Med. 
Ass. (v. pres, 13); N. Y. Vet. Med. Ass. (pres, 
10) ; fel. N. Y. Zool. Soc. Comparative pathol- 
ogy; diseases of wild animals in confinement; 
tuberculosis; osteomalacia in primates. 

Blair, Dr. W(illia)m Eichards, 3420 Porter St, 
Washington, D. C. Meteorology. Coleraine, 
Ireland, Nov. 7, 74. B.S, Chicago, 04, Ph.D, 
OR. Principal, high seh, Pittsburg, Kans, 97- 
99; assoc. physics and math, State Nor. Sch, 
Oshkosh, Wis, 00-02; asst. Chicago, 02-06; re- 
search director, Mount Weather Observatory, 
Bluemont, Va, 06-14; cMef, div. aerol. investi- 
gations, U. S. Weather Bur, 14- Major and 
officer in command meteorol. sect, Sig. C, 17- 
19, lieut. col. 19-; mem. Geophys. Union. Mem. 
Interallied Committee for Aerial Navig, Paris, 
19; Int. Wireless Commission, Paris, 19; Eadio 
Protocol, Wash, 20. A.A; Physical Soc; 
Meteorol. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc; 
Poyal Meteor. Soc; Int. Commission Meteorol. 
for Aeronaut. Convection systems in the atmos- 
phere; diurnal and planetary convection sys- 
tems; mountain and valley temperatures and 

Blaisdell, Dr. F(rank) E(llsworth), 1.520 Lake St, 
San Francisco, Calif. Biology. Pittsfield, N. 
H, March 13, 62. M.D, Cooper Med. Col. San 
Francisco, 89. County entomologist. San Diego, 
86 : demonstrator anat. and instr. biol, embryol. 
and histol, assoc. prof, and later prof, anat. 
Cooper Med. Col, 00-10; asst. prof. anat. and 
later assoc. prof, surg, Stanford, 10- A.A; 
Entom. Soc; Pacific Coast Entom. Soc. (sec'y) 
01-20). Development of animals; life histories 
of insects; taxonomy of Coleoptera; the Teneb- 
rionidae; comparative anatomy of the para- 
metrium in vertebrates. 

Blake, Dr. E(dwin) M(ortimer), 145 St. James 

Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. *Mathematics. New York, 
N. Y, June 16, 68. E.M, Columbia, 90, Ph.D, 

93. Instr. math, Purdue, 96-98; California, 00- 
04; prof. math, and mech, Arizona, 04r-10. A.A; 
Econ. Ass. Kinematics. 

Blake, Prof. F(rederic) C(oliimbus), Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio. *Phys^ics. Deca- 
tur, 111, Oct. 30, 77. Ph.B, Colorado, 01; John 
Tyndall fellow, Columbia, 04-07, Ph.D, 05; 
Cambridge, 05-06; Berlin, 06-07. Asst. prof. 
physics, Ohio State, 07-12, prof, 12- A.A; 
Physical Soc; Am. Geog. Soc. Electric waves; 
resistance of metals in a magnetic field; stand- 
ing waves in a Lecher wire system ; value of 
'h' from X-rays; critical absorption of X-raya; 
dielectric constant of water; self and mutual 

Slake, Prof, I(rving) H(m), 46 N. Main St. 
Orono, Maine. Zoology. Augusta, Maine, Feb. 
15, SS. A.B, Bates, 11 ; A.M, Brown, 12. Asst. 
comp. anat, Bro^vn, 12-13 ; instr. zool. and 
physiol, Oregon Col, 13-16; zool, Syracuse, 16- 
18; assoc. prof, biol, Maine, 18- A.A; Soc. 
Mammal; Ecol. Soc. Ecology; digestive tract 
of teleost fishes. 

Blake, J(ames) 

ville, Mass. 
Mass, July 8, 
67-72. Asst. 
zool, Harvard 
Mem. Hassler 
mission; asst. 
Boston Soc 

Henry, 117 Elm St, W. Somer- 

Conchology, Zoology. Boston. 

45. Lawrence Sci. Sch, Harvard, 

and curator conchol, museum comp. 

, 72-76; lecturer and zool. artist. 

exped, 72; artist, U. S. Fish Com- 
paleontologist, U. S. Geol. Surv. 

Nat. Hist. Conchology; travels; 

Blake, Dr. J(ohn) C(harles), Hahnemann Medi- 
cal College, Chicago, 111. Physiological chemistry. 
Ottumwa, Iowa, May 31, 73. B.S, Colorado, 01 ; 
Ph.D, Yale, 03. Eesearch assoc. in physical 
chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-05; asst. physicist. 
Bur. Standards, 05-06; prof. gen. chem, Tex. 
Col, 06-13; head, dept. chem, Hahnemann Med. 
Col, IS-, dean, 21- Chem. Soc. Colloidal solu- 
tions; crystal structure. 

Blake, Dr. Joseph A(ugustus), Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Surgery. San Francisco, Calif, Aug. 31, 64. 
A.B, Yale, 85, Ph.B, 86, hon. A.M, 09; M.D. 
Columbia, 89. Asst. demonstrator anat, Colum- 
bia, 91-00, instr. surg, 00-03, prof, 03-13; con- 
sulting surgeon, Roosevelt, St. Luke's and Lin- 
coln Hospitals and Clinic for Functional Re- 
education, Tarrytown, N. Y. Ass. Anat; Surg. 
Ass; Soc. Clin. Surg; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. 
Surg. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; fel. N. Y. Acad. 
Anatomy of the thorax and brain. 

Blake, Prof. Maurice A (din), New Brunswick, 
N. J. Horticulture. Millis, Mass, Dec. 1, 82. 
B.S, Mass. Col, 04. Asst. horticulturist, E. I. 
Col. and Exp. Sta, 04-05; instr. hort, Mass. 
Col, 05-06; horticulturist, N. J. Exp. Sta, 06- 
18, prof, hort. New Jersey, 14- State supt. 
farm demonstration, N. J, 18- A.A; Soc. Hort. 
Sci; N. J. Hort. Soc. (pres, 20). Peach grow- 

Blake, Dr. S(ldney) F(ay), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Botany. Stough- 
ton, Mass, Aug. 31, 92. A.B, Harvard, 12, A.M, 
13, Ph.D, 17. Asst, Gray Herbarium, Harvard, 
16-17; asst. botanist, bur. plant indust, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 17- New Eng. Bot. Club; 
Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. Taxonomy of phanero- 
gams, especially Compositae. 



Blaker, Prof. Ernest, 23 Mt. View Ave, Akron, 
Ohio. Physics. Newtown, Pa, Sept. 14, 70. 
B.S, Kansas, 93; Ph.D, Cornell, 01. Asst. 
physics, Cornell, 98-01, instr, 01-03, asst. prof, 
03-17, prof, 17-20; with development dept, 
B. F. Goodrich Co, 19-20, man-agcr temperature 
measurement and heat control, 20- In charge 
airplane div. and meteorol. at Cornell, 17-18. 
A. A ; Physical Soc. Spectrophotometric radiation 
from carbon at different temperatures; absorp- 
tion of carbon; atmospheric conduction between 
high tension transmission wires. 

Blakeslee, Prof. A(lbert) F(rancis), Carnegie 
Station, Cold Spring Harbor, L, I, N. Y. *Bot- 
any. Geneseo, N. Y, Nov. 9, 74. A.B, Wes- 
levan, 96; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 04. Asst. 
bot. Harvard, 99-00, instr, Eadcliffe, 00-02, 
teaching fellow. Harvard, 01-0.3, collector in 
Venezuela for cryptogamic herbarium. Harvard, 
03; investigator in Europe for Carnegie Insti- 
tution, 04-06; instr. bot, Harvard, 06-07; prof, 
and director, summer seh. of agr, Conn. Col, 
07-14, prof. bot. and genetics, 14-15; res. in- 
vestigator plant genetics, sta. for exp. evolution, 
Carnegie Institution, 12-13, J 5- A.A. (sec'y, 
G, 16, V. pres, 18); Soc. Nat. (v. pres, 16); 
Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol; Eu- 
genics Ee?eareh Ass; Torrey Bot. Club; New 
Eng. Bot. Club; Conn. Bot. Soc. Genetics; 
sexual reproduction in mucors; trees in winter; 
pigmentation criteria for laying in poultry; in- 
heritance in jimson weed. 

Blanchard, Prof. Arthur A(lphonzo), Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
*Chcmistry. Boston, Mass, May 4, 76. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 98, fellow, 00-02; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 02. Asst. theoret. chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
98-00; instr, N. H. Col, 02-03; inorg. chem, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 03-08, asst. prof, 08-13, assoc. 
prof, 13- A.A; Chem. Soc; Am. Acad; For- 
estry Ass. Synthetic and analytical chemistry; 
migration ratios; decomposition of ammonium 
nitrite; visco-sity of solutions in relation to the 
constitution of dissolved substances. 

Blanchard, Prof. A(rtliur) H(orace), University 
of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Highway engi- 
neering. Providence, R. I, Feb. 10, 77. C. E, 
Brown, 99; A.M, Columbia, 02. Instr. civil 
eng. and math, Brown, 99-01, 02-03, asst. prof, 
civil eng, 03-06, assoc. prof, 06-11; prof, high- 
way eng, Columbia, 11-17; Michigan, 19-20, 
highway eng. and highway transport, 20- 
Draftsman, Am. Bridge Co, summers, 01, 02; 
deputy engineer, E. I. State Board Pub. Eoads, 
03-09; consulting engineer^ U. S. Office of Pub. 
Eoada, 10-12; Board of Water Supply, N. Y. 
City, 12-17; N. Y. State Highway Commission, 
12; N. Y. State Dept. Efficiency and Econ, IS- 
IS; Mich. State Highway Dept, 19-; ed. -in- 
chief, 'Am. Highway Engineer's Handbook,' 
14-; 'Am. Highway Transport Handbook,' 20-; 
chief, bur. pub. works, Educ. Commission, 
A.E.F, 19; mom. Council Nat. Defense, 19; v. 
chairman. Fed. Highway Council, 19- A.A. 
(sec'y, D, 12-17); Civil Eng; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Test Mat; Road Ass. (pres, 18); Nat. Highway 
Traffic Ass. (pres, 18-); Nat. Highways Ass; 
Soc. Munic. Tmprov; Int. Ass. Test. Mat; Can. 
Inst. Eng; Soc. des Ing. civils de France; As. 

Int. Perm, des Cong, de la Eoute. Highway en- 
gineering and highway transport. 

Blanchard, Dr. Prank Nelson, University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Zoology. Stone- 
ham, Mass, Dec. 19, 88. A.B, Tufts, 13; fellow, 
Michigan, 16-18, Ph.D, 19. Instr. zool. and 
geol, Mass. Col, 13-16; aid, div. reptiles, U. S. 
Nat. Museum, 18-19; instr. zool, Michigan, 19- 
A.A; Ecol. Soc; Soc. Ichthyol. and Herp. 
Zoogeography; herpetology; distribution, life 
history and economic relation of reptiles. 

Blanchard, Dr. Julian, 463 West St, New York, 
N. Y. Physics. Hertford, N. C, Nov. 10, 85. 
A.B. Trinity (N. C), 05; A.M, Columbia, 09, 
PJi.D, 17. instr. applied math. Trinity (N. C), 
05-06; asst. physics, Columbia, 06-09; prof, 
eng. Trinity (N.C), 09-12; research asst, Co- 
lumbia, 12-15; physicist, research lab, Eastman 
Kodak Co, 15-17; research engineer, West. Elec. 
Co, 17- Optical Soc. Ionization of gases; ret- 
inal sensibility; diameter of the pupil; ther- 
mionic vacuum tubes. 

Blanchard, Dr. Phyllis, Epping, N. H. Psychol 
ogy. Epping, March 14, 95. A.B, N. H. Col, 
17; Ph.D, Clark, 19. Instr, N. H. Col, 16-17; 
research asst. to Pres. G. Stanley Hall, 19-20; 
psychologist, N. Y. State Eeformatory for 
Women, 20- Social psychology; abnormal psy- 
chology and therapy. 

Blanchard, Dr. R(alph) C(arpenter), 54 W. 40th 
St, New York, N. Y. Geology. Newport, Ind, 
Dee. 4, 82. B.S, Eose, 05; Ph.D. Columbia, 13; 
Munich. Managing director, Old York Trust 
Co, London, 09-14. Min, Eng; fel. Eoyal Geol. 

Blanchard, Prof. W(illiam) M(artin), Green- 
oastle, Ind. Chemistry. Perquimans Co, N. C, 
Aug. 25, 74. A.B, Eandolph-Macon, 94, A.M, 
97; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Instr, Eandolph-Macon 
Acad, 94-96, Eandolph-Macon, 96-97; Eose, 00- 
01; prof, chem, VePaitw. 01- A.A; (Them. Soc; 
Ind. Acad; Chem. Gesell. Parabromortho- 
sulphobenzoic and its derivatives; equivalent 
weight of sodium; teaching of chemistry in sec- 
ondary schools. 

Blankinship, Prof. J(oseph) W(illiam), 2525 Hil- 
gard Ave, Berkeley, Calif. Botany. Glasgow, 
111, Feb. 23, 62. "A.B, Drury, 89; California, 
90-92; A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 96, Ph.D, 98; 
Berlin, 07-08. Prof, science, Hesperian Col, 
Woodland, Palif, 92-93; asst. bot, Harvard, 94- 
98; prof, Mont. Col, and botanist, Exp. Sta, 
98-05; consulting plant pathologist indust. in- 
jury to veg, 06- Asst. nat. hist, Drury, 86-88. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Int. Ass. Bot. Ecology; eco- 
nomic botany; smoke injury to vegetation. 

Blasdale, Dr. W(alter) C(harles), 2514 College 
Ave, Berkeley. Calif. Chemistry, Botany. Jericho, 
N. Y, Jan. *10, 71. B.S, California, 92, Ph.D, 
00. Instr. chrm, California, 9.5-03, asst. prof. 
. 03-19, prof, in- A.A; Chem. Soc. Analytical 
chemistry ; equilibrium in salt solutions. 

Blatchley, W(illis) S(tanley), 1558 Park Ave. 
Indianapolis, Ind; or Duenedin, Fla. (Nov. to 
April). Geology, Entomology. North Madison. 
Conn, Oct. 6, '59. A.B, Indiana, 87, A.M, 
91. Instr. science, high sch, Terre Haute, 
87-94; state geologist, Tnd. 94-11. Asst, Ark. 
Geol. Surv, 89; mem. Scovell science esped. to 



Mex, 91; asst, U. S. F5sh Commission, 90-93. 
Fel, Ind. Acad, (pres, 03). Orthoptera and 
Coleoptera of eastern United States and Canada. 

Blatherwick, Dr, N(onnan) R(obert), Memorial 
Laboratory and Clinic, Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Physiological chemistry. Eock Valley, Iowa, 
Feb. 19, 87. B.S, Grinnell, 09; M.S, Illinois, 
12; Currier fellow, Yale, 12-14, Ph.D, 14. Asst. 
chem, Illinois, 10-11; asst. chemist, Montefiore 
Home and Hosp, N. Y. City, 14-15; physiolog- 
ical chemist, bur. animal indust, TJ. S. Dept. 
Agr, 15-20; iiochemist, Mem. Lab. and Clinic, 
Santa Barbara, Calif, 20- Physiol. Soc; Soc. 
Biol. Chem; Chem. Soc. Water drinking; foods 
in relation to composition of urine; paratty- 
roidoetomy; experimental nephritis; milk se- 

Bleile, Prof. A(lbert) M(artin), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, Ohio. Physiology. Colum- 
bus, June 26, 55. Starling Med. Col, 73-76; 
Paris, Leipzig and Vienna, 76-79. Lecturer 
exp. physiol. Starling Med. Col, 80-91; prof, 
physiol, Ohio State, 91- A.A; Micros. Soc. 
(pres, 00). Blood sugar; inversion of cane- 
sugar by gastric juice; cause of death by elec- 
tric shock; urine in epilepsy; changes in heart 
after vagus section; detection and recognition 
of bloods; innervation of lungs; chemistry of 
respiration; synthesis of proteins by enzymes. 

Bleininger, A(lbert) V(ictor), Bureau of Stan- 
ards, Washington, D. C. *Cliemistry. Polling, 
Germany, July 9, 73. B.S, Ohio State, 01. 
Shop experience, clay industries, 89-96; instr. 
ceramics, Ohio State, 01-05, asst. prof, 05-06, 
assoc. prof, 06-07; asst. prof, Illinois, 07-10, 
prof, and director, dept. ceramics, 10-12; in 
charge, clay products laboratories, technol. 
branch, U. S. Geol. Surv, 08-10; chief, ceramics 
products div. Bur. Standards, 12- Asst, Ohio 
Geol. Surv, 00-04; in charge ceramic investiga- 
tions, 111. Geol. Sur^', 08-; lecturer ceramics, 
Chicago^, 12; Franklin Inst, 17; deputy dist. 
chief. Fuel Ad, 18; chairman, ceramics com- 
mittee, Nat. Eesearch Council. Assoc, ed, 
'Jour. Indust. and Eng. Chem,' 12-16. A.A; 
Ceramic Soe. (pres, 08, mem. committee on pub- 
lications and ed, 'Trans'); Chem. Soc. (asst. 
ed, 'Chem. Abstracts,' OS); Soc. Test. Mat; 
Wash. Acad. Technology of clay, glass and 
cement silicate^; manufacture of optical glass; 
special porcelains and refractories. 

Blessing, Prof. G(eorge) F(rederick), Swarth- 
more. Pa. Engineering. Carrollton, Ky, July 
2, 75. B.M.E, Kentucky, 97, M.E, 05; Ph.D, 
Hanover, 06; Cornell, 06-08, Prof. mech. eng, 
Nevada, 99-05 ; designer and research worker, 
Piatt Iron Works, 05-06; Gen. Elec. Co, Lynn, 
Mass, 06; asst. prof, machine design, Cornell, 
06-08; prof. mech. eng. and in charge, eng. 
dept, Swarthmore, 08- Lecturer machine de- 
sign, Cornell, summers, 07, 08; plant facilities 
engineei*, ordnance dept, U.S. A, 18: indust, rela- 
tion staff, John D. Eoekefeller, 20-21. Mech. 
Eng; Eng. Educ; Ass. Prof. Descriptive geom- 
etry; multistage turbine pumps; drawing. 

Blichfeldt, Dr. Hans Frederik, Stanford Univer- 
sity, Calif.. * Mathematics. Denmark, Jan. 9, 
73. A.B. Stanford, 96, A.M, 97; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
98. Instr. math, Stanford, 98-01, asst. prof. 

01-06, assoc. prof, 06-13, prof, 13- Drafts- 
man, Eng. Dept, City and Co. of Whatcom, 
Wash, 92-94. Nat. Acad; A.A; Math. Soc. (v. 
pres, 12); Math. Ass. Continuous groups; 
linear homogeneous substitution groups; geom- 
etry of numbers. 

Blish, Dr. M(orris) J(oslin), Bozeman, Mont. 
Biochemistry. Lincoln, Nebr, April 21, 89. B.S, 
Nebraska, 12, A.M, 13; Ph.D, Minnesota, 15. 
Asst. agr. biochem, Minnesota, 13-15; asst. 
chemist, food research lab, U. S. Dept. Agr, 15- 
16; Mont. Exp. Sta, 16- Second lieut, Sanit. 
C, 18. A.A; Chem. Soc. Proteins and nitrogen 
compounds of wheat and flour; humin from 

Bliss, Prof. A(ndrew) Richard, Jr, Emory Uni- 
versity, Atlanta, Ga. Pharmacology, Chemistry. 
New "York, N. Y, Nov. 10, 87. Ph.G, N. Y. 
Col. Pharmacy, 07; Ph.C, Columbia, 07, Phar.D, 
08; B.S, Howard Col, 10, A.M, 12; M.D, Bir- 
mingham Med. Col, 13. Asst. micros, Columbia, 
06-08; prof, pharmacol, chem. and bacter, Ala- 
bama, 08-09 ; Pharmacol, and chem, Birmingham 
Med. Col, 09-15, dean, sch. pharmacy, 10-15; 
prof, biochem. and pharmacol, grad. sch. med, 
Alabama, 12-15; pharmacol, Emory, 15- A.A; 
Agr. Chem. (assoc. referee on alkaloids) ; Chem. 
Soc. (v. pres, Ala. sect) ; Pharmaeeut. Ass. (v. 
chairman, scientific sect) ; Columbia Biochem. 
Ass. (assoc. ed, 'Bui'). Qualitative analysis; 

Bliss, Dr. Charles B(emis), McTndoe Falls, Vt. 
Psi/chologij. Triangle, N. Y, Jan. 23, 68. A.B, 
Yale, 90, Ph.D, 93; B.D, Hartford, 03. Asst, 
psyehol. lab, Yale, 93-94; prof. exp. psychol, 
N. Y. Univ, 94-98; Congregational clergyman. 
.4.. A; Psychol. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad. Eeaetion- 
time and attention. 

Bliss, Prof. Collins P, New York University, New 
York. N. Y. Mechanical engineering. (Carlisle. 
Pa, April 28, 66. A.B, Princeton, 88, A.M, 91 ; 
Ph.B, Columbia, 91; Cornell, 97. Draftsman 
and engineer, various iron works, 91-97; instr. 
mech. eng, N. Y. Univ, 97-00, asst. prof, 00- 
02, prof, 02- A.A; Mech. Eng; Eng. Educ; 
Aeronaut. Soc. Strength of materials. 

Bliss, Prof. Gilbert Ames, University of Chicago, 
Chicago, HI. *Matheviatics. Chicago, May 9, 
76. B.S, Chicago, 97, M.S, 98, Ph.D, 00; Got- 
tingen, 02-03. Instr. math, Minnesota, 00-02; 
assoc, Chicago, 03-04; asst. prof, Missouri, 04- 
05; Princeton, 05-08; assoc. prof, Chicago, OS- 
IS, prof, 13- Lecturer math, Princeton, 09; 
Harvard, 11 ; scientific expert, range firing sect, 
U.S.A;, 18. Assoc, ed, 'Annals of Math,' 06-08. 
Nat. Acad; A.A; Math. Soc. (v. pres, 11, coun- 
cilor, 07-09j 16-18, chairman, Chicago sect. 17- 
19, assoc. ed, ' Trans, '08-1 6) ; Math. Verein; 
Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Differential equations; 
calculus of variations ; theory of functions of 
lines with an application to ballistics. 

Bliss, Dr. Malcolm A, 301 Humboldt Building, St. 
Louis, Mo. Medicine. Warsaw, 111, July 2, 63. 
M.D, Chicago Med. Col, 90. Practising physi- 
cian. Instr. psychiat, Washington (St. Louis). 
A.A; Neur. Ass; Am. Med. Ass. Influence of 
nasal and aural conditions on the fifth nerve 



Bliss, Mary Campbell, IS Allen St, Newbury port, 
Mass. Botany. Newburyport, April 19, 77. 
A.B. Wcllesley, 99. follow. 02-04, A.M. 04. 
Teacher, high sch, Newburyport, Mass, 00-01; 
asst. hot, Wcllesley, 04-05, instr, 05-15, asst. 
prof, 15- A.A; Ass. Prof; Bot. Soc. Plant 
morphology; the vessel in seed plants. 

Bliss, Prof, wmiam J(ulian) A(lbert), 1026 N. 
Calvert St, Baltimore, Md. *Physics. Washing- 
ton, D. C, Jan. 22, 67. A.B, Harvard, 88; 
certificate in elec. eng. Hopkins, 90, Ph.D, 94. 
Asst. elec. eng, Hopkins, 91, lecturer physics, 
94, lab. asst, 95-98, assoc, 08-01, collegiate prof, 
01- Physical Soc. Flocculation ; forces on sub- 
merged particles. 

Blizzard, Prof. A(lpheus) W(esley), New York 
University, New York, N. Y. Biology. Balti- 
more, Ohio. May 23, 84. B.S, Ohio (Athens). 
13; A.M, Cornell, 16. Prof, biol, Jamestown. 
1.3-15; instr, Iowa State, 16-17; N. . Univ, 
17- Bot. Soc. Botany; zoology; cytology; 
fungi; development of agarics. 

Blocher, Prof. John Milton, 311 Front St, Berea, 
Ohio. Chemistry. Gettysburg, Pa, Feb. 24, 91. 
B.S, Pennsylvania Col, 13; Ph.D, Hopkins, 16. 
Asst, Hopkins, 16-17; prof, chem, Baldwin, 17- 
Chem. Soc. Physical and colloidal chemistry. 

Block, D(avid) Julian, 3520 Rokeby St, Edge- 
water, Chicago, 111. Chemistry. Fort Wayne, 
Ind, Aug. 13, 74. Heidelberg, 90-95; Armour, 
10-13. Supt, Am. Metallizing Co, 07-08; (Urec- 
tor, research lab, Applegren and Block, 08-10 ; 
D. Julian Block, 16- A.A; Chem. Soc. Indus- 
trial chemistry; adhesives; starch; gums; dex- 
trines; synthetic chemistry; dyes; formalde- 
hyde manufacture. 

Blodgett, Dr. F(orest) M(ilo), 217 Bryant Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Plant pathology. Brocton, N. 
Y, July 15, 85. B.S.A, Cornell, 10, fellow, 10- 
14, Ph.D, 14. Assoc, botanist, N. Y, Exp. Sta, 
13-; asst. prof, plant path, Cornell. A.A; 
Phytopath. Soc. Hop mildew control; dusting 
and spraying apples; perithecia of Sphaerotheca 

Blodgett, Prof. Frederick H(arvey), State Nor- 
mal Training School, Danbury, Conn. Botany. 
Rockford, Til, Sept. 12, 72. B.S, Rutgers, 97, 
M.S, 99; Columbia, 01; Hopkins, 06-10; Ph.D, 
10. Asst. botanist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 00 ; 
asst. curator bot, Field Museum Nat. Hist, 01 ; 
asst. state plant pathologist, Md. Col, 01-06; 
asst. bot, Hopkins, 00-10; acting prof, biol. 
and geol, Roanoke, 10-12; plant pathologist, 
Tex. Exp. Sta, 12-16^ pathologist, exten. service, 
Tex. Col, 16-19 ; prof. biol. sciences, State Nor. 
Training Sch, Danbury, Conn, 19- A.A; Bot. 
Soc; Ecol. Soc; Phvtopath. Soc; Torrey Bot. 
Club; N. J. Micros. Soc. (sec'y, 96, 97). Plant 
diseases ; vegetative reproduction ; plant geog- 
raphy of Maryland; physiological conditions of 
seed germination ; morphology and physiology 
of angiosperms. 

Bloede, Victor G(ustav), Victor G. Bloede Co, 
Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. Dresden, Saxony, 
March 14, 49. Grad, Cooper Union, 67, hon. 
Ch.E, 20. Prcs. and gen. manager, Victor G. 
Bloede Co. Lecturer applied chem, Cooper 
Union. Medal, Franklin Inst; Cooper Inst. 

Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Tndust; N. Y. Chemists 
Club. Compounds and derivatives of starch. 

Bloodgood, Dr. Joseph Colt, 904 N. Charles St, 
Baltimore, Md. Surgery, Surgical pathology. 
Milwaukee, Wis, Nov. 1, 67. B.S, Wisconsin, 
S8; M.D, Pennsylvania, 91. Res. surgeon, Hop- 
kins Hosp, 93-99, assoc. surg, Hopkins Hasp, 
and assoc. prof, Hoj)kin~s, 99- A?st. ed, '.Tour. 
Cancer Research. ' A.A ; Ass. Path, and Bact ; 
Col. Surg; fel. Surg. Ass; Soc. Clin. Surg; Ass. 
Cancer Research; Soc. Cancer Control; Am. Med. 
Ass; S. Surg, and Gynec. Soc; Md. Med. and 
Chirurg. Faculty. Tumors; cancer. 

Bloomfield, Dr. Arthur L(eonard), Johns Hop- 
kins Hospital, Baltimore, 'Md. Medicine. Balti 
more, May 30, 88. A.B, Hopkins, 07, M.D, 11. 
Asst, instr. and later assoc. m,ed, Hopkins, 11-, 
res. physician, Hopkins Hosp, 20- Soc. Clin. 
Invest. Clinical and experimental medicine; 
bacteriology of infection. 

Bloor, Prof. W(alter) Il(ay), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. ^Biological chemistry. 
Ingersoll, Ont, Julv 2, 77. M.A, Queen's (Can), 
02; grad, Ont. Nor. Col, 03; A.M, Harvard, 08, 
Ph.D, 11. Instr. chem. Wash. State, 03-05. 
asst. prof, 0.5-07; asst. biol. chem. Harvard 
Med. Sch, 08-10; assoc, Washington (St. Louis), 
10-14, assoc. prof, 14; asst. prof. Harvard, 14- 
18, prof, California, 18- Chem. Soc; Soc. Biol. 
Chem; Soc. Exp. Biol; Physiol. Soc; Soc. de 
Chim. biol. de France. Clay; carbohydrate 
esters ; saccharin in urine ; fat in blood and 
milk ; fat absorption and metabolism ; phos- 
phatids in blood; phosphate distribution in 

Blue, Surg. Gen. Rupert, U. S. Public Health 
Service, Washington. D. C. Hygiene. Rich- 
mond Co, N. C, May 30, 67. Virginia, 89-90; 
M.D, Marvland, 92, Sc.D, 08; grad, London 
Sch. Trop.'Med, 10; D.P.H, Michigan, 13; Sc.D, 
Wisconsin, 13. Asst. surgeon, TJ. S. Pub. Health 
Service, 93, past asst. surgeon, 97, surgeon, 09, 
surgeon gen, 12- Detailed to Genoa, Italy, 
cholera and plague prev. work, 99-00 ; to S. 
Am. to investigate epidemic diseases, 10; pro- 
visional pres, Int. Sanit. Bur. of Am. Republics, 
12; mem. Permanent Int. Commission of Con- 
gresses on Hygiene and Demographv. Pub. 
Health Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Ass. Mil. Surg; 
Col. Surg; Nat. Committee for* Mental Hygiene; 
hon. mem. Calif. Acad; Royal Inst. Pub. Health; 
fel. London Soc. Trop. Med. Epidemiology; 
bubonic plague. 

Blum, Dr. Theodor, 140 W. 57th St, New York, 
N. Y. Oral surgery. Vienna, Austria, Sept. 25, 
83. Gymnasium, Austria; D.D.S, Pennsylvania, 
09, M.D, 11; Vienna, 12. Director oral s-urg. and 
dentistry, N. Y. Throat, Nose and Lung Hosp. 
A.A; Nat. Dental Ass; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Conductive anesthesia. 

Blum, Dr. William, Bureau of Standards, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Chemistry. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Dec. 28, 81, B.S, Pennsylvania, 03, Ph.D, 08. 
Instr. chem, Utah, 03-09; asst. chemist, Bur. 
Standards. 09-18, chemist, 18- A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; N. Y. Chemists Club; 
hon. mem. Electro-Platers Ass. Atomic weight 
of cadmium; complex inorganic acids; electro- 
deposition; electrotyping ; electroplating. 



Blumberg, Prof. Henry, University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 'Mathematics. Zhagorv. Kuspia, 
May 13, 86. A.B, Columbia, 07, A.M, 08, fel- 
low, 09-10; Paris and Ziirich, 10-12; Ph.D, 
Gottingen, 12. Instr. math, Nebraska, 13-14, 
asst. prof, 14-18; assoe, Illinois, 18-19, asst. 
prof, 19- Asst. math, Columbia, summer, 07; 
assoc. ed, 'Annals of Math,' 16-; 'Am. Math. 
Monthly,' 19- A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass. 
Algebraic properties of linear homogeneous dif- 
ferential expressions; general function theory; 
point sets. 

Blumentlial, Dr. Philip L(ee), 122 Eagle St, 
Buffalo, N, y. Chemistry. Owensboro. Ky, 
June 9, 89. B.S, Kentucky, 09; A.M, Yale, 11, 
Ph.D, 12; Berlin, 12-13. Asst. chem, Yale, 10- 
12; asst. chemist, Iowa Exp. Sta, 13-15; re- 
search chemist, Ky. Exp. Sta, 15-19; junior 
partner, Babcock Testing Lab, 19-20; with 
Lacteal Anal Lai, 21- With C. W. S, 19. A.A ; 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Lexington sect, 15); Agr. 
Chem; Ky. Acad. Inorganic, analytical and in- 
dustrial chemistry; soils. 

Blumer, Dr. George, 64 Trumbull St, New Haven, 
Conn. ^Medicine, Pathology. Darlington, Eng- 
land, March 16, 72. M.D, Cooper Med. Col, 
91. Intern, City and Co. Hosp. San Fran- 
cisco, 92-93; asst. surg. Hopkins Hosp, 93- 
94, med, 94-95, path, Hopkins, 95-96; direc- 
tor. Bender Hygienic Lab, 96-03; prof. path. 
and bacter, Albany Med. Col, 02-03 ; assoc. prof, 
path, Cooper Med. Col, 03-04; asst. med, med. 
dept, California, 05-06; John Slade Ely prof, 
theory and practise of med, Yale, 06-20, dean, 
med. faculty, 10-20. Pathologist, Albany Hosp, 
St. Peter's Hosp. and Child's Hosp; director, 
bur. of path, and bacter, N. Y. State Dept. of 
Health. A.A; Ass. Path, and Baet; Am. Physi- 
cians; Soc. Bact; Am. Acad. Med; Pub. Health 
Ass; Soc. Clin. Invest; N. Y. Acad. Med. Tu- 
berculosis of aorta and of the stomach; typhoid 
fever; noma; malignant neoplasms; anthrax; 
thymus tod ; thrombosis and embolism ; tumor 
metastases in Douglas' pouch; carcinoma of the 
prostate; medical education. 

Blumer, Dr. G(eorge) Alder, Butler Hospital, 
Providence, E. I. Medicine. Sunderland, Eng- 
land, May 25, 57. M.D, Pennsylvania, 79; 
L.R.C.P, ii.E.C.S, Edinburgh, 84; hon. Litt.D, 
Brown, 05. Asst. physician, Utiea State Hosp, 
80-86, med. supt, 86-99; physician- in-cliief and 
supt, Butler Hosp, 99- Adj. prof, insanity. 
Albany Med. Col, 93-99; seeV, R- L Sch. of 
Design; ed, 'Am. Jour. Insanity.' Medico- 
Psychol. Ass. (pres, 03) ; New Eng. Soc. 
Psychiat. (pres, 17-) ; Boston Soc. Psychiat. 
and Neur. (pres, 04) ; hon. mem. British Medico- 
Psychol. Soc; Paris Soc. Med. Psychol; Soc. de 
Psychiat; Belgian Soc. Mental Med. 

Blumer, J(acob) C(orwin), Eenwick, Iowa. For- 
estry. Engi, Switzerland, Dec. 4, 72. B.S. A, 
Iowa Slate, 01, 02; Michigan, 04-06. Mem. 
U. S. Forest Service, 01-05; asst, desert lab, 
Carnegie Institution, 07-08; asst. forester. 
Commission of Construction, Can, 13-16. Inde- 
pendent bot. explorations, 06-07, 08-13. A.A; 
Bot. Soc; "Wash. Biol. Soc; Can. Forestry Ass. 
Botany; plant geography; plant collections; 
pine seeds; forests of Saskatchewan. 

Blunt, Prof. Katharine, 1156 E. 56th St, Chicago, 
111. Home economics. Philadelphia, Pa, May 
28, 76. A.B, Vassar, 98; Mass. Inst. Tech, 02- 
03; fellow, Chicago, 06-07, Ph.D, 07. Asst. 
chem, Vassar, 03-05; instr, dept. domestic sci- 
ence, Pratt Inst, 07-08; Vassar, 08-13; asst. 
prof, food chem. and home econ, Chicago, 13-18, 
assoc. prof, and chairman, dept. home econ, IS- 
Editor-in-chief, col. sect, Food Ad, 18. A.A; 
Cliem. Soc; Home Econ. Ass. (ed. board, 'Jour. 
Home Econ'). Changes in fats in cooking; 
digestibility of fats; losses of iron in cooking 
vegetables; preserved eggs. 

Blunt, Col. S(tanhope) E(nglish), U. S. A, Spring- 
field, Mass. Ordnance, Artillery. Boston, ^Lass, 
Sept. 29, 50. Grad, U. S. Mil. Acad, 72. Lieut, 
eapt, major, lieut. col, col, ordnante dept, U.S. A, 
1/2- Instr. math, U. S. Mil. Acad, 76-80, 
ordnance and gunnery, 78-80. A.A; "Wash. 
Acad; many mil. societies. Gunnery. 

Boardman, Prof. Horace Prentiss, University of 
Nevada, Eeno, Nev. Civil engineering. Mena- 
sha. Wis, Jan, 21, 69. B.S, Wisconsin, 95, C.E, 
11. Engineer, sanit. district of Chicago, 94- 
96; asst. engineer, Chicago and Alton E. E, 97- 
01; C. M. and St. Paul E. E. 01-04; designing 
engineer, 05; supt. Savage Constr, Co, 0406; 
prof, civil eng, Nevada, 07- Civil Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Ass. Eng; West. See. Eng. Cement and 
concrete; wind pressures on roofs. 

Boas, Prof. Franz, 230 Franklin Ave, Grantwood, 
N. J. *Anthropoloq\i. Minden, Germany, July 
9, 58. Heidelberg; Bonn ; Ph.D. Kiel. 81 LL.D, 
Clark, 09; D.Sc, Oxford, 12. Asst. Eoyal 
Ethnog. Museum, Berlin, 85-86; Privatdocent, 
Berlin, 85-86; docent, Clark, 89-92; first asst, 
dept. anthrop, Columbia Expos, 92-94; asst. 
curator, Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 95-00, curator, 
00-05; lecturer anthrop, Columbia, 96-99, prof, 
99- Ed, 'Jour. Am. Folk-lore'; 'Pub. Jesup 
North Pacific Exped'; 'Columbia Univ. Con- 
tributiocs to Anthrop'; hon. philologist, Bur. 
Am. Ethnol, 01-19. Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres. 
94. 07); Anthrop. Ass. (pres. 07. 08); fcl. 
Ethnol. Soc. (v. pres, ed, 'Pub'); Philos. Soc; 
cor. mem. Antiq. and Numis. Soc; Am. Acad; 
fel. N. y. Acad; hon. fel. Anthrop. Tnst. Gt. 
Britain and Ireland; cor. mem. Anthrop. Socie- 
ties of Washington, Berlin. Brussels, Florence. 
Pari':. Rome, Stockholm and Moscow; Frankfor* 
Gesell. fiir Orient. Sprachen; Eoyal Prussian 
Acad ; hon. mem. Vienna Anthrop. Gesell ; Paris 
Soc. des Am^ricanistgs. Anthropology of Arctic 
America and of the North Pacific coast; anthro- 
pometry; North American linguistics. 

Bock, Prof. Joseph C(arl), ]\rarquette School of 
Medicine, Milwaukee, Wis. Physiological chem- 
istry. Vienna, Austria. June 18, 84. Chem. 
Eng. Polytech. Vienna, 09; Ph.D, Cornell, 17. 
Chemist, Swift and Co, 09-11 ; instr, physiol. 
chem, Mich. Agr. Col, 11-12; research chemist, 
nutrition lab, Carnegie Institution, 12-13 ; instr. 
chem, med. col, Cornell. 13-18; prof, physiol. 
chem, Marquette, IS- Soc. Biol. Chem. Urine 

Boeck, Dr. William C(harles), Hygienic Labora- 
tory, I^s S. Public Health Service, Washington, 
D. C. Zoology. Olivia. Minn, Feb. 18, 94. 
B.S, Carleton, 15; A.M, California, 16, fellow, 



17-18, Ph.D, 18. Teaching fellow, California, 
15-17; research fellow, seh. hygiene and pub. 
health, Hopkins, 19-20; asst. zoologist, U. S. 
Pub. Health Service, 20- A.A; Soc. Zool; Sec. 
Exp. Biol. Protozoology; Giardia; relation of 
pathogenic Protozoa to soil pollution. 

Boehm, Prof. W (alter) M(artinus), 33 Fairview 
Ave, Highland Park, Philadelphia, Pa. Physics. 
Ft. Dodge, Iowa, Xoy. 11, 77. B.S, Iowa, 02; 
Ph.D. Pennsylvania, 10. Instr. physics, Utah, 
04-05; adj. prof, Cornell (Iowa), 05-07; instr. 
Pennsylvania, 07- A.A; assoc. mem. Physical 
Soc; Davenport Acad. Sound; open ends of 
organ pipes; method of measuring intensity of 

Boerker, Dr. Richard H(ans) D(ouai), Mt. Trem- 
per, N. Y. Forestry. Brooklyn, X. Y, Oct. 19, 
87. A.B, Dartmouth, 09; M.S, Michigan, 11; 
Ph.D, Xebraska, 15. Forest asst. and examiner, 
U. S. Forest Service, 11-17; arboriculturist, 
Dept. Parks, X. Y. City, 17-18; consulting for- 
ester, 17- Collaborator, 'Bot. Abstracts.' A.A; 
Forestry Ass ; Am. Gcog. Soc ; Bot. Soc ; Ecol. 
Soc ; Torrey Bot. Club ; Can. Forestry Ass. Na- 
tional forests; forest production and ecology; 

Boeshore, Irwin, University of Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Botany. Lickdale, Pa, Nov. 
12, 83. B.S. Pennsylvania, 15. Asst. hot, Penn- 
sylvania, 13-16, instr, 16- A.A, Morphology; 

Bogert, Prof. L(otta) Jean, Kansas State Agri- 
cultural College, Manhattan, Kans. Biochemis- 
try. Scotland, S. Dak, .June 17, 88. A.B, Cor- 
nell, 10; Ph.D, Yale, 16. Instr. chem, Simmons. 
10-11; Mt. Holyoke, 11-12; asst. path, chem, 
Yale, 16-18, instr. exp, med, 18-19; prof, food 
econ. and nutritv:>n, Kansas State, 19- A.A; 
Soc, Biol. Chem. Human nutrition; blood vol- 
ume; uric acid in urine and blood; excretion of 
phosphates, calcium and magnesium; pellagra. 

Bogert, Prof, Marston T(aylor), Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York, X. Y. 'Chemistry. Flush- 
ing, X. Y, April 18, 68, A.B, Columbia, 90, 
fellow, Ph.B, 94; LL.D, Clark, 09, Asst, org. 
chem, Columbia, 94-97, tutor, 97, instr, 97-01, 
adj. prof, 01-04, prof, Of-, head of dept, 10-11. 
Mem. Conservation T'onf, Wash, 08; chairman. 
Am. Commission on Org. Chem. Xomenclature, 
12; lecturer org. chem, N. Y. Univ, 19-20. 
Nichols medal, Chem, Soc, 03, Int, Cong, 
Applied Chem, London, 09, Organizer and 
chairman, div, chem. and chem, tech, Nat. Re- 
search Council, 16-17, mem, exec, board, 17- 
18; col, C. W. S, 18-19; various other war 
positions, Nat. Acad; A,A, (mom. gen, com- 
mittee, 01, 16); Chem, Soc, (librarian, 98- 
99, V. chairman, X, Y, sect, 00-01, v, pres, and 
chairman, X, Y, sect, 01-02, delegate, Council 
of N. Y, Sci. Alliance, 99-02, mem, board of 
editors, 03-, chairman, sect. org. chem, 0.5, pres, 
07, OS, director, 14); Soc, Chom, Indust. (v. 
pres, 02-04, pres, 12); Am, Acad; Philos, Soc; 
N, Y. State Sci, Teachers Ass; N, Y, C^hemists 
flub (sec'y, 98-01, pres, 08); London Chem, 
Soc; Chem. Ge.sell; Soc. cliim, de France (pres, 
Am, sect, 20-), Synthetic organic chemistry. 

Boggs, Prof. Gilbert H(illhouse), Georgia School 
of Technology, .\tianta, (la. Chemistry. Mem- 

phis, Tenn, Oct. 2, 75. B.S, Georgia, 96; Har- 
rison fellow, Pennsylvania, 99-01, Ph.D. 01. 
Instr, chem, Maine, 01-03; instr, asst, prof, anil 
later assoc. prof, Ga. Tech, 03- A,A; Chem, Soe. 
Separation of vanadic acid from metals; molyb- 
denum in endlichite. 

Boggs, Dr. L(ucinda) Pearl, 811 W. Illinois St, 
Urbana, 111. Psychology, Education. Hayes. 
Ill, Nov, 18, 74. A.B, Illinois, 94; Ph.D, Halle. 
00; hon. fellow, Cornell, 02, Instr. high sch, 
Oakland, 111, 94-95; preceptress and instr. Greek 
and Latin, Rice Col, Inst, 95-97; instr, psychol. 
and supervisor primary training, Wash. State 
X'or. Sch, 00-02; instr. psychol, and educ. West. 
Col, for Women, Oxford, Ohio, 06-07; prof, 
educ, Woman's Univ, Xanking, China, 10-12. 
Sec'y, Clark Univ. Conference on Child Welfare, 
09, A, A; West, Philos, Ass, Attention and 
feeling; psychology of interest and its applica- 
tion to education; psychology of learning; nur- 
ture of children, 

Boggs, Dr. Thomas R(iclunond), 21 W, Cliase St, 

Baltimore, Md, Infernal medicine. Memphis, 
Tenn, Oct. 2, 75, B,S, Georgia. 96, 96-97; Penn- 
sylvania. 97-98; M.D, Hopkins. 01; Tiibingen, 
03. Asst, res. physician, Hopkins Hosp. 01-11 ; 
assoc, med, Roplcins, 08-11, assoc. prof, 11-14, 
din. med, 14- Am. Physicians; Soc, CJlin. 
Invest; Am. Mod, Ass, Laboratory diagnostic 
methods; medical chemistry; clinical observa- 

Bogue, R(obert) H(erman), Mellon Institute, 
Pittsburgh, Pa, Chemistry. Boston, Mass, Sept, 
27, 89, B.S, Tufts, 12; M.S. Mass, Col, 15; 
Ph.D, Pittsburgh, 20. Instr. chem, ilass. Col, 
12-15; asst. prof, Mont, Col, 15-17; fellow, 
Mellon Inst, 17- Chem, Soc. Adsorption of 
ions by soils; glues and gelatins, 

Bohannan, Prof. R(osser) D(amel), 1857 Tndia- 
nola Ave, Columbus, Ohio. Mathematics. Math- 
ews C. H. Va, April 20, 55. B.S, C.E, E.M, 
Virginia, 76; Cambridge. 80-82: Gottingen, 82- 
83, Prof, math, Emory and Henry, 78-80; act- 
ing prof, Virginia, 83-84, asst. prof, math, and 
physics, 8487; prof, math, and astron, Ohio 
State, 87-95. math, 95- A.A; Math, Soc; Eng, 

Bohart, Dr. G(eorge) S(haml}augh), 3626 Park 
Place, X, W, Washington, D, C, Chemistry. 
Elvira, Iowa, Oct. 14, 83. A.B, Stanford, 11, 
Ph.D, 15. Instr, org. and inorg, chem, Stan- 
ford, 11-16; org, and yihysical chemist, color 
lab, bur. chem, I^ S. Dept. Agr, 16-18; research 
chemist, Nat. Canners Ass, 19- Reactions be- 
tween potassium amid and metallic salts; ab- 
sorption of ohlorin by charcoal; .canned food. 

Boldt, Prof, Hermann J(ohannes), 616 Madison 
Ave, N^ew York, N, Y, Medicine. Near Berlin, 
Germany, Juno 24, 56. M.D, N. Y. Univ, 79, 
Asst, gynec, Univ, and Bellevue Hosp. Med, Col, 
80-82; instr, N. Y. PostGrad. Med. Sch, 82-90, 
prof, 90- Consulting gynecologist, Post-Grad, 
St, Vincent 's, Beth Israel, and Union Hospitals, 
and Stu}'vesant Polyclinic, Medal, Paris Expos, 
00, Hon. mom. Gynec, Soc: Col. Surg; S, Surg, 
and Gynec. Soc; Gorman Med. Soc, (past pres) ; 
N. Y. Ohstet, Soc, (past pres) ; N, Y. Acad. 
Med; Int, Gynec, Soc; Royal Soc, Med. Gyne- 
cological pathology ; action of drugs on animals. 



Bolles, Dr, M(yTick) N(athaiuel), American 
Smelting and Refining Company, Monterey, Mex. 
Metallurgy. Winneshiek Co, Iowa, 77. B.S, S. 
Dak. Col, 98; Ph.D, Columbia, 03. Instr. mech. 
and physics, S. Dak. Seh. Mines, 98-00 ; tutor 
metal, Columbia, 03-05. Chemist, Golden Reward 
Cons. Gold Mining and Milling Co, 00-01. 
Chem. Soc; Min. Eng. Metallographic consti- 
tution of metallic sulphids; significance of 
copper oxid in alloys of copper, sulphur and bis- 
muth; temperature limits of technical opera- 
tions ; alloy steels as influenced by the vanadium 

Bolley, Prof. Henry L, Agricultural College, N. 
Dak. * Botany, Bacteriology. Holman, Ind, 
Feb. 1, 65. B.S, Purdue, 88, M.S, 89. Instr, 
biol, Purdue, 89-90; prof. hot. and zool, N. Dak. 
Col, and hotanist, Exp. Sta, 90-, dean, div. biol, 
08- In charge, ofiiee of exp. sta. lab, Columbian 
Expos, 93; state seed commissioner, 09- A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Soc. Agron; 
Phytopath. Soc; Bot. Cent. States. Bacteriol- 
ogy of milk, watr and soil; phytopathology, 
including smuts of cereal grains; seed and soil- 
infesting fungi parasitic upon cropping plants; 
breeding for disease resistance. 

Bolton, Dr. B(enjamin) Meade, Sioux City, Iowa, 
* Bacteriology. Richmond, Va, April 7, 57. 
M.D, Virginia, 79; South Carolina, 82-83; 
Heidelberg, 83-84; Gottingen, 84-86; Berlin, 
86. Asst. and later fellow by courtesy and 
assoc, bacter, Hopkins, 86-88, 91-93 ; prof, hy- 
giene and bacter. South Carolina, 88-89; direc- 
tor, lab. of bacter, Hoagland Lab, Brooklyn, 
89-91 ; pathologist, Ohio Hosp. for Epileptics, 
93; director^ lab. of hygiene, Bur. of Health, 
Phila, 93-95 ; prof. path, and bacter, Missouri, 
95-96; path, Marion-Sims-Beaumont Col. of 
Med, St. Louis, 01-04; expert, bur. animal 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-20; pathologist. 
New Samaritan Hosp, SO- Director, Virchow 
Lab, St. Louis, 19- Emer. mem. Am. Physi- 
cians; Am. Med. Ass; St. Louis Acad. Behavior 
of bacteria in water; action of metal and metal- 
lic salts and of electricity on the growth of bac- 
teria; antitoxin in the blood of horses; occur- 
rence of tetanus toxin in the blood of infected 
horses; bacteriolytic power of the blood serum 
of hogs. 

Bolton, Prof. Frederick E(lmer), University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. Education, Psy- 
chology. Tomah, Wis, May 9, 66. B.S, Wis- 
consin, 93, M.S, 96; Leipzig, 96-97; hon. fel- 
low, Clark, 97-98, Ph.D, 98. Prof, psyctol. and 
pedag. State Nor. Sch, Milwaukee, 98-00; head, 
dept. educ, Iowa, 01-12; Washington (Seattle); 
12-13, dean, IS- Teacher, rural schools, 85-87; 
principal schools, Tunnel City, Wis, 87-88; high 
sch, Fairehild, Wis, 90-91; Park Sch, Kau- 
kauna. Wis; state inst. conductor, Wis, 93-00; 
lecturer pedag, summer sch, Wisconsin, 99; 
chairman, committee to revise sch. laws of Iowa, 
07-09; prof, educ, Chicago, summer, 12. A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Soc. Col. Teachers Educ. (sec'yi 
04-10) ; Soc. Sci. Educ ; West. Philos. Ass ; Wis. 
State Teachers' Ass. (pres, nor. dept, 99), and 
Child Study Soc. (see'y and treas, 99) ; Iowa 
State Teachers' Ass. and Child Study Soc. (pres, 
00-). Genetic psychology and science of educa- 
tion; dramatic instinct; genetic study of mo- 

rality applied to problems in education; indi- 
vidual differences; adolescence. 

Bolton, Eeginald Pelham, The Bolton Building, 
E. 19th St, New York, N. Y. Mechanical en- 
gineering. London, England, Oct. 5, 56. Pri- 
vate instruction. Apprenticeship, England, 73- 
78; asst. engineer, Edgemore Iron Works, 79; 
manager, Appleby Brothers Eng. Works, Eng- 
land, 85; consulting and expert engineer, 85- 
Designer equipment. Bowling Green offices, 
Grand Central Station, Ansonia Hotel, N. Y. 
City, etc. Telford gold medal and Telford pre- 
mium, Civil Eng, 01. A.A; Mech. Eng; Civil 
Eng; Heat, and Vent. Eng. (pres, 12); hon. 
mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc; Am. Scenic Soc. (v. 
pres. and trustee) ; assoc. mem. British Inst. 
Civil Eng. Hydroelectric and steam economics; 
adaptation of mechanical apparatus to needs of 
modern buildings; piping for high buildings; 
elevators ; history. 

Bolton, Prof, Thaddeus L(incoln), Temple Uni- 
versity, Philadelphia, Pa. *Fsychology, Philoso- 
phy. Sonora, 111, July 27, 65. A.B, Michigan, 
89; Ph.D, Clark, 94. Teacher, nor. sch, Worces- 
ter, Mass, 93-96; San Jose, Calif, 96-97; prof, 
philos. and educ, Washington (Seattle), 97-98; 
asst, prof, psychol, Nebraska, 99-04, prof. 04- 
10; director, training sch, Tempe, Ariz, 10-12, 
prof, philos. and psychol, Montana, 12-17; 
psychol, Temple, 17-; lecturer, Phila. Sch. Occu- 
pational Therapy, 19- Lecturer, univ. exten. 
soc, Pennsylvania. A.A; Psychol. Ass; West. 
Philos. Ass. Rhythm; growth of memory; fa- 
tigue ; space sense of skin ; reliability of the 
ergograph; relation between motor power and 
intelligence; social laws of personal conduct; 
genetic view of make-believe; efficacy of con- 
sciousness; relation of muscle sense to pressure 
sense; inheritance of special traits. 

Boltwood, Dr. Bertram B(orden), Box 1038, Yale 
Station, New Haven, Conn. *Chemistry. Am- 
herst, Mass, July 27, 70. Ph.B. Yale, 92; 
Munich. 92-94; Leipzig, 96; Ph.D, Yale, 97; 
John Harling fellow, Manchester, 09-10. Lab. 
asst. chem, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Ynle, 94-96, instr. 
physical chem, 96-00; research chemist, 00-06; 
asst. prof, physics, YaJe, 06-10, prof, radio- 
chem, 10-, acting prof. chem. and director, Kent 
Chem. Lah, 18- Nat. Acad; A.A; Chem, Soc; 
Physical Soc; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad. Organic 
and inorganic chlorids; radium and radioac- 

Bolza, Prof. O(skar), University of Freiburg, 
Freiburg i. B, Germany. *Mathem<itic8. Berg- 
zabern, Germany, May 12, 57. Berlin, 75-76; 
Heidelberg, 77;' Strassburg. 78; Gottingen. 80, 
Ph.D, 86; Berlin, 81-82. Reader math, Hopkins, 
88-89; assoc, Clark, 89-92; assoc. prof, Chicago, 
93^94, prof, 94-10, hon. prof, 10- Nat. Acad; 
Math. Soc. (v. pres, 04) ; Math. Verein. Hyper- 
elliptic functions; calculus of variations. 

Bonardi, J(ohn) P(aul), Reno, Nev. Chemistry. 

Lebanon, N. H, Feb. 3, 93. B.S, N. H. Col, 15; 

E.Met, Colo. Sch. Mines, 20. Asst. chemist, W. 

Va. Exp. Sta, 15-16; junior chemist radioac- 
, tivity, Bur. Mines, 16-18, asst. chemist, 18- 

Chem. Soc; Denver Teknik Club. Metallurgy; 

rare earths and metals; radioactivity; flotation; 

ore dressing. 



Boncquet, Dr. P(ierre) A(uguste), Lindsay, Calif. 
Horticulture. Near Ypres, Belgium. Grad, 
Ypres Col, 03; Ph.D, CaUfornia, 15. Provin- 
cial lecturer hort, B. C, 12-13; director, lab. 
agr. research, Spreckels, Calif, 15-16; investi- 
gator sugar beet indust, S. Am, 16-17; metal, 
chemist, South. Pacific R. R, 18; plant patholo- 
gist, Tulare Co, Calif, 19- Chem. Soc. Plant 
pathology; curly leaf of sugar beets; June drop 
of oranges. 
Bond, Dr. Charles S, Richmond, Ind. Medicine. 
Richmond, June 8, 56. M.D, Bellevue Med. Col, 
83; M.S, Earlham, 87. General practitioner, 
83- County coroner, 84-88; appointed mem. 
of Tuber. Congress, 08; mem. Int. Tuber. Cong, 
London, 01. Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
Ind. Med. Soc (pres) ; Ind. Acad. Photomicro- 
graphic work in blood; bacteria and patho- 
logical specimens; tuberculosis; excreta of 
chronic Bright 's disease patients; blood cor- 
puscles in health and disease. 
Bond, George M(eade), 69 Washington St, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Engineering. Newburyport, Mass, 
July 17, 52. M.E, Stevens, 80. Manager, 
standards and gauge dept, Pratt and "Whitney 
Co, 80-02. Alumni trustee, Stevens, 95-98. 
A.A; (sec'y, D, 87); Mech. Eng. (v. pres, 09) ; 
Civil Eng; N. Y. Eng. and Transportation 
Clubs; Hartford Club; London Royal Societies 
Club. Standards for linear dimensions and for 
interchangeability of products of manufacture. 
Bond, Prof. Perry A (very), University of Iowa, 
Iowa City, Iowa. Chemistry. Storm Lake, 
Iowa, July 28, 78. B.S, Iowa, 01, M.S, 08, 
fellow, 08-09, Ph.D. 15. Instr. chem, Iowa, 08; 
Armour Inst, 08-11; prof, Iowa Teachers Col, 
11-18; asst. prof, inorg. chem, Iowa, 18- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y> Iowa sect, 15, pres, 17, coun- 
cilor, 18). Nitroxylene sulphonic acids and ox- 
idation products; non-aqueous solvents. 
Bondurant, Dr. Eugene D(uBose), 166 Conti St, 
Mobile, Ala. Pathology. Hale Co, Ala, Jan. 
26, 62. Southern, 77-80; M.D, Virginia, 83; 
Heidelberg and Vienna, 90-91. Asst. physician, 
N. Y. City Insane Hosp, 85; Ala. Insane Hosp, 
85-92, asst. supt, 92-97; prof, nervous diseases 
and path, Alabama, 97-15. A.A; Neur. Ass; 
Medico-Psychol. Ass ; Am. Med. Ass. Neurology. 

Bonner, Prof. W (alter) D(aniel), 1278 E, 13th 
South St, Salt Lake City, Utah. Chemistry. Osce- 
ola, Nebr, Oct. 27, 78. B.S, Nebr. Wesleyan, 06; 
A.M, Princeton, 08; Ph.D, Toronto, 11. Lec- 
turer chem. Queen's (Can), 09-11, asst. prof, 
11-15; prof, Utah, 15- A.A; Chem. Soc; Utah 
Acad, (councilor, 19); Utah Soc. Eng. Oil 
shales and solid hydrocarbons. 

Bonnet, Dr. Frederic, Jr, Atl is Powder Co, Land- 
ing, N. J. Physical chemiatry. St. Louis, Mo, 
Feb. 28, 78. B.S, Washington (St. Louis), 99; 
M.S, IIar%ard, 02, Ph.D, 03. Instr. chem, Iowa, 
03-04; Worcester, 04-09, asst. prof, 09-13, 
prof, 13-18; chief chemist, U. S. Ammonium 
Nitrate Plant, 18; director, Forcitc Exp. Lab, 
Atlas Powder Co, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc. Hy- 
drolytic equilibrium of dissolved chromium sul- 
phate; compressibility of metals; the rare earths 
and ceramics. 

Bonns, Dr. W(alter) W(eidenfeld), Eli Lilly and 
Company, Indianapolis, Ind. Botany. Milwau- 

kee, Wis, April 9, 77. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
99; B.S. A, Cornell, 09; Lackland research fel- 
low, Mo. Bot. Garden, 15-18, Ph.D, Washington 
(St. Louis), 18. Horticulturist, Maine Exp. 
Sta, 09-12; asst. prof, pomol, Citrus Exp. Sta, 
California, 12-15; director, bot. research lab, 
Eli Lilly and Co, 18- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phyto- 
path. Soc; Ind. Acad. Plant physiology; my- 
cology; fruit propagation; transpiration; en- 
z}^ne action. 

Bonser, Prof. Frederick G(ordon), 525 West 120 
St, New York, N. Y. Psychology. Tower Hill, 
111, June 14, 75. B.S, Illinois, 01, fellow, 01- 
02, M.S, 02; fellow. Teachers Col, Columbia, 05- 
06. Teacher, pub. schools. 111, 97-98 ; Wash, 98- 
99; asst. psychol, Illinois, 01-02; prof, psychol. 
and educ, State Nor. Sch, Clieney, Wash, 02-05; 
State Nor. Sch, Macomb, 111, 06-10; asst. prof, 
indust. arts and later prof, educ. Teachers Col, 
Columbia, 10- Teacher psychol, Illinois, sum- 
mer, 01; instr, Teachers Col, Columbia, sum- 
mer, 06. Psychol. Ass. Mental activity and the 
circulation of blood; influence of early compan- 
ions; reasoning ability of children of interme- 
diate grades; the elementary school curriculum. 

Bonsteel, Dr. Jay A(llan), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington. D. C. Agriculture, 
Geology. Huntington, W. Ya, April 13, 73. 
B.S, Cornell, 96; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. Asst. geol, 
Cornell, 95-98; asst, Md. Geol. Surv, 98-99; 
student asst, U. S. Weather Bur, 98-00; scien- 
tist in charge, TJ. S. Soil Srirv, 00- Detailed as 
prof, soil investigations, Cornell, 03-05. Adap- 
tation of crops to soils; agricultural economies. 

Booge, Dr. (James) Eliot, E. I. duPont de Ne- 
mours and Co, Wilmington. Del. Chemistry. 
Sioux City, Iowa, April 27, 90. Ph.G, Iowa, 09, 
Ph.C, lOJ A.B, 14; fellow, Cohimbia, 15-16, 
Ph.D, 16. Instr. chem, Iowa, 10-14; asst, Co- 
lumbia, 14-15, instr, 16-17: chemist, E. I. du- 
Pont de Nemours and Co, 17- Chem. Soc. 

Book, Prof. W(illiam) F(rederlck), Indiana Uni- 
versity, Blooniingtou, Ind. Psychology. Prince- 
ton, ind, 72. A.B, Indiana. 00; hon. fellow, 
Clark, 03-06, Ph.D, 06. Prof, philos, Montana, 
06-12; educ, Indiana, 12- Lecturer psychol, 
Indiana, summer, 07, educ, 10. A.A; Psychol. 
Ass; Hygiene Ass. The psychology of ^skill ; 
why pupils drop out of high school; role of 
teadier in economic learning; psychology of 
higher thought processes. 

Bookman, Dr. S(amuel), 48 E. 82d St, New Y^'ork, 
N. Y. Physiological chemistry. New York, 
Dec. 11, 69. Columbia, 86-91; Ph.D, Berlin, 93. 
Chemist, N. J. Zinc and Iron Co, 95-96; a-^soc. 
physiol. chem, path, inst, N. Y. State Hosp. 96 - 
02'; physiol. chemist, Mt. Sinai Hosp, 04- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Chem. Gescll. Pathological chemistry; normal 
and pathological metabolism; industrial biolog- 
icnl chemistry. 

Booraem, John V(an) V(orst), 204 Lincoln Place, 
Brooklvn, N. Y. Mechanical engineering, Chem- 
iMry. ' Jersey City, N. J, Oct. 30, 38. M.E, 
Polytech, Karlsruhe, 59. Constructing engi- 
neer, 60-71; fonstriicting engineer and supt, 
Decastro and Donner Sugar Ref. Co, 72-82; 
constructing engineer, Havemeyer and Elder, 
82; consulting engineer. Board of Amer. Sugar 



Ref. Co, S2-9S; v. pres, Am. Brick and Tile Co, 
98- A. A; Mech. Eng; Cheni. Soc; Am, Geog. 
Soc. Calculation of energy stored in matter; 
Avashing raw sugars; treatment of sugar in solu- 
tion with sulphurous acid; separation of solids 
of different specific gravity; pumping of certain 
semi-solids ; balancing of bodies rotating at high 
speeds; measurement of internal energy de- 
veloped in bodies under change by heat and 

Eocraem, Robert Elmer, Ridgewood Bergen Co, 
Jersey City, N. J. Mining engineering. Jersey 
City, March 28, 56. E.M, Columbia, 78. Gen. 
manager, mining companies in western states, 
79-81; consulting engineer, 91- lion, librarian, 
U. S. commission, Paris Expos, 00. Min. Eng. 
Saving wasted products in silver milling; me- 
chanical inventions for saving labor; silver 
mines in Colorado; gold placers in Oregon; gold 
deposits in Alaska; crude oil in southern Cali- 

Eoord, Prof. Cecil E(mest), Ohio State Univer- 
sity, Columbus, Ohio. Chemistry. Veedersburg, 
Ind, June 29, 84. A.B, Wabash, 07; fellow, 
Ohio State, 07-09, A.M, 09, Ph.D, 12. Asst. 
chem, Ohio State, 09-12, instr, 12-14, asst. prof, 
14- A.A; Cliem. Soc. Constitution of hy- 
droxyazo compounds; spectrophotometric study 
of the rate of chemical reactions. 

Booth, Dr. Bradford A (lien), East End Trust 
Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Medicine. Pittsburgh, 
78. M.D, Pittsburgh, 00; Harvard. Diagnos- 
tician, Dept. Tub. Health, Pittsburgh, 02- Staff 
physician, W. Pa. and Allegheny Gen. Hospitals, 
12-; consulting physician. Eye and Ear Hosp, 
12-; instr. infectious diseases, Pittsburgh. A.A; 
Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Med. 

Booth, Dr. H(arold) S(immons), Western Re- 
serve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Chemistry. 
Cleveland. Jan.'^SO, 91. A.B, Western Reserve, 
15, A.M, 16; Sage fellow, Cornell, 17-18, Du- 
Pont fellow, 18-19, Ph.D, 19. Instr. chem. 
Jdelbert Col. and col. for vjomen. Western Re- 
serve, 19- Chem. Soc. (sec'y-treas, Cornell sect, 
17). Gas densities; atomic weights; inorganic 
trinitrids ; electrochemistry. 

Booth, Miss Mary A(nn), 60 Dartmouth St, 
Springfield, Mass. Microscopy, Fhotomicrog- 
raphy. Longmeadow, Mass, Sept. 9, 43. Di- 
plomas and medals. New Orleans Expos; La. 
Purchase Expos, 04; Panama-Pacific Expos, 15. 
A.A; Micros. Soc; N. Y. Micros. Soc; cor. mem. 
Brooklyn Inst; fel. Royal Micros. Soc; fel. 
Royal Photog. Soc. 

Boothby, Prof. Walter M(eredith), Mayo Clinic, 
Rochester, Minn. Physiology. Boston, Mass, 
July 28, 80. A.B, Harvard, 01, A.M, 07, M.D, 
06. Asst. prof. med. Mayo Foundation, Minne- 
sota, and head, sect. din. metabolism, Mayo 
Clinic. Physiol. Soc; Soc. Clin. Invest; Col. 
Surg. Respiration; metabolism. 

Boothroyd, Prof. S(amuel)L(atinier), Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. Astronomy. Loveland, 
Colo. Aug. 10, 74. B.S, Colo. Agr. Col, 93, M.S, 
04; Chicago, 94-95; Cornell, 04-07. Prof. math, 
and astron. Mount Morris, 95-97; asst. Lowell 
Observatory, 97-99; assoc. prof, physics and 
eng, Colo. Agr. Col, 02 04; instr. civil eng, Cor- 

nell, 04-08, asst. prof. geod. and topog. eng, 
08-12; assoc. prof. math, and astron, Washing- 
ton (Seattle), 12-17, astron, 17-21; prof, astron. 
and geod, Cornell, 21- Investigator irrig. in 
Colo, summer, 04; asst. surveyor, Alaskan 
Boundary Commission, summers, 05-09. A.A ; 
Eng. Educ; Pacific Astron. Soc. Double star 
measures; theories of cosmic evolution; spec- 
troscopic binaries. 
Borden, Dr. R(aymond) F(ranklin), BroA\-n Uni- 
versity, Providence, R. I. Mathematics. Ports- 
mouth, R. I, Aug. 2, 92. Ph.B, Brown, 14, 
A.M, 15; Ph.D, Illinois, 18. Asst. math, Illi- 
nois, 15-18, instr, 18-20; Broiv7i, 20- Mixed 

Borger, Prof. Robert Lacey, Athens, Ohio. 
Mathematics. Amherst, Va. A.B. Florida ; A.M, 
Chicago, Ph.D, 07. Prof, math, Florida, 96-04; 
instr, Missouri, 05-07 ; assoc, Illinois, 09-16 ; 
prof, Ohio (Athens), 16- Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass. Theory of groups; functions of a real 

Boring, Prof. Alice M(iddleton), Wellesley Col- 
lege, Wellesley, Mass. Zoology. Philadelphia. 
Pa, Feb. 22, 83. A.B, Bryn Mawr, 04, A.M, 05, 
fellow, 06-07, Ph.D, 10; fellow, Pennsvlvania, 
05-06; Wiirzburg and Naples Eool. Stai 08-09. 
Instr. zool, Vassar, 07-08; Maine, 09-11, asst. 
prof, 11-13, assoc. prof, 13-18; asst. biol, Peking 
Union Med. Col, 18-20; asst. prof. sool. Wel- 
lesley, 20- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Cytol- 
ogy; regeneration. 

Boring, Prof. Edwin G(arrigues), Clark Univer- 

sitv, Worcester, Mass. -Psychologv. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, Oct. 23, 86. M.E, Cornell, 08, A.M, 
12, Ph.D. 14. Asst. psychol, Cornell, 11-13, 
instr, 13-18; capt, psychol. service, 18-19; prof, 
exp. psychol, ClarTc 19- Asst. psychol. Govt. 
Hosp. for the Insane, Washington, D. C, 12. 
A.A; Psychol. Ass. Theoretical psychology; 
cutaneous and organic sensations; psychophysics. 

Boring, Mrs. Edwin G. (Dr. Lucy Day), 11 Ober- 

liu St, Worcester, Mass. Psychology. Framing- 
ham, Mass, Aug. 27, 86. A.B, Mount Holyoke, 
08; Ph.D, Cornell, 12. .\sst. psychol, Mt. Hol- 
voke. 08-09; Cornell, 10; Vassar. 13-14; instr, 
Wells, 14-15; hon. fellmv, Clarlc. 19- A.A: 
Psychol. Ass. Comparative psychology: vision. 

Borrowman, Dr. George, Cliemists Chab, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Stillwater, Minn, 
June 4, 80. B.S, Minnesota, 05; A.M, Nebraska, 
07, Ph.D, 16. Instr. chem, Minnesota, 04- 
05; prof. tech. and indust. chem, Nebraska, 05- 
18; research chemist, J. E. Tceple, 18- Chem. 
Soc; N. Y. Chemists Club. Geology; ore and 
Avater analysis; concrete; clays; water soften- 
ing; borromite. 

Bbse, Dr. Emil, Calle del Centenario 43, Mexicoac 
D. F, Mexico. Geology. Hamburg, Germany, 
June 8, 68. Berlin, 8S-89; Ph.D, Munich, 9*3. 
Geologist, Mex. Geol. Surv, 98-03, chief geolo- 
gist, 03-15; geologist, bur. econ. geol, Texas, 
15-17; consulting petroleum geologist, 17- Vi- 
enna Geol. Gesell. Paleontology; tectonics; 

Boss, Prof. Andrew, University Farm, St. Paul, 
Alinn. Agronomy. Wabasha Co, Minn, June 3, 
67. Minnesota. Asst. agriculturist, col. agr, 



Minnesota, 94-02, assoc. prof, agr, 02-05, agr. 
and animal husbandry, 05-10, prof, agr, 10-, 
V. director, Exp. Sta, 18. A.A; Agron. Soc; 
Farm Management Ass. Crop rotation; farm 

Boss, Benjamin, Dudley Observatory, Albany, N. 
Y. ^Astronomy. Albany, Jan. 9, 80. A.B, 
Harvard, 01. Asst, Dudley Observatory, 01-05; 
U. S. Naval Observatory, 05-06. in charge, U. 
S. Naval Observatory, Tutuila, Samoa, 06-08; 
8ee'y> dept. meridian astronomy, Carnegie Insti- 
tution, 08-12, acting director, 12-15, director, 
15-; director, Dudley Observatory, Albany, N. 
T, 12- Mem. total solar eclipse exped, 08; ed, 
'Astron. Jour,' 12- Astron. Soc. (treas). Ob- 
servations of Newcomb 's fundamental stars nt 
Tutuila, Samoa ; the proper motions of stars. 

Bostwick, Dr. Arthur E(lmore), Public Library, 
St. Louis, Mo. Physics. Litchfield, Conn, 
March 8, GO. A.B, Yale, 81, Ph.D, 83, fellow, 
81-84. Proctor and instr, Yale, 83-84; instr, 
high sch, Montclair, 84-86; asst. ed, 'The 
Forum,' 90-92; assoc. ed, 'Standard Diet,' 92- 
95; science ed, 'Literary Digest,' 94-; librarian, 
N. Y. Free Circ. Library, 95-99 ; Brooklyn Pub. 
Library, 99-01; chief, circ. dept, N. Y. Pub. 
Library, 01-09; librarian, St. Louis Pub. Li- 
brary, 09- Annual summary of progress in 
physics, 'Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia.' Li- 
brary Ass. (pres, 07) ; Library Inst, (pres, 09) ; 
Conn. Acad; St. Louis Acad. Influence of light 
on conductivity of metals; absorption spectra of 

Boswell, Prof. Foster P Cartridge), Hobart Col- 
lege, Geneva, N. Y. Psychology. Rochester, N. 
Y, Feb. 14, 79. A.B, Hobart, 01 ; A.M, Harvard, 
02, Ph.D, 04. Asst. philos, Harvard, 03-04; 
psychol, Wisconsin, 04-05; Missouri, 05-06; 
voluntary asst, Berlin, 07; asst. prof, psychol, 
Hobart, 08- A.A; Psychol. Ass. Psychology 
and physiology of vision; after-images and con- 
trast phenomena; action of various stimuli on 

Boswell, Prof. M(aitland) C(rease), University 
of Toronto, Toronto, Can. Chemistry. Canning- 
ton, Ont, May 24, 79. B.A.Sc, Toronto, 02, 
Ph.D, 07; A.M, Harvard, 06. Asst. analyst, 
Toronto, 02-03; asst. chcm, Cornell, 03-04; 
demonstrator, Toronto, 06-08, lecturer, 08-12, 
prof, 12- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chom. Indust; 
Can. Inst. Organic compounds; mechanism of 
reactions; gas reactions in plants. 

Bosworth, Alfred W(illson), 36 Avalon Road, W. 
Roxbury, Mass. Biochemistry. Warren, R. I, 
Feb. 1, 79. B.S, R. L Col, 99; Yale; A.M, 
Harvard, 13. Asst. chem, R. I. Exp. Sta, 99-04; 
expert, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-05; asst. and assoc. 
chemist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, 05-16; di- 
rector, research laboratories, Boston Floating 
Hosp, 16-; research fellow pediat, Harvard Med. 
Sch, 17- Asst. biol. chem, ifarvard Med. Sch. 
12-13. A.A; Chem. Soc. Milk; infant metab- 

Bosworth, Dr. R(owland) S(herwood), Vermont 
Ave, White Plains, N. Y. Chemistry. Provi- 
dence, R. I, Sept. 11, 87. A.B, Yale, 08, A.M, 
09, Ph.D, 11. Chem. Soc. Analytical and phys- 
ical chemistry; determination of silver; reaction 

Bottomley, Dr. John T(aylor), 165 Beacon St, 
Boston, Mass. Surgery. Lee, Mass, Sept. 24, 
69. A.B, Col. Holy Cross, 89, LL.D, 16; M.D, 
Harvard, 94. Surgeon-in-chief, Carney Hosp, 
Boston, 11- Assoc, surg, Harvard Med. Sch. 
Ass. Surg; Soc. Clin. Surg; Col. Surg. 

Bouchard, Prof, Georges, Ecole d 'Agriculture, 
Sainto-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, Que, Can. Plant 
pathology. Entomology. St. Philippe de Neri, 
Que, April 22, 89. B.A. Prof. Ecole d'Agr, 
Que, 14-19, official agronomist, 19- Can. Phyto- 
path. Soc; Que. Protection Plants Soc. (direc- 
tor). Potato diseases. 

Boudreau, Dr. Frank G(eorge), Ohio State De- 
partment of Health, Columbus, Ohio. Medicine. 
New Glasgow, Que, July 18, 86. M.D, CM, Mc- 
Gill, 10. Intern, Royal Victoria Hosp, Montreal, 
10; pathologist, Charity Hosp, Cleveland, 11; 
epidemiologist, Ohio State Board of Health, 
11-, director, div. communicable diseases, 13- 
Instr. pub. health and sanit. and asst. physical 
diagnosis, Ohio State, 15-16; assoc. ed, 'Ohio 
Pub. Health Jour,' 13-16. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Pub. Health Ass; Columbus Acad. Med. Epi- 
demiology; acute poliomyelitis; typhoid fever; 

Bouton, Dr. Charles L(eonard), 9 Avon St, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. *Mathem/itics. St. Louis, Mo, 
April 25, 69. M.S, Washington (St. Louis), 91 ; 
A.M, Harvard, 96; Ph.D, Leipzig, 98. Instr. 
math, and physics, Smith Acad, St. Louis, 91- 
94; math, Washington (St. Louis), 93-94; 
Harvard, 98-04, asst. prof, 04-14, assoc. prof, 
1-1- A.A; Math. Soc. (asst. ed, 'Bui,' 00-02, 
'Trans,' 02-10); Am. Acad; Math. Verein. 
Lie's theory of continuous groups. 

Boutroux, Prof. Pierre, College de France, Paris, 
France. Mathematics. Paris, France, Dec. 6, 
80. Sc.D, Paris, 03. Asst. prof, math, Mont- 
pellier, 06-10; prof, Poitiers, 10-13; Princeton. 
13-20; hist, of science. Col. de France, 30- 
Grand prize, Paris Acad, 12. Math. Soc; Soc. 
math, de France. Theory of functions and dif- 
ferential equations. 

Boutwell, J(ohn) M(ason), National Copper 
Bank, Salt Lake City, Ut.ah. Geology. St. Louis. 
Mo, Mav 1, 74. Amherst, 93-94; A.B, Harvard, 
97, B.S,' 98, M.S, 99, 99-00. Asst. physiog. Har- 
vard, 97-00; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
00-04, geologist, 04-08; consulting mining geol- 
ogist, OS- Asst. phvsiog, summer sch, Harvard, 
96-98; field asst, U.'s. Geol. Surv. 98-99. A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Econ. Geol; Seismol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Min. and Metal. Soc; Wash. Acad; Soc. Geog. 
de Lima. Geographical bibliography; physio- 
graphic and geologic studies in New England, 
Dakota. T'^tah and California; ore deposits in 
Utah, California. Arizona, Mexico and Peru; 
geology of ore deposits. 
Boutwell, Prof. P(aul) W(inslow), University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Biological chemistry. 
Lyndeborough, N. II, Feb. 6, 88. B.S, Beloit, 
10; A.M, Wisconsin, 12, Ph.D, 16. Asst. chem, 
Wisconsin, 12-16; instr, Del. Col. 16-17; agr. 
chem, Wisconsin, 17-18, asst. prof. 18- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Vitamins; phytic acid of the wheat 
Bovaird, Dr. David, 32 E. 64th St, New York, Nl 
Y. Medicine. Coulterville, Pa, Sept. 28, 67. 



A.B, Princeton, 89; M.D, Columbia, 92. Tutor 
med, Columlna, 01-08, assoc, 08-10, asst. prof, 
din. med, 10- Visiting physician, Seaside 
Hosp, N. Y, 99-13; N. Y. City Hospitals for 
Children, Randall's Island, 02-05; assoc. and 
visiting physician, Presb. Hosp, N. Y, 03- Of- 
ficier de 1 'instruction Pub, 19. A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. _ Spleno- 
megaly; tuberculosis in children; trichinosis in 
man; pernicious anemia. 

Bovard, Prof. Jolin F(reeman), University of 
Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. Zoology. Los Angeles, 
Calif, 81. B.S, California, 03, M.S, 06, Ph.D, 
17. Instr. zool, Oregon, 03-08, asst. prof, biol, 
08-10, prof. sool. 10-, dean sch. physical educ. 
Asst. histol. and embryol, California, 03 ; re- 
search asst, San Diego Marine Biol. Lab, 03, 04, 
05; investigator, IT. S. Bur. Fisheries, 10; prof 
zool, Washington (Seattle), summers, 17, 18. 
A.A; West. Soc. Nat. (v. pres, 16, pres, 17). 
Nervous system and locomotion in invertebrates. 

Bovard, Dr. W(illiam) M(iller), 4422 Dexter St, 
Eoxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. Physical chem- 
istry. Philadelphia, April 23, 92. B.S, Penn- 
sylvania, 13; M.S, Princeton, 15, Sc.D, 17. 
Chem. engineer and supt, Taylor Logan Co, 17 ; 
chief chemist, Emerson Lab, Springfield, Mass, 
19; manager, tech. service, Package Paper and 
Supply Corp, 20- In charge paper development, 
C.W.S, TJ.S.A, 18. Chem. Soc; Ass. Pulp and 
Paper Indust. Chemical engineering; electro- 
chemistry of silver; paper making. 

Bovie, Dr. W(illiam) T, Harvard Medical School, 
Boston, Mass. Biophysics. Augusta, Mich, 
Sept. 11, 82. A.B, Michigan, 08; fellow, Mis- 
souri, 08-10, A.M, 10; Ph.D, Harvard, 14. 
Asst. biol, Albion, 02-04; prof. geol. and biol, 
Antioch, 06-07; research fellow, Cancer Com- 
mission, Harvard, 14-, instr. hacter, Harvard 
Med. Sch, asst. prof, biophysics. Harvard, 20- 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Physiol. Soc; Phys- 
ical Soc; Soc. Cancer Research; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Trop. Med; Am. Acad. Biological effects of 

Bovlng, Dr. Adam G(iede), U. S. National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. C. Entomology. Siiby, 
Denmark, July 31, 69. A.B, Copenhagen, 89, 
M.S, 94, Ph.D, 06; Berlin, Paris, Vimereux, 
London, Cambridge, 08; London, Holland, 
Vienna, 09. Asst. curator, entom. div, zool. 
museum, Copenhagen, 02-14; expert, bur. entom, 
V. S. Dept. Agr, IS- Mem. govt, expod. to 
Iceland, 08. A.A; Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. 
Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc; Copenhagen Entom. 
Soc; Copenhagen Nat. Hist. Soc; Stockholm 
Entom. Soc. Insect morphology ; immature 
stages of insects, especially Coleopterous larvae. 

Bowden, Prof. Joseph, 24 Clifton Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Mathematics. St. Day, England, 
Feb. 10, 69. A.B, Yale, 91, Ph.D, 97. Asst. 
math, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 92-93, tutor, 
Yale, 93-97; asst. prof, math, Adelphi, 98-99, 
prof, 99- Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Brooklvn 
Inst, (pres, math, dept, 01-03, 07-16). Ele- 
ments of the theory of integers; electromagnetic 
theory of light ; elementary theory of numbers. 

Bowditch, Charles P(ickering), 111 Devonshire 
St, Boston, Mass. Archeology. Boston, Sept. 

30, 42. A.B, Harvard, 63, A.M, 60. Mem. fac- 
ulty, Peabody Museum, Harvard. A.A; Archeol. 
Inst; Antiq. Soc; Anthrop. Ass; fel. Ethnol. 
Soc; Am. Acad, (pres, 17-19); Am. Geog. Soc; 
New Eng. Hist. Geneal. Soc ; Boston Soc. Nat.; Int. Soc. Americanists; Paris Soc. des 
America nistes. Mexican and Maya codices and 
inscriptions; Maya numeration, calendar and 

Bowen, Charles F, 26 Broadway, New York, X. Y. 

Geology. Idaho, 71. A.M, Wisconsin, 03. 

Geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 10-19; Standard Oil 

(Jo, 19- Geol. Soc. Oil geology. 
Bowen, Prof. John T(empleton), 14 Marlborough 

St, Boston, Mass. Dermatology. Boston, July 

8, 57. A.B, Harvard, 79, M.D, 84. Instr. 

dermat. Harvard, 96-02, asst. prof, 02-07, 

Edward Wigglesworth prof, 07-12, emer. prof, 

12- Physician diseases of the skin, Mass. Gen. 

Hosp, 08-14; consulting physician, 14- Dermat. 

Ass; Boston Soc. Med. Tmprov. 

Bowen, Prof. N(orman) L(evi), Queen's Univer- 
sity, Kingston, Out, Can. Geology. Kingston, 
Can, June 21, 87. M.A, Queen's (Can), 07, 
B.Sc, 09; 1851 Exhibition scholar, 10-11; Ph.D, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 12. Geol. field investigator, 
Ont. Bur. Mines, 07-10; Can. Geol. Surv, 11- 
12; asst. petrologist, geophys. lab, Carnegie In- 
stitution, 12-19; prof, miner. Queen's (Can), 
19- A.A; Geol. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. Geol- 
ogy of Ontario and British Columbia; experi- 
mental petrology" and mineralogy. 

Bowers, Dr. W(illiani) G(ray), 1001 12th St. 
Greeley, Colo. Chemistry. Near Franklin, W. 
Va, June 16, 79. B.S, Ohio Wesleyan, 05 ; A.M, 
Indiana, 11; Ph.D, Ohio State, 19. Teacher, 
pub. schools, W. Va, 95-99; asst. biol, Ohio 
Wesleyan, 05; principal, high sch, Aspen, Colo, 
06-07; Leesburg, Ohio, 07-08; teacher chem. 
State Nor. and Indust. Sch, N. Dak, 08-18 ; 
prof, food and sanif. chem, N. Dak. Col, and 
state food chemist, 18- Teacher science. State 
Nor. Sch, Muncie, Ind, summer, 08; v. pres. 
State Nor. and Indust. Sch, N. Dak. Chem. 
Soc; N. Dak. Soc. Adv. Sci. Food chemistry; 
nutrition; soy beans in the human diet; fruit 
extract analysis; storage batteries. 

Bowes, Dr. Orlando Curtln, 220 Frazier St, 
State College, Pa. Animal nutrition. B.S, Pa. 
State, 09; A.M, Columbia, 14, Ph.D, 16; M.D.V. 
McKillip Vet. Col, 18. A.A; Chem. Soc. Milk 

Bowie, E(dward) H(all), U. S. Weather Bureau, 
Washington, D. C Meteorology. Annapolis 
Junction, Md, March 29, 74. M.S, St. John's 
(Md). observer and. . supervising fore- 
caster, U. S. Weather Bur, 91- Major, Sig. C, 
A.E.F, 17-18. Meteorol. Soc; fel. Royal Me- 
teorol. Soc. Weather forecasting; storms of the 
United States and West Indies. 

Bowie, Dr. William, U. S. Coast and Geodetic 
Survey, Washington, D. C. Geodesy. Annapolis 
Junction, Md, May 6, 72. B.S, Trinity (Conn), 
93, hon. A.M, 07, Sc.D, 19; C.E, Lehigh, 95. 
Recorder and aid, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 
95-98, asst, 99-09, inspector geod. and chief, 
computing div, 09-15, chief, div. geod, 15-, hy- 
drographic and geodetic engineer, 17- In 



charge practical astron. and geod. surveying, 
Columbia, summers, 12-17; delegate, Int. Geod. 
Ass. Conf, Hamburg, 12, U. S. delegate, penna- 
nent commission, 16; Int. Research Council, 
Brussels, 19; Pan-Pacific Sci. Conf, Honolulu. 
20; pres, geodet. sect, Int. Geophys. Union, 19-; 
chairman, Geophys. Union, 19, geodet. sect, 19-; 
mem. div. of physical science, foreign and govt, 
relations, Nat. Research Council. Major, corps 
engineers, 18-19. A.A; Geol. Soc; Ass. Geog; 
Astron. Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Civil Eng; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. (v. pres, 16); Wash. Soc. Eng; 
Wash. Acad. Astronomy applied to coast and 
geodetic surveys; base line measurements; tri- 
angulation; precise leveling; gravity; isostacy; 
figure of earth. 
Bowles, F(rancis) T(iffany), 148 Marlborough St, 
Boston, Mass. Naval architecture. Springfield, 
Mass, Oct. 7, 58. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 79; 
Royal Naval Col, England, 79-82. Asst. naval 
constructor, U.S.N, 81-88, naval constructor, 
88-01, chief constructor, 01-03 ; pres. Fore River 
Ship Building Co, 03-15 ; asst. gen. manager, U. 
S. Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corps, 17- 
19. Naval Archit. and Marine Eng. (past 
pres) ; Am. Acad; London Inst. Naval Archit. 
Bowles, Oliver, R. F. D. 2, Alexandria, Va. Min- 
eralogy, Geology. Ontario, Oan, Jan. 10, 77. 
B.A, Toronto, 07, felloAv, 07-08, M.A, 08. Instr. 
petrog, Michigan, 08-09; geol. and miner, Min- 
nesota, 09-14; quarry technologist, Bur. Mines, 
14-17, mineral technologist, 17- A.A; Min. and 
Metal. Eng. Structural and ornamental stones 
of Minnesota; quarrying of marble, sandstone, 
cement materials and slate. 
Bowman, Prof. Albert E(lijah), University of 
Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo. Agriculttire. West 
Weber, Utah. B.S, Utah Col. Asst. agronomist, 
Utah Col, 11-13; asst. state leader farm man- 
agement, Wyoming, 13-14, director, exten. serv- 
ice, agr. col, 14- Soc. Agron; Farm Manage- 
ment Ass; Ass. West. Agr. Colleges. Farm 
Bowman, Prof, H(oward) H(iestand) M(innicli), 
Toledo University, Toledo, Ohio. Biology. Lan- 
caster, Pa, Nov. 3, 86. Ph.B, Franklin and 
Marshall, 13, M.S, 14; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 17. 
Instr. bot, Franklin and Marshall, 14-15; asst. 
prof, Pennsylvania, 15-17; prof, hiol, Heidel- 
berg (Ohio), 17-18; frof. and head of dept, 
Toledo, 19- Research assoc, sta. for exp. evo- 
lution and dept. marine biol, Carnegie Institu- 
tion; with M. C, 18-19. A.A; Bot. Soc; Ecol. 
Soc. Physiological botany; mangroves; sea- 
grasses; botanical ecology of the Tortugas, 

Bowman, Dr. Isaiah, American Geographical So- 
ciety, Broadway at 156th St, New York, N. Y. 
^Geography. Waterloo, Can, Dec. 26, 78. B.S, 
Harvard, 05; Ph.D, Yale, 09. Instr. geog, State 
Nor. Col, Ypsilanti, Mich, 02-03; asst. physiog. 
Harvard, 04-05; instr. geog, Yale, 05-09, asst. 
prof, 09-15; director and ed, 'Am. Geog. Soc,' 
15- Leader, Yale exped. to S. Am, 07; geog- 
rapher and geologist. Yale exped. to Peru, 11; 
loader, Am. Geog. Soc. exped. to Cent. Andes, 13 ; 
chief territorial adviser, Am. Commission to Ne- 
gotiate Peace, 19. Gold medal, Paris Geog. Soc, 
17. Ass. Geog; Am. Acad; Explorers Club 
(sec'y, 17); cor. mem. Am. Hispan. Soc; Geog. 

Societies of Stockholm, Vienna and London. 
Physiography; regional geography; regional 
geography of South America. 
Bown, Dr. Ralph, 195 Broadway, New York, N. 
Y. Physics. Fairport, N. Y, Feb. 22, 91. M.E, 
Cornell, 13, M.M.E, 15, Ph.D, 17. Instr. physics, 
Cornell, 13-17; engineer, Am. Telephone and 
Telegraph Co, 19- Capt, Sig. C, 17-19. Phys- 
ical Soc. Development and use of vacuum tubes 
or audions. 

Bownocker, Prof, J(olm) A (dams), 185 15th Ave, 
Columbus, Ohio. Geology. St. Paul, Ohio, 
March 11, 65. B.S, Ohio State, 89, Sc.D, 97; 
fellow, Chicago, 92-94; Yale, 94-95. Principal, 
high sch, Martins Ferry, Ohio, 89-92 ; asst. geol, 
Ohio State, 95-98, asst. prof, 98-99, assoc. prof, 
inorg. geol, 99-01, prof, 01-18, geol, 18- Cu- 
rator, museum, Ohio State, 00-17; asst. geolo- 
gist, Ohio Geol. Surv, 92; N. J. Geol. Surv, 93; 
asst. geologist, Ohio, 00-06, state geologist, 06- 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Nat. Gas Ass; Ohio Acad. 
Drainage modifications in Ohio; the oil and gas, 
salt and coal of Ohio ; building stones of Ohio ; 
economic geology of non-metals; moulding 
Boyce, Dr. J(olm) S(haw), New Post Office Build- 
ing, Portland, Oregon. Forestry. Belfast, Ire- 
land, Nov. 9, 89. B.S, Nebraska. 11, M.F. 12; 
Ph.D. Stanford, 17. Forest asst, U. S. Forest 
Service, 11-12; scientific asst. and asst. patholo- 
gist, bur. plant indust, V. S. Dept. Agr, 13-20, 
pathologist, office forest path, 20- A.A ; Phyto- 
path. Soc; Soc. Am. Foresters. Pathology of 
forest trees. 
Boyd, Prof. James E(llsworth), Ohio State Uni- 
versitv, Columbus, Ohio. Mechanics, Physics. 
Near "Stovertown, Ohio, Nov. 6, 63. B.S, Ohio 
State, 91; M.S, Cornell, 96. Asst. physics, Ohio 
State, 91-95, asst. prof, 96-01, assoc. prof, 
math, 01-06. 2^'>'of. mech. 06- Asst. to judges in 
elec, Columbian Expos, 93 ; asst, Bur. Standards, 
summer, 17. A.A; Eng. Educ; Mech. Eng. 
Alternating currents; resistance of the humnn 
body; timing shutters; water jets; acceleration 
apparatus; flow in pipes; reinforced concrete; 
secondary stresses in bridges; elasticity of por- 
celain; struts. 
Boyd, Prof. Mark F(rederick), University of 
Texas, Galveston, Tex. Medicine. St. Paul, 
Minn, May 21, 89. M.D, Iowa, 11, M.S, 13; 
Folsom fellow. Harvard, 13-14; C.P.H, Harvard 
and Mass. Inst. Tech, 14. Assoc, prof, bacter, 
Nevada, 14-15; prev. med, Iowa, 15-17; prof, 
hacter. and prev. med, Texas, 17- Mem. State 
Board of Health, Nev, 14-15; epidemiologist, 
Iowa, 15-17; visiting bacteriologist, Sealy Hosp, 
17- A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass; 
Soc. Bnct; Soc. Trop. Med. Epidemiology of 
typhoid fever and leprosy: trichomonas infec- 
tion; pathology of rabies; Fasciola hepatica; 
practical preventive medicine. 
Boyd, Dean Paul P(rentice), University of Ken- 
t'uGkv. Ijoxington, Kv. Mathematics. Cameron, 
W. Va, Feb. 26, 77. A.B. Oberlin, 98; A.M, 
Cornell, 05, fellow, 05-06, Ph.D, 11. Prof. 
math, and astron. Park, 0.3-04; math, Hanover, 
06-12; Kentucky, 12-, head of dept, 13-, dean, 
col. arts and sciences, 17- Acting pres, Ken- 
tTicky, 17. A.A; Math. Ass; Math. Soc; Ky. 



Acad. (mem. exec, committee, 14, ti-eas, 16-18, 
(v. pres, 18-20, pres, 20). Geometric transfor- 

Boyden, Prof. Edward A (lien), 61 Clark St, New- 
ton Center, Mass. Embryology. Bridgewater, 
Mass, March 20. 86. A.B, Harvard, 09, A.M, 11, 
Ph.D, 16; Freiburg, 11-12. Asst. zool. Harvard, 
08-11, teaching fellow histol. and embryol, Har- 
vard Med. Sell, 12-16, instr. comp. anat, 16-19, 
asst. prof, 19- A. A; Ass. Anat; Soc. Zool. 
Vestigial gill filaments in Sauropsida; anatomy 
of five-day chick; cloacal fenestra in bird em- 

Boyer, Charles S(umner), 6110 Columbia Ave, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Botany. Philadelphia, Sept. 
23, 56. A.B, Brown, 79, A.M, 85. A.A; Bot. 
Soc; Micros. Soc; Phila. Acad, (recorder, biol. 
and micros, sect, 00-) ; Royal Micros. Soc. 

Boyle, Prof. A(lbert) C(larence), Jr, University 
of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo. Minlnrj engineer- 
ing, Geology. Salt Lake Co, Utah, March, 
80. A.B, Utah, 02, B.S, 06; Cornell, 05-06; 
A.M, Columbia, 10, Ph.D, 13. Instr. physics, 
Utah, 97-01, mech. arts, 00-07; asst. instr. geol, 
Columbia, 07-10; prof, mining eug. and geol, 
Wyoming, 10-16, mining metal, and econ. geol, 
16- Instr. miner, and petrog, Columbia, sum- 
mer, 13; consulting geologist, U. P. Ey. Co, 18- 
20. geologist, 20-; state assayer, Wyo, 10- 
Min. and Metal. Eng; Eng. Educ; Am. Geog. 
Soc. Metallurgy; preparation of thin sections 
of rocks, minerals and ores; forced cupellation; 
extraction of K,0 from leucite. 

Boyle, Prof. E,(obert) W(illiam), University of 
Alberta, Edmonton, Can. Pliysics. Carboneav, 
Newfoundland, Oct. 2, 83. St. John's (New- 
foundland); B.Sc, McGill, 05, M.Sc. 06, Ph.D, 
09; 1851 Science Research scholar, 09. Demon- 
strator physics, McGill, 05-07, senior demon- 
strator and special lecturer math, 07-09; re- 
search radioctivity, Manchester, 09-11; lecturer, 
physics, McGill, 11, asst. prof, 12; prof, Alherta, 
12- Research, antisubmarine div, British Ad- 
miralty Board Inventions and Research, Eng- 
land, 16-19. Physical Soc. Properties of mat- 
ter; adsorption; solution; volatilization of 
radioactive emanations. 

Boylston, A(rthur) C(larence), 3600 N. Second 

St, St. Louis, Mo. Clieinistry. Milton, Mass, 
June 23, 82. A.B, Harvard, 03, A.M, 06. 
Austin teaching fellow, Harvard, 06-08; chemist 
and supt, MalUncTcrodt Chem. WorTcs, OS- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (chairman, St. Louis sect, 17, 18) ; 
Chem. Eng. Physical choinistry; pharmacology. 

Boyntou, Dr. H(enry) C(ook), 935 Carteret Ave, 

Trenton, N. J. Metallurgy. Willsborough, N. 
Y, April 16, 74. A.B, Harvard, 00, Austin fel- 
low, 00-03, M.S, 01, Sc.D, 04; Carnegie research 
scholar, British Iron and Steel Inst, 05-06, 07- 
08. Asst. to dean of grad. sch. Harvard, 94-96, 
instr. metal, and metallog, 03-06 ; metallurgist, 
J. A. BoeMing's Sons Co, 06- Min. Eng; Soc. 
Test. Mat; British Iron and Steel Inst. Metal- 
lography; a definite hardness for the micro- 
constituents of iron and steel; high strength 
Avire for aeroplane stays, balloon cables and 
mine anchors. 

Boynton, Prof. W(illiam) P(ingry), 267 11th Ave, 
E, Eugene, Oregon. *PIiysics. Weathersfield, 
Vt, Oct. 28, 67. A.B, Dartmouth, 90, A.M, 93; 
fellow, Clark, 95-97, Ph.D, 97. Asst. i)hysics, 
Dartmouth, 88-90; prof, South. California, 90- 
93; asst, Dartmouth, 93-94; instr, California, 
97-01; asst. prof, Oregon, 03-06, prof, 06- 
A.A; Physical Soc. The high frequency induc- 
tion coil; thermodynamic potentials; measure- 
ment of high oscillatory potentials. 

Bozell, Prof. Harold Veatch, 429 Edgewood Ave, 
New Haven, Conn. Electrical engineering. Beloit, 
Kans, May 31, 86. B.S, Kansas, 08, E.E, 15. 
Asst. prof. elec. eng, Oklahoma, 08-09, assoc. 
prof, 09-11, prof, 11-16; asst. prof, Yale, 16- 
Ed, 'Elec. Ry. Jour,' 20- Elec. Eng; Eng. 
Educ; Ilium. Eng. Soc. 
Bracken, Dr. H(enry) M(artyn), 1010 Fourth St, 
S. E, Minneapolis, Minn. Medicine. Nobles- 
town, Pa, Feb. 27, 54. M.D, Columbia, 77; 
L.R.C.S, Edinburgh, 79. Prof. mat. medica and 
therapeut, Minnesota, 88-07, prev. med, 07-09; 
sec'y and exec, officer, Minn. State Board of 
Health, 97-19; surgeon (reserve), district ten, 
U. S. Pui. Health Service, 19- A.A; Am. Med. 
Ass; Climat. Ass. Materia medica; therapeu- 
tics; smallpox; typhoid fever; tuberculosis; 
Brackett, Dr. B(yron) B(riggs), South Dakota 
Agricultural College, Brookings, S. Dak. Elec- 
trical engineering, Physics. Ira, N. Y, Aug. 13, 
65. A.b", Syracuse, 90, A.M, 93; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
97. Teacher math, Dickinson Sem, Williams- 
port, 90-92; col. dept, Adelphi Acad, 92-93; 
student asst, elec. dept, Hopkins, 94-97; teacher 
elec. eng. Union, 97-98; physics, high sch. 
Washington, D. C, 98-00; engineer, Rowland 
Telegraph Co, 00-01; instr. elec. science, Rut- 
gers, 01-03 ; prof, physics and elec. eng, Clark- 
son Mem. Sch. Tech,"03-09; elec. eng, S. Bale. 
Col, 09- Inspector torpedo cable, eng. dept, 
U.S.A, 98; assoc, Naval Consulting Board. 
A.A; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; S. Dak. Eng. Soc. 
(v. pres). Magnetic stresses; laboratory meth- 
ods and instruments. 
Brackett, Prof. F(rank) P(arkhurst), Claremont, 
Calif. Astronomy. Provincetown, Mass, June 
16, 65. A.B, Dartmouth, 87, A.M, 90; hon. fel- 
low, Clark, 02-03. Instr. math, Pomona, 88-90, 
prof, 90-, director, observatory, 08- Lecturer 
math, California, summer, 10; mem. astron. 
exped. to Algeria, 11 ; Smithsonian exped. to 
Calif, 13- A.A; Math. Soc; Astron. Soc; Pa- 
cific Astron. Soc; S. Calif. Acad; Royal Astron. 
Soc. Can. Comets and meteors; solar spectros- 
Brackett, Dr. E(ichard) N(ewman), Clemson Col- 
lege, S. C. Chemistry, Mineralogy. Near 
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 14, 63. A.B, Davidson. 
83; Ph.D, Hopkins, 87. Chemist, Ark. Geol. 
Surv, 87-91; asst. chemist, S. C. Exp. Sta, 91- 
07; assoc. prof, chem, Clemson, 91-10, prof, and 
director of dept, 10-; state chemist, S. C, 10- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Agr. Chem. (past pres). 
Ethers of benzoic sulphinid; preparation of 
orthosulphobenzoic acid ; peridotite of Pike 
County, Ark; newtonite and rectorite; phos- 
phoric acid in mixed fertilizers; lint in cotton- 
seed meal. 



Bradbury, Dr. Eobert H(art), 2100 Shunk St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry. Philadelphia. 
Sept. 25, 70. Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 93. Asst. 
chemist, Cambria Iron Co, 90-91 ; chemist, 
S. P. Wetherill Paint Co, 91-92; prof, chem, 
Cent. Manual Training Sch, Phila, 93-07; head, 
dept. science, South. High Sch, 07- Lecturer 
physical chem, PennsylvanLa, 94-95. Chem. 
Soe; Franklin Inst; Chem. Gesell. Inductive 
chemistry; molybdic and tungstic acids. 

Bradford, Prof. C(laxence) G(rary), Oakland, 
Calif. Psychology. Pine Bluff, Ark, Sept. 15, 
81. A.B, Arkansas, 11, Pd.M, 13; Ph.D, N. Y. 
TTniv, 14. Supervisor, training sch, E. Cent. 
State Nor. Sch, Okla, 14-17, prof, psychol, 17- 
20. Psychol. Ass. Experimental psychology; 
habit formation; lough association tests. 

Bradford, Dl, Edward H(ickling), 133 Newbury 
St, Boston, Mass. Surgery. Boston, June 9, 48. 
A.B, Harvard, 69, M.D, 72. Surgeon, Children 's 
Hosp, 80; Boston City Hosp, 83; instr. clin. 
surg. Harvard Med. Sch, 85-93, asst. prof. 
orthop. surg, 93-04, prof, 04-12, emer. prof, 12- 
Trustee, Mass. Hosp. Sch. for Crippled Children; 
Boston Ear and Eye Infirmary. Surg. Ass; 
Orthop. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Acad. Human 

Bradford, Prof. Eobert H(enry), University of 
Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Metallurgy. Salt 
Lake City, Dec. 10, 71. B.S, Utah, 95; Chicago, 
summers, 95, 96; fellow, Columbia, 00-02, Ph.D, 
02. Instr. physics, Utah, 95-96, miner, and 
metal, 96-98, asst. prof, 98-03, prof, metal, 03- 
Min. Eng. Reactions of the Ziervogel process 
and their temperature limits; effect of heat 
treatment on carbon steel; determinations of 
silver in hard lead. 

Bradley, Prof. C(harles) E(dward), Research 
Laboratories, United States Rubber Co, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Galesburg, 111, Feb. 
22, 74. M.S, Pacific (Oregon), 99; CTiicago, 01; 
California, 06. Prof, chem. Pacific (Oregon), 
00-06; chemist, Oregon Exp. Sta, 06-10; re- 
search chemist, Rubber Regenerating Co, 11-13; 
chemist, Misliawaka Woolen Mfg. Co, 13-17; di- 
rector research laboratories, U. S. Rubier Co, 17- 
A.A; Chem. Soc. Soils; waters; hops; the reac- 
tion of lime upon some Oregon soils; the compo- 
sition of lime-sulphur spray mixture. 

Bradley, Cliarles S(chenck), 39 W. 38th St, New 
York, N. Y. '* Electricity , Chemistry. Victor, 
N. Y, April 12, 53. Special course in chem, 
Rochester. Elec. engineer, Edison Illuminating 
Co, 81-84; practising electrician, 84-; acting 
prof. chem. practise, Carnegie Tech. Schools, 
06-09. A.A; Elec. Eng. Alternating current; 
transmission; motors; electrochemistry; fixation 
of nitrogen; extraction of copper from its ores. 

Bradley, Prof. H(arold) C(omelius), University of 
Wi.sconsiii, Madison, Wis. Physiological chem- 
istry. Oakland, Calif, Nov. 25, 78. A.B, Cali- 
fornia, GO; Ph.D, Yale, 05. Asst. physiol. chem, 
Yale, 04-05, instr, med. sch, 05-06; asst. prof, 
Wisconsin, 06-12, assoc. prof, 13-17, prof, 17- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem. 
Physiological chemistry of Mollusca; copper and 
zinc in a marine mollusc; manganese in fresh- 
water mus-sels," human pancreatic juice; lipase; 

specific nature of hemoglobins; autolysis and 

Bradley, Prof. Harry C(yrus), Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Civil 
engineering. Descriptive geometry. Plaistow, N. 
H, July 7, 71. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 91. Fog 
signal experiments, U. S. Lighthouse Dept, 93- 
96; instr. descriptive geom, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
97-08, asst. prof, 08-19, assoc. prof, 19- Ex- 
pert irrig. investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01. 
A.A; Math. Ass. Fog signals; irrigation; 
graphical methods. 

Bradley, Dr. J(ames) Chester, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Entomology. West Chester, Pa, 
Feb. 11, 84. A.B, Cent. High Sch, Phila, 03; 
A.B, Cornell, 06, fellow, 09-10, Ph.D. 10; M.S, 
California, 07. Asst. entom, Cornell, 05-06; 
California, 06-07; Cornell, 07-09, asst. prof. 
syst. entom, 11-17, 18-20, prof, entom. 20-, cu- 
rator invert, sool, 19- Ed, 'Entom. Student,' 
on, ed. and manager, 01 ; special asst. entomolo- 
gist, Ga, 09, 10; asst. prof, entom, California, 
17-18. A.A; Soc. Nat; Entom. Soc. (sec'y- 
treas, 06-10) ; Am. Entom. Soc. (librarian, 03- 
05); Ecol. Soc; Pacific Coast Entom. Soc; 
Phila. Acad; London Entom. Soc; Soc. entom. 
de France; Entom. Gesell. Systematic hymen- 
opterology; parasitic Hymenoptera; Evaniidae 
of the world ; North American Siricoidea ; wing 
venation of the Hymenoptera. 

Bradley, Dr. W(alter) M(inor), 520 Whitney Ave, 
New Haven, Conn. Mineralogy. New Haven, 
April 14, 73. Ph.B, Yale, 99, Ph.D, 08. Asst. 
miner, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 04-09, instr. 
chrm. and miner, 09- A.A; Electrochem. Soc. 

Bradley, Prof, W (alter) P(arke), Woodbine, N. 
J. Chemistry. Lee, Mass, July 7, 62. A.B, 
Williams, 84; Ph.D, Gottingen, 89; Sc.D, Wes- 
leyan, 14. Asst. chem, Williams, 86-88; instr, 
Wesleyan, 89-90, assoc. prof, 90-93, prof, 93- 
14; director, gen. laboratories, U. S. Rubber Co, 
12-13, research chemist, 14-19; pres, Bradstone 
Itubber Co, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc. Organic 
chemistry; critical constants of liquids; theory 
of liquid air production; chemistry of low tem- 

Bradshaw, Dr. Hamilton, 1101 Nottingham Road, 
Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. DeKalb, 111, Dec. 
31, 81. A.B, Beloit, 02; Ph.D, Hopkins, 05. 
Research chemist, east, lab, E. I. duPont de 
A^cmou7-s and Co, 05-12, asst. director, exp. sta, 
13-15. director, 16- Chem. Soc; Electrochem. 
Soc ; Soc. Chem. Indust ; Franklin Inst. 

Bradshaw, Prof. John W(illlam), 1304 Cambridge 
St, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mathematics. Batavia, 
111, June 14, 78. A.B, Michigan, 00; A.M, Har- 
vard, 02; Ph.D, Strasbourg, 04. Instr. math, 
Michigan, 04-09, asst. prof, 09-18, assoc. prof, 
18- Registrar, Michigan, 06-08. A.A; Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Differential equations of phys- 
ics; projective and descriptive geometry. 

Brady, William, 7642 Marquette Ave, Chicago, 
HI. Chemistry. B.S, Purdue, 87, 88-89. Chem- 
ist, 111. Steel Co, 89-93; Purdue Exp. Sta, 93- 
94; chief chemist and chem. engineer. III. Steel 
Co, 00- Asst. ed, 'Chem. Abstracts.' A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (director, 13-16); Electrochem. Soc; 
Soc. Test. Mat. 




Bragg, Miss Laura M(ary), Charleston Museum, 
Charleston, S. C. Botany. Northbridge, Mass, 
Oct. 9, 81. Curator, Charleston Museum, 09-20, 
director, 20- Ecol. Poc; Torrey Bot. Club. 
Botany of South Carolina and coast region of 
southeastern United States exclusive of Florida. 

Braham, Dr. Joseph Marvin, 3402 Macomb St, 
Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Artesian, S. 
Dak, Feb. 1, 91. B.S, Idaho, 14; M.S. Illinois, 
15, Ph.D, 18. Asst. chem. Illinois, 15-16; assoc. 
chemist, Bur. Standards, 19; research chemist. 
War Dept, 19- Capt, research div, C. W. S. 
Physical chemistry; nitrogen fixation. 

Brainerd, Dr. Ezra, Middlebury, Vt. Botany. 
8t. Albans, Vt, Dec. 17, 44. A.B, Middlebury, 

* 64, A.M, 67; B.D, Andover Theol. Sem, 68; 
LL.D, Vermont, 86; Ripon, 88; D.D, Howard, 
01; Sc.D, Middlebury, 14. Tutor, Middlebury, 
64-66, prof, rhetoric and English lit, 68-80, 
physics, 80-86, pres, 85-08, emer. prof, OS- 
Commissioner to draft a sch. law for Vt, 87. 
Geol. Soc; New Eng. Bot. Club; Vt. Bot. Club 
(pres). Geology of the Champlain Valley; bot- 
any of Vermont. 

Brainin, Dr. Clement S, 31 Astor St, Newark, 
N. J. Physics. New York. N. Y, April 30, 
87. A.B, Columbia, 08, Barnard fellow, 08-11, 
Ph.D, 17. Physicist, Bal:er Platinum Worlcs, 
17- Physical Soc. X-rays ; physical metallurgy. 

Braisted, Rear Admiral William Clarence, U.S.N, 
3201 36th St, N. W, Washington, D. C. Medicine. 
Toledo. Ohio, Oct. 9, 64. Ph.B, Michigan, 83. 
LL.D, 17; M.D, Columbia, 86; Sc.D, North- 
western, 18; F.R.C.S, Edinburgh, 19. Private 
practise, 88-90; asst. surgeon, U. S. Navy, 90- 
93, passed asst. surgeon, 93-13, surgeon, 13, 
med. inspector, 13-14, surgeon gen. with rank of 
rear admiral, 14-20. Instr. surg, Naval Med. 
Sch; representative, med. dept, in Japan during 
Russo-Japanese war; asst. chief, bur. med. and 
surg, 06-12, chief, 14-; fleet surgeon, Atlantic 
fleet, 12-14; pres, board of directors, Columbia 
Hosp. for Women; board of visitors, Govt. Hosp. 
for Insane; mem. central committee and war re- 
lief board, Am. Red Cros,s. Decorated by Em- 
peror of Japan; Order of Bolivar, Venezuela. 
Col. Surg. (mem. board of governors) ; Am. 
Med. Ass. (pres, 19-20) ; Ass. Mil. Surg. 

Braley, Dr. S(ilas) A(lonzo), 710 Nevada St, 
Urbana, 111. Chemistry. Cherokee, Iowa, Dec. 
10, 89. A.B, Morningside, 13; M.S, Illinois, 
15, Ph.D, 17. Instr. chem, Illinois, 17-19, assoc, 
19-20, asst. prof, 0- A.A; Chem. Soc. Hetero- 
geneous equilibria between aqueous and metal- 
lic solutions ; transference in amalgams and 
mixed sa'lt solutions. 

Braman, Prof. Winfrcd Waite, 200 W. Beaver 
Ave, State College, Pa. Biochemistry. Worces- 
ter, Mass, March 29, 74. B.S, Worcester, 97; 
M.S, Pa. State, 08. Asst. chem. Harvard, 97- 
00; chem. and physics, N. H. Col, 00-02; chem, 
Lowell Textile Sch, 02-03; asst, instr. and later 
asst. prof, animal nutrition, Pa. State, 03- 
A.A ; Chem. Soc. Animal nutrition ; carbon 

Bramble, Prof. Cha(rle)s C(linton), U. S. Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Md. Mathematics. Cen- 
treville,''Md, Aug. 17, 90. Ph.B, Dickinson, 12, 

A.M, 13; fellow, Hopkins, 16-17, Ph.D, 17. 
Instr. Montclair Acad, 12-13 ; lecturer math, 
Bryn Mawr, 15-16; instr, U. S. Naval Acad, 17- 
19, asst. prof, post-grad, sch, 19- Math. Soc; 
Math. Ass. Geometry; finite groups. 

Branch, Prof. Gerald E(3rre) K(irkwood), Uni- 
versity of California, Berkeley, Calif. Chemis- 
try. St. Kitts, W. I, April 16, 86. B.Sc, Liver- 
pool, 11; M.Sc, Liverpool, 12; Ph.D, California, 
15. Teaching fellow, org. chem, California, 12- 
13, asst, 13-15, imstr, 15-18, asst. prof, 18- 
Organic chemistry; theory of polarity; free en- 
ergy of formic acid. 

Brand, Charles J(ohn), 281 Union Arcade, Pitts- 
l>urgh. Pa. Botany. Lac-qui-Parle Co, Minn, 
Oct. 24, 79. A.B, Minnesota, 02. Asst. curator, 
dept. bot, Field Museum Nat. Hist, 02-04; asst. 
physiologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-06, physiolo- 
gist, 07-13, chief, bur. markets, 13-19; v. pres. 
and gen. manager, Am. Fru,it Growers, Inc, 19 , 
director various affiliated companies. Mem. 
Committee Southwest. Cotton Culture, 12-18; 
delegate, Pan-Am. Financial Conf, 15, 19; Pan- 
Am. Scientific Cong, 1.5-16; chairman committee 
cotton distribution, W. I. B. Wash. Acad ; 
Refrig. Eng. Agricultural economics; horticul- 
ture; business economics. 

Brand, Prof. Louis, 266 Dorchester Ave, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Mathematics. Cincinnati, Sept. 27, 
85. Ch.E, Cincinnati, 07, E.E, 08, A.M, 09; 
Ph.D, Harvard, 19. Instr. math, Cincinnati, 07- 
09, asst. prof, and later assoc. prof, 11-19, prof, 
19- Math. Soc. Linear equations -with an in- 
finite number of variables; integral equations; 

Brandegee, Townshend Stith, 2112 Addison St, 
Berkeley, Calif. Botany. Conn, 43. Ph.B, 
Yale, 70. Eoji. curator herbarium, California. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Calif. Acad. Flora of Mexico. 

Brandel, Prof. I(rvin) W (alter), 435 Foukls Ave, 
Alton, 111. Chemistry. Sauk City, Wis, Sept. 
25, 77. Ph.G, Wisconsin, 99, fellow, 99-02, B.S, 
01, M.S, 02, Ph.D, 06. Instr. pharm, Wisconsin, 
02-05; asst. prof, Washington (Seattle), 05-09; 
chemical engineer, 09-14; Midland Chem. Co, 
14-17 ;<7en. manager, Cons. Chem. Products Co, 
17- Expert for sub-committee on volatile oils, 
U. S. Pharm. Revision Committee; assoc. ed, 
' Midland Drug, and Pharm. Rev.' Chem. Soc; 
Ass. Agr. Chem. (collaborator) ; Wis. Acad. 
Organic and plant chemistry; volatile oils; plant 
pigments; balance; percolation; coniferous oils; 
industrial application of various products of the 

Brandenburg, Prof. G(eorge) C (Linton), Purdue 
University, Lafavette, Ind. Psychology. Volga, 
Iowa, Dee. 2, 78. Ph.B, Drake. 10; A.M, Colo- 
rado, 14; fellow, Wisconsin, 14-15, Ph.D, 15. 
Inst. cduc. psycho!, Purdue, 16-17, asst. prof. 
17-18, assoc. prof, 18-20, prof, SO- Director, 
summer nor. sch, Winona Lake, Ind, 20- Ap- 
plied psychology; child development; trade 
tests; correlation of mental traits. 

Brandes, Dr. Elmer Walker, 3937 Legation St, 
N. W, Washington, D. C. Plant pathology. 
Washington, D. C, July 15, 91. B.S, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 13, M.S, 15; Ph.D, Michigan, 19. Plant 
pathologist, P. R. Exp. Sta, 15-16; instr. bot, 



Michigan, 17-18; sugar plant investigator, bur. 
plant indust, U. S. Bept. Agr, 19- Asst, Mich. 
Exp. Sta. A.A; Phytopath. Soc. Diseases of 
tropical plants. 

Brann, Dr. Albert, 220 Springdale Ave, East 
Orange, N. J. Chemistry. Kent, England, 
March 14, 86. A.B, Wisconsin, 14, A.M, 16, 
Ph.D, IS. Instr. chem, Wisconsin, 14-18; re- 
search chemist, Westinghouse Lamp Co, 18- 
fliem. Soc; Soc. Glass Technol; Ceramic Soc. 
Inorganic and physical chemistry; chemicals 
used in incandescent lamps. 

Branner, Dr. J(olin) C(asper), Stanford Uni- 
vcrsitv, Calif. * Geology. New Market, Tenn, 
July 4, 50. B.S, Cornell, 82 ; Ph.D, Indiana, 85 ; 
LL.D, Arkansas, 97 ; Maryville, 09 ; California, 
15; Sc.D, Chicago, 16. Geologist, Imperial Geol. 
Surv, Brazil, 75-77; topographer. Pa. Geol. 
Surv, 83-85; prof, geol, Indiana, 85-91; Stan- 
ford, 91-15, V. pres, 99-13, pres, 13-15, pres. 
emer, 15- State geologist, Ark, 87-93 ; assoc. 
ed, 'Jour, of Geol'; Hayden medal, Phila. Acad, 
12. Nat. Acad; A.A. (see'y, E, 88-89, v. pres, 
90, pres. Pacific div, 16); Soc. Nat; Geol. Soc. 
(pres, 04, chairman, Cordilleran sect, 13) ; 
Seismol. Soc. (pres, 10-14); Min. Eng; Philos. 
Soc; Wash. Acad; London Geol. Soc; Soc. geol. 
de France; Soc. Beige de Geol; Inst. Hist, di S. 
Paulo; Brazil Acad; Inst. Hist. Geog. do Brazil. 
Seismology; geology of California, Arkansas 
and Brazil. 

Brannon, Pres. M(elvin) A(mos), Beloit College, 
Beloit. Wis. Botany. Lowell, Ind, Sept. 11, 65. 
A.B, Wabash, 89, A.M, 90; Ph.D, Chicago, 11; 
LL.D, Whitman, 17. Teacher science, high sch. 
Fort Wayne, Ind, 90-94; prof. biol. and dean, 
nied. col, North Dakota, 94-14; pres, Idaho, 14- 
17, Beloit, 17- A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Bot. 
Cent. States; N. Dak. Acad, (pres, 10); Ind. 
Acad; Wis. Acad. 

Bransky, Dr. O(scar) EUis), Whiting, Ind. 
Chemistry. Baltimore, Md, Jan. 29, 86. A.B. 
Hopkins, 07. Ph.D, 10. Chemist, Standard Oil 
Co. of Ind, 10-17, asst supt, 17- Chem. Soc. 
Diffusion of crude oil through fuller's earth; 
refining of petroleum distillates. ' 

Branson, Prof. E(dwin) B(ayer), 301 S. Gleu- 
wood Ave, Columbia, Mo. Geology. Belleville, 
Kans, May 11, 77. A.B, A.M, Kansas, 03; 
fellow, Chicago, 03-05, Ph.D, 05. Instr. geol, 
Oborlin, 05-07, asst. prof, 07-09, prof, 09-10; 
prof, and chairman of dept, Missouri, 10- A.A; 
Paleont. Soc; Geol. Soc. Devonian, Mississip- 
pian and Pennsylvanian stratigraphy; geology 
of Missouri; Paleozoic fishes; Triassic amphib- 

Brant, Miss Laura, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. Physics. K. I, 83. A.B, Brown, 08, 
A.M, 09. Asst. to Dr. Barus, Brown, 08-09; 
asst. physics, Smith, 09-12; Barnard, 12-17, 
lecturer, 17-19; instr, Vassar, 19- Asst. phys- 
ics, Columbia, summers, 18-19. A.A; assoc. 
Physical Soc. Magnetic susceptibility of para- 
magnetic salts in solution ; the softening of cold 
glass-hard str-ol in t\veiity years. 

Brasefi.eld, Prof. Stanley Eugene, 224 Lawrence 
Ave, New Brunswick, N. J. Mathematics. Easton, 
Pa, Oct. 2, 73. C.E, Lafayette, 95, M.S, 98; fel- 

low, Cornell, 11-13, Ph.D, 12. Draftsman, Md. 
Steel Co, 95-97; teacher math, E. Stroudsburg 
Nor. Sch, 97-01; instr, Mich. Agr. Col, 01-02; 
instr. and asst. prof, Lafayette. 02-12; asst. 
prof, and later prof, applied math, Eutgers, 13- 
Eng. Educ. Laplacian force fields; vital statis- 
tics of college and university professors. 

Bratton, Prof. W(alter) A(ndrew), 570 Boyer 

Ave, Walla Walla, Wash. Matlicmatics. Stam- 
ford, Vt, June 22, 74. A.B, Williams, 95; Ber- 
lin, 03-05. Instr. and later prof, math. Whit- 
man, 95- A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Eng. 
Educ. Number theory; pedagogj' of mathe- 

Brauer, Dr. O(scar) L(eo), Orosi, Calif. Chem- 
istry. Burney, Calif, June 9, 84. B.S, Califor- 
nia, 10, M.S, 11, Ph.D, 15. Asst. chem, Califor- 
nia, 10-14; teacher science. Union High Sch, 
Selma, Calif, 14-18; principal, Union High Sch. 
Orosi, Calif, 18- A.A; Chem. Soc. Cinchona, 
alkaloids; soils. 

Braun, Dr. Annette F (ranees), 2702 May St, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Entomology. Cincinnati, Aug. 
28, 84. A.B, Cincinnati, 06, A.M, 08, Ph.D, 11. 
Asst. zool, Cincinnati, 11-16. A.A; Entom. Soc; 
Ohio Acad. Zoology; evolution of structural 
colors; Microlepidoptera ; venation. 

Braun, Dr. E(mma) Lucy, 2702 May St, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Botany. Cincinnati, April 19, 89. 
A.B, Cincinnati, 10, A.M, 12, Ph.D, 14. Asst. 
geol, Cincinnati, 10-13, hot, 14-17, instr, 17- 
Ecol. Soc. Plant ecology. 

Brautlecht, Prof. C(liarleB) ACndrew), Orono, 

Maine. Chemistry. New Haven, Conn, Sept. 21, 
81. Ph.B, Yale, 06, Ph.D, 12. Chemist, Conn. 
Exp. Sta, 06-09; asst. chem, Sheffield Sci. Sch, 
Yale, 10-12; instr, Calif. Inst. Tech, 12-13; 
prof, Florida State, 13-19; Maine, 19- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Proteins; organic iodin compounds; 
amino acids; hydantoins; thiotyrosin; pulp and 
paper chemistry. 

Bray, Prof. A(rchie) W(ilniotte) L(eslie), 1650 
S. 39th St, St. Louis, Mo. Anatomy. Sheffield, 
England, Aug. 7, 83. B.A, Cambridge, 09; 
A.M, Harvard, 18. Sheldon traveling fellow, 19. 
V. principal and science master, St. John's 
(Newfoundland), 09-11; tutor biol, Columbia 
Col. (D" C), 11-13; instr, Montana, 13-15, 
asst. prof, 14-17; Austin teaching fellow, Har- 
vard, 17-19; assoc. anat, Washington {St. 
Louis), 19- A.A. Protozoology; histology; cy- 

Bray. Dr. W(illiani) C(rowell), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. *Chemistry. Wing- 
ham. Ont, Sept. 2, 79. A.B, Toronto, 2, 1851 
Exhibition scholar, 02-04; Ph.D, Leipzig, 05. 
Research assoc. physical chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
0.5-10, asst. prof, physico-chem. research, 10-12; 
chem, California, 12-16. assoc. prof. 16-18, 
prof, 18- With C. W. S. 18; assoc. director, 
fixed nitrogen research lab, 19. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Am. Acad. Chemical 
kinetics; the halogens; qualitative analysis; 

Bray, Prof. William (L), Syracuse University, 
Syracuse, N. Y. * Botany. Burnside, 111, Sept. 
19, 65. Cornell, 89-91; A.B, Indiana. 93; A.M, 
Lake Forest, 94; Berlin, 96-07; Ph.D, Chicago, 



98. Instr. bot, Lake Forest, 94-95, adj. prof, 
biol, 96; instr. iot, Texas, 97, adj. prof, 98-01, 
assoc. prof, 02-05, prof, 05-07; Syracuse, 07-, 
dean, grad. sch, 18-, acting dean, N. Y. State 
Col. Forestry, 11-12. Field asst, U. S. Biol. 
Surv, 99; collaborator, bur. forestry, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 99-09. A.A; Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc. Phyto- 
geography, ecology and forest resources of 
Texas; mistletoe in Texas; development of vege- 
tation in New York and in the Adirondacks. 
Brasrtou, Dr. A(leml3ert) W(inthrop), 330 Newton 
Olaypool Building, Indianapolis, lud. Medicine, 
Zoology. Avon, N. Y, March 31, 48. Cornell, 
71-72; B.S, Butler, 78; M.D, Indiana, 79, 
hon. A.M, 84; hon. A.M, Purdue, 86, Frof. 
chem, sell, med, Indiana, 83-90, physiol, 90-94, 
path, 94-96, clin. med, and dermal, 96- Cor- 
orner, Marion Co, Ind; v. pres, sch. med, Indi- 
ana; ed, 'Ind. Jour. Med.' Fishes of the south- 
ern Allegheny region^ birds of Indiana; mam- 
mals of Ohio. 

Breasted, Prof. James H(enry), 5615 University 
Ave, Chicago, 111. Archeology, Oriental history. 
Rockford, 111, Aug. 27, 65. A.B, Northwestern, 
88; Chicago Theol. Sem, 88-90, hon. B.D, 98; 
A.M, Yale, 91; A.M, Ph.D, Berlin, 94; hon, 
LL.D, California, 18. Asst. Egyptol, Chicago, 
94-96, agst. director, HasTcell Oriental Museum, 
95-01, director, 01-, instr. Egyptol. and Semitic 
languages, 96-98, asst. prof, 98-02, assoe. prof, 
02-05, prof. Egyptol. and oriental hist, 05-, 
chairman, dept. oriental languages and literatures, 
15-, director. Oriental Inst, 19- Collector for 
Univ. of Chicago in Egypt, 94-95; collaborator 
on Egyptian lexicon, Royal Academies of Ger- 
many, 99-00; Thomas lecturer, Eichmond, 97; 
director, Univ. of Chicago Egyptian exped. to 
vSudan, 05-07; Morse lecturer. Union Theol. 
Sem, 12; Earl lecturer. Pacific Sch. of Religion 
and California, 18; Hale lecturer, Nat. Acad, 
19; collector for Univ. of Chicago in Europe 
and Egypt, 19-20, director, archeol. surv. Ori- 
ental Inst, 20. Archeol. Inst; Oriental Soc. 
(pres, 18); Philos. Soc; Inst. Social Sci; Am. 
Hist. Ass ; Philos. Ass ; Berlin Royal Acad. His- 
tory of Eg}-pt and the ancient Egyptians; his- 
tory of the Near East and of the civilization of 
the eastern Mediterranean; the Egyptian lan- 
guage ; origins of civilization. 

Breazeale, J(ames) F(rank), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Biochem- 
istry. Anderson, S. C, Dec. 11, 74. B.S, Clem- 
son, 96. Biochemist, bur. plant indust, U. S. 
Dept. Agr. Plant psysiology and nutrition; 
alkali in soils. 

Breckenridge, Prof. James Miller, Vanderbilt 
University, Nashville, Tenn. Chemistry. A.B, 
Albion, 03; M.S, Wisconsin, 08, Ph.D, 10. In- 
dust. chemist, 10-12; prof, chem, Carroll, 12; 
Wabash, 17; asst. director, exp. sta, Hercules 
Powder Co, 17-19; director, sch. of chem, Van- 
derbilt, 19- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. 
Organic and industrial chemistry; alumino- 
thermic alloys. 

Breckenridge, John E, Woodbridge, N. J. Chem- 
istry. Palmer, Mass, May 4, 73. A.B, Yale, 96. 
Chief chemist, Am. Agr. Chem. Co, 96- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. In- 
dust. Fertilizer manufacture. 


Breckenridge, Prof. L (ester) P(aige), Yale Uni- 
versity, New Haven, Conn. Mechanical engi- 
neering. Meriden, Conn, May 17, 58. Ph.B, 
Yale, 81, hon. A.M, 09; D.Eng, Illjnois, 10. 
With Water Power Co, Holyoke, Mass, 81- 
82; instr. mech. eng, Lehigh, 82-84; mech. 
engineer with varijous companies, 8486; instr. 
mech. eng, Lehigh, 86-91; prof, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 91-93; Illinois, 93-09, director, eng. exp. 
sta, 05-09; prof. mech. eng, Yale, 09- Consult- 
ing engineer, Lehigh Zinc and Iron Co, 86-91 ; 
director boiler trials, U. S. Geol. Surv. Coal 
Tests, World's Fair Sta, St. Louis, 04- Mech. 
Eng. (v. pres, 08-10); Eng. Educ; West. Soc. 
Eng; West. Ry. Club. Fuel economy; smokeless 
ctombustion ; power production. 

Breed, Prof. Charles Blaney, 6 Beacon St, Boston, 
Mass. Civil engineering. Lynn, Mass, Nov. 28, 
75. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97. Asst. civil eng, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 99-01, instr, 01-08, asst. prof, 
08-10, assoc. prof, 10-14, prof, 14- Asst. engi- 
neer, Boston and Albany R, R, 96-97, 98; Chi- 
cago and West. Ind. R. E, 04; consulting en- 
gineer. Assoc. Civil Eng; Ey. Eng; Eng. 
Educ; New Eng. R. R. Club (past pres); Bos- 
ton Soc. Civil Eng, Surveying; geodesy; as- 
tronomy; railroad engineering; earthwork. 

Breed, Prof. Frederick S(tephen), 5476 Univec- 
sitv Ave, Chicago, 111. Psychology. Clarion Co, 
Pa', July 12, 76. A.B, Allegheny, 98; A.M, 
Harvard, 05, Ph.D, 09, traveling fellow, 09- 
10. Supt, pub. schools, Vandergrift, Pa, 01- 
04; principal, prep, sch, Allegheny, 05-07; asst. 
philos, Harvard, 08-10 ; asst. prof. educ. psychol, 
Michigan, 10-17; educ, Chicago, 17- Trustee, 
Allegheny, 17- A.A; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Col. 
Teachers Educ. Instincts and habits; educa- 
tional measuring instruments; instruction and 
class organization. 

Breed, Prof. Robert S(tanley), N. Y. Agricultural 
Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Bacteriol- 
ogy. Brooklvn, Pa, Oct. 17, 77. B.S, Amherst, 
98; M.S, Colorado, 99; Ph.D, Harvard, 02. 
Instr. biol, Colorado, 98-99; asst. zool. Harvard, 
00-02; prof. biol. and geol, Allegheny, 02- 
13; bacteriologist, N. Y. Exp. Sta, Geneva, IS-; 
prof, dairy bacter, N. Y. State Col. Agr, Cornell, 
20- A.A; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass; Dairy 
Sci. Ass. General bacteriology; bacterial and 
cell content of milk; sanitary milk. 

Breese, Dr. B(urtis) B(urr), University of Cin- 
cinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio. FsychoJogy. Che- 
mung Co, N. Y, May 17, 68. A.B, Kansas, 96; 
A.B, Harvard, 97, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Columbia, 99. 
Frof. psychol. and ethics, Tennessee, 02-04 ; 
psychol, Cincinnati, 04- A.A ; Psychol. Ass. 
Inhibition; binocular rivalry; motor activity 
and conscious activity. 

Breisacher, Dr. Leo, D. Whitney Building, Detroit, 
Mich. Medicine. Detroit, Oct. 1, 66. Berlin, 
88-91; M.D, Pennsylvania, 92, Demonstrator 
comp. physiol, Pennsylvania, 88-92, lecturer, 92- 
93, prof, 93-94; clin. gastro-enterol and later 
metabolism and dietetics, Detroit Col. Med, 04- 
Soc. Nat; Physiol. Soc. Physiology of thyroid 
gland; minimum albumen diet; physiology of 
sleep; physiology of the superior laryngeal 
nerve; metabolism; artificially prepared foods; 
gall-stones; diet in health and disease. 



Breitenbeclier, Prof. J(oseph) K(umler), Univer- 
sity of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. Zoology. 
Jacksonboro, Ohio, Oct. 28, 84. A.B, Miami, 10; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 13. Eesearch asst, desert lab, 
Carnegie Institution, 10-13; instr. biol. Western 
Reserve, 13-16, asst. prof, 16-20; assoc. prof, 
sool, Olclahoma, 20- A.A; Ecol. Roc. Genetics; 
animal behavior. 

Breithut, Dr. Frederick E(mest), Calco Chem- 
ical Co, Bound Brook, N. J. Chemistry. 
New York, N. Y, Aug. 15, 80. B.S, Col. City of 
N. Y, 00; Sc.D, N. Y. XJniv, 09. Instr, and 
asst. prof, cliem, Col. City of N. Y, 03- Lec- 
turer, Dept. Educ, N. Y. City; chemist, N. Y. 
State Factory Commission; mem. advisory coun- 
cil, Board of Health, and scientific staff. Bur. 
Munic. Research, N. Y. City; chairman, chem. 
group. W. T. B; director, bur. conservation. 
Fed. Food Board; major, C.W.S, 18. A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Teachers Club. The partial 
vapor pressures of binary mixtures. 

Breitwieser, Prof. J(oseph) V(alentine), Univer- 
sity of California, Berkeley, Calif. Psychology. 
Jasper, Ind, March 31, 84. A.B, Indiana, 07, 
A.M, 08; Ph.D, Columbia, 11. Asst. psychol, 
Indiana, 06-07, psychol. and philos, 07-08; 
psvchol, Columbia, 08-10; asst. prof, psychol. 
and educ, Colo. Col, 10-11, prof, 11-19; assoc. 
prof, educ, California, 19- A.A; Psychol. Ass. 
Attention and movement; advertising; educa- 
tion; neuron theory; visual fusion; vocabulary 

Breitzke, Charles r(rederick), Jersey City Water 
Works, Boonton, N. J. Civil and sanitary engi- 
neering. Newton Center, Mass, July 8, 84. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 06. Asst. engineer. Board 
Water Supply, N. Y. City and to John M. Far- 
ley, 06; chemist, Hazen and Whipple, 07; bac- 
teriologist, Jerome Park Exp. Sta, N. Y. City, 
07; asst. engineer, Bering and Fuller, and N. Y. 
State Dept. Health, 07-10 ; Board Water Supply, 
N. Y. City, 10-12; Johnson and Fuller, 12-13; 
sanit. engineer, bur. water, Jersey City, .13- 
A.A; Civil. Eng; Water Works Ass; Ass. Eng. 
Societies; New Eng. Water Works Ass. Sani- 
tation; water supply; sewage disposal. 

Brem, Dr. Walter (Vernon), 1210 Brockman Build- 
ing. Los Angeles, Calif. Medicine. Charlotte, 
N. C, Nov. 5, 75. B.S, North Carolina, 96; M.D, 
Hopkins, 04. Med. house officer, Hopkins Hosp, 
04-05 ; chief, med. service, Colon Hosp, C. Z, 07- 
11; prof, bacter. and path, dept. med, Califor- 
nia (Los Angeles), 11-14; director, south, div, 
Calif. State Hygienic Lab, 13-16; major, M.C, 
17-19. Certificate of honor. Am. Med. Ass, 11. 
Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Clin. Invest; Soc. Bact; 
Ass. Tuber; Pub. Health Ass; S. Calif. Med. Soc. 
(pres, 20). Internal medicine; malarial fever; 
amebiasis; tuberculosis; influenzal meningitis; 
vaccine treatment of typhoid bacillus carrier; 
syphilis of central nervous system; tetanus; 
paroxysmal hemoglobinuria ; blood transfusion 
and grouping. 

Bremer, Dr. J(ohn) LCewis), Harvard MedieaJ 
School, Boston Mass. Embryology. New York, 
N. Y, Nov. 3, 74. A.B, Harvard, 96, M.D, 01 ; 
Oxford, 96-97. Asst. histol. and embryol, Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 02, instr, 02-06, demonstrator 
histol, 06-11, asst. prof, 12-14, assoc. prof, 15- 

A.A; Ass. Anat; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist; Boston Soc. Med. Sci. (sec'y, OS). Pul- 
monary arteries of vertebrates; lung of opos- 
sum; aberrant roots of cranial nerves; develop- 
ment of blood vessels; interrelations of fetal 
excretory organs and placenta. 
Breneman, Prof. A(bram) A(dam), 97 Water St, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Lancaster, Pa, 
April 28, 47. B.S, Pa. State, 66, M.S, 71. Act- 
ing prof, chem. Pa. State. 68-69, prof, 69-72; 
asst. prof, Cornell, 75-79, prof, indust. chem, 
79-82; chem. expert, 82- Chairman, jury on 
mineral waters, Columbian Expos, 93 ; La. 
Purchase Expos, 04; expert mem. Munic. Ex- 
plosives Commission, N. Y. Citv, 06-10. Chem. 
Soc. (v, pres, 89-92, ed, 'Jour,' 84-93, chair- 
man, N. Y. sect, 06) ; N. Y. Chemists Club; cor. 
mem. Phila. Acad. Water analysis and water 
supply; fixation of atmospheric nitrogen; indus- 
trial chemistry. 
Brenke, Prof. W(illiam) C(harles), University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Mathematics, Astron- 
omy. Berlin, Germany, April 12, 74. B.S, Illi- 
nois, 96, 97, M.S, 99 ; Ph.D, Harvard, 07. Instr. 
math, Illinois, 96-00, instr. math, and astron. 
and in charge of observatory, 00-03; assoc. 
prof, math, Nehrasha, 07-13, prof, 13- A.A; 
Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Statist. Ass; Math. 
Verein; Circolo Mat. di Palermo. Some variable 
stars; infinite series. 
Brennan, Dr. Martin S(tanislaus), 6304 Minne- 
sota Ave, St. Louis, Mo. A.^tronomy, Geology. 
St. Louis, Julv 23, 45. A.B, CTiristian Brothers, 
65, A.M, 69, Sc.D, 00. Pastor, St. Thomas of 
Aquin Church, 84-92; St. Lawrence's Church, 
and prof, astron. and geol, Kenriclc Theol. Sem, 
St. Louis, 92- A.A; Astron. Soc; Pacific 
Astron. Soc ; St. Louis Acad ; British Ass. Elec- 
Brenneman, Prof. J(esse) L(aMar), Kansas State 
Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kans. Elec- 
trical engineering. Goshen, Ind, Aug. 26, 86. 
B.S, Chicago, 08; E.E, Wisconsin, 13. Teacher 
physics and physical geog, high sch, Decatur. Ill, 
08-09; prof, physics and applied math, West- 
minster (Mo), 09-11; in testing dept. Gen. 
Elec. Co, Schenectady, N. Y, 13-14; prof, phys- 
ics and elec. eng, New Mexico, 14-17; physics 
and automobile elec, Okla. Sch. Mines, 19-20; 
asst. prof. elec. eng, Kansas State, 20- A.A; 
Elec. Eng; Ass. Eng. Societies. Distribution of 
potential on high tension insulators. 
Brentzel, W(illiam) E(dward), Agricultural Col- 
lege, Fargo, N. Dak. Plant pathology. Kelso, 
Mo, March 27, 89. B.S, Missouri, 15, A.M. 17. 
Asst. bot, Mis.souri, 15-17; prof, biol, Western 
Md. Col, 17-18; asst. pathologiM, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 18- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc. 
Crown rust of oats; flax diseases. 
Bretnall, Prof. G(eorge) H(erbert), State Normal 
School for Women, Farmville, Va. Botany. 
London, England, Feb. 12, 71. A.B, Cornell 
(Iowa), 96, A.M, 97; Chicago. 01-02, summers, 
05, 06, 07, 10. Instr. science, Epworth Sem, 99- 
01 ; principal, Port Byron Acad, 02-03 ; head, 
dept. hiol, Monmouth, 03-11; State Nor. Sch, 
Lacrosse, Wis, 11-18; State Nor. Sch. for 
Women, Farmville, Va, IS- A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Ecol. Soc. 



Bretz, Prof. J H(arlen), University of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. Geology. Ionia Co, Mich. Sept. 2, 
82. A.B, Albion, 05; Ph.D, Chicago, 13. Instr. 
})iol. and physiog, high sch, Flint, Mich, 05-07; 
physiog. Queen Anne High Sch, Seattle, Wash; 
asst. prof, geol, Washington (Seattle), 13-14; 
Chicago, 15- A.A; fel. Geol. Soc. Tertiary and 
Quaternary geology of Washington and Oregon. 

Brewer, Dr. G(eorge) E(merson), 16 E. 64th St, 
New York, N. Y. Surgery, Anatomy. West- 
field, N. Y, July 28, 61. A.B, Hamilton, 81, 
A.M, 84; M.D, Harvard, 85; LL.D, Hamilton, 

16. Demonstrator anat, Columbia, 91-99, instr. 
surg, 99-03, lecturer clin. surg, 03, prof, 04-13, 
prof. surg. and surg. director, Presb. Hosp, 13- 

17. Consulting surgeon, Presb. Hosp; Woman's 
Hosp; St. Vincents; Manhattan Eye and Ear 
Infirmary; City Hosp; Perth Amboy Hosp; 
Muhlenberg Hosp, Plainfield, N. J. Fel. Surg. 
Ass; fel. Ass. Genito-Urinary Surg; fel. N. Y. 
Surg. Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. Med; cor. mem. Ass. 
fran^aise d'Urol; Int. Surg. Soc. Surgical 

Brewster, Prof. C(arl) M(ilton), 900 Campus Ave, 
Pullman, Wash. Chemistry. Chagrin Falls, 
Ohio, May 19, 81. A.B, Oberlin, 03; A.M, Har- 
vard, 06, Parkman fellow, 08-09. Asst. chem. 
Harvard, 05-08; prof. chem. and physics, Mt. 
Union, 10-12; asst. prof, chem, Wash. State, 12- 
14, assoc. prof, 14-18, prof, 18- Chem. Soc. 
(pres, N. Intermountain sect). Organic con- 
densations; derivation of phenols and naphthols. 

Brewster, Donald R(oss), J. W. Darling Lumber 
Co, Cincinnati, Ohio. Forestry. Minneapolis, 
Minn, April 6, 88. B.S, Minnesota, 10. Forest 
asst, U. S. Forest Service, 10-12, forest examiner, 
12-20; J. W. Darling Lumber Co, 20- A.A; 
Soc. Foresters; Ecol. Soc. Silviculture; forest 
utilization and management; forest ecology; 
kiln drjang and seasoning of wood. 

Brewster, E(dwin) T(enney), 8 Judson Eoad, 
Andover, Mass. Biology. Lawrence, Mass, Oct. 
11, 66. A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M. 91. histr. sci- 
ences, Wolfeboro, N. H, 90-92; Phillips Acad, 
96-03, physics, 07-08, geog, 16- A.A; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist. 

Brewster, Dr. J(oseph) F(ergus), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chem- 
istry. Barksdale, Md, Aug. 24, 79. A.B, Del. 
Col, 98, A.M, 03; Ph.D, Berlin, 12. Instr. 
chem, Del. Col, 00-05; commercial chemist, 05- 
09; asst. chemist, N. C. Exp. Sta, 12-13; org. 
chemist, hur, chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 14- Capt, 
S.C. and C.W.S, 18-19. Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Enzymes; brucin; 1-oxyprolin; kafirin ; 

Brewster, Prof. E(ay) Q(uincy), University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. Chemistry. Guthrie, 
Okla, Nov. 27, 92. A.B, Ottawa (Kans), 14; 
fellow, Kansas, 14-15, A.M, 15; fellow, Chicago, 
17-18, Ph.D, 19. Asst. instr. chem, Kansas, 15- 
17, asst. prof, 19- Chem. Soc. Organic chem- 
istry; salophen; thiourea and thiazoles; organic 

Breyer, Frank G(ottlob), Palmcrton, Pa. Chem- 
istry, Physics. Baltimore, Md, Dec. 21, 86. A.B, 
Hopkins, 08, A.M, 10. Research chemist, N. J. 
Zinc Co, Pa, 10-12, chief chemist, 12-17, chief, 

research div, N. T, 17- Chem. Soc. (chairman, 
Lehigh Valley sect, 18, councilor, 18, 19); 
Electrochem. Soc; Min. Eng; Soc. Test. Mat. 
(chairman, subcommittee, Di) ; Ceramic Soc; 
Faraday Soc. Analytical chemistry; paint; rub- 
ber; metals; chemical and metallurgical engi- 
neering patents. 

Bridge, Dr. Norman, 718 W. Adams St, Los An- 
geles, Calif. Pathology, Sociology. Windsor, 
Vt, Dee. 30, 44. M.D, Northwestern, 68; M.D, 
Rush Med. Col, 78; hon. A.M, Lake Forest, 89; 
LL.D, Occidental, 20. Instr. med. Rush Med. 
Col, 74-84, prof, 84-00, emer. prof, 00- Mem. 
board of edue, Chicago, 81-84; board of elec- 
tion commissioners, 86-90. A.A; emer. mem. 
Am. Physicians; Am, Med", Ass; Climat. Ass; 
cor. mem. Wis. Acad. 

Bridges, Dr. Calvin B(lackman), 475 Grand Ave, 
Lconia, N. J. * Genetics. Schuyler's Falls, N. 
Y, Jan. 1], 89. B.S, Columbia, 12, fellow, 15- 
16, Ph.D, 16; Cold Spring Harbor, 14. Private 
research asst. to Prof. T. H. Morgan, Columbia, 
10-15; asst. to Prof. Morgan under grants from 
Carnegie Institution, 15-19, mem. staff, 19- 
Soc. Nat. The genetics of the fruit fly; chromo- 
some theory of heredity and sex determination. 

Bridges, Prof. J(ames) W(infrcd), Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio. Psi/chology. Cas- 
cumpee, P. E. Island, Sept. 14, 85. B.A.'McGill, 
11; A.M^ Harvard. 12. fellow, 12-13, Ph.D, 15. 
Teacher, pub. schools, P. E. Island, 03-08; asst. 
psychol. Harvard, and intern, Psychopathic 
Hosp, Boston, 13-14; lecturer. Alberta, 14-15; 
instr, Ohio State. 15-17, asst. prof. 17- A.A; 
Psychol. Ass. Decision types and their mental 
correlates; point scale for measuring mental 
ability; intelligence and social status; abnormal 

Bridgman, Prof. B(enjamin) W(illiams), State 
Normal School, Eau Claire, Wis. Physics. Dar- 
lington, Wis, June 2, 72. Ph.B, Wisconsin, 06, 
A.M, 08. Instr. physics, Wisconsin, 06-08; 
prof, Westminster (Pa), 08-16; State Nor. Sch. 
Eau Claire, Wis, 16- Physical Soc. Melting 
points of tantalum and tungsten. 

Bridgman, Herbert L(awrence), 296 Washington 
St, Brooklyn, N. Y. Geography. Amherst, Mass. 
May 30, 44. A.B, Amherst, '&Q, A.M, 69; hon. 
A.M, 06,LL.D, 20. With ' Springfield Republican, ' 
65-70; New Eng. Assoc. Press, 70-73; 'N. Y. 
Tribune,' 73-77; Leslie's publications, 78-88; 
'N. Y. Press,' 88-89; ' Broollyn Standard 
Union,' 89- Lecturer, N. Y. pub. f^ehools. 95-; 
in command Peary auxiliary 'Diana,' 99, 'Erik,' 
01; U. S. mem. Int. Polar Commission, 06; Int. 
Polar Cong, 08, 13; hon. fel. Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist. Chevalier Oi'der Leopold II, 08. Am. Al- 
pine Club; Am. Geog. Soc; Brooklyn Inst, (pres, 
dept. geog, 06-) ; Phila. Geog. Soc. 

Bridgman, Dr. Olga (Louise), 498 Carl St. San 
Francisco, Calif. Psychology. Jackson, Mich, 
March 30, 86. A.B, Michigan, 08, M.D, 10; 
A.M, California. 14, fellow, 14-15, Ph.D, 15. 
Res. physician. State Sch. for Girls, Geneva, 111, 
10-12; asst. physician. Lincoln State Sch. for 
Feeble-Minded and Epileptics, 12-13; instr. 
psychol, California, 15-19, asst. clin. prof, abnor. 
psychol, 19- Abnormal psychology of childhood. 



Bridgman, Dr. P(ercy) W(iUiams), Jefferson Phys- 
ical Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass. *Physics. 
Cambridge, April 21, 82. A.B, Harvard, 04, 
A.M, 05, Ph.D, 08. Research fellow and asst. 
physics. Harvard, 08-13, asst. prof, 13-19, prof, 
19- Rumford medal, Am. Acad. Nat. Acad; 
A.A; Philos. Soc; Physical. Soc ; Am. Acad; 
Wash. Acad; Soc. de Physique. 

Brierley, Prof. W(ilfrid) G(ordon), University 
Farm, St. PaJul, Minn. Horticulture. Dover, N. 
H, Sept. 9, 8.5. B.S.A, Cornell, 06; M.S, Wash. 
State, 13. Instr. bot. and hort, Nat. Farm Sch, 
07-08; hort. Wash. State, 09-13; asst. prof, 
Minnesota, 13-17, assoc. prof, 17- Soc. Hort. 
Sci; Pomol. Soc. Fruit growing. 

Briggs, Arthur J(aines), 107 Victoria Place, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Bristol, 
N. Y, Aug. 13, 72. Genesee Wesleyan Sem, 
92-95; Cornell, 00. Designer and inventor. Am. 
]Mutoscope and Biograph Co, 00-04; mech. engi- 
neer. Smith Premier Typewriter Co, 04-09, eng. 
manager, 09-11 ; cons^dting engineer and in- 
ventor, Eemington Typewriter Co, 11- A.A; 
Mech. Eng; Syracuse Tech. Club (v. pres, 16). 
Moving pictures; typewriters; machine tools; 
sewing machines; letter handling devices. 

Briggs, C(lark) A(rthur), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Joplin, Mo, June 
19, 83. B.S. (E.E), Missouri, 07, A.M, 10. 
Asst. physics, Missouri, 08-10; lab. asst. Bur. 
Standards, 10-12, asst. physicist, 12-14, assoc. 
physicist, 14- Physical Hoc; Wash. Philos. Soc. 
Standardization of Ohm tube; railroad track 
scales; large scale construction. 

Briggs, Dr. Lyman J(ames), Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Wa.shington, D. C. *Physics. Assyria, 
Mich, May 7, 74. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 93; 
M.S, Michigan, 95; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01. Physi- 
cist, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 96-00, physi- 
cist in charge Ijiophys. inve.stigations, bur. 
plant indust, 07-19; physicist and chief, div. 
eng. physics. Bur. Standards, SO- A.A; Physi- 
cal Soc; Ecol. Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 
06, pros, 16); Wash. Acad, (pres, 18). Pliys- 
ical properties of soils; finely divided solids and 
solutions; physical factors in plant transpiration 
and growth; apparatus for biophysical research; 
evaporation ; acceleration of gravity at sea ; 
gyroscopic stabilization; aerodynamics. 

Briggs, Prof. T(homas) B.(oland), 120 Delaware 
Ave. Ithaca, N. Y. Physical chemistry. Hud- 
dersfield, England. Sept. 2, 87. A.B, Cornell, 
09, Ph.D, 13. Instr. chem, Worcester, 12-14; 
asst. prof, physical chem. and electrochem, Cor- 
nell, 15- Chem. Soc. Colloid chemistry; elec- 

Brigham, Prof. Albert P(erry), Hamilton, N. Y. 
* Geology, Geography. Perry, X. \', June 12, 
55. A.B, Colgate, 79, A.M, 82; A.M, Harvard, 
92 ; Sc.D, Syracuse, 18. Clergyman, 82-91 ; prof, 
geol, Colgate, 9- Instr. geol, summer sch, Har- 
vard, 95j 96j 00; prof. geol. and physical geog, 
summer sch, Cornell, 01-04; geol, summer sch, 
Wisconsin, 06; lecturer geog, Oxford, summer, 
08, 14; chief examiner geog, col. ent. exam, 
board, 02-13; pros, Nat. Council Geog. Teach- 
ers, 18, 19. A.A; Geol. Soc; Ass. Geog. (sec'y, 
04-13) ; Am. Geog. Soc. (pres. 14) ; N. Y. State 

Sci. Teachers Ass. (pres, 05). Physiography; 
glacial geology; aiithropogeography. 

Brigham, Prof. Carl C(ampbell), Princeton Uni- 
versity, Princeton, N. J. P.^ychology. Marl- 
boro, Mass, May 4, 90. Litt.B, Princeton, 12, 
A.M, 13, Ph.D/ 16. Instr. psychol, Princeton. 
16-17; asst. to chief of rehabilitation, Fed. 
Board for Vocational Educ, 19-20; asst. prof, 
psychol, Princeton, 20- Adviser, Can. Mil. 
Hosp. Commission, 17; lieut, Tank C, 17-18. 
Psychol. Ass. Intelligence tests. 

Brigham, Dr. Reed O(shea), 1014 Cornwall Place, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Botany. Toledo. Ohio, Dec. 
20, 88. B.S, Ohio State, 12; M.S, Illinois, 14; 
Ph.D, Michigan, 16. Instr. bot, Cincinnati, 17- 
18. Instr. agr, Winona, summers, 13-18. A.A; 
Bot. Soc. Plant physiology. 

Brigham, Dr. William T(ufts), Bishop Museum, 
Honolulu. Hawaii. Anthropology, Ethnology. 
Boston, Mass, May 24, 41. A.B, Harvard, 62, 
A.M, 65; hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 05. Instr. bot. 
and in charge of dept, Harvard, 68-69; cu- 
rator. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 90-96, director. 
96-19, emer. director, 19- Twice Lowell lec- 
turer. A.A; Am. Acad; Phila. Acad; hon. fel. 
Anthrop. Inst. Gt. Britain and Ireland ; cor. 
mem. Berlin Anthrop. Gesell; cor. mem. Soc. 
Ital. d 'Anthrop. Firenze; cor. mem. Royal Acad. 
Sci. St. Petersburg. Geology; botany; ancient 
Hawaiian worship; old Hawaiian Kapa. 

Brightman, Prof. Charles L(ewis), 852 Ackerman 
Ave, Syracuse, N. Y. Physics. Providence, R. 
I, Dec' 20, 83. Ph.B. A.M, Brown, 09; fellow, 
Clark, 13-15, Ph.D, 15. Asst. physics, Wesleyan, 
09-10; instr, Mt. Holyoke, 10-13; DePauw, 15- 
16; Syracuse, 16-18,' asst. prof, 18-20, assoc. 
prof, SO- A.A. Recalescence of steel; thermo- 
elastic relations of steel at high temperatures; 
indicator solutions. 

Brighton, Dr. Thomas B(ow), 219 K St, Salt Lake 
Citv, I^tah. Chnnistrv. Salt Lake City, Jan. 
17,' 87. B.S, Utah. 13; M.S. California, 16. 
Ph.D, 17. Chemist, Utah Cons. Smelter Co. ami 
Utah Copper Co, 05-07, 09-19; instr. chem, 
Utah, 12-14, a,^st. prof, 17- A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Utah Soc. Eng. Physical chemistry. 

Brill, Dr. A(braham) A(rden), 1 W. 70t1i St, 
New York, N. Y. Psychiatry. Kanczuga, Aus- 
tria, Oct. 12, 74. Ph.B, N. Y. Univ, 01; M.D, 
Columbia, 03. .\sst. physician. Cent. Islip State 
Hosp, 03-08; Psychiat. Clinic, Ziirich, 07-08; 
asst. mental diseases, Bellevue Hosp, 08-11; 
asst. visiting physician, Neur. Hosp, 09-11 ; 
chief neur. dept, Bronx Hosp, 12; asst. neur. 
and psyi^hiat, Vanderbilt Clinic, 08-14; lecturer 
abnormal psychol. and psy choanal, N. Y. Univ, 
14- Chief, p.sychiat. clinic, Columbia, 13-14; 
adj. prof, psychiat, N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch. 
14-16. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Psychoanal. Ass; 
Psychopath. Ass; Medico-P.sychol. Ass; N. Y. 
Psychoanal. Soc. (pres, 10-i2) ; N. Y. Neur. 
Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. Med; Int. Verein Med. 
Psychol, und P.sychotherapie. Abnormal psy- 
chology; psyehonnalysis; psycliopathology of the 
only child; neurology; psychiatry. 

Brill, George M(ackenzie), Poughquag, N. Y. 
Mechanical rngincrring. Poughquag, March 24. 
66. M.E, Cornell. 91, M.M.E. 05. Engineer of 
tests, Solvay Process Co, Syracuse, N. Y, 91-96, 



chief engineer, Detroit, Mich. 96-97; gen. engi- 
neer. Swift and Co, Chicago, 111, 97-00; consult- 
ing engineer, 00- Major, O.R.C, 17; chief, re- 
quirements sect. Emergency Fleet Corp, 18. 
Chairman, jury awards, Panama-Pacific Expos, 
15. A.A; Mech. Eng. (manager, 04-07, v. pres, 
10-12) ; Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; West. Soc. Eng. 

Brill, Prof. Harvey C(layton), Oxford, Ohio. 
Chemustry. Camden, Ohio, Dec. 29, 81. A.B, 
Miami, 08; Ph.D. Michigan, 11. Asst. prof, 
chem, Miami, 11-13; org. chemist, Bur. Science, 
P. I, 13-16, chief, div. org. chem, 16-18; prof, 
chem. and head of dept, Miami, 18- Mem. 
Board of Food and Drug Inspection, P. I, 14- 
17. Edible and other commercial oils; alcoholic 
and enzymic fermentation; medicinal plants of 
the Philippine Islands; synthetic drugs. 

Brill, Dr. N(athan) E(dwin), 48 W. 76th St, New 
York, N. Y. Medicine, Biology. New York, 
Jan. 13, 60. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 77, A.M, 
83. Lecturer med. juris, N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch, 82, neuroanat. and neuropath, 83-84; 
attending physician, Mt. Sinai Hasp, N. T, 93-; 
prof. din. med, Columbia, 10- A.A; Am. Physi- 
cians; Ass. Anat; Neur. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; 
Ass. Tuber; Harvey Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med; 
N. Y. Path. Soc ; N. Y. Neur. Soc ; N. Y. Tuber. 
Ass. (sec'y); N. Y, Soc. Med. Juris, (pres, 90). 
Internal medicine. 

Brimhall, Dr. Dean R, Provo, Utah. Psychology. 
Provo, Dec. 11, 86. A.B, Brigham Young, 13; 
A.M, Columbia, 16, Ph.D, 20. Prof, psychol, 
Brigham Young, 16- Asst. psychol, Columbia, 
17-18. A.A. Inheritance of mental traits. 

Erimley, C(lement) S(amuel), Newberne Ave, cor. 
Tarboro St, Raleigh, N. C. Zoology. Great 
Linford, England, Dec. 18, 63. Bedford Co. Sch, 
England. Asst. insect surv. N. C. Dept. Agr. 
Soc. Mammal; Soc. Ichthyol. and Herp; N. C. 
Acad, (pres, 13). Entomology and herpetology 
of North Carolina. 

Brink, Dr. Rajraiond W(oodward), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. 
Newark, N. J, Jan. 4, 90. B.S, Kansas State, 

08, B.S.E.E, 09; A.M, Harvard, 15, Ph.D, 16, 
traveling fellow, at Paris, 16-17. Instr. math, 
Idaho, 09-12; Minnesota, 12-13, 17-19, assoc. 
prof, 19- Lecturer math, Edinburgh, 19- 
Math. Soc; Edinburgh Math. Soc. Analysis. 

Brinsmade, Prof. Robert Bruce, Ixmiquilpan, Hgo, 
Mex. Mining engineering. Elmira, N. Y, Aug. 
27, 73. B.S, Washington (St. Louis), 95; E.M, 
Lehigh, 95. Prof, mining eng, N. Mex. Sch. 
Mines, 05-06; director, Wis. Mining Trade Sch, 
07-08; prof, mining eng. West Virginia, 10-11; 
consulting mining engineer, 11- Mining cx- 
ploratic^, Argentina, 01-02, Santo Domingo, 08- 

09. A.A; Min. Eng; Eng. Educ; Coal Min. 
Inst; W, Va. Coal Min. Inst. Geology; milling; 
metallurgy ; technical education ; conservation ; 

Brinton, Prof. Paul H(enry) M(allet)-P (revest), 

University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. Chemistry. 
Richmond, Va, May 8, 82. B.S, Minnesota, 12, 
M.S, 13, Ph.D, 16. Commercial ehemist, 02-07; 
instr. chem, Minnesota, 09-12; asst. prof, Ari- 
zona, 12-13, assoc. prof, 13-14, prof. anal, chem, 
14- Capt, C.W.S. A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. 

Gesell. Analytical and physical-inorganic chem- 
istry^ rare elements. 

Briscoe, Dr. C(harles) F(rancis), Agricultural 
College, Miss. Bacteriology. DePauw, Ind, Nov. 
1, 68. A.B, Indiana, 99 ; A.M, Illinois, 07, Ph.D, 
12. Teacher, pub. schools, 88-93; science and 
math, Ohio Valley Nor. Col, 96-97; principal, 
high schj Hoopeston, 111, 99-03; instr. 'ba<;teT, 
Illinois, 05-12 ; prof. Miss. Agr. College, 12- 
A.A ; Soc. Bact. Tubercle bacilli and tubercu- 
losis of farm animals; bacteriological effects of 
green manures; sero-diagnosis of pregnancy in 

Bristol, Prof. Charles L(awrence), New York Uni- 
versity, University Heights, New York, N. Y. 
"Zoology. Ballston Spa, N. Y, Sept. 29, 59. 
B.S, N. Y. Univ, 83. M.S, 88; fellow, Clark, 91; 
fellow, Chicago, 92-93, Ph.D, 95. Instr, River- 
view Acad, Poughkeepsie, N. Y, 84-88; prof, 
zool. South Dakota, 88-91; tJ. Y. Univ, 94- 
Director, N. Y. Univ. zool. expeditions to Ber- 
muda, 97-; assoc. director, Bermuda Biol. Lab. 
for Research, 0407. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zoel; 
fel. N. Y, Acad. Metamerism in leeches; the 
marine fauna of Bermuda. 

Bristol, Dr. L(everett) D(ale), Augusta, Maine. 
Puhlic health. Chicago, 111, June 2, 80. B.S, 
Wesleyan, 03; M.D, Hopkins, 07; D.P.H, Har- 
vard, 18. Instr. bactcr. nnd path, Syracuse. 
07-08; clin. asst. med, Minnesota, 08-12; asst. 
prof, baeter, Syracuse, 12-13, assoc. prof, 13-14; 
prof, bacter. and hygiene. North Dakota, and 
director, state pub. health laboratories, 14-16; 
asst. prev. med. and hygiene, Harvard, 17; state 
commissioner of health, Maine, 17- Prof. 
bacter. and pub. health, and dean, col. med, Ten- 
nessee, 19; director Anti-Tuber. Dispensary, 
St. Paul, 11-12. Soc. Bact ; Ass. Path, and Bact ; 
Pub. Health Ass; Ass. Tuber. Public health; 
amebic dysentery; tuberculosis; mediastinal tu- 
mors; cancer etiology; paratyphoid; wound 
diphtheria; scarlet fever; measles; rural sani- 

Bristol, Prof. W(illia)m H(enry), Waterbury, 
Conn. Mathematics, Physics. Waterbury, July 
5, 59. M.E, Stevens, 84. Instr, manual dept, 
workingman 's sch, Soc. for Ethical Culture, N. 
Y, 83-86 ; math, Stevens, 86-88, asst. prof, 88-99, 
prof, 99-06. Pres, Bristol Co, Waterbury, Conn. 
A.A; Meeh. Eng; Elec. Eng; Electrochem. Soc. 
Development of Bristol's recording instruments 
for pressure, temperature and electricity; record- 
ing pyrometer for temperature above 1000 F. 

Brittain, Prof. W(illiam) H(arold), Agricultural 
College, Truro, N. S, Can. Entomology. Fred- 
ericton, N. B, Sept. 30, 89. B.S. A, McGill, 11 ; 
M.S.A, Cornell, 20. biol, McGill, 11 ; pro- 
vincial entomologist and plant pathologist, B. 
C, 12-14; proviiicial entomologist, N. S, and 
prof, zool, Agr. Gal, Truror, 14- A.A. Fruit 

Brltton, Dr. Edgar C(lay), West Park Drive, 
Midland, Mich. Chemistry. Wabash, 11-14; 
A.B, Michigan. 15, Ph.D, 18. Teacher, pub. 
schools, Parke Co, Ind, 09-11 ; asst. gen. chem, 
Micliigan, 15-18, instr, org. chem, 18-20; re- 
search, Dow Chem. Co, 20- Scientific asst, U. 
S. Pub. Health Service, smmer, 17. Hetero- 
cyclic organic chemistry; the free radicle. 



Britton, Dr. N(athamel) L(ord), New York Bo- 
tanical Garden, Bronx, New York, N. Y* *Bot- 
any. New Dorp, S. I, N. Y, Jan. 15, 59. E.M, 
Columbia, 79, Ph.D, 81, hon. SeD, 04; LL.D, 
Pittsburgh, 12. Asst. geol, Columbia, 79-87. 
instr, bot, 87-90; adj. prof, 90-91, prof, 91-96, 
emer. prof, 96-; director-in-chief, N, . Bot. 
Garden, 96- Botanist and asst. geologist, N. J. 
Geol. Surv, 80-90; field asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
82 ; adviser in bot, Carnegie Institution, 02, biol. 
board, 08- Nat. Acad; A. A. (v. prcs, 96); 
Bot. Soc. (pres, 98, v, pres, 07, pres, 20) ; 
Am. Inst; Torrey Bot. Club (ed, 88-97); fel. 
N. Y. Acad. (v. pres, 01, pres, 07) ; N. Y. Hort. 
Soc; N. Y. Micros. Soc; hon. mem. Phila. Col. 
Pharmacy; Staten Isl. Nat. Sei. Ass. (pres, 88- 
91) ; Wash. Biol. Soc. American systematic 
botany; North American flora (Crassulaceae, 
Caetaceae, Cyperaceae) ; flora of the West In- 
dies, Bolivia and Paraguay. 

Britton, Mrs. N. L, (Elizabeth Gertrude), 2965 
Decatur Ave, Bronx, New York, N, Y. *Botanv. 
New York, Jan. 9, 58. N. Y. City Nor. Col, 75. 
Critic teacher pedag, training dept, N. Y. City 
Nor. Col, 75-82, teacher bot, 82-85; hon. assoc. 
instr. and curator moss collections, N. Y. Bot. 
Garden. Bot. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club (ed, 'Bui,' 
86-89). Anatomy and classification of mosses, 
especially of North America. 

Britton, Dr. W(ilton) E(verett), Agricultural 
Experiment Station, New Haven, Conn. Ento- 
mology, Botany. Marlboro, Mass, Sept. 18, 68. 
B.S, N. H. Col, 93; Cornell, 93-94; Ph.D, Yale. 
03. Horticulturist, Conn. Exp. Sta, 94^01, en- 
tomologist, and state entomologist, 01- Lec- 
turer entom, forest sch, Yale, 01-05; entomolo- 
gist, State Board of Agr, 04. A.A; Ass. Econ. 
Entom. (pres, 09); Entom. Soc; Conn. Pomol. 
and Bot. Societies; Wash. Entom. Soc. Nutri- 
tion of plants; life histories of insects; methods 
of combating injurious species; insects of Con- 
necticut; economic insects; flora of the North 
Haven (Conn) sand-plains. 

Broadhurst, Miss J(ean), Teachers College, New 
York, N. Y. Bacteriology. Stockton, N. J, Dec. 
29, 73. B.S, Teachers Col, Columbia, 03, A.M, 
Columbia, 08 ; Ph.D, Cornell, 14. Teacher, N. J. 
State Nor. Sch, 03-06; instr. piol, Teachers Col, 
Columbia, 06-14, asst. prof,' 14- A.A; Soc. 
Bact. (councilor) ; Torrey Bot. Club (assoc. ed). 

Brock, Prof. Henry M, S.J, Woodstock College, 
Woodstock, Md. Physics. Boston, Mass, May 
8, 76. A.B, Boston, 97; B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
00; Woodstock (Md), 03-05; Ore Seminary, 
England, 09-13. Prof, physics. Holy Cross. 05- 
09 ; WoodstocTc, 15- A.A ; Physical Soc ; Meteor. 
Soc. Methodology; scientific biography. 

Brock, Prof. R(eginald) W (alter), University of 
British Columbia, Vancouver, B. C, Can. Geol- 
ogy. Perth, Ont, Jan. 10, 74. Toronto, 90-92; 
M.A, Queen's (Can), 95; Heidelberg, 95, 00-01. 
Instr. miner, Sch. of Mining, Kingston, 96-97; 
geologist. Can. Geol. Surv, 97-08, director, 08- 
14; prof, geol, Sch. of Mining, 02-14; deputy 
commissioner mines, Can, 14-; dean, faculty ap- 
plied science, British Columbia. Major, C. E. F, 
1.5-19; consulting geologist, Egyptian E. F. 
Commissioner, Frank Landslide Inquiry, 03; 
Int. Geol. Cong. A.A. (v. pres, 09) ; Geol. Soc; 
Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. Soc; fel. Royal Soc. 

Can. (gen. sec 'y) ; Can. Min. Inst. Economic 

Brode, Prof. H(oward) S(tidliam), Whitman Col- 
lege, Walla Walla, Wash. Zoology. Stark Co, 
III, Aug. 28, 66. Fellow, Chicago, 94-96, B.S, 
Ph.D, 96. Asst. zool, Illinois, 89-93; prof, biol, 
Whitman, 99- Instr, Wood.s Hole, 95; director 
Puget Sound Biol. Sta, 09-17. A.A; Ecol. Soc; 
Soc. Mammal; West. Soc. Nat. Morphology of 

Brodel, Prof. Max, .Johns Hopkins Medical School, 
Baltimore, Md. Medical illustration. Leipzig, 
Germany, June 8, 70. Acad, of Fine Arts, Leip- 
zig, 85-90. Instr. art applied to med, Hopkins, 
05-06, assoc. prof, 06- Ass. Anat; hon. mem. 
]\Id. Med. and Chirurg. Faculty. Embryology; 
methods of scientific illustration. 

Broderson, Dr. H(enry) J(olm), 318 Cleveland 
Ave, Whiting, lud. Chemistry. Minneapolis, 
Minn, Oct. 7, 83. A.B, Nebraska, 09; A.M, 
Kansas, 11 ; Ph.D, Cornell, 13. Instr. chem, 
Illinois, 13-17; chemist, Standard Oil Co. of 
Ind, 17- Petroleum products. 

Brodie, E(enton) K(irkwood), Proctor and Gam- 
ble Co, Ivorydale, Ohio. Chemistry. Portland, 
Oregon, Sept. 12, 87. B.S, Oregon Col, 08; Chi- 
cago, 10, M.S, 11. Instr. chem, Oregon Col, 09- 

12, asst. prof. 13-15, assoc. prof, 15-18; fellow, 
Mellon Inst, 18-20; chemist. Proctor and Gam- 
ble Co, SO- A.A; Chem. Soc. Oil; fat; soap; 

Brokaw, Dr. Albert D(udley), 90 West St, New 
York, N. Y. Geology. Granville, 111, Oct. 9, 
80. B.S, Chicago, 08, fellow, 10-11, Ph.D. 

13. Lecture asst. chem, Chicago, 08-10, asst, 
11-12, instr. miner, and econ. geol, 12-13, 
asst. prof, 14-18, assoc. prof, 18-19; consulting 
geologist, 19- Chem. Soc. Solution of gold in 
the surface alteration of ore bodies; precipita- 
tion of gold; paraffin dirt of the gulf coast oil 

Bronfenbrenner, Prof. J(acques) J(acob), 48 
Francis St, Brookline.. Mass. Bacteriology. 
Cherson, Russia, Nov. 21, 83. Imperial Univ, 
Odessa, 02-06; Pasteur Inst, Paris, 07-09; 
Ph.D, Columbia, 12; D.P.H, Harvard, 19. Asst, 
Pasteur Inst, Paris, 08-09 ; scholar, fellow and 
asst. Rockefeller Inst, 09-13 ; director, research 
and diagnostic laboratories, West. Pa. Hosp, 
Pittsburgh, 13-17; asst. prof. prev. med. and 
hygiene, Ilarvard, 17- A.A; Soc. Bact; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Ass. Immunol; Soc. Exp. Biol; 
Ass. Tuber; Chem. Soc; Ass. Endocrinol; Co- 
lumbia Biochem. Ass. (v. pres, 16). Immunity; 
anaphylaxis; serum ferments; food poisoning; 
identification of bacteria. 

Brenner, Dr. Augusta F(ox), 40 Court St, Boston, 
Mass. Psychohiqti. Louisville, Ky, July 22, 81. 
B.S, Columbia, 06, A.M, 10. Ph.D, 14. Teacher 
English, Louisville Girls High Sch, 06-11; asst. 
educ, Teachers Col, Columbia, 11-13; clin. psy- 
chologist. Psychopathic Inst, Chicago, 13-17; 
assoc. director. Judge Baker Foundation, 17- 
Psychol. Ass; Psychopath. Ass. Juvenile delin- 
quency ; educational psychology ; tests. 

Bronson, Prof. Howard L(ogan), Dalhousie Uni- 
versity, Halifax, N. S, Can. Phrisies. Wash- 
ington, Conn, July 12, 78. A.B, Yale, 00, Ph.D, 
04. Instr. physics, Lehigh, 00-01 ; asst, Yale, 



01-04; demonstrator, McGill, 04-07, lecturer, 
07-09, asst. prof, 09-10; Munro prof, Bal- 
housie, 10- A.A; Physical Soc; fel. Eoyal Soc. 
Can; N. S. Inst, (pres, 18-20). Radioactivity; 
high resistances; standard cells. 

Brooke, Will(iam) E(llsworth), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics, 
Engineering. Minier, 111, Oct. 7, 70. B.C.E, 
Nebraska, 92, A.M, 96. Fellow and asst. math, 
Nebraska, 94^97; instr, high sch, Omaha, 97- 
01; math, and mech, Minnesota, 01-05, asst. 
prof, and prof, 05-12, head prof, 12- A.A; 
Math. Soc; Eng. Educ; Math. Verein; Circolo 
Mat. di Palermo. Irrational integrals. 

Brookover, Prof. Cha(rle)s, University of Louis- 
ville, Louisville, Ky. Zoology. Adams Co, Ohio, 
March 11, 70. B.Ped, Ohio (Athens), 94, M.S, 
98; Columbia, 00-01; Chicago, 07-08, Ph.D, 10. 
Asst. prof, biol, Colo. Col, 98-01; prof. nat. 
science, Buchtel, 01-13; histol. and embryol, Ar- 
kansas, 13-17 ; anat, histol. and embryol, Louis- 
ville, 17- A.A; Ass. Anat; Micros. Soc. (pres, 
14) ; Ohio Acad. Human and comparative em- 
bryology; nasal apparatus of Amia calva and of 

Brooks, Alfred H(ulse), U. S. Geological Survey, 
Washington, D. C. *Geology. Ann Arbor, 
Mich, July 18, 71. Stuttgart, 89-90; Munich, 
90-91; B.S, Harvard, 94; Paris, 97-98; Sc.D, 
Colgate, 20. Asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
94-01, geologist, 01-02, geologist in charge, div. 
Alaskan mineral resources, 03- Daly gold 
medal, Am. Geog. Soc, 13 ; Maltebrun gold 
medal, Soc. geog. de Paris, 13. Lieut, col, corps 
engineers, and chief geologist, A.E.F, 17-18. 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. Soc; 
As.s. Geog; Explorers Club; Wash. Acad; Soc. 
Beige de G6ol. Stratigraphic, economic and 
general geology; geography, geology and min- 
eral resources of Alaska; military geology. 

Brooks, Allan, Okanagan Landing, B. C, Can. 
Ornithology. Etawah, N. W. P, India, Feb. 15, 
69. Mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal; Cooper 
Ornith Club; Wash. Biol. Soc; cor. mem. Lon- 
don Zool. Soc; British Ornith. Union; Bombay 
Nat. Hist. Soc. Mammalogy; fauna of British 

Brooks, A(lonzo) B(eecher), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Forestry. French 
Creek, W. Va, May 6, 73. B.S.A, West Virginia, 
12. Forester, W. Va. Geol. Surv, 10-11 ; W. Va. 
Exp. Sta, 13-16; forest pathologist, "bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, JL7- Ecol. Soc; Soc. 
Foresters. Forests of West Virginia; chestnut 
blight; white pine blister rust. 

Brooks, Prof. Ansel, Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Mechanics. Worcester, Mass, 76. 
Ph.B, Yale, 98, M.E, 01. Asst. mech. eng, Yale, 
98-01; instr. mech, Brown, 03-04, asst. prof, 
04-08, assoc. prof, 08- A.A; Mech. Eng. Aero- 

Brooks, Dr. Benjamin T(albott), Chemists Club, 
52 E. 41st St, New York, N. Y. Chemistry. 
Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 29, 85. A.B, Ohio State, 
06; Ph.D^ Gottingen, 12. Asst. chemist. Bur. 
Standards, 06-07; research chemist, Bur. Sci- 
ence, P. I, 07-11; fellow, Mellon Inst, 12-17; 
prof. chem. eng, Pittsburgh, 13-17; chief chem- 
ist, Commercial Research Co, 17-18, consulting 

chemist, 18- Chem. Soc; London Soc. Chem. 
Indust; London Inst. Petrol. Technol. Organic 
chemistry; petroleum; gasolene by cracking; es- 
sential oils. 

Brooks, Dr. Charles, U. S. Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D. C. Plant pathology. 
Salem, Ind, April 4, 72. A.B, Indiana, 04 ; A.M, 
Missouri, 05, Ph.D, 08. Instr. bot, N. H. Col. 
05-06, prof, and botanist, Exp. Sta, 06-12; 
pathologist, bur. plant indust, V. S. Dept. Agr, 
T2- Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc. (v. pres, 17); 
Wash. Bot. Soc. Fruit diseases, especially those 
of apples. 

Brooks, Dr. Charles E(dward), Gay Building, 
Madison, Wis. Mathematics. Baltimore, Md, 
Aug. 26, 79. A.B, Hopkins, 00, Ph.D, 04. Com- 
puter, Prudential Ins. Co, 04-05 ; actuary, South. 
Life Ins. Co, 06-09 ; instr. math, and insurance. 
Northwestern, 10-13; asst. prof, California, 1.5- 
17, insurance, 15-17; actuary, Carnegie Founda- 
tion Adv. Teaching and Teachers Ins. and An- 
nuity Ass, 17-19; consulting actuary, 19- Lec- 
turer, Hopkins, 09; consultant, Bur. War Risk 
Ins, 17. Medal, Panama-Pacific Expos, 15. 
Math. Soc; Econ. Ass; Inst. Actuaries. Eco- 
nomics of insurance. 

Brooks, Dr. Charles F(ranklin), U. S. Weather 
Bureau, Washington, D. C. Meteorology, Clima- 
tology. St. Paul, Minn, May 2, 91. A.B, 
Harvard, 11, A.M, 12; Ph.D, 14. Research 
asst. Blue Hill Observatory, 12-13; asst. physi- 
cal geog. and meteorol. Harvard, 13-14; instr. 
geog, Yale, 15-18; meteorologist, U. S. Weather 
Bur, 18- Asst, office farm management, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 14-18; asst. instr. meteorol, Sig. S, 
18; assoc. ed, 'Monthly Weather Rev,' 18-19. 
A.A; fel. Meteor. Soc. (sec'y, 20); Ass. Geog. 
(v. pres, 20); Am. Geog. Soc; Seismol. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Philos. Soc. Snowfall of 
the United States; seasonal work on farm 
crops; ocean temperatures in long-range fore- 
casting; clouds. 

Brooks, Prof. Clyde, University, Ala. Physiology. 
Paris, Mo, Aug. 30, 79. A.B, Missouri, 05; fel- 
low, Chicago, 06-07, 08-09, Ph.D, 11, M.D, 
Rush Med. Col, 13. Asst. physiol, Missouri, 05; 
instr. physiol. and pharmaeol, Washington (St. 
Louis), 07-08; asst. pharmaeol. and exp. thera- 
peut, Chicago, 09-10; instr. physiol. and phar- 
maeol, Pittsburgh, 10-11, asst. prof, 11-16; 
prof, and head, dept. physiol, physiol. chem. and 
Pharmacol, Ohio State, 16-20 ; prof, physiol. and 
physiol. chem. and dean, sch. med, Alabama, 20- 
A.A; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Pharmacol; Am. Med. 
Ass; Ass. Prof. The circulation; blood pres- 
sure ; physiology of central nervous system ; ex- 
perimental therapeutics. 

Brooks, Fred E(mest), French Creek, W. Va. 
Entomology, Mammalogy. French Creek, June 
8, 68, Pub. sch; Buckhannon Business Col. 
Entomologist, dcciduoxis-fruit insect investiga- 
tions, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr. Assoc, en- 
tomologist, W. Va. Exp. Sta, 03-10; statist, 
agent for W. Va, bur. statist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
04-08; lecturer agr, farmers' institutes. A.A; 
Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. Soc; Soc. Mammal; 
W. Va. Hort. Soc. (sec'y-treas, 02-09). Insect 
enemies of grapes and apples; feeding habits 
of mice, moles and shrews; boring insects of 
fruit trees; codling moth; nut attacking insects. 



Brooks, Dr. Harlow, 47 W. Ninth St, New York, 
N. Y. Pathology, Internal medicine. Medo, 
Minn, March 31, 61. M.D, Michigan, 95; Frei- 
burg, 98. Prof. din. vied, Univ. and Bellevue 
Hosp. Med. Col, 08- Pathologist, N. Y. Zool. 
Park; visiting physician, N. Y. City Hosp. and 
Montcfiore Hosp; consulting physician, Mem. 
Hosp; Both Israel, and otliors. Col, M. R. C. 
A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. 
Physicians; Harvey Soe; N. Y. Path. Soc; N. Y. 
Zool. Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Pathological anat- 
omy; internal medicine. 

Brooks, H(erbert) B(arton), Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Washington, D. C. Physics- New Bremen, 
Ohio, Jan. 25, 69. M.E.(E.E), Ohio State, 03. 
Asst. physics, Ohio State, 00-02, elec. eng, 02- 
03; lab. asst, Bur. Standards, 03-05, asst. phys- 
icist, 05-10, assoc. physicist, 10-18, physicist, 
18- Physical Soe; Elec. Eng. Precision elec- 
trial measurements; potentiometer; moving-coil 
galvanometers; ratio and phase angle of instru- 
ment transformers. 

Brooks, Dt. Herbert T(homas), 1100 Title Insur- 
ance Building, Los Angeles, Calif. Medicine. 
Walton, Tex, March 2, 82. A.B, Presbyterian 
(S. C), 01; M.D. Tennessee, 06; Harvard Med. 
Sch, 10, 13; Vienna, 12, 14. Prof, path, Ten- 
nesse, 11-18, dean, col. med, 13-17; assoc. prof. 
med, Sotithern California, 18- Ass. Path, and 

Brooks, Pres. John P(ascal), Clarkson College of 
Technology', Potsdam, N. Y. Civil engineering. 
Kittery, Maine, Sept. 24, 61. B.S, Dartmouth, 
85, M.S, 93, Sc.D, 15. Instr. civil eng. Lehigh, 
90-97; prof, Kentucky, 97-06; assoc. prof, Illi- 
nois, 06-11; pres, Clarkson Col. Tech, 11- 
Assoc. mem. Civil Eng. Street railway location; 
the hearing power of earth; stresses in high- 
way bridge trusses. 

Brooks, Prof. Morgan, University of Illinois, Ur- 
hana. 111. Engineering. Boston, Mass, March 
12, 61. Ph.B, Brown, 81; M.E, Stevens, 83. 
Practising engineer, 83-98; prof. elec. eng, Ne- 
braska, 98-01; Illinois, 01- Occasional lec- 
turer, Minnesota, 93-98. Mech. Eng; Elec. 
Eng; Ilium. Eng. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; West. 
Soc. Eng. Alternating currents and telephony; 
self -synchronizing of alternators; reactance 

Brooks, Dr. S(umner) C(uslung), Hygienic Labo- 
ratory, Washington, D. C. Physiology. Sapporo, 
Japan, Aug. 17, 88. B.S, Mass. Col, 10; Ph.D, 
Harvard, 16. Biochemist, research inst, Nat. 
Dental Ass, 16; research fellow. Western Re- 
serve, 17; tropical med, Harvard Med. Sch, 17- 
19; assoc. prof, physiol. and biochem, Bryn 
Mawr, 19-20; biologist, hygienic lab, U. S. Pub. 
Health Service, 20- A.A; Chem. Soc; Bot. Soc. 
I'crmealtility of plant cells to elcctrob'tes ; 
uranium poisoning; biological effects of light; 

Brooks, Dr. W(illia)ra P(enn), Amherst, Mass. 
.igronomy. NorwoU, Mass, Nov. 19, 51. B.S, 
Mass. Col", 75 ; Ph.D, Halle, 97 ; Nogaku Hakushi, 
Japan, 18. Prof, agr. Imp. Col. Agr, Sapporo, 
Japan, 77-89; prof, agr, Mass. Col, and agri- 
culturist, Hatch Exp. Sta, 89-05, acting pres. 
and director, 05-06, director and agriculturist, 
Mass. Exp. Sta, 06-18, consulting agriculturist, 

18- Pres. ad. interim. Imp. Col. Agr, Japan, 
80-83, 86-87. Awards, Columbian and Pan-Am. 
Expositions. A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Pub. 
Health Ass; Mass. Forestry Ass. Plant nutri- 
tion; agriculture; poultry. 

Brooks, Prof. William R(obert), Smith Observa- 
tory, Geneva, N. Y. Astronomy, Physics. Maid- 
stone, England, June 11, 44. English and Am. 
pub. and private schools; hon. A.M, Hobart, 91 ; 
Sc.D, Hamilton, 98. Director, Red House Ob- 
servatory, Phelps, N. Y, 72-88; Smith Observa- 
tory, 88-, prof, astron, Hobart, 00-; William 
Smith, 08- Ten medals. Pacific Astron. Soe; 
ten Warner gold prizes; Lalande medal, Paris 
Acad; gold medal, La. Purchase Expos, 04; 
medal, Soc. Astron. de Mex. A.A; fel. Royal 
Astron. Soc. Comets (27 discovered); nebulae; 
solar, planetary and double star observations; 
celestial photography. 

Broomall, Henry L(ewis), 1302 Commonwealth 
Building, PhiladeUipia, Pa. Anthropology. 
Chester, Pa, April 12, 60. Swarthmre, 73-77. 
A.A; Anthrop. Ass; Del. Co. (Pa) Inst. Sci. (v. 
pres, 95-12); Phila. Acad. Linguistics; Span- 
ish dialects; El Moro inscriptions; nautical Eng- 
lish ; grammar and phonetics in living Indo- 
European languages; psychological processes in 
acquisition and loss of the vernacular. 

Brossard, Prof. E(dgar) B(ernard), Logaa, Utah. 
Agriculture. Oxford, Idaho, April 1, 89. B.S, 
Utah Col, 11; M.S, Minnesota, 17, Ph.D, 20. 
Instr. math, Utah Col, 09-10; farm management 
demonstrator for Utah, 14-16; instr. farm man- 
agement, Minnesota, 18-19; prof, Utah Col, and 
in charge farm management and farm economics 
investigations, Exp. Sta, 19- Farm Econ. Ass. 
Farm management; farm economics; farming 
in Utah. 

Brotherton, Wilber, Jr, 1115 Ferdon Road, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Botany. Detroit, Mich. March 1, 
96. A.B, Michigan, 16, M.S, 17. Asst. pathol- 
ogist, office cotton, truck and forage crop disease 
investigations, bur. plant iiidust, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 18- Bot. Soc. Genetics; disease resist- 
ance in plants. 

Brown, Dr. Alfred J(erome), National Bank 
Building, Omaha, Neb. Surgery. New York, 
Aug. 27, 78. A.B, Yale, 99; M.D, Columbia, 
03. Asst. anat, Columbia, 09-11, instr, 11-18; 
major, M.C, 18-19; asst. prof, surg, col. med, 
Nebraska, 19- Ass. Anat; Col. Surg; fel. N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Posterior cardinal-omphalomesen- 
teric communications in adult mammals; per- 
forated ulcer in typhoid fever; eephalic tetanus; 
localization of foreign bodies in body tissues. 

Brown, Bailey E(dgar), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. ChemiRtry. 
Cookeville, Tenn, Nov. 10, 79. B.S, Ala. Poly- 
tech, 99, M.S, 00. Meat inspector, Birmingham, 
Ala, 00; chemist, Dinimick Cast Iron Pipe and 
Foundry Co, 00-01; biochemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
01- Detailed by U. S. Dept. Agr, asst. prof, 
exp. agron. Pa. State, 07-11. Soc. Agron. 
Fertilizer requirements of soil types. 

Brown, Bamum, American Museum of Natural 
lli.storv. New York, N. Y. Vertebrate paleon- 
tology. Carbondale, Kans, Feb. 12, 73. A.B, 
Kansas, 07. Asst. curator, dept. vert, paleont, 



Am. Museum Nat. Hist, 97-11, assoc. curator, 
11- Fossil hunting expeditions to various 
places in North and South Am, 97- Geol. Soc; 
Paleont. Soc; Kans. Acad. Economic geology; 
oil and gas; Pleistocene mammals; Cretaceous 
and Jurassic dinosaurs; Cretaceous birds. 

Brown, Baxter L(amont), Merchants-Laclede 
Building, St. Louis, Mo. Civil engineering. 
Rush, N. Y, June 20, 64. Pub. schools. Chief 
engineer, St. Louis Valley Railway, 01-05; 
practising engineer, 05- Civil Eng; St. Louis 
Eng. Club (pres, 19). 

Brown, Prof. Benjamin H, Walla Walla, Wash. 
Physics. Wis, 66. A.B, Ripon, 94, A.M, 96. 
Prof, physics, Whitman, 95- A. A; Physical 
Soc ; Ass. Prof. Pulling loads. 

Brown, Dr. Calvin S(mith), University, Miss. 
Geolopy, Archeology. Obion Co, Tenn, Feb. 13, 
66. B.S, Vanderbilt, 88, M.S, 91, Sc.D, 92; 
Ph.D, Colorado, 99; Paris and Leipzig, 94-95; 
Spain, Italy and Greece, 03-04. Instr. English, 
Vanderbilt,' 95-96; eomp. lit, Colorado, 98-00; 
acting prof, modern languages, Mississippi, 02; 
acting asst. prof. Eomance languages, Missouri, 
04-05 ; prof, Mississippi, 05- Collector of flora 
of Azores; archeologist, Miss. Geol. Surv. A.A; 
Anthrop. Ass; Soc. des Am^ricanistes. Coal 
flora of Tracy City, Tenn; lignite of Missis- 
sippi; archeology of Mississippi. 

Brown, Charles Barto, Frederick M. Ward Co, 
New Haven, Conn. Civil engineering. New 
Haven, Conn, Sept. 22, 73. Ph.B, Yale, 94, C.E, 
96. Prof, railroad eng, Maine, 08-16, civil eng, 
16-19; salesman, Frederick W. Ward Co, 19- 
A.A; Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; Soc. Test. Mat. 
Cement, concrete, brick and stone. 

Brown, Prof. Charles Carroll, 803 Lincoln Ave, 
Valparaiso, Ind. Civil engineering. Austinburg, 
Ohio, Oct. 4, 56. Cornell, 74-75; C.E, Michigan, 
79; hon. A.M, 13. Prof, civil eng. Rose, 83-86; 
Union, 86-93 ; city engineer, Indianapolis, 93- 
95; asst. city engineer, Omaha, 96-97; asst. ed, 
'Munic. Eng. Magazine,' 97-99, ed. -in-chief, 00- 
17; prof, civil eng, Valparaiso, 17-, dean, 
col. applied sciences, 19- Consulting engi- 
neer, N. Y. State Board of Health, 87-93, 
and for many cities. Civil Eng; Soc. Munic. 
Improv. (past pres, sec'y, 13); Water Works 
Ass; Ind. Eng. Soc; 111. Eng. Soc. Stream pol- 
lution;^ sewage disposal; sewerage; water sup- 
ply; geodetic surveys; paving; effect of varia- 
tions of rainfall on water powers ; calcareous 
cements and their uses; water purification; irri- 
gation; asphalt and concrete. 

Brown, Prof. Charles S(umner), South Ave, Van- 
derbilt Campus, Nashville, Tenn. Mechanical 
engineering. East Hampton, Conn, Aug. 23, 60. 
Ph.B, Yale, 83, M.E, 88. Practising engineer, 
8488 ; instr. machine design and supt. work- 
shops. Rose, 88-89, prof, steam eng. and machine 
design, 89-96; adj. prof. mech. eng, Vanderbilt, 
96-98, prof, 9S- Mech. Eng; Eng. Ass. of the 
South; Franklin Inst. Power plant economy; 
methods of heating by steam and hot water. 

Brown, Prof. Charles W(ilson), Brown University, 
Providence, R. I. Geology, Geography. Overton, 
Nebr, Aug. 11, 74. Boston, 96-97; Ph.B, 
Brown, 00, A.M, 01; Harvard, 03-04. Asst. 

geol. Brown, 00-01; principal, high sch, War- 
ren, R. I, 01-03; instr. geol, Lehigh, 04-05; 
instr. geol. and head of dept, Broicn, 05-06, 
asst. prof, 06-13, assoc. prof, 13- Field asst, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 02-03, geol. aid, 04-08; asst. 
geol, summer sch, Harvard, 03 ; supt, Nat. 
Resources Surv. of R. I, 09- A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Am. Geog. Soc; Seismol. Soc; Harvard Trav- 
ellers Club; Phila. Geog. Soc. Areal geol- 
ogy of Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island; 
geology of Penobscot Bay; the Jamaica earth- 
quake; geography of Providence, R. I; graphite 
of Rhode Island; geology of Mt. Desert, Maine. 

Brown, Prof. D(enton) J(acol)s), University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. Chemistry. Hampton, 
Pa, April 13, 82. A.B, Texas, 10; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 18. Instr. chem, Texas, 10-14; asst. prof, 
Tex. Col, 15-17; instr, Texas, 17-18; assoc. 
prof, Nebraska, 18- Chem. Soc. Electro- 
analysis; peroxids; oxidation and reduction. 

Brown, E(dgar), Lanham, Md. Botany. Farm- 
ington, N. Y, Sept. 25, 71. Ph.B, Union, 95. 
Botanist in charge, seed lab, V. S. Dept. Agr, 
0^- A.A; Wash. Acad. Seed testing. 

Brown, Prof. E(dgar) D(ewight), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis. Minn. Pharmacology. 
Albion, N. Y, April 4, 69. Ph.G, N. Y. Col. of 
Pharmacy, 98, Phar.D, 99; M.D, Western Re- 
serve, 02. Demonstrator pharmacol. and mat. 
med. Western Reserve, 03-06, instr. pharmacol, 
06-07 ; asst. prof. mat. vied, and pharmacol, 
Minnesota, 07-09, prof, 09- A.A ; Physiol. Soc ; 
Soc. Pharmacol; Am. Med. Ass. 

Brown, Edward L(eroy), 3324 Zuni St, Denver, 
Colo. Mathematics. Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 
29, 66. A.B, Capital Univ, Columbus, 86; 
Ohio State, 87-88; A.M, Cornell, 90. Teacher 
math, Clinton Liberal Inst, Ft. Plain, N. Y, 
90-91; Halsey Col. Inst, N. Y, 91-92; instr. 
math, and astron, Lehigh, 92-94; prof, Capital 
Univ, 94-96; instr. math, Colorado, 97-98; 
head, dept. math, North Side High Sch, Denver, 
98-00, principal, 00- Lecturer math, Texas- 
Colo. Chautauqua, summer, 98. Math. Soc; 
Colo. Math. Soc. (pres, 07-09). The ellipse. 

Brown, Prof. Ernest W(illiam), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. * Mathematics. Hull, Eng- 
land, Nov. 29, 66. A.B, Cambridge, 87, A.M, 
91, fellow, Christ's Col, 89-95, D.Sc. 97, hon. 
fellow, 12-; hon. Sc.D, Adelaide, 14. Instr. 
math, Haverford, 91-93, prof, applied math, 93- 
00, math, 00-07; Yale, 07- Assoc, ed, 'Jour. 
Astron, ' 11- Medal, Royal Astron. Soc, and J. C. 
Adams prize, Cambridge, 07; Pontecoulant 
prize, Paris Acad. Sci, 10; Bruce gold medal. 
Pacific Astron. Soc, 20. A.A. (v. pres, 09-) ; 
Math. Soc. (ed, 'Trans,' 00-07, 'Bui,' 10-, v. 
pres, 04, pres, 14-16) ; Astron. Soc; Philos. Soc; 
Am. Acad; fel. Royal Soc; fel. Royal Astron. Soc; 
fel. London Math. Soc; fel. Cambridge Philos. 
Soc. Lunar theory; celestial mechanics; new 
lunar theory and tables; periodic orbits; Trojan 
group of asteroids; rotational motion of a 
fluid ; evolution of nebulae and solar system. 

Brown, Prof. F(ay) C(luff), 330 Newark St, 
Washington, D. C. *Physics. Washington, 
Ohio, Nov. 23, 81. A.B, Indiana, 04; A.M, Illi- 
nois, 06; fellow, Princeton, 07-08, Ph.D, OS. 



Instr. in charge physics, high sch, Decatur, 111, 
03-04; instr. physics, Illinois, 04-07; Iowa, 09- 
10, asst. prof, 10-13, assoc. prof, Iowa, 13-19; 
major, ordnance dept, U.S. A, 18-19; scientific 
asst. to director, Bur. Standards, 19- A.A; 
Physical Soc; Wash. Acad. Physical properties 
of selenium cells and selenium crystals; heats 
of solution of milk sugars; radioactivity and 
thermionics; electron theory; process of freez- 
ing; ballistics of airplane drop bombs. 

Brown, Dr. Forest B(uffen) H(arkness), Bishop 
Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii. Botany. Rushville, 
N. Y, Dec. 11, 73. A.B, Michigan, 02, M.S, 03; 
Ph.D, Yale, 18. Instr, Mich. Nor. Col, 98-00; 
curator, bot. garden, Michigan, 08-09; in charge 
bot. gardens and instr. plant anat, Ohio State, 
11-16; research fellow, Yale, 18-19; botanist, 
Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 19- With Mich. Biol. 
Surv, 03-15. A.A; Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Mich. 
Acad; Ohio Acad. Plant anatomy; ecology; 
Hawaiian woody plants. 

Brown, Prof. F(rank) E(merson), Iowa State 
College, Ames, Iowa. Chemistry. Cuba, Kans, 
Feb. 5, 82. B.S, Chicago, 13, Ph.D, 18. Teacher, 
pub. schools. Republic Co, Kans, 99-02; princi- 
pal, Portis, 05-07; supt. Hill City, 07-09; Col- 
linsville, Okla, 11-12; teacher chem, junior col. 
and high sch, Fresno, Calif, 14; Cent. Y. M. C. 
A, Chicago, 14-16; asst. prof, loica State, 17- 
18, assoe. prof, 18- Chem. Soc. (sec'y-treas, 
Ames sect, 18) ; Iowa Acad. Surface tension; 
methyl chlorid; hydrogen concentration in soils; 
potassium chlorate; manganese salts. 

Brown, Frederick L(yons), 1107 Cleveland St, 
Kvanston, 111. Astronomy, Physics. Mexico 
City, Mex, Oct. 23, 90. A.B, Park, 14; A.M, 
Northwestern, 16. Instr. astron, Northwestern, 
16-17, math, 19- With Sig. C, U.S.A, 17-19. 
Astron. Soc. Physical optics ; the cluster N.G.C 

Brown, G(eorge) H(erbert), Rutgers College, New 
Brunswick, N. J. Ceramics. Miamisburg, Ohio, 
May 18, 84. Cer.E, Ohio State, 08. Asst. 
ceramic chemist. Bur. Standards, 10-14, assoc, 
14-16; director, dept. ceramics, Eutgers, 16- 
Ceramic engineer, Hydraulic Press Brick Co. 
A.A; Ceramic Soc. (pres, 17) ; Chem. Soc. 
Porcelain; kaolins; refractories; structural clay 
products; enameled iron. 

Brown, Prof. G(eorge) L(lncolii), Brookings, S. 
Dak. Mathematics, Astronomy. Bates Co, Mo, 
.Ian. 25, 69. B.S, Missouri, 92, fellow, 92-93, 
M.S, 93; fellow, Chicago, 94-96, Ph.D, 00. 
Instr. math, high sch, Rock Island, 111, 96; 
prof, S. Dale. Col, 97-, acting pres, 08, dean of 
faculty. 10-, acting pres, 14, 18-19. A.A; Math. 
Soc. The linear tran.sformation group of order 
3 X 360. 

Brown, Prof. Glenn V(inton), Bucknell Univer- 
sity, Lcwisburg, Pa. Chemistry. Baltimore, Md, 
June 7, 75. Ph.B, Dickinson, 98, A.M, 99; Hop- 
kins, 98-99; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 10. Instr. 
physics, Pennsylvania, 07-09; prof, St. John's 
(Brooklvn, N. Y), 10-11; Teachers Col. 
(H.M.S), 11-12; chcm.eng,Bucl-ncll, 12- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Ass. Prof; N. Y. Chemists Club. 
Colorimetry; manganese; electrolysis. 

Brown, Harry B(ates), Agricultural College, Miss. 
Botany. Delphi, Ind, June 9, 76. A.B, Indiana, 
06, A.M, 07. Instr. bot, Indiana, summer, 07 ; 
Cornell, 08-11; 2'rof, Miss. Agr. Col, 11-15, 
plant breeding, Exp. Sta, 15-, v. director, 19- 
A.A; Bot. Soc. Algal periodicity; mycology; 
development of Xylaria ; development and poi- 
sonous properties of Claviceps paspali; anatomy 
of plant hybrids; heredity in cotton and corn. 

Brown, Harry Fletcher, duPont Building, Wil- 
mington, Del. Chemistry. Natick, Mass, July 
10, 67. A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, 92. Chief 
chemist, torpedo sta, bur. of ordnance, U. S. 
Navy Dept, 93-00 ; Int. Smokeless Powder and 
Chemical Co, 00-01, general supt, 01-15; chem- 
ical director, E. I. duPont de Nemours and Co, 
04-11, director, 11-15, v. pres, 15- Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Cliem. Eng. Smokeless powder. 

Brown, Dr. H(arry) P(hilip), New York State 
College of Forestry, Syracuse, N. Y. Botany. 
W. Winfield, N. Y, March 29, 87. A.B, Cornell, 
09, A.M, 10, Ph.D, 14. Xylotomist, U. S. Forest 
Service, 11; instr. bot, Cornell, 12-14; asst. prof . 
forest bot, N. Y. State Col. Forestry, Syracuse, 
15-17, prof, wood technol, 18- A.A; Bot. Soc. 
Dendro-tcchnology ; growth in forest trees; 
trees of NeAv York State; medullary spots. 

Brown, Prof. James Greenlief, 703 University 
Ave, Tucson, Ariz. Botany. St. Clair, Mich. 
Nov. 21, 80. B.S, Chicago, 16, M.S, 17. Teacher 
science, Cebu Nor. Sch, P. I, 04-07; instr. bot, 
Arizona, 09-15, asst. prof, 16-20, prof, plant 
path, 20- Director, plant disease surv. of Ariz. 
A.A; Ecol. Soc; West. Soc. Nat. Experimental 
morphology and cytology. 

Brown, Dr. J(araes) Howard, Rockefeller Insti- 
tute, Princeton, N. J. Bacteriology. Jackson- 
ville, 111, May 18, 84. B.S, lU. Col, 06; M.S, 
Illinois, 09; Ph.D, Harvard, 17. Austin teach- 
ing fellow and asst. comp. path. Harvard Med. 
Sch, 12-17; in charge sera production, Rocke- 
feller Inst, and Auxiliary Lab. No. 1, U.S.A. and 
N, 17-19, assoc, 19- Animal pathology; blood 
transfusion; streptococci from milk-borne epi- 
demics of tonsilitis; use of blood-agar for the 
study of streptococci. 

Brown, Dr. John W(esley), Cleveland Electric 
Metals Co, Cleveland, Ohio. Industrial clicm- 
istry. Rye, N. H, July 23, 77. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 00; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 03. Asst. anal, 
chem, Mass. Inst. Tech, 00-01, instr. theoret. 
chem, 03-06; director, research lab, Nat. Carbon 
Co, 06-12; pres, Cleveland Electro Metals Co, 
12- Chem. Soc. (treas, N. E. sect, 04) ; 
Electrochem. Soc. Catalysis in sulphuric acid 
solution; rate of the decomposition of hydrogen 
peroxid complex compounds; partition coeffi- 
cient of sulphurous and various other acids; in- 
vestigation of dry cells, ^vith special reference 
to ignition service; improvement of wet and dry 
primary cells an<l of carbon products for elec- 
trical uses; smelting of aluminum. 

Brown, Prof. Joseph G(rant), 1013 Ramona St, 
Palo Alto, Calif. Phy.sics. Stillman A^alley, 111, 
Feb. 8, 69. A.B, Stanford, 01, A.M, 03. Instr. 
physics and chem. 111. Nor. Univ, 94-98 ; 
physics, Stanford, 01-06, asst. prof, 06- A.A; 
assoc. Phvsical Soc. 



Brown, Prof. Julius Arthur, American Univer- 
sity, Beirut, Syria. Astronomy. New York, N. 
Y, May 8, 80. A.B, Dartmouth, 02, A.M, 04; 
Rhodes scholar, Oxford, 04-07, B.Sc, 06. Instr. 
phvsics, Dartmouth, 03-04; demonstrator, Ox- 
ford, 07; asst. prof, Dartmouth, 08-09; prof, 
Syrian Protestant Col, Beirut, Syria, 09-14; 
lecturer, Columbia, 15-17; prof, astron. and 
director, Observatory, Am. Univ, Beirut, Syria, 
17- Research asst, Yerkcs Observatory, 04. 
A.A; Physical Soc. Conduction of electricity 
in gases; meteorology. 
Brown, Dr. Lawrason, 104 Main St, Saranac 
Lake, N. Y. Clinical medicine. Baltimore, 
Md, Sept. 29, 71. A.B, Hopkins, 95, M.D, 00. 
Res. physician, Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, 
01-12. A.A; Climat. Ass; Ass. Tuber; Am. 
Physicians. Pulmonary tu))erculosis ; immunity 
from tuberculosis. 
Brown, Prof. Linwood A (mold), 819 S. Limestone 
St, Lexington, Ky. ChcmiMry. Hawesville, Ky, 
Sept. 21, 81. Phar.D, Louisville Col. Pharmacy, 
03; Ph.C, Michigan, 04. Asst. chem, Michigan, 
" 04-05 ; asst. chemist, Canadian Copper Co, 05 ; 
Merck and Co, 05-06; asst. prof, pharmacy, N. 
Dak. Col, 06-08, prof, 08-09, drug chemist, Exp. 
Sta, 06-09; chemist, drug div, Ky. Exp. Sta, 
09- A.A; Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. Ass; Ky. 
Pharmaceut. Ass. Pharmacy; analytical chem- 
Brown, Lucius P(olk), Franklin, Tenn. Chem- 
istry. Nashville, Tenn, Aug. 1, 67. Grad, Vir- 
ginia, 89. Cliemist, Tenn. Exp. Sta, 89-90; anal, 
chemist, Nashville, 93-15; state food commis- 
sioner and chemist, Tenn, 08-15; director, Bur. 
Food and Drugs, N. Y. City, 15-20. Capt, Sanit. 
C, 18-19. A.A; Chem. Soc; Tenn. Acad; N. Y. 
Acad. Chemistry and geology of phosphates; 
food inspection; food supply. 
Brown, Dr. Mabel Mary, Madbury Eoad, Dur- 
ham, N. H. Botany. Belmont, Wis, March 
17, 90. A.B, Wisconsin, 15, A.M, 16, fellow, 
18-19, Ph.D, 19. Asst. bat, Wisconsin, 15- 
18; instr, Missouri, 19-20; asst. prof, N. E. 
Col, 20- A.A; Bot. Soc; Wis. Acad. Plant 
Brown, Dr. Mortimer Jay, 706 Marsh-Strong 
Building, Los Angeles, Calif. Chemistry. Ches- 
ter, Nebr, Dec. 25, 82. B.S, Nebraska, 05 ; Ph.D. 
Cornell, 11. Chief chemist, works manager and 
later asst. to tech. director, Niagara Electrochem. 
Co. and Roessler and Hasslacher Chem. Co, 11- 
19; V. pres. and executive. Pacific R and H 
Chem. Corp, 19- Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Electrochem. Soc. Electrolysis of fused salts; 
production of alkali metals; silver peroxyni- 
trate; fixation of nitrogen; bleaching; fumi- 
Brown, Nathan Clifford, 218 Middle St, Portland, 
Maine. Ornithology. Portland, Oct. 13, 56. 
A.B, Bowdoin, 83. Fel. Ornith. Union; Nat. 
Ass. Audubon Societies; hon. mem. Maine Or- 
nith, Soc; Portland Soc. Nat. Hist. Distribu- 
tion and habits of North American birds. 
Brown, Miss Nellie Adalesa, U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Plant pathol- 
ogy. Marine City, Mich, Feb. 21, 77. A.B, 
Michigan, 01. Teacher science, high sch, South 
Haven, Mich, 01-03; Delray and Miami, Fla, 

03-05; scientific asstj sugar plant lab, bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 06-10, asst. pathologist, 
lab. plant path, 10- A.A; Phytopath. Soc. Bac- 
teriology ; plant tumors ; bacterial plant diseases. 

Brown, Prof. Nelson C(ourtlandt), N. Y. State 
College of Forestry, Syracuse, N. Y. Forestry. 
South Orange, N. J, March 1, 85. A.B, l''ale, 
OG, M.F, 08. With U. S. Forest Service, 08-11; 
asst. prof, forestry^ Iowa State, 11-12; prof, 
forest utilisation, N. Y. State Col. Forestry, 
Syracuse, 12- A.A; Soc. Foresters. Forest 

Brown, Prof, Oliver W, Bloomington, Ind. Elec- 
trochemistry. Vermilion Grove, 111, June 25, 
73. B.S, Earlham, 95; A.M, Indiana, 96; Cor- 
nell, 97-99; hon. fellow, Wisconsin, 03-04. 
Demonstrator chem, Ind. Dental Col, and 
cliemist, J. N. Hurty lab, Indianapolis, 96-97; 
asst. chem, Cornell, 98-99; in.str. electrochem. 
and quant, anal, Indiana, 99-04, assoc. prof, 04- 
Chemist, Muneie Pulp Co, Ind, 99. Electro- 
chem. Soc. Preparation of potassium persele- 
nate ; distribution of mercuric chlorid between 
toluene and water; efficiency of the nickel-plat- 
ing tank; electric smelting of zinc and molyb- 
denum ores; life and capacity of lead storage 
Brown, Dr. OrviUe Harry, 430 N. Central Ave, 
Phoenix, Ariz. Pathology, Physiology. Sabetha, 
Kans, July 18, 75. A.B, Kansas, 01; Ph.D, 
Chicago, 05; M.D, St. Louis, 05. Lab. asst. 
physiol, Kansas, 01-02; asst. instr, Chicago, 
02-04; asst. prof, pharmacol, St. Louis, 04- 
07; physician-in-ehief. Mo. State Sanatorium 
for Tuberculosis, 07-08, supt, 08-10; asst. prof, 
physiol, St. Louis, 10, med, 10-lG; state supt. 
pub. health, Ariz, and field director for Ariz, U. 
S. Pub. Health Service, 18-19. Physiol. Soc; 
Soc. Biol. Chem; Ass. Tuber; Am. Med. Ass; 
Eoyal Soc. Med. Effects of ions on enzymes; 
relative values of alkaloidal salts; tuberculosis; 
asthma. , 

Brown, Prof, P(ercy) E(dgar), Iowa State Col- 
lege, Ames, Iowa. Chemistry. Woodbridge, N. 
J, Oct. 9, 85. B.S, Rutgers, 06, A.M, 09, Ph.D, 
12. Asst. soil chem, Rutgers, 06-10; prof, Iowa 
State, 10, chief soil chem. and bacter, and assoc. 
in charge soil survey, Exp. Sta, 10- Expert, 
Nat. Research Council. Consulting ed, ' Soil Sci- 
ence.' A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Bact; Soc. Agron. 
(councilor, 13) ; fel. Iowa Acad. Soil bacteriol- 
ogy and chemistry; soil fertility and manage- 
ment; soil survey. 
Brown, Dr. Philip King, 909 Hyde St, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Medicine. Napa, Calif, June 24, 
69. A.B, Harvard, 90, M.D, 93. Assoc, prof, 
clin. med, California, 96-98, instr. animal path, 
vet. dept, 96-99; assoc. med, and instr. clin. 
path. Cooper Med. Col, 99-02; instr. clin. path, 
California, 02-08; prof, med, Polyclinic Post- 
Grad. Sch, 07-17. Visiting physician and con- 
sulting pathologist to various hospitals, San 
Francisco ; founder and director, Arequipa Sana- 
torium, Manor Marin Co, Calif. Am. Physi- 
cians; Am. Med. Ass; Climat. Ass; Calif. Acad. 
Med. Blood conditions in leprosy and bone tu- 
berculosis; pathology of the nervous system of 
animals; malarial fevers of the west coast of 
ITnited States; intestinal parasites; muscular 



irritability in eclampsia ; goiter in man and ani- 
mals on the Pacific slope. 

Brown, Dr. Ralph L(yman), Mellon Institute, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Chemistry. Blair, 111, July 23, 
90. A.B, Missouri, 13; fellow, Chicago, 16-17, 
Ph.D, 17. Asst. chem, Missouri, 13-14; org. 
preparations, Chicago, 15-16; research chemist. 
Inland Steel Co, 15; Eoppers Co, Mellon Inst, 
16-17, in charge, research div, 19- Lieut, Lab. 
d 'Etudes chim. de Guerre, Paris, 17-19. Chem. 
Soc. Molecular rearrangement; chemical war- 
fare gases; coke oven by-products. 

Brown, Robert Marshall, Ehode Island College of 
Education, Providence, E. I. Geography, Geology. 
Fisherville, Mass, March 11, 70. A.B, Brown, 
93; A.M, Harvard, 02, Instr. sciences, high 
sch, Portsmouth, N. H, 94-98, principal, 98-00; 
instr. sciences, high sch, New Bedford, Mass. 
02-03; geog, Mass. State Nor. Sch, Worcester, 
03-13 ; prof, R. I. Col. Educ, Providence, 13- : 
geol, R. I. Col, 19- A. A; Ass. Geog. The Mis- 
sissippi Elver; waterways. 

Brown, Prof. S. L(eroy), University Station, 
Austin, Tex. Physics. Indianapolis, Ind, Nov. 
23, 81. A.B, Indiana, 05, A.M, 07; Whiting 
fellow, California, 07-09, Ph.D, 09. Asst. instr. 
physics, Purdue, 05-07; Lehigh, 09-11; Texas, 
11-13, adj. prof, 13-17, assoc. prof, 17- Head, 
div. wireless, U. S. A. Sch. Mil. Aeronaut, Texas, 
17-18, pres, acad. board, U.S.A, Sch. Eadio 
Operators, 18-19. A. A; assoc. Physical Soc; 
Eng. Educ. Distributed capacity and induc- 
tance; oxid resistance thermometers; radiation 

Brown, Prof. Samuel B(oardman), University of 
West Virginia, Morgantown, W. Va. Geology. 
Preston Co, W. Va, March 5, 60. A.B, West 
Virginia, 83, A.M, 86. Teacher, prep, sch, Mar- 
tinsburg, W. Va, 84-85; principal. Nor. Sch, 
Glenville, 85-90; asst. geol. West Virginia, 90- 
92, prof, 92- Two bronze medals, Columbian 
Expos, 93. A, A. Structural geology; coal 
strata; crops and soils. 

Brown, Dr. Samuel Horton, 1901 Mt. Vernon St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Medicine. Philadelphia, Nov. 
16, 78, M.D, Pennsylvania, 99. Asst. ophthal- 
mologist. Pa. Hosp; ophthalmologist, Mt. Sinai 
Hosp; clin. asst. Wills Eye Hosp; asst. oph- 
thai, surgeon, Episcopal Hosp. Assoc, ed. 
and collaborator. 'Am. Ycar-Book Med. and 
Surg,' 04-05; ' Therapeut. Rev,' 04, 'Jour. Cu- 
taneous Diseases,' 05-06; 'Am. Med,' 05; 'An- 
nals of Opthal,' 05-06; ed, seventh, eighth and 
ninth editions of 'Hughes' Manual of Practice 
of Med.' Am. Med, Ass; Acad. Ophthal. and 
Oto-Laryngol ; Am. Acad, Med; Phila. Med. 
CTub; Phila. Geog. Soc. Eczema; ophthalmol- 
ogy; medical sociology. 

Brown, Dr. Sanger, II, 37 W. 54th St, New York, 
N. Y. Psychiatry. White Plains, N. Y, May 
2, 84. M,b, Columbia, 07, Physician, Dixmont 
Hosp, Pa, 07-09; Shepard and Enoch Pratt 
Hosp, Towson, Md, 10-11; Manhattan State 
Hosp, Ward's Island, N, Y, 11-12; Blooming- 
dale Hosp, White Plains, 12-17; with M.C, 
U.S.A, 17-19. Am. Med. Ass; Medico-Psychol. 
Ass; Psychopath. Ass; N. Y. Neur. Soc. Eth- 
nology and psychiatry; childhood delinquency. 

Brown, Prof, Stewardson, 20 E. Penn St, Ger- 
mantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Botany. German- 
town, April 29, 67, Germantown Acad, Con- 
servator, bot. sect, Acad. Nat. Sciences, Phila, 
95- Prof, bot. Pa. Hort. Soc. A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Am. Geog. Soc; Fern. Soc; Pa. Forestry Ass; 
Pa. Hort. Soc; Del. Valley Omith. Club; Phila. 
Acad; Phila. Bot. Qub; Torrey Bot. Club. 
Systematic botany; the flora of Philadelphia 
and vicinity; the Alpine flora of the Canadian 
Eocky Mountains. 

Brown, Prof, S(timson) J(oseph), U. S. N, Naval 
Department, Washington, D. C. * Astronomy. 
Penn Yan, N. Y, Sept. 17, 54. Cornell, 71-72; 
grad, U, S, Naval Acad, 76, Midshipman, V. S- 
N, 76-77, ensign, 77-83, prof, math, 83-12, 
astron. director, U. S. Naval Observatory, 98- 
01, instr. math, U. S. Naval Acad, 01-06,' head, 
dept. math, and mech, 06-10, director, 'Nautical 
Almanac' A.A; Astron. Soc; Astron. Gesell. 
Observation of the 303 'Zusatz Sterne' of the 
'Berliner Jahrbuch'; observation of the satel- 
lites of Saturn, Mars and Neptune. 

Brown, Prof. Theodore H(enry), 79 Taber Ave, 
Providence, E. I, Mathematics. Mystic, Conn, 
Oft. 5, 88. A.B, Yale, 10, A.M, 11, Ph.D, 13. 
Instr. math, Shefiield Sci. Sch, ' Yale, 13-15 ; 
Brown, 15-18, asst. prof, 18-19, nautical science, 
19- Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Astron. Soc. Ap- 
plied mathematics; astronomy. 

Brown, Prof, Thomas B(enjamin), George Wash- 
ington University, Washington, D, C, Phusics. 
Bath, N, Y, April 4, 92. A.B, Cornell, 12, Ph.D, 
16. Asst. instr. physics, Cornell, 12-13, instr, 
13-17; asst. prof, George Washington, 17- Asst, 
physicist. Bur. Standards, summer, 18. Physical 
Soc; Wash, Philos, Soc. Cathode-fluorescence. 

Brown, Prof. Thomas C(lachar), R. F. D. 1, Fitch- 
burg, Mass. Geologii. Lunenburg, Mass, March 
28, 82. A.B, Amherst, 04; A.M, Columbia, 05, 
Ph.D, 09, Asst. geol, Columbia, 05-07; eng. 
bur, N. Y, City Board of Water Supply, 07-09; 
asst. prof, geol, Middlebury, 09-11 ; Pa, State, 
11-12; Bryn Mawr, 12-17; lecturer, Fitch- 
burg High Sch, 18- Lecturer geol, Norwich. 09. 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; N. Y, Acad. 
Morphology and development of Paleozoic cor- 
als; economic geology of Vermont. 

Brown, Dr. Wade H(ampton), Eockefeller Insti- 
tute, New York, N. Y. Pathologi/. Sparta, Ga, 
Oct. 18, 78. B.S, Nashville, 99; M.D, Hopkins. 
07. Instr. path, Virginia, 07-08; Wisconsin, 
08-10, asst, prof, 10-11; prof, North Carolina, 
11-13; assoc, Rocl'efeller Inst, 13-14, assoc. 
mem, 14- A.A; Soc. Exp. Biol; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soc, Pharmacol; Soc. Exp. Path; Am. 
Physicians; Harvey Soc. Metabolism and pa- 
thology of blood pigments; toxicology of ar- 
senicals; chemotherapy of trypanosome and 
spirochete infections. 

Brown, Dr, Warner, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. Psi/chology. Greensboro, Ga, 
Feb. 9/82. A.B, California, 04, A.M, 05; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 08. Asst. psychol, California, 04-06; 
philos, Columbia, 06-07, psychol, 07-08; instr. 
California, 08-13 ; asst. prof, 13-20, assoc. prof, 
SO- A.A ; Psychol. Ass. Psychology of rhythm ; 
the conception of the threshold; judgment; 
recognition; visual space; individual differ- 
ences; learning. 



Brown, Prof. W(ilbur) V(incent), Greencastle. 
Ind. Astronomi/. Hope, N. J, March 27, 60 
B.S, Stevens, SO, Ph.D, 89. Asst. prof, math 
and astron, De Pauw, 85-95, prof, action, 94-96, 
math, and astron. and director, observatory, 96- 
Deterniination of longitude, Greencastle to St. 
Louis; effect on eollimation of a tip in the object 
glass; personal equation with single and double 
line reticles; the oblique sections of the anchor 
ring; use of a classified cabinet of weatlier maps 
in improving weather forecasts. 

Brown, Prof. W(illia)m H(enry), Bureau of Sci- 
ence, Manila, P. I. Botany. Richmond, Va, 
Oct. G, 84. B.S, Richmond, 06 ; fellow, Hopkins, 
09-10, Ph.D, 10. Scientific asst, U. S. Fisheries 
Lab, Beaufort, N. C, 08; asst, Hopkins, 08-09; 
desert lab, Carnegie Institution, 10; instr, Mich. 
Agr. Col, and scientific asst, Exp. Sta, 10-11; 
plant physiologist. Bur. Science, P. I, 11-: 
assoe. prof, bot, Univ. Philippines, 15-19, prof, 
and chief of dept, 19-: chief, div. investigation, 
Bur. Forestry, P. I, 18- A. A; Bot. Soc; Eeol. 
Soe. Ecology; forest products; life history of 
dicotyledons; cytology of fungi; water relations 
and movements of plants. 

Brovm, Dr. William S(tephen), Standard Under- 
ground Cable Co, Pittsburgh, Pa. Electrical en- 
gineering. Washington, D. C, Oct. 5, 91. E.E, 
Rensselaer, 13 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 16. Elec. en- 
gineer, Standard Under grorind Cable Co, 17- 
Elec. Eng. Corona in air at high potentials. 

Browne, Prof. Arthur Wesley, Cornell University, 
Ithaca, X. Y. *Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Nov. 24, 77. B.S, Wesleyan, 00, ' M.S, 01 ; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 03. Instr. chem, Cornell, 03-06, 
asst. prof, 06-10, prof, inorg. and anal, chem, 
10- A.A; Chem. Soc. A thermostat sensitive 
to one thousandth of a degree; synthetic analysis 
in ternary systems: resistance of glass tubing 
to bursting pressure ; hydronitric acid and the 
inorganic trinitrids; effect of mechanical vibra- 
tion upon carbon dioxid; oxidation of hydrazin; 
electrolysis of potassium trinitrid; gas genera- 
tors; the liydronitrogens and their derivatives; 
electrolysis of liquid ammonia solutions; ni- 
tridation; binary systems; hydrogen peroxide in 
nature; gravitation and inorganic evolution. 

Browne, Dr. C(harles) A(lbert), 80 South St, 
New York, X. Y. ^Agricidtural and sugar chem- 
istry. North Adams, Mass, Aug. 12, 70. A.B, 
Williams, 92, A.M, 96; Ph.D, Gottingen, 01. 
Asst. chemist in commercial lab, N. Y. City, 
92-94; instr. chem, Pa. State, 9.5-96; asst. 
chemist, Pa. Exp. Sta, 96-02f chemist, La. 
Sugar Exp. Sta, 02-06; chief, sugar lab, bur. 
chem, U. S. Dept. Agr. 06-07; chemiat in charqe, 
N. T. Sugar Trade Lab, 07- U. S. delegate. 
Int. Cong. Applied Chem, Rome, 06; mem. Int. 
Commission Methods of Sugar Anal. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (asst. ed. 12-. chairman, sect, sugar 
chem, 20-); Wash. Acad; N. Y. Chemists Club: 
cor. mem. Ass. chim. de Sucr. et de Dist. de 
France. Chemistry of butter-fat, apples, cider 
and vinegar, sugar-cane and sugar, rice, carbo- 
hydrates; chemical composition and analysis of 
honey; polarimetry in sugar analysis; history of 
chemistry and alchemy. 

Browne, Dr. Louise McDanell, 15 Clark St. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Physiological chemistry. Gallatin 
Co, Ky, Feb. 16, 83. B.S, Nashville. 02; A.B, 

Stanford, 06; A.M, Columbia, 12; fellow, Balti- 
more Ass. Prom. Univ. Educ. of Women, Yale, 
15-17, Ph.D, 17. Teacher, high sch, Georgia. 
02-03; pub. sch, Calif, 03-05, high sch, 06-11; 
asst. prof, home econ. Wash. State, 12-13; Min- 
nesota, 1.3-15; assoe. prof, Goucher, 17-lS. 
A.A; Home Econ. Ass. Carbohydrate metabo- 

Browne, Prof. W(illia)m Hand, Jr, West Raleigh. 
N. C. Electrical engineering. Baltimore Co, 
Md, July 21, 68. A.B, Hopkins, 90, certificate 
in elec. eng, 92. Eng. work, 92-96; instr. elec. 
eng, Nebraska, 96-98; asst. prof, Illinois. 98- 
02; technical ed, 'Elec. Rev,' 02-08; prof. 
physics and elec. eng, N. C. Col. 08-18, elec. eng, 
18- Elec. Eng; Eng. Educ; Electroehem. Soc; 
Ilium. Eng. Soc. 

Browne, Prof. WUliam W(ard), College of the 
City of New York, New York, N. Y. Bacteri- 
ology. Providence. E. I, Dec. 10, 84. A.B, 
Brown, 08, A.M, 09, Ph.D, 12. Instr. bacter, 
Col. City of N. T, 12-17, asst. prof, 17- Bac- 
teriologist, various city health departments; N. 
Y, State Commission on Ventilation. A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Soc. Pact; Pub. Health Ass; Soc. Exp. 
Biol. Bacteria of intestinal tract, air, fish and 
fish products. 

Browning, Prof. Philip 'ECmbury), Yale Univer- 
sity, New Haven, Conn. ^'Chemistry. Rhine- 
beck, N. Y, Sept. 9, 66. A.B, Yale, 89, Ph.D, 
92; Munich, 93-94; Paris and Delft, 13-14. 
Asst. chem, Yale, 89-93, instr, 94-98, asst. prof, 
98- Mem. Am. Commission Inorg. Chem. 
Nomenclature, 12; reviewer tech. literature on 
rarer elements, Foote Mineral Co. A.A; Chem. 
Soc. Analytical chemistry of the rarer ele- 
ments; separation of the cerium earths; estima- 
tion of vanadium, thallium, tellurium; extrac- 
tion and separation of germanium, gallium, 
indium, etc. 

Browning, Prof. William, 54 Lefferts Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. NeuroTogy, Anatomy. Nor- 
wich, Conn, July 7, 55. Ph.B, Yale, 76 ; diploma 
in anat, Pennsylvania, 78; M.D, Leipzig, 81. 
Lecturer anat. and physiol. of nervous system, 
L. I. Col. Eosp, 87-00, prof, neurol, 01- Neu- 
rologist to 12 Brooklyn hospitals; ed, 'Neuro- 
graphs. ' Commissioner inebriety, N. Y. City, 
13-18. A.A; Neur. Ass; Ass. Anat; Ass. Med. 
Librarians (pres, 17-19). Encranial circula- 
tion ; medical history and libraries. 

Brownlee, Dr. R(oy) H(utchison), Benedum- 
Trees Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Chemistry. 
Alexis, 111, Dec. 12, 76. A.B, Monmouth, 98; 
Hopkins, 98; Ph.D, Chicago, 06. Prof. nat. sci- 
ences. Occidental, 00-01; asst. chem, Chicago, 
01-03; instr, Univ. of Chicago High Sch, 03-07; 
chemist and asst. supt, paraffine works, Standard 
Oil Co. of Ind, 07-12; fellow, Mellon Inst, and 
prof, Pittsburgh, 12-14; pres, B. H. Brownlee 
Lab, 14- Chem. Soc; Electroehem. Soc. Tech- 
nical processes for oil and gas; chemical welding 
and cutting of metals; petroleum refining. 

Brubaker, Prof. Albert P(hilson), 3426 Powelton 
Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. Physiology. Somerset. 
Pa, Aug. 12, 52. M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 74. 
Prof, physiol, Pa. Col. Dental Surg, 85-09; adj. 
prof, physiol. and hygiene, Jefferson Med. Col, 
96-09, prof, physiol. and med. juris, 09- Leo- 



turer phvsiol. and hygiene, Drexel Inpt, Phila, 
92-14. Physiol. Soc; Philos. Soe; Phila. Col. 
Physieian.s. Electrophysiology. 
Bruce, Prof. Donald, University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. Forestry. Newtonville, Mass, 
July 23, 84. A.B, Yale, 06, M.F, 10. Forest 
asst, forest examiner and forest supervisor. U. 
S. Forest Service, 10-15; prof, forestry, Cali- 
fornia, 15- Soc. Foresters. Forest engineering. 

Bruce, Dr. E(verend) L(ester), 221 Wellington 
St, Ottawa, Can. Geology. Toledo, Ont, Aug. 
3, 84. B.Se, Queen's (Can), 09, B.A, 11; A.M. 
Columbia, 12, Ph.D, 15. Chemist, Can. Copper 
Co, 10; asst. miner, Columbia, 11-14; geologist, 
Can. Geol. Surv, 14-20; Whitehall Petrol. Corp, 
London, 20; prof, miner. Queen's (Can), 20- 
Fel. Am. Geog. Soc; Can. Min. Inst; Ottawa 
Field Nat. Club. Mineralogy; economic geol- 
ogy; Pre-C.ambrian geology. 

Bruce, Prof. Robert E(mest), Boston University, 
Boston, Mass. Mathematics. Stoneham, Mass, 
Oct. 14, 77. A.B, Boston, 01, A.M, 05, Ph.D, 
12; A.M, Harvard, 11. Instr. math, Pomona, 
02-03; Boston, 03-05, asst. prof, 05-12, prof, 
12- A. A; Astron. Soc. Modern geometry; as- 
tronomyj solar physics. 

Bruce, Dr. W(illiam) H(erschel), Denton, Tex. 
Mathematics. Troup Co, Ga, April 8, 56. A.B, 
Ala. Polvtech, 83; Ph.D, Mercer; hon. A.M, 
Baylor; LL.D, Trinity. Principal, high seh, 
Blanco, Tex, 85-93; supt. schools, Marble Falls, 
93-96; Athens, 96-99; pres, John Tarleton Col, 
Stephenville, 99-00; prof, math. North Tex. 
State Nor. Col, 01-06, pres, 06- Instr. math, 
summer session, Texas, 97, 98, 00; pres. Tex. 
State Teachers' Ass, 05-10; chairman, Tex. 
State Board of Examiners, 05. A.A; fel. Tex. 
Acad. General geometry. 

Bruecken, Dr. Albert Joseph, Marquette School 
of Medicine, Milwaukee, Wis. Bacteriology. 
Pittsburgh, Pa, Feb. 1, 82. M.D, Pittsburgh, 13. 
Res. pathologist and bacteriologist, Mercy Hosp, 
Pittsburgh, 13-14; demonstrator path, and 
bacter, Pittsburgh, 14-15; pathologist and bac- 
teriologist, Mercy Hosp, 15-16; Tuber. League 
Hosp, 16-18; Mercy Hosp, 18-19; prof, hacter, 
Marquette, 19- Soc. Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Int. 
Ass. Med. Mus. Pathology; pneumococcus in- 
fections; vascular obstruction; hemolysis. 

Bruere, Dr. A(ndrew) Arthman, 2145 Mancc St, 
Montreal Annex, Can. Toxicology, Eygiene. 
Trinidad, W. I, Nov. 10, 64, M.D, Edinburgh, 
90; Paris. Lecturer med, McGill. Director, 
elin. lab. Royal Victoria Hosp, Montreal. Ass. 
Path, and Bact. Sapotoxins; hydrogen sclenid 
and tellurid; carbon monoxid; action of sapo- 
toxins on the tissues. 

Brues, C(harles) T(homas), Bussey Institution, 
Forest Hills, Boston, Mass. "Zoology. Wheel- 
ing, W. Va, June 20, 79. B.S, Texas, 01, fel- 
low, 01-02, M.S, 02; fellow. Columbia, 02-03. 
Special field agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-05; 
curator invert, zool, Milwaukee Pub. Museum, 
05-09; instr. econ. entovi. Harvard, 09-14, asst. 
prof, 14- Ed, 'Psyche,' 10-; mem. div. med. 
zool, Nat. Research Council, 17-19. A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Am. 
Acad; Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc. (sec'y, 06-09, ed, 
'Bui,' 07-10); Wis. Acad; Wash. Acad; Cam 

bridge Entom. Club. Applied and medical en- 
tomology; relations of insects to microorgan- 
isms; embryology, ethnology and taxonomy of 
insects, especially of the Hymenoptera and Dip- 
tera ; applied entomology; fossil Hj-menoptera. 
Brumfield, Dr. W(illiam) A(ndrew), Blacksburg, 
Va. Biology. Pittsylvania Co, Va, May 26, 75. 
M.D, Virginia. 97. Field agent, Rockefeller 
Sanit. Commission, 09-14; district health officer, 
Va. State Health Dept, 14- A.A; Pub. Health 
Ass; Am. Med. Ass. Intestinal parasites and 
mosquitoes in Virginia. 
Brunei, Prof. B,(oger) F(rederic), Bryn Mawr, 
Pa. Chemistrij. Portland, Maine, Dec. 21, 81. 
A.B, Colby, 03; Ph.D, Hopkins, 06. Research 
asst. chem. Tufts, 06-07; instr, Syracuse, 07- 
09, asst. prof, 09-12; assoc, Bryn Mawr, 12-14, 
assoc. prof, 14-17, pmf, 17- A.A; Chem. Soe; 
Franklin Inst; Soe. chim. de Paris. Organic 
chemistry ; equilibrium in reversible reactions of 
organic compounds. 
Bruner, Dr. Frank G, Board of Education, Chi- 
cago, 111. Psychology. Streator, 111, March 28, 
74. Fellow, A.B, Nebraska, 03; Ph.D. Colum- 
bia, 08, M.D, 12. Supt. schools, Dwight, HI, 
99-01; asst. psychol, Nebraska, 02-03; Colum- 
bia, 03-05; asst. director, dept. child-study, puh. 
schools, Chicago, 05-17, director, special schools 
and special classes, 17- Asst. supt, sect. p?y- 
chometry and anthropometry. La. Purchase 
Expos, 04. A.A; Psychol. Ass. Color range of 
adults; the hearing of primitive peoples; ac- 
curacy of reflex adjustments; child psychology; 
clinical psychology; tests. 
Bruner, Prof. H(enry) L(ane), Irvington, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Zoology. Knox Co, 111, Jan. 10, 
61. A.B, Abingdon, 80; Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
80-81; Ph.D, Freiburg, 96. Prof. nat. science, 
Abingdon, 81-84; Eureka, 84-86; biol. and geol, 
Drake, 91-92; Butler, 92- Asst, U. S. Fish 
Commission, summers, 81-84; Harrison fellow, 
Pennsylvania, 10-11 ; lecturer, Ind. Dental Col; 
prof, zool, Indiana, summer, 20. A.A; Soc. 
Zool; fel. Ind. Acad, (ed, 09, pres, 19). Heart 
of lungless salamanders; cephalic veins and 
sinuses of Reptilia; molting mechanism of Rep- 
tilia; a mechanism for raising blood pressure in 
the head of reptiles; Jacobson's organ and the 
respiratory mechanism of amphibians. 
Bruner, Prof. Lawrence, University of Nebraska, 
Lincoln, Nebr. Entomology, Ornithology. Cata- 
sauqua, Pa, March 2, 56. B.S, Nebraska. Field 
agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 80-88; entomologi?t, 
Nebr. Exp. Sta, 88-90; instr. entom. Nebraska, 
90-95^ prof, entom. and ornith, 95-06, head prof, 
cntovi, 06- Investigator locust plague, Argen- 
tine Rep, 97-98. A.A; Entom. Soe. Locusts; 
life histories of insects; Nebraska birds; locusts 
of Paraguay and Argentina; Orthoptera of 
Trinidad; saltatorial Orthoptera of Brazil, Brit- 
ish Guiana, East Bolivia, West Africa and Mada- 
gascar; Acrididae of Peru. 
Bruner, Stephen C(ole), Estacion Experimental 
.\gronomica, Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. Bot- 
ami. Raleigh, N. C, Aug. IS, 91. B.S, N. C. 
(^ol, 12. Agent, office forest path, U. S. Dept. 
Agr. 12-14; asst. pathologist, Cuba Exp. Sta, 
15-18, i)at)iologist, 18-19, chief, dept. plant 
path, and entom, 19- A.A; Phytopath. Soc; 
N. C. Acad. Plant pathology. 




Brunton, D(avid) W(illiam), 730 Sj-mes Build- 
ing, Denver, Colo. Geology. Ayr, Ont, June 11, 
49. Michigan, 75. Consulting mining engineer. 
Mem. Naval Consulting Board. Telford prize, 
97. Min. and Metal. Eng. (v. pres, 97, pres, 09, 
10); Civil Eng; Meeh. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. (v. 
pres, 09) ; Roj'al Geog. Soe. Mine tunneling. 

Bnish, Dr. Charles F(rancis), 3725 Euclid Ave, 
Cleveland, Ohio. *Physics. Euclid, Ohio, March 
17, 49. M.E, Michigan, 69, hon. M.S, 99; Ph.D, 
Western Reserve, 80, LL.D, 00; Kenyon, 03; 
Sc.D, Michigan, 12. Founder, Brush Elec. Co; 
elec. engineer and inventor. Pres. or director of 
various corporations; pres, Cleveland Chamber 
of Commerce ; trustee of various colleges and 
schools. Chevalier Legion d 'honneur, 81 ; Rum- 
ford medal, 99; Edison medal, Elec. Eng, 13. 
A.A; Elec. Eng; Mech. Eng; Chem. Soc; Philos. 
Soe; Franklin Inst; Am. Acad; British Ass. 
Electricity; practical electric arc lighting; 
molecular physics; the light gases of the atmos- 
phere; the ether. 

Brush, Dr. E(dward) N(athaniel), Towson, Md. 
Psychiatry. Glenwood, N. Y, April 23, 52. M.D, 
Buffalo, 74. Lecturer electro-therapeut, Buffalo, 
77-79; asst. physician. State Hosp, Utica, N. Y, 
78-80, senior asst. physician, 80-84; Pa. Hosp. 
for Insane, West. Phila, 84-91; supt. and chief 
physician, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hosp, 91- 
20, emer. supt, 20-; prof, psychiat, Col. Physi- 
cians and Surg, Baltimore, 99-20, emer. prof, 
20- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Jour. Insanity,' 78- 
84, managing ed, 97- Medico-Psyehol. Ass. 
(pres, 15) ; Neur. Ass; Md. Soe. Mental Hygiene 
(pres, 15) ; Md. Med. and Chirurg. Faculty 
(pres, 05) ; hon. mem. Medico-Psychol. Ass. Gt. 
Britain and Ireland; hon. mem. Soc. de Med. 
mentale de Belgique; for. assoc. Soc. Medico- 
Psychol. de Paris. 

Bryan, Dr. G(eorge) S(mith), 803 State St, Madi- 
son, Wis. Botany. Charleston, S. C, May 2, 79. 
A.B, Furman, 00; fellow, Chicago, 12-14, Ph.D, 
14. Instr. hot, Wisconsin, 14-17, asst. prof, 17- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Wis. Acad. Morphology of the 

Bryan, Miss Mary K(atlierine), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Plant pa- 
thology. Prince George Co, Md, Feb. 13, 77. 
A.B, Stanford, 08. Scientific asst, lah. plant 
path, tur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 09-18, 
asst. pathologist, 18- A.A; Phytopath. Soc. 
Bacterial diseases of plants. 

Bryan, Dr. Thomas Joseph, Calumet Baking Pow- 
der Co, 4100 Fillmore St, Chicago, 111. Chem- 
istry. Warwickshire, England, Sept. 26, 69. 
A.B, Colgate, 93, A.M, 95, Sc.D, 14; A.M, Got- 
tingen, 99; Heidelberg, 00; Ph.D, Freiburg, 01. 
Asst. chem, Colgate, 93-95, 97-99; Wesleyan, 
01-02; instr, Williams, 02-03; Illinois, 03-06; 
state analyst. 111. State Food Commission, 06- 
14; chief chemist, Calumet Baking Powder Co, 
14- Chem. Soc. (chairman, Chicago sect, 10, 
councilor, 16^ 20, chairman, agr. and food div, 
17, sec'y, 19); Agr, Chem; Electroehem. Soc; 
Soc. Milling and Baking Tech. Action of mus- 
tard oils on phenols; analysis of oils. 

Bryan, Prof. W(alker) E(dward), University of 
Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. Botany. Gadsden, Ala, 
Jan. 24, 85. B.S^ Ala. Polytech, 11; M.S, Wis- 

consin, 15. Instr. science. Second Dist. Agr. 
Sch, 11-14; agron, Louisiana, 15-16; asst. prof. 
plant breeding, Arizona, 16-19, prof, 19-; asst. 
plant breeder, Exp. Sta, 16- Bot. Soc. Hered- 
ity in wheat; relation of histological structures 
of alfalfa to drought resistance. 

Bryan, W(illia)m Alanson, Museum of History, 
Science and Art, Los Angeles, Calif. Zoology. 
New Sharon, Iowa, Dec. 23, 75. B.S, Iowa 
State, 96. Asst. in charge museum, Iowa State, 
93; lecturer museum methods, Minnesota, In- 
diana, Cliicago, Purdue, Iowa State and Drake, 
95-97; asst. curator, in charge dept. ornith. 
Field Museum Nat. Hist, 98-99; investigator 
fauna of HaAvaiian Islands, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
99; curator. Bishop Museum Ethnol. and Nat. 
Hist, Honolulu, Hawaii, 00-07; pres, Pacific 
Sci. Inst, OS-; director, Los Angeles Museum, 
21- Exped. to Big Stone Lake, 94; PoljTiesia, 
09; prof. zool. and geol, Univ. of Hawaii 09-20. 
A.A; mem. Ornith. Union; Ass. Mus; Minn. 
Acad. (hon. curator ornith, 04) ; Cooper Ornith. 
aub. Ichthyology ; birds of the Hawaiian group ; 
ethnological and iDiological survey of the Pacific 

Bryan, Pres. William Lowe, Bloomington, Ind. 
^Psychology. Bloomington, Nov. 11, 60. A.B, 
Indiana, 84, A.M, 86; Berlin, 86-87; Ph.D, 
Clark, 92; Paris and Wiirzburg, 00-01. Iiistr. 
Greek, Indiana, 85, assoc. prof, philos, 85-87, 
prof, 86-02, V. pres, 93-02, pres, 02- Trustee, 
Carnegie Foundation, 10- A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Psychol. Ass. (pres, 03) ; Philos. Ass. Experi- 
mental psychology; the development of motor 
ability; the psychology of occupations. 

Bryant, Arthur P(eyton), Clinton Corn Syrup Re- 
fining Co, Clinton, Iowa. Chemistry. South New 
Market, N. H, May 7, 68. B.S, Wesleyan, 92, 
M.S, 95. Instr. math, and science, English and 
Classical High Sch, Providence, R. I, 92-93; 
chem, Swarthmore. 93-94 : with U. S. Dept. Agr. 
95-02; chemist, Conn. Exp. Sta, 01-02; chief 
chemist. Glucose Sugar Refining Co, and Nat. 
Starch Co, 02-06; Bryant-Miner. Laboratories, 
06; directing chemist, Clinton Corn Syriip Bef. 
Co, and Nat. Candy Co, 07- Consulting chem- 
ist, Nat. Candy Co; Nat. Confectioners' Ass. 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Soe. Chem. Indust. Human 
nutrition; starch and its hydrolytic products; 

Bryant, Prof. Ernest C(alvin), Middlebury, Vt. 
Physics. Manchester, N. H, April 22, 67. B.S, 
Middlebury, 91; Mass. Inst. Tech, 93; Cam- 
bridge, 13-14. With Can. Bridge and Iron Co, 
93-94; prof. math, and physics, Middlehury, 95- 
12, physics, 1'2- A..\; Physical Soc. 

Bryant, Dr. Harold C(hild), California Museum of 
Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, Calif. Zoology. 
Pasadena, Calif, Jan. 30, 86. B.S, Pomona, 08; 
M.S, California, 10, fellow, 10-12, Ph.D, 13. 
Teacher science, Yale Sch, Los Angeles, 08-09; 
reader zool, California, 13, asst. curator birds, 
museum vert, zool, 13-14, econ. ornithologist, 
14-; game expert, Calif. Fish and Game Com- 
mvision, 14- Mem. field party, museum vert, 
zool, California, summer, 10; lecturer, exten.div, 
16-; ed, 'Calif. Fish and Game.' 14- A.A; 
mem. Ornith. Union. Economic ornithology and 



mammalogy; paleontology; fish and game con- 

Bryant, Henry G(rier), 1510 Walnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Geography. Allegheny City, Pa, 
Nov. 7, 59. A.B, Princeton, 83, A.M, 86; LL.B, 
Pennsylvania, 86. In charge, Labrador exped, 
91, 12; Peary auxil. exped, 94; Mt. St. Elias 
exped, 97. Officier d 'Acad. Delegate, Int. Geog. 
Cong, Berlin, 99; Geneva, 08. A.A; Ass. Geog. 
(pres, 13) ; Philos. Soc; Am. Alpifce Club (pres, 
13-16) ; Phila. Geog. Soc. (pres, 20-) ; fel. Eoyal 
Geog. Soc; hon. mem. Club Alpin fran^ais; 
cor. mem. Swedish Soc. Anthrop. and Geog; 
cor. mem. Soc. de Geog. de Geneve. Geograph- 
ical exploration; ethnology; drift casks to de- 
termine arctic currents. 

Bryant, Dr. John, 338 Marlborough St, Boston, 
Mass. Anatomy. Cohasset, Mass, Sept. 29, 80. 
A.B, Harvard, 03, M.D, 07; European study, 12- 
14. Instr. path, and neuropath, Harvard Med. 
Sch, 07-08, asst. anat, 14-17; U.S.A. service, 17- 
19; med. asst. convalescence, Mass. Gen. Hosp. 
19- Mass. Gen. Hosp, 10. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; 
Gastro-Enterol. Ass; New Eng. Pediat. Soc 
Gastroenterology; chronic intestinal medicine; 
non-surgical control of incompetence of the ileo- 
caecal valve ; convalescence. 

Bryant, Prof, J(olm) M(yron), University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. Electrical engineering. 
East Templeton, Mass, 77. B.S.(E.E), Wor- 
cester, 01, E.E, 09; M.S, Illinois, 11. Asst. 
dept. testing and draughting. Gen. Elec. Co, 
Schenectady, N. Y, 01-03; electrician. Oriental 
Powder Co, 03 ; instr. in charge elec. labora- 
tories, Illinois, 03-07, assoc, 07-09; asst. prof, 
09-14; prof. elec. eng, Texas, 14- Pres, acad. 
board, and chairman, board of control, U.S.A. 
scheols, Texas, 17-19. A.A; Elec. Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Eng. Educ; Ilium. Eng. Soc. Lecturer, 
Wisconsin, summer, 04. Street and interior il- 
lumination; power plant economics and rates; 
commercial production of ozone; insulating ma- 

Buchanan, Prof. D(aniel), University of British 
Columbia, Vancouver, B. C. Mathematics. Clear- 
ville, Ont, April 14, 80. B.A, MeMaster, 06, 
M.A, 08; fellow, Chicago, 09-11, Ph.D, 11. 
Asst. prof, math, Queen's (Can), 11-14, assoc 
prof, 14-16, prof, 16-20; British Columbia, SO- 
Math. Soc; Astron. Soc. Astronomy; isosceles- 
triangle solutions of problem of three bodies 
(four cases) ; oscillations near the isosceles- 
triangle solutions (two cases) ; periodic orbits 
on a smooth surface. 

Buchanan, Prof. Herbert Earle, Tulane Univer- 
sity, New Orleans. La. Mathematics. Cane 
Hill, Ark, Oct. 4, 81. A.B, Arkansas, 02; 
A.M, Chicago, 03, Ph.D. 09. Instr. math, Wis- 
consin, 09-11; assoc. prof, Tennessee, 11-12, 
prof, 12-20; Tulane, SO- Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass; Tenn. Acad. Mathematical astronomy; 
celestial mechanics; uniform convergence of 
monotonic functions. 

Buchanan, L(ee) L(aForest), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Entomology. 
Solon, Iowa, Oct. 27, 93. A.B, Iowa, 16. Asst. 
zool, Iowa, 15-16; .scientific indcxer, biol. surv, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 17- Entom. Soc. Taxonomy 
of Coleoptera. 

Buchanan, Prof. E(obert) E(arle), Station A, 
Ames, Iowa. Bacteriology. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
March 27, 83. B.S, Iowa State. 04. M.S, 06; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 08. Instr. hocter, Iowa State, 
05-06; asst, Chicago, 07-08; assoc. prof. Iowa 
State, 08-09, prof, 09-, dean indust. science, 
13-19, grad. col, 19- A.A; Soc Bact. (pres, 
18). Agricultural bacteriology. 

Bucher, Prof. John E(mery), Littlehales Chem- 
ical Co, Syracuse, N. Y. *Chemistry. Hanover, 
Pa, Aug. 17, 72. A.C, Lehigh, 91; Ph.D, Hop- 
kins, 94; Sc.D, Brown, 17. Instr. chem, Tufts, 
94-97; assoc. prof, R. I. Col, 97-01; Brown, Ol- 
io, prof, and head of dept, 15-17; penman, 
Littlehales Chem. Co, 17- A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry; action of 
acetic anhydrid on unsaturated acids; the 
phenylnaphthalene, fluorene and diphenyl series; 
the benzene polycarboxylic acids ; fixation of 

Bucher, Dr. Walter H(emiann), University of 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Geology. Akron, 
Ohio, March 12, 88. Ph.D, Heidelberg, 11. 
Instr. geol, Cincinnati, 13-15, asst. prof, 16- 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Ohio Acad; Geol. Gesell. Ger- 
man Tertiary; oolites; ripples; joints; sedimen- 
tation; cryptoplasmic structures in Ohio; di- 
astrophic processes. 

Buchholz, Prof. John T(heodore), Fayetteville, 
Ark. Botany. Polk Co, Nebr, July 14, 88. B.S, 
Iowa Wesleyan, 09; A.B, Iowa, 09; M.S, Chi- 
cago, 14, fellow, 16-17, Ph.D, 17. Instr. biol, 
Ark. State Nor. Sch, 09-11, head, dept. science, 
11-18; dept. biol, W. Tex. State Nor. Col, 18- 
19; prof. hot. and head of dept, Arkansas, W- 
A.A; Bot. Soc. Evolution of cotyledony and 
polyembryony ; embryogony of conifers. 

Buchner, Prof. Edward F(ranklln), Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. *Psychology, Phi- 
losophy, Education. Paxton, 111, Sept. 3, 68. 
A.B, Leander Clark, 89; Ph.D, Yale, 93. Lec- 
turer pedag. and philos, Yale, 92-94, instr, 94- 
97; prof. anal, psychol, N. Y. Univ, 96-01: 
decent philos, Clark, 01-03; prof, philos. and 
educ, Alabama, 03-08; BopMns, 08-15. educ, 
15- Asst, psychol. lab, Columbian Expos. 
93; lecturer psychol, Brooklyn Inst, 98-00. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass; Philos. Ass; 
Soc. Sci. Educ; Soc. Col. Teachers Educ; S. Soc 
Philos. and Psychol, (sec'y, 04-09, pres, 10); 
fel. N. Y. Acad. Kant's psychology; Kant's 
educational theory; history of modern psychol- 
ogy; educational psychology. 

Buck, Dr. A(lbert) H(enry), H. W. Buck, 49 
Wall St, New York, N. Y. Otology. New 
York, Oct. 20, 42. A.B, Yale, 64; M.D, Colum- 
bia, 67. Aural surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear 
Infirmary, 71-83; prof, otol, Columbia, 87-04. 
Consulting aural surgeon, N. Y. Eye and Ear 
Infirmary. Otol. Soc. (past pres). Diseases of 
the ear. 

Buck, Prof. A(Ionzo) M (orris), 52 Vanderbilt 
Ave, Now York, X. Y. Electrical engineering. 
Washington, D. C, Jan. 17, 81. M.E, Cornell, 
04. Instr. elec. eng, Cornell, 05-06; engineer, 
Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co, 04-07; asst. 
prof, dec eng, N. H. Col, 08-10; prof, Clark- 
son Mem. Sch. Tech, 10-11; asst. prof, railway 



elec. eng, Illinois, 11-17; consulting engineer, 
17- A. A; Elec. Eng; Elec. Ky. Ass; Eng. 
Educ. Railway engineering. 

Buck, Harold Winthrop, 49 Wall St, New York, 
N. Y. Electrical engineering. New York, May 

7, 73. Ph.B, Yale, 94; E.E, Columbia, 95. Elec. 
engineer. Gen. Elec. Co, 95-00; Niagara Falls 
Power Co, 00-06; v. pres, Viele, BlacJcwell and 
BucTc, Engineers. A. A; Elec. Eng. (pres, 16). 

Buck, Dr. Thomas, University of California, Ber- 
keley, CaUf . Mathematics. Orland, Maine, Dec. 
25, 81. B.S, Maine, 01; Ph.D, Chicago, 09. 
Instr. math, Maine, 02-06; Illinois, 09-11; Cali- 
fornia, 11-18, asst. prof, 18- A.A; Math. Soc. 

Buckborough, Dr. Siegel A, 2101 Maple Ave, 
Evanston, 111. Chemistry. Ont, Can, Feb. 
4, 72. B.A, McMaster, 02; A.B, Harvard, 03; 
M.S, Chicago, 10; Ph.D, Northwestern, 15. 
Prof, chem, Fairmount, 03-05; instr, high sch, 
Evanston, 07- Organic chemistry; molecular 
structure of maltose sugar. 

Buckingham, Prof. B(urdette) E(oss), 706 W. 
Nevada St, Urbana, 111. Education. Riverhead, 
N. Y, Dec. 9, 76. A.B, Wesleyan, 99, A.M, 00; 
Ph.D, Columbia, 13. Supt. schools, Northport, 
N. Y, 01-04; teacher math, Morris High Sch, 
N. Y. City, 04-07; principal. Pub. Sch. 86, 07- 
14; chief statistician, office of city supt. of 
schools, 14-16; educ. statistician, Wis. State 
Board of Educ, 16-18 ; prof. educ. and director, 
hur. educ. research, Illinois, 18- A.A; Statist. 
Ass; Nat. Ass. Directors Educ. Research (v. 
pres, 17, pres, 18-19). Measurement of results 
of teaching school subjects. 

Buckingham, Edgar, Bureau of Standards, Wash- 
ington, D. C. *Physics. Philadelphia, Pa, July 

8, 67. A.B, Harvard, 87; Strasbourg, 89-90"; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 93. Asst. physics, Harvard, 88- 
89; Strasbourg, 89-90; Harvard, 91-92; assoc. 
physics and physical chem, Bryn Mawr, 93-98, 
assoc. prof, 98-99 ; instr. physics, Wisconsin, 
01-02; asst. physicist, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 02-06; Bur. Standards, 06- Lecturer 
thermodynamics, grad. sch, U. S- Naval Acad, 
10, 11-12 ; assoc. scientific attache, U. S. Em- 
bassy, Rome, 18. Physical Soc. (ed. board, 15- 
17); Mech. Eng; Naval Eng; Wash. Acad; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 15) ; Soc. de Physique. 
Thermodynamics; engineering physics; fluid dy- 

Buckley, Prof. Albert C(oulson), Friends Hospi- 
tal, Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa. Neurology, 
Psychiatry. Philadelphia, Pa, Aug. 6, 73. A.B, 
Cent. High Sch, Phila, 94, A.M, 00; M.D, 
Medico-Chirurg. Col, 97. Asst. demonstrator 
anat. and demonstrator nor. histol, Medico- 
Chirurg. Col, 97-98, assoc. prof. nor. histol, 99- 

09, clin. prof, mental diseases, 09-18; assoc. 
prof, psychiat, grad. sch. med, Pennsylvania, 
19-; med. supt. Friends Hosp, 18- Lecturer 
clin. neur. and neuropath, Medico-Chirurg. Col, 
07; asst. neurologist, Phila. Gen. Hosp, 07-16; 
visiting physician, psychopathic wards, 16-18; 
alienist in charge, mental clinic, Phila. Orthop. 
Hosp. and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases, 12- 
A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Medico-Psyehol. Ass; 
Phila, Col. Physicians; Phila. Neurol, Path, and 


Psychiat. societies. Neuropathology; clinical 
psychiatry; basis of psj'chiatry. 

Buckley, Dr. O (liver) E(Usworth), 36 Clinton 
Ave, Maplewood, N. J. Physics. Sloan, Iowa, 
Aug. 8, 87. B.S, Grinnell, 09; Ph.D, Cornell, 14. 
Instr. physics, Grinnell, 09-10; Cornell, 10-14; 
research physicist. West. Elec. Co, 14- Major, 
Sig. C, A.E.F, 17-18. Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. 
Hall effect; ioni2;ation manometer. 

Buckman, Prof. H(arry) O (liver), 118 Wait Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Agronomy. West Liberty, Iowa, 
July 4, S3. B.S.A, Iowa State, 06, M.S.A, 08; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 12. Asst. chemist, Iowa Exp. Sta, 
06-07; asst. agronomist, Mont. Exp. Sta, 07-09; 
asst. prof, soils, Cornell, 12-17, prof, 17- A.A; 
Soc. Agron. Formation of residual clay. 

Buckner, Dr. G(arrett) Davis, 128 E. Fourth St, 
Lexington, Ky. Chemistry. Lexington, May 17, 
85. B.S, Kentucky, 08; Ph.D, Princeton, 12. 
Asst. food chemist, Ky. Exp. Sta, 08-09; asst. 
instr. chem, Princeton, 09-12; research chemist, 
Ky. Exp. Sta, 12- Chem. Soc; Ky. Acad. 
Plant chemistry; nutrition; silver coulometer. 

Buddington, Dr. A(rthur) F(rancis), Princeton 
University, Princeton, N. J. Geology. Wil- 
mington, Del, Nov. 29, 90. Ph.B, Brown, 12, 
M.S, 13; Ph.D, Princeton, 16. Proctor fellow 
geol, Princeton, 16-17; instr. Brown, 17-19; 
petrologist, geophys. lab, Carnegie Institution, 
19-20; asst. prof, geol, Princeton, 20- Asst, N. 
Y. State Geol. Surv, 16-19; asst. geologist, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 19- Geol. Soc. Pre-Cambrian 
rocks; the melilite group of minerals. 

Budington, Prof. Robert A(llyn), Oberlin College, 
Oberlin, Ohio. Zoology. Leyden, Mass, Oct. 22, 
72. A.B, Williams, 96, A.M, 99; Columbia, 
99-00. Asst. zool, Williams, 98-99; asst. 
demonstrator physiol, Columbia, 00-02 ; instr. 
zool. and physiol, Mt. Hermon Sch, 02-05; biol, 
Wesleyan, 05-08; assoc. prof, sool, Oberlin, 08- 
13, prof, 13- Instr. zool. Woods Hole, 99-07, 
embryol, 09-18. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ohio 
Acad. Physiological characteristics of annelid 
muscle; effect of thyroid extract on Protozoa 
and on plant root-tips. 

Buehler, H(enry) A(ndrew), Rolla, Mo. Geology. 
Monroe, Wis, April 27, 76. B.S, Wisconsin, 01. 
Geologist, Mo. Bur. Geol. and Mines, 01-07; 
Federal Lead Co, 07-08; state geologist and di- 
rector. Mo. Bur. Geol. and Mines, 08- A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Wis. Acad; St. Louis 
Acad. Theory of ore deposits; oxidation of 

Buell, Dr. Mary V(an Rensselaer), 115 Ely Place, 
Madison, Wis. Biological chemistry. Madison, 
93. A.B, Wisconsin, 14, A.M, 15, Ph.D, 19. 
Asst. gen. chem, Illinois, 15-16; Wisconsin, 17- 
19, instr, 19- Chem. Soc. Blood regeneration; 
fat soluble vitamin. 

Buerger, Dr. Leo, 1000 Park Ave, New York, 
N. Y. Surqery. Vienna, Austria, Sept. 13, 
79. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 97; A.M, M.D, 
Columbia, 01 ; Surgical Clinic, Breslau, Germany, 
05-06. On visiting surg. staff. Good Samaritan 
Dispensary, Ear Horiah and Mt. Sinai Hospit- 
als, 06- Methods of staining and mounting; 
identification of the pneumococeus; gangrene; 



thrombo-angiitis obliterans; cystoscopy; urol- 
ogy- bone tumors; Kaynaud's disease. 
Buffum, Prof. Burt C, 4033 Valejo St, Denver, 
Colo. Agriculture. South Bend, Ind, April 7, 
68. B.S, Colo. Agr. Col, 90, M.S, 93. Asst. 
irrig. eng, Colo. Agr. Col, 90-91; prof, hort, 
Wyoming, 91-94, agr, and hort, 94-00, v. da- 
rector, Wyo. Exp. Sta, 95-00; prof, agr, Colo. 
Agr. Col, 00-02; agr. and hort, Wyoming, and 
director, Wyo. Exp. Sta, 02-07; plant ireeder 
and manager, Wyo. Plant and Seed Breeding 
Co, 07- Treas, Emmer Products Co, 19. Ed, 
'Agricola Aridus'; 'Eanchman's Reminder.' 
A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; life mem. Pomol. 
Soc' Irrigation; arid agriculture. 
Bugbee, Prof. Edward E(verett), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Metallurgy. Brookline, Mass, Oct. 5, 76. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 00. Asst. instr. metal, Mass, 
Inst. Tech, 00-01; chemist and metallurgist, 
Brookfield Mining Co, 01; asst. instr, ore dress- 
ing, Mass, Inst. Tech, 02-03; special agent, 
U, S. census, 03; asst. prof, mining eng. and 
weta?, Iowa State, 03-06; Washington (Seattle), 
06-07; Mass. Inst. Tech, 07- Asst. geologist, 
U. S. Geol. Surv, 07- Min. Eng; Min. and 
Metal. Soc. Fire assaying. 
Bull, Dr. Carroll G(ideon), 310 W, Monument St, 
Baltimore, Md. "Pathology. Knoxville, Tenn, 
June, 83, B.S, Peabody, 07; M.D, Nashville, 
10, Teacher bacter. and path, Lincoln Mem. 
TJniv, 10-12; fellow, Nelson Morris Inst, Chi- 
cago, 12-13; asst. and assoc. path, and bacter, 
Rockefeller Inst, 13-17; major, M.C, 17-18; 
assoc. prof, immunol, sch. hygiene and pub. 
health, Hopkins, 18- Ass. Path, and Bact ; Soc. 
Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Chicago Path. Soc. Bac- 
teriology; ferment actions; immunity; septi- 
cemias in rabbits; agglutination of bacteria in 
Vivo; antitoxin for B. welchii. 

Bull, Prof. C(oates) P(reston), Worthington, 
Minn, Agronomy. Edina Mills, Minn, Oct. 11, 
72. B.S, Minnesota, 01. Asst, dept. agr, Min- 
nesota, 97-01; asst. prof, agron, Illinois, 01-02; 
asst. agr, Minnesota, 02-07, asst, prof, 07-19; 
with St. John and Bull Seed Co, 19- Soc. 
Agron; Nat. Corn Ass, (state v. pres. and di- 
rector) ; Minn. Field Crop Breeders' Ass. Plant 
breeding; plant biology. 

Bull, E(ol)ert) A(lexander), 223 Bank St, Sewick- 
ley, Pa. Metallurgy. New Albany, Ind, June 
28, 74. A.B, Butler, 97, hon. A.M, St. Louis, 
14. With various steel and iron foundries; con- 
sulting engineer, 20- A.A; Min. Eng. (v. chair- 
man, St. Louis sect, 15); Inst. Metals; Soc. 
Test. Mat; Int. Ass. Test. Mat; Foundrymen's 
A.SS. (v. pres, 11-14, pres, 15) ; British Iron and 
Steol Inst. Metallurgy of iron and steel; 
foundry practise. 

Bull, Sleeter, 706 Michigan Ave, Urbana, HI. 

Animal husbandry. Sidnev, Ohio, Dec. 23, 87. 

B.S, Buchtel, 09; B.S. (Agr), Ohio State, 10; 

M.S, Pa. State, 11. Assoc, animal nutrition, 

Illinois, 11- Soc. Animal Production. 
Bullard, Dr. H(erbert) Hays, Western University 

Medical School, London, Ont, Can. Pathology. 

St. Louis Co, ]\Io. Aug. 9, 83. A.B, Missouri, 

08, A.M, 09; Ph.D, Tulane, 12; M.D, Hopkins, 

16. Instr. anat, Tulane, 09-12; anat. and neur, 
Pittsburgh, 12-14; asst, instr. and later assoc. 
path, Hopkins, 16-20, res. pathologist, Hopkins 
Hosp, 18-20; prof. path, and chief of dept. 
Western Univ. Med. Sch, 20- Pathologist, city 
hospitals and Union Protestant Infirmary, Balti- 
more, 18-20, A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Ass, 
Anat, Bacteriolog}'; histology of muscles; con- 
genital syphilis. 
Bullard, Prof. Warren G(ardner), 117 Redfield 
Place, Syracuse, N. Y. Mathematics. Hinsdale, 
N. Y, Feb. 25, 67. A.B, Brown, 92; Ph.D, 
Clark, 96. Instr. math, Free Acad, Elmira, N. 
Y, 92-93; St. Lawrence, 94; Vermont, 96-00; 
Syracuse, 00-01, assoc. prof, 01-09, prof, 09- 
A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass; Math, Verein; Cir- 
colo Mat, di Palermo, Plane curves; cubic and 
quartic curves, 
Bullard, Dr. William N(orton), 89 Marlborough 
St, Boston, Mass. Medicine. Ne\vport, R. I, 
Aug. 23, 53. A.B, Harvard, 75, M.D, 80. Med. 
house officer, Mass. Gen. Hosp, 79-80 ; physician, 
dept. neur, Boston City Hosp; neurologist. 
Children's Hosp; visiting physician and later 
consulting neurologist, Carney Hosp, mem, con- 
sulting staff; chairman, board trustees, Monson 
State Hosp, 95-13. A.A; Neur. Ass. (pres); 
Am, Med, Ass; Boston Soc. Psychiat, and Neur, 
Buller, Prof. A(rtliur) H(enry) Reginald, Univer- 
sity of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Can. Botany. 
Birmingham, England, Aug, 19, 74. Birming- 
ham, 91-97, 1851 Exhibition scholar, 98-01, 
Sc.D, 03 ; B.Sc, London, 96 ; Ph.D, Leipzig, 99 ; 
Munich, 99-01; Naples Biol. Sta, 00, 01. Lec- 
turer bot, Birmingham, 01-04; prof, Manitoba, 
04- Phytopath. Soc; Bot. Soc; Can. Phytopath. 
Soc. (pres, 20) ; fel. Royal Soc. Can. (pres, sect, 
4, 14) ; British Ass. (sec'y, K, 09) ; British Soc. 
Econ. Biol; British Mycol. Soc, (pres, 13). 
Chemotaxis of the spermatozoa of ferns and of 
sea-urchins; destruction of wood by fungi; the 
distribution of bacteria; the occurrence of en- 
zymes; physiology and morphology of fungi; 
history of wheat growing and wheat breeding. 
BuUitt, Prof. James B(eU), University of North 
Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Pathology. Louis- 
ville, Ky, Jan, 18, 74. A.B, Washington and Lee, 
94, A.M, 95; M.D, Virginia, 97. Demonstrator 
anat, Virginia, 98-03; prof, Mississippi, 03-13; 
path. North Carolina, IS- Major, U.S.A, 18-19. 
A.A; Am, Med. Ass; Micros, Soc; N. C. Acad. 
Hookworm; trichinosis; tuberculosis; influenza 
Bullock, Dr, Frederick D, 550 W. 190th St, 
New York, N. Y, Pathology. Lexington, 
Ky, Nov. 20, 78. B.S, Ky. Col, 99 ; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 07. Assoc, cancer research, Crocker Re- 
search Fund, Columbia, 09- Ass. Cancer Re- 
search. Cancer; chronic irritation; cancer 
BuUock, William ECdward), 29 W. 39th St, New 
York, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Hingham, 
England. July 9, 88. B.S, London, 10; M.E, 
London Inst, 10. With Ransomes Sims and Jef- 
fries, Ipswich, England, 04-07; Baldwin Loco- 
motive Works, Phila, Pa, 10-11; sec'y to 
committee on science and arts, and asst. director, 
sch. mech. arts, Franklin Inst, 11-15; asst. 



sec'y. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng, 15- Yarrow stu- 
dent, Inst. Civil Eng, 07-10; Bramwell medal, 
London Inst, 10. A.A; assoc. Mech. Eng. En- 
gineering education. 

BuUowa, Dr. Jesse G(odfrey) M, 62 W. 87th St, 
New York, N. Y. Medicine. New York, Oct. 
19, 79. A.B, Col. City of N. Y, 99; M.D, Co- 
lumbia, 03. Adj. prof. din. med, N. Y. Poly- 
clinic Med. Sch, 16-; prof, Fordham, SO- Visit- 
ing physician, Willard Parker Hosp; Riverside 
Sanitarium. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. Acad. 
Med. Colloidal chemistry; adrenalin in asthma; 
bronchial function. 

Bumpus, H(ennon) C(arey), Waban, Mass. *Bi- 
ology. Buckfield, Maine, May 5, 62. Ph.B, 
Brown, 84, hon. Sc.D, 05; fellow, Qark, 89-90, 
Ph.D, 91, LL.D, 09; hon. Sc.D, Tufts, 05, Prof, 
biol, Olivet, 86-89; asst. prof, zool, Brown, 90- 
91, assoe. prof, 91-92, prof. comp. anat, 92-01; 
asst. to pres. and curator invert, zool. Am. Mu- 
seum Nat. Hist, 01-02, director, 02-11; business 
manager, Wisconsin, 11-14; pres. Tufts, 1419. 
Asst. director, Woods Hole, 93-95 ; commissioner 
inland fisheries, R. I, 97-01; director, biol. lab, 
U. S. Fish Commission, 98-01; mem. board of 
trustees. Woods Hole, 05-; board of fellows, 
Brown, 05-; board of managers. Cold Spring 
Harbor; trustee, Home for Feeble-minded, 
Waver ly, Mass; patron, Am. Museum Nat. Hist; 
hon. fel. Met. Museum of Art, N. Y. City. 
Fourth Int. Fishery Cong, 08 (pres) ; Int. Zool. 
Cong. Graz, 10. A.A; Soe. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
(pres, 03); assoc. Ornith. Union; Fisheries Soe; 
CNat. Ass. Audubon Societies; Mus. Ass. (pres, 
06); Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; N. Y. Audubon 
6oe. (v. pres, 05-) ; N. Y. Linnean Soe ; fel. N. 
Y. Acad, (sec'y, 05); N. Y. Zool. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist; N. Y. Bot. Garden; cor. mem. 
Senekenbergische Naturforsch. Gesell; hon. 
mem. K. K. Oester. Fischerei Gesell. Heredity; 
marine biology; larval development of the lob- 

Bumstead, 3>r. Henry A(ndrews), Yale Univer- 
sity, New Haven, Conn. *Fhysics. Pekin, 
lU, March 12, 70. A.B, Hopkins, 91; Ph.D, 
Yale, 97; Sc. D, Toronto, 20. Instr. physics, 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 93-00, asst. prof, 00-06, 
prof, and director, Sloane Physical Lab, 06- 
Scientific attache. Am. Embassy, London, 18-19 ; 
chairman, Nat. Research Council, 20- Nat. Acad ; 
A.A. (v. pres, 16); Philos. Soe; Physical Soc. 
(v. pres, 16, pres, 18); Am. Acad; Conn. Acad. 
Radioactivity; Rontgen rays; theory of elec- 
trons; photoelectric effects; delta rays. [Died 
Jan. 1, 21.] 

Bumsted, Dr. C(larence) V(an) R(eyiiegon), 235 

Graften Ave, Newark, N. J. Internal medicine. 
Jersey City, N. J, April 7, 79. Ph.B, Brown, 
03; M.D, Pennsylvania, 07. Intern, Episcopal 
Hosp, Phila, 07; asst. attending physician, 
German Hosp, Newark, 12-15 ; asst. physician, 
Babies Hosp; first asst. attending physician, St. 
Michael's Hosp; chief, med. clinic, St. Barna- 
bas Hosp. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Clin. Re- 
search; Ass. Study Infant Mortality; N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Pediatrics; pulmonary tuberculosis; 
exophthalmic goiter; oral sepsis. 

Bunker, Dr. J(ohn) W(ymond) M(iller), Diges- 
tive Ferments Co, 920 Henry St, Detroit, Mich. 

Bacteriology. Toungoo, Burma, July 10, 86. 
A.B, Brown, 09, A.M, 10, Ph.D, 11. Instr. sanit. 
biol. Harvard, 11-15, sanit. inspector, 15; di- 
rector, hacter. laboratories. Digestive Ferments 
Co, 15- A.A; Soc. Bact. (councilor, 18-20, 
asst. sec'y, 20, exec, sec'y, research council, 20) ; 
Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; Boston Bact. Soc. 
Sanitary biology; bacterial metabolism; enzymes 
and toxins. 

Bunting, Dr. C(harles) H(enry), University of 
Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. *Pathology. La 
Crosse, Wis, May 22, 75. B.S, Wisconsin, 96, 
fellow, 96-97; M.D, Hopkins, 01. Asst. demon- 
strator path, Pennsylvania, 02-03; asst, Hop- 
kins, 03-04, instr, 04-05, assoc, 05-06; prof, Vir- 
ginia, 06-08 ; Wisconsin, 08- Consulting pathol- 
ogist, C. W. S. A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Ass. 
Anat; Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. 
Exp. Path; Am. Med. Ass; Chicago Path. Soc. 

Bunting, Dr. Elmer N(ewinan), University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, 111. Chemistry. Chicago, 111, 
March 19, 92. B.S, Chicago, 15, Ph.D, 18. Asst. 
chem, Chicago, 15-18; chemist, Bausch and 
Lomb Optical Co, 18-19; research assoc, Illi- 
nois, SO- Chem. Soc. Inorganic and physical 
chemistry; glass manufacture. 

Bunting, Dr. Martha, The Netherlands, 4302 Chest- 
nut St, Philadelphia, Pa. Biology. Philadel' 
phia, Dec. 2, 61. B.L, Swarthmore, 81 ; Pennsyl- 
vania, 88-91, fellow by courtesy, 19-20; Bryn 
Mawr, 91-93, Ph.D, 99; Woods Hole, 91, 92, 99; 
Columbia, 98-99. Instr. biol. Woman's Col. of 
Baltimore, 93-97; head teacher. Girls' High Sch, 
Phila, 97-98; asst. teacher, Wadleigh High Sch, 
N. Y, 00-10; research asst, Pennsylvania, 10-15, 
19-20. War relief work, 16-18. A.A. Origin 
of sex cells in Hydractinia and Podocoryne; de- 
velopment of Hydractinia; significance of the 
otoliths for the geotropic functions of Astacus; 
structure of the cork tissues in roots of some 
rosaceous genera. 

Bunzell, Dr. H(erbert) H(orace), 575 E. Jefferson 
St, Detroit, Mich. Chemistry. Prague, Czecho- 
slovakia, Jan. 13, 87. B.S, Chicago, 06, Ph.D, 
09. Asst. physiol. chem, Chicago, 06-10; bio- 
chemist, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 10- 
11, chem. biologist, 11-16; prof, chem, George 
Washington, 14-16; special lecturer and assoc. 
prof, Georgetown, 15-16; assoc. prof, biochem, 
Cincinnati, 16-17, prof, and head of dept, med. 
sch, 17- A.A; Soc. Biol. Chem. Rate of oxidation 
of sugars; time relation of galvanic polariza- 
tion; oxidation of uranous salts; toxicity of the 
metal ions towards living organisms; mechanism 
of the oxidation of glucose by bromin ; the 
active element in the internal secretion of the 
testicles; plant oxidases; poisonous plants. 

Burbank, Luther, Santa Rosa, Calif. Plant evo- 
lution. Lancaster, Mass, March 7, 49. Dist. 
sch. and Lancaster Acad ; hon. Sc.D, Tufts, 05. 
Owner and manager, BurbanJc Exp. Farms. Lec- 
turer plant evolution, Stanford, 04-09. Great 
gold medal, Calif. Acad. Sciences. A.A; Pomol. 
Soc. (v. pres) ; hon. mem. Calif. Acad ; Calif. 
Floral Soc; fel. Royal Hort. Soc; hon. mem. 
Royal Bot. Soc. Sweden ; hon. mem. Royal 
Italian Agr. Soc. Scientific improvement of 



trees, fruits, flowers, vegetables, grains, grasses; 
origin of new types of plants. 
Burbeck, Allan Beal, Concord, Mass. Astronomy. 
North Abington, Mass, July 31, 82. High sch. 
Astron. Soc; Ass. Var. Star Observers (treas, 
17-) ; British Astron. Assj^ Soc. astron. de 
France. Variable stars. 
Burbridge, Dr. Harry C(arleton), 2i37 Shat- 
tuck Ave, Berkeley, Calif. Physics. Greeley, 
Iowa, July 4, 85. A.B, Stanford, 08, Ph.D, 13. 
Teacher science, high sch, 08-09 ; instr. physics, 
Stanford, 13-14; assoc. physicist, Bur. Stand- 
ards, 18-20; with Assoc. Oil Co, 20- Lubri- 
cation; Volta effect. 
Burchard, Ernest F(rancis), U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey, Washington, D. C. Economic geology. In- 
dependence, Kans, May 20, 75. Lehigh, 97; 
B.S, Northwestern, 00, M.S, 03. Instr. chem. 
and geol, high sch, Sioux City, Iowa, 00-03; 
asst. geologist, Wis. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 
03; geol. aid, TJ. S. Geol. Surv, 04-06, asst. 
geologist, 06-10, geologist, 11-, in charge, sect, 
iron and steel metals, 17- Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Wash. Geol. Soc; 111. Acad; Sioux City Acad. 
Chemistry; physiography; areal geology of Ne- 
braska lignite deposits; lead and zinc ores in 
Arkansas and Wisconsin; iron ore deposits in 
Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee; mar- 
ble resources of Alaska; chromite and man- 
ganese of Cuba; petroleum resources of Philip- 
pine Islands; utilization of ores and nonmetallic 
minerals as pigments; origin of the Clinton iron 
Burckhalter, Clia(rle)3, Leona Heights, Oakland, 
Calif. Astronomy. Taylorsville, Ohio, Jan. 5, 
49. High sch. and special study. Astronomer 
in charge, Chdbot Observatory, 85- Mem. Calif. 
State Earthquake Investigation Commission. 
Seismol. Soc. (director, 07) ; Pacific Astron. 
Soc. (past pres. and sec'y); Calif. Acad; Brit- 
ish Astron. Ass; fel. Eoyal Astron. Soc. Solar 
corona; stellar photography. 
Burge, Prof. W(illiam) E(dward), University of 
Illinois, Urbana. 111. Physiology. Lynchburg, 
Va, Sept. 17, 81. A.B, Randolph-Macon, 03, 
A.M, 06; fellow, Hopkins, 08-09, Ph.D, 09. 
Physical director, Randolph-Macon, 04-06; 
instr. physiol, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Col, 09-10; asst, Hopkins, 10-11, instr, 11-12; 
assoc. prof, and acting head of dept, Illinois, 12- 
With Nela Research Lab, 16, 17, 18. Ninth Int. 
Physiol. Cong ; Physiol Cong, Paris, 20. Physiol. 
Soc ; Nat. Anasthesia Research Soc. Normal and 
cataractous lenses; effect of radiant energy on 
lenses; separation of rennin and pepsin; oxida- 
tion of enzymes and pro-enzymes; effect on 
catalase of phosphorus poisoning; thyroid feed- 
ing; pyretics; starvation; alcohol; narcotics; 
diabetes; acidosis; ndronalin. 
Burger, Dr. O(wen) F(rancis), Mt. Ranier, Md. 
Plant pathology. ^ Freeland, Pa, June 8, 85. 
A.B, Indiana, 09; M.S, Florida, 11; Harvard, 
15, Sc.D, 16. Asst. to plant pathologist, Fla. 
Exp. Sta, 09-11, asst. pathologist, 11-13; instr. 
plant path, California, 16-18; pathologist, fruit 
disease investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 18- 
A.A; Phytopath. Soc. Diseases of vegetables 
and peaches in Florida ; variations in Collelo- 
trichen; sexuality in the genus Cunninghamella. 

Burger, Prof. William H(enry), College of En- 
gineering, Evanstoa, 111. Civil engineering. 
Caribou, Colo, Mav 1, 74. B.S, Colorado, 96, 
96-97. With eng. dept, Colo. N. W. E. R, 97- 
99; aid, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 99-03, 
asst, 03-10; asst. prof, civil eng, col. eng. North- 
western, 10-15, prof, 15- A.A; Civil Eng; 
Eng. Educ; West. Soc. Eng; 111. Soc. Eng. 

Burgess, A(lbert) F(raiiklin), U. S. Bureau of 
Entomology, Melrose Highlands, Mass. Ento- 
mology. Rockland, Mass, Oct. 2, 73. B.S, Mass. 
Col, 95, M.S, 97. AjBSt. entomologist, Mass. 
State Board of Agr, 95-99 ; asst. entom, Illinois, 
99-00; asst. inspector of nurseries and orchards, 
Ohio, 00-02, chief inspector, 02-07 ;,assf. ento- 
mologist, hur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07- 
A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom. (sec'y, 03, 06-, assoc. 
ed, 'Jour,' 08-09, business manager, 10-); 
Entom. Soc; assoc. mem. Soc. Foresters; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc; Cambridge Entom. 
Club (pres, 15); Ohio Acad. Economic en- 
tomology; insecticides and fungicides; horticul- 
ture; predatory insects. 
Burgess, Prof. C(harles) F(rederick), 625 Wil- 
liams St, Madison, Wis. * Electrochemistry. 
Oshkosh, Wis, Jan. 5, 73. B.S, Wisconsin, 95, 
E.E, 98. Instr. elec. eng, Wisconsin, 95-00, 
asst. prof, 00-04, assoc. prof, 04-05, prof, ap- 
plied electrochem, 05-09; chem. eng, 09-; pres, 
C. F. Burgess Lab, 10- Pres, Burgess Battery 
Co. Electrochem. Soc. (past pres); Elec. Eng; 
Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Eng. Educ. 
Electrolytic rectifiers; electrolytic purification 
of iron; separation and concentration of ores; 
electric furnace applications; electrolytic cor- 
rosion of undergrormd structures; dry batteries. 
Burgess, Prof. Edward S(andford), Hunter Col- 
lege, New York, N. Y. Botany. Little Val- 
ley, N. Y, Jan. 19, 55. A.B, Hamilton, 79, 
A.M, 82, hon. Sc.D, 04 ; fellow, Hopkins, 81-82 ; 
Ph.D, Columbia, 99. Instr. bot, Del. Lit. Inst, 
Franklin, N. Y, 79-80; high schools, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 82-95; prof. nat. science, Hunter, 95- 
Instr. bot, Summer Inst, Marthas Vineyard, 80- 
95; Hopkins, 85. A.A; Bot. Soc; Anthrop. 
Ass; Folk-lore Soc; Am. Scenic Soc; Torrey 
Bot. Club (sec'y, 97, v. pres, 06-) ; Wash. Geol. 
Soc. Asters and related Compositae; flora. In- 
dian history and locality-lore of Marthas Vine- 
yard; American plant-lore. 
Burgess, Dr. Geo(rge) K(imball), Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Washington, D. C. *Physics. Newton, 
Mass, Jan. 4, 74. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96, 
fellow, 98-00; Sc.D, Paris, 01. Asst. physics, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 96-98 ; instr, Michigan, 00-01 ; 
California, 01-03; asst. physicist, Bur. Stand- 
ards, 03-05, assoc. physicist, 05-13, physicist and 
chief, div. metal, 13- Mem. various committees, 
Nat. Research Council, 17-; requirements div, 
W. I. B, 18; adviser duplication in govt, depart- 
ments. Bur. Efficiency, 19-; metal, ordnance 
dept, U. S. A, 19-; chairman light alloys commit- 
tee, Nat. Advisory Committee for Aeronaut, 17- 
18, chairman committee on metals, 19-; mem. 
Nat. Aircraft Standards Board, 17-18. Silver 
medal, Pan-Am. Expos, 15. A.A; Physical Soc. 
(councilor, 14-17, 19-, ed, 18-20) ; Automotive 
Eng; Min. and INIetal. Eng. (v. pres, 15); Soc. 
Test. Mat. (mem. exec, committee, 18) ; Wash. 
Acad, (sec'v, 12-16, v. pres, IS); Wash. Philos. 



Soc. (sec'y> 05-09, v. pres, 11-17, pres, 18); 
British Iron and Steel Inst; Soc. de Physique. 
Gravitation constant; vapor pressure of solu- 
tions; physical metallurgy; pyrometry; radia- 

Burgess, Prof. Horace T(homas), 812 W, Dayton 
St, Madison, Wis. Mathematics. Harveysburg, 
Ohio, Oct. 17, 81. A.B, Yale, 06, A.M, 07, Ph.D, 
09. Instr. Tuuth, Yale, 07-09; Wisconsin, 09-13, 
asst. prof, 13- A.A ; Math. Soc. Modern geom- 
etry from standpoint of transformation theory; 
point-circle transformations. 

Burgess, Dr. L(aurie) L(ome), Box 525, Jackson 
Laboratory, Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. Kins- 
mans Corners, N. S, Oct. 21, 82. B.S, Dalhousie, 
05; A.M, Harvard, 06, Thayer scholar, 07, 09, 
Ph.D, 09. Asst. chem, Harvard, 05-08; instr, 
Hlinois, 09-12; asst. prof. anal, chem, Sas- 
katchewan, 12-14, prof, 14-16; chief chemist 
and asst. supt, Allegheny By-Product Coke Co, 
16-17; research chemist, E. I. duPont de Ne- 
mours and Co, 17- Instr. chem, Maine, sum- 
mers, 07-09. Chem. Soc. Heats of solution of 
metals in acids; refractive index of water; 
spark spectrum of cadmium. 

Burgess, Prof. Robert W(ilbur), Brov?n Univer- 
sity, Providence, E. I. Mathematics. Newport, 
E. I, July 25, 87. A.B, Brown, 08; B.A, Ox- 
ford, 10, Bkt[efl eckelar, 08-11; Ph.D, Cornell, 
14. Instr. m#ft, Purdue, 11-12; asst, Cornell, 
12-14, instr, 14r-16; Brown, 16-17, asst. Tprof, 
19- Lieut, capt. and major, ordnance dept, and 
statist, branch. Gen. Staff, 17-19. A.A; Math. 
Soc; Statist. Ass. Approximate solutions of 
differential equations; statistical analysis. 

Burgess, Prof. T(homas) J(oseph) W(orkman), 
Protestant Hospital for Insane, Montreal, Can. 
Botany, Psychology. Toronto, Can, March 11, 
49. Upper Canada, 63-66; M.B, .Toronto, 70, 
Surgeon, Her Majesty's B.N.A, Boundary Com- 
mission, 71-76; asst. med. supt, London Asyliun, 
75-87; Hamilton Asylum, 87-90; med. supt, 
Protestant Hosp. for Insane, 90-; lecturer men- 
ial diseases, McGill, 93-99, prof, 99- Pan-Am. 
Med. Cong, 96 (hon. sec'y). A.A; Medico- 
Psychol. Ass. (pres, 04) ; cor. mem. Torrey Bot. 
Club; fel. Royal Soc. Can. (pres, nat. sci. sect, 
98); Can. Inst; hon. mem. Hamilton Lit. and 
Sci. Ass. 

Burget, Prof. G(eorge) E(mmanuel), University 
of Oregon Medical School, Portland, Oregon. 
Physiology. Kempton, Ind, May 18, 89. A.B; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 16. Assoc, physiol, Chicago, 16- 
17; prof, physiol, Oregon, 17- Glands of in- 
ternal secretion. 

Burka, Dr. Samuel M(oses), McCook Field, Day- 
ton, Ohio. Physics. Union Springs, Ala, May 
26, 91. A.B, Hopkins, 13, A.M, 16, Ph.D, 19. 
Lab. asst. Bur. Standards, 17-18, asst. physicist, 
18-20; eng. div, Air Service, TJ.S.A, 20- Phys- 
ical Soc; Wash. Philos. Soc. Spectroscopy; 
photography; red-sensitive photographic plates; 
airplane photography; spectroscopic analysis; 
rare gas vacuum tubes. 

Burke, Dr. C(harles) E(ldrid), Box 525, Wilming- 
ton, Del. Chemistry. Hartford, Ont, July 7, 81. 
A.B, McMaster, 07, A.M, 09; Ph.D, Illinois, 11. 
Instr. chem, California, 11-14; asst. prof, Ver- 
mont, 14-18; research chemist, E. I. duPont de 

Nemours and Co, IS- Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Vt. 
sect, 17). Terpenes and essential oils; nitrogen 
derivatives and homologues of benzene. 

Burke, Edmund, Agricultural Experiment Station, 
Bozeman, Mont. Chemistry. NUes, Mich, AprU 
26, 65. iB.S, Mont. Col, 07. Instr. chem, Mont. 
Col, 01-06, asst. prof, 06-07; asst, chemist, 
Mont. Exp. Sta, 00-08. chemist, OS-, meteorolo- 
gist, 06- Lecturer, farmers' institutes and 
exten. service. Chem. Soc. Salicylic acid in 
fruits; effect of alkali on Portland cement; ni- 
trates in soil ; artificial incubation of eggs ; 
Montana climate. 

Burke, H(arry) E(ugene), Los Gatos, Calif. "En- 
tomology. Paradise Valley, Nev, May 19, 78. 
B.S, Wash. State, 02, M.S, 08. Specialist for- 
est entom, forest insect investigations, hur. 
entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 02- A.A; Soc. Adv. 
Forest Entom. (v. pres, 13); Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc. (rec. sec'y, 
08). Biology of insects injurious to forest and 
shade trees; taxonomy of buprestid larvae. 

Burkett, Prof. Charles W(illiam), 660 Riverside 
Drive, New York, N. Y. Agronomy. Thom- 
ville, Ohio, Jan. 3, 73. B.S, Ohio State, 95, M.S, 
98. Asst. agr, Ohio State, 95-98; prof, N. H. 
Col, and agriculturist, Exp. Sta, 98-01; N. C. 
Col, and Exp. Sta, 01-06; director, Kans. Exp. 
Stations, 06-08; ed, 'Am. Agriculturist,' 08- 
Kans, agr. investigator to Russia, f)7. Animal 
husbandry and nutrition; soils; crops. 

Burkholder, Dr. W (alter) H, Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. Plant pathology. Craw- 
fordsville, Ind, Feb, 1, 91. A.B, Wabash, 13; 
fellow, Cornell, 13-17, Ph.D, 17. Investigator 
plant path, Cornell, 17- Collaborator, bur. plant 
indust, U. S, Dept. Agr, 17- A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Phytopath. Soc. Diseases of beans; anthraenose 
of raspberry. 

Burling, I*ancaster D(emorest), 47 Parliament St, 
Westminster, S.W.I, London, England. Geology. 
Anita, Iowa, Nov. 2,82. B.S.Wisconsin, 05. Asst. 
to Charles D. Walcott, 05-12; asst. geologist, U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 05-07; asst. curator, U. S. Nat. 
Museum, 07-12 ; invert, paleontologist. Can. 
Geol. Surv, 13-20; geologist, Whitehall Petrol. 
Corp, Ltd, London, 20- A.A; Geol. Soc; Pale- 
ont. Soc; Min. and Metal. Eng; Wash. Geol. Soc; 
Can. Min, Inst; Ottawa Field Nat. Club (sec'y, 
18, V. pres, 19). Paleontology; stratigraphy; 
paleoecology; experimental geology; Cambrian 
and Pre-Cambrian rocks and faunas; bibliogra- 
phy; education, 

Burlingame, Prof, Leonas L(ancelot), Stanford 
University, Calif, Botany. Guernsey Co. Ohio, 
Aug. 25, 76. Ph.B, Ohio Northern, "Ol ; 'fellow, 
Chicago, 04-08, A.B, 06, Ph.D, 08. Prof. biol. 
and geol, Ohio Northern, 02-04; acting prof, 
East. 111. State Nor. Univ, summer, 06; asst. 
hot, Chicago, 06-08; instr, Stanford, 08-09, 
asst. prof, 09-16, assoc. prof, 16- Field asst, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, IS. A.A; Bot. Soc; Ass. Prof; 
West. Soc. Nat. (sec'y, 17); Pacific Coast Biol. 
Ass. (sec'y-treas, 15-17); Calif. Acad. Cytol- 
ogy; genetics; morphology of pteridophytes and 

Burlingham, Dr. Gertrude S(immons), 556 Lafay- 
ette Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Botanv. Mexico, N. 
Y, April 21, 72.' A.B, Syracuse, 96; Ph.D, Co- 



lumbia, 08. Preceptress; high seh, Ovid, N. Y, 
96-98; teacher biol, high sch, Binjjhamton, N. 
Y, 98-05; Trenton Nor. Seh, 08; asst. teacher, 
East. Dist. High Sch, BrooTclyn, 08- Bot. Soc; 
Torrey Bot. Club. Mycology; Eussula; Lac- 

Burlison, W(illiani) L(eonidas), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. Agronomy. Harrison, Ark. 
B.S, Okla. Col, 05; M.S, Illinois, 08, Ph.D, 15. 
Asst. agronomist, Okla. Col, 05-08, asst. prof, 
08-10; assoc. ed, 'Orange Judd Weeklies,' 10- 
12; assoc. crop production, Illinois, 12-15, assoe. 
prof, 15-17, prof, tmd chief, Exp. Sta, 17-, 
head, dept. agron, 20- Bot. Soc; Soc. Agron. 
Physiological botany; crop production; plant 

Burnett, Dr. C(harles) T(heodore), Brunswick, 
Maine. Psychology. Springfield, Mass, June 24, 
73, A.B, Amherst, 95; A.M, Harvard, 00, Ph.D. 
03. Asst. philos, Harvard, 00-02; instr, Bow- 
doin, 04-06, asst. prof, 06-09, prof, 09- A.A; 
Psychol. Ass. Influences modifying the judg- 
ment of numbers. 

Burnett, Dr. C (lough) T(urrill), Majestic Build- 
ing, Denver, Colo. Internal medicine. Lapeer. 
Mich, Jan. 30, 83. Mich. Agr. Col, 01-03; M.D, 
Michigan, 08. Asst. bacter, Mich. Agr. Col, 02- 

03; first asst, Michigan, 05-07; asst. prof, Colo- 
rado, 08-10, prof, 10-19. Soc. Bact; Col. Physi- 
cians; Soc. Internal Med; Pub. Health Ass; 
Mich. Acad. Flagellum staining of Spirochaeta 
obermeieri ; bacteriology of milk ; anaphylaxis ; 
tuberculosis; internal medicine. 

Burnett, E(arle) S(mead), 19 E. 96th St, New 
York, N. Y. Experimental engineering. Eiver 
Falls, Wis, Feb. 16, 80. B.S, Wisconsin, 05, 
05-06. Research asst. mech. eng, Wisconsin, 
06-10; instr. exp. eng, Cornell, 10-14; consult- 
ing engineer, 14- Assoc. Mech. Eng. Porous 
plug expansion of gases and fluids; hydro-pneu- 
m.atic relations. 

Burnett, Prof. E(dgar) A(lbert), 3256 Holdrege 
St, Lincoln, Nebr. Agriculture. Oakland Co, 
Mich, Oct. 17, 65. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 87, Sc.D, 
17. Instr. agr, Mich. Agr, Col, 89-91, asst. prof, 
91-93; manager, Hiram Walker Farms, 94; 
prof, animal husbandry, S. Dak. Col, 96-99; Ne- 
hraslca, 99-07, assoc. dean agr. instruction, 01- 
09, dean, agr. col, 09-, director, Exp. Sta, 01- 
Mem. Educ. C, A. E. F, 19. Animal nutrition. 

Burnett, Dr. T(heodore) C(r6te), University of 
California, Berkeley, Calif. Physiology. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y, Dec. 6, 61. M.D, Columbia, 87. Oph- 
thalmologist, House of Mercy, Pittsfield, Mass, 
95-98; students' infirmary, California, Off-, asst. 
physiol. California. 04-10, instr, 10-13, a.fst. 
prof, IS- A.A; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol; 
Ass. Study Int. Secretions; West. Soc. Nat. 
Catalase; muscle tonus; influence of tempera- 
ture on striped muscle. 

Bumhara, Prof. Sherburne Wesley, Yerkes Ob- 
servatorv, Williams Bay, Wis. ^A.itronomy. 
Thetford, Vt, Dec. 12, 38. A.M, Yale, 78. Ob- 
server, Dearborn Observatory, 77-81; Washburn 
Observatory, 81-82; Dearborn Observatory, 82- 
84; astronomer. Lick Observatory, 88-92; clerk, 
U. S. Courts, Chicago, 92-02; prof, practical 
astron, Chicago, and astronomer, Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, OS- Gold medal, Royal Astron. Soc, 

94. Am. Acad; assoc. Royal Astron. Soc. 
Double stars. 

Bumham, S(tewart) H(enry), Cornell University, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Botany. Vaughns, N. Y, Oct. 6, 
70. Stanford, 93-95; B.S, Michigan, 99. Mu- 
seum aid, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 01-03 ; asst. bot, 
Cornell, 04-05; asst. state botanist, N. Y, 05-13. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Fern Soc. (sec'y, 19-); Ornith. 
Union; Forest Ass; Nature Study Soc; Wild 
Flower Preservation Soc; Torrey Bot. Club; Vt. 
Bot. Club ; Sullivant Moss Chapter ; Sierra Club ; 
Phila. Bot. Club. Pteridophyta and Phanero- 
gamia; systematic botany; mycology; crypto- 
gamic plants. 

Bumham, Prof. William Henry, Clark Univer- 
sity, Worcester, Mass. Psychology. Dunbarton, 
N. H, Dec. 3, 55. A.B, Harvard, 82; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 88. Instr, Wittenberg, 82-93; State 
Nor. Sch, Potsdam, N. Y. 83-85; psychol, 
Hopkins, 88-89; docent, ClarJc, 90-92, "instr, 
pedag, 92-00, asst. prof, 00-06, prof, pedag. and 
sch. hygiene, 06- Int. Cong, of Sch. Hygiene; 
Life Extension Inst, (advisory board). A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass; Sch. Hygiene Ass. 
(mem. council) : Soc. Col. Teachers Educ. 
Memory; school hygiene; mental hygiene. 

Bums, Prof. Eleanor I(rene), Constantinople Col- 
lege, Constantinople, Turkey. Physics. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, July 16, 83. A.B, Cornell, 04; Sc.D, 
Lafayette. Instr. physics, Wellesley, 05-08; 
prof. Am. Col. for Girls, Constantinople, 08- 
A.A; assoc. mem. Physical Soc. Meteorological 
conditions, past and present, of Constantinopl* 
and the west coast of Asia Minor. 

Bums, Frank (lin) L(orenzo), Berwyn, Pa. Zool- 
ogy. Chester Co, Pa, .Tan. 18, 69. " Mem. Ornith. 
Union; Wilson Ornith. Club; Cooper Ornith. 
Club; Soc. Mammal. Ornithology; mammalogy; 
ornithology of Chester County, Pa. 

Bums, Dr. George P(lumer), University of Ver- 
mont, Burlington, Vt. Botany. Maroa, 111, Oct, 
30, 71. B.S, A.M, Ohio Wesleyan, 98; Ph.D, 
Munich, 00. Instr. hot, Ohio Wesleyan, 97-98; 
Michigan, 02-07, asst. prof, and director, bot. 
garden, 07-10; prof, Vermont, 10- A.A; Phy- 
topath. Soc; assoc. Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Mich. 
Acad, (librarian, 07-). Ecology; tolerance of 
forest trees; reproduction of forests; formation 
of peat in Dead Lake; edaphic conditions and 
position of greatest peat deposits in local bogs. 

Bums, Dr. Keivin, Allegheny Observatory, Pitts- 
burgh. Pa. Sprctroacopy. Pleasant Ridge, 
N. B, March 1, 81. A.B, Minnesota, 03, Ph.D, 
10; fellow, Lick Observatory, 11-12. Lick Ob- 
servatory, 04-07, 10; asst, Minnesota, 07-10; 
assoc. physicist, Bur. Standards, 13-17, physi- 
cist, 18-19; astronomer, Allegheny Observatory, 
20- Wash. Philos. Soc. Orbit of X Androm- 
edae; spectrum of ring nebula in Lyra; Orion 
region; arc spectrum iron 2373-8824; secondary 

Burr, Dr. Charles W(alts), 1918 Spruce St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Neurologu. Philadelphia, Nov. 
16, 61. B.S, Pennsylvania, 83, M.D, 86. Prof, 
mental diseases, Pennsylvania, 01- Neurologist, 
Phila. Hosp. Neur. Ass. (past pres) ; PhUa. 
Neur. Soc. (past pres) ; Phila. Path. Soc. (past 
pres) ; Phila. Col. Physicians. Pathology of 
Friedriech's ataxia; a.sthenic bulbar palsy; in- 




termittent lameness and other nervous symp- 
toms of peripheral arterial disease; the blood 
in chorea; spinal cord lesions and symptoms of 
pernicious anemia; trauma of the head as a 
cause of insanity; visual hallucinations on the 
blind side in hemianopsia. 
Burr, Prof. H(arold) Saxton, Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Anatomy. Lowell, ISInss, 
April 10, 89. Ph.B, Yale, 11,' Ph.D, 15. Instr. 
anat, Yale, 14-19, a^st. prof, 19- A.A; Ass. 
Anat. Experimental emlsryology; neuro-anat- 
omy; regeneration and development of the nerv- 
ous system; human vascular system. 
Burr, Prof. W(llliam) H(ubert), Nev? Canaan, 
Conn. Civil engineering. "Watertown, Conn, July 
14,51. C.E, Rensselaer, 72, D.Eng, 18. Practising 
civil engineer, 72-76; prof, rational and tech. 
mech, Rensselaer, 76-84; asst. to chief engineer 
and later gen. manager. Phoenix Bridge Co, 84- 
91; prof, eng, Harvard, 92-93; civil eng, Co- 
lumbia, 93-16, emer, prof, 16- Mem. first and 
second Isthmian Canal Commissions; consulting 
engineer, various municipal departments, N. Y. 
City, 93- A.A; Civil Eng; Inst. Consult. Eng; 
Am. Acad ; Wash. Acad ; British Inst. Civil Eng. 
Burr, W(illiam) W(esley), University of Ne- 
braska, Lincoln, Nebr. Agriculture. Good- 
land, Ind, March 26, 80. B.S, Nebraska, 06, 
Assoc, prof, crops and soils, Nebraska, 06-13; 
in charge cooperative work, office dry laud agr, 
N. Platte Exp, Sta, bur. plant indust, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 06-13, asst. agriculturist, 13-16; 
prof, agron. and head of dept, NehrasTca, and v. 
director, Exp. Sta, 16- A.A; Soc. Agron. Soil 
moisture; crop production and principles of ciil- 
tivation; tillage methods; dry land agriculture. 
BurreU, Dr. George A, 120 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y, *Chemical engineering. Cleveland, Ohio 
Jan. 23, 82. Hon. Ch.E, Ohio State; hon. Sc.D,' 
Wesleyan. With U. S. Geol. Surv, 03-07; in 
charge gas, gasoline and oil investigations. Bur. 
Mines, 07-15; consulting engineer, 15- Col, 
C. W. S, 18-19. Chem. Soc; Petrol. Inst; Nat. 
Gas Ass. Oil; gas; gasoline. 

Burrill, Prof. A (If red) C(ununings), University 
of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Zoology. Boston 
Mass, Aug. 14, 81. B.S, Harvard, 05; M.S 
Wisconsin, 15. Scientific asst, in charge Am 
forestry and Congo ethnol, Am. Museum Nat 
Hist, 07-08; lecturer, Pub, Museum, Milwaukee 
Wis, 08-10; instr. econ. entom. and lecturer for 
est, fish and game conservation, col. agr. Wis 
consin, 10-15; prof, entom. and zool, Idaho, and 
entomologist, Exp. Sta, 16-18; field agent, bur. 
entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 18-20, scientific asst, 
20; extension prof, entom. and plant path, Mis- 
souri, 20- A.A; Soc. Nat; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Entom. Soc; Soc. Mammal. Insect carriers of 
disease; ecology of ants, aphids and birds; hab- 
its of animals; classification. 

Burroughs, Miss Lillian C{rombie), 2313 E. Fed- 
eral St, Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. Baltimore, 
April 22, 96. A.B, Goucher, 17; Hopkins, 17-18. 
Chemist, Baltimore City Water Dept, 18; asst. 
chemist, Md. State Dept. Health, 18- Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Food 

Burrow, Dr. Trigant, Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, Baltimore, Md. Psychology. Norfolk, 

Va, Sept. 7, 75. A.B, Fordham. 95; M.D, 
Virginia, 99; Ph.D, Hopkins, 09. Demonstrator 
biol, Virginia, 99-00; asst. psychol, HopUns, 
07-09; asst. din. psychiatrist, 09- Intern, Univ- 
Frauenklinik, Munich, 00. A.A; Psychol. Ass; 
Psychopath. Ass; Psychoanal. Ass; Am. Med. 
Ass; S. Soc. Philos. and Psychol; Md. Med. and 
Chirurg. Faculty; Md. Psychiat. Soc. Atten- 
tion; abnormal psychology. 
Burrows, Dr. Charles W(illiam), Grasmere, Bor- 
ough Richmond, New York, N. Y. Physics, En- 
gineering. Wilkesport, Ont, July 2, 74. A.B, 
Michigan, 98, A.M, 01, Ph.D, 07. Instr. science 
and math, high sch, Detroit, Mich, 98-00; asst. 
physics, Michigan, 05-06; lab. asst. Bur. Stand- 
ards, 06-07, asst. physicist, 07-11, assoc. phys- 
icist, 11-18, magnetic research engineer, 18- 
Physical Soc; Soc. Test. Mat. (chairman and 
mem. various committees) ; Elec. Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Automotive Eng; Steel Treating Soc. 
Magnetic analysis of steel and steel products; 
physics of magnetic and electrical measuring 
Burrows, Prof. Geo(rge) H(oward), University 
of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Chemistry. Wyo- 
ming, Ohio, 75. B.S, Vermont, 99 ; Ph.D, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 14. Asst. physics, Pratt Inst, 99-00; 
chem, Cornell, 00-03; asst. prof, Vermont, 03- 
14, prof, 14- A.A; Chem. Soc. Equilibrium 
measurements in organic chemistry. 
Burrows, Prof. M(ontrose) T(homas), Washing- 
ton University Medical School, St. Louis, Mo. 
Experimental surgery. Halstead, Kans, Oct. 31, 
84. A.B, Kansas, 05; M.D, Hopkins, 09; fellow, 
Rockefeller Inst, 09-10. Asst. path, Rockefeller 
Inst, 10-11 ; instr. anat, med, col, Cornell, 11- 
15; assoc. path, Hopkins, and res. pathologist, 
Hopkins Hosp, 15-17; assoc. prof, path, Wash- 
ington (St. Louis), 17-20, exp. surg. and di- 
rector, research lab, Barnard Free Skin and 
Cancer Hosp, SO- A.A; Ass. Anat; Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Soc. Exp. Path; Soc. Zool; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Physiol. Soc; Soc. C!!ancer Research; Ass. 
Prof; N. Y. Path. Soc. Tissue cultivation; 
mechanism of growth and division of cells and 
heart muscle contraction; normal rhythm in 
isolated heart muscle cells; intracranial pres- 
sure; epidermiology. 
Burt, Prof. E(dward) A(ngus), Missouri Botani- 
cal Garden, St. Louis. Mo. *Botany. Athens, 
Pa, April 9, 59. A.B, Harvard, 93, A.M, 94, 
Ph.D, 95. Teacher, Albany Acad, 80-85; prof, 
nat. science, N, Y. State Nor. Sch, Albany, 
85-91; nat. hist, Middlebury, 95-13; librarian 
and mycologist. Mo. Bot. Garden, and prof, hot, 
Washington (St. Louis), IS- Examiner nat. 
science for regents, Univ. State of N. Y, 83-86; 
mem. construction committee, Middlebury Water 
Works, 00-02. A.A; Bot. Soc; New Eng. Bot- 
Club; Int. Ass. Bot. Morphology and physiol- 
ogy of Phalloideae and other fungi; taxonomy 
of Basidiomycetes; North American Thelepho- 
Burt, H(enry) J(ackson), Monroe Building, Chi- 
cago, 111. Civil engineering. Urbana, 111, Feb. 
6, 73. B.S, Illinois, 96, C.E, 14. Asst. prof, 
civil eng, Iowa State, 00-01; contracting mana- 
ger. Am. Bridge Co, 01-11; structural engineer 
and manager, Holdbird and Eoche, 11- With 
construction div, U.S.A, 17-18. Civil Eng; Eng. 



Educ; Soc. Test. Mat; "West. Soc. Eng. (pres, 
17). Steel construction. 
Burton, Prof. A(lfred) E(dgar), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
Geodesy, Topographical surveying. Portland, 
Maine, March 24, 57. B.S, Bowdoin, 78, C.E, 
81, Sc.D, 13. Aid, U. S, Coast and Geod. Surv, 
79-82; instr. topog. eng, Mass. Inst. Tech, 82- 
84, asst. and later assoc. prof, 84-96, prof, 96-, 
dean, OS- Mem. Mass. Topog. Surv. Committee, 
95-01; in charge, scientific exped. to Greenland, 
96; eclipse exped. to Ga, 00; Mass. Inst. Tech. 
eclipse exped. to Sumatra, 01. In charge in- 
struction, Free Navig. Schools, U. S. Shipping 
Board, 17. Astron. Soe; Civil Eng; fel. Am. 
Acad. Geodetic measurements; base line ap- 

Burton, Dr. E(li) F(rankliii), University of To- 
ronto, Toronto, Can. Physics. Green River, 
Ont, Feb. 14, 79. A.B, Toronto, 01, fellow, 01- 
03, 1851 Exhibition scholar, 04-06, Ph.D, 10; 
A.B, Cambridge, 06. Asst. demonstrator physics, 
Toronto, 02-04^ senior demonstrator, 06-11, 
assoc. prof, 11- Science research exhibitioner, 
Emmanuel Col, Cambridge, 04-06. Physical Soc. 
Radioactivity of crude petroleum; physical prop- 
erties of coUoidal solutions; action of electro- 
lytes on colloids. 

Burton, H(arry) E(dward), 3621 Hall Place, 
Washington, D. C. Astronomy. Onawa, Iowa, 
June 11, 78. A.B, Iowa, 01, fellow, 02-03, M.6, 
03. Instr. math, and astron, Parsons, 07-08; 
U. S. Naval Observatory, 09- Observations of 
asteroids, eomets and satellites. 

Burton, Dr. William Merriam, Standard Oil Co, 
Whiting, Ind. Chemistry. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 
17, 65. A.B, Western Iteserve, 86; Ph.D, Hop- 
kins, 89. Chemist, Standard Oil Co. of Ind, 89- 
15, V. pres, 15-18, pres, 18- Willard Gibbs 
medalj 18. Chem. Soc. Atomic weight of zinc 
and magnesium. 

Biirton-Opitz, Prof. R(ussell), 437 W. 59th St, 
New York, N. Y. *Physiology. Fort Wayne, 
Ind, Oct. 25, 75. M.D, Rush Med. Col, 95, 
B.S, Chicago. 98, M.S, 02, Ph.D, 05; Vienna, 
98; Naples Zool. Sta, 01. Asst. physiol, Bres- 
lau, 98-01; Harvard, 01-02; demonstrator, Co- 
lumhia, 02-04, adj. prof, 04-10, assoc. prof, 10-, 
head, dept. physiol, 09-11. A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Physiol. Soc; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Biol. Chem; 
Harvey Soc; Soc. Pharmacol; Am. Med. Ass. 
Viscosity of blood and body fluids; vaso-motor 
nerves of different organs; blood pressure; blood 
flow; secretion of saliva and bile. 

Burtt, Dr. Harold E(mest), Ohio State Univer- 
sity, Columbus, Ohio. Psychology. Haverhill, 
Mass, April 26, 90. A.B, Dartmouth, 11; A.M, 
Harvard, 13, Ph.D, 15. Instr. psychol, Simmons, 
15-18; Harvard, 16-18; Ohio State, 19-20, asst. 
prof, 20- Capt, Air Service; consulting psy- 
chologist, Can. Consol. Rubber Co. A.A; Psy- 
chol. Ass. Experimental and applied psychol- 
ogy; aviation and vocational tests. 

Burwash, Prof. E(dward) M(oore Jackson), Uni- 
versity of. ^Manitoba, Winnipeg, Can. Geology. 
Cobourg, Ont, July 10, 73. B.A, Victoria (Can), 
93, M.A, 97. B.D, 03; Ph.D, Toronto. 14; fellow, 
Chicago, 10-12, Ph.D, 15. Sec'y to chancellor, 
Victoria (Can), 02-05; prof. nat. science, Co- 

lumbian Methodist Col, 05-10; science master, 
Upper Can, 13-14; asst. prof. geol. and miner, 
Manitoba, ID- Asst, Can. Geol. Surv, 93, 11; 
asst. geologist, Ont. Bur. Mines, 95, field geol- 
ogist, 96, 19; mining geologist, Mex. and Can. 
Geol. Soc; B. C. Acad, (organizer and sec'y, 
09); British Ass; Soc. Beige d 'Astron. Cana- 
dian geology; Cretaceous invertebrates. 

Busck, August, U. S. National Museum, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Entomology. Randers, Denmark, 
Feb. 18, 70. Ordrup Col, Denmark, 87-89 ; A.M, 
Ph.B, Royal Univ, Copenhagen, 93. Instr. zool. 
and math, Ordrup Col, 89-93 ; asst, div. entom, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 96- A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Entom. Soc. (pres, 13); Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. Biol. Field 
Club; Stockholm Entom. Soc; Copenhagen 
Entom. Soc. American Microlepidoptera; biol- 
ogy of mosquitoes. 

Bush, Prof. Arthur D(ermont), University of 
North Dakota, University, N. D. Physiology, 
Pharmacology. Townsend, Mass, Aug. 18, 75. 
B.S, Tufts, 14; M.D, Emory, 01. Dean and 
prof, anat, Flint Med. Col, 05-09; instr. physiol. 
and Pharmacol, Vermont, 11-14; prof, biol, 
Olivet, 15-16; physiol. and pharmacol, Southern 
California, 16-18; acting prof, Missouri, 18-19; 
prof. North Dakota, 19- A.A; Am. Med. Ass. 
Tobacco smoking and mentality; effect of dis- 
ease toxins upon drug action; perfusion of iso- 
lated medulla of turtle with drugs. 

Bush, B(enjamin) V, 69 Colgate St, Rochester, 
N. Y. Chemistry. Canton, N. Y, Feb. 14, 89. 
B.S, St. Lawrence, 12; A.M, Columbia, 19. 
Instr. chem, Kingston, N. Y, 12-14; head, sci- 
ence dept, Lakewood, N. J, 14-17; Friends 
Cent. Col, 18-19; research chemist, Eastmnn 
KodaTc Co, 19- Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; 
alkyl substituted thioureas. 

Bush, Dr. Katharine J(eannette), Farmington, 
Conn. Natural science. Scranton, Pa, Dec. 30, 55. 
Ph.D, Yale, 01. Asst, zool. dept, Pedbody Mu- 
seum, Yale, 79- Asst, U. S. Fish Commission, 
81-88; 'Webster's Int. Diet,' 82-90; U. S. Nat. 
Museum, 91-92, 94-98. Soe. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
Marine mollusks and annelids; annelids of the 
Harriman Alaska and Bermuda expeditions. 

Bush, Prof. V(annevaT), Chelsea, Mass. Elec- 
trical engineering. Everett, Mass, March 11, 
90. B.S, M.S, Tufts, 13; D.Eng, Mass. Inst. 
Tech. and Harvard, 16. Instr. and asst. prof. 
elec. eng, Tufts, 14-17; assoc. prof, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 19-; consulting engineer. Am. Badio and 
Pescarch Corp, 19- Elec. Eng; Radio Eng; 
Eng. Educ. Oscillating current circuit theory; 
submarine detection. 

Bushong, F(rancis) W(illiam), Gulf Refining Co, 
Port Arthur, Tex. Chemistry. Near Lancaster, 
Pa, March 17, 64. A.B, Franklin and Marshall, 
85, A.M, 88; Leipzig, 85-87; hon. Sc.D, Em- 
poria, 00; fellow, Chicago. 00-02; fellow, Kan- 
sas, 08-10, 11-13. Prof. nat. science and Ger- 
man, Emporia, 95-00; asst. prof. org. chem, 
Kansas, 03-10, assoc. prof, indust. research, 10- 
] 3 ; fellow, Mellon Inst, 13-14 ; research chemist. 
Gulf Pcfining Co, 15- A.A; Chem. Soc; Kans. 
Acad; Chem. Gesell. Esters of sulphuric acid; 
petroleum; naphthenic acids. 




Bussey, Prof. W(iUiam) H(enry), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathematics. 
Chicago, 111, Oct. 24, 79. A.B, NortliTvestern, 
00; A.M, Harvard, 02; fellow, Chicago. 02-04, 
Ph.D, 04. Instr. math, Acad, Northwestern, 04- 
05; tutor, Barnard, Columbia, 05-07; asst. prof, 
Minnesota, 07-14, assoc. prof, 15-20, prof, and 
head of dept, 20-, a^st. dean, junior col. A.A; 
Math. Soc. (managing ed, 16), Generational 
relations for the abstract group simply iso- 
morphic with the group LIT (2, p") ; Galois field 
tables; finite projective geometries. 

Buswell, Dr. Arthur M(oses), Ilrbana, 111. Chem- 
istry. Madison, Wis, March 20, 88. A.B, Min- 
nesota, 10; A.M, Maine, 12; fellow, Columbia, 
13, Ph.D, 17. Instr. chem, Maine, 10-12; Co- 
lumbia, 13-20; chief. III. State Water Surv, 20- 
Asst. sanit. officer, A.E.F, 17-19. A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Pub. Health Ass; Water Works Aaa; 
Micros. Soc. Treatment of trade wastes. 

Butler, Amos W(illiam), 52 Downey Ave, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Anthropology, Zoology, Sociology. 
Brookville, Ind, Oct. 1, 60. Hanover, 77, LL.D, 
15; A.B, Indiana, 94, A.M, 00. Sec'y, Ind. 
Board of State Charities, 98- Pres, Nat. Conf . 
Charities and Correction, 07; Int. Prison Cong, 
Washington, 10 (chairman, gen. committee, v. 
pres); pres, Ind. State Conf. Charities, 15; non- 
res, lecturer applied sociol, Indiana, 20. A.A; 
(sec'y, H, 86, F, 89, gen. sec'y, 92, v. pres, 00) ; 
mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Mammal, (founder) ; 
Anthrop. Ass. (founder) ; Am. Prison Ass. 
(sec'y, 05-08, pres, 10); Ind. Acad, (sec'y, 85- 
93, V. pres, 94, pres, 95, ornithologist, dept. 
geol. and nat. resources of Ind, 96) ; Ind. Soc. 
Mental Hygiene (founder) ; Ind. Audubon Soc. 
(founder) ; Soc. Cient. Ant. Alz. Birds ; mam- 
mals; reptiles; antiquities of Ohio Valley; 
degeneracy, pauperism and crime; dependency, 
defectiveness and delinquency; public charities; 

Butler, B(ert) S, U. S. Geological Survey, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Geology. Gainesville, N. Y, March 
30, 79. A.B, Cornell, 05, A.M, 07. Asst. geol, 
Cornell, 04-05, instr. geol. and physical geog, 
05-07; junior geologist, TJ. S. Geol. Surv, 07-09, 
asst. geologist, 09-11, geologist, 11- A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Min. and Metal. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Geology and petrography; areal geology of the 
Yakutat Bay region, Alaska; copper mineral re- 
sources of the United States; petrography of 
copper district, Shasta County, California; geol- 
ogy of San Francisco and adjacent districts; ore 
deposits of Utah. 

Butler, Dean (Gurdon) M(ontague), University 
of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. Geology. Lake 
Geneva, Wis, March 26, 81. E.M, Colo. Sch. 
Mines, 02. Instr, asst. prof, and aspoc. prof, 
geol. and miner, Colo. Sch. Mines, 03-13; assoc. 
prof, mining eng, Oregon Col, 13-14, prof, geol, 
14-15; dean, col. mines and eng, Arizona. 15-, 
prof, miner, and petrol, 17- Geologist, Colo. 
Geol. Surv, 08-13 ; Oregon Bur. Mines and Geol, 
14-15; director, Ariz. Bur. Mines, 15-; consult- 
ing mining engineer and geologist. A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Am. Geog. Soc; Ass. Eng. (pres. southwest, 
sect, 19, 20); Min. and Metal. Eng; Seismol. 
Soc. Mining and petroleum geology; miner- 
alogy; clays. 

Butler, Dr. O(rmond) R(ourke), New Hampshire 
State College, Durham, N. H. Botany. Mel- 
bourne, Australia, Aug. 14, 77. Ph.D, Cornell, 
10. Instr. hort, Wisconsin, 10-12; prof, bot, 
N. E. Col, and lotanist Exp. Sta, 12- A.A; 
Phytopath. Soc; Soc. Agron. Plant physiology; 
physiological diseases of plants; fungicides and 

Butman, Chester A(rthur) , Eockport, Mass. Thys- 
ics. Eockport, Feb. 19, 82. Mass. Inst. Tech, 
02-04; Clark, 08-10, A.M, 09; Yale, 10-11. 
Asst. physics. Tufts, 07-08; Clark, 09-10; insti, 
Mass. Agr. Col, 11-13; research physicist, West' Elec, and Mfg. Co, 14- With Gen. 
Elee. Co, Lynn, Mass, 06-07 ; Elec. Testing Lab- 
oratories, N. Y. City, 09; Edison Co, 13; Davy- 
Faraday Eesearch Lab, Eoyal Inst, London, 
summer, 13. A.A; Physical Soc. The photo- 
electric effect of phosphorescent material and of 
sulphur; the electron theory of phosphorescence 
and fluorescence; Zeeman effect; actino-dielec- 
tric effect; energy losses in dielectrics at high 
voltages and low frequencies; A. C. bridge 
measurements; effect of temperature on toe 
dielectric strength and constant of solida and 

Butterfield, Prof. Arthur D(exter), Norton Co, 
Worcester, Mass. Mathematics. Dunstable, 
Mass, Oct. 13, 70. B.S, Worcester, 93, M.S, 98; 
A.M, Columbia, 04. Asst. civil eng, Worcester, 
a4-98; instr. math, eng. dept, Vermont, 98-00, 
asst. prof, 00-04, prof. mech. and math, 04-08; 
asst. prof, math, Worcester, 08-10, prof, 10-14, 
math, and geod, 14-17; capt, Air Service, 17- 
18, major, 18-19, lieut. col, 19; prof. math, and 
geod, Worcester, 19-20; educ. director, Norton 
Co, 20- With U. S. Lighthouse Service, 93-94; 
asst, Mass. State Surveys, summers, 95-98, 00- 
03; chief of field party, U. S. Geol. Surv, 04, 
09. Chevalier Legion d'honneur; K. C. M. G. 
A.A; Eng. Educ. Geodesy; history and develop- 
ment of triangulation in Massachusetts; base 
line measurements with steel tapes; history of 
the determination of the figure of the earth from 
arc measurements. 

Butterfield, Pres. Kenyon L(eech), Amherst, Mass. 
Bural sociology. Lapeer, Mich, June 11, 68. 
B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 91 ; Michigan, 00-03, A.M, 
02; LL.D, Amherst, 10. Ed, 'Mich. Grange 
Visitor, ' 92-95 ; supt, Mich. Farmers ' Institutes, 
95-99; pres, E. I. Col, 03-06; Mass. Col, 06- 
Lecturer rural sociol, Michigan, 02; collaborator 
in charge agr, dept. econ. and sociol, Carnegie 
Institution; Carew lecturer, Hartford Theol. 
Sem, 09; mem. Eoosevelt Country Life Com- 
mission, 08 ; Am. Commission Study Eural 
Credit in Europe, 13. A.A; Soc. Prom. Agr. 
Sci; Econ. Ass; Sociol. Soc. Eural social life. 

Butters, Prof. Frederic K(ing), University of Min- 
nesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Botany. Minne- 
apolis, Feb. 8, 78. B.S, Minnesota, 99; A.B, 
Harvard, 00, Ph.D, 17. Instr. bot. and pharma- 
cog, Minnesota, 01-10, asst. prof, tot, 10-19, 
assoc. prof, 19- A.A; Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; 
Minn. Acad. Plant geography; taxonomy of 

Butts, Charles, U. S. Geological Survey, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Geology. Portville, N. Y, Sept. 
18, 63. B.S, Alfred, 99, M.S, 00. Field asst. 



U. S. Geol. Surv, uO; asst. to N. Y. state 
paleontologist, 00-01 ; asst. geologist, TJ. 8. Geol. 
Surv, 01-09, paleontologist, 09-12, geologist, 12- 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Wash. Geol. Soc. 
Areal, structural and stratigraphic geology; 
geology of Pennsylvania, Alabama, Tennessee, 
Kentucky, Illinois, Virginia and New York. 

Butts, Prof, wmiam H(enry), 919 Oakland Ave, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Mathematics. Harmony, 
N. Y, Feb. 16, 57. A.B, Michigan, 18, A.M, 79; 
Ph.D, Ziirich, 07. Principal, Mich. Mil. Acad, 
Orchard Lake, 83-98; asst. prof, math, Mich- 
igan, 05-08, assoc. prof, 08-20, prof, Z0-, asst. 
dean, col. eng, 08- Math. Soc; Circolo Mat. di 
Palermo. Elliptic cylinder function of class K. 

Buwalda, Prof. John P(eter), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Geology. Zeeland, Mich, 
Dee. 16, 86. B.S, California, 12, Ph.D, 15. 
Instr. physiog. and meteorol, California, 15-17; 
asst. prof, geol, Yale, 17-; with TJ. S. Geol. 
Surv, 17- A.A; Paleont. Soc; Soc. Mammal. 
Mammalian paleontology; Tertiary geology. 

Byars, Dr. li(uther), P (arris), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Plant pathol- 
ogy. Forest City, N. C, Sept. 25, 87. B.S, 
Clemson, 09; M.S, Wisconsin, 13, Ph.D, 19. 
Asst. plant path, S. C. Exp. Sta, 10-11; bot, 
Wisconsin, 12-14; pathologist, hur. plant indust, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 14- A.A; Bot. Soc; Phyto- 
path. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Diseases of plants 
due to nematodes. 

By bee, Prof. H(al) P(leasant), University of 
Texas, Austin, Tex. Geology. Rochester, Ind 
Jan. 7, 88. B.S, Rochester (Ind), 08; A.B, In 
diana, 12, fellow, 12-14, A.M, 13, Ph.D, 15 
Teacher, pub. schools, Ind, 08-09; nat. science 
Clinton. 10-11 ; instr. geol, Texas, 14-16, ad.i 
prof, 16-20, assoc. prof, 20- A.A; Ass. Petrol 
Geol; Ind. Acad. Stratigraphic and field geol 
ogy; Thrall oil field. 

Byerly, Prof. W(illiam) E(lwood), 39 Hammond 

St, Cambridge, Mass. *Mathematics. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Dec. 13, 49. A.B, Harvard, 71, 
Ph.D, 73. Asst. prof, math, Cornell, 73-76; 
Harvard, 76-81, prof, 81-13, emer. prof, 13- 
Ed, 'Annals of Math,' 99- Math. Soc; Am. 

Byers, Dr. H(orace) G(reeley), Cooper Union In- 
stitute, New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Pulaski, 
Pa, Dec. 26, 72. A.B, B.S, Westminster (Mo), 
95, A.M, 98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Prof, chem, 
Tarkio, 95-96; instr, Maryland, 98-99; prof, 
Washington (Seattle), 99-19; bead, dept. chem, 
Cooper Union, 19- Instr, chem. lab, Chicago, 
summers, 02-04; Leipzig, 07-08; Northwestern, 
15-16; Columbia, .summer, 16; capt, C.W.S, 18; 
chief, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 19. 
A.A; Chem. Soc. Passivity of metals. 

Byford, Dr. Henry T(urman), Peoples Gas Build 
ing, Chicago, 111. Gynecology. Evansville, Ind 
Nov. 12, 53. M.D, Northwestern, 73. Prof 
clin. gynec. Woman's Med. Col, Northwestern 
90-08; consulting gynecologist, St. Luke's Hosp 
prof, gynec, med. dept, Illinois, 92-14. Lee 
turer obstet, Rush Med. Col, 89. Am. Med. Ass 
Gynec. Soc; Col. Surg; S. Surg, and Gynec 
Soc; West. Surg. Ass; Chicago GjTiec. Soc 
(pres, 89) ; Int. Cong. Gynec. and Obstet. (hon 

pres, 96). Anemia in women; cancer; eczema; 
relation of sugar to public health. 
Byrd, Dr. Hiram, Miami, Fla. Biology. Black- 
shear, Ga, Aug. 3, 74. B.S, Georgia, 95, M.D, 
02. Special agent, Fla. State Board of Health, 
03-05; asst. state health officer, Fla, 05-13; 
pres, Fla. Tuber. Sanatorium, 14-16; scientific 
sec'y, Fla. State Board of Health, 17-19; 
director, dept. hygiene, Mississippi, 19-20; Ala- 
bama, go- Lecturer, Am. Med. Ass, 12-13. 
A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Pub. Health Ass. Ty- 
phoid fever; latent material carriers; hook 
worm ; citrus canker. 

Byrd, Prof. Mary E(mma), Box 77, R.R, 9, Law- 
rence, Kans. Astronomy. Le Roy, Mich, Nov. 15, 
49. A.B, Michigan, 78; Harvard Col. Observa- 
tory, 82-83; Ph.D, Carleton, 04. Principal, 
high seh, Wabash, Ind, 79-82; first asst, ob- 
servatory, Carleton, 83-87; director. Smith, 87- 
06, prof, astron, 98-06. British Astron. Ass. 
Comet positions by filar micrometer. 

Byrne, Prof. Joseph, 244 W, 101st St, New York, 
N. Y. Physiology. Bagenalstown, Ireland, 
March 21, 70. A.B, Royal Univ, Ireland, 90; 
A.M, St. Francis Xavier, 93; M.D, Columbia, 
95; LL.B, N. Y. Univ, 00, M.R.C.S, England, 
13. Prof, neur, Fordham, IS- Alumni Ass. 
prize, Columbia, 10. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Neur. 
Soc; N. Y. Acad. Med. Semicircular canals; 
tabes; pain; paradoxical pupil dilation. 

Byrnes, Dr. C(liarles) M(etcalfe), 207 E. Preston 

St, Baltimore, Md. Biology, Medicine. Clai- 
borne Co, Miss, Nov. 4, 81. B.S, North Carolina, 
02; M.D, Hopkins, 06. Demonstrator anat, 
Hopkins, 02-03; adj. prof, Virginia. 06-09; 
instr. neur, Hoplcins, 09-18, assoc, 18- A.A; 
Neur. Ass. Pathological and clinical neurology. 
Byrnes, Dr. Esther F(ussell), 193 .Jefferson Ave, 
Brooklyn, N, Y. Biology. Philadelphia, Pa, 
Nov. 3, 67. A.B, Bryn Mawr, 91, A.M, 04, 
fellow, 94-95, Ph.D, 98; Woods Hole, 91. 
Demonstrator biol, Vassar, 91-93; Bryn Mawr, 
95-97; instr. physiol. and teacher biol. Girls' 
High Sch, BrooJclyn, 98- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. 
Zool; Marine Biol. Ass; fel. N. Y. Acad; N. Y. 
Ass. Biol. Teachers (v. pres). Cytology; matu- 
ration and fertilization in limax; origin of limb 
muscles in Amphibia ; regeneration of limbs in 
Amphibia; Cyclopidae; metamorphosis of Cy- 


Cabot, Prof. Hugh, University of Michigan, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Surgery. Beverley Farms, Mass, 
Aug. 11, 72. A.B, Harvard, 94, M.D, 98. Visit- 
ing surgeon, New Eng. Baptist Hosp, 00-20; 
surgeon, out-patient dept, Mass. Gen. Hosp, 04- 
10; instr. genito-urinary surg, Harvar'd Med. 
Sch, 10-12; chief, genito-urinary dept, Mass. 
Gen. Hosp, 12-13; asst. prof, genito-urinary 
surg, Harvard Med. Sch, 13-18, prof, 18-19; 
chief surgeon, Michigan, SO- Chief surgeon. 
Harvard Unit, B.E.F, 16-17, commanding offi- 
cer, 17-18. Ass. Genito-Urinary Surg, (pres, 
14); Col. Surg; Urol. Ass. (pres, 10. 11); Am. 
Med. Ass; Miss. Valley Med. Ass. (pres, 15); 
Ass. Int. d'Urol. 

Cabot, Dr. Richard Clarke, 1 Marlboro St, Bos- 
tou, Mass. *Medicine. Brookline, Mass, May 



21, 68. A.B, Harvard, 89, M.D, 93, Dalton 
scholar, 94^95. Asst. din. med, Harvard, 98- 
03, instr, 04-08, asst. prof, 08-18, prof, 18- 
Visiting physician, Channing' Home, 96-97; 
physician to out-patients, Mass. Gen. Hosp, 97- 
08, asst. visiting physician, 08-; consulting 
physician, Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary, 00-; 
New England Hosp, 02-; lecturer philos, Har- 
vard, 02-03, prof, social ethics, 20- Am. 
Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; Boston Soc. Med. 
Improv; Boston Soc. Med. Sci. Blood; methods 
of examining the chest ; action of alcohol and 
strychnin in fevers; serum diagnosis in disease; 
abdominal tumors; habits of healthy human 
beings in American cities as regards food, sleep 
and exercise; alcohol in arteriosclerosis. 

Cady, Gilbert H(aven), University of Arkansas, 
Fayetteville, Ark. Geology. Chicago, 111, Dec. 
18, 82. A.B, Northwestern, 05, fellow, 07-08, 
M.S, 11; Yale, 09-10; Illinois, 11-12; Chicago, 
12-13, Ph.D, 17. Asst. geologist, 111. Geol. Surv, 
10-13; instr. geol. Northwestern, 13-14; geol- 
ogist, 111. Geol. Surv, 14-19; Yunnan Ming 
Hsing Mining Co, China, 19-20; state geologist, 
ArJc, and prof, geol, ArJcansas, 20- Areal geol- 
ogy of Illinois; clays, coals and cement-making 
limestones of Illinois; general geology of Baker, 
Oregon, quadrangle. 

Cady, Prof. H(amilton) P(erklns), University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. *Physical chemistry. 
Morris Co, Kans, 74. A.B, Kansas, 97, Ph.D, 
03, Asst. prof, chem, Kansas, 99-05, assoc. 
prof, 05-11, prof, 11- A.A; Chem. Soc; Kans. 
Acad. Liquid ammonia as a solvent; helium 
and other rare gases in natural gas. 

Oady, Prof. LeEoy, University Farm, St. Paul, 
Minn. Horticulture. Buffalo, Minn, Jan. 9, 79. 
B.S, Minnesota, 07. Assoc, prof, hort, Minne- 
sota, and assoc. horticulturist, Exp. Sta. Soc. 
Hort. Sci. Ornamental plants. 

Cady, W (alter) B(riggs), Ypsilanti, Mich. Chem- 
istry. Pittsfield, Mich. Ph.C, Michigan, 92, 
B.S, 97. Asst. chemist, N. Y. State Exp. Sta, 
Geneva, 92-95; Mo. Exp. Sta, 97-01; "Wabash 
Portland Cement Co, 02-06; Peninsular Port- 
land Cement Co, 06-11 ; research chemist, Guan- 
tanamo Sugar Co, 12; chemist. Insular Exp. Sta, 
P. R, 13. A.A; Chem. Soc. Application of fer- 
tilizers to soil; losses by leaching; acid, solid 
and sugar content of oranges and grapefruit. 

Cady, Prof. Walter G(uyton), 49 High St, Mid- 
dletown, Conn. *Physics. Providence, E. I, 
Dec. 10, 74. Ph.B, Brown, 95, A.M, 96; Ph.D, 
Berlin, 00. Instr. math, Brown, 95-97; physics, 
Wesleyan, 02-03, assoc. prof, 03-07, prof, 07- 
Magnetic observer, U. S. Coast and Geod. Surv, 
00-02. A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng; Radio 
Eng. Cathode rays; magnetic deelinograph ; 
electric arc; electrical oscillations; physical 
properties of crystals. 

Caesar, L(awson), Ontario Agricultural College, 
Guelph, Ont, Can. Entomology, Plant pathol- 
ogy. Mono Road, Ont, Feb. 15, 70. A.B, 
Toronto, 95; B.S.A, Ont. Agr. Col, 08. Clas- 
sical master, high sch. Port Hope, Can, 00-05; 
demonstrator fungous diseases and insect pests, 
Ont. Agr. Col, 08-20; prof. econ. entom, iO- 
Provincial entomologist, Ont. A.A; Ont. Entom. 

Soc. Economic entomology; the codling worm 
and plum Curculio; lime-sulphur spray mixture. 

Cahn, Prof. A(lvin) E(obert), College Station, 
Texas. Zoology. Chicago, Aug. 29, 92. B.S, 
Cornell, 13; M.S, "Wisconsin, 15. Asst. 'biol, 
"Wisconsin, 13-18; assoc. prof, Tex. Col, 19- 
Instr, U. S. Sch. Mil. C'inematog, 18; sergt, 
M.R.C, A.E.F, 18-19. A.A; mem. Ornith. 
Union; Ecol. Soc; "Wilson Ornith. Club. "Verte- 
brate zoology; ecology; ornithology of Wiscon- 
sin, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas. 

Cain, Prof. W(mia)m, Chapel Hill, N. C. Mathe- 
matics, Engineering. Hillsboro, N. C, May 14, 
47. A.M, N. C. Mil. and Polji;ech. Inst, 65; 
LL.D, South Carolina, 16. Civil engineer, 65- 
74; prof. math, and eng, Carolina Mil. Inst, 74- 
80; civil engineer, 80-82; prof. math, and eng, 
S. C. Mil. Acad, 82-89; math. North Carolina, 
89-20. A.A; Math. Soc; Civil Eng. (director, 
12-14). Arches; bridges; earth pressure; long 
columns; least work; dams; transition curves; 
symbolic algebra; calculus. 

Caine, John T(homas), HI, Utah Agricultural 
College, Logan, Utah. Animal husbandry. Logan, 
June 4, 82. B.S, Utah Col, 03; M.S.A, Iowa 
State, 05. Asst. prof, animal husbandry, Utah 
Col, 06-07, prof, 07-, asst. director and animal 
husbandman, exten. div, 13-16, director, 16-20. 
In charge animal husbandry in fifteen western 
states, bur. animal industry, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
18-19. A.A. Livestock conditions in the "West. 

Cairns, Prof. W(illiam) D(eWeese), 27 King St, 
Oberlin, Ohio. Mathematics. Troy, Ohio, Nov. 2, 
71. A.B, Ohio "Wesleyan, 92; A.B, Harvard, 97, 
A.M, 98; Ph.D, Gottingen, 07. Instr, high sch, 
Troy, Ohio, 94-96 ; Calumet, Mich, 98-99 ; instr. 
math, and surv, Oberlin, 99-04, assoc. prof. 
math, 04-20, prof, and head of dept, 0- A.A; 
Math. Soc; Math. Ass. (sec'y-treas, 16-). Inte- 
gral equations; binomial coefficients and appli- 
cation to probability. 

Cajori, Prof. Florian, 2844 "Webster St, Berkeley, 
Calif. *Mathematics. Near Thusis,Graubiinden, 
Switzerland, Feb. 28, 59. B.S, "Wisconsin, 83, 
M.S, 86, Sc.D, 13; Hopkins, 84-85; Ph.D, Tu- 
lane, 94; LL.D, Colorado, 12. Asst. prof, math, 
Tulane, 85-87, prof, applied math, 87-88; U. S. 
Bur. Educ, 88-89; prof, physics, Colo. Col, 89- 
98, math, 99-18, dean, sch. eng, 03-18 ; prof. hist, 
math, California, 18- Mem. committee of ten, 
Nat. Educ. Ass, 92, committee of fifteen, 10. 
A.A ; Math. Soc ; Math. Ass ; British Math. Ass ; 
Math. Verein. Infinite series; theory of equa- 
tions; eighteenth century mathematics; history 
of fluxions; algebraic notation and slide rule. 

Caldwell, Dr. B(enjamln) Palmer, Polytechnic In- 
stitute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry. 
New Orleans, La, April 2, 75. A.B, Tulane, 93, 
B.E, 95, Ch.E, 96; fellow^ Hopkins, 00-01, Ph.D, 
01. Instr. chem, Tulane, 95-97, asst. prof, 97- 
07, assoc. prof, 07-13, prof, 13-16, Oglethorpe, 
16-19; anal, chem, BrooTclyn Polytech, 19- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Equilibrium of double salts in solu- 
tion; hydrolysis of carbonates of the alkalies. 

Caldwell, Prof. F(rancis) C(ary), 206 16th Ave, 
Columbus, Ohio. Electrical engineering. Ithaca, 
N. Y, Dec. 25, 68. A.B, Cornell, 90, M.E, 
(E.E), 91; Polytech, Ziirich, 92-93. Expert, 



Tl^omsoIl-Houston Elec. Co, 91-92; asst. prof. 
elec. eng, Ohio State, 93-97, assoc. prof, 97-01, 
prof, 01-, acting dean, col. eng, 08-09. Elec. 
Eng; Eng. Educ; Ilium. Eng. Soc; Ohio Elec. 
Light Ass. Illumination; electric transmission. 

Caldwell, Prof. Geo(rgc) T(homas), Baylor Uni- 
versity CoUege of Medicine, Dallas, Tex. Pathol- 
ogy. Cable, Ohio. Dec. 18, 82. A.B, Ohio State, 
10, A.M, 13; Ph.D, Chicago, 18, M.D, Eush Med. 
Col, 19. Assoc, path, Chicago, 14-16, instr, 16- 
19; prof, Baylor, 19- Fat embolism; chemical 
composition of tuberculous tissues; purin en- 

Caldwell, Mrs. Helen Humbert, Eipley, W. Va. 
Psychology. Lincoln, 111, June 11, 87. A.B, 
Missouri Valley, 07; fellow, Hopkins, 13-14, 
Ph.D, 15, Adj. prof, psychol. and educ, Ean- 
dolph-Macon Woman's Col, 16-17; instr. educ, 
Wisconsin, 17-19; teacher and educ, adviser, high 
sch, Eipley, W. Va, 19- Fellow, Md. Ass. to 
Promote Educ. among Women, 14-15. Psychol. 
Ass. Education; mental tests; learning; animal 

Caldwell, Dr. John W(illiamson), 1718 Palmer 
Ave, New Orleans, La. Chemistry. Charles- 
ton, S. C, Jan. 31, 42. A.B, Col. of Charleston, 
61, A.M, 68; M.D, Med. Col. of Va, 64. Prof, 
mat. med. New Orleans Sch. of Med, 69-70; 
Stewart prof. nat. sciences, S. W. Presbyterian 
Univ, Clarksville, Tenn, 74-84; prof. chem. and 
geol, Tulane, 86-07, emer. prof, 07- 

Caldwell, Prof. Joseph S(tuart), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C Botany. 
Knoxville, Tenn, Oct. 31, 78. A.B, Maryville, 
02; A.M, Chicago, 04, Ph.D, 14. Prof, biol, 
Peabody Col. for Teachers, 04-11; prof, bot, 
Ala. Polytech, and plant physiologist, Exp. Sta, 
12-16; plant physiologist. Wash. Exp. Sta, 16- 
18 ; in charge fruit and vegetable utilization, 
hur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 18- A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci. 
Plant physiology; biological chemistry; fruit 
and vegetable utilization. 

CaldweU, Prof. Otis W(illiani), Teachers College, 
Columbia University, New York, N. Y. *Botany. 
Lebanon, Ind, Dec. 18, 69. B.S, Franklin, 94, 
LL.D, 17; Ph.D, Chicago, 98. Asst. bot, Chi- 
cago, 97-99; head, dept. biol. East. lU. Nor. 
Sch, 99-06; assoc. prof, and later prof. bot. and 
head science teaching, Chicago, 07-16; director, 
Lincoln Exp. Sch, and prof, educ, Columhia, 17- 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. Plant morphology; 

CaldweU, E(alph) E(lmer), Blatchford Calf Meal 
Co, Waukegan, 111. Agriculture. Garnett, 
Kans, Aug. 20, 85. B.S, Kansas State, 08. 
Asst. animal husbandry, Ohio Exp. Sta, 09-10; 
asst. prof, milk production, Purdue, 11-15, 
prof, in charge, dept. dairy husbandry, 15-17; 
director, research and educ. dept, Blatchford 
Coif Meal Co, 17- Soc. Animal Production; 
Dairy Sci. Ass. Milk substitute feeding of 
young animals. 

OaUiane, Prof. D(aniel) F(rancis) 32 Berkmans 
St, Worcester, Mass. Chemistry. Bradford, 
Mass, Aug. 19, 69. A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 96, 
Ph.D, 04. Instr, asst. prof, and later prof, 
indust. chem. and electrochem, Worcester, 03- 

A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc. Electro- 
chemistry; organic chemistry. 

Calhoun, Prof. F(red) H(arvey) H(all), Clemson 

College, S. C Geology. Elbridge, N. Y, June 
27, 73. B.S, Chicago, 98, Ph.D, 02. Asst. 
physiog. and field geol, Chicago, 99-02; asst. 
prof. geol. and physics, lULnois Col, 02-04; 
prof. geol. and miner, Clemson, 04-, director, 
dept. agr, 17- Aset. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
02-17. A.A; Geol. Soc. The drift in Montana; 
field work in Montana; relations of the different 
drift sheets. 

Calhoun, Prof. J (ohn) W(illiajn), 2805 Eio Grande 
St, Austin, Tex. Mathematics. Manchester, 
Tenn, Oct. 24, 71. A.B, Texas, 05; A.M, Har- 
vard, 08. Tutor pure math, Texas, 05-09, instr, 
09-13, adj. prof, 13-17, assoc. prof, 17-20, ap- 
plied math, 20- Math. Soc; Tex. Acad. Four- 
ier's series; pedagogy of mathematics. 

Calkins, Prank C(athcart) U. S. Geological Snr 
vey, Washington, D. C. Geology. Lakewood 
Ohio, June 7, 78. B.S, California, 99. Asst 
miner, California, 00-01; asst. geologist, Z7. S. 
Geol. Surv, 01-11, assoc. geologist, 11-17, geol 
ogist, 17- Geol. Soc; Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol 
Soc. Geology of northern Washington, northern 
Idaho, western Montana, Yosemite region, Calif. 
and of Wasatch Mountains, Utah. 

Calkins, Prof. Gary N(athan), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. * Zoology, General biology. 
Valparaiso, Ind, Jan. 18, 69. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 90; Ph.D, Columbia, 98. Lecturer biol, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 90-93; tutor zool, Columbia, 
94-98, instr, 99-03, asst. prof, 03-04, prof, 04- 
07, protosool, 07- Biologist, N. Y. State Cancer 
Lab, Univ. of Buffalo, 02-08; clerk. Marine 
Biol. Lab, 15- Nat. Acad; A.A; Soc. Nat; 
Soc. Zool; Statist. Ass. (asst. sec'y, 90-96); 
Soc. Exp. Biol, (pres, 19-21) ; Soc. Cancer Re- 
search (pres, 16) ; fel. N. Y. Acad, (sec'y, biol. 
sect, 97-99). General cytology; systematic zool- 
ogy; life history of Protozoa. 

Calkins, Prof. Mary Whiton, Newton, Mass 
*Psychology, Philosophy. Hartford, Conn 
March 30, 63. A.B. Smith, 85, A.M, 87; Har 
vard, 90-91, 93-95; Litt.D, Columbia, 09 
LL.D, Smith, 10. Instr. Greek, Wellesley, 88-90 
psychol, 91-93, assoc. prof, 93-97, prof, philos. 
and psychol, 97- A.A; Psychol. Ass. (pres 
05); Philos. Ass. (pres, 18). Dreams; associa 
tion; supplementary images in recognition; per 
sonalistic conceptions in psychology and in phi 

Call, Prof. L (eland) E(verett), 223 N. 14th St, 
Manhattan, Kans. Agronomy. DarrowviUe, 
Ohio, Feb. 9, 81. B.S. (Agr), Ohio State, 06, 
fellow, 06-07, M.S. (Agr), 12. Asst. agron, 
Kansas State, 07-08, asst. prof, soils, 08-11, 
assoc. prof, 11-13, prof, agron, IS- Supervisor 
crop instr, A.E.F. Univ, Beaune, 19. Soc. 
Agron. Soils; fertility and tillage. 

Callaway, Dr. L(awrence) A(rthur), Anaconda, 
Mont. Metallurgy. Mo, 85. B.S, Arizona, 10; 
Met.E, Harvard, 14, Sc.D, 15. Instr. metal, 
and mining, Kentucky, 11-13 ; asst. research 
engineer, Anaconda Copper Mining Co, 15- 
Min. Eng. Hydrometallurgy of copper. 



Calvert, Dr. Philip P(owell), University of Penn- 
sylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. ^Zoology. Phila- 
delphia, Jan. 29, 71. Certificate in biol, Penn- 
sylvania, 92, Ph.D, 95; Berlin, 95-96; Jena, 96. 
Asst. instr. zool, Pennsylvania, 92-97, instr, 
97-07, asst. prof, 07-12, prof, 12- Assoc, ed, 
'Entom. News,' 93-10, ed, 11- Zool. research in 
Costa Eica, 09-10. A. A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
Entom. Soc. (pres, 99-15); Philos. Soc; Entom. 
Soc. Am. (pres, 14); Ecol. Soc; Phila. Acad, 
(mem. council, 97-). The Odonata; odonate 
fauna of Mexico, Central America and neo- 
tropical region; natural history of Costa Eica; 
ecology and larval forms of Odonata of tropical 

Calvert, Mrs. Philip P. (Amelia Catherine Smith), 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Zoology. Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 76. B.S, Penn- 
sylvania, 99; scholar, Bryn Mawr, 99-00, fellow, 
00-01. Structure and parasitism of Aphyllon 
uniflorum; reactions of Allolobophora foetida; 
illustrations of Odonata; natural history ef 
Costa Eica. 

Calvert, Dr. R(obert) P(eyton), 65 Union St, 

Montclair, N. J. Chemistry. Milford, Mo, 
March 15, 89. A.M, Oklahoma, 10; M.S, Chi- 
cago, 12; Ph.D, Columbia, 14. Instr. chem, 
Oklahoma, 09-10, 11-12; Columbia, 13-15; re- 
search chemist, E. I. duPont de Nemours and 
Co, 15-, director, Delta Lab, Arlington, N. J, 
18- Inorganic chemicals; plastics. 

Calvert, Prof. Sidney, University of Missouri, 
Columbia, Mo. Chemistry. Eochdale, England, 
Sept. 18, 68. Ont. Agr. Col, 84-87; B.S, McGill, 
90; A.M, Harvard, 92; Freiburg, 01-02. Asst. 
chem, Harvard, 92-94; asst. prof, Missouri, 94- 
06, prof. org. chem, 06-, director, chem. lab, 
10- A.A; Chem. Soc; London Chem. Soc. 
Behavior of certain derivatives of benzol con- 
taining halogens; bromin derivatives of meta- 
phenylenediamin ; dietary studies. 

Calvert, Prof. W(illiam) J(ephtlia), Dallas, Texas. 
Pathology. Lexington, Ky, Oct. 7, 71. A.B, 
Transylvania, 83; M.D, Hopkins, 98. Asst. 
surgeon, U.S.A, 99-02; prof, physical diagnosis, 
Missouri, 09-11, prev. med, 11-13; din. med, 
Baylor, 14- Heart; pericardium; pleura; 

Calvin, Prof. John W(illard), Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, Wooster, Ohio. Chemistry. 
Topeka, Kans, March 24, 87. B.S, Kansas State. 
Asst. animal nutrition. Pa. State, 08-10 ; asst. 
chemist, Kans. Exp. Sta, 10-14; asst. prof. agr. 
chem, Nebraska, and assoc. chemist, Exp. Sta, 
14; chief chemist, Santo Domingo Exp. Sta. 
Expert animal nutrition, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
08-10. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Animal Produc- 
tion. Agricultural chemistry; animal nutrition; 
chemistry of wheat and flour; inheritance of 
stalk color in corn. 

Camac, Dr. C(harles) N(icoll) B(ancker), 128 E. 
65th St, New York, N. Y. Medicine. Philadel- 
phia, Pa, Aug. 6, 68. A.B, Pennsylvania, 92, 
M.D, 95; London, 93; Oxford, 94; Hopkins, 95- 
97. Instr. physiol, Pennsylvania, 95; physical 
diagnosis, Hopkins, 96-97, clin. path, 98; di- 
rector, lab. clin. path, med. col, Cornell, 99-05, 
instr. med, 05-09, asst. prof. clin. med, 09-10; 

Columbia, 10-; med. director, Gouverneur Hosp, 
16- Ees. first asst. physician, Hopkins Hosp, 
95-98; Miitter lecturer, Philadelphia, 03; physi- 
cian, out-patients dept, Bellevue Hosp, N. Y. 
City, 98-00; chief of clinic, Cornell Med. Col. 
Dispensary, 00-09 ; visiting physician, N. Y. City 
Hosp, 99-16; mil. physician. Am. War Hosp, 
England, 15 ; physician. Ocean Ambulance, Flan- 
ders, Belgium; lieut. and instr. gas defense. Inf. 
Sch, 17-19; major, lieut. col. and chief, med. 
service, U.S.A. Gen. Hospitals, 6 and 38, 18-19; 
director, Med. Officers' Training Sch, Atlanta, 
Ga, 18-19. Am. Physicians; Am. Med. Ass; 
N. Y. Acad. Med; Interurban Clin. Club. Clin- 
ical medicine; gall bladder complication in 
typhoid fever; diseases of the heart and blood 

Cameron, Prof. A(lexander) T, University of 
Manitoba, Winnipeg, Can. Biochemistry. Lon- 
don, England, 82. B.Sc. Edinburgh, M.A. Lec- 
turer physiol, Manitoba, 09-13, asst. prof, 
physiol. and physiol. chem, 13-20, assoc. prof, 
biochem, 20-, acting prof, physiol, 20- Chemist 
water purification, B.E.F, 1-5-19; capt, E.A.M.C. 
Soc. Biol. Chem; Physiol. Soc; Chem. Soc; fel. 
Eoyal Soc. Med; fel. Eoyal Soc. Can; Inst. 
Chem. Gt. Britain and Ireland. Eadio-chem- 
istry; biochemistry of iodin; temperature limits 
conditioning life of frog; metabolism of creatin. 

Cameron, Prof. Alfred E(mest), University of Sas- 
katchewan, Saskatoon, Can. Zoology. Aber- 
deen, Scotland, 90. B.S, M.A, Aberdeen, 11, 
Carnegie fellow, 12, Sc.D, 15; M.S, Manchester, 
13. Lecturer, Manchester and Wales, 13-15; 

. prof, zool, SasTcatchewan, and chief entom. 
investigations, SasJc, 16- Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Ecol. Soc; fel. London Entom. Soc. General and 
economic entomology. 

Cameron, Dr. E(dward) H(erbert), University of 
Illinois, Urbana, 111. Psychology. Yarmouth, 
N. S. Jan. 24, 75. A.B, Acadia, 00; A.B, Yale, 
03, A.M, 04, Ph.D, 06. Principal, high sch, 
Bridgetown, N. S, 00-02; instr. psychol, Yale, 
06-10, asst. prof, 10-20, prof. educ. psychol, 
Illinois, 20- Supt. schools, Washington, Conn. 
A.A; Psychol. Ass; Soc. Col. Teachers Educ. 
Illusions; tonal reactions; reading. 

Cameron, Dr. Frank K(enneth), American Smelt- 
ing and Eefining Co, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
""Chemistry. Baltimore, Md, Feb. 2, 69. A.B, 
Hopkins, 91, Ph.D, 94; Sage fellow, Cornell, 94- 
95. Instr. org. chem, Cornell, 94-95; assoc. 
prof, Catholic, 95-97; research asst. physical 
chem, Cornell, 97-98 ; expert, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
98-99, soil chemist, 99-15; consulting chemist, 
Am. Smelting and Bef. Co, 15- A.A; Chem. 
Soc. Chemical dynamics; application of the 
principles of physical chemistry to organic chem- 
istry; solution phenomena in relation to soils 
and plants; dynamics of the soil; utilization of 

Cameron, John E(dwln), 215 N. Van Buren St, 
Iowa City, Iowa. Biology. Columbia Co, Ohio, 
67. B.S, Iowa State, 95. Instr. biol, high sch. 
Cedar Eapids, Iowa, 95-06; Kansas City, Mo, 
06-10; biol. and agr, State Nor. Sch, Maryville, 
10-15; bot. Iowa, 15- A.A; Am. Geog. Soc; 
Iowa Acad. Botany; nesting habits of birds. 



Camp, Prof. Burton H(oward), 110 Mt. Vernon 
St, Middletown, Conn. Mathematics. Hartford, 
Conn, Sept. 20, 80. A.B, Wesleyan, 01; Har- 
vard, 08, A.M, 07; fellow, Yale, 10-11, Ph.D, 11. 
Teacher, Vassalboro, Maine, 01-02; asst. astron. 
Harvard, 02-03; instr. math, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
03-04; Wesleyan, 04; mech, Harvard, 06-07; 
math, Wesleyan, 07-09, assoc. prof, 09-14, prof, 
14-, acting director. Van Vleck Observatory, 18- 
20. Math. Soc. Mathematical analysis; sta- 

Camp, Dr. Carl D(udley), 304 S. State St, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Neurology. S. Watauga, Tenn, 
Oct. 2, 80. M.D, Pennsylvania, 02. Instr. 
neuropath, Pennsylvania, 05-07; prof, neurol, 
Michigan, 07- Asst. visiting physician, Phila. 
Polyclinic and Univ. of Pa. Hosp; Phila. Gen. 
Hosp, 05-07. Psychopath. Ass; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Neur. Ass; Am. Med. Ass. Clinical neu- 
rology; neuropathology; psychology; sensory 
condition in the brain and spinal cord; treat- 
ment of nervous diseases. 

Camp, Charles LCewls), American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N. Y. Zoology. 
Jamestown, N. Dak, March 12, 93. A.B, Cali- 
fornia, 15; A.M, Columbia, 16. Asst. sool, Co- 
lumiia, 16-17, 19-; research asst, Am. Museum 
Nat. Hist, 16-17, 19- Field worker, museum 
vert, zool, California. A.A; Soc. Ichthyol. and 
Herp; Ecol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Soc. Mammal; 
Cooper Ornith. Club; N. Y. Acad; Calif. Acad. 
Systematic herpetology; paleontology; compara- 
tive myology. 

Campbell, Archibald, 3229 Stettinius Ave, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. Chemistry. Manhattan, 111, Oct. 
31, 72. Ph.B, Michigan, 96, Ph.M, 98. Instr. 
org. chem, Michigan, 98-99; chief chemist, 
Globe Soap Co, 99-06, gen. supt, 06-16, second 
V. pres, 16- Chem. Soc. (chairman, committee 
on soap) ; Soc. Cotton Products Analysts (pres, 
17). Azo and hydrazo derivatives of triphenyl- 
methane; soap and soap products. 

Campbell, Dr. C(harles) Macfie, Harvard Medical 
School, Boston, Mass. Psychiatry. Edinburgh, 
Scotland, Sept. 8, 76. M.A, Edinburgh, 97, 
B.Sc, 00, M.R.C.P, 08, M.D, 11; Paris, 02- 
03; Heidelberg, 03. Instr. psychopath, med. 
col, Cornell, 10-13; assoc. psychiat, Hopkins, 
13-14, assoc. prof, 14-20; prof. Harvard, 20- 
A.A; Psychopath. Ass. (pres, 19) ; Medico- 
Psychol. Ass; Neur. Ass; Psychol. Ass; Edin- 
burgh Eoyal Med. Soc; Soc. neur. de Paris. 
General paralysis; histopathology of the brain. 

Campbell, Prof. D(onald) F(rancis), Armour In- 
stitute of Technology, Chicago, 111. Mathe- 
matics. Nova Scotia, April 26, 67. A.B, 
Dalhousie, 90; A.B, Harvard, 94, A.M, 95, Ph.D, 
98. Instr. math. Harvard, 97-00; asst. prof, 
Armour Inst, 00-01, prof, 01- Math. Soc; fel. 
Inst. Actuaries. Homogeneous forms in connec- 
tion with linear differential equations. 

Campbell, Dr. D(ouglas) H(oughton), Stanford 
University, Calif. *Botany. Detroit, Mich, Dec. 
16, 59. Ph.M, Michigan, 82, Ph.D, 86; Bonn, 
Tiibingen and Berlin, 86-88. Instr. biol, high 
sch, Detroit, 82-86; prof, hot, Indiana, 88-91; 
Stanford, 91- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Naturalist.' 
Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres, 02); Soc. Nat; Bot. 
Soc. (pres, 13); Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; Int. 

Ass. Bot; British Ass; for. mem. London Lin- 
nean Soc; Bot. Gesell. Comparative morphol- 
ogy; the evolution of plants; embryology of the 
simpler angiosperms. 

Campbell, Prof. E(dward) D(e Mille), 1555 Wash- 
tenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, Mich. *Chemistry. 
Detroit, Mich, Sept. 9, 63. B.S, Michigan, 86. 
Chemist, Ohio Iron Co, Zanesville, 86-87; 
Sharon Iron Co, Pa, 87-88; Dayton Coal and 
Iron Co, Tenn, 88-90; asst. prof, metal, Michi- 
gan, 90-93, junior prof, 93-02, prof. chem. eng. 
and anal. chem. and head, dept. chem. eng, 02- 
14, director, chem. lab, 05-, prof, chem, 14-20, 
chem. and metal, 20- A.A; Chem. Soc; Min. 
and Metal. Eng; Faraday Soc; Wash. Acad; 
hon. mem. Mich. State Gas Ass; hon. mem. De- 
troit Chemists; British Iron and Steel Inst. 
Constitution of steel; constitution of hydraulic 

Campbell, Dr. G(eorge) A(shley), 195 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. Electrical engineering. Hast- 
ings, Minn, Nov. 27, 70. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 
91; A.B, Harvard, 92, Ph.D, 01; Gottingen, 
Vienna and Paris, 93-96. Research engineer, 
eng. dept, Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co, 97- 
A.A; fel. Elec. Eng; Physical Soc; Math. Soe; 
Am. Acad. Electrical transmission. 

Campbell, Harry Huse, Steelton, Pa. Metallurgy. 
West Roxbury, Mass, March 10, 59. B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 79. Metal, engineer, Pa. Steel Co, 
Steelton, Pa, 06- Min. Eng; Civil Eng; British 
Iron and Steel Inst. Steel making, especially 
open hearth work. 

Campbell, Prof. H(enry) D(onald), Lexington, Va. 
Geology. Lexington, July 29, 62. A.M, Wash- 
ington and Lee, 82, Ph.D, 85; Berlin, 86-87; 
Heidelberg, 87-88; hon. Sc.D, Pittsburgh, 12. 
Instr. chem. and geol, Washington and Lee, 82- 
84, asst. prof, 84-86, prof. geol. and biol, 88-, 
dean, aead. faculty, 06-08, univ, 08- A.A ; Geol. 
Soc. Geology of western Virginia; Mesozoic 
diabases of the Atlantic border. 

Campbell, Leon, Harvard College Observatory, 
Cambridge, Mass. Astronomy. Cambridge, Jan. 
20, 81. Pub. schools. Asst, Harvard Col. Ob- 
servatory, 99- Asst. in charge, Arequipa Sta, 
Harvard Col. Observatory, 11-15. Astron. Soc; 
Seismol. Soc; Ass. Var. Star Observers (pres, 
19-); Soc. Geog. de Lima. Variable stars; 

Campbell, Prof. L(eslie) L(yle), Simmons College, 
Boston, Mass. Physics. Powhatan Co, Va, 
Sept. 17, 63. A.M, Washington and Lee, 87. 
fellow, 89-91, Ph.D, 95; A.M, Harvard, 04. 
Asst. math, Washington and Lee, 89-91; prof. 
physics, Westminster (Mo), 96-03; asst, Har- 
vard, 04-05; prof, and head, dept. physics, 
Simmons, 06- Research, Cavendish lab, Cam- 
bridge, 14. A.A; Physical Soc; East. Asa. 
Physics Teachers. The Thomson effect in soft 
iron; thermal and electrical properties of soft 
iron; thermoelectric heterogeneity of alloys; the 
Hall, Ettingshausen, .Leduc and Nernst effects 
in iron. 

Campbell, M(arius) E.(obinson), U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. * Geology, Physiog- 
raphy. Garden Grove, Iowa, Sept. 30, 58. Ohio 
State, 85-87. Aid, U. S. Geol. Surv, 89-90, asst. 
geologist, 91-96, geologist, 97- A.A; Geol. Soc; 




Min. Eng; Ass. Geog; Wash. Geol. Soc. (v. pres, 
07-). Structure and stratigraphy of Appalach- 
ian coal field; physiographic history of eastern 
"United States; coal testing; classification and 
valuation of western coal lands. 
Campbell, Prof. W(illia)m, Columbia University, 
New York, N. Y. Metallurgy. Neweastle-on- 
Tyne, England, June 24, 76, King's Col, Lon- 
don, 92; Oxford, 93-94; B.S, Durham, 98, M.S, 
03, Sc.D, 05; Eoyal School of Mines, London, 
99-01; fellow, Columbia, 02, Ph.D, 03, Barnard 
fellow, 03-05, A.M, 05. Lecturer geol. and 
demonstrator metal, Durham, 98-99; non-res. 
lecturer, Columbia, 03, instr. metal, 04-07, adj. 
prof, 07-10, assoc. prof, 10-14, prof, 14- Assoc, 
ed, 'Jour. Indust. and Eng. Chem,' 08-; 'School 
of Mines Quarterly'; metallographer, tech. 
branch, U. S. Geol. Surv, 08-12; U. S. Bur. Mines, 
12-; mem. committee on alloy steels, Nat. Re- 
search Council; metallurgist, U.S.N, 17-, lieut. 
commander, R. F, 18, commander, 19-; Carnegie 
scholar, British Iron and Steel Inst, 02; Saville 
Shaw medal, Soc. Chem. Indust, 03. Min. Eng; 
Soc. Test. Mat. (chairman, committee on non- 
ferrous metals and alloys) ; fel. N. Y. Acad, 
(sec'y, sect, astron, physics and chem, 07-09, v. 
pres, 10); cor. mem. Can. Min. Inst; London 
Geol. Soc; British Iron and Steel Inst. Micro- 
structure and physical properties of metals and 
alloys; influence of heat and mechanical treat- 
ment on structure and properties of iron and 
steel and other alloys; opaque ores. 
Campbell, Prof. W(illia)m Francis, 394 Clinton 
Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Surgery. Brooklyn^ Nov. 
7, 65. N. Y. Univ, 87; Long Isl. Col. Hosp, 92. 
Frof. anat, L. I. Col. Eosp, 01-19, din. surg. 
19- Surgeon, Swedish, Bushwick and Meth. 
Epis. Hospitals; consulting surgeon, Jamaica 
Hosp; surgeon-in-chief. Trinity Hosp. A. A; 
Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; fel. Am. Acad. Med; 
Ass. Mil. Surg; N. Y. Acad. Med; Brooklyn 
Surg. Soc; Brooklyn Path. Soc; Brooklyn Med. 
Club. Surgical anatomy. 
Campbell, Director W(illiam) W(allace), Lick 
Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Calif. *Astronomy, 
Astrophysics. Hancock Co, Ohio, April 11, 62. 
B.S, Michigan, 86, hon. M.S, 99, S<;.D, 05; 
Pittsburgh, 00; LL.D, Wisconsin, 02. Prof, 
math, Colorado, 86-88; instr. astron, Michigan, 
88-91; astronomer, Lick Observatory, 91-01, 
director, 01- Assoc, ed, 'Astrophys. Jour'; in 
charge, Lick Observatory eclipse exped. to India, 
98, Georgia, 00, Spain, 05, Flint Island, 08, 
Russia, 15, Goldendale, 18. Silliman lecturer, 
Yale, 09-10, William Ellery Hale lecturer, 14; 
delegate, Int. Astron. Union, Brussels; Int. Re- 
search Council. Commander Order Leopold H. 
Janssen gold medal, Paris Acad ; Draper, Bruce, 
and Royal Astron. Soc. medals. Nat. Acad; 
A.A. (pres, 15) ; Astron. Soc. (v. pres, 06-) ; 
Seismol. Soc; Philos. Soc; for. mem. Royal Soc; 
Eoyal Inst; for. assoc. Royal Astron. Soc; cor. 
mem. Bur. des Longitudes de France; Inst, de 
France. Comets and orbits; spectra of new 
stars, comets, nebulae, bright-line stars, etc; 
radial motions of stars; motion of solar system; 
spectroscopic binary stars; solar eclipse prob- 

Camsell, diaries, Department of Mines, Ottawa, 
Can. Geology. Fort Liard, N. W. T, Can, 76. 

B.A, Manitoba, 94; Queen's (C-an),01; Harvard, 
03; Mass. Inst. Tech, 08-09. Geologist, Can. 
North. Ey, 0^03 ; Can. Geol. Surv, 04-, in charge 
B. C. branch, 18-, deputy minister, dept. mines. 
V. pres, 12th Int. Geol. Cong, 13. Geol. Soc; 
fel. Harvard Travelers Club; fel. Eoyal Soc. 
Can; fel. Royal Geog. Soc. Exploration; min- 
eral resources; exploration of northern Canada. 

Candy, Prof. A(lbert) L(utlier), Station A, Lin- 
coln, Nebr. Mathematics. Jonesboro, Ind, 
March 12, 57. A.B, Kansas, 92, A.M, 93; Ph.D, 
Nebraska, 98. Prof, math, and civil eng, Camp- 
bell Univ, Holton, Kans, 86-91; instr. math, 
Nebrasla, 93-98, adj. prof, 98-03, asst. prof, 
03-04, assoc. prof, 04-07, prof, pure math, 07- 
18, head, dept. math, 18-19, chairman, 19- 
A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass. A theorem in 
transversals and its consequences; a mechanism 
for the solution of an equation of the nth de- 
gree; elimination of skidding due to steering 
mechanism used on motor cars. 
Cann, Dr. Jessie Y(ereance), Smith College, North- 
ampton, Mass. Physical chemistry. Newark, 
N. J, May 17, 83. A.B, Goucher, 04; A.M, Co- 
lumbia, 10, Ph.D, 11. Instr. science, high sch, 
Belleville, N. J, 04-09 ; head, dept. chem^ Rock- 
ford, 11-14; instr, IlUnois, 14-17, assoc, 17-18; 
asst. prof, Smith, 18-19, assoc. prof, 19- Chem. 
Soc; lU. Acad. Surface tension and the falling 
Cannon, A(ruiie) J(ump), Harvard College' Ob- 
servatory, Cambridge, Mass. * Astronomy. Dover, 
Del, Dec. 11, 63. B.S, Wellesley, 84, A.M, 07; 
ScD, Delaware, 18. Asst, Harvard Col. Obser- 
vatory, 96-11, curator, 11- Chairman, fellow- 
ship committee, Maria Mitchell Observatory, 
Nantucket, Mass. A.A; Astron. Soc; hon. mem. 
Royal Astron. Soc. Classification of stars by 
means of their photographic spectra; the spec- 
trum of Nova Persei, No. 2; spectra of the 
stars; variable and new stars. 
Cannon, G(eorge) LCjmian), 1914 Pennsylvania 
St, Denver, Colo. Geology. New York, N. Y, 
March 10, 60. A.M, Denver, 00. Teacher, high 
sch, Denver, 87- Manager, Colo. Chem. Works, 
82-87; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 88-89; 
lecturer nat. science, summer schools, Denver, 
Boulder, Palmer Lake, Colorado Springs, ten 
years. A.A ; Colo. Acad ; hon. fel. Colo. Sci. Soc. 
(pres) ; Colo. Sci. Teachers Ass. (pres) ; Colo. 
Hist, and Nat. Hist. Soc. (pres, 17). Geology 
of Denver Basin; quaternary deposits of the 
South Platte Valley. 
Cannon, Prof. W (alter) B(radford), Harvard Med- 
ical School, Boston, Mass. *Physiology. Prairi* 
du Chien, Wis, Oct. 19, 71. A.B, Harvard, 96, 
A.M, 97, M.D, 00. Instr. zool. Harvard, 99-00, 
physiol, Harvard Med. Sch, 00-02, asst. prof, 
02-06, George Higginson prof, 06- Nat. Acad; 
A.A; Physiol. Soc. (treas, 05-12, pres, 14-16); 
Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. Physicians; Psychol. Ass; 
Am. Rontgen Ray Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Gastro- 
Enterol. Ass. (pres, 10-12); Philos. Soc; Am. 
Acad; Boston Soc. Med. Sci. (pres, 08). Medi- 
cal education ; freedom of medical research ; 
movements of stomach and intestines; mechani- 
cal factors in digestion ; physiology of nerve 
plexuses; peripheral inhibition; glands of inter- 
nal secretion ; effects of emotions on bodily 
processes; traumatic shock. 



Cannon, Dr. W(illiam) A(ustin), Tucson, Ariz. 
*Botany. Washington, Mich, Sept. 23, 70. A.B, 
Stanford, 99, A.M, 00; fellow, Columbia, 00-02. 
Ph.D, 02. Asst. bot, Stanford, 99-00; asst. in 
laboratories, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 02-03; res. 
investigator, desert lab, Carnegie Institution, OS- 
OS, mem. staff, 05- Carnegie fellow, 03- A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; West. Soc. Nat. 
Biology of desert plants; root systems of desert 
plants; aeration of roots. 

Canter, Dr. Hall, Ashland, Va. Chemistry. Balti- 
more, Md, April 5, 73. A.B, Eandolph-Macon, 
92, A.M, 97; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. Lecture asst. 
chem, Hopkins, 99; assoc, Tulane, 00; prof, 
Bandolph-Macon, 00- ' A.A ; Chem. Soc. Ben- 
zene sulphonic acid derivatives; orthophenylsul- 
phonebenzoic acid and derivatives. 

Caparo y Perez, Prof. J(ose) A(ngel), Box 5-i, 
Notre Dame, Ind. Mathematics, Electrical en- 
gineering. Cuzco, Peru, S. A, Nov. 2, 88. C.E, 
Notre Dame, 08, M.C.E, 09, E.E, 09, M.S, 11, 
M.E, Ph.D, 13; ScD, St. Anthony, Peru, 10; 
A.M, Chicago, 19. Instr. physics and math, 
Notre Dame, 08-09; prof. chem. and anthrop, 
St. Anthony, Peru, 09-10; prof, physics, math, 
and elec. eng, Notre Dame, 12-14, dean, dept. 
elec. eng, 14- Instr. elec. eng, Carnegie Inst. 
Tech, 17. Hughes medal, Notre Dame. A.A; 
Math. Soc; Elec. Eng; Math. Ass; Am. Geog. 
Soc ; Ind. Acad. Some physical facts in their 
relation to the nervous system; non-Euclidean 
geometries and hyperspace. 

Capp, J(ohn) A (lien), 62 Bedford Eoad, Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. Mechanical engineering. Penn- 
sylvania. Chief, testing lab. Gen. Elec. Co, 92- 
Mech. Eng; Min. Eng; Soc. Test. Mat. (pres, 
19); British Inst. Metals; British Iron and 
Steel Inst. Materials of engineering. 

Capps, Prof. Joseph A(lmarin), 1215 E. 56th 
St, Chicago, 111. Medicine. Jacksonville, 111, 
Feb. 28, 72. A.B, 111. Col. 91; M.D, Harvard, 
95, fellow, 95-96, A.M, 97. Asst. prof, med. 
Bush Med. Col, O-i-18, prof, 19- Chief, med. 
service. Cook Co. Hosp; lieut. col, M.C, A.E.F, 18- 
19. Am. Physicians; Soc. Clin. Invest, (v. pres, 
09, pres, 16); Chicago Inst. Med. Morphology 
of blood; physiology of pleura; respiratory in- 
fections; venous blood pressure; epidemic strep- 
tococcus infection. 

Capps, Dr. S(tephen) R(eid), Jr, TJ. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C, Geology. -Jackson- 
ville, *I11, Oct. 15, 81. A.B, Chicago, 03, fel- 
low, 05-07, Ph.D, 07. Instr. physiog, Chicago, 
03-04; with V . S. Geol. Surv, 06- Geol. Soc; 
Wash. Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. Glacial and 
areal geology; underground waters; areal and 
economic geology in Alaska. 

Card, Prof. Fred W(allace), Sylvania, Pa. Agri- 
culture. Sylvania, Feb. 17, 63. B.S.A, Cornell, 
92, M.S, 93. Asst. horticulturist. Cornell E:sp. 
Sta, 93; assoc. prof, hort, Nebraska, 93-98; 
prof, R. I. Col, 98-07, hort. and agr, 01-07. 
Pomol. Soc. Horticulture; plant breeding; bush 
fruits ; farm management. 

Card, John H(enry), 31 Elm Ave, Brockton, Mass. 
Chemistry. Deering, Maine, Nov. 22, 87. B.S, 
Dartmouth, 11. Teacher science and math, high 
sch, Southampton, N. Y, 11-12; New Bedford, 
Mass, 13-15; science, Brockton, 15- Research 

chemist, C. W. S, 18. A.A; Chem, Soc; New 
Eng. Ass. Chem. Teachers. War gases for cold 
weather offense. 

Cardiff, Dr. Ira D, Tieton Drive and Grandview 
Ave, S, Yakima, Wash. Botany. Stark Co, 111, 
June 20, 73. B.S, Knox, 97; fellow, Chicago, 
03-04; Ph.D, Columbia, 06. Teacher and prin- 
cipal, pub. schools, 111, 97-01; asst. bot, Colum- 
bia, 04-06; asst. prof, Utah, 06-07, prof, 07-08; 
Washburn, 08-12 ; plant path. Wash. State, 12- 
20, head, dept. bot, and director, Exp. Sta, 13- 
20. A.A; Kans. Acad; Utah Acad, (pres, 08). 
Morphology of Pteridophytes; cytology. 

Carey, Prof. E(l)en) J(ames), Marquette School 
of Medicine, Milwaukee, Wis. Anatomy. Chi- 
cago, III, July 31, 89. B.S, Creighton, 16, M.S, 
18, Sc.D, 20. Instr. anat, Creighton, 14-18, 
asst. prof, 18; prof, Marquette, 20- Lecturer 
histol, Chicago, 18. A.A; Ass. Anat. Biology; 
bone and joint development; teratology; myo- 

Carhart, Prof. Daniel, 1410 Center St, Wilkins- 
burg. Pa. Mathematics, Civil engineering. 
Clinton, N. J, Jan. 28, 39. B.C.E, Polytech. 
Col. of Pa, 59, M.C.E, 69; hon. Sc.D, Pitts- 
burgh, 97. Asst. prof. math, and eng, Polytech. 
Col. of Pa, 68-72, prof, 72-77; Pittsburgh, 82- 
92, math, and civil eng. and dean, eng. faculty, 
92-08, emer. prof, civil eng, 08- Eng. Educ; 
West. Pa. Eng. Soc. 

Carleton, Prof. M(ark) A(lfred), United Fruit 
Co, Bocus del Tore, Panama. Agronomy. 
Jerusalem, Ohio, March 7, 66. B.S, Kan- 
sas State, 87, M.S, 93. Instr. nat. hist, Gar- 
field Univ, 89-90, prof, 90-91; asst. botanist, 
Kans. Exp. Sta. 92-93; cerealist, bur. plant in- 
dust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94-18; field investigator, 
V. S. Grain Corp, 19- Agr. explorer in Russia 
for U. S. Dept. Agr, 98-00; Pa. Chestnut Tree 
Blight Commission, 12-13; expert in charge, U. 
S. grain exhibit, and mem. int. jury, class 39, 
Paris Expos. 00, Chevalier du Merite agricole, 
01. A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Agron. (pres. 08); 
Phytopath. Soc; Ass. Geog; Wash. Bot. Soc; 
Wash. Biol. Soc; Kans. Acad. Uredineae of 
the Great Plains; cereal rusts of the United 
States; Russian cereals; durum wheats; climate 
in relation to wheat cultivation ; ontogeny _ of 
cereal rusts; physiological relations of spring 
and winter cereals. 

Carleton, Prof. Paul W(luttier), Jackson Labora- 
tory, Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. Haverhill, 
Mass, April 10, 83. A.B, Harvard, 06, A.M, 07, 
Ph.D, 11. Instr. chem, Case, 07-09; Wisconsin, 
11-14, asst. prof, 14- Research chemist ga3 
warfare, E. I. duPont de Nemours and Co, 17- 
19. Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; qninone 
addition reactions; firignard reaction; organic 
chemistry of titanium. 
Carlson, Prof. A(nton) J(iilius), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. *Physiology. Svarteborg, 
Sweden, Jan. 29, 75. B.S, Augiistana, 98, A.M, 
99; Ph.D, Stanford. 02; hon. M.D, Lund, 18. 
Asst. physiol. Stanford, 01-02; research asst, 
Carnegie 'institution, 03-04; assoc. physiol, Chi- 
cago, 04-05, asst. prof, 05-09, assoc. prof, 09- 
14, prof, 14- Instr. gen. and comp. physiol. 
Woods Hole, 05-07; lieut. col, Snnit. C. 17-18. 
Int. Zool. Cong. Graz, 10; Int. Cong. Physiol, 



Vienna, 10. Nat. Acad; A.A; Soc. Nat; Physiol. 
Soc. (sec'y, 10); Soc. Exp. Biol; Harvey Soc; 
Chicago Path. Soc; Soc. Biol, do Paris; hon. 
mem. Swedish Med. Soc. Eate of conduction 
of the impulse in nerves; the nature of the 
heart-beat; lymph formation and salivary secre- 
tion; comparative physiology of the circulation; 
comparative physiology of the thyroid and para- 
thyroid; physiology of the alimentary tract and 
of the visceral sensory system. 

Carmalt, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry), 261 St. Ronan 
St, New Haven, Conn. Surgery. Friendsville, 
Pa, Aug. 3, 36. M.D, Columbia, 61; hon. A.M, 
Yale, 81. Lecturer ophthal. and otol, Ycde, 77- 
79, prof, 79-81, principles and practise of s^irg, 
81-07, emer. prof, 07- Attending surgeon. New 
Haven Hosp, 77-08, consulting surgeon, 08-; 
consulting surgeon, Middlesex Hosp, Middletown, 
Conn. A.A; Surg. Ass. (pres, 07); Ophthal. 
Soc; Am, Med. Ass; Cong. Am. Physicians and 
Surgeons (sec'y, 88-13); Ass. Tuber; Soc. Int. 
Chirurgie. Abortion in cows; motility of young 
cancer cells; formation of new blood vessels in 
inflamed cornea; heredity in crime. 

Carman, Prof. Albert P(ruden), University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, HI. *Physics. Woodbury, N. J, 
July 15, 61. A.B^ Princeton, 83, fellow, 83-84, 
A.M, 85, Sc.D, 86 ; Berlin, 88-90. Instr. physics 
and math, Princeton, 84-88 ; prof, physics and 
elec. eng, Purdue, 90-93; theoret. physics, Stan- 
ford, 93-96; physics, Illinois, 96- A.A; Physi- 
cal Soc. Collapsing pressure of tubes; volu- 
menometers; rectifiers; thermal conductivities at 
high temperatures. 

Carman, Prof. J(oel) Ernest, Ohio State Univer- 
sity, Columbus, Ohio. Geology. St. Charles, 
Iowa, Aug. 13, 82. B.S, Simpson (Iowa), 01; 
M.Di, Iowa State Nor. Sch, 03; Chicago, 04-05, 
fellow, 05-07, Ph.D, 16. Teacher science, high 
ach. Council Bluffs, Iowa, 02-04; instr. geol, 
Cincinnati, 08-16; asst. prof, Ohio State, 16-17, 
prof. hist. geol. and curator, museum, 17- Asst, 
111. Geol. Surv, 06; junior geologist, U. S. Geol. 
Surv, 07; asst, Iowa Geol. Surv, 09; Ohio Geol. 
Surv, 17- A.A; Geol. Soc; Ohio Acad. Pleisto- 
cene of northwestern Iowa; stratigraphy of 

Carmichael, Dr. Henry, Highland Terrace, Maiden, 
Mass. Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, 46. A.M, 
Amherst, 67; Ph.D, Gottingen, 71. Prof, chem,' 
Grinnell, 71 ; Bowdoin, and lecturer, Med. Sch. 
of Maine, 72-86; state assayer, Maine, 72-86; 
assayist and inventor, 86- Lecturer, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 99-01. Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Min. Eng. Processes in manufacture of soda, 
bleach and fiberware. 

Carmichael, Prof. R(obert) D(aniel), University 
of Hlinois, Urbana, 111. *Mathematics. Good- 
water, Ala, March 1, 79. A.B, Lineville, 98; 
fellow, Princeton, 09-11, Ph.D, 11. Prof, math, 
Ala. Presb. Col, 06-09; asst. prof, Indiana, 11- 
12, assoc. prof, 12-15; asst. prof, Illinois, 15-18, 
assoc. prof, 18-20, prof, SO- Ed.-in-chief, 'Am 
Math. Monthly,' 18-19. A.A; Math. Soc. Ccoun- 
cilor, 16-18, chairman, Chicago sect, 20-) ; Math. 
Ass. (councilor, 17) ; Circolo Mat. di Palermo. 
Theory of difference and differential equations; 
theory of numbers; theory of relativity. 

Carney, Prof. Frank, 208 S. Chautauqua St, 
Wichita, Kans. Geology, Geography. Watkins, 
N. Y, March 15, 68. A.B, Cornell, 02, Ph.D, 09. 
Instr, Starkey Sem, N. Y, 88-91; prof. math, 
and lang, Keuka, 95-00; v. principal, high sch, 
Ithaca, N. Y, 01-04; prof, geol, Denison, 04- 
17; chief geologist, Nat. Sef. Co, 17- Lec- 
turer geog, Virginia, summer, 09. A.A ; Geol. 
Soc; Ass. Geog; Ohio Acad, (pres, 08). Glacial 
geology; stream diversion; metamorphism of 
glacial drift ; raised beaches ; glacial lakes of 
northern Ohio; geographic influences in Ohio. 

Carney, Prof. E(obert) J(ohn), 720 Whaley Court, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Chemistry. Sturgis, Mich, 
July 19, 84. A.B, Michigan, 07, Ph.D, 16. 
Instr. anal, chem, Michigan, 07-16, asst. prof, 
16- Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Univ. of Mich, sect, 
17-"). Analytical chemistry; thorium; rare 

Carothers, Dr. E(stella) Eleanor, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Zoology. New- 
ton, Kans, Dec. 4, 82. A.B, Kansas, 11, fellow, 
11-12, A.M, 12; Pepper fellow, Pennsylvania, 
13-14, Ph.D, 16. Asst. zool, Pennsylvania, 14- 
Univ. of Pa. scientific expedition to south, and 
west, states, 15, 19. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
Orthopteran cytology and genetics with special 
reference to heteromorphic homologous chromo- 

Carpenter, Prof. A (lien) F(uller), University of 
Washington, Seattle, Wash. Mathematics. Ma- 
rengo, Iowa, June 12, SO. A.B, Hastings, 01; 
A.M, Nebraska, 09; Ph.D, Chicago, 15. Instr. 
math, Hastings, 01-04, prof, 04-08 ; instr, Ne- 
braska, 08-09; Washington {Seattle), 09-13, 
asst. prof, 13-18, assoc. prof, IS- A.A; Math. 
Soc. Projective differential geometry of ruled 

Carpenter, C(larence) W(illard), Experiment Sta 
tion, Hawaii Sugar Planters' Association, Hono 
lulu. Hawaii. Plant pathology. Westport, N, 
Y, Sept. 23, 88. B.S, Vermont, 11, M.S, 12 
Asst. bacteriologist, Vt. Exp. Sta, 11-12; scien' 
tific asst. path, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept 
Agr, 12-16; pathologist, Hawaiian Agr. Exp 
Sta, 16-19. A.A; Phytopath. Soc; Wash. Bot 
Soc. Bacteriology; microorganisms of maple 
sap; the fusarium problem. 
Carpenter, Prof. C(lifford) D(aniel), 114 Mom- 
ingside Drive, New York, N. Y. Chemistry^ 
Union, Mich, Aug. 16, 81. A.B, Mich. State 
Nor. Col, 06 ; Chicago, 08-12. Ph.D, 15. Teacher 
math, and sciences, high sch, Ontonago, Mich, 
03-04; Mansfield, Ohio, 06-07; Newark. 07-09; 
Univ. of Chicago High Sch, 10-12; instr. chem. 
Teachers Col, Columbia, 12-14, asst. prof, 14- 
,. 19, Columbia, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc. Inorganic 
and physical chemistry; addition products of 
sulphuric acid with organic compounds; vapor 

Carpenter, Dr. Ford A(shman), Central Building, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Meteorology. Chicago, 111, 
March 25, 68. High sch. and aead ; LL.D, Whit- 
tier, 13. Asst. observer, Sig. C, U.S.A, Portland, 
Oregon, 88-90, San Francisco, 91 ; observer, U. S. 
Weather Bur, Carson City, Nev, 92-96. San 
Diego, Calif, 96-06, local forecaster, 06-12, me- 
teorologist, Los Angeles, 12-19; manager, dcpt. 
meteorol. and aeronaut, Los Angeles Chamber of 




Commerce, 19- Asst, Carson Observatory, Car- 
son City, and director in charge, Nev. State 
Weather Sarvice, 92-96; lecturer meteorol, San 
Diego State Nor. Sch, 01-14; California, 14-17, 
southern branch, 19-; U. S. Aviation Sch, San 
Diego, Calif, 15-16; U. S. Balloon Sch, Ross 
Field, Calif, 19-; mem. aeronaut, research com- 
mittee, Calif. Inst. Tech. Meteorol. exped. 
to Baja Calif, Mex, 03; asst, forecast div, 
Washington, D. C, 08; climatol. commissioner, 
Seattle Expos, 09. Medal, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific 
Expos, 09. Int. Cong. Arts and Science, St. 
Louis, 04; Eighth Int. Geog. Cong, Washington, 
04; Int. Cong. Tuber, Washington, 08. A.A; 
Meteorol. Soc; assoc. Civil Eng; Aero Club; 
Climat. Ass; S. Calif. Acad; San Diego Nat. 
Hist. Soc. (sec'y, 01-12); San Diego Photog. 
Soc. (pres, 99-01) ; San Diego Marine Biol. 
Ass; fel. Eoyal Meteor. Soc. Aeronautics; air 
charting; applied meteorology' and climatology; 
climatology of southern California. 

Carpenter, F(rank) B(erton), Virginia-Carolina 
Chemical Co, Richmond, Va. Chemistry. Ley- 
den, Mass, May 7, 64. B.S, Mass. Col, 87. Asst. 
chemist, Mass. Exp. Sta, 87-89; N. C. Exp. Sta, 
89-05 ; chief chemist, Virginia-Carolina Chem. 
Co, 05- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. 
Agricultural chemistry; tobacco. 

Carpenter, Dr. F(rederic) W(alton), Trinity Col- 
lege, Hartford, Conn. Zoology. Millbrook, N. 
Y, May 12, 76. B.S, N. Y. Univ, 99; A.M, 
HarVard, 02, Ph.D, 04. Instr. zool, Illinois, 04- 
08, assoc. and later asst. prof, 08-13 ; prof, hiol, 
Trinity, IS- Lecturer biol, summer sch, N. Y. 
Univ, 04, 05; director, Bermuda Biol. Sta, 09. 
A.A; Soc. Zool; Ass. Anat. Development of 
nerves; reactions of insects; reactions of corals; 
histology of the autonomic nervous system. 

Carpenter, Prof. H(ubert) V(inton), 300 Oak St, 
Pullman, Wash. Physics. Engineering. Mt. 
Carroll, 111, 75. B.S, (E.E), Illinois, 97, M.S, 
99. Asst. physics, Illinois, 97-99, instr, 99-01; 
asst. prof. mech. and elec. eng. Wash. State, 
01-05, prof, 05-, dean mech. arts and eng, 17- 
Educ. director, sect. B, S.A.T.C, 18. A.A; fel. 
Elec. Eng; Mech. Eng; Ass. Prof. Methods in 
electrical measurements; the analytical bo lance; 
methods for calculating transmission lines; flow 
of steam; electrical instruments; thermal insu- 
lation; hydraulic governors. 

Carpenter, Prof. L(ouis) G(eorge), 1455 Gilpin 
St, Denver, Colo. Irrigation engineering. Orion, 
Mich, March 28, 61. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 79; 
M.S, Michigan, 84; Hopkins, 85-88. Instr. 
math, Mich. Agr. Col, 81-85, asst. prof, 85-88; 
prof. eng. and physics, Colo. Agr. Col, 88-, me- 
teorologist and irrig. engineer, Erp. Sta, 88-, 
director, 99- Special agent, artesian well in* 
vestigation, U. S. Dept. Agr. 90, irrig. expert, 
02; co-editor, 'Standard Diet'; state engineer, 
Colo, 03-05; consulting engineer and expert for 
Colo, in Kans. interstate water litigation, 03- 
06; mem. Irrig. Commission, B. C, 07-08; con- 
sulting engineer. Chevalier du M^rite agricole, 
95; gold medal, Paris Expos, 00. A.A; Irrig. 
Eng. (pres, 93); Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Ass. 
Agr. Col. (v. pros); Eng. Ednc; Soc. Tost. 
Mat; Forestry Ass; Mich. Eng. Soc; British 
Ass. Measurement of water; gain and loss of 
water from streams; duty water; water supply. 

Carpenter, Dr. T(home) M(artln), 159 Corey St, 
West Eoxbury, Mass. Physiology. Malden-on- 
Hudson, N. Y, Sept. 18, 78. B.S, Boston, 02 ; Mass. 
Col, 02; Ph.D, Harvard, 15. Asst. chemist, exp. 
sta. Pa. State, 02-05; research chemist, Carnegie 
Institution, 05-07, nutrition lab, Boston, Mass, 
07- Asst. chemist, Mass. Exp. Sta, 02; expert 
animal nutrition, bur. animal indust, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 02-05, scientific asst. nutrition, 05-07. 
A.A; Physiol. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem. Respira- 
tory exchange and calorimetry of man; rectal 
feeding; alcohol ingestion. 

Carr, Dr. Emma P(erry), Mt. Holyoke College, 
South Hadley, Mass. Chemistry. Holmesville, 
Ohio, July 23, 80. Instr. chem, Mt. HolyoJce, 
05-08, assoc. prof, 10-13, prof, 13- Chem. Soc. 
Physical chemistry; ultra-violet absorption 

Carr, Prof. H(arvey), University of Chicago, Chi- 
cago, 111. *Psychology. Morris, 111, April 30, 
73. B.S, Colorado, 01, M.S, 02; Ph.D, Chicago, 
05. Instr. psychol, Pratt Inst, 06-08 ; asst. prof, 
Chicago, 08-i6, assoc. prof, 16- Psychol. Ass. 
(councilor, 16). Comparative psychology; visual 
space perception; educational theory. 

Carr, Maurice L(eroy), Marietta, Ohio. Physics. 
Avon, 111, April 17, 77. B.S, Illinois, 05, E.E, 
11. Asst, eng. exp. sta, Illinois, 05-06; supt. 
testing dept, Peoria Gas and Elec. Co, 06-07; 
engineer. Underwriters' Laboratories, 07-20; 
director, reesarch lab. The Safe-Cabinet Co, 20- 
A.A; Physical Soc; Soc. Test. Mat; West. Soc. 
Eng. Strength of boiler flues; effects of heat 
on materials; heat insulating materials. 

Carr, Prof. Ralph Howard, 27 N. Salisbury St, 
La Favette, Ind. Agricultural chemistry. Woos- 
ter, Ohio, Aug. 28, 78. A.B, Wooster, 00; A.M, 
Wisconsin, 10, Ph.D, 13. Chemist, Western 
Elec. Co, 02-04; instr, Buena Vista, 05-08; 
Emporia, 09-11; Purdue, 13- Chemist, South. 
Marble Co. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Agron; Ind. 
Acad. Amino acids in hays; non-protein nitro- 
gen in alfalfa; rate of decay of manures; di- 

Carr, Dr. W(illiam) P(hillips), 1801 K St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Surgery, Physiology. Boyd- 
ton, Va, May 10, 58. Randolph-Macon, 74- 
76; M.D, George Washington, 88. Prof, physiol, 
George Washington, 94- Surgeon, Emergency 
Hosp, 95-; prosector anat, lecturer anat. and 
surg. and coroner, 96-99; assoc. surgeon, Univ. 
Hosp, and consulting surgeon. Wash. Asylum 
Hosp, 98- Ass. Anat; Am. Med. Ass; South. 
Surg, and Gynec. Soc; D. C. Obstet. and Gynec. 
Soc. Physiology of nerves ; pathology of tumors. 

Carrel, Dr. Alexis, Rockefeller Institute for Medi- 
cal Research, New York, N. Y. *Surgery. St. 
Foy lea Lyon, France, June 28, 73. L.B, Lyon, 
90, Sc.B, 91. M.D, 00; hon. Sc.D, Columbia, 13; 
Brown; Princeton; M.D, Belfast. Mem. Eocke- 
fcller Inst. Nobel prize med, 12. Commandeur 
Legion d'honneur. Fel. Surg. Ass; Physiol. 
Soc; Soc. Exp. Path; Soc. Exp. Biol; Philos. 
Soc. Experimental surgery; biology. 

Carrick, Dr. D(oak) B(ain), U. S. Bureau of Mar- 
kets, Chicago, 111. Agriculture. Lexington, N. 
C, Dec. 11, 88. A.B, Wake Forest, 10; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 17. Investigator, bur. markets, TJ. S. 



J)ept. Agr, 17- Soe. Hort. Sci, Influence of 
low temperatures upon plant tissue; marketing. 

Carrier, Lyman, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Washington, D. C. Agronomy. Duffield, Mich, 
Oct. 11, 77. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 02. M.Agr, 13. 
Scientific asst, bur. plant indust, IT. S. Dept. 
Agr, 05-07; prof, agron, Va. Polytech, and 
agronomist, Exp. Sta, 08-14; agronomist, bur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 14- A.A; See. 
Agron. (treaSj 11, second v. pres, 13, sec'y-treas, 
18-), Farm crops; grazing. 

Carrigan, W(illiam) T(homas), Somerset, Md, 
Astronomy. Ellieot City, Md, Jan. 17, 65. 
Common sch. and acad. Asst, 'Nautical Alma- 
nac,' 01- Made coiaputations under Gould and 
Watson funds. Astron. Soc. Mathematical as- 
tronomy; asteroid orbits; direction of the sun's 
motion in space; methods for finding the posi- 
tion of an unknown planet from its action on a 
known body; second and third order perturba- 
tions of Mars; secular variation of the moon's 
mean motion. 

Carroll, Prof. (Alexander) Mitchell, The Octagon, 
Washington, D. C. Archeology. Wake Forest, 
N. C, June 2, 70. A.M, Richmond, 88; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 93; Leipzig and Berlin, 93-94; Am. 
Sch. of Classical Studies, Athens, 97-98. Prof. 
Greek, Richmond, 95-97; reader classical archeol, 
Hopkins, 98-99; prof, classical philol, George 
Washington, 99-12, archeol. and hist, of art, 12- 
Director and ed, 'Art and Archeol,' 18- A.A; 
Archeol. Inst, (assoc. sec'y, 03-07, sec'y, 07- 
10, gen. sec'y, 11-18); Philos. Ass; Wash. 
Acad, (v, pres, 10-). Classical archeology, 

Carroll, Dr. Franklin B(ache), 617 S. 16th St, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Botany. Philadelphia, Feb. 
23, 87. B.S, Pennsylvania, 13, Ph.D, 17. Teacher 
bot, Northeast High Sch, Phila, 13-17. In Sauit. 
C, IT. S. A, 17-19; instr. bot, A. E. F. Univ, 
Beaune, 19. A.A. Plant morphology. 

Carroll, Dr, Mitchel, Franklin and Marshall Col- 
lege, Lancaster, Pa. Entomology, Cytology. 
Philadelphia, Pa, July 7, 85. B.S, Pennsylva- 
nia, 15, Harrison fellow, 16-18, Ph.D, 19. Asst. 
zool, Pennsylvania, 15-16; asst. entomologist, 
N. J. Exp. Sta, 18-20; prof. Mol, Franklin and 
Marshall, 20- A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom. Larva 
of Mecistogaster modestus; spermatogenesis of 
Cannula pellueida ; numerical variations in the 
chromosome complex within the individual. 

Carroll, Prof. WCilliam) E(mest), Utah Experi- 
ment Station, Logan, Utah. Animxil husbandry. 
Orderville, Utah, Nov. 8, 82. B.S, Utah Col, 
09; M.S, Illinois, 11, fellow, 13-14, Ph.D, 14. 
Assoc, prof, animal husbandry, Utah Col, 11-13, 
prof, 14- A.A; Soc. Animal Production; Utah 
Acad. Animal nutrition. 

Carruth, Prof. W(illiam) M(assey), Clinton, N. 
Y. Mathematics. Cleveland, Ohio. April 22, 79. 
A.B, Cornell, 01, 04-07. Asst. prof, math, Ham- 
ilton, 07-12, assoc. prof, 12-17, prof, 17- Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass. Points of inflection of plane 
quartic curves. 

Carsner, Enbanks, Citrus Experiment Station 
Riverside, Calif. Plant pathology. San An 
tonio, Tex, July 19, 91. A.B, Texas, 12; M.S 
Wisconsin, 14, Ph.D, 17. Teacher bot. and chem 
high sch, Amarillo, Tex, 12; asst. plant path 
Wisconsin, 14; Va. Exp. Sta, 15; pathologist 

office of sugar plant investigations, bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 17- A.A; Bot. Soc; 
Phytopath. Soc. 

Carson, John R(enshaw), 195 Broadway, New 

York, N. Y. Electrical engineering. Pittsburgh, 
Pa, June 28, 87. B.S, Princeton, 07, E.E, 09, 
M.S, 12. Engineer, research dept, Westinghouae 
Elec. and Mfg. Co, 10-12; instr. physics and 
elec. eng, Princeton, 12-14; engineer, transmis- 
sion dept, Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co, 14- 
A.A; Math. Soc; Radio Eng. Electric circuit 
theory; electric wave propagation; electron 

Carter, Prof. Benj(amin) E(dward), 3 Center 
Place, WatervUle, Maine. Mathematics. War- 
ren, Conn, March 7, 66. A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, 
92. Instr. math, Mass. Inst. Tech, 93-10; asst. 
prof, Colby, 10-18, assoc. prof, 18- A.A; Math, 
Soc; Math. Ass. 

Carter, Dr. C(amie) B(lake), Mellon Institute, 
Pittsburgh, Pa, Chemistry. B.S, North Caro- 
lina, 13, M.S, 14, Ph.D, 16. Eesearch chemist, 
Mellon Inst, 16- Chem. Soc; Leather Chem. 

Carter, Edgar B(rock), 2615 Ashland Ave, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. Bacteriology. Elkinsville, Ind, 
April 22, 86. A.B, Indiana, 11. Director, biol. 
lab, Swan-Myers Co, 15- A.A; Pub. Health 
Ass; Pharmaceut. Ass; Chem, Soc. (sec'y-treas, 
Ind. sect, 18, sec'y, div. chem. and med. prod- 
ucts, 19-) ; Soe. Bact. (sec'y, Ind. branch, 19-) ; 
Indianapolis Scientech. Club. Bacteriology of 
hemorrhagic septicemia in swine. 

Carter, Prof. Edna, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. Physics. High Cliff, Wis, Jan. 29, 72. 
A.B, Vassar, 94; Chicago, 98-99; Ph.D, Wiirz- 
burg, 06, 11-12. Asst. principal, high sch, De 
Pere, Wis, 95-96; asst. physics, Vassar, 96-98; 
State Nor. Sch, Oshkosh, Wis, 99-04; instr, 
Vassar, 06-11; assoc. prof, 12-20, prof, 20- 
A.A; Physical Soc. Relation of the energy of 
the Rontgen rays to the energy of the cathode 
rays producing them; discharge potentials 
across very short distances; metallic spectra pro- 
duced in high vacua. 

Carter, Prof. Gardner L(loyd), University, Va 
Chemistry. Alexandria, Va, Alarch 1, 90. A.M 
Virginia, 13, Ph.D, 16. Asst. prof, chem, Van 
derbilt, 16-18; assoc. prof, Virginia, 18- Asst 
gas chemist, U. S. Dept. Int, 17-18. Chem. Soc 

Carter, Dr. Henry E(ose), U. S. Marine Hospital 
Baltimore, Md. Medicine. Caroline Co, Va 
Aug. 25, 52. C. and M.E, Virginia, 73; M.D 
Maryland, 79, LL.D, 10. Commissioned officer 
U. S. Pub. Health Service, 79- Chief, quaran 
tine office, Cuba, 98-00; Isthmian Canal Com 
mission, 04-05, director, hospitals, 05-09 ; mem- 
yellow fever commission. Int. Health Board 
sanit. adviser, Peruvian Govt. Soc. Trop. Med 
London Soc. Trop. Med. and Hygiene; Vene 
zuela Acad. Med. Maritime quarantine; preven 
tion of yelloAv fever and malaria. 

Carter, Dr. W(illiam) S(pencer), University of 
Texas, Galveston, Tex. Physiology. Warren 
Co, N. J, April 11, 69. M.D, Pennsylvania, 90. 
Res. physician, Phila. Hosp, 90; Presb. Hosp, 
91; asst. physiol, Pennsylvania, 91-92, asst. 
demonstrator path, 92-95, asst. prof. comp. 



physiol. and demonstrator physiol, 95-97; prof, 
physiol, Texas, 97-, dean, med. faculty, 03- 
Quiz master, Med. Inst, Phila, 91-96. Physiol. 
Soc; Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. Col. Physicians. 
Leucocytosis and blood-serum; cause of uremia; 
action of drugs and poisons; poisonous mush- 
rooms; functional relation of the parathyroids 
to the thyroid gland; prophylaxis and public 
control of tuberculosis; the milk supply of 
cities; secretory action of renal epithelium; ab- 
sorption; autodigcstion; effect of ether anes- 
thesia upon the alkali reserve of the blood. 

Cartledge, Dr. G (roves) H(oward), Johns Hop- 
kins University, Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. 
Gainesville, Ga, Feb. 10, 91. A.B, A.M, David- 
son, 11 ; Ph.D, Chicago, 16. Acting prof, chem, 
Davidson, 12-13; prof. chem. and physics, Pres- 
byterian (S. C), 13-17; assoc. prof, chem, 
Davidson, 17-18; chief chemist, Richmond Lever- 
ing and Co, 19-20; assoc. prof, chem, Hopkins, 
SO- With C.W.S, U.S.A. A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Soc. Test. Mat. Eadioactivity; petroleum. 

Carty, J(olm) J(oseph), 195 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. ^Electrical engineering. Cam- 
bridge, Mass, April 14, 61. Hon. Eng.D, 
Stevens, 15 ; Sc.D, Chicago and Bowdoin, 16 ; 
LL.D, McGill, 17; Sc.D, Tufts, 19. With Bell 
Telephone Co, Boston, 79 ; in charge, cable dept, 
West, Union Tel. Co, 87-89; chief engineer, 
Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co, 89- 
07; Am. Telephone and Telegraph Co, 08-09, 
V. pres, 19- Trustee, Carnegie Institution; di- 
rector. Research Corporation; mem. Nat. Re- 
search Council; major and col, Sig. O.R.C, 17; 
on staff, Gen. Edgar Russell, A.E.F, 18-19; col. 
sig. sect, O.R.C, 19. D. S. medal; Officier 
Legion d'honneur. Longstreth medal, Franklin 
Inst, 03; Franklin medal, 16; Edison medal, 
Elec. Eng, 18; Japanese Order of the Rising 
Sun; Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure of 
Meiji. Nat. Acad; A.A; fel. Elec. Eng. (pres, 
15, past manager, v. pres, 04-06, 08-11) ; Phys- 
ical Soc; hon. fel. Electrotherapeut. Ass; hon. 
mem. Franklin Inst ; Eng. Educ ; Indust. Educ ; 
Am. Gcog. Soc; Japan Soc; Am. Acad; fel. N. 
Y. Acad; N. Y. Elec. Soc. (pres, 03) ; hon. mem. 
N. Y, Pa. and New Eng. Telephone Societies. 
Telephone; wireless telephone; transcontinental 
and transoceanic telephone. 

Carver, Dr. B(enjamin) F(ranMin), Standard 
Oil Co, Bayway, N. J. Chemistry. Hanover, 
Pa, Sept. 10, 78. B.S, Pennsylvania Col, 00, 
M.S, 03; Ph.D, Hopkins, 03. Chemist, Standard 
Oil Co, N. Y. City, 03-18, asst. chief chemist, 
N. J, 18- New semi-permeable membranes pre- 
pared by the electrolytic method. 

Carver, Prof. G(ail) L(uke), West Lake, Ga. 
Zoology. Climax, Mich, Feb. 4, 78. A.B, Mich- 
igan, 07, A.M, 08 ; Columbia, 12-13. Acting prof, 
physics and astron, Mercer, 07-08, prof, biol, 
08-18. A.A; Bot. Soc; Micros. Soc; Marine 
Biol. Ass. Hybridization effects in Drosophila. 

Carver, Dr. Walter B(uckingham), 109 College 
Ave, Ithaca, N. Y. Mathematics. Town Hill, 
Pa, Jan. 11, 79. Gettysburg, 95-96; Ph.B, 
Dickinson, 99 ; fellow, Hopkins, 03-04, Ph.D, 04. 
Asst, Hopkins, 00-01; prof. math, and physics, 
Ursinus, 04-06; instr. math, Cornell, 06-10, asst. 

prof, 10- Math. Soc; Math, Ass. Projective 

Carveth, Dr. Hector Russell, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Port Hope, Ont, Jan. 23, 73. B.A, 
Victoria and Toronto, 96; fellow, Cornell, 96- 
98, Ph.D, 98, hon. fellow, 98-99. Instr. gen. 
chem, Cornell, 99-00, physical chem, 00-05; 
chemist, Int. Acheson Graphite Co, 05-06 ; works 
manager, Niagara Electrochem. Co, 06-17, gen. 
manager, 17-; v. pres, Boessler and Hasslacher 
Chem. Co, Stebbins Products Co, and pres, Pa- 
cific E and H Chem. Co, 17- Chem. Soc; Elec- 
trochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. Vapor com- 
position and phase separations; electrochemical 

Gary, Austin, U. S. Forest Service, Washington, 
D. C. Forestry. East Machias, Maine, July 31, 
65. A.B, Bowdoin, 87, A.M, 90. Surveying 
work for Maine and U. S. Forestry Dept, 90-98; 
forester, Berlin Mills Co, 98-04; asst. prof, for- 
estry. Harvard, 05-09; state supt. forests, N. Y, 
09-10. A.A. Forest resources of New England 
and the southern United States. 

Gary, Prof, L(ewis) E(obinson), Princeton Uni- 
versity, Princeton, N. J. Zoology. Topsham 
Maine, Sept. 1, 80. B.S, Maine, 01, M.S, 02 
Ph.D, Princeton, 09. Asst. biol, Maine, 01-03 
zoologist. Gulf Biol. Sta, La, 05-08; instr. biol, 
Princeton, 10-15, asst. prof, 16- Research 
assoc, Carnegie Institution exped. to Samoa and 
Fiji, 17- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. Embry- 
ology of trematodes and coelenterates ; coral 
reef formation. 

Cary, Dr, William E, 5441 Kimbark Ave, Chi- 
cago, 111. Bacteriology. Gansevoort, N. Y, Nov, 

17, 88. B.S, Earlham, 12; Ph.D, Chicago, 16, 
M.D, Rush Med. Col, 20. Instr. bacter. and 
hygiene, Chicago, 16-19; intern, Presb. Hosp, 
Chicago, SO- Soc. Bact. Immunity; clinical 

Casamajor, Prof. Louis, 40 E. 41st St, New York, 
N. Y. Neurology. Brooklyn. N. Y, Aug. 12, 81. 
A.B, Columbia, 03, A.M, M.D, 06. Chief, cli7iic, 
N. Y. Neur. Inst, 09-15; Vanderbilt Clinic, 15-; 
instr. neur, Columbia, 14-15, asst. prof, 15-16, 
assoc. prof, 16-19, prof, 19- Capt, M.R.C, 17- 

18, major, 18-19. Neur. Ass; Ass. Anat; 
Medieo-Psychol. Ass; Am. Med. Ass. Psy- 

Case, Prof. E(nnine) C(owles), University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. ^Paleontology, 
Geoloqy. Kansas City, Mo, Sept. 11, 71. A.B, 
A.M, Kansas, 93; M.S, Cornell, 95; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 96. Asst. chem, Kansas, 93-95 ; instr. 
vert, paleont, Chicago, 96; prof. geol. and 
physical geog. State Nor. Sch, Milwaukee, 97- 
07; junior prof. hist. geol. and paleont, Michi- 
gan, 08-16, prof, 16- Research assoc, Carnegie 
Institution. A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Soe. 
Mammal; Mich. Acad, (pres, 12); Wash. Acad. 
Osteology and morphology of extinct reptiles; 
morphology of Permian vertebrates of America. 

Casey, Col. Tlio(ma)s L(incoln), U. S. A, Stone- 
leigh Court, Washington, D. C. Entomology, 
Paleontology. West Point, N, Y, Feb. 19, 57. 
Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 74-75; grad, U. S. Mil. 
Acad, 79. All grades to col, U. S. Corps 
Engineers, 79- Mem. transit of Venus exped. to 
Cape of Good Hope, 82-83; Greer Co. C'ommis- 



Bion, Tex, 86; Miss. River Commission, 02-06; 
engineer sec'y> Lighthouse Board, 06-10. A. A; 
Soc, Nat; Calif. Acad; fel. N. Y. Acad, (ed, 
'Annals,' 90-95); Wash, Entom. Soc; Phila. 
Acad; "Wash. Acad; Soc. entom. de France. 
Coleoptera; southern Tertiary paleontology, 

Caspari, Dr. Charles E(dward), St. Louis College 
of Pharmacy, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry. Bal- 
timore, Md, April 9, 75. A.B, Hopkins, 96, 
fellow, 99-00, Ph.D, 00. Asst. to Dr. Ira 
Eemsen, Hopkins, 99-00 ; org. chem, Columbia, 
00-01; research chemist, Mallinckrodt Chem. 
Works, 01-03; prof, chem, St. Louis Col. Phar- 
macy, OS- Field asst, IJ. S. Geol. Surv, sum- 
mer, 98; mem. committee on revision, U. S. 
Pharmacopoeia, 10- A.A; Chem. Soc; Pharma- 
ceut. Ass; St. Louis Chem. Soc. The fat con- 
tained in the seeds of the spice bush (Lindera 
benzoin) ; the determination of codein in opium. 

Casteel, Dr. D(ana) B(rackenridge), University 
Station, Austin, Tex. Zoology. Grafton, W. 
Va, May 15, 77. A.B, Allegheny, 99; A.M. Ohio 
Wesleyan, 00; fellow, Pennsylvania, 02-04, 
Ph.D," 03. Acting prof, biol, Missouri VaUey, 
04-05; instr. sool, Michigan, 05-09; Texas, 09- 

11, adj. prof, 11-14, assoc. prof, 14-19, prof, 
19- Soc. Zool. Molluscan embryology; rep- 
tilian and insectan behavior; cytology. 

Castle, Dr. W(illiam) E(niest),Payson Eoad, Bel- 
mont, Mass. *Zoology. Alexandria, Ohio, Oct. 
25, 67. A.B, Denison, 89; A.B, Harvard, 93, 
A.M, 94, Ph.D, 95. Prof. Latin, Ottawa 
(Kans), 89-92; instr. sool, Wisconsin, 95- 
96; Knox, 96-97; Harvard, 97-02, asst. prof, 
03-08, prof, 08- Nat. Acad; A.A; Soc. Nat. 
(sec'y, 06, pres, 19); Soc. Zool. (v. pres, 04, 
pres, east, branch, 06) ; Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; 
Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Embryology of tuni- 
cate's; metamerism of leeches; heredity; sex- 

Caswell, Prof. A(lbert) E(dward), University of 
Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. Physics. Winnipeg, 
Can, May 24, 84. A.B, Stanford, OS, Ph.D, 11. 
Asst. physics, Stanford, 08-11; instr, Purdue, 
11-13; Oregon, 13-15, asst. prof, 15-17, prof, 
17- Nat. research fellow physics, 19-20. A.A; 
Physical Soc. Peltier and Thomson E.M.F. of 
metals and bismuth-tin alloys; electron theory; 
thermoelectric, thermomagnetic and galvano- 
magnetic properties of metals. 

Caswell, Dr. R(obert) G (amble), P. O. Box 525, 
Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. Narragansett 
Pier, E. I, April 7, 91. Ph.B, Brown, 11, M.S, 

12, Ph.D, 14. Instr. chem, Bro%vn, 11-14; asst. 
prof. org. chem, Colby, 14-18; research chemist, 
E. I. duPont de Nemnurs and Co, 18- A.A; 
Cliem. Soc. Organic chemistry; hydroaromatic 
compounds ; bromhexamethylene ; anthraquinone 

Cathcart, Cha(rle)s S(anderson), New Brunswick, 
N. J. Chemistry. New Brunswick, Jan. 2, 65. 
E.S, Rutgers, 86, M.S, 89. Asst. chemist. Listers 
Agr. Chem. Works, 86-92, chief chemist, 93-07; 
state chemist, N. J. Exp. Sta, 07- Chem. Soc; 
Agr. Chem. Agricultural chemistry. 

Cathcart, Prof. W(illia)m L(edyard), 636 West- 
view St, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. Marine 
and mechanical engineering. Mystic, Conn, 

Aug. 12, 55. Pennsylvania, 71; grad, U. S. 
Naval Acad, 75. Engineer Corps, U.S.N, 75-91; 
chief engineer, Vol. Service, Spanish-Am. War, 
98; prof, marine eng, Webb's Acad, N. Y, 97- 
99; adj. prof. mech. eng, Columbia, 99-03; 
prof, eng, Webb Inst. Naval Archit, N. Y. City, 
18- Lieut, commander, U.S.N.R.F, 17-18, com- 
mander, 18. Mech. Eng; Naval Eng; Naval 
Archit. and Marine Eng; Franklin Inst. Design 
of marine machinery. 

Catlett, Charles, Staunton, Va. Geology. Staun- 
ton, Aug. 18, 65. Virginia, 86. Asst. chemist, 
U. S. Gepl. Surv, 87-88; consulting chem. and 
mining engineer, 92- Mem. jury awards. La. 
Purchase Expos, 04. Min. Eng. Coal and iron 
mining; Portland cement. 

Cattell, Dr. Henry W(are), 3712 Irving St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Pathology. Harrisburg, Pa, Oct. 
7, 62. A.B, Lafayette, 83, A.M, 86 ; M.D, Penn- 
sylvania, 87. Demonstrator morbid anat, Penn- 
sylvania, 92-97; senior coroner's physician, 
Phila, 96-99; director, Ayer Clin. Lab, Pa. 
Hosp, 99-01; pathologist, Phila. Hosp, 03. Ed, 
'Int. Clinics,' 99-02, 10-16; 'Med. Notes and 
Queries'; ' Lippincott 's Med. Diet.' Major, 
M.C, 17-19. Phila. Path. Soc; Phila. Col. Physi- 
cians. Post-mortem technique; color photog- 
raphy and educational moving pictures. 

CatteU, Dr. J(ames) McKeen, Garrison-on-Hud- 
son, N. Y. *Psychology. Easton, Pa, May 25^ 
60. A.B, Lafayette, 80, A.M, 83, LL.D, 07; 
Giittingen, Leipzig, Paris, Geneva, 80-82; fel- 
low, Hopkins, 82-83; Leipzig, 83-86, Ph.D, 86. 
Asst. psychol, Leipzig, 85-86; lecturer, Penn- 
sylvania and Bryn Mawr, 87; Cambridge, Eng- 
land, 88; prof, Pennsylvania, 88-91; Columbia, 
91-17, also exec, head of dept, for anthrop, 96- 
02, for philos, 02-05; ed, 'Science,' 94-; 
'Popular Science Monthly,' 00-15; 'Scientific 
Monthly,' 15-; 'School and Society,' 15-; 'Am. 
Naturalist,' 07- ; 'American Men of Science,' 
06, 10, 21. Co-editor, 'Psychol. Rev,' 93-04; 
established the 'Journal,' the 'Archives' and the 
'Library of Philosophy, Psychology and Scien- 
tific Methods,' 04. Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres, 
98, 13) ; Soc. Nat. (pres, 02) ; Psychol. Ass. 
(pres, 95); Philos. Ass; Physiol. Soc; Ethnol. 
Soc; Eug. Res. Ass. (pres, 14); Philos. Soc; N. 
Y. Acad, (pres, 02, 03); Wash. Acad. (v. pres, 
21), Sigma Xi (pres, 13-15); London Aristot. 
Soc; cor. mem. Soc. Scientifique "Antonio 
Alzate. " The measurement of psycho-physical 
and mental processes; practise and fatigue; in- 
di\'idual differences and individual ef3ficiency, 
with special reference to scientific productivity. 

Cattell, Dr. McKeen, Garrison-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Physiology. Garrison, Nov. 17, 91. Cambridge, 
12-13; Berlin, 14; B.S, Columbia, 14; A.M, 
Harvard, 17, Ph.D, 20. Teaching fellow physiol. 
Harvard Med. Sch, 14-17, med. research worker. 
Red Cross, 19-20; teaching fellow, Pharmacol, 
Harvard Med. Sch, 20- Lieut, Sanit. C, Cent. 
Med. Dept. Lab, Dijon, 18. A.A. Internal se- 
cretions; traumatic shock. 

Cattell, W(illiam) A(shl)umer), 101 S. Fifth St, 

Alhambra, Calif. Civil engineering. Princeton, 
N. J, June 16, 63. C.E, Lafayette, 84. Minor 
engineering positions, 84-89; asst. chief engi- 



neer, L. I. R. R, 89-97 ; consulting engineer, 97- 
05; E. H. Rollins and Sons, 05-08; consulting 
engineer, 08-18; major, corps eng, 18-19; 
consulting engineer, 19- Sec'y-treas, Int. Eng. 
Cong, San Francisco, 15. Civil Eng. (director, 
12-14); Mech. Eng; R. R. Ass; Am. Water 
Works Ass; Consulting Eng; British Inst. Civil 
Eng. Design, construction, operation and valu- 
ation of industrial and engineering works; rec- 
ord of activities of corps of engineers of the 
United States Arniv during the World War. 

Caudell, A(ndrew) N(elson), U. S. National Mu- 
seum, Washington, D. C. Entomology. Indian- 
apolis, Ind, Aug. 18, 72. B.S, Okla. Col, 97; 
Mass. Col, 97-98. Asst. entom, Okla. Col, 95; 
asst, l)ur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, and custodian 
Orthoptera, U. S. Nat. Museum, 98- Weather 
observer, Stillwater, Okla, 96-97. A. A; Ass. 
Econ. Entom; Wash. Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc. 
Natural history and classification of Orthoptera. 

Caulfeild, Dr. A(lfred) H(ans) W(ariiig), 13 Spa- 
dina Road, Toronto, Ont, Can. Medicine. 
Vienna, Ont, 79. M.B, Toronto, 04. Res. and 
later asst. pathologist, Toronto Gen. Hosp, 04- 
08; pathologist, Nat. Sanatorium Ass, 08-11; 
asst. med. research, Toronto, 12-15, research 
assoc, Connaught Antitoxin Laboratories, 18- 
Colleague, tuber, clinic, Toronto Gen. Hosp, 12-; 
med. officer, C.A.M.C, C.E.F, 15-18; consultant, 
Dept. Soldiers, Civil Re-Establishment, 19- 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Toronto 
Acad. Med. Internal medicine; immunology; 
pathology; infectious and pulmonary diseases. 

Cavanagh, A(ngus) L(eonard), 2803 Barry Ave, 
Saw-tclle, Calif. Physics. Elmira, Ont, Sept. 
14, 76. A.B, Stanford, 02. Teacher physics, 
high schools, Calif, 02-08; head, science dept, 
high sch, Los Angeles, Calif, 09- Instr. physics, 
summer, California, 08, 14, 19. Assoc, mem. 
Physical Soc. Magnetic susceptibility of water. 

Cecil, Dr. EusseU L(a Fayette), 33 East 61st St, 
New York, N. Y. Medicine. Nicholsville, 
Ky, Oct. 13, 81. A.B, Princeton, 02; M.D, Med. 
Col. of Va, 06. Instr. path, Columbia, 09-11, 
med, 12-16; med. col, Cornell, 16- Res. pathol- 
ogist, Presb. Hosp, N. Y. City, 09-11, asst. at- 
tending physician, 12-16; adj. asst. attending 
physician, Bellevue Hosp, 16-; major, M.C, 18- 
19; special expert, U. S. Pub. Health Service, 
19- A.A; Am. Physicians; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Clin. Invest; Soc. 
Bact; Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Immunol; N. Y. 
Acad. Med. Bacteriology; immunity; experi- 
mental influenza and pneumonia. 

Chace, Dr. Arnold B(uflfum), Albion, R. I. Mathe- 
matics. Valley Falls, R. I, Nov. 10, 45. A.B, 
Brown, 66, A.M, 69, Sc.D, 92; Harvard; Paris. 
Instr. physics. Brown, 68-69, trustee, 76-, treas, 
82-01, chancellor, 07- A.A; Math. Soc. 

CHiaco, E(dward) M(acKay), Citrus By-products 
Laboratory, Los Angeles, Calif. Chemistry. 
Havana, N. Y, Nov. 15, 74. George Washington, 
95-97; LL.B, National Univ, 06, LL.M, 07. 
Chief chemist, Cuban Customs Service, Havana, 
01-02; chief, lab. food tech, and asst. chief, 
food div, U. S. Dept. Agr, 03-08, chemist in 
charge, citrus byproducts lab, 08- Chem. Soc; 
Agr. Chem. (assoc. referee). Food analysis and 

adulteration; essential oils; flavoring extracts; 
citrus by-products; maturity of citrus fruits. 
Chaddock, Dr. C(harles) G(Ubert), 3705 Delmar 
Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. Neurology. Jones- 
ville, Mich, Nov. 14, 61. M.D, Michigan, 85; 
Munich, 88-89; Paris, 96-00. Asst. supt. North. 
Mich. Asylum, 85-92; prof, diseases of the 
nervous system, St. Louis, 92- Visiting neurol- 
ogist, St. Louis City Hosp, 09-; consulting 
alienist, St. Louis City Sanitarium, 09- Am. 
Med. Ass; Medico-Psychol. Ass; hon. fel. Chi- 
cago Acad. Med; St. Louis Neur. Soc. (pres, 
15-). Psychiatry; clinical neurology; reflex 

Chadwick, Prof. George H(alcott), University of 
Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. Geology. Catskill, 
N. Y, May 27, 76. Ph.B, Rochester, 04, M.S, 07, 
Ward's Nat. Sci. Establishment, Rochester, N. 
Y, 96-00, 04-06, 14-18; zoologist, N. Y. State 
Museum, Albany, 06-07; prof. gel. and biol, 
St. Lawrence, 07-14; acting asst. prof, geol, 
Rochester, 14-20, prof, 20- Instr. geol, Nat. Sci. 
Camp, Canandaigua, N. Y, 00-01; field worker, 
N. Y. Geol. Surv; Milwaukee Pub. Museum, 
summer, 02. A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; 
Entom. Soc; Wis. Nat. Hist. Soc; Rochester 
Acad, (sec'y, 04-06, 15-17, pres, 18). Conchol- 
ogy; mite-galls; New York state stratigraphy; 
Silurian and Devonian of New York; Paleozoic 
corals; Silurian cephalopods and faunas. 

Chaffee, Prof. E(mory) Leon, 20 Highland Road, 
Belmont, Mass. *Physics. Somerville, Mass, 
April 15, 85. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 07; A.M, 
Harvard, 08, Ph.D, 11, Instr, physics, Harvard, 
12-17, asst. prof, 17- Longstreth medal, Frank- 
lin Inst, 12. Physical Soc; Am. Acad; Franklin 
Inst. Radio telegraphy; electrical oscillations. 

Chamberlain, Prof. Charles J(oseph), University 
of Chicago, Chicago, 111. *Botany. Sullivan, 
Ohio, Feb. 23, 63. A.B, Oberlin, 88, A.M, 94; 
Ph.D, Chicago, 97; Bonn, 01-02. Teacher, pub. 
sch, Pittsfield, Ohio, 88-89; principal, high sch, 
Crookston, Minn, 89-93 ; asst. and assoc. bot, 
Chicago, 97-01, instr, 01-07, asst. prof, 07-11, 
assoc. prof, 11-15, prof, morphol. and cytol, 15- 
Am. ed. cytol, 'Bot. Centralblatt, ' 02-; bot, 
expeditions to Mex, 04, 06, 08, 10 ; New Zealand 
and Australia, 11; S. Africa, 12; Cuba, 14, 
A.A. (sec'y, G, 03); Bot. Soc; Int. Ass. Bot; 
Bot. Gesell; hon. mem. Scientific Soc. Kiev. 
Plant histology ; morphology ; morphology of 
gymnosperms and angiosperms; Cycadaceae. 

Chamberlain, Pres, C(lark) W(ells), Denison Uni- 
versity, Granville, Ohio. *Physics. Litchfield, 
Ohio, Oct. 29, 70, A.B, Denison, 94; fellow, 
Chicago, 99-00; Columbia, 08-09, Adams re- 
search fellow, 09-11, Ph.D, 10. Instr. physics 
and math. Western Reserve Acad, 94-97; prof. 
physics and astron, Colby, 00-01 ; physics, Deni- 
son, 01-08; Vassar, 08-13; pres, Denison, 13- 
Silver medal, Jamestown Expos, 07. A.A; 
Physical Soc. A compound interferometer; the 
radius. of molecular attraction; achromatism of 
interference; the dififractometer ; a spectroscope 
of high resolving power; the relative motion of 
the earth and ether; the Lorentz-Fitzgerald 

Chamberlain, G(eorge) E(dwin), 1650 E. William 
St, Decatur, 111. Chemical engineering. Wya- 



lusing, Pa, Nov, 6, 70. A.C, Lehigh, 93, Chem- 
ist, Am, Glucose Co, 94-97; gen. supt, Nat. 
Starch Co, 00-02; Corn Products Co, 05-09; 
Staley Mfg. Co, IS- A.A; Soc, Chem, Indust; 
Mech. Eng; Franklin Inst. Improvements in 
manufacturing of starch and glucose; specific 
gravity recorder and automatic control of spe- 
cific gravity of solutions, 

ChamlDerlain, James F, 33 N, Hudson Ave, Pasa- 
dena, Calif. Geography. Centreville, Utah, 
July 2, 69. B.S, Chicago, 04, Ed.B, 05. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Chicago, 90-94; geog. 
and conservation, California, 95- Assoc, ed, 
'Jour. Geog.' Am. Geog. Soc; Ass. Geog. Eco- 
nomic geography; conservation; climatic con- 

Chamberlain, Dr. Joseph. S (cudder) , Massachusetts 
Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Chem- 
istry. Hudson, Ohio, March 7, 70, B.S, Iowa 
State, 90, M.S_, 92; fellow, Hopkins, 98-99, 
Ph.D, 99; Berlin, 09, Lab. asst. chem, Iowa 
State, 90-92, instr, 94-97; Oberlin, 99-01; 
research asst. to Dr. Ira Remsen, Hopkins, 01 ; 
physiol. chemist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01-09; assoc. 
prof, chem, Mass. Col, 09-13, prof. org. and agr. 
chem, IS- A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Or- 
ganic agricultural chemistry; parasulphamin 
benzoic acid; proteins of wheat and flour. 

Chamberlain, Montague, Arlington Heights, Mass. 
Ornithology, Anthropology. St. John, N. B, 
April 5, 44. Grammar seh, St. John. Recorder, 
Harvard, 89-93, sec'y, Lawrence Sci. Sch, 93- 
00. Cor. fel, Ornith, Union; New Brunswick 
Nat. Hist, Soc, Ornithology; Indian linguistics, 
legends and history; northeastern tribes. 

Chamberlain, Paul M(ellen), 427 Diversey Park- 
way, Chicago, 111. Mechanical engineerinp. 
Three Oaks, Mich, Feb, 28, 65. B.S, Mich. Agr, 
Col, 88; M.E, Cornell, 90. Engineer, Frick Co, 
90-92; Hercules Iron Works, 92-93; asst, prof, 
mech. eng, Mich. Agr. Col, 93-96; prof, Lewis 
Inst, 96-06; chief engineer. Underfeed Stoker 
Co, 07-09; consulting engineer, 09-17; major, 
ordnance dept, 17- Commanding officer, Chi- 
cago Ordnance Dist, and chairman, Salvage 
Board, Mech. Eng;. "West. Soc. Eng. Flow of 
heat through metal; down draft for forging fur- 
naces; power required for cutting metals as in- 
dex for hardness; horology. 

Chamberlin, Prof. E(alph) V(ary), Museum of 
Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. Zool- 
ogy. Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 3, 79. B.S, 
Utah, 98; Goldwin Smith fellow, Cornell, 02-04, 
Ph.D, 05. Teacher, high sch, 98-02; asst. prof, 
biol, Utah, 04-05, prof, 05-06, prof, zool, and 
dean, med. sch, 06-08; Brigham Young, 08-11; 
Harrison fellow and lecturer zool, Pennsylvania, 
11-13; curator Myriapoda, Arachnida and 
Vermes, museum comp. zool, Harvard, 13- 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Entom. Soc. (v. 
pres, 19); Boston Soc. Nat, Hist; Cambridge 
Entom. Soc; Wash, Biol, Soc, Morphology and 
taxonomy of chilopods, diplopods and arach- 
nids; Annelida; Gephyrea; regeneration in 
Myriapoda; embryology of Linotaenia and Oto- 

Chamberlin, Dr, R(ollin) T(homas), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. *Geology. Beloit, Wis, 

Oct. 20, 81, Geneva and Ziirich, 99-00; B.S, 
Chicago, 03, Ph.D, 07. Asst, geologist, U, S, 
Geol, Surv, 07-09; mem, Chicago oriental educ. 
exped. to China, 09-10; survey, iron ores 
of Brazil, 11-12; instr. geol, Chicago, 12-14, 
asst. prof, 14-18, assoc. prof, 18- A.A, (sec'y, 
E, 17-) ; Geol. Soc. Structural and dynamic 
geology; glaciology; gases in rocks; mountain 

Chamberlin, Dr. T(homas) C(hrowder), Rosea- 
wald Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 
*Geology. Mattoon, 111, Sept. 25, 43. A.B, 
Beloit, 66, A.M, 69, LL.D, 87; Michigan, 68-69, 
hon. Ph.D, 82, LL.D, 87; hon. Ph.D, Wisconsin, 
82, LL.D, 04, Sc.D, 20 ; LL.D, George Washing- 
ton, 87; Toronto, 13; Sc.D, Illinois, 05. Prin- 
cipal, high seh, Delavan, Wis, 66-68; prof. nat. 
science. State Nor. Sch, Whitewater, Wis, 69- 
73 ; geol, Beloit, 73-82 ; asst. state geologist. 
Wis, 73-76, chief geologist, 76-82; geologist in 
charge, glacial div, U. S. Geol. Surv, 82-04; 
lecturer geol, Beloit, 82-87; prof, George/Wash- 
ington, 85-87; pres, Wisconsin, 87-92; head, 
dept. geol, Chicago, 92-19, emer. prof, 19- 
Representative for Wis, Paris Expos, 78; geol- 
ogist, Peary exped, 94; ed, 'Jour, of Geol'; 
mem, Univ, of Chicago Orient. Educ. Investiga- 
tion Commission, 09 ; research assoc, Carnegie 
Institution. Medal, Paris Expos, 78, 93; Helen 
Culver medal, Chicago Geog, Soc, 10; Hayden 
mem, medal, Phila, Acad, 20, Nat. Acad; A.A. 
(v, pres, 86, pres, 08); Geol, Soc, (pree, 95); 
Am, Acad; Philos. Soc; 111. Acad, (pres, 08); 
hon. mem. Wis, Acad, (pres, 85-87) ; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc; cor. mem, N. Y. Acad; 
Chicago Geol. Soc. (pres, 10); Chicago Acad. 
(pres, 97-15) ; cor. mem. British Ass; cor. mem, 
London and Edinburgh Geol, Societies, Geol- 
ogy of Wisconsin; lead and zinc deposits; 
glacial and dynamic geology; the planetesimal 
hypothesis; early history of the earth; the his- 
tory of the atmosphere, 

Chamberlin, Thomas R(oscoe), 1535 Edison St, 
Salt Lake Citv, Utah, Entomology. Salt Lake 
City, March ^30, 89. Utah, 09-11, A.B, 20. 
Scientific asst, cereal and forage insect investi- 
gations, iur. entom, U. S. Bept. Agr, IS- A.A; 
Ass. Econ. Entom. Alfalfa weevil and means 
of controlling it; life history studies of the 
clover seed chalcid on alfalfa in Utah. 

Chambers, Prof. Charles O(scar), Oklahoma Agri- 
cultural College, Stillwater, Okla. Botanv. 
Van Wert, Ohio, Sept. 7, 66. A.B. Indiana. 91, 
A.M, 95; fellow, Washington (St. Louis), 10- 
13, Ph.D, 13. Teacher science, high seh, New 
Castle, Ind, 95-05; prof, biol, Georgetown Col. 
(Ky), 05-07; Pacific (Oregon), 07-09; asst. 
bot, Illinois, 09-10; instr, Cincinnati, 13-14; 
biol, Peabody Col. for Teachers, 14-15; prof, 
tot, OMa. Col, 15- Mem. faculty, Puget Sound 
Marine Sta, summers, 08-09. A.A ; Tenn, Acad, 
Littoral algae of Puget Sound; fijxation of ni- 
trogen by fungi. 

Chambers, Dr. Geo(rge) Gailey, 55 E. Essex Ave, 
Lansdowne, Pa. Mathematics. Fulton Co, Pa, 
Oct. 12, 73, A.B, Dickinson, 02; Ph.D, Penn- 
sylvania, OS, Principal, pub, schools, Ridley 
Park, Pa, 02-06; instr. and later asst. prof. 



math, Pennsylvania, 06- A.A; Math. Soc. Iso- 
morphisms of abstract groups. 

Chambers, Prof. Eobert, Cornell University Med- 
ical College, New York, N.Y. * Biology, Anatomy. 
Erzerum, Turkey, Oct. 23, 81. A.B, Eobert 
Col, Constantinople, 00; M.A, Queen's (Can), 
02; Ph.D, Munich, 08; Columbia, 11-12. Instr, 
Bithj-nia High Sch, Turkey, 03-06, acting di- 
rector, 08-09; lecturer biol, Toronto, 09-11; 
asst. prof. hist, and comp. anat, Cincinnati, 12-- 
15; instr. anat, med. col, Cornell, 15-19, asst. 
prof, 19- Instr. zool, Woods Hole, 17-19. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (mem. advisory 
board, Nat. Research Council); Ass. Anat; Soc. 
Exp. Biol. Cytology; egg and cell size; sperma- 
togenesis and oogenesis in Copepoda; physical 
nature of protoplasm; microdissection and mi- 
croinjection of the cell. 

Chambers, Prof. E(obert) F(oster), 104 Irving 
Ave, Pro\idence, E. I. Chemistry. Providence, 
Oct. 8, 87. Ph.B, Brown, 09, M.S, 10, Ph.D, 12. 
Eesearch chemist, Gen. Elec. Co, Pittsfield, Mass, 
12; instr. chem. Brown, 14-16, a^st. prof, 16-, 
acting head of dept, 17- A.A; Chem. Soc; 
Eleetrochem. Soc; Providence Eng. Soc. Or- 
ganic chemistry. 

Chambers, Prof, V(ictor) J(ohn), University of 
Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. Chemistry. Roch- 
ester, Nov. 18, 69. B.S, Rochester, 95; Ph.D, 
Hopkins, 01. Instr. chem, Columbia, 01-08 ; 
prof, Rochester, 08- Chem. Soc. Organic chem- 

Chambers, Prof. Will Grant, University of Pitts- 
burgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology, Education. 
Westmoreland Co, Pa, April 26, 67. A.B, 
Lafayette, 94, A.M, 96, Litt.D, 17; Clark, 97- 
98; Chicago, 00-01. Pro/, math. State Nor. Sch, 
Indiana, Pa, 94-97; psyehol. and educ, State 
Nor. Sch, Moorhead, Minn, 01-04; psyehol. and 
child study. State Teachers Col, Greeley, Colo, 
04-09; educ, Pittsburgh, 09-, dean, sch. educ, 
10- Assoc, ed, 'Jour. Pedag.' A.A; Psychol. 
Ass; Soc. Col. Teachers Educ. (pres, 17); Pa. 
State Educ. Ass. (pres, 20). Genetic psy- 
chology; evolution of ideals; how words get 
meaning; memory types; children's political 
ideas; ideas of discipline; psychology of proper 
names; childhood reactions to imaginary free- 
dom; individual differences; reaction of special 
training on general efficiency; correlation of es- 
sential characteristics in the training of teachers. 

Chambers, W(illie) Lee, Eagle Rock, Calif. Or- 
nithology. Sedalia, Mo, May 7, 78. Mem. 
Ornith. Union; Cooper Ornith. Club (business 
manager, 09-) ; Soc. Mammal. 

Chambliss, Prof. Charles Edward, U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Agron- 
omy. Petersburg, Va, Aug. 20, 71. B.S, Ten- 
nessee, 92, M.S, 94. Instr. zool, Tennessee, 94- 
99, entomologist, Exp. Sta, 96-99; state entomol- 
ogist, Tenn, 99-01; assoc. prof. zool. and entom, 
Clemson, and zoologist and entomologist, S. C. 
Exp. Sta, 01-07; state entomologist, S. C, 07- 
08; expert in charge rice investigations, hur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 08- A.A; Soc. 
Agron; Wash. Bot. Soc. (sec'y, 13-20, pres, 20) ; 
Wash. Biol. Soc. Insects affecting orchards, 
gardens and the rice crop; breeding of rices; 
taxonomy of Oryzeae. 

Chambliss, Lieut. Col. Hardee, U. S. A, U. S. N. P, 
No. 1, Sheffield, Ala. Chemistry. Selma, Ala, 
Dec. 4, 72. Grad, Va. Mil. Inst, 94; fellow, 
Vanderbilt, 98-99, M.S, 99; Ph.D, Hopkins, 00. 
Asst. chem, Columbia, 00-01; research chemist, 
Moore Elec. Co, Newark, N. J, 01-03; Gen. 
Chem. Co, N. Y. City, 03-09; prof, chem, Okla. 
Col, 09-15; asst. state commissioner health, 
Okla, 15-16; chem. director, Commercial Acid 
Co, 16-17; major, ordnance dept, 17-19, lieut. 
col. and commanding officer, U. S. Nitrate Plant 
No. 1, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Eng; Mech. 
Eng; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. London Chem. Soc. 
Permanganates; fixation of nitrogen. 

Chamot, Prof. E(mile) M(onnin), 927 E. State 
St, Ithaca, N. Y. *Microchemistry, Sanitary 
chemistry. Buffalo, N. Y, March 4, 68, B.S, 
Cornell, 91, Ph.D, 97; Nancy, Braunschweig, 
Paris and Delft. Asst. quant, anal, Cornell, 
90-91, instr, 91-97, lecturer chem, 98, instr. 
toxicol, 99, sanit. and toxicol. chem, 00, asst, 
prof, 01-10, prof. chem. micros, and sanit. chem, 
10- Chem. Soc; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. 
Microchemical analysis. 

Chance, Dr. H(enry) M(artyn), Drexel Build- 
ing, Philadelphia, Pa. Geology, Mining engi- 
neering. Philadelphia, Jan. 18, 56. C.E, Penn- 
sylvania, 74; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 81, Asst. 
geologist, Pa. Geol. Surv, 74-84; mining and 
consulting engineer, 84- Senior mem. firm, H. 
M. Chance and Co. A.A; Min. Eng; Min. and 
Metal Soc. (pres, 13); Econ. Geol; Philos. Soc; 
Phila. Eng. Club. Applied geology. 

Chandler, Dr. Asa C(rawford), Rice Institute, 
Houston, Tex. Zoology. Newark, N, J, Feb. 
19, 91. A.B, Cornel], 11; M.S, California, 12, 
Ph.D, 14. Instr. zool, Oregon Col, 14-17, asst. 
prof, 17-19; instr. iiol, Ei<;e Inst, 19- Second 
lieut, Sanit. C, Cent. Med. Dept. Lab, Dijon, 
A.A; Pacific Coast Biol. Ass. Parasitology; 
bird feathers. 

Chandler, Prof. C(harles) F(rederick), Columbia 
University, New York, N. Y''. *Chemistry. Lan- 
caster, Mass, Dec. 6, 36. Lawrence Sei. Seh, 
Harvard; Berlin; Ph.D, Gottingen, 56; hon. 
M.D, N. Y. Univ, 73; LL.D, Union, 73; hon. 
Sc.D, Oxford, 00; LL.D, Columbia, 11. Asst. 
chem. Union, 57, prof. 57-64; anal, and applied 
chem, sch. mines, Columbia, 64-77, adj. prof, 
chem. and med. juris, col. physicians and surg, 
72-76, prof, 76-97, chem, Columbia, 77-11, emer. 
prof, 11- Emer. prof. org. chem. and pres, N. 
Y. Col. Pharmacy; chemist and later pres. Metro- 
politan Board of Health, N. Y. City. Perkins 
medal, Soc. Chem. Indust, 19. Int. Cong. Ap- 
plied Chem, London, 09. Nat. Acad; A.A; 
Chem. Soe. (pres, 81-89) ; Soc. Chem. Indust. 
(pres, 00); Elec.Eng; Min. Eng; Philos. Soc; 
N. Y; Chemists Club (pres, 99); N. Y. Acad; 
London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell; Soc. chim. de 
Paris. Industrial chemistry. 

Chandler, Dr. E(dward) M(arion) A(ugustiis), 
1207 Otto Boulevard, Chicago Heights, HI. 
Chemistry. Ocala, Fla, April 10, 87. A.B, 
Howard, 13, A.M, Clark, 14; Ph.D, Illinois, 17, 
Chemist, BicTcs, David and Heller Co, 17- Chem, 
Soc. Organic chemistry; dyes; intermediates; 
triphenylmethane dyes. 



Chandler, Prof. Elbert Edwin, 1011 Woodrow 
Ave, Eagle Rock, Calif. Chemistry. Pleasant 
Hill, Mo, Oct. 20, 69. A.B, Wiliiam Jewell, 
91; LL.B, Michigan, 93; Ph.D, Chicago, 06. 
Instr. cJiem, Mich. Mil. Acad, 01-03; asst, Chi- 
cago, 03-06; instr, Pomona, 06-08; prof, Occi- 
dental, 09- Chem. Soc. (pres, south. Calif, sect, 

17, councilor, 18). Ionization of dibasic acids; 
effect of cement dust on vegetation. 

Chandler, Prof. E(lw3m) F(rancis), University, 
N. Dak. Civil engineering. Yellow Springs, 
Ohio, Aug. 29, 72.' A.B, Ripon, 94, A.M, 97; 
Wisconsin, 97-99, fellow, 98-99. Teacher, prep, 
and high schools, 93-97 ; instr. math, North 
Dakota, 99-02, prof, 02-15, civil eng, 14- City 
engineer, Ripon, Wis, 95; asst. engineer, U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 03-; state engineer, N. Dak, 0405; 
city engineer, Grand Forks, N. Dak, 18- A. A; 
assoc. mem. Civil Eng; Eng. Educ; N. Dak. 
Acad; Wis. Acad; N. Dak. Soc. Eng. (see'y, 
12-). Hydrographic methods and hydrology; 
the logarithmic mean as applied to estimates; 
surface water-supply of North Dakota; the rain- 
fall-runoff relation; seasonal distribution of 

Chandler, Dr. Joseph, 112 Bungalow Terrace, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. ChemiMry. Livermore Falls, Maine, 
Jan. 16, 89. A.B, Colby, 09; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
12. Asst. prof, chem, Louisville, 12-14; instr. 
org. chem, Tufts, 14-17, asst. prof, 17-19; re- 
search chemist, U. S. Color and Chem. Co, 19-20; 
Semet Solvay Co, 20- Chem. Soc. Organic 
chemistry; dyestuffs and intermediates. 

Chandler, Dr. W(allace) L(arkin), East Lansing, 
Mich. Entomology. Antonito, Colo, April 21, 
85. B.S, California, 14. M.S, 15; Ph.D, Cornell, 

18. Instr, Fielding Acad, Paris, Idaho, 07-08; 
inspector, plague suppression, U. S. Pub. Health 
Service, Calif, 10-13; instr. parasitol, Cornell, 
15-18; research asst. entom, Mich. Exp. Sta, 
18-19, research assoc, and asst. prof, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 19- Exten. lecturer parasitol, California, 
14-15; mem. mammal surv. of San Joaquin Val- 
ley, Univ. of Calif, and U. S. Pub. Health Serv- 
ice, 11. Entom. Soc; Soc. Mammal; Ass. Econ. 
Entom. Parasitology; physiology; medical en- 

Chandler, Prof. W(illlam) H(enry), New York 

Agricultural College, Ithaca, N. Y. Pomology. 
Butler, Mo, July 31, 78. B.S.A, Missouri, 05, 
fellow, 05-06, M.S, 06, Ph.D, 14. Asst. hort, 
Missouri, 06-10, instr, 10-11, asst. prof, 11-13; 
prof, pomol, Cornell, IS-, v. director research, 
20- A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; Bot. Soc. Plant tis- 
sues and temperature; sap concentration; fruit 
and fertilizers; pruning. 

Chaney, Prof. Geo(rge) A(rthur), 3221 W. Grand 
Ave, Des Moines, Iowa. Mathematics. Bed- 
ford, Iowa, May 31, 78. B.S, Highland Park, 
04, M.S, 06, Sc.D, 16; A.M, Wisconsin, 11. 
Asst. prof. math, and physics. Highland Park, 
04-06, prof, higher math, and physics, 06-08 ; 
instr. math, Wisconsin, 08-11; Iowa, 11-13; 
asst. prof, Iowa State, 13-14, assoc. prof, 14-, 
director, grad. sch, 17. A.A; Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass; Eng. Educ; Ass. Prof; Iowa Acad. 

Chaney, Prof. L(ucien) W(est), Department of 
Labor, Washington, D. C. Industrial hygiene' 
Heuvelton, N. Y, June 26, 57. A.B, Carleton, 

78, B.S, 79, M.S, 82, Sc.D, 16. Instr, high 
schools and supt. schools, 78-82; instr. biol, 
Carleton, 82-83, prof, 83-08; statistical expert, 
V. S. Bur. Labor, 08- A.A; Statist. Ass; Inst. 
Social Sci. Embryology of fishes; glacial geol- 
ogy; statistics in accident investigations; rela- 
tion of physical condition to accident hazard. 

Chaney, Dr. Newcomb K(inney), 1535 Elbur Ave, 
Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio. Chemistry. North- 
field, Minn, April 27, 83. B.S, Carleton, 04, 
M.S, 05; Rhodes scholar, Balliol Col, Oxford, 
07-10, B.A, 10; Harrison fellow, Pennsylvania, 
10-11, Ph.D, 11. Instr. biol, Carleton, 06-07; 
research chemist, Nat. Carbon Co, 11-17, asst. 
director, research and development laboratories, 
19- Consulting chemist, U. S. Bur. Mines, 17- 
18; C. W. S, 18-19. Chem. Eng; Chem. Soc; 
Electrochem. Soc ; Physiol. Soc ; Min. and Metal. 
Eng; Cleveland Eng. Soc. Industrial chemistry; 
electrochemistry; physical and photometric 
measurement; activated carbon and its indus- 
trial manufacture; army gas mask carbon. 

Chaney, Ralph W(orks), 222 Reynolds St, Iowa 
City, Iowa. Geology. Chicago, 111, Aug. 24, 90. 
B.S, Chicago, 12, fellow, 13-14, Ph.D, 19. Head, 
dept. nat. science, Francis W. Parker Sch, Chi- 
cago, 14-17; instr. geol, Iowa, 17-19, asst. 
prof, 19- A.A; Paleont. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Iowa 
Acad. Tertiary paleobotany and geology of 
Washington, Oregon and California. 

Chant, Prof. C(larence) A(ugustus), University 
of Toronto, Toronto, Can. Physics. Near To- 
ronto, May 31, 65. B.A, Toronto, 90, M.A, 00; 
Ph.D, Harvard, 01. Fellow and tutor physics, 
Toronto, 91-92, lecturer, 92-07, assoc. prof. 
astrophysics, 07-18, prof, 18- A.A; Physical 
Soc; Astron. Soc; Royal Astron. So<j. Can. (pres, 
04-07, ed. 'Jour,' 07-); hon. mem. Soc. Astron. 
de Mex. The ' skin ' effect in electrical oscil- 
lators; reception by wires of electric waves; 
physical basis of color; reflecting power of 
glasses and mirrors; meteoric display of Feb. 
9, 13. 

Chapin, Dr. Charles V(alue), 84 Keene St, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Medicine. Providence, Jan. 17, 56. 
A.B, Brown, 76; M.D, Bellevue Med. Col, 79; 
Sc.D, Brown, 09. Prof, physiol. Brown, 86-94; 
supt. of health. Providence, B. I, 84- Lecturer 
hygiene. Harvard Med. Sch, 09, Cutter lecturer, 
14. A.A; Am. Acad; Royal Soc. Med. Pre- 
ventive medicine; municipal and state sanita- 
tion; sources and modes of infection. 

Chapin, Prof. H(arold) C(anning), Lowell Textile 
School, Lowell, Mass. Chemistry. Gill, Mass, 
Sept. 20, 83. A.B, Harvard, 04, Ph.D, 10. Asst. 
chem, Harvard, 04-07; instr, Rensselaer, 09-13; 
research chemist and foreman, Nat. Carbon Co, 
13-18; assoc. prof. chem. and metal, Lafayette, 
18-20; instr, Lowell Textile School,. 20- Chem. 
Soc; Electrochem. Soc. 

Chapin, Dr. Henry Dwight, 51 W. 51st St, New 
York, N. Y. Pediatrics. Steubenville, Ohio, 
Feb. 4, 57. B.S, Princeton, 77, hon. A.M, 86; 
M.D, Columbia, 81. Prof, diseases of children, 
Vermont, 88-89; Women's Med. Col, N. Y, 90- 
95; N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. Sch, 86- 16th Int. 
Med. Cong. (hon. pres, pediat. sect). Pediat. 
Soc. (pres, 10) ; N. Y. Acad. Med. (chairman, 



pediat. sect, 13). Nutrition in children; biology 
oi milk and infant feeding. 

Chapin, Prof. Henry E(dgerton), 49 Lefferts Ave, 
Richmond Hill, N. Y, Biology. Wilbraham, 
Mass, May 9, 59. B.S, Mass. Col. and Boston, 
81; Hopkins, 86-87; M.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 95; 
hon. Sc.D, McKendree, 08. Teacher and ed, 
81-86; teacher nat. science, Pa. State Nor. Sch, 
Bloomsburg, 88-90; biol, high sch, Springfield, 
Mass, 90-91; prof. biol. and geol, Ohio (Athens), 
91-00 ; biol. and physiog, high sch. system, N. Y. 
City, 00- In charge, dept. biol, summer sch, 
N. Y. Univ, 00. Soc. Nat; Ohio Acad; Brook- 
lyn Inst, (pres, dept. bot, 04-14) ; hon. fel. 
London Soc. Biol. Chem. Blood of vertebrates; 
habits and structure of Melampus bidentatus. 

Chapin, James P(aul), 166 W. 79th St, New York, 
N. Y. Zoology. New York, July 9, 89. A.B, 
Columbia, 16, Cutting fellow, 16-17, A.M, 17. 
Asst, Am. Musem Nat. Hist, exped. to Belgian 
Congo, 09-15, dept. ornith, Am. Museum Nat. 
Hist, 15-19, asst. curator, 20- Mem.* Ornith. 
Union; Soc. Mammal; Explorers Club; N. Y. 
Linnean Soc. Vertebrate zoology; African or- 

Chapin, Robert M(acfarlane), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chemistry- 
N. Weymouth, Mass, Oct. 5, 77, A.B, Amherst, 
97, 98-99. Lab. asst. chem, Amherst, 99-01, 
instr, 03-07; asst. chemist, TJ. S. Dept. Agr, 
07-10, senior biochemist, 10- Chem. Soc. Prep- 
aration and analysis of disinfectants and in- 

Chapin, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry), Oberlin, Ohio. 
Chemistry. Brownhelm, Ohio, Oct. 5, 72. A.B, 
Oberlin, 04; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 09. Research 
fellow, Pennsylvania, 09-10; instr. chem, Ober- 
lin, 06-07, assoc. prof, 10- Chem. Soc. Molecu- 
lar weights; tantalum; solubility and hydration 
of ions; salt effect. 

Chapline, W(illiam) R(idgely), U. S. Forest Serv- 
ice, Washington, D. C. Forestry. Lincoln, 
Nebr, Jan. 10, 91. B.S, Nebraska, 13. Grazing 
asst, U. S. Forest Servi-ce, 13-16, grazing exam- 
iner, 15-20, inspector grazing in charge grazing 
studies, 20- A. A; Soc. Foresters; Ecol. Soc; 
Bot. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Forest range plants; 
grasses; range management; livestock produc- 

Chapman, Albert K(inkade), Eastman Kodak Co, 
Rochester, N. Y. Physics. Marvsville, Ohio, 
May 31, 90. A.B, Ohio State, 12, fellow, 11-13, 
A.M, 13; Princeton, 13-14, fellow, 14-15, Ph.D. 
Physical Soc; Optical Soc. Spectra of com- 
pounds; Corbino effect in metals and alloys. 

Chapman, Frank M(icliler), American Museum of 
Natural History, New York, N. Y, *Ornithol- 
ogy, Mammalogy. Englewood, N, J, June 12, 
64. Academy; Sc.D, Brown, 13. Asst. cu- 
rator, dept. ornith. and mammal, Am. Museum 
Nat. Jlist, 88-01, assoc. curator, 01-08, curator 
ornith, 08- Assoc, ed, 'The Auk,' 94-; ed. and 
founder, 'Bird-Lore,' 98- Soc. Nat; fel. Ornith, 
Union (pres, 11) ; fel. N. Y. Acad. Cv. pres, 
08, 09) ; N. Y. Linnean Soc. (pres, 97) ; hon. 
mem. N. Y. Zool. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; lion, 
mem. British Ornith. Union. Birds; geographic 
distribution; systematic relationships; life his- 
tories; popularization of natural history studies. 

Chapman, George H(enry), Massachusetts Agri- 
cultural College, Amherst, Mass. Flant physi- 
ology. New Britain, Conn, March 29, 86. B.S, 
Mass. Col, 07; M.S, 09, Ph.D, 16; B.S, Boston, 
09; Prague, 13. Asst. botanist, Mass. Col, 07- 
12, research physiologist, IS- Bot. Soc. Effects 
of surface tension on enzyme activity; surface 
tension and protein coagulation; physiological 
plant diseases. 

Chapman, Prof. J(ames) Crosby, Yale Univer- 
sity, New Haven, Conn. Experimental edu- 
cation. Nottingham, England, 89. B.Sc, Lon- 
don, 09, D.Sc, 13; B.A, Cambridge, 12; Ph.D, 
Columbia, 14. Asst. demonstrator physics, 
London, 09; asst. prof. exp. educ. Western 
Reserve, 14-16, assoc. prof, 16-19; asst. prof. 
educ. psychol, Yale, 19-20, assoc. prof, 20- 
Psychol. Ass; London Physical Soc. X-rays. 

Chapman, Dr. J(ames) W(ittmneyer), Silliman 
Institute, Dumaguete, P. I. Entomology. Pee- 
bles, Ohio, Oct. 28, 80. A.B, Park, 07, A.M, 08; 
Harvard, 08-11, Sc.D, 13. Instr. chem, Park, 
07-08; biol. Tufts, 10-11; entomologist, Boston, 
11-14; asst, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 14- 
16; head, dept. science, Silliman Inst, 16- A. A; 
Ass. Eoon. Entom; Cambridge Entom. Club. 
Forest and shade tree pests; endoparasites of 

Chapman, Prof. Royal N(orton), 2610 Thomas 
Ave, N, Minneapolis, Minn. Entomology. Mor- 
ristown, Minn, Sept. 17, 89. A.B, Minnesota, 
14, A.M, 15; fellow, Cornell, 15-16, Ph.D, 17. 
Teaching fellow animal biol, Minnesota, 16-17, 
instr, 17-18, asst. prof, and asst. entomologist, 
Exp. Sta, 18- A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. 
Entom; Ecol. Soc. Animal ecology; wood-bor- 
ing beetles; wings of insects; insects in stored 
food products; pelvis of burrowing mammals. 

Charles, Prof. Grace M(iriam), University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. Botany. Chicago, HI, 
Aug. 29, 76. A.B, Oberlin, 00; A.M, Cliieago, 
05, Ph.D, 10. Asst. biol, Wyoming, 05-07 ; instr. 
bot, Kansas, 11-15, asst. prof, 15- A.A; Bot. 
Soc; Ecol. Soc; Kans. Acad. Anatomy of ferns; 
development of fern prothallia; flora of Kansas, 

Charles, Prof. R(ollin) L(andis), 528 Avenue 
H, Bethlehem, Pa. Phusies. South Bethlehem, 
Pa, Nov. 26, 85. A.B, Lehigh, 07, A.M, 10. 
Instr, physics, Lehigh, 07-12, asst. prof, 12-19, 
assoc. prof, 19- Instr. physics, Columbia, sum- 
mer, 12. A.A; Physical Soc; Eng. Educ. 

Charlton, O(rlando) C(larke), 1736 Bennett Ave, 
Dallas, Tex. Botany. Pleasant, Ind, April 2, 
54. B.S, Hanover, 72, A.M, 85; Sheffield Sei. 
Sch, Yale, 75-76; Chicago, 05-06, summers, 95- 
97, 01-05. Teacher, pub. schools, Ind, 76-85; 
prof. nat. science, Ottawa (Kans), 85-91; Tex. 
Nor. Col, 91-93; biol. and geol, Baylor, 93-02; 
Kalamazoo, 02-05; pres, Tex. Woman's Col, 07- 
09; instr. biol, high sch, Dallas, Tex, 09-14; 
city forester, Dallas, 17-19, asst. city forester, 
19-20. South. Forestry Cong. (v. pres, 17-). 
A.A; Tex. Acad. (v. pres, 02); Tex. State For- 
estry Ass. (v. pres, 16-19); Kans. Acad; Mich. 
Acad. Pteridophytes; municipal forestry. 

Charters, Mrs. W. W. (Dr. Jessie Allen), 5839 
Morrowfield Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology. 
Canton, Tex, Sept. 23, 80. A.B, Washington 
(Seattle), 99, A.M, 01; Ph.D, Chicago, 04. 



Teacher psychol, State Nor. Sch, Los Angeles, 
Calif, 04-07; lecturer, Carnegie Inst. Tech, 0- 
Psychol. Ass. Educational psychology; morale. 
Chase, Mrs. Agnes, U. S. Department of Agricul- 
ture, Washington, D. C, Botany. Iroquois Co, 
111, April 20, 69. Asst. bot. Field Museum Nat. 
Hist, 01-03 ; agrost. artist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 03- 

07, asst. syst. agrost, 07-18, agrost, 18- A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; Chicago Acad. Cy- 
peraceae; Gramineae. 

Obase, Dr. F(rederick) L(incoln), Boulder, Colo. 
*Astronomy. Boulder, June 28, 65. A.B, Colo- 
rado, 86; Ph.D, Yale, 01. Asst. astronomer, Yale 
Observatory, 90-10, director, 10-13. Lalande 
prize, Paris Acad, 08. A.A; Astron. Soc. Stel- 
lar parallax and proper motion; parallaxes of 
35 selected stars. 

Chase, Prof. H(arry) W(oodbum), Chapel Hill, 
N. C. Psychology. Groveland, Mass. April 11, 

"^ 83. A.B, Dartmouth, 04, A.M, 08; Ph.D, Clark, 
10. Prof, philos. of educ, North Carolina, 10- 
15, psychol, 15-19, pres, 19- In charge, clinic 
for subnormal children, Clark, 10. A.A; Psychol. 
Aas; Soc. Col. Teachers Educ; S. Soc. Philos. 
and Psychol, (councilor, 13). Theoretical and 
educational psychology. 

Chase, Prof. H(arvey) D(urell), Kendall College, 
Tulsa, Okla. Biology. Kilgore, Ohio, April 12, 
84. A.B, Ohio Wesleyan, 14; A.M, Ohio State, 
15. Prof, biol, Christian, 15-17; Kendall. 
A.A; Ohio Acad. Insects injurious to grasses 
and cereals of Ohio; Lepidoptera of Missouri. 

Chase, Prof. L(eon) W(llson), University of Ne- 
braska, Lincoln, Nebr. Agricultural engineer- 
ing. Jacksonville, Vt, Aug. 27, 77, B.S. (M.E), 
Nebraska, 04. Asst. mech, Nebraslca, 01-03, 
instr. forge and foundry, 04-05, adj. prof, farm 
mech, 05-06, asst. prof, 06-07, assoc. prof, 07- 

08, prof, 08-, chairman, agr. and mech. eng. 
dept, 19-20. Major, ordnance dept, 18; pres, 
Chase-Tinsman Plow Co, 20- With Fairbanks 
and Morse, 05. Eng. Educ; assoc. Mech. Eng. 
Farm machinery and structures; tile drainage. 

Chase, March F, 140 Nassau St, New York, N. Y, 
Chemistry. Alton, 111, Dec. 12, 76. B.S, Trinity 
(Conn), 97. Chemist, Mineral Point Zinc Co, 
98-01; expert, N. J. Zinc Co, 01-05; supt, acid 
dept, Mineral Point Zinc Co, 05-06, gen. supt, 
06-12, gen. manager, 12-15; v. pres, Commercial 
Acid Co, 15-17; asst. director, U. S. Explosive 
Plants, 17; director, div. explosives, W. I.B, 18; 
partner, L. I. Summers Co, 18- A.A; Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; Eleetrochem. Soc; 
Ceramic Soc. Contact process manufacturing of 
sulphuric acid. 

Chase, Dr. Martin R(igt), 2431 S. Dearborn St, 
Chicago, 111. Anatomy. Toulon, 111, April 9, 
86. B.S, Northwestern, 07, fellow, 07-08, M.S, 
08, M.D, 12. Asst. anat. Northwestern, 10-12, 
instr, 12- Ass. Anat. Histology of sensory 
ganglia; structure of vagus nerve. 

Chatbum, Prof. George R(ichard), 2850 P St, 
Lincoln, Nebr, Mechanics, Civil engineering. 
Near Magnolia, Iowa, Dec. 24, 63. B.C.E, Iowa 
State, 84; A.M, Nebraska, 97; C.E, Iowa State, 
10. Principal, high sch, Plattsmouth, Nebr, 85- 
89; supt. schools, Humboldt, 89-91; Wymore, 
91-94; instr. and later asst. prof, civil eng, 
NetrasTca, 94-05, assoc. prof, applied mech. and 

machine design, 05-06, prof, 06-09, head prof, 
09- Consulting engineer. A.A; Eng, Educ. 
(pres, 16); Soc. Test. Mat; Nebr, Eng. Soc. 
(sec'y) ; Nebr. Acad. Portland cement; strength 
of materials; analytic mechanics; roads and 

Chauvenet, Eegis, Argonaut Hotel. Denver, Cola. 
Chemistry. Philadelphia, Pa, Oct. 7, 42. A.B, 
Washington (St. Louis), 62, A.M, 66, LL.D, 00; 
B.S, Harvard, 67; Sc.D, Colorado, 20. Pres, 
Colo. Sch. Mines, 83-02, emer. pres. and special 
lecturer, 12- Min. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. Chem- 
ical arithmetic; calculation of furnace charges. 

Chauvenet, William Marc, University Club, St. 
Louis, Mo. Mining, Chemistry. Annapolis, Md, 
March 4, 55. Chemist, Mo. Blast Furnace Co, 
79; div. mining geol, tenth census, 79-83; U. S. 
Geol. Surv, 82-85; consulting chemist and min- 
ing engineer, 85- A.A; Min. Eng; Am. Geog. 
Soc; Forestry Ass. Chemistry of ores; field 
work in structural and mining geology. 

Cheever, Prof. David, 193 Marlboro St, Boston, 
Mass. Surgery. Boston, June 25, 76. A.B, 
Harvard, 97, M.D, 01. Asst. prof, surg. Har- 
vard Med. Sch, 13- Surgeon, Peter Bent Brig- 
ham Hosp, 13. A.A; Ass. Anat. Anatomy ap- 
plied to surgery. 

Cheney, Prof, L(eUen) S(terling), Barron, Wis. 
Botany. Esses, Ohio, Dec. 4, 58. B.S, Wiscon- 
sin, 91, fellow, 91-92, M.S, 96. Instr. pharma- 
cog. and pharmaceut. bot, Wisconsin, 92-96, asst. 
prof, pharmaceut. bot. 96-03. A.A; Forestry 
Ass; Bot. Cent. States; Wis. Acad, (treas, 95- 
99); Wis. Forestry Ass. (sec'v, 95, and treas, 
96-00). _ The forest flora and Bryophyta of 

Chemoff, Dr. Lewis H(ill), 418 E. Fifth Ave, 
Denver, Colo. Chemistry. Eussia, Jan. 1, 90. 
Ph.B, Yale, 11, Ph.D, 14. Asst. chem, Yale, 
10-14; prof. chem. and physics, Charleston, 14- 
15; org. chemist, hur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
15- Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry ; pyrimidins; 
saponins; proteins; carbohydrates; butter and 

Cherrie, Geo(rge) K(ruck), Newfane, Vt. Ornith- 
ology. Knoxville, Iowa, Aug. 22, 65. Iowa 
State, 81-83. Curator birds, mammals and rep- 
tiles and taxidermist, Nat. Museum of Costa 
Pica, 89-93; asst. curator ornith, Field Mu- 
seum Nat. Hist, 93-97; curator birds, museum, 
Brooklyn Inst, 99-11. Exploration in Orinoco 
Valley for Zool, Museum of Tring, England, 
97-99, 05, 07; French Guiana, 02-03. Mem. 
Ornith. Union. Birds of Costa Eica and Santo 
Domingo; nesting habits and distribution of 
birds of the Orinoco region; birds of Long 
Island, New York. 

Cherry, Louis Bond, Eepublic Building, Kansas 
City, Mo. Engineering. Parsons, Kans, June 
10, 73. High sch. Consulting elec. engineer 
and elecirochemist , C. and C. Developing Co, 15- 
A.A; Elec. Eng; Eleetrochem. Soc. Electro- 
chemistry; metallurgy; ceramics; synthetic hp- 
drocarbons; forcing molecular vibration. 

Chesney, Dr. Alan M(ason), Washington Univer- 
sity Medical School, St. Louis, Mo. Medicine. 
Baltimore, Md, Jan. 17, 88. A.B, Hopkins, 08, 
M.D, 12. Asst. medj Hopkins, 12-14; asst. res. 
physician, Eockefeller Inst. Hosp, 14-17; assoc. 



Tned, Washington (St. Louis), 17- Soc. Clii. 
Invest. Bacteriology; chemotherapy. 

Ohesney, C(ummings) C, Dawes Ave, Pittsfield, 
Mass. Electrical engineering. Selinsgrove, Pa, 
Oct. 28, 63. B.S, Pa. State, 85. Chemist, Pa. 
State, 85-86; prof. chem. and math, Doylestown 
Sem, 86-88; chief elec. engineer, Stanley Elec. 
Mfg. Co, 91-01, V. pres. and chief engineer, 01- 
06; manager and chief engineer, Pittsfield 
works, Gen. Elec. Co, 06- Consulting elec. engi- 
neer, Northern Elec. Mfg. Co, 00- Elec. Eng; 
London Soc. Arts. Design of electrical ma- 
chinery; methods of transmission of energy by 

Ohesnut, V(ictor) K(ing), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Phytochem- 
istry. Nevada City, Calif, June 28, 67. B.S, 
California, 90; Chicago, 93. Instr. ehem, Cali- 
fornia, 93; botanist in charge poisonous plant 
investigations, U. S. Dept. Agr, 94-04; chemist, 
Mont. Exp. Sta, and chemist and geologist, 
Mont. Col, 04-07 ; asst. chemist, dvv. drugs and 
phytochem. Idh, hur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07- 
Collaborator poisonous plant investigations, U. 
S. Dept. Agr, 04-07. A. A; Chem. Soc; Agr. 
Chem; "Wash. Acad; Wash. Chem. Soe. (pres. 
01-) ; Wash. Bot. Soc. Poisonous plants; plants 
used by Indians; active constituents of plants; 
enzymes; fruit odors; analysis of patent medi- 
cines and plants. 

Chessin, Prof. Alexander S, 13-21 Park Eow, 
New York, N. Y. *Mathematics. St. Peters- 
burg, Eussia, Dec. 11, 65. A.M, Imperial Inst. 
Hist, and Philol, Petrograd, 84; Ph.D, St. 
Petersburg, 89; C.E, Polytech. Ziirich, 92. Lec- 
turer celestial mech, Hopkins, 94-95, assoc. prof, 
math, and astron, 95-99; prof, math, Washing- 
ton (St. Louis), 01-10; consulting engineer, 10- 
Lecturer, Harvard, 94; Lowell Inst, Boston, 95; 
Columbia, Cooper Union, N. Y, and the Chau- 
tauqua Assembly, 00; Columbia, 09. Gold 
medal, Russian Ministry of Pub. Instruction, 88 ; 
special envoy to Italy, 89. Mechanics; astron- 
omy; theory of functions; infinite series; dif- 
ferential equations; Bessel's functions; rela- 
tive motion, Foucault pendulum; development 
of perturbative function; effect of the earth's 
rotation on gyroscopes; strains and stresses in a 
rapidly moving disc; gyroscopic devices. 

Chester, Rear Admiral C(olby) M(itchell), U.S.N, 
1736 K St, N. W, Washington, D. C. Astron- 
omy, Naval science. New London, Conn, Feb. 
29, 54. Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 63. Instr. sea- 
manship and naval archit, U. S. Naval Acad, 
74^77 ; in charge parties, hydrog. dept, U. S. 
Coast and Geod. Surv, 77-80, in charge dept, 
80-85; commandant cadets, U. S. Naval Acad, 
90-94; supt, V. S. Naval Observatory, 02- In 
charge, U. S. China and Corea Surveys, 71-73; 
lecturer, U. S. Naval War Col, 01-02; in charge 
U. S. eclipse exped. to Europe, 05; U. S. in- 
spector, European astron. observatories, 08-11; 
prof, naval science and int. law, Yale, 17-18. 
A. A. Naval architecture; hydrography; inter- 
national law. 

Chester, Prof. Frederick D(ixon), Chester Springs, 
Pa. Bacteriology. Santo Domingo, Haiti, Oct. 
8, 61. Washington (St. Louis), 76-78; B.S, 
Cornell, 82, M.S, 85. Prof. geol. and bot, Del. 

Col, 82-92; bacteriologist and mycologist, Del. 
Exp. Sta, 89-07; director, State Bacter. Lab, 
Del, 99-07. Soc. Bact. (v. pres, 05) ; Soc. Prom. 
Agr. Sci. Mycology. 

Chester, Prof. W(ayland) M(organ), Hamilton, 

N. Y. Biology. Noank, Conn, March 10, 70. 

A.B, Colgate, 00; A.M, Harvard, 08. Instr. 

hist, Colgate, 94-97, instr. iiol, 97-00, nssoc. 

prof, 00-04, prof, 04- A.A; Soe. Zool; Wash. 

Biol. Soc. Comparative anatomy of animals. 
Chester, Prof. Webster, 47 Winter St, Waterville, 

Maine. Zoology. Noank, Conn, Oct. 31, 76. 

A.B, Colgate, 00; A.M, Harvard, 08. Instr. 

science and math, Colby Acad, New London, 

N. H, 00-02; prof, liol, Colby, 03- Instr. 

invert, zool. Woods Hole, 08. Lecturer biol. and 

evolution, Bangor Theol. Sem, 14- A.A. 

Chickering, Prof. A(rthur) M(erton), Albion, 
Mich. Zoology. North Danville, Vt, March 23, 
87. Ph.B, Yale, 13; M.S, Wisconsin, 16. Asst. 
biol, Beloit, 13-16, instr, 16-18; prof, Albion, 
18- Micros. Soc; Mich. Acad. (v. pres, sect, 
zool, 19, 20). Chromosomes of Belostomn flu- 
minea and of Ranatra; tentacles of Hydra fusca. 

Chidester, Dr. F(loyd) E(arle), University of 
West Virginia, Morgantown, W. Va. Zoology. 
Chicago, 111, Oct. 13, 84. Ph.B, Syracuse, 07; 
fellow, Chicago, 08-09; A.M, Qark, 08, fellow, 
10-11, Ph.D, 11. Instr. biol, DePauw, 09-10; 
Rutgers, 11-13, asst. prof, 13-15, assoc. prof, 
zool, 15-16, prof. zool. and chairman biol. and 
sanit. science, Rutgers and New Jersey, 16-18; 
lieut. Pub. Health Service, 18-19, capt, (re- 
serve), 19-; assoc. prof, zool, West Virginia, 
29- With Bur. Fisheries,- Woods Hole, sum- 
mers, 10, 11, 19; research assoc, Carnegie Insti- 
tution, summer, 12. A.A; Ass. Anat; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; N. B. Sci. Soc. (v. pres, 14, pres, 16). 
Embryology; experimental zoology. 

Chilcott, Prof. E(llery) Charming, U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Agri- 
ctdture. Geology, Agronomy. East Hamburg, N. 
Y, April 8, 59. M.S, S. Dak. Col, 88. Prof, 
agr, S. Dak. Col, 93-97, geol. and agron, 95-05; 
agriculturist in charge of dry land agr. investi- 
gations, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 05- 
U. S. deputy surveyor and compassman, 82-90; 
agriculturist, S. Dak. Exp. Sta, 93-05, v. direc- 
tor, 97-05; collaborator, U. S. Dept. Agr. A.A. 
Soil physics; mechanical analysis of soils; crop 
rotation and adaptation; plant breeding and se- 
lection; animal nutrition; conservation and 
movement of soil moisture; cultivation methods; 
dry land agriculture investigations in the great 
plains area. 

Child, Dr. C(harles) M(anning), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. *Zoology. Ypsilanti, 
Mich, Feb. 2, 69. Ph.B, Wesleyan, 90, M.S, 92 ; 
Ph.D, Leipzig, 94. Asst. biol, Wesleyan, 90- 
92; sool, Chicago, 95-96, assoc, 96-98, instr, 
98-05, asst. prof, 05-09, assoc. prof, 09-16, 
prof, 16- Instr, Woods Hole, 95-97; holder, 
Agassiz table, Naples Zool. Sta, 94, Smithsonian 
table, 02-03. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ecol. 
Soc; Chem. Soc; Ass. Anat, Sense organs of 
insects; cell lineage of annelids; form regula- 
tion; occurrence and significance of amitosiB; 
physiology of polarity and symmetry; physio- 
logical correlation and integration. 



Child, Prof. C(lement) D(exter), Hamilton, N, Y. 
*Fhysics. Madison, Ohio, May 15, 68. A.B, 
Eochester, 90; Ph.D, Cornell, 97; Berlin and 
Cambridge, 97-98. Instr, high schools, 90-92; 
physics, Cornell, 92-97; prof, Colgate, 9S- 
Physical Soe. Electrical discharge produced by 
hot bodies; radiation from mercury vapor; the 
electric are. 

Childs, Prof. D(avid) H, 261 Huntington Ave, 
Buifalo, N. Y. Chemistry. Toronto, Can, Aug. 
6, 72. B.S, Lehigh, 98. Furnace foreman, Maza- 
pU Copper Co, 99; chemist, Aluminum Co. of 
Am, 99-07; prof. chem. and physics, Alfred, 07; 
principal, Tech. High Sch, Buffalo. Chem. 
Soc. Smoke prevention; aluminum manufac- 
ture and use. 

(Thilds, Leroy, Hood River, Oregon. Entomology, 
Plant pathology. Alhambra, Calif, Aug. 8, 88. 
A.B, Stanford, 13. Asst. see'y, Calif. State 
Commission Hort, 13-14; entomologist, Hood 
Biver Exp. Sta, 14-16, entomologist, plant pa- 
thologist and supt, 16- Asst. forest disease in- 
vestigations, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
13. A. A; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Phytopath. Soc. Apple diseases; insect and 
disease control; spraying. 

CMIlingworth, Prof. F(elix) P(ercy), Tufts Col- 
lege Medical School, Boston, Mass. Physiology. 
New Haven, Conn, Sept. 17, 82. M.D, Yale, 07. 
Asst. prof, physiol, Kansas, 12-13; physiol. and 
Pharmacol, Tulane, 13-20; Tufts, SO- Keese 
prize, Yale, 07. Physiol. Soc; Am. Med. Ass; 
Ass. Anat; New Orleans Acad. Pharmacology; 
shock; respiratory and blood gases. 

Chittenden, Prof. A (If red) K (night), East Lan- 
sing, Mich. Forestry. New Haven, Conn, Oct. 
28, 79. M.F, Yale, 02. Prof, forestry, Mich. 
Agr. Col. 14- Soc. Foresters. Silviculture; rate 
of growth of timber; maple syrup yield; sand 
dune fixation. 

Chittenden, Dr. E(dward) W(ilson), Iowa City, 
Iowa. *Mathematics. Waterville, Minn, Aug. 
3, 85. A.Bj Missouri, 09, A.M, 10; Ph.D, Chi- 
cago, 12. Inst, math, Illinois, 12-18; asst. prof, 
Iowa, 19-20, assoG. prof, 20- Mem. staff, Chi- 
cago, summer, 20. Math. Soc; Circolo Mat. di 
Palermo. General analysis; theory of functions 
of a real variable. 

Chittenden, Dr. F(rank) H(urlbut), IJ. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 
Entomology. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 3, 58. Mt. 
Union, 75-76; licentiate, Cornell, 81; hon. Sc.D, 
Pittsburgh, 04. Asst. entomologist, hur. entom, 
v. S. Dept. Agr, 91-02, entomologist, 02- Asst. 
ed, 'Entomologica Americana,' 89-90. A.A; 
Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. Entom. 
Soc; Brooklyn Entom. Soc. Insects injurious 
to vegetable crops and greenhouse plants; 

Chittenden, Prof. J(onathan) Brace, Harvard Club, 
New York, N. Y. Mathematics. Milford, Conn, 
May 13, 64. B.S, Brooklyn Polytech, 84; M.E, 
C.E, Worcester, 88; A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 90; 
Ph.D, Konigsberg, 92; mem. N. Y. Bar, 02. 
Instr. math, Princeton, 92-94; tutor, Columbia, 
and instr, Barnard, 94-99; prof, BrooTclyn Poly- 
tech, 00- A.A; Math. Soc; Brooklyn Inst, 
(sec'y, math. sect). The functions of Lam6; 
binary forms. 

Chittenden, Prof. Russell H(enry), 83 Trumbull 
St, New Haven, Conn. * Physiological chemistry. 
Physiology. New Haven, Feb. 18, 56. Ph.B, 
Yale, 75, Ph.D, 80; Heidelberg, 78-79; LL.D, 
Toronto, 03; Birmingham, 11; Washington (St. 
Louis), 15; Sc.D, Pennsylvania, 04. Prof, 
physiol. chem, Yale, 82-, director, Sheffield Set. 
Sch, 98- Lecturer physiol. chem, Columbia, 98- 

03. Nat. Acad; A.A; Soc. Nat. (pres, 93); 
Physiol. Soc. (pres, 95-04); Soc. Biol. Chem. 
(pres, 07); Philos. Soc; Am. Acad; assoc. mem. 
Soc. Eoyale des Sciences Med. et Nat. de 
Bruxelles. Physiology of nutrition. 

Chivers, Prof. Arthur Houston, Balch St, Han- 
over, N. H. Botany. Amesbury, Mass, July 
5, 80. A.B, Dartmouth, 02; A.M, Harvard, 

04, Thayer fellow, 09-10, Ph.D, 14. Austin 
teaching fellow lot. Harvard, 05-06, instr, Ead- 
cliffe, 05-06; Dartmouth, 06-10, asst. prof, 10- 
20, prof, SO- Instr. bot. Cold Spring Harbor, 
04-06. A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc. As- 

Christensen, Prof. Frederick Waldemar, Agricul- 
tural College, N. Dak. Biochemistry. Randolph, 
Kans, Jan. 22, 79. B.S, Kansas State, 00; M.S, 
Pa. State, 08. Asst. animal nutrition, inst. ani- 
mal nutrition. Pa. State, and bur. animal indust, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-10; assoc. prof. agr. chem, 
N. Mex. Col, and nutrition chemist, Exp. Sta, 
11-16; prof, animal nutrition, N. Dale. Col, 16- 
Chem. Soc. Animal nutrition; protein require- 
ments of growing cattle; vitamins. 

Christian, Dr. Henry A(sbury), Peter Bent Brig- 
ham Hospital, Boston, Mass. *Medicine. Lvnch- 
burg, Va, Feb. 17, 76. A.B, A.M, Randolph- 
Macon, 95; M.D, Hopkins, 00; A.M, Harvard, 
03. Asst. pathologist, Boston City Hosp, 00-02; 
instr. path. Harvard, 02-05, theory and practise 
of physics, 05-07, asst. prof, 07-08, Hersey prof, 
08-, dean, Harvard Med. Sch, 08-12; physician- 
in-chief, Peter Bent Brigham Hosp, 12- Physi- 
cian-in-chief, Carney Hosp, 07-12. Ass. Path. 
and Bact; Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Path; Am. 
Acad; Soc. Clin. Invest; Am. Med. Ass. Der- 
moid cysts and teratomata; leucocy totoxins ; 

Christie, Prof. A(lexander) G(raham), Johns Hop- 
kins Universityj Baltimore, Md. Mechanical en- 
gineering. Manchester, Ont, Nov. 19, 80. B.E, 
Toronto, 01, M.E, 13. Engineer^ Westinghouse 
Machine Co, 01-04 ; instr. mech. eng, Cornell, 04- 
05; mech. engineer, Allis-CJhalmers Co, 05-07; 
West. Can. C. & C. Co, 07-09; asst. prof, steam 
eng, Wisconsin, 09-13, assoc. prof, 13-14; mech. 
eng, Hopkins, 14-20, prof, 20- Mech. Eng; 
Gas Ass. Steam turbines; gas measurement; 
steam transmission and losses; public utilities. 

Christie, Arthur W(illiam), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. Chemistry. San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, Jan. 2, 92. B.S, California, 15, M.S, 
16. Instr. fruit products, California, 16- Asst. 
mil. science and tactics, California, 17-18. 
Horticultural products; soils; fertilizers; wa- 
ters; dehydration of fruits and vegetables. 

Chrysler, Prof. M(intin) A(sbury), University of 
Maine, Orono, Maine. Botany. Berlin, Ont, 
Aug. 25, 71. B.A, Toronto, 94; fellow, Chicago, 
03-04, Ph.D, 04. Asst. bot. Harvard, 04-05, 
instr, 05-07; assoc. prof, Maine, 07-10, prof, 



10-11, iiol, 11- Asst, Bot. Surv, Md, 04, 05; 
Woods Hole, 04; instr. bot, summer seh, Har- 
vard, 06-09. A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; New 
Eng. Bot. Club; Josselyn Bot. Soc. Plant mor- 
phology; phloem of conifers; anatomy of mono- 
cotyledons and gymnosperms. 

Chupp, Prof. Cliarles, Cornell Agricultural Col- 
lege, Ithaca, N. Y. Flant imthology. Millers- 
burg, Ind, June 2, 86. A.B, Wabash", 12; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 16. Asst, Cornell, 12-14, instr, 14- 
16; acting prof, bot, Wabash, 17; asst. prof, 
plant path, Cornell, 18- Phytopath. Soc. Vege- 
table diseases. 

Church, Dr. Archibald, Northwestern University 
Medical School, Chicago, 111. Neurology. Fond 
du Lac, Wis, 61. Wisconsin; M.D, Col. Physi- 
cians and Surg, Chicago, 84. Prof, mental and 
nervous diseases. Northwestern, 94- Neurolo- 
gist, St. Luke's, Mercy, Wesley and Michael 
Eeese Hospitals. Am. Med. Ass; Neur. Ass. 
Nervous diseases. 

Church, Prof. I(rving) P(orter), 9 South Ave, 
Ithaca, N. T. Applied mechanics and hydraul- 
ics. Ansonia, Conn, July 22, 51. C.E, Cornell, 
73, M.C.E, 78. Asst. prof, civil eng, Cornell, 
76-91, assoc. prof, 91-92, prof, applied mech. 
and hydraul, 92-16. emer. prof, 16- Assoc, mem. 
Civil Eng; Cornell Ass. Civil Eng. Applied 
mechanics and hydraulics (mathematical and ex- 

Church, Prof, J(ames) E(dward), Jr, 358 Wash- 
ington St, Eeno, Nev. Meteorology. Holly, 
Mich, Feb. 15, 69. A.B, Michigan, 92, 98-99; 
Ph.D, Munich, 01. Prof. Latin, Nevada, 92- 
18, classics, 18-, observer meteorol. and climat, 
Exp. Sta, 06-16, director, Mt. Rose Weather 
Observatory, 06- In charge, Nev. Cooperative 
Snow Surv, 19- Fel. Meteorol. Soc; Eoyal 
Meteor. Soc. Forestry; climatology; the con- 
servation, measurement and evaporation of 
snow; frost forecasting; instruments for the 
measurement of water content of snow and of 
snow evaporation. 

Church, Dr. Margaret B (rooks), IT. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. Botany. 
Providence, R. I, March 13, 89. A.B, Brown, 
12, A.M, 14, Ph.D, 18. Collaborator, bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 13-15, mycologist, iur. 
chem, 15- Bot. Soc. Plant anatomy; mycology. 

Church, S(umner) E(ollin), 17 Battery Place, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
79. Grad, Pratt Inst, 04. Manager, research 
dept, Barrett Mfg. Co, 11- Non-res. lecturer 
highway eng, Columbia, 14- Alumni Ass. 
medal, Pratt Inst, 04. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. 
Chem. Indust. (chairman, Am. sect) ; Soc. Test. 
Mat; R. R. Eng; Road Ass; Am. Gas Inst; Soc. 
Munic. Improv. Wood preservation; bitumens; 
protective coatings and bituminous binders. 

Churchill, Dr. E(dward) P(erry), University of 
South Dakota, Vermilion, S. Dak. Zoology. 
Allerton, Iowa, July 19. 82. A.B, Iowa, 07; 
fellow, Hopkins, 15-16, Ph.D, 16. Asst. zool, 
Iowa, 12-13; Hopkins, 13-15; in charge shell- 
fish investigations, Bur. Fisheries, 16-20; asst. 
prof. 2001, South BaTcota, SO- Soc. Zool; Fcol. 
Soc, Nutrition of fresh-water mussels ; goldfish; 
blue crab; development and distribution of oys- 
ter larvae. 

Churchill, Prof. Jesse B(riggs), British-American 
Chemical Corporation, Eidgefield, N. J. Chem- 
istry. Chelsea, Mass, Nov. 17, 75. B.S, Har- 
vard, 99; Gottingen, 06-07. Instr. chem. Pa. 
State, 00-06, asst. prof, indust. chem, 06-10, 
assoc. prof, 10-15; fellow, Mellon Inst, 15-18; 
tech. director, British-Am. Chem. Corp, 19- 
Physical chemistry; synthetic organic chemistry. 

Churchill, Prof. O(mar) O(rlando), Agricultural 
College, N. Dak. Agronomy. Mich, 79. B.S, 
Mich. Agr. Col. Instr. agron, Mich. Agr. Col, 
03-04; N. Dak. Col, 04-11; prof, Okla. Col, 11- 
13, dean, 13-15; prof, agron, N. Dak. Col, 15- 
A.A; Soc. Agron. Soil physics; breeding of 

Churchill, Dr. William, Corning Glass Works, Cor- 
ning, N. Y. Psychology, Applied optics. New 
Britain, Conn, Nov. 3, 76. A.B, Yale, 97, Ph.D, 
01. Tutor philos, Yale, 02-04; lens and color 
specialist, Corning Glass Works, 04- A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Optical Soc; Philos. Ass. Orienta- 
tion of tactual perceptions; standardization of 
lenses; signal colors and lenses on American 
railroads; physical properties of glass; spectro- 
photometric analysis. 

Churchman, Prof. J(olm) W(oolman), 15 E. Tenth 
St, New York, N. Y. Surgery. Burlington, N. 
J, Jan. 8, 77. A.B, Princeton, 98, A.M, 01; 
M.D, Hopkins, 02 ; hon. A.M, Yale, 15. Hopkins 
Hosp, 02-05; asst, Surg. Qinic, Breslau, 05-06; 
Hopkins Hosp, 06-11; instr. surg, Hopkins, 09- 
11; asst. prof, Yale, 13-14, prof, 14-, acting 
head of dept, 17- Acting surgeon-in-chief. New 
Haven Hosp; assoc. ed, 'Am. Rev. Tuber'; 
major, M. R. C; chief, base hosp, France, 16. 
Officier de 1 'Instruction Pub, 19; Officier d'Acad, 
20. Col. Surg; Ass. MiUSurg; Soc. Exp. Biol; 
Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Bact. Clinical sur- 
gery; selective bactericidal property of gentian 

Chute, H(oratio) N(elson), Ann Arbor High 
School. Ann Arbor, Mich. Physics. Grovesend, 
Ont, Dec. 26, 47. B.S, Michigan, 72, M.S, 75. 
Principal pub. schools, Aylmer, Ont, 66-69; asst. 
prof. Latin, Woodstock (Can), 69-70; astron. 
work, Detroit Observatory, 72-73; instr. physical 
science, high sch, Ann Arbor, 73- Assoc, ed, 
'School Science,' 00-04. A.A. Methods of 
teaching physics. 

Claassen, Prof. P(etcr) W (alter), 102 Irving 
Place, Ithaca, N. Y. Biology. Hillsboro, Kans, 
March 17, 80. A.B, Kansas,' 13, A.M, 15; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 18. Asst. state entomologist, Kans, 13- 
15; instr. biol, Cornell, 15-16; asst. prof, entom, 
Kansas, 16-17; biol, Cornell, 18- A.A; Entom. 
Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom. Grasshopper control; 
insect inhabitants of cat-tail; Plecoptera of 
North America. 

Claghom, Clarence R(a3rmond), 583 Lexington 
Ave, New York, N. Y. Mining, Geology, En- 
gineering. Philadelphia, Pa, Aug. 10, 64. B.S, 
Pennsylvania, 84. Supt, Lackawanna Iron and 
Steel Co; gen. manager, Northivestern Improv. 
Co. Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. Soc; 
Franklin Inst ; N. of England- Inst. Min. and 
Mech. Eng. 

Clapp, Prof. Charles H(orace), State School of 
Mines, Butte. Mont. Geology. Boston, Mass, 
June 5, 83. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 05, Ph.D, 10. 



Asst. state geologist and instr. geol, North Da- 
kota, 05-07; instr, Mass. Inst. Tech, 07-10; 
geologist, Can. Geol. Surv, 08-13; prof, geol, 
Arizona, 13-16; Mont. Sch. of Mines, 16-; pres. 
and director, Mont. Bur. Mines, 18- A.A; Geol. 
Soe; Min. Eng. Petrology and economic geology. 
Clapp, Prof. Cornelia M(aria), Mount Holyoke 
College, South Hadley, Mass. *Zoology. Mon- 
tague^ Mass, March 17, 49. Ph.B, Syracuse, 
88; Ph.D, Chicago, 96. Prof, sool, Mt. Holyoke, 
73-16, emer. prof, 16- On staff, Woods Hole, 
96-00, trustee, 97-01, 10. A.A; Soc. Zool, Lat- 
eral line system and embryology of Batrachus 
(Opsanus) tau; relation of the axis of the em- 
bryo to the first cleavage plane. 

Clapp, Earl H(art), U. S. Forest Service, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Forestry. North Rush, N. Y, Oct. 
15, 77. Cornell, 02-03; A.B, Michigan, 05. In 
U. S. Forest Service, 05-, asst. forester in cJiarge 
research. A.A; Soc. Foresters (v. pres, 16). 

Clapp, F(rederick) G(ardiier), 120 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Geology. Boston, Mass, July 20, 
79. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 01. Instr. geol. 
Mass. Inst, Teeh^ 01-02; asst. geologist, TJ. S. 
Geol. Surv, 02-08; consulting geol. engineer, 08- 
11; managing geologist, Ass. Geol. Eng, 11-18; 
chief geologist, Ass. Petrol. Eng, 18- A.A; 
Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; W. Pa. Eng. Soe; Wash. 
Geol. Soc. Petroleum and natural gas. 

Clark, Prof. Albert Henry, 701 S. Wood St, Chi- 
cago, 111. Chemistry^ Marengo, 111, 71. Ph.G, 
Illinois, 04; B.S^ Michigan, 15. Instr. and later 
asst. prof, chem, Illinois, 06-19, assoc. prof, 19- 
20, prof, 20- A.A; Chem. Soc; Pharmaceut. 
Ass; London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Pharma- 
ceutical and medical chemistry; alkaloidal assays 
of drugs and medicinal products. 

Clark, Prof. Arthur J(ohn), East Lansing, Mich. 
Chemistry. Chicago, HI, Nov. 23, 80. A.B, Wis- 
consin, 05, Instr. chem, Mich. Agr. Col, 06-09, 
asst. prof, 09-14, assoc. prof, 14-16, prof, and 
head of dept, 16- A.A; Chem. Soc. 

Clark, Prof, Arthur L(ewls), Queen's University, 
Kingston, Can. Physics. Worcester, Mass, Feb. 
19, 73. B.S, Worcester, 94; Qark, 96-98, Ph.D, 
04. Instr. math, and j)hysics, Bridgton Acad, 
95-96; Worcester Acad, 98-00; instr, physics, 
Bates, 00-01, prof, 01-07; Sch. Mining, King- 
ston, Can, 07-, dean, faculty applied science, 19- 
A.A; Physical Soc; Meteorol. Soc; Refrig. Eng; 
Royal Soc. Can; Soc. de Physique; Int. Ass. du 
Froid. Dielectric properties of oils; angle of 
lag; viscosity of ether at critical temperature; 
critical constants of air; contact resistance of 
carbon; capillary electrometer. 

Clark, Austin H(obart), Smithsonian Institution, 
Washington, D. C. Zoology. Wellesley, Mass, 
Dec. 17, 80. A.B, Harvard, 03. Acting natur- 
alist, 'Albatross,' 06; hon. collaborator, U. S. 
Nat. Museum, 08-09, asst. curator, div. marine 
invert, 09-20, curator, div. echinoderms, 20- 
A.A; Soc, Nat; Ornith. Union; Nuttall Ornith. 
Club; Ass. Geog; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. 
(past sec'y); Cambridge Entom. Soe. (past 
sec 'y) ; Harvard Nat. Hist. Soc ; f el. Royal 
Geog. Soc. Oceanography; echinoderms; in- 
sects; crinoids; the birds of northern Asia and 
the West Indies; Lepidoptera; classification of 

Clark, Dr, Bertha M, William Penn High School, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Physics. Baltimore, Md, May 
3, 77, A.B, Goucher, 00, Alumnae Ass. fellow, 
03-04, Southern Women Ass. fellow, 04-05; fel- 
low, Pennsylvania, 05-07, Ph.D, 07, Instr, phys- 
ics, Goucher, 01-03; director science, high sch, 
Phila, 07- Advisory Board, 'Gen. Science Quar- 
terly,' 16- A.A; Physical Soc; Franklin Inst. 
Physical chemistry; general science texts. 

Clark, Dr. Bruce Lawrence, University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. Paleontology. Hum- 
boldt. Iowa, May 29, 80. B.S, Pomona, 08; M.S, 
California, 09, fellow, 09-11, Ph.D, 13. Asst, 
paleont, California, 10-11, instr. and later asst. 
prof, 11- A.A; Geol, Soc; Paleont. Soc; Soc. 
Mammal; West. Soc. Nat; Calif. Acad. The 
fauna of the San Pablo group (upper Miocene), 
of middle California, and of Oligocene and 
Eocene of California; marine invertebrates. 

Clark, Dr. Cha(rle)s F(rederick), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Horti- 
culture. Glover, Vt, Aug. 13, 73. B.S, Vermont, 
97; M.S.A, Cornell, 07, Ph.D, 09. Asst. agron- 
omist, Cornell Exp. Sta, 06-07, asst, plant breed- 
ing, 07-10; asst. agronomist, bur. plant indust, 
U. S. Dept. Agr, 10-20, horticulturist, SO- A.A; 
Soe. Agron; Soc. Hort. Sci; Wash. Bot. Soc. 
Potato breeding and selection; timothy and 
sorghum breeding; cultural methods for sugar 

Clark, Charles H(enry), U, S, Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D, C. Agronomy. 
Tower City, N, Dak, Aug. 6, 87. B.S, N. Dak. 
Col, 08. Asst. agriculturist, Dickinson, N. Dak, 
09-10; asst. plant breeder, Ariz. Exp. Sta, 10- 
11; crop acclimatization, adaptation and cotton 
breeding investigationSj hur. plant indust, U- S. 
Dept. Agr, 11-13, asst. agronomist i?i charge flax 
and cereal investigations, 13- A.A; Soc, Agron; 
Am, Geog. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc, Alfalfa, cot- 
ton and flax breeding. 

Clark, Prof. Elbert, University of Chicago, Chi- 
cago, 111. Anatomy. Cleveland Co, Ark, Aug. 
21, 82, B.S, Arkansas, 03; Chicago, 05-07, 
Ph.D, 18, M.D, Rush Med. Col, 16. Lab. asst. 
anat, Chicago, 07-08, asst, 08-09; asst. prof, 
Philippine Med. Sch, 09; a^soc. prof, Chicago, 
20- Capt, Red Cross, 17; capt. and major, M.C, 
18-19. The glands of the frontal sinus of the 
sheep; the frontal sinus; the pancreas; degen- 
eration and regeneration of nerves; influenza; 

Clark, Prof. Elias Treat, University of Washing- 
ton, Seattle, Wash. Forestry. Woodbridge, 
Conn, Sept. 1, 86. Ph.B, Yale, 07, M.F, 08. 
Forest asst, U. S. Forest Service, 08-09, dept. 
forest supervisor, 09-10; supt. Const. Stand. Ry. 
and Timber Co, 10-11; a^soc. prof, forestry, 
Washington (Seattle), 11- Soc. Foresters. 
Lumbering; forest mensuration; logging engi- 

Clark, Dr. E(liot) K(ound), University of Mis- 
souri, Columbia, Mo. * Anatomy. Shelburne, 
Mass, Nov. 13, 81. A.B, Yale, 03; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 07. Asst. anM, Hopkins, 07-08, instr, 08- 
11, assoc, 11-14; prof, Missouri, 14- A.A; Ass. 
Anat; Physiol. Soc; Am. Med. Ass; Ass. Prof. 
Development of lymphatic vessels; development 
of bone and of blood vessels. 



Olark, Dr. Ernest D (unbar), L. C. Smith Build- 
ing, Seattle. Wash. Biological chemistry. Bos- 
ton, Mass, May 4, 86. A.B, Harvard, 08; A.M. 
Columbia, 09, fellow, 09-10, Ph.D, 10. As5t. 
chem, Harvard, 07-08; instr. biol. chem, Colum- 
bia, 10-12; med. col, Cornell, 12-13; food chem- 
ist and asst. to chief, bur. chem, U. S. Dept. 
Agr, 13-19, investigator fish and fish products, 
14-19; director, Pacific fisheries investigations 
and salmon cannery inspection service, Nat. Can- 
ners Ass, 19- Research scholar, N. Y. Bot. 
Garden, 12. A.A; Chem. Soc. (assoc. ed, 'Cliem. 
Abstracts'); Soc. Biol. Chem. Proteins of fish; 
plant oxidases; poisonous fungi; starch; isola- 
tion of new substances from plants and fungi; 
enzymes in moulds; decomposition of cellulose; 
fish and oysters in cold storage; food value of 
fish; decomposition products. 

Clark, Dr. Friend E(benezer), West Virginia Uni- 
versity, Morgantown, W. Va. Chemistry. New 
Martinsville, W. Va, Aug. 21, 76. B.S, West 
Virginia, 98; Ph.D, Hopkins, 02; Berlin, 08. 
Instr. chem, West Virginia, 02-03 ; indust. chem. 
Pa. State, 03-05; prof, chem, Cent. Univ. of Ky, 
05-14; West Virginia, 14- Prof, geol, summer 
seh, West Virginia, 03. A.A; Chem. Soc; Elec- 
trochem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; fel. London 
Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry. 

Clark, Prof. George L(indenberg),Vanderbilt Uni- 
versity, Nashville, Tenn. Chemistry. Ander-son, 
Ind, Sept. 6, 92. A.B, DePauw, 14; M.S, Chi- 
cago, 14, Ph.D, 18. Instr. chem, DePauw, 14- 
16; prof, physical chem, VanderMlt, 19- A.A; 
Chem. Soe; Ind. Acad. Physical and inorganic 

Clark, Dr. Guy W(endell), 1148 Sutter St. Ber- 
kelev, Calif. Biochemistri/, Pharmacology. Keene, 
N. H, May 25, 87. A.B. Colo. Col, 12, A.M, 
14; Ph.D, California, 18. 'instr. chem, Colo. Col, 
12-16; Pharmacol, California, 19- Control 
chemist. West. Meat Co, 18-19; chemist in 
charge, media dept, Cutter Biol. Laboratories, 
19. Chem. Soc. Soil fertility; ratio of blood 
proteins; oocytin; culture medium for G'ono- 

Clark, Harold H, 25 Cherryvale Ave, Springfield, 
Mass. Electrical engineering. Ellsworth, Maine, 
76. B.M.E, Maine, 99, E.E, 03. Elec. engineer, 
U. S. Bur. Mines, 09-18; chief engineer, Wico 
Elec. Co, 19- Major, C.W.S, 18. Elec. Eng. 
Electrical and mechanical devices and machines; 
magneto ignition devices. 

Clark, Dr. Harry, Rockefeller Institute, New 
York, N. Y. Physics. Roxbury, N. Y, June 
2, 85. B.S, N. Y. Univ, 07, M.S, 08; A.M, Har- 
vard, 11, fellow, in France, summer 14, Ph.D, 
14. Asst. physios and math, N. Y. Univ, 05-07 ; 
physics, Stevens, 09; Harvard, 11-17; instr, 
Radcliflfe, 14-17; prof, Victoria Col, Wellington, 
New Zealand, 17-19; assoc. prof, Oberlin, 19- 
20; assoc. mem, Bockefeller Inst, 20- Morse 
gold medal, N. Y. Univ. Physical Soc. Longi- 
tudinal vibrations in wires; radioactivity. 

Clark, Harry Willard, North Andover, Mass. 
Sanitary chemistry and engineering. Melrose, 
Mass, Sept. 15, 63. Cornell, 86; Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 87. Asst. chemist^ Lawrence Exp. Sta, 
87-93, chemist in charge, 93-; chief chemist, 
State Board of Health, Mass, 97- Soc. Bact; 

Chem. Soc; Pub. Health Ass; New Eng. Water 
Works Ass; Boston Soc. Civil Eng. Purifica- 
tion of water and sewage and allied subjects. 

Clark, Dr. Helen, 31 Prospect St, Cortland, N. Y. 
Psychology. Cortland, N. Y, Feb. 20, 90. A.B. 
Vassar, 13; feUow, Illinois, 14-16, Ph.D, 16. 
Instr. psychol, Vassar, 16-18; Eeed, 19- Instr. 
psychol, Rutgers, summers, 14-17. Psychol. Ass. 
Experimental and social psychology. 

Clark, Dr. H(erbert) A(nthony), 136 Elmdorf 
Ave, Rochester, N. Y. Physics. Darlington, 
Wis, June 20, 75. B.S, Kansas, 98; fellow, Ne- 
braska, 04-05, A.M, 05; Ph.D, Columbia, 13. 
Instr. physics, Syracuse, 05-07, asst. prof, 07- 
10, assoc. prof, 10-13, prof, 13-19; physicist, 
Taylor Instrument Companies, 19- Asst. phys- 
ics, Columbia, 08-09, Barnard lecturer, 09-10. 
A.A; assoc. Physical Soc; Optical Soc; Am. 
Geog. Soc; Ass. Prof. Heat radiation; spectro- 

Clark, H(oward) Walton, Biological Station, Fair- 
port, Iowa. Zoology. Allen Co, Ind, Sept. 9, 
70. A.B, Indiana, 96, A.M, 01. Preparator, 
Field Museum Nat, Hist, 01-04; asst, U. S. Bur. 
Fisheries, 04-09; TJ. S. Biol. Sta, 10- A.A; 
Soc. Zool; Wash. Biol. Soe. Flora of Eagle 
Lake; plankton of Lakes Atitlan and Amatitlan, 
Guatemala; fresh-water mussels; dwarf shore 

Clark, Dr. H(ubert) L(yman), Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. ^Zoology. 
Amherst, Mass, Jan. 9, 70. A.B, Amherst, 92; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. Instr. biol, Amherst, 97-99; 
prof. Olivet, 99-05; asst. invert, zool, museum 
comp. sool, Harvard, 05-11, curator echino- 
derms, 11-; acting prof, sool, Williams, SO- 
Tnvestigator, U. S. Fish Commission, 99, 02. 
A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; mem. Ornith. Union; 
New Eng. Bot. Club; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 
Embryology, taxonomy, morphology and distri- 
bution of echinoderms; pterylography of birds; 
variation in snakes. 

Clark, Dr. Hugh, Aluminum Co. of America, New 
Kensington, Pa. Chemistry. Wapakoneta, Ohio, 
Oct. 20, 84. A.B. Ohio State. 09. A.M, 10 ; Ph.D, 
Pittsburgh, 13. Fellow, Mellon Inst, 11-16; re- 
search chemist. Aluminum Co. of Am, 16- Chem. 
Soc. Petroleum ; aluminum ; fixation of nitrogen. 

Clark, Dr. Janet Howell, 232 W. Lanvale St, Bal- 
timore, Md. Physics, Physiology. Baltimore. 
Jan. 1, 89. A.B, Bryn Mawr, 10; A.M, Hopkins, 
12. Ph.D. 13; Sarah Berliner fellow, Mt. Wilson 
Solar Observatory, 15-16. Lecturer physics, 
Bryn Mawr, 14-15; instr. Smith, 16-17; asst. 
path, Hopl'ins, 17-18, instr. physiol. hygiene, 
sch. hygiene and pub. health, IS- Physical Soc. 
Spectroscopy; biological effect of light. 

Clark, John A(nson), Commercial High School, 
Brooklvu, N. Y. Physics. Newark Valley, N. 
Y, Jan. 9, 74. B.S, Cornell. Teacher physics, 
high sch, Ithaca. N. Y, 96-03 ; Commercial High 
Sch, Brooklyn, 03- Physical Soc. Effects of 
an electrostatic change on surface tension; con- 
ductivity of electrolytes in gelatinous solutions; 
ultra-violet photography. 
Clark, Prof. John D(ustin), Albuquerque, N. Mex. 
Chemistry. Nashua, N. H, June 23, 82. B.S, 
N. H. Col, 06, M.S, 07; Ph.D, Stanford, 14. 
Asst. prof, chem, New Mexico, 07-08, assoc. 



prof, 08-13, prof, 13-, dean, grad. soh, 19- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Min. and Metal. Soc; Min. 
Cong; N. Mex. Ass. Science (past pres.). En- 
richment of copper sulphid ores. 

Clark, Dr. John G(oodrich), 2017 Walnut St, 
PhiladelpMa, Pa. Surgery. Economy, Ind, 
June 4, 67. M.D, Pennsylvania, 91; Hopkins, 
Leipzig and Prague. Assoc, gynec, Hopkins, 
98-99; prof, Pennsylvania, 00- Am. Med. Asa, 
(chairman, board pub. educ. and sect, obstet. 
and gynec) ; Gynec. Soc. (pres, 18) ; Cong. Surg. 
Life history of the ovary; function of the peri- 
toneum and of the omentum ; elimination of 
pathogenic germs from the peritoneal cavity; 
therapeutic action of radium. 

Clark, Prof. Judson FCreeman), 285 W. Mountain 
St, Pasadena, Calif. Vancouver, B. C. For- 
estry. Bay View, P. E. Island, July 27, 70. 
B.S.A, Ont. Agr. Col, 96; A.M, Cornell, 99, fel- 
low, 00-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. bot, Cornell, 99-00, 
prof, forestry, 01-03; provincial forester, Ont, 
05-06; consulting forest engineer, 06- Gold 
medal, Ont. Agr. Col^ 05. A.A; Forestry Ass; 
Soc. Foresters; Can. Soc. Foresters; Can. For- 
estry Ass. The effect of toxic agents; forest 
taxation, management and mensuration; forest 
problems in the Pacific Northwest. 

Clark, Myron H(enry), 1790 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Chemistry. Bedford, Mass, July 
25, 81. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 03. Chemist, 
Boston Eubber Shoe Co, 03-07, asst. supt, 07- 
13; gen. siipt, Goodyear 's M. K. Shoe Co, 14; 
gen. factory manager, footwear div, TJ. S. Eub- 
ber Co, 14- A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Mech. Eng. 

Clark, Orton L(oring), Massachusetts Agricul- 
tural College, Amherst, Mass. Botany. Boston, 
Mass, April 18, 87. Mass. Col, 08; B.S, Co- 
lumbia, 10; Eostock, 10-11; Munich, 11; Stras- 
bourg, 11-13. Teacher nature study. Ethical 
Culture Sch, N. Y. City, 08-10 ; asst. bot, Stras- 
bourg, 12-13 ; asst. botanist, Mass. Exp. Sta, 
13-, asst. prof, bot, Mass. Col, 15- A.A. Plant 

Clark, Prof. Paul F(ranklin), University of Wig- 
consiUj Madison, Wis. Bacteriology. Portland, 
Maine, May 9, 82. Ph.B, Brown, 04, A.M, 05, 
Ph.D, 09 ; Hopkins, 13-14. Asst. zool, Brown, 
04^05, bacter, 05-06; asst. bacteriologist, K. I. 
State Board of Health, 06-07; fellow bacter, 
Eockefeller Inst, 09-10, asst, 10-12, assoc. path, 
12-14; assoc. prof, Wisconsin, 14-18, prof, 18- 
A.A; Soc. Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Exp. 
Path; Pub. Health Ass; Harvey Soc. Eelation 
of diphtheria and pseudodiphtheria bacillus; 
poliomyelitis; bacillary dysentery; morphology 
of bacteria. 

Clark, Robert W(atson), 814 E. 12th St, Okmul- 
gee, Okla. Mineralogy. West Branch, Mich, 
Aug. 17, 84. A.B, Michigan, 08. A.M. 13; 
Munich, 08-09. Asst. miner, Michigan, 07-08, 
instr. petrog, 09-16; consulting geologist, 16- 
A.A ; Ass. Petrol. Geol. Paleogeography and 
stratigraphy of Pennsylvanian in eastern Okla- 

Clark, Thomas H(enry), Harvard University, 
Cambridge, Mass. Paleontology. London, Eng- 
land, Dec. 3, 93. A.B, Harvard, 17. Asst. geol, 
Harvard, 15-20, instr, 20- Paleont. Soc. Car- 


boniferous of the Eocky Mountains; Ordovician 
of northeastern United States. 

Clark, W(ayland) Blair, U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. 
Clermont Co, Ohio, Jan. 2, 75. B.S, Denison, 
97, M.S, 00; fellow, Chicago, 04-05. Instr. 
chem, Denison, 98-04, treas. and business man- 
ager, 06-07; sugar chemist, Ensenada de Mora, 
Cuba, 09-11 ; asst. chemist, Inir. plant indust, 
U. S. Bept. Agr, 11-14, supt, fed. potato quaran- 
tine, fed. hort. board, 14-16, biochemist, bur. 
plant indust, 16- Chem. Soc. Plant materials; 
plant diseases and their control. 

Clark, Dr. W(illia)m Mansfield, Hygienic Labora- 
tory, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Tivoli, N. 
Y, Aug. 17, 84. A.B, Williams, 07, A.M, 08; 
fellow, Hopkins, 09-10, Ph.D, 10. Asst. chem- 
ist, Williams, 07-08; chemist, bur. animal 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 10-20; prof, chem, 
hygienic lab, U. S. Pub. Health Service, 20- 
Asst. chemist. Woods Hole, summers, 08, 09. 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Bact; Wash. Acad. Gas 
production of bacteria; influence of hydrogen 
ion concentrations on bacterial metabolism; 
Swiss cheese; osmotic pressure; hydrogen elec- 
trode; determination of hydrogen ions. 

Clarke, Prof. Elbert H(oward), Hiram, Ohio. 
Mathematics. Edinburg, Ind, March 15, 87. 
A.B, Butler, 09 ; Chicago. Instr. math, Purdue, 
10-16; prof, Hiram. 17- Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass; Ind. Acad. Calculus of variations. 

Clarke, Prof.- F (rank) W(igglesworth), U. S. Geo- 
logical Survey, Washington, D. C. *Chemistry. 
Boston, Mass, March 19, 47. B.S, Harvard, 67; 
hon. Sc.D, George Washington, 99; Victoria 
Univ, England, 03; LL.D, Aberdeen, 06; Cin- 
cinnati, 14. Instr. chem, Cornell, 69; prof, How- 
ard, 73-74; Cincinnati, 74-83; chief chemist, U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 83- Mem. jury awards, Paris 
Expos, 00; govt, board at seven expositions; 
chairman. Int. Committee on Atomic Weights. 
Chevalier Legion d'honneur, 00; Wilde medal 
and Wilde lecturer, Manchester (England) Lit. 
and Philos. Soc, 03. Nat. Acad; A.A. (sec'y, 
subsect. chem, 75, v. pres, 78) ; Chem. Soc. (pres, 
01); Philos. Soc; Wash. Acad. (v. pres, OS, pres, 
11) ; Wash. Philos. Soc. (pres, 96) ; hon. mem. 
London Chem. Soc; cor. mem. British Ass; hon. 
mem. London Miner. Soc ; cor. mem. London 
Geol. Soc; cor. mem. Edinburgh Geol. Soc; hon. 
mem. Manchester Lit. and Philos. Soc; hon. mera. 
Eussian Miner. Soc; Moscow Imp. Soc. Nat. 
Inorganic chemistry; mineralogy; recalculation 
of atomic weights; data of geochemistry; con- 
stitution of silicates; thermo-chemical constants. 

Clarke, Dr. H(ans) T(hacher), Eastman Kodak 
Co, Rochester, N, Y. Chemistry. Harrow, Eng- 
land, Dec. 27, 87. 1851 Exhibition scholar, Lon- 
don, 11-13, D.Sc, 14. Lecturer, Univ. Col, Lon- 
don, 10-11; org. chemist, Eastman Kodak Co, 
14- Chem. Soc; Inst. Chem. Gt. Britain and 
Ireland; London Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Re- 
sidual affinity and chemical constitution; prepa- 
ration of rare organic chemicals. 

Clarke, Prof. Helen M(aud), University of Kan- 
sas, Lawrence, Kans. Psychology. Lawrence, 
Aug. 26, 79. A.B, Kansas, 03, fellow, 06-08, 
A.M, 07; fellow, Cornell, 08-10, Ph.D. 10. 
Teacher, pub. schools, Enid, Okla, 03-05; high 



sch, Perry. 05-06; asst. psyehol, Kansas, 06-08; 
instr. and later asst. I'rof. cor. study, Kan- 
sas, 10- 
Clarke, Dr. John M(ason), State Museum, Al- 
bany, N. y. * Paleontology, Geology. Canan- 
daigua, N. Y, April 15, 57. A.B, Amherst, 77, 
A.M, 82, LL.D, 02; Hopkins, 15; Gottingen, 82- 
84; hon. A.M. and Ph.D. Marburg, itS ; lion. 
Sc.D, Colgate, 09; Chicago, 16; Princeton, 19. 
Instr. geol, Amherst, 79; prof. geol. and zool, 
Smith, 81-85; lecturer zool, Mass. Col, 85; asst. 
state paleontologist, N. Y, 86; prof, geol, Rens- 
selaer, 94-; state N. Y. 98-04, 
state geologist and paleontologist, and director, 
state museum and science div, Educ. Dcpt, 04- 
Sec'y^ N. Y. State Board Geog. Names; Wam- 
pum keeper, Iroquois Nation; trustee, Dudley Ob- 
servatory; Schuyler Mansion ; chairman, div. geol, 
Nat. Research Council; Spindiaroff prize. Int. 
Geol. Cong; gold medal. Permanent Wild Life 
Protection Fund, 19 : Ilayden gold medal, (i8. 
Nat.Acad. (co-editor, 'Proc') ; A. A. (v. pres,10) ; 
Geol. Sec. (v. pres, 09, pres, 16); Philos. Soc; 
Paleont. Soc. (pres); Am. Acad; hon. mem. 
Brooklyn Inst; Buffalo Acad; Rochester Acad; 
Onondaga Acad; Wash. Acad; cor. Phila. Acad; 
for. cor. London Geol. Soc; Gottingen KiJnigl. 
Gesell; Natur-hist. Verein d. preussisch. Rhein- 
lande; Royal Prussian Acad; Geol. Gesell; 
Miner. Soc. Russia. Bird protection; ceramics; 
history, composition, evolution and inijjmtion of 
Paleozoic faunas ; origiUj classification and car- 
tography of Paleozoic rocks; structure of Pale- 
ozoic organisms; geological history of parasitism. 

Clarke, Prof. S(amuel) F(essenden), Williamstown, 
Mass. *Biology. Geneva, 111, June 4, 51. Ph.B, 
Yale, 78; fellow, Hopkins, 76-79, Ph.D, 79; 
A.M, Williams, 91. Asst. zool, Yale, 73-76; 
Hopkins, 79-81; prof. nat. hist, Williams, 81-16, 
emer. prof, 16- Asst, U. S. Fish Commission, 
74-76. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Am. Acad. 
Hydroids of the American coast; embryology of 
the American alligator. 

Clarke, Prof. Warren T(hompson), 2317 Le Conte 
Ave, Berkeley, Calif. Entomology, Horticulture. 
San Francisco, Calif, March 15, 63. B.S, Cali- 
fornia, 03. Asst. cntom, California, 04-06; 
prof, Ala. Polytech, 06-07; asst. prof, hort, 
California, 07-12, prof, 12-, supt, univ. exten. 
agr, 07- A.A; Entom. Soc; Pacific Coast En- 
tom. Soc. Almond pollination. 

Clausen, Prof. Roy E(lwood), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkclev, Calif. Genetics. Randall, 
Iowa, Aug. 21, 91. B.S, Okla. Col, 10; Califor- 
nia, 12, Ph.D, 14. Instr. genetics, California, 
1416, asst. prof, 16- In mil. service, 17-19. 
A.A. Genetics of Nicotiana. 

Clausen, Dr. Samuel Wolcott, 500 S. Kingshigh- 
way, St. Louis, Mo. Biological chemistry. 
Canascraga, N. Y, Oct. 17, 88. A.B, Williams, 
10; M.D, Hopkins, 15. Intern, Hopkins Hosp, 
15-16, res, 16-17; instr. pediat, Washiiig- 
ton (St. Louis), 17-20, assoc, SO- Chemical 
problems in diseases of children. 

Clawson, Prof. B(enjamin) J(unior), University 
of North D;ikota, University, N. Dak. Bacteri- 
ology. Dixonville, Pa, Jan. 9, 81. B.S, Kansas, 
09, A.M, 11; M.D, Rush Med. Col. 17, Ph.D, 
Chicago, 19. Asst. prof, Okla. Col, 11-12; instr, 

asst. prof, and later assoc. prof, bacter, Kansas, 
12-17; instr, Chicago, 17-19; prof. path, and 
bacter. North Dakota, 19- Soc. Bact. Pa- 

Clay berg, Prof. Harold D(udley), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Biology. Chi- 
cago, 111, Jan, 92. A.B, Illinois, 13, fellow, 
16-17; M.S, Chicago, 14, Ph.D, 17. Instr. sci- 
ence and math, high sch, Monroe, La, 14-15; 
asst. bot, Illinois, 16-17; asst. prof, Washburn, 
17-18; prof, biol, Davidson, 18-19; zool, Beloit, 
19-20 ; instr, Minnesota, 20- Ecol. Soc. Physio- 
graphic ecology; reactions of fishes to chloro- 
form and ether; Compositae. 

Claycomb, Prof. George B, Mitchell, S. Dak. 
Biology. La Harpe, 111, Dec. 25, 86. Ph.B, 
Adrian, 09; M.S, Chicago, 14. Teacher, high 
sch, Geneseo, 111, 10-16; Missoula. Mont, 16- 
18; asst. zool, Illinois, 18-19; prof, hiol, Dakota 
Wesleyan, 19- A.A; Cent. Ass. Sci. and Math. 
Ecology; distribution, habits and life histories 
of animals. 

Clayton, Prof. Charles Yancey, Rolla, Mo. Metal- 
lurgy. Hannibal, Mo, Jan. 29, 91. B.S, Mo. 
Sch. Mines, 13, Met.E, 16. Assoc, prof, and 
later prof, metal, and ore dressing. Mo. Sch. 
Mines, 13- Metallographist, U. S. Bur. ]\Iines, 
18-19. Min. and Metal. Eng; British Iron and 
Steel Inst; British Inst. Metals. Metallography; 
flotation ; complex ores. 

Clayton, H(enry) H(elm), 974 Paseo Colon, Bue- 
nos Aires, Argentina. Meteorology. Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn, March 12, 61. Private and pub. 
schools. Student asst, astron. observatory, 
Michigan, 84-85; asst. Harvard Col. Observa- 
torv, Blue Hill Meteorol. Observatory, 86-91; 
local forecast official, U. S. Weather Bur, 91-93; 
meteorologist. Blue Hill Meteorol. Observatory, 
94-09; chief, forecast div, Argentine Weather 
Service, 13- In charge, Teisserene and Rotch 
exped. to explore tropical Atlantic with kites 
and balloons, 05. Am. Acad; Boston Sci. Soc. 
(pres, 99-03). Clouds; relation of solar changes 
to world weather; explorations of the air with 

Claytor, Dr. Thomas A(sh), 1826 R St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Medicine. West River, Md, 
July 14, 69. :M.D, Pennsylvania, 91. Clin. prof, 
med, George Washington, 98-, prof, therapcut. 
and physician, hosp, 02- Physician, Garfield 
Mem. Hosp, 98- Am. Med. Ass; Climat. Ass. 

Cleland, Prof. Herdman F(itzgerald), Williams- 
town, Mass. Geology. Milan, 111, July 13, 69. 
A.B, Oberlin, 94; Ph.D, Yale, 00; Cornell, 01. 
Instr. nat. science, Gates, 95-98 ; geol. and bot, 
Williams, 01-04, asst. prof. geol. and miner, 
04-05, prof, 05- Instr. geol, summer sch, Cor- 
nell, 00-02; Tennessee, 04. A.A; Geol. Soc; 
Paleont. Soc. (sec'y, 09); Min. Eng; Scismol. 
Soc; Am. Acad. Physical and historical geol- 
ogy; fossil faunas of the Hamilton formation; 
Calciferous of the Mohawk Valley; Wisconsin 
Devonian ; natural bridges of North America 
and their origins; geology and physiography of 
the coastal plain. 

Cleland, Dr. Ealph E(rsklne), Goucher College, 
Baltimore, Md. Botany. Le Claire, Iowa, Oct. 
20, 92. A.B, Pennsylvania, 15, M.S, 16, Ph.D, 



19. Instr, biol, Goucher, 19-20, asst. prof, tot, 
20- A. A; Bot. Soc. Eed algae. 

Clemens, Mrs. Lucy (Wright) Smith, 215 Daven- 
port Eoad, Toronto, Ont, Can. Zoology. Shef- 
field, Mass, Jan. 3, 87. A.B, Mt. Holyoke, 09; 
A.M, Cornell, 11, Ph.D, 14. Scientific asst, sta. 
for exp. evolution, Carnegie Institution, 09-10; 
asst. biol, Cornell, 11-12; instr. zool, Mt. 
Holyoke, 12-18. A.A; Soc. Zool; Entom. Soc; 
Ont. Entom. Soc. Entomology; vertebrate mor- 

Clemens, Prof. Wilbert A(mie), University of 
Toronto, Toronto, Can. Biology. Millbank, 
Ont, 87. B.A, Toronto, 12. M.A, 13; Ph.D, 
Cornell, 15. Demonstrator biol, Toronto, 12-13; 
asst. instr, Cornell, 13-15; instr, Maine, 15-16; 
lecturer, Toronto, 16-19, asst. prof, 19- First 
Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 16. A.A; 
Ecol. Soc; Ont. Entom. Soc; Can. Inst. Lim- 

Clement, Dean Fred Moore, University of British 
Columbia, Vancouver, B. C, Can. Horticulture. 
Niagara, Ont, Nov. 21, 84. B.S.A, Ont. Agr. 
Col, 11. Co. representative, Dutton. Ont, 11-12; 
lecturer hort, Macdonald, 12-14; director. Vine- 
land Exp. Sta, 14-16; prof. hort. and dean, 
faculty of agr, British Columbia, 16- Soc. 
Hort. Sci. 

Clement, Major J(ohn) K(ay), U. S. A, Nitrate 
Plant No. 2, Muscle Shoals, Ala. Physics. 
Sunbury, Pa, Nov. 5, 80. B.S, Trinity (Conn), 
00; Ph.D, Gottingen, 04. Asst, geophys. lab, 
Carnegie Institution, 04-07; asst. physicist, 
technol. branch, U. S. Geol. Surv, 07-08, physi- 
cist, 08- Physical Soc; Chem. Soc; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Experimental physics; formation 
of ozone ; gas thermometer ; physical proper- 
ties of rock-forming minerals; application of 
physical chemistry to processes of the gas pro- 
ducer; thermal conductivity of fire clays and 
other refractory materials at high temperatures ; 
velocity of water-gas reaction; fixation of at- 
mospheric nitrogen. 

Clements, Prof. Frederic E(dward), 530 E. First 

St, Tucson, Ariz. '^Botany. Lincoln, Nebr, 
Sept. 16, 74. B.S, Nebraska, 94, A.M, 96, Ph.D, 
98. Asst. bot, Nebraska, 94-97, instr, 97-99, 
ad.j. prof, 99-03. asst. prof, 03-05, assoc. prof, 
plant physiol, 05-06, prof, 06-07; bot, Minne- 
sota, 07-17; assoc. ecol, desert lab, Carnegie In- 
stitution, 17- Ecology; paleoecology; histo- 

Clements, Mrs. Frederic E. (Dr. Edith), Univer- 
sity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Botany. 
Albany, N. Y. A.B, Nebraska, 98, Ph.D, 06. 
Asst. bot, Nebraska, 04-07; instr, Minnesota, 
09-13. Ecol. Soc; Micros. Soc. Ecology; ex- 
perimental evolution. 

Clements, Dr. G(uy) R(oger), 4 Murray Ave, 
Annapolis, Md. Mathematics. Eavenna, Ohio, 
March 5, 85. A.B, Hiram, 05; A.M, Chicago, 
07; Ph.D, Harvard, 13. Instr. math, Williams, 
07-09; Harvard, 08-10; substitute prof, pure 
math, North Carolina, 10-11; instr. math, Wis- 
consin, 11-17; TJ. S. Naval Acad, 17-19, asst. 
prof, 19-20, assoc. prof, 20- A.A; Math. Soc 
Functions of several variables; implicit function 

theory; singular transformations; resultants; 
dynamical meteorology. 

Clements, Dr. J(ulius) Morgan, 12 Broad St, New 
York, N. Y. Mining, Geology. Montgomerv, Ala, 
Feb. 12, 69. A.B, Alabama, 87 ; Ph.D, Leipz"!^, 90 ; 
Bergakad, Freiberg, 90 ; Munich, 90-91 ; Heidel- 
berg, 91; Col. de France, Paris. 91-92. Asst, 
Ala. Geol. Surv, 92-93 ; asst. prof, geol, Wiscon- 
sin, 93-03; asst. geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 93- 
03; consulting geologist and mining engineer, 
AT. Y. City, 03- A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; 
Min. and Metal. Soc. Structural and economic 
geology; iron-bearing districts of Michigan and 
Minnesota ; copper deposits of Bisbee, Ariz. 

Clendenin, W(illiam) W(allace), 120 Vista Place, 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Geography, Geology. Au- 
drain Co, Mo, April 5, 62. B.S, Missouri, 86, 
M.S, 89 ; Morgan fellow, Harvard, A.M, 92 ; J.D, 
N. Y. Univ, 09. Asst. geol, Missouri, 87-93; 
prof, geol, Louisiana, and geologist. La. Agr. 
Surv, 93-98; supt, Blees Mil. Acad, 99-00; 
teacher physiog, Wadleigh High Sch, N. Y. City, 
00- Teacher physiog, summer sch, Cornell, 08, 
09. Am. Geog. Soc. Volcanoes and glaciers of 
Europe ; ancient high-level beaches about the 
Great Lakes; Louisiana geology; origin of the 
'pimpled prairies' of Louisiana and Texas. 

Cleveland, Prof. Alfred A(lexander), State Col- 
lege of Washington, Pullman, Wash. Psychol- 
ogy. Astoria, Oregon, Feb. 29, 76. A.B, Ore- 
gon, 98, A.M, 03; Ph.D, Clark, 06. Asst. prof, 
psychol. Wash. State, 07-08, prof, 08, head, 
dept. educ, 08-17, dean, sch. educ, 17- A.A; 
Psychol. Ass. Educational psychology. 

Clevenger, G(alen) H(owell), 29 W. 39th St, New 
York, N. Y'', Metallurgy. Pike, N. Y, Sept. 1, 
79. B.S, S. Dak. Sch. Mines, 01, E.M, 08; A.M, 
Columbia, 03; Met.E, Stanford, 06. Assayer 
and chemist, Dak. Mining and Milling Co, 01- 
02; research metallurgist, Nat. Smelting -Co, 
03-04; supt, gold mill. Horseshoe Mining Co, 
04-05; instr. metal, Stanford, 05-06; consulting 
metallurgist, 06-09; asst. prof, metal, Stanford, 
09-10, assoc. prof, 10-17, research prof, 17-18; 
metallurgist and director metal, investigations, 
18-19 ; V. chairman, div. eng, Nat. Research 
Council, 19- Consulting metallurgist; gold and 
silver medals and mem. committee, metal, ex- 
hibits, Panama-Pacific Expos, 15. A.A. Gold 
extraction; electric smelting: manganese-silver 

Clevenger, Prof. J(oseph) F(ranklin), 3927 Fifth 
St, Washington, D. C. Botany. Sidnev, Ohio, 
Nov. 30, 74. B.S, Ohio State, 03, A.M. 05. 
Instr. science, high sch, Columbus, Nebr, 03-04; 
prof, science, Cedarville, 05-06; biol, Wheaton, 
06-09. A.A; Ohio Acad. Physiological botany; 
Phyllaehora ; effect of certain gases on helio- 
tropism in etiolated seedlings. 

Clifford, C(harles) W(illlam), 2301 S. Columbine 
St, Denver, Colo. Chemistry. Stoughton, Mass, 
Dec. 22, 93. A.B, Denver, 14; M.S, Wisconsin, 
16. Asst. chemist, Great West. Sugar Co, 16- 
17; Bur. Standards, 18-19; Great West. Sugar 
Co, 19-20; Goodyear Tire and Subber Co, 20- 
Lieut, C.W.S, 17-18. Chem. Soc. Organic 
chemistry; organic analysis. 

Clifford, Prof. Harry E(llsworth), Newton Cen- 
ter, Mass. Electrical engineering. Lowell, Mass, 



April 21, 66. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 86; Har- 
vard, 86-87, 88-89, 91-92. Instr. theoret. phys- 
ics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 86-95, asst. prof, 95-02, 
assoc. prof, theoret. elec, 02-04, prof, 04-09; 
Gordon McKay prof. elec. eng, Harvard, 09-; 
consulting engineer. A.A; Am. Acad; Elec. 
Eng. (past chairman, Boston branch) ; Nat. 
Elec. Light Ass; Ilium. Eng. Soc; Eng. Educ; 
Circolo Mat. di Palermo. High voltage cables. 

Clifford, Dr. O (liver) C(harles), Armour Institute, 
Chicago, 111. Physic.-!. Wadsworth, Ohio, Feb. 
4, 70. Pennsylvania, 90-91; Cornell, 92-93, 95; 
A.B, Oberlin, 93; fellow, Chicago, 04-06, Ph.D, 
07. Prof, physics and chem, Tientsin, China, 
95-04; instr. physics. Armour, 06-08, asst. prof, 
08-10, elec. eng, 10-14, assoc. prof, 14- Nan 
Yang Col, Shanghai, 01-02. Mech. Eng. Sus- 
ceptibility of copper and tin alloys; hysteresis 
of Huesler alloys; magnetic properties. 

Climenko, Dr. H(yman), 252 E. Broadway, New 
York, N. Y. Neurology. Nemiroff, Russia, 75. 
Gymnasium ; M.D. Attending neurologist, Neur. 
Hosp, Blackwell's Isl, N. Y. City; neurologist, 
Montefiore Home and Hosp; chief of clinic, Mt. 
Sinai Hosp. Instr. neur, N. Y. Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch. A.A; Am. Med. Ass; N. Y. Neur. Soc; 
N. Y. Acad. Med. Brain and spinal cord tu- 
mors; dystrophics; epilepsy; neuralgias; inter- 
nal secretions; encephalitis lethargica; dystonia. 

Cninton, Dr. G(eorge) P(erkins), Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, New Haven, Conn. *Botany. 
Polo, 111, May 7, 67. ' B.S, Illinois, 90, M.S, 
94; M.S, Harvard, 01, Se.D, 02. Asst. botanist, 
111. Exp. Sta, and asst. bot, Illinois, 90-02; 
botanist, Conn. Exp. Sta, 02- Botanist, Conn. 
Board of Agr, 02- A.A. (v. pres, 15) ; Soc. 
Nat; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Am. Acad; 
New Eng. Bot. Club; Conn. Bot. and Pomol. 
Societies. Fungi, especially TJstilagineae; eco- 
nomic fungi of Connecticut. 

Clinton, Prof. L(ouis) A(delliert), 79 Lawrence 
Ave, New Brunswick, N. J. Agronomy. Grand 
Eapids, Mich, Feb. 13, 68. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 
89, M.S, 02; Cornell, 00-02. Asst. to director, 
Mich. Exp. Sta, 90-93 ; asst. prof, agr, Clemson, 
93-95; asst. agriculturist, Cornell Exp. Sta, 96- 
02; director, Storrs Exp. Sta, and prof, agron. 
Conn. Col, 02-12; agriculturist, office of farm 
management, U. S. Dept. Agr, 12-14; asst. chief , 
exten. office, 14-18; director, agr. exten, New 
Jersey, 18- Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. Soil physics 
and crop production; effect of tillage upon crop 

CIo, Prof. J. H(arry), University of Pittsburgh, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Physics. Cincinnati, Ohio, May 
2, 81. Fellow, Kentucky, 02-05, B.S, 04, M.S, 05 ; 
fellow, Chicago, 08-09, Ph.D, 11. Instr. physics. 
Kentucky, 02-05; Wash. State, 05-07; Virginia, 
07-08; asst, Chicago, 09-11; asst. prof, and 
head of dept, Tulane, 11-13, assoc. prof, 13-17 
prof, 17-19; prof, and head of dept, Pittsburgh, 
SO- A.A; Physical Soc; Ass. Prof; New Or- 
leans Acad, (pres, 17-19). Electricity; electron 
theory in physics. 

Close, Prof. C(harles) P(hillip), IT. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Horticulture. 
New Buffalo, Mich, .Tan. 21, 68. B.S, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 95, M.S, 97. A.sst. hort, N. Y. Exp. Sta, 
Geneva, 95-99; prof. hort. bot. and'entom, Utah 

Col, 99-01; hort, Del. Exp. Sta, 01-07; state 
horticulturist, Md. Col, 07-11; pomologist, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 11- A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci. (sec'y- 
treas) ; North. Nut Growers' Ass; Pomol. Soc. 
Propagating nut trees; apple breeding; commer- 
cial fertilizers in apple orchards; identification 
of fruits; improving wild fruits. 

Clougli, H(onier) W(oodworth), 1412 29th St, N. 
W, Washington, D. C. Meteorology. Arcade, 
N. Y, May 18, 69. Rochester, 89-93. With U. 
S. Weather Bur, 93- A.A. Periodic variations 
in solar and terrestrial atmospheres; meteorolog- 
ical cycles; solar radiation. 

Clough, Dr. Mildred Clark, Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital, Baltimore, Md. Bacteriology. Newton- 
ville. Mass, Sept. 14, 88. A.B, Wellesley, 10; 
M.D, Hopkins, 14. Intern, Hopkins Hosp, 
14-15, asst. res, 15-16; asst. med, HopMns, 16- 
17, instr, 17- Serology; pneumococcus ; blood 
agglutinins; hemolysins; rouleaux formation. 

Clough, Dr. Paul W(iswaU), 24 E. Eager St, Bal- 
timore, Md. Internal medicine. Portage, Wis, 
Sept. 27, 82. B.S, Wisconsin, 03; M.D, Hop- 
kins, 07. Intern, asst. resident and resident 
physician, HopMns Hosp, 07-16, asst. visiting 
physician, 16-, asst, inst, assoc, and assoc. prof, 
med, HopTiins, 08-19, assoc. din. med, 19- Soc. 
Clin. Invest. Serology; immunity; pneumo- 
coccus; epinephrin reaction. 

Clover, Dr. A(lphonso) Morton, Parke, Davis and 
Co, Detroit, Mich. Chemistry. Gallon, Ohio, April 
25, 75. B.S, Michigan, 99, Parke, Davis and 
Co. fellow, 99-00, Ph.D, 04. Instr. chem, Mich- 
igan, 01-04; chief, div. chem. Bur. Science, P. I, 
04-07 ; research chemist, ParTce, Davis and Co, 
09- Chemotherapeutics; peroxids; periodids. 

Clowes, Dr. George H(enry) A(lexander), Eli 
Lilly and Co, Indianapolis, Ind. *Chemistry. 
Ipswich, Suffolk, England, Aug. 27, 77. Royal 
Col. Science, London, 93-96; Ph.D, Gottingen, 
99 ; Paris, 99-00. Asst, chem. dept, N. Y. State 
Cancer Lab, Buffalo, N. Y, 01-18; research div, 
C.W.S, Am. Univ. Exp. Sta, 18-19; biochemist, 
Eli Lilly and Co, 19-20, research director, SO- 
Delegate, Int. Cancer Cong, Berlin, 08; Brus- 
sels, 13. A.A; Chem. Soc; Physiol. Soc; Soc. 
Biol. Chem; Soc. Exp. Biol, (pres, Buffalo sect, 
07, 09); Ass. Path, and Bact; Ass. Immunol; 
Soc. Cancer Research; London Chem. Soc; Chem. 
Gesell. Sugar and fermentation chemistry; 
metabolism; cancer; emulsions; colloids and 
adsorption; protoplasmic equilibrium; pharma- 
cology of war gases; adsorbed alkaloids. 

Clute, Willard N(elson), Flower Technical High 
School, Chicago, 111. Botany. Painted Post, N. 
Y, Feb. 27, 69. High sch. Asst, herbarium, 
Columbia, 96-97; curator, N. Y. Bot. Garden, 
97-99; pres, W. N. Clute and Co, 97-; instr. 
biol, township high sch, Joliet, 111, 03-10; 
Curtis High Sch, Chicago, 10-11; Flower Tech. 
High Sch, 11- Founder and ed, 'Ornith. and 
Bot,' 90; publisher and part owner, 'Plant 
World,' 97-99; ' Bryologist, ' 98-99; ed. and 
publisher. 'Fern Bui,' 93-12; 'Am. Botanist,' 
01- A.A; Fern Soc. (founder and first pres, 
93); Ecol. Soc; .Joliet Bot. Club (director); 
Binghamton Acad, (sec'y, 93-96, 01). Ecolog- 
ical and economic botanv. 



Clutz, Dr. F(rank) H(ollinger), Gettysburg, Pa. 
Mathematics, Engineering. Newville, Pa, June 
2^, 73. A.B, Midland, 92; Ph.D, Hopkins, 97. 
Prof, math, Carthage, 98-99 ; practising civil en- 
gineer, 99-18, prof, civil eng, Gettysburg, 18- 

Coad, B(ert) R(aymond), Tallulah, La. Entomol- 
ogy. Murphysboro, 111, July 4, 90. Illinois. 
Asst. to state entomologist, 111, 08-11; in charge 
boll weevil investigations, bur. entom, U. S. 
Dept. Agr,ll~ A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. 
Soc; 111. Acad; Wash. Entom. Soc. Boll weevil 
and cotton culture. 

Coates, Prof. Charles E(dward), Baton Eouge, La. 
Chemistry. Baltimore, Md, Aug. 13, 66. A.B, 
Hopkins, 87, Ph.D, 91; Freiberg, 88; Heidel- 
berg, 89. Prof, chem, St. John's (Md). 91-93; 
Louisiana, 93-, dean, Audubon Sugar Sch, 08- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Eng; Soc. Chem. 
Indust; Chem. Gesell. Anil and anilids of 
orthosulphobenzoic acid; pure and applied chem- 
istry in connection with sugar cane and cotton; 
hydrocarbons in Louisiana petroleum; chemistry 
of cane juice. 

Cobb, Prof. Collier, Chapel Hill, N. C. Geology, 
Geography. Near Goldsboro, N. C, March 21, 
62. Wake Forest, 78-80; North Carolina, 80- 
81; A.B, Harvard, 89, A.M, 94; hon. Sc.D, 
Wake Forest, 17. Supt. schools, Wilson, N. C, 
85-86; lecturer, N. C. state nor. schools, ,8^88; 
asst. geol. Harvard, 88-90; instr, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 90-92; asst. prof, North Carolina, 92-93, 
prof, 93-, Kenan research prof, SO- Asst, U. 
S. Geol. Surv, 86-91; summer sch, Harvard, 91; 
North Carolina, 94-01, 03-04; Knoxville, 02, 09; 
Biltmore Forest Sch, 05-12, 14-20. A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Ass. Geog; Min. and Metal. Soc; Boston 
Soc. Nat. Hist; N. C. Acad, (pres, 07); Elisha 
Mitchell Sci. Soc. Eiver and valley develop- 
ment; mineral analysis of dune sands and beach 
sands; geology in relation to forestry and 
crops; mineral analysis of rocks and their re- 
sidual soils; shore line processes in relation to 
harbor development. 

Cobb, Prof. John N(athan), University of Wash- 
ington, Seattle, Wash. Ichthyology. Oxford 
Furnace, N. J, Feb. 20, 68. Pub. schools. Field 
agent, Bur. Fisheries, 95-04, asst. agent, salmon 
fisheries, Alaska, 04-12 ; ed, ' Pacific Fisherman, ' 
1417; prof, fisheries and director, col. fisheries, 
Washington (Seattle), 19- A.A; Fisheries Soc; 
Pacific Fisheries Soc. (pres, 20) ; West. Soc. 
Nat. Fisheries of Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, 
Mexico and the United States; fishery products. 

Cobb, Dr. N(athan) A(ugustus), U. S. Department 
of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. *Natural 
science. Spencer, Mass, June 30, 59. B.S, 
Worcester, 81; Ph.D, Jena, 88. Teacher, pub. 
schools, Spencer; prof. nat. science, Williston 
Sem, Easthampton, Mass, 81-87; acting prof, 
biol, Sydney Univ, N. S. W, 90; pathologist, 
Dept. Agr, Sydney, 91-98; special commissioner 
to the U.S.A. and Europe for the govt, of N.S.W, 
98-01; pathologist, Dept. Agr, Sydney, 01-05; 
director, div. path, and physiol, Sugar Planters' 
Exp. Sta, Honolulu, 05-07; agr. technologist, 
bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07- Hon. 
mem. Med. Cong, of Australasia. A.A; Wash. 
Bot. Soc; Hawaiian Entom. Soc; Australasian 
A.A.S; New South Wales Linnean Soc. Biol- 

ogy; physiology; pathology; chemistry; photog- 
raphy; the prevention and cure of crop blights; 
parasites of domestic animals; nematology. 

Cobb, Dr. Percy W(ells), Western Reserve Uni- 
versity, Cleveland, Ohio. Physiology. Cleveland, 
May 20, 73. B.S, Case, 94; M.D, Western Re- 
serve, 02. House officer, Lakeside Hosp, Cleve- 
land, 02-03; demonstrator physiol. Western He- 
serve, 03-16, instr, 16- Physiologist, Nela 
Research Lab, 09-18; capt, M.C, 18-20. A.A; 
Physiol. Soc; Ilium. Eng. Soc; Psychol. Ass. 
Sense physiology ; vision in relation to light. 
Coble, Dr. Afrthur) B(yron), University of Illi- 
nois, Urbana, 111. *Mathematics. Williams- 
town, Pa, Nov. 3, 78. A.B, Gettysburg, 97, 
A.M, 00; fellow, Hopkins, 01-02, Ph.D, 02. 
Student asst. math, Hopkins, 00-01 ; instr, 
Missouri, 02-03; Carnegie research asst, 03-04; 
instr. math, Hopkins, 04-06, assoc, 06-09, assoc. 
prof, 09-18 ; prof, Illinois, 18- Math. Soc. 
(assoc. ed, 'Trans,' 15-19, mem. editorial com- 
mittee, 19, mem. council, 11-14, v. pres, 17) ; 
Math. Ass. Theory of invariants, groups and 
correspondences; the quintic and sextic equa- 
tions; symmetric binary forms and involutions; 
restricted systems of equations ; point sets and 
Cremona groups; theta and theta modular func- 
tions; special point sets; porisms. 
Cobleigh, Prof. W(illiam) M(erriam), Montana 
State College, Bozeman, Mont. Chemistry. 
Haverstraw, N. Y, Sept. 7, 72. E.M, Montana, 
94; A.M, Columbia, 99. Chemist, Anaconda 
Copper Mining Co, 92-93; asst. chemist, Mont. 
Exp. Sta, 94-99, instr. chem. and physics, Mont. 
Col, 94-97, asst. prof, 97-00, prof, 00- Chem- 
ist, Mont. State Board of Health, 10-; state 
chemist, 19- A.A; Chem. Soc; Pub. Health 
Ass; Water Works Ass; Mont. Acad, Alkali 
soils; estimation of starch; the cyanid process; 
the Hubl number of oils; the water supplies of 
Montana; effects of alkali waters. 
Coblentz, Prof. V(irgil), Deal Beach, N. J. * Chem- 
istry. Springfield, Ohio, March 12, 62. Wit- 
tenberg, 78; Phila. Col. Pharmacy, 82, hon. 
Pharm.M, 96; G<)ttingen, 87; Strasbourg, 88; 
Ph.D, Berlin, 91; Wiirzburg, 95; Munich, 97, 99. 
Prof. mat. med. and toxicol, Cincinnati Col. 
Pharmacy, 84-86; chem, dept. pharmacy, Co- 
lumbia, 91-11; chief chemist, E. R. Squibb and 
Sons, 12-17. Sub-chairman, commission of re- 
vision, U. S. Pharmacopoeia, 00, 10. Ebert 
prize, 97. A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. 
(chairman, N. Y. sect, 02-04, v. pres, 05) ; 
Pharmaceut. Ass; fel. London Chem. Soc; 
Chem. Verein. Medical and pharmaceutical 
chemistry ; newer synthetic medicinals. 
Coblentz, Dr. William Weber, Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. *Physics. North Lima, Ohio, 
Nov. 20, 73. B.S, Case, 00; A.M, Cornell, 01, 
Ph.D, 03. Carnegie research asst. and hon. 
fellow, Cornell, 03-05; physicist. Bur. Stand- 
ards, 05- A.A; Physical Soc; Optical Soc. 
Optical properties of iodin; infra-red emission, 
absorption and reflection spectra; instruments 
and methods \ised in radiometry; radiation con- 
stants; visibility of radiation; photoelectric 

Coca, Dr. Arthur F(emandez), 477 First Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Pathology. Philadelphia, Pa, 



March 20, 75. A.B, Haverford, 96, A.M, 99; 
M.D, Pennsylvania, 00. Asst. demonstrator 
path, Pennsylvania, 00-02, histol, 02-03, demon- 
strator path, 03-05; asst, Cancer Inst, Heidel- 
berg, 07-09 ; bacteriologist, Bur. Science, P. I, 
09-11; instr. path. med. col, Cornell, 10-17, 
bacter, 17- Pathologist, N. Y. Hosp, 1.5-17. 
A. A; Ass. Immunol, (sec 'y-treas, 17-, ed, ' Jour, ' 
16); Soc. Exp. Biol. Hypersensitiveness ; in- 
Cochel, Wilber A, 801 Houston St, Manhanttan, 
Kans. Animal husbandry. Tipton, Mo, Aug. 7, 
77. A.B, Missouri, 97, B.S, 05. Asst. animal 
husbandry, Purdue, 0.5-09; prof. Pa. State, 09- 
12; Kansas State, 12-18; field representative. 
Am. Shorthorn Breeders' Ass, 19- Mem. ad- 
visory commission on beef production. Food Ad. 
A.A; Soc. Animal Production (pres). Beef 
production; use of food; breeding cattle; tuber- 
culosis and contagious abortion in cattle. 
Cochran, Prof. C(arlos) B(ingham), 514 S. High 
St, West Chester, Pa. Chemistry. Albion, 
Mich, July 1, 54. A.B, Michigan, 77, med. dept, 
78-79, A.M, 82, Sc.D, 07. Teacher chem. and 
physical science, 79-03, chem, 03-09; chemist, 
Pa. Board Agr, 85-00; Phila. Milk Exchange, 
89-05; to dairy and food commissioner. Pa. 
State Dept. Agr, 95-18; Charles E. Hires Co, 
18- A.A; Chem. Soc; Franklin Inst. Food 
Cochrane, Prof. D(onald) C(ameron), State Col- 
lege, Pa. Chemistry. Verona, Pa, Oct. 9, 85. 
B.S, Pa. State, 08. Assoc, prof, inst. animal 
nutrition, Pa. State, 08- Lieut, Sanit. C, 17-19. 
Animal nutrition; calorimetry; nitrogen metab- 
Cockerell, Prof. T(heodore) D(ru) A(lison), 908 
10th St, Boulder, Colo. * Biology. Norwood, 
Surrey, England, Aug. 22, 66. English private 
schools; Middlesex Hosp. Med. Sch, London; 
British Museum Nat. Hist; hon. Sc.D, Colo. Col, 
13. Curator, pub. museum, Kingston, Jamaica, 
91-93; entomologist, N. Mex. Exp. Sta, 93-01; 
prof, entom. and zool, N. Mex. Col, 93-96, 98- 
00; teacher biol, N. Mex. Nor. Univ, 00-03; 
consulting entomologist, Ariz. Exp. Sta, 01-09 ; 
curator, Colo. Col. Museum, 03-04; lecturer 
entom, Colorado, 04-06, prof, zool, 06- Lec- 
turer biol, Colo. State Prep. Sch. Medal for 
hort. varieties of sunflowers, San Francisco 
Expos, 15. A.A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom 
Soc; Soc. Mammal; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash 
Entom. Soc ; cor. mem. Phila. Acad ; Ont. Entom 
Soc; London Zool. Soc; London Entom. Soc 
Entomology (Coccidae, Hymenoptera) ; geo 
grapical distribution of life ; variation of ani 
mals and plants; MoUusca; natural history of 
Eocky Mountains; botany, especially the genus 
Helianthus; problems of evolution; fossil in- 
sects and plants ; fishes, especially their scales. 
Cocks, Prof. R(eginald Wodehouse) S(omers), 
Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Botany. 
Worcester, England, Aug. 31, 63. M.A, Cam- 
bridge, 89. Prof, bot, Louisiana, 06-07; Tu- 
lane, 07- A.A; La. Nat. Soc. (pres, 00-04); 
New Orleans Acad, (sec'y, 11, pres, 20-). Flora 
of Loui.siana. 
Coddington, Prof. E(dwin) F (ester), Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio. Mechanics. Con- 

over, Ohio. C.E, Ohio State, 96, Emerson Mc- 
Millan fellow, 96-97, M.S, 97; fellow, Lick 
Observatory, 97-00; Ph.D, Berlin, 02. Asst. 
prof, math, Ohio State, 02-06, mechanics, 06- 
12, prof, 12- A.A. Astronomy. 

Coe, Prof. George A(lbert), 606 W. 122d St, New 
York, X. Y. Psychology. Mendon, N. Y, March 
26, 62. A.B, Eochester, 84, A.M, 88, LL.D, 
09; S.T.B, Boston, 87, Ph.D, 91. Prof, philos, 
Southern California, 88-90 ; acting prof. North- 
western, 91-93, prof, 93-09; relig. educ. and 
psychol, Union Theol. Sem, 09- Lecturer relig. 
educ, Harvard; prof, pro tern, Yale. A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; Eelig. Educ. Ass. (pres, 09); 
Philos. Ass. Psychology' of religion; educa- 
tional theory. 

Coe, Prof. Wesley R(oswell), 175 Bishop St, New 
Haven, Conn. *Comparative anatomy. Genetics. 
Middlefield, Conn, Nov. 11, 69. Conn. Col, 88; 
Ph.B, Yale, 92, Ph.D, 95; Wiirzburg, 95-96; 
Naples, 96. Asst. biol. Tale, 92-95, instr. comp. 
anat, 96-01, asst. prof, 02-09, prof, biol, 09- 
Mem. Harriman exped. to Alaska, 99. A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. (sec'y, mem. exec, com- 
mittee); Ass. Anat; Conn. Acad. Cytology; 
echinoderms; nemerteans; embryology. 

Coffey, Dr. George N(elson), Urbana, 111. Agri- 
culture. Patterson, N. C, Jan. 17, 75. Ph.B, 
North Carolina, 00; M.S, George Washington, 
07, Ph.D, 11. Asst. geol, North Carolina, 99- 
00; asst, soil surv, bur. soils, U. S. Dept. Agr, 
00-04, in charge, 04-05, in charge soil classifi- 
cation, 05-08, in charge Great Plains sect, 09- 
11; assoc. soils, Ohio Exp. Sta, 11-15; asst. state 
leader, farm advisers, Illinois, 15-18, state 
leader, 18- Lecturer on soils, North Carolina, 
05-10. Soc. Agron. (pres, 09). Classification 
and character of soils of the United States. 

Coffey, Prof. W(alter) C(astella), 607 W. Oregon 
St, Urbana, 111. Animal husbandry. Hartsville, 
Ind, Feb. 1, 77. B.S, Illinois, 06. M.S, 09. 
Instr. animal husbandry, Illinois, 06-07, assoc, 
07-11, asst. prof, 11-12, prof, 13- Special 
agent. Fed. Tariff Board, 11. A.A; Soc. Animal 
Production. Animal nutrition ; sheep husbandry. 

Coflan, Prof. Fletcher B(arker), Lake Forest, 111. 
Chemistry. Acton, Mass, Jan. 9, 73. A.B, 
Harvard, 95, A.M, 96, LL.B, 98, Ph.D, 11. 
Instr. chem, Haverford, 08-09; asst. prof, Lalce 
Forest, 09-10, prof, 10- A.A; Chem. Soc. In- 
organic chemistry; atomic weights of cobalt and 

Coflln, Prof. J(oseph) G(eorge), U. S. Eubber Co, 
561 W. 58th St, New York, N. Y. *Math- 
ematical physics. Pittsburgh, Pa, June 14, 
77. College Cantonal, Switzerland, 90-92; 
College Chaptal, Paris, 92-94; B.S, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 98; Ph.D, Clark, 03, hon. fellow, 
03-06, Asst. phvsics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 98-00; 
Clark, 01-03, instr, Clark Col, 02-05, asst. prof, 
05-06; instr, Col. City of N. Y, 06-09, asst. 
prof, 09-17, assoc. prof, 17-18; director aero- 
naut, research and Curtiss wind tunnels, Curtiss 
Aero, and Motor Corp, 18-20; physicist, U. S. 
Hubber Co, SO- A.A; Physical Soc; Math. Soc; 
Math. Ass; Mcteorol. Soc; Aero Club (mem. 
scientific committee) ; Eadio Eng. Vector analy- 
sis; high temperature standards; reflection of 



light in the neighborhood of the critical angle; 
edge corrections in the calculation of absolute 
condensers; metallic deposits from kathode in 
vacua; the Bjerknes hydrodynamic analogy; 
self and mutual inductance; periodic and oscil- 
latory currents in conductors; theory of dropped 
loads on elastic beams; airplane barographs; 
tandem propellers; wind tunnels; airplane 
ranges; ceiling air densities; aerodynamic bal- 
ance and theory of head resistance. 

Coggeshall, A(rtliur) S (terry), Carnegie Museum, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Paleontology. Bridgeport, 
Conn, July 17, 73. Pub. schools. With Am. 
Museum Nat. Hist, 96-99; preparator-in- 
chief, dept. vert, paleont, Carnegie Museum, 99- 
OfScier de 1 'Instruction Pub; Caballero de Isa- 
bel la Catolica; Caballero de Alfonso XII; 
Order of the Crown, Italy; Order of St. Anne, 
Russia; Francis Joseph Order of Merit with 
Golden Crown, Austria. Ass. Mus. Vertebrate 

Coggeshall, Dr. G(eorge) W(hiteley), 2315 Tracy 
Place, Washington, D. C. Physical chemistry. 
Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 21, 67. B.S, Grinnell, 
90; Harvard, 91-92; Ph.D, Leipzig, 95. Asst. 
chem, Grinnell, 88-90; instr. physical chem, 
Harvard, 95-97; mfg. chemist, Boston^ 98-10; 
chief, chem. eng. div, Inst. Indust. Research, 11- 
Instr, summer sch, Harvard, 92; in charge sur- 
faces of concrete vessels, Emerg. Fleet Corp, 18. 
A- A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Eng; Electrochem. Soc; 
Min. Eng; Automotive Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust; 
Soc. de Chim. indust. Calomel electrodes; ti- 
tanium mordants; potash from feldspathic 
rocks; development of industrial chemical proc- 
esses; gasoline from heavier oils. 

Coghill, Prof. G(eorge) E(llett), University of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kans. Comparative neurol- 
ogy. Beaucoup, 111, March 17, 72. A.B, Brown, 
96, fellow, 01-02, Ph.D, 02; M.S, New Mexico, 
99. Asst. prof, biol. New Mexico, 99-00; prof, 
Pacific (Oregon), 02-06; biol, col. of arts, and 
embryol. and histol, col. med, Willamette, 06- 
07 ; zool, Denison, 07-13 ; assoc. prof, aunt, Kan- 
sas, 13-16, prof, 16-, head, dept. anat, and sec'y, 
sch. of med, 18- Sec'y, Kansas State Research 
Committee, 19 ; collaborator, ' Jour. Comp. Neur. 
and Psychol.' A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ass. 
Anat; Micros. Soc. The cranial nerves of Am- 
blystoma; nervous system of Amphibia; rhomben- 
cephalon and spinal cord of mammals before 
birth; intracellular digestion in amphibian em- 

CoghiU, Will(iam) H(awes), Golden, Colo. Metal- 
lurgy. Roseville, 111, March 14, 76. E.M, Colo. 
Sch. Mines, 03. Mining engineer, 03-07; asst. 
prof, metal. Northwestern, 07-15; prof, mining 
and metal, and head, dept. chem. eng. Oregon 
Col, 14-17; metallurgist, V . S. Bur. Mines, 14- 
Chem. Soc; Min. and Metal. Eng. Cyaniding 
and flotation. 

Cogshall, Prof. W(ilbur) A(delman), Bloomington, 
Ind. Astronomy. Mendon, Mich, Feb. 8 74. 
B.S, Albion, 95; A.M, Indiana, 02; Yerkes Ob- 
servatory, 03-04. Asst, Lowell Observatory, 
Flagstaff, Ariz, 96-97, 98-00; instr. mech. and 
astron, Indiana, 00-04, asst. prof, astron, 04-08, 
assoc. prof, OS- Astron. Soc; Ind. Acad, (pres, 

16). Double stars; the annual parallax of cer- 
tain stars; photography of comets. 

Cogswell, W (1111am) B(rowne), Syracuse, N. Y. 
Chemistry. Oswego, N. Y, Sept. 22, 34. Rensse- 
laer, 52, C.E, 84. In charge, mech. dept, Brook- 
lyn Navy Yard, 61-65; La Motte Lead Mines, 
Mo, 74-79; founder, v. pres. and managing direc- 
tor, Solvay Process Co, Syracuse and Detroit, 
81- A.A; Civil Eng; Min. Eng; Mech. Eng; 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Am. Geog. Soc. 

Cohen, Dr. Abraham, 1744 Parke Ave, Baltimore, 
Md. Mathematics. Baltimore, Sept. 11, 70. 
Baltimore City Col, 83-88; A.B, Hopkins, 91, 
Ph.D, 94; Paris, 94^95. Instr. math, Hopkins, 
95-98, assoc, 98-15, assoc. prof, 15- Co-editor, 
'Am. Jour. Math,' 99-; 'Am. Math. Monthly,' 
16-18. A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass. Differen- 
tial equations; Lie theory of one-parameter 

Cohen, Bamett, Hygienic Laboratory, Washing- 
ton, D. C. Biological chemistry. Russia, Feb. 
16, 91. B.S, Col. City of N. Y, 11; M.S, Yale, 
18, C.P.H. Chemist and bacteriologist, Meriden, 
Conn, 12; chemist, Cheriton, Va, 13-14; chemist 
and bacteriologist, Savannah, (^a, 15-16; asst. 
pub. health, Yale, 18-20; hiol. chemist, hygienic 
lab, U. S. Pub. Health Service, 20- Research 
chemist, IT. S. A, 18-19. Chem. Soc ; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Soc. Bact; Pub. Health Ass. Physiology; 
nutrition; physical chemistry in relation to bio- 
logical problems; gases in blood; immunity; 

Cohen, Prof. Louis, 1656 Euclid St, Washington, 
D. C. *Phvsics. Kiev, Russia, Dec. 16, 76. B.S, 
Armour, 01; Chicago, 01-02; Columbia, 03-05, 
Ph.D, 19; fellow, Hopkins, 07-08. Asst, Bur. 
Standards, 05-09; asst. prof, physics, George 
Washington, 07-09; chief, research dept, Nat. 
Elec. Sig. Co, 09-12; prof, physics, George 
Washington, 17- Consulting engineer, 13-; lec- 
turer, Bur. Standards, 17-18. Radio telegraphy; 
high frequency currents. 

Cohen, Dr. Sejrmour J(erome), 4637 Prairie Ave, 
Chicago, 111. Pharmacology, Physiology. South 
Bend, Ind, Jan. 7, 96. B.S, M.S, Chicago, 17, 
M.D, Rush Med. Col, 19. Asst. physiol, Chicago, 
17; Pharmacol, Illinois, 17-19. Res. physician, 
Michael Reese Hosp, 19-21. Gastric secretion; 
protean fever ; respiration ; diastases in the body. 

Cohen, Dr. S(olomon) SoUs, 1525 Walnut St. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Medicine, Therapeutics. Philadel- 
phia, Sept. 1, 57. A.B. Cent. High Sch, Phila, 
72, A.M, 77; M.D, Jefferson Med. Col, 83. 
Demonstrator path, and micros, Phila. Poly- 
clinic, 83-85; chief, mod. clinic, and lecturer 
special therapeut, Jefferson Med. Col, 85-89, 
clin. lecturer med, 89-02, senior asst. prof, 02- 
04, prof. clin. med, 04- Prof. med. and thera- 
peut, Phila. Polyclinic and Col. for Graduates, 
87-02; physician, Jewish Hosp, 87-; ed. staff, 
'Med. News,' 87-95; physician, Phila. Hosp, 89-; 
lecturer therapeut, Dartmouth, 90-92; ed. staff, 
'Universal Annal Med. Sciences,' 90-94; 'Am. 
Jour. Med. Sciences,' 90-96; cd, 'Physiol. 
Therap,' 01-05; physician, Rush Hosp. for Con- 
sumptives, 93-20; ed, 'Phila. Polyclinic,' 95- 
99; ed. staff, 'Am. Med,' 01-05; physician, Jef- 
ferson Med. Col. Hosp, 02- A.A; Am. Physi- 
cians (recorder, 01-15) ; Am. Med. Ass. (chair- 



man, sect, therapeut, 03); hon. mem. Md. Med. 
and Chirurg. Faculty; fel. Phila. Col. Physicians 
(ed, 91-93). Autonomic and endocrine disturb- 
ances; tuberculosis; pneumonia. 

Cohn, Dr. A(lfred) E(instein), 315 Central Park 
West, New York, N. Y. Medicine. New York, 
April 16, 79. A.B, Columbia, 00, M.D, Oi, fel- 
low, 09-11; Freiburg, 07-09; Vienna, summer, 
08; London^ summer, 09. Assoc, path, Mt. Sinai 
Hosp, 09-11; med, Rockefeller Inst, 11-14, assoc. 
mem, 14-20, mem, 20- Lieut, col, M.C, A.E.F, 
18. A. A; Am. Med. Ass; Am. Physicians; Ass. 
Anat; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. Clin. Invest; 
Physiol. Soc; Soc. Pharmacol; Harvey Soc; N. 
Y. Acad. Med. Physiology and pharmacology of 
the heart and circulation. 

Cohoe, Dr. B(enson) A(mbrose), 805 Highland 
Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Internal medicine. 
Canboro, Ont, Dec. 10, 74. B.A, Toronto, 98, 
M.B, 01. Asst. bid, Toronto, 99-01 ; instr. anat, 
Cornell, 01-03; assoc, Chicago, 03-06; asst. res. 
physician, Hopkins Hosp, 06-08, res. physician, 
08, asst. med, Hopkins, 06-08; visiting physi- 
cian, St. Francis Hosp, Fittshurgh, 09-; prof, 
anat, Pittsburgh, 09-11, assoe. prof, therapeut, 
11-20, prof, 20- A. A; Ass. Anat. Protein 
metabolism; structure of the submaxillary 
gland; the placetital transmission of B. ty- 
phosus; influenzal meningitis; Addison's dis- 

Cohoe, Prof. Wallace P(atten), 111 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y. Chemistry. Norwich, Ont, 
Feb. 22, 75. B.A, McMaster, 96, M.A, 98; A.M, 
Harvard, 99. Demonstrator chem, dental dept, 
Toronto, 97-98; lecturer, McMaster, 01-02, prof, 
02-06; pres, chem. laboratories, Toronto, 07-12; 
consulting chemist and engineer, 12- Chem. 
Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. (v. chairman. Can. sect, 
08) ; Electrochem Soc. Plant design; intermedi- 
ate?; cellulose; textiles; paper. 

Colt, Dr. James Milnor, Konrad Str, Munich, Ger- 
many. Physics, Chemistry. Harrisburg, Pa, 
Jan.' 31, 45. A.B, Hobart, 65, A.M, 69, Sc.D, 
05; hon. Ph.D, Dartmouth, 81. Master nat. sci- 
ence, St. Paul's Sch, 77-04. v. rector, 04- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Social Sci. Ass. 
Relaition of the X-rays to medical and surgical 
diagnosis; liquid air; compensation theory. 

Coit, Dr. J(olin) Eliot, 1225 S. Normandie Ave, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Pomology. San Antonio, 
Tex, March 9, 80. B.Agr, N. C. Col, 03 ; M.S.A, 
CorneU, 05, fellow, 05-06, Ph.D, 07. Horticul- 
turist, Ariz. Exp. Sta, 07-09; asst. prof, pomol, 
California, 09-12, prof, citriculture, 12-20; 
consulting horticulturist, 20- Ed. 'Cornell 
Countryman,' 05-06. A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; 
Pacific Coast Ass. Econ. Entom. (v. pres, Ariz). 
Paponia; citrus culture; olives and olive oil; life 
history and varieties of the date palm in the 
arid southwest; physiological diseases of citrus 
trees; semi-tropical fruits; breeding new fruits. 

Coit, Prof. Judson B(oardman), 688 Boylston St, 
Boston, Mass. Astronomy. Central Square, N. 
Y. .Tunc 5, 49. A.B, Svracuso, 75, A.M, 78, 
Ph.D, 82. Prof, math, Dickinson Sem, 75-79; 
Btudent asst, Ann Arbor Observatory, 79-80; 
teacher math, high sch. Cleveland, Ohio, 80-82; 
asst. prof. math, and astron, Boston, 82-84, prof, 

84-15, astron, 15-, acting dean, grad. sch, 11-12. 
A.A; Astron. Soc. 

Coit, Dr. W(ilbur) A(lden), Wolfville, N. S, Can. 
Mathematics. Syracuse, N. Y, Julv 25, 76. 
Ph.B, Boston, 00, fellow, 06-07, Ph.D^ 13; A.M, 
Harvard, 07. Instr. math, Vermont, 00-07, asst. 
prof, 07-08; prof, Acadia, 08-, observer in 
charge, meteorol. sta, 10- A.A; Meteorol. Soc; 
Astron. Soc. 

Coker, Dr. E(obert) E(rvin), IT. S. Bureau of 
Fisheries, Washington, D. C. Zoology. Society 
Hill, S. C, June 4. 76. South Carolina, 92-93; 
B.S, North Carolina. 96, M.S, 97; Hopkins, 01- 

02, 04-06, fellow, 05-06, Bruce fellow, Ph.D, 
06. Asst. biol, North Carolina, 95-97 ; 
pub. schools, Goldsboro, N. C, 98-01; biologist, 
N. C. Geol. Surv, and custodian, U. S. FHsheries 
Lab, Beaufort, N. C, 02-04; investigation of 
fisheries for Peruvian Govt, 06-08; scientific 
asst. Bur. Fisheries, 09, director, U. S. Biol. Sta, 
Fairport, Iowa, 10-15, head, div. scientific 
inquiry, 15- Instr. biol, summer sch. North 
Carolina, 97, 99. Delegate from Peru to Int. 
Fisheries Cong, 08. A.A; Ecol. Soc. (v. pres, 
18); Fisheries Soc; Wash. Biol. Soc; cor. mem. 
Davenport Acad. Fisheries; cirripedes; turtles; 
fresh-water mussels; guano birds. 

Coker, Dr. W(illiam) C(hambers), Chapel Hill, 
N. C. *Botany. Hartsville, S. C, Oct. 24, 72. 
B.S, South Carolina, 94; Ph.D, Hopkins, 01; 
Bonn, 01-02. Assoc, prof, bot. North Carolina, 
02-08, prof, and director of arboretum, V8~ 
Asst. bot. Cold Spring Harbor, 00; chief of bot. 
staff, Baltimore Geog. Soc. exped. to Bahamas, 

03. A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; N. C. Acad, 
(pres, 09) ; Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. (ed, 
'Jour'). Fertilization and embryology of gym- 
nosperms and monocotyledons; tropical botany; 
flora of the Carolinas; lower fungi; morphology 
of monocotyledons; agarics of North Carolina; 
trees of North Carolina; clavarias of the eastern 
I'^nited States; Saprolegniaceae of the T^nited 

Colaw, J(ohn) M(arvin), Box 160, Monterey, Ya. 
Mathemaiics. Monterev, March 16, 60. Roan- 
oke, 78-79; A.B, Dickinson, 82, A.M, 92; Vir- 
ginia, 83-84. Instr. math, high sch, Monterey, 
92- Assoc, ed, 'Am. Math. Monthly,' 84-02. 
Algebraic analysis. 

Colby, Albert Ladd, 447 Lehigh St, Bethlehem, 
Pa. Chemistry, Metallurgy. New York, June 
26, 60. Col. city of N. Y; Ph.B, Columbia, 81. 
Steel metallurgist, S6- Mem. jury, ^aria Expos, 
00 ; commissioner. La. Purchase Expos, 04. Chem. 
Soc; Mcch. Eng; Min. Eng; Civil Eng; Soc. 
Chem. Indust; Am. Foundrymen's Ass; Ass. 
Steel Mfrs. (sec'y, 97-); Franklin Inst; Int. 
Ass. Tost. Mat; British Iron and Steel Inst 
Metallurgy of steel. 

Colby, Dr. Arthur S(amuel), Urbana, 111. Bota/ny. 
July 4, S7. B.S, N. II. Col, 11; M.S, Illinois, 
15, Ph.D, 19. Instr. agr, Pinkerton Acad, 
Derry, N. H, 11-13; asst. pomol, Illinois, 13- 
15, instr, 15-18, assoc, 18- Ed. diseases of 
trees, 'Am. Fruit Grower.' A.A; Phytopath. 
Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci. Horticulture; cultural 
problems in pomaceous and small fruits. 

Colby, Prof. Charles C(arlyle), University of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, 111. Geography. Eomeo, Mich, 



April 13, 84. B.S, Chicago, 09, feUow, 13-14, 
Ph.D, 17. Asst. geog, Mich. State Nor. Col, 
06-08; Chicago, 09; head, dept. geog-, State Nor. 
Sch, Winona, Minn, 10-13; assoc, prof, geog, 
Peabody Col. for Teachers, 14-16; asst. prof, 
Chicago, 16- Special expert, div. planning and 
statist, U. S. Shipping Board, 18-19. A.A; Am. 
Geog. Soc; Tenn. Acad. Geography of south- 
eastern Minnesota; economic geography of 
North America. 

Colby, Prof. W(alter) F(rancis), 322 N. Stat 
St, Ann Arbor, Mich. Physics. Eockford, 
Mich, 80. A.B. Michigan, 01, Ph.D, 09; Vi- 
enna, 02-04; Munich, 12-13. Instr. physics, 
Michigan, 09-14, asst. prof, 15- Mem. staff, 
Mt. Wilson Observatory, 14-15. A.A; Physical 
Soc. Magnetic critical points; optical disper- 
sion; series in the infra-red. 

Cole, Prof. Alfred D(odge), Ohio State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. *Phy^ics. Eutland, Vt, Dec. 
18, 61. A.B, Brown, 84, A.M, 87; Hopkins, 
84-85; summer sch. Harvard, 87; Berlin, 94- 
95, 13; summer sch, Cornell, 97; Chicago, sum- 
mers, 98, 99, 00, 04. Instr. physics and chem, 
Denison, 85-87, acting prof, 87-88, prof, 88-01 ; 
physics, Ohio State, 01-07 ; Vassar, 07-08 ; prof, 
and head of dept, Ohio State, 08- Prof, phys- 
ics, Chicago, summer, 04; trustee, Denison, 01- 
07, 11-; war work, U.S.N. lab. and Bur. Stand- 
ards, summers, 17, 18. A.A. (sec'y, B, 06-11, v. 
pres, 13-14); Physical Soc. (see'y, 13-17, ed. 
board, 18-20; Eadio Eng; Ohio Acad. Elec- 
tric oscillations; electric waves; capillary elec- 
trometer; impact excitation; infra-red radia- 
tion; electron relays. 

Cole, Dr. Fay-Cooper, Field Museum of Natural 
History, Chicago, 111. Ethnology. Plainwell, 
Mich, Aug. 8, 81. B.S, Northwestern, 03; Chi- 
cago, 03-05 ; Columbia, 05-06, Ph.D, 14 ; Berlin, 
06. Ethnologist, Field Museum Nat. Hist, 06- 
12, asst. curator Malayan ethnol. and physical 
anthrop, 12- Areheol. exped. to Am. Southwest, 
99-04; special investigator, Bur. Science, P. I, 
06-12. A.A; Anthrop. Ass. (mem. council, 15, 
19). Philippine ethnology; the Tinggian; dis- 
tribution of non-Christian tribes of northern 
Luzon; wild tribes of Davao, Mindanao; Chinese 
pottery in the Philippines. 

Cole, Prof. F(rank) N(elson), Columbia tTniver- 
sity, New York, N. Y. ^Mathematics. Ash- 
land, Mass, Sept. 20, 61. A.B, Harvard. 82, 
Ph.D, 86; Leipzig and Gottingen, 83-87. Lec- 
turer math, Harvard, 85-87; instr, Michigan, 
88-89, asst. prof, 89-95; prof, ColumUa, 95- 
Math. Soc. (sec'y. 95-20. ed, 97-20). Theory of 
groups; theory of numbers; mathematical' or- 

Cole, Harry N(ewton), 702 Forest Ave, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Chemistry. Cuba, N. Y, March 
27, 70. A.B, Michigan, 01, B.S. (Ch.E), 06, 
M.S, 15. Instr. anal, chem, Michiaan, 07- A.A : 
Chem. Soc. 

Cole, Prof. Howard Irving, University of Oregon, 

Eugene, Oregon. Chemistry. New Eoehelle, N. 
Y, April 12, 92. B.Chem, Cornell, 14, Ph.D, 17. 
Prof, chem, Oregon, 19- Capt, C. W. S, 17-19. 
Chem. Soc. Chemical microscopy. 
Cole, Prof. L(awrence) W(ooster), Boulder, Colo. 
Comparative psyclwlogy. Toledo, Ohio, May 15, 

70. B.Ped, Southwest Kansas, 93; A.B, Okla- 
homa, 99; A.M, Harvard, 04, Ph.D, 10. Supt. 
schools. El Eeno, Okla, 97-00; instr. psychol. 
and phUos, Oklahoma, 00-03, prof, 03-08; instr. 
exp. psychol, Wellesley, 08-09; prof, psychol, 
Colo, 10- Capt, Sanit. C, 18-19. A.A; Psychol. 
Ass. The intelligence of raccoons; visual dis- 
crimination of raccoons; relation of strength of 
stimulus to rate of habit formation in the chick ; 
reactions of frogs to chlorids; mental age and 
school entrance. 

Cole, Prof. Leon J(acob), University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis. *Zoology. Allegany, N. Y, June 
1, 77. Mich. Agr. Col; A.B, Michigan, 01 j 
Ph.D, Harvard, 06. Asst. zool, :Michigan, 98- 
02; Austin teaching fellow. Harvard, 03-06; 
chief, div. animal breeding and path, E. I. Exp. 
Sta, 06-07; instr. zool, Sheffield Sci. Sch, Yale, 
07-10; assoc. prof. exp. breeding, col. agr, Wis- 
consin, 10-14, prof, 14-18, genetics, 18- Mem. 
Harriman exped. to Alaska, 99; zool. exped. to 
Yucatan, 04; investigator, U. S. Bur. Fisheries, 
summers, 01-06. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; 
assoc. mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Exp. Biol; 
Wis. Acad. Genetics; animal behavior; inheri- 
tance in pigeons; function of eyes; Pycno- 
gonida; Vertebrata of Yucatan. 
Cole, Dr. Eufus, 65 E. 77th St, New York, N. Y. 
^Medicine. Ashland Co, Ohio. April 30, 72. 
B.S, Michigan, 96; M.D, Hopkins, 99. Instr, 
med, Hopkins, 00-04, assoc, 04-08; director, 
Eocl-efeller Inst. Eosp, 08- A.A; Soc. Phar- 
macol; Soc. Exp. Path; Am. Physicians; Ass. 
Path, and Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Clin. 'Re- 
search. Infectious diseases; immunity. 
Coleman, Prof. A(rthiir) P(hilenion), University 
of Toronto, Toronto, Can. Geology. Que, 
April 4, 52. B.A, Victoria, 76; Ph.D, Breslau, 
81. Prof. geol. and nat. hist, Victoria, 82-91; 
geol, sch. of practical science, Toronto, 91-(a, 
Toronto, 01-, dean, faculty arts, 19- Geologist, 
Bur. of Mines of Ont, 93-09. Murchison medal, 
10. A.A; Geol. Soc; fel. Eoyal Soc. Can; Can. 
Inst, (pres, 02) ; fel. Eoyal Soc. Archean and 
glacial geology; physiography; economic geol- 
ogy; Sudbury nickel deposits; Iroquois beach; 
explorations in the Eocky Mountains. 
Coleman, Geo(rge) A(lbert), 924 Spmce St, Ber- 
keley, Calif. Entomology. London, Nebr, Sept. 
24, 66. A.B, Stanford, 03, A.M, 05 ; B.E, Nebr. 
State Nor. Sch, 06. Forester and entomologist. 
Pacific Improv. Co, 03-06; forest supervisor, 
U. S. Forest Service, 06-08; biologist. CaUf. 
State Fish Commission, 08-09; horticulturist 
and entomologist, 09-11; curator apiculture, mu- 
seum, California, 11-13, instr. entom. apiculture, 
14- A.A; Entom. Soc. Agriculture. 
Coleman, H(arry) S(hipp), Mellon Institute, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Mechanical technologv. Colony, 
Kans, July 30, 86. B.S, Kansas, 09. Drafts- 
man, A. T. and S. F. E. E. 09-11; engineer, 
Jacobs-Shupert Firebox Co, 11-17; Lukens Steel 
Co, 17-18; asst. director, Mellon Inst, 18- 
Mech. Eng. Locomotive boilt^r design. 
Coleman, Prof. J(ames) B(nice), University of 
South Carolina. Physics. Aiken, S. C, Feb. 2, 
86. B.S, South Carolina, 06, A.M, 10; Columbia, 
14. Instr, Ga. Tech, 07-08; phvsics, South 
Carolina, 09-11, adj. prof, 11-12; asst, Colum- 
bia, 12-13; asst. prof. South Carolina, 12-15, 



Tprof. math, 15- Lecturer physics, Cohinibia. 19. 

A. A; assoc. mem. Physical Soc; Math. Ass. 

Electron theory; plane curves. 
Coleman, Major J(ames) T(homas). 17 Atlantic 

St, Charleston, S. C. Fhiisics. Marion, S. C, 

Jan. 10, 66. B.S, S. C. Mil. Acad, SO; Chicago. 

summers, 97, 99. Asst. prof. chem. and physics. 

S. C. Mil. Acad. 88-96, prof, physics, 96-06; 

manager. Prudential Ins. Co. of Am, 08- Mem. 

jury on sci. instruments and superior jury, S. C. 

Interstate and W. I. Expos. 02. Gold medal. 

S. C. Interstate and W. I. 'Expos, 02. Mem. 

Int. Elec. Cong, St. Louis, 04. Physical Soc; 
Metrol. Soc; Elliott Soc. (v. pres). 

Coleman, Dr. Thomas D(avies), 936 Hickman 
Road, Augusta, Ga. Medicin^e. Augusta, Jan. 
13, 65. A.B, Kentucky, 85, hon. A.M, 03 ; Hop- 
kins, 87-88; M.D, N. Y. Univ, 90; Georgia, 93. 
Asst. physiol, Hopkins, 88-89; N. Y. Univ, 89- 
90; prof, physiol, Georgia, 93-95, physiol. and 
path, and director, path, lab, 95-01, med, 01-03, 
principles and practise of med, 03- Consulting 
physician, University, Wilhenford and U. S. 
Psychopathic Hospitals. Am. Med. Ass; Climat. 
Ass. (pres, 08) ; Ass. Tuber. Internal medicine; 
cardio-rcnal diseases. 

Coleman, Dr. Warren, 58 W. 55th St, New York, 
N. Y. Medicine. Augusta, Ga, Jan. 19, 69. 
A.B, Transylvania, 88, A.M, 99; Hopkins, 88- 
89; M.D, N. Y. Univ, 91, Prof. clin. med. and 
applied pharmacol, med. col, Cornell, 09-18; 
asst. prof, med, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. 
Col, 18- Visiting physician, Bellevue Hosp. 
A.A; Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. 
Med. Ass; N. Y, Acad. Med. Bacteriology of 
blood and protein metabolism in typhoid fever; 
diet in typhoid fever. 

Coley, Dr. WUiam B(radley), 6 W. 50th St, New 
York, N. Y. Surgery. Westport, Conn, Jan. 
12, 62. A.B, Yale, 84, hon. A.M, 10; M.D, Har- 
vard, 88, A.M, 11. Instr. surg, Post-Grad. Med. 
Sch. and Hosp, 90-97; clin. lecturer, Columbia, 
98-08, assoc, 08-09; prof. clin. surg. and later 
clin. cancer research, med. col, Cornell, 09- 
Chairman, CoUis P. Huntington Fund for Can- 
cer Research; attending surgeon, Mem. Hosp. 
and Hosp. for Ruptured and Crippled. A.A; 
fel. Surg. Ass; Col. Surg; Am. Med. Ass; S. 
Surg, and Gyncc. Soc; fel. Am. Acad; N. Y. 
Acad. Med; Int. Soc. Cancer Research. The 
radical cure of hernia; malignant tumors. 

Oollett, Dr. Mary E(lizabeth), Atchison, Kan.s. 
Physiology. Atchison, July 30, 88. A.B, Wel- 
lealey, 10; fellow, Pennsylvania, 17-19, Ph.D, 
19. Instr. biol, Carncgio Inst, 12-17; fellow 
physiol, Clark, 19-20; instr, Buffalo, 20- Mem- 
brane ])ermeability ; toxicity of acids alone and 
in combination witli salts. 

Oolley, Reginald H(unter), U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Forest pathol- 
ogy. Canao, N. S, May 27, 87. A.B, Dart- 
mouth, 09; A.M, Harvard, 12; Ph.D, George 
Washington, 18. Instr. biol, Dartmouth, 09- 
10; scientific asst. to Mass. State Forester, 10- 
12; Austin teaching fellow bot, Harvard, 10-12; 
instr, Dartmouth, 12-16; pathologist, bur. plant 
indust, U. S. Dcpt. Agr, 16- Instr. bot. Woods 
Hole, 13-15. Phytopath. Soc. Fungous dis- 
eases of trees and of the brown-tailed moth 

caterpillar; white pine blister rust; staining 

CoUie, Prof. George L(uclus), 48 Sherwood Drive, 
S, Beloit, Wis. Geology. Delavan, Wis, Aug. 
11, 57. B.S, Beloit, 81; Ph.D, Harvard, 93. 
Principal, high sch, Delavan, 86-90; prof, geol, 
Be'oit, 93-, dean, 00-18. A.A; Geol. Soc; Mus. 
Ass; Wis. Acad; Wis. Archeol. Soc. (v. pres). 
Physiography; drift of southern Wisconsin; 
physiography of Rift Valley; British East 

Collins, A(rchle) Frederick, 600 Riverside Drive, 
New York, N. Y. Elccirophysics. South Bend, 
Ind, Jan. 8, 69. Chicago, 84-86. Engineer, Col- 
lins Telephone Co, 02-10. Electric 
oscillations and electric waves; wireless telephone. 

Collins, G(uy) N, Lanham, Md. Botany. Mer- 
tensia, N. Y^ Aug. 9, 72. Asst. botanist, hur. 
plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 01-10, botanist, 
10- Mem. Nat. Research Council, 18- A.A; 
Soc. Nat. (v. pres, 18); Bot. Soc; Wash. Bot. 
Soc. Tropical cultures; genetics of maize. 

Collins, Prof. H(enry) H(omer), University of 
Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pa. Biology. Kewanee, 
Ind, Dec. 10, 85. B.S, California, 15, Le Conte 
fellow, 15-16, A.M, 16, Ph.D, 19. Instr. hist, 
Rochester Nor. Sch, 05-06; supt. schools. Philo- 
math, Oregon, 08-10; Alsea, 10-13; teaching 
fellow zool, California, 14-15, research asst, 
Scripps Inst, 16-19; head, dept. biol, high sch. 
and junior col, Fresno, Calif, 19-20; asst. prof, 
biol, Pittsburgh, 20- A.A; Soc. Mammal; West. 
Soc. Nat; S. Calif. Biol. Club. Moult, regenera- 
tion of pelage, color inheritance and ecology in 
mice; autotomy of the tail in rodents; pure line 
inheritance in Paramecium. 

Collins, Prof. J(ames) Franklin, 468 Hope St, 
Providence, R. I. Botany. North Anson, Maine, 
Dec. 29, 63. Pub. schools; hon. Ph.B, Brown, 
96. Curator, herbarium. Brrnvn. 94-11. instr. 
bot, 99-05, asst. prof, 05-11, demonstrator, IS-; 
forest pathologist, V. S. Dept. Agr, 11- Col- 
laborator and agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 07-11; 
scientific exploration, Gaspe Peninsula, 04-07. 
A..\; Bot. Soc; Forestry Ass; Phytopath. Soc; 
Sullivant Moss Soc; Josselyn Bot. Soc; New 
Eng. Bot. Club; R. L Field Nat. Club (pres, 
11-13). Forest pathology; plant pathology; 
bryoloij^-; trees. 

Collins, J(ohn) R(ol)inette), Royal Astronomical 
Society, Toronto, Ont, Can. Astronomy. To- 
ronto, 65. Gen. sec'y, Eoyal Astron. Soc. Can, 
04-16, second v. pres," 14-19, first v. pres, 19-20, 
pres, 20- Mem. Can. Govt, eclipse exped, 05. 
Astron. Soc; Royal Astron. Soc. Can; Soc. 
astron. de France ; Soc. A.stron. de Mex. Theories 
of gravitation; physical optics. 

CoUins, Dr. Joseph, 37 W. 54th St, New York, 
N. Y. Neurologu, Medicine. Brookfield, Conn, 
Sept. 22. 66. ^Michigan, 84-85; M.D, N. Y. 
T^niv, 88. Physician, N. Y. City Hosp, 94-; 
N. Y. Ncur. Inst, 09- Alvarenga prize, Phila. 
Col. Physicians, 97. Neur. Ass. (pres, 02) ; Am. 
Physicians; Am. Med. Ass. Sympathetic nerv- 
ous system; the location and function of the 
cells in the spinal cord ; the faculty of speech. 

Collins, Prof. Jos(eph) V(ictor), Stevens Point, 
Wis. Mathematics. Wooster, Ohio, Dec. 26, 58. 
Ph.B, Wooster, 79, Ph.D, 86; Hopt^ns, 80-81, 



82-83. Tutor math, Wooster, 79-80 ; prof, Hast- 
ings, 84-88; Miami, 88-93; State Nor. Sch, 
Stevens Point, Wis, 94- Math. Soc; Int. Ass. 
Prom. Quaternions. Vector analysis; teaching 
of elementary algebra and geometry. 
Collins, Julius L(loyd), University of California, 
Berkeley, Calif. Genetics. Kewanna, Ind, Feb. 
16, 89. B.S, California, 17. Principal, high sch, 
King's Valley, Oregon, 12-14; asst. genetics, 
California, 18, instr, 18- Soc. Nat; Calif. Bot. 
Soc. Plant breeding; Drosophila; xenia in 
hybrids; Crepis technique. 

CoUins, Dr. Katharine R(ichards), Buffalo City 
Hospital, Buffalo, N. Y. Bacteriology. New 
Albany. Ind, March 23, 63. M.D, Michigan, 93. 
Practising physician, Atlanta, Ga, 94-02; fel- 
low, Eockefeller Inst, 02-03 ; bacteriologist and 
asst. director, research lab, Dept. Health, N. Y. 
City, 03-08 ; asst. director, Ga. State Board 
Health, 08-18; research worker, dept. path, 
Western Eeserve^ 18-19; instr. path, and iacter, 
Buffalo, 19-; exec, director, div. laboratories, 
Buffalo City Eosp. A. A; Ass. Path, and Bact; 
Soc. Exp. Biol; Soc. Bact; Soc. Immunol; Ass. 
Tuber; Am. Med. Ass. Immunology; dysen- 
tery; glanders; pneumococci; agglutinins; peri- 
apical abscesses; eczema marginatum. 

CoUins, Dr. E(ussell) J(ohnson), Balfour Sana- 
torium, Balfour, B. C, Can. Medicine. Con- 
neaut, Ohio, Oct. 3. 91. A.B, Western Eeserve, 
11, M.D, 15, A.M, 16; Chicago, 16. Instr. 
Pharmacol, 15-16; asst. med. supt. N. S. Sana- 
torium; med. supt, Balfour Sanatoritim. Soc. 
Pharmacol; Ass. Tuber; Can. Med. Soc; Can. 
Soc. Prev. Tuber. Pharmacology; biochemistry; 
tuberculosis; veratrin; determination of mer- 
cury in animal tissues; hexamethylene ; absorp- 
tion of iodin; X-ray in tuberculosis. 

Collins, W(illiam) D(ennis), TJ. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. Chemistry. Maiden, 
Mass,' Sept. 4, 75. A.B, Harvard, 95, A.M, 97. 
Prof. chem. and physics, Earlham, 97-06; chem- 
ist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 06-08; bur. chem, IT. S. 
Dept. Agr, 08-20; U. S. Geol. Surv, 20- Chem. 
Soc; Wash. Acad. Water; metals in foods; 
analytical methods ; reagents. 

Collins, W(illia)m H(enry), Haverford College, 
Haverford, Pa. Astronomy. Peekskill, N. Y, 
Oct. 22, 59. B.S, Haverford, 81, A.M, 92. Di- 
rector, astron. observatory, Haverford, 92-04, 
prefect of college, 97-19, retired, 19. Astron. 
Soc. Double star measurements. 

Collins, Dr. W(illiam) H(enry), 15 Rosedale Ave, 
Ottawa, Can. Geology. Chatsworth, Ont, Oct. 
26, 78. B.A, Toronto, 04; Ph.D, Wisconsin, 11. 
Geologist, Can. Geol. Surv, 06-20, director, 20- 
Royal Soc. Can; Can. Min. Inst. Petrology; 
Pre-Cambrian geology. 

Colony, E(oy) J(ed), Columbia University, New 
York, N. Y. Geology. St. Louis, Mo, March 
5, 70. Grad, Cooper Union, 00, B.Ch, 06; Co- 
lumbia, 05. Various commercial positions, 90- 
00; instr. chem, Cooper Union, 00-05, asst. prof, 
metal, and miner, 06-16; instr. geol, Cohmibia, 
16- Consulting engineer cement research. Board 
of Water Supply, N. Y. City, 14-16. A.A; 
Min. Eng; N. Y. Acad. High silica rock for 
glass and abrasives; magnetic ore deposits in 
southeastern New York; petrography of cement. 

Colpitts, E(dwin) H(enry), Western Electric Co. 
463 West St, New York, N. Y. Electrical en- 
gineering. Point de Bute, N. B, Jan. 19, 72. 
A.B, Mt. Allison, 93; Harvard, 96, A.M, 97, 
Principal, grammar sch, Carbonear, Newfound- 
land, 93-95; asst. physics, Harvard, 97-99; 
telephone engineer. Am. Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co, 99-07; Western Elec. Co, 07- Elec. 
Eng; Physical Soc; assoc. Radio Eng; Soc. Au- 
tomotive Eng. Telephone engineering; radio 

Colton, Prof. C(harles) A(dams), Pleasant Val- 
ley, N. Y. CJiemistry. New York, N. Y, 
March 29, 52. E.M, Columbia, 73; hon. Sc.D, 
Newark Tech. Sch, 19. Asst. miner, sch. mines, 
Columbia, 73-82 ; prof. chem. and miner. Rose, 
82-84; director, Newark Tech. Sch, 84-18, emer' 
director, 18- Min. Eng; Chem. Soc. Miner- 

Colton, Prof. Harold S(ellers), University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Zoology. Phil- 
adelphia, Aug. 29, 81. B.S, Pennsylvania, 04, 
A.M, 06, fellow, 07-08, Ph.D, 08; Carnegie In- 
stitution table, Naples Zool. Sta, 08-09. Asst. 
sool, Pennsylvania, 09-12, instr, 12-18, asst' 
prof, 19- Capt, intelligence div, 18-19. A.A; 
Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Anthrop. Ass; Ecol. Soe; 
Phila. Acad; Am. Geog. Soc. Geography; 
ecology of fresh-water and marine Mollusca; ex- 
cretion in Ascidians; geography and archeology 
of central Arizona; educational statistics re- 
lated to zoology. 

Colvin, Prof. Stephen S(heldon), Brown Univer- 
sity, Providence, R. I. Psychology, Education. 
Phenix, R. I, March 29, 69. Ph.B, Brown, 91, 
A.M, 94; Ph.D, Strasbourg, 97; Qark, 97-01. 
Instr. rhetoric, Brown, 92-95 ; English High 
Sch, Worcester, 97-01 ; asst. prof, psychol, 
Illinois, 01-03; philos. Brown, 03-04; assoc. 
prof, psychol, Illinois, 04-07, prof, 07-12 ; ediu;. 
psychol, Brown, 12- A.A; Psychol. Ass. The 
philosophical phases of psychology; the interests 
of adolescence as shown in school compositions; 
color perception of animals; ideational types of 
school children; the psychology of learning; 
psychology of high school subjects; semi-charac- 
ter tests; mental tests; educational advice and 

Comey, Dr. Arthur M(essinger), Upland Ave, 
Chester, Pa. *Chemistry. Boston, Mass, Nov. 
10, 61. A.B, Harvard, 82; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 
85. Instr. chem. and director, summer sch. of 
chem. Harvard, 85-89; prof. Tufts, 89-93; 
anal, and consulting chemist, 93-06; director, 
east, lab, E. I. duPont de Nemours Powder Co, 
06- Chairman explosives sub-committee, Nat. 
Research Council, 17-19. A.A; Chem. Soc. Am. 
Acad; Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Gesell. An- 
alytical and technical chemistry. 

Compton, Dr. Arthur H(olly), Washington Uni- 
versity, St. Louis, Mo. *Physics. Wooster, 
Ohio, Sept. 10, 92. B.Sc, Wooster, 13; fellow, 
Princeton, 13, A.M, 14, Ph.D, 16. Asst. physics, 
Wooster, 10-11, chem, 11-12; instr. physics, 
Princeton, 14-15; Minnesota, 16-17; research 
physicist, Westinghouse Lamp Co, 17-19; Nat. 
Research fellow, 19-20; prof, physics and head 
of dept, Washington (St. Louis), 20- A.A; 
Physical Soc. The earth's rotation; specific 



heat of solids; size, shape and distribution of 
electrons in atoms. 

Compton, Prof. Karl T(aylor), 30 Linden Lane, 
Princeton, N. J. *Phusics. Wooster, Ohio, Sept. 
14. 87. Ph.B, Wooster, 08, M.S, 09; fellow, 
Princeton, 11-13, Ph.D, 12. Instr. physics, 
Wooster, 07-09, chem, 09-10; teaching fellow, 
Princeton, 10-11; instr. physics, Eeed, 13-15; 
asst. prof, Frinceion, 15-19, prof, 19- A.A; 
Physical Soc; Optical Soc. Wehnelt inter- 
rupter; photoelectric effect; contact difference 
of potential and Peltier effect; structure of 
crystals by X-ray photography; wireless ther- 
mionic detectors; thermal effects produced by 
stretching of wires; ionization, fluorescence and 
dissociation of gases; low voltage arcs; spectral 

Comstock, Dr. Charles W(ortliington), 76 Grant 
St, Denver, Colo. Enqineering, Mathematical 
physics. Maroa, 111, Feb. 10, 70. E.M, C.E, 
Colo. Sch. of Mines, 90; M.C.E, Cornell, 94, 
Ph.D, 98. Instr. civil eng, Cornell, 90-92; asst. 
to Geo. S. Morison, civil engineer, 92-93; instr 
civil eng, Cornell, 93-97 ; prof, mining eng, Colo. 
Sch. Mines, 97-02; practising civil and mining 
engineer, 02-09; state engineer. Colo, 09-33. 
A.A. (sec'y, D, 01); Civil Eng; Min. Eng; Mcch. 
Eng; assoe. Elec. Eng; Colo. Sci. Soc. (sec'y, 
98-00); Int. Ass. Prom. Quaternions; London 
Inst. Min. and Metal; X. of England Inst. Min. 
and Mech. Eng. Elasticity of solids, especially 
in its engineering applications. 

Comstock, Prof. Clarence E(lmer), Bradley Poly- 
technic Institute, Peoria, 111. Mathematics. 
Galesburg, 111, May 5, 66. A.B, Knox, 88, A.M, 
91; Hopkins, 92-93, 94-95; Chicago, 95-96. 
Instr. math, and English, Blackburn, 88-89; 
math, Knox, 89-92, 93-94; Princeton-Yale Sch, 
Chicago, 96-97; Bradley Polytech. Inst, 97-02. 
prof, 02- A.A; Math. Soc; Math.' Ass; British 
Math. Ass; Eng. Educ; Cent. Ass. Sci. and 
Math. Teachers (pres, 06). 

Comstock, Prof. D(aniel) F(rost), lin Brookline 
Ave, Boston, Mass. *Physics. Newport, E. I, 
Aug. 14, 83. B.8. Mass. Inst. Tech. 04. Savage 
fellow, 05-07; Berlin. Ziirich and Basel, Ph.D, 
Basel, 06; Cambridge, England, 06-07. Asst. 
physics, Mas.s. Inst. Tech. 04-05, instr. tlieorct. 
physics, 05-10, asst. prof, 10-15, assoc. prof, 
15-17; exp. director submarine detection, U.S.N. 
17-19; V. pres, Kalmus, Com^tocTc and Wescott, 
In-c, 14- Director, various corporations. A.A; 
Physical Soc; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; 
Optical Soc; Am. Acad; Inst. Social Sci. The- 
oretical physics; electromagnetic theory; mag- 
netism; theory of matter; relativity theory; 
electromngnetic mass and its relation to energy; 
theory of radiation; magnetic properties of sat- 
urated iron; theory of light; color motion pic- 
ture photography; nature of matter and elec- 
tricity; theory of optics. 
Comstock, Prof. Elting H(oughtaling), University 
of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Mathe- 
matics. Milwaukee, Wis, June 26, 76. B.S, 
Wisconsin. 97; fellow. Cornell. 97-98; fellow, 
Chicago. 98-99; hon. fellow, Wisconsin, 99-00; 
M.S, Minnesota, 07. Instr. math, Blaine High 
Sch, West Superior, Wis, 00-01 ; principal, high 
sch, Houghton, Mich. 01-03, supt. schools, OS- 
OB; instr. math, sch. mines, Minnesota, 0&-07, 

asst. prof, 07-08, prof. m^ch. and math, 08~ 
A.A; Math. Soc; Eng. Educ. Harmonic curves 
of three frequencies; Abelian functions; higher 

Comstock, Prof. F(rank) M(ason), 2085 Cornell 
Eoad, Cleveland, Ohio. Natural histort/. LeRoy, 
N. Y, May 20, 55. A.B, C.E, Union, 76, fellow, 
76-77, A.M, 79, hon. Ph.D, 91. Instr. science, 
LeEoy Acad. Inst, 78-79, principal, 79-91; 
prof. nat. hist, and English, Case. 91-02, nat. 
hist, and descriptive geom, 02-, acting pres, IB- 
IS. Asst, Adirondack Surv, 76. Forestry Ass; 
Ohio Acad; Eochester Acad; Can. Forestry Ass. 
Glacial geology. 

Comstock, Prof. Geo(rge) C(ary), Observatory- 
Hill, Madison. Wis. *Astronomy. Madison, 
Feb. 12, 55. Ph.B, Michigan, 77, hon. Sc.D, 07; 
LL.B, Wisconsin, 83; LL.D, Illinois, 07. Prof. 
math, and astron, Ohio State, 85-87; astron, 
Wisconsin, 87-, assoc. director, Washburn Ob- 
servatory, 87-89, director, 89-, dean, grad. sch, 
06-12. Recorder and asst, U. S. Lake Surv, 74- 
77; asst. engineer, Improv. Mississippi River, 
78-79. Nat. Acad; A.A. (sec'y, A, 89, v. pres, 
94) ; Astron. Soc. (sec'y, 99-08, v. pres, 08-13) ; 
Am. Acad. Astronomy of position; double 
stars; proper motions; refraction; aberration. 

Comstock, Prof. J(olm) H(enry), 123 Roberta 
Place, Ithaca, N. Y. *Entomology. Janesville, 
Wis, Feb. 24, 49. B.S, Cornell, 74. Instr. and 
prof, eniom, Cornell. 74-14, emer. prof, 14- 
Entomologist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 79-81; non-res. 
prof, entom, Stanford. A.A; Soc. Nat; hon. fel. 
Entom. Soc. (pres, 07); Soc. Zool; Philos. Soc; 
Calif. Acad; hon. fel. Ont. Entom. Soc; Soc. 
Bolgc d 'Entom ; London Entom. Soc ; Soc. entom. 
de France. Coccidae ; manual of insects ; classi- 
fication of Lepidoptera ; skeleton of the head of 
insects; manual of North American Arachnida; 
the wings of insects. 

Comstock, Mrs." J. H. (Anna Botsford), Ithaca, 
N. Y. Entomology, Nature study. Otto, N. Y, 
Sept. 1, 54. B.S, Cornell, 85. Asst. to Prof. J. 
H. Comstock in his work on scale insects; asst. 
prof, exten. dept, Cornell, 99 ; lecturer, Stanford, 
99-00; prof, nature stiidy, Cornell. Bronze 
medal, Pan-Am. Expos, 01. Soc. Am. Wood 
Engravers. Entomological illustration and en- 
graving; nature-study. 

Comstock, William James, 43 Trumbull St, New- 
Haven. Conn. Chemistry. Toledo, Ohio, June 15, 
60. Ph.B, Yale, 79; fellow, Hopkins, 81-82; 
Munich. 82-87. Instr. org. chem, Sheffield Sci. 
Sell, Yale, 88- Organic chemistry. 

Conant, Prof. J(ames)B(ryant), Cambridge, Mass. 
Chemistry. Boston, Mass, March 26, 93. A.B, 
Harvard, 13, Ph.D, 16. Instr. chem, Harvard, 
16-17, asst. prof, 19- Major, research div, 
C.W.S, 17-18. Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; 
addition reactions of unsaturated compounds. 

Conard, Dr. Henry S(hoemaker), Grinnell, Iowa. 
Botany. Philadelphia, Pa, Sept. 12, 74. B.S, 
ITaverford. 94, A.M, 95; Harrison fellow, Penn- 
sylvania. 99-01, Ph.D. 01, senior fellow, 01-03; 
Johnston scholar, Hopkins, 05-06. Teacher 
science. Westtown Boarding Sch, 95-99; instr. 
hot, Pennsylvania, 03-05; prof, Grinnell, 06- 
Lecturer, Iowa State, summer, 13 ; Harvard, 16. 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; Iowa Acad. 



(pres, 14) ; Iowa Conservation Ass. Plant anat- 
omy and taxonomy; Nymphaeaceae ; hay-scented 
fern; Secotium; Simblum. 

Concepcian, Prof. Isabelo, Insular Bureau, War 
Department, Washington, D. C. Physiology. 
Manila, July 8, 86. M.D, Univ. Philippines, 12. 
Asst. biol. lab, Bur. Science, P. I, 12-13 ; asst. 
physiol, Univ. Philippiiies, 13-14, instr, 14-17, 
asst. prof, 18- Lecturer bacter. hygiene, Univ. 
Philippines, 13-14. Am. Med. Ass; Physiol. 
Soc; P. I. Med. Ass. (sea'j, 19). Biochenaistry ; 
blood pressure, normal urine and nutrition of 
the Filipinos. 

Condit, D(aiiiel) Dale, 47 Parliament St, London, 
England. Geology. Pataskala, Ohio, Feb. 28, 86. 
A.B, Ohio State, 09 ; A.M, Columbia, 10. Geolo- 
gist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 12-19; S. Pearson and 
Son, 19- Geol. Soc; Wash. Acad. Oil geology; 
geological exploration of India. 

Condit, I(ra) J(udson), Cory Building, Fresno, 
Calif. Horticulture. Jersey, Ohio, Nov. 18, 83. 
B.S, Ohio State, 05. Florist, Ohio State, 05-06; 
scientific asst, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 06- 
07; instr, Calif. Polytech, 07-12; citrieulture, 
California, 13-16, asst. prof, 16-19; horticul- 
turist and director, Forkner Fig Exp. Sta, 
Fresno, 19-20 ; dept. hort, Calif. Peach and Fig 
Growers Ass, SO- Semi-tropical fruits. 

Condra, Prof. George E(vert), University of Ne- 
braska, Lincoln, Nebr. Geography, Geology. 
Seymour, Iowa, Feb. 2, 69. B.S, Nebraska, 97, 
A.M, 98, Ph.D, 01. Head, science dept, Lincoln 
Nor. Sch, 92-96 ; high sch, Lincoln, 96-02 ; instr. 
geog. and econ. geol, Nebraska, 02-03, asst. prof, 
03-04, assoc. prof, 04-05, prof, 05-, head of 
dept, 08- Asst, Nebr. Geol. Surv, 96-02, asst. 
state geologist, 02-; prof, geog, summer session, 
Cornell, 07-10; chairman, Nebr. Conservation 
Commission, 08- A. A; Ass. Geog; Micros. Soc; 
Nebr. Acad, (pres, 09); Nebr. Sci. Teachers' 
Ass. (pres, 98). Coal measure Bryozoa-of Ne- 
braska; geography and agricultural geology of 
Nebraska; water supply; opening of the Indian 
Territory; sand and gravel resources; land eros- 
ion ; soil areas of -Nebraska ; agricultural geog- 
raphy and geology of the Great Plains. 
Cone, Dr. Lee H(olt), Mountain Lakes, N. J, 
Chemistry. Harlan, Iowa, Feb. 19, 80. B.S, 
Pomona, 01; Ph.D, Michigan, 05; Berlin, 07- 
08. Instr. chem, Pomona, 01-02; Carnegie re- 
search asst, 03-05; instr. org. chem, Michigan, 
05-10, asst. prof, 10-13, assoc. prof, 13-16 ; with 
Dow Chem. Co, 16-17; Nat. Aniline and Chem. 
Co, 17, director of manufacture, SO- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; Chem. Gesell. Organic chemistry; 
the constitution of triphenylmethyl ; quino- 
carbonium salts; derivatives and the constitu- 
tion of histidin; constitution of salts of acridin. 

Conel, Prof. J (esse) L(eroy), 338 E. 26th St, New- 
York, N. Y. Anatomy. Mt. Auburn, 111, Jan. 
31, 83. A.B, James Millikin, 12; A.M, Illinois, 
13, Ph.D, 16. Teaching fellow, Illinois, 13-16; 
instr. anat, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 
16-19, asst. prof, 19- Ass. Anat, Comparative 

Congdon, Prof. Leon A(bel), Syracuse Univer- 
sity, Syracuse, N. Y. Chemistry. Owego, N. Y, 
May 8, 85. B.S, Syracuse, 08; M.S, Colgate, 
16; Pnris, 19. Chemist, N. J. Exp. Sta, 09-10; 

N. Dak. Exp. Sta, 10-14; chief, food and drug 
div, Kans. State Board of Health, 14-17; asst. 
prof, chem, Syracuse, 19- Lecturer food. Wash- 
burn, 17; capt, Sanit. C, 17-19. Analytical and 
biological chemistry; food; nutrition. ' 

Conger, Prof. Allen C(lifton), 379 Forest Ave, 
East Lansing, Mich. Zoology. Zanesvillc, Ohio, 
Nov. 23, 87. B.S, Ohio Wesleyan, 08; A.M, 
Ohio State, 12. Prof, biol, Wilmington Col, 09- 
12; instr. and later assoc. prof, sool, Mich. Agr. 
Col, 12- A.A; Soc. Mammal; Micros. Soc. 
Neurology; parasitology. 

Conklin, Prof. Edmund S(niith), University of 
Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. Psychology. New 
Britain, Conn, April 19, 84. B.H, Springfield, 
08; A.M, Clark, 09, Ph.D, 11. Asst. prof. 
psychol, Oregon, 11-13, prof, and head of dept, 
13- A.A. Motivations of conduct; test tech- 

Conklin, Prof. Edwin G(rant), Princeton Univer- 
sity, Princeton, N. J. * Zoology. Waldo, Ohio 
Nov. 24, 63. B.S, Ohio Wesleyan, 85, A.B, 86, 
A.M, 89; Ph.D, Hopkins, 91; hon. Sc.D, Penn- 
sylvania, 08. Prof. Mol, Ohio Wesleyan, 91- 
94; sool. Northwestern, 94-96; Pennsylvania, 
96-08; Princeton, 08- Instr, Woods Hole, 91- 
97, trustee, 97-; mem. advisory board, Wistar 
Inst; assoc. ed, 'Jour, of Morph,' 'Biol. Bui.' 
and 'Jour. Exp. Zool.' Seventh Int. Cong. 
Zool. (organizing sec'y for embryol) ; Int. Zool. 
Cong, Graz, 10; Int. Ass. Academies. Kome, 10. 
Nat. Acad; A.A. (v. pres, 07); Soc. Nat, (pres, 
12) ; Soc. Zool. (pres, 99) ; Ass. Anat; Soc. Exp. 
Biol; Philos. Soc. (sec'y, 01-08); Am. Acad; 
Phila. Acad. (v. pres, 01-) ; for. mem. Bo- 
hemian Royal Soc; Soc. Beige de Biol; Soc. 
Eoyale de Med. de Bruxelles. Embryology 
of Gasteropoda, Brachiopoda, Tunicata and 
Coelenterata ; cellular history of development; 
cytology, karyokinesis and cytokinesis; cell size 
and body size; organization of the egg; cause of 
inverse _ symmetry ; organ-forming substances ; 
mechanism of heredity; heredity and environ- 
ment; mechanism of evolution; human evolution 
in retrospect and prospect. 

Conn, Dr. H(arold) J(oel), Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station, Geneva, N. Y. Bacteriology. 
Middletown, Conn, May 29, 86. Ph.B, Wesleyan, 
08; Ph.D, Cornell, 11. Asst. soil tech, Cornell 
Exp. Sta, 08-11; assoc. bacteriologist, N. Y. 
Exp. Sta, Geneva, 11- Lecturer and instr. 
bacter, Hopkins, 15. Soc. Bact. (asst. od, 'Ab- 
stracts,' 19-); Soc. Agron. Soil bacteriology; 
fungi in soils; methods of pure culture study.' 

Connell, Prof. W (alter) T(homas), 11 Arch St, 
Kingston, Can. Pathology. Spencerville, Ont, 
Dec. 15, 73. M.D, Queen's (Can), 94; M.K.C.S, 
England, and L.R.C.P, London, 95; London, 95- 
96. Prof. path, and bacter, Queen's (Can), 96- 
Bacteriologist, Dairy Sch, Kingston. Ont, 97-; 
asst. bacteriologist. Provincial Board of Health, 
Ont, 04- Lieut, col, C.A.M.C, 15-19. Ass. Path, 
and Bact; Pub. Health Ass; Can. Med. Ass; 
assoc. Royal Sanit. Inst. Gt. Britain. Bacteriol- 
ogy; tetanus bacillus; bacteria of cheese; bac- 
terial water analysis; pasteurization of milk, 
whey and other factory by-products. 

ConneU, W(illiam) H(enry), 1520 Spruce St. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Highway engineering. New Yori, 



N. Y, 78. Fordham. Asst, eng. corps, N. Y. 
City, 00-10; deputy commissioner, pub. -works, 
Bronx, 10-12; chief, bur. highways and street 
cleaning, Philadelphia, 12-17; eng. exec, Day 
and Zimmerman, 17-19; on exec, staff, Phila. 
Eapid Transit, 19- Lecturer highway eng, Co- 
lumbia; Franklin Inst. Civil Eng; Road Ass. 
(director); N. Y. Munie. Eng; Phila. Munic. 
Eng. (pres, 14) ; Phila. Eng. Club. Methods of 
construction, materials, cost and maintenance of 

Conner, Arthur Benjamin, College Station, Tex. 
AgncuUure. Rosebud, Tex, Oct. 10, 82. B.S, 
Tex. Col, 04. Chief, div. agron. and v. director, 
Tex. Col, 11- Agronomy; crop improvement; 
grain sorghum inbreeding. 

Conner, Samuel D, Purdue University, La Fayette, 
Ind. Chemistry. Ind, 72. B.S, Purdue, 94, 
M.S, 07. Asst, prof, chem, Purdue, 04-11, assoc. 
chemist soils and crops, Exp. Sta, 11- A.A; 
Chem. Soc; See. Agron; Ind. Acad. Soil fer- 
tility and acidity. 

Connolly, Rev. C(omelius) J(oseph), Antigonish, 
N. S, Can. Biology. Stellarton, N. S, March 
6. 83. A.B, St. Francis Xavier, 03; Ph.D, 
Munich, 11. Prof, liol, St. Francis Xavier, 11- 
N. S. Inst, (second v. pres, 18. first v. pres, 19) ; 
Bavarian Bot. Soc. The angler fish; Florideae. 

Connolly, Dr. Gerald C(harles), 1116 N. Eutaw 
St, Baltimore, Md. Chemistry. Baltimore Co, 
Aug. 7, 90. A.B, Rock Hill, 12 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 
16. Chemist, Davison Chem. Co. A.A; Chem. 
Soc. Effect of neutral salts on the hydrolysis 
of acetic anhydrid. 

Conrad, Abram H, 4028 Jackson Boulevard, Chi- 
cago, 111. Botany. Crawfordsville, Ind, 50. 
Wabash, 74; A.M, Wooster, 97; Chicago, 98-99. 
Teacher Mol, "West. Nor. Col, 84-89; prof. 
Parsons, 89-96; head teacher, R. T. Crane High 
Sch, Chicago, 99-14, Crane Junior Col, 14- 
lowa Acad; Chicago Acad. Plant morphology 
and physiology. 

Conradi, Prof. A(lbert) F(rederlck), Clemson Col- 
lege, S. C. Zoology. New Bremen, Ohio, Aug. 
27, 78. B.S.A, Ohio State, 01; M.S, N. H. Col, 
02. Instr. zool. and entom, N. H. Col, 01-03; 
asst. state entomologist, Tex, 03-04, state ento- 
mologist and prof, entom. and zool, Texas, 04- 
07 ; Clemson, 07-08 ; entomologist and zoologist, 
S. C. Exp. Sta, 08- Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. 
Entom; Ecol. Soc. Entomology; strongyloid 
parasites of tho digestive tract of ruminants; 
relation of tonipornture to insect aclivity. 

Conrey, Guy W(oolard), Ohio State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. Soils. Northloro, Iowa, 
Dec. 10, 87. A.B, Michigan, 08, A.M, 09. Asst. 
physical chem, Michigan, 08-09; div. soils, 
wis. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv, 09-17, chemist, 
10-17; i/us<r. sot?.<J, Wisconsin, 14-17; Ohio State, 
17- A.A. Soil physics and soil surveying. 

Constant, Prof. F(rank) H(enry), Princeton Uni- 
versity, Princeton, X. .1. Civil engineering. 
Cincinnati, Ohio, .July 25, 69. C.E, Cincinnati, 
91. Asst. engineer. King Bridge Co, 91-93; 
engineer, Osborn Engineering Co, 93-95; asst. 
prof, structural eng, Minnesota, 95-97, prof, 
97-14; prof, civil eng. and head of dept, Prince- 
, ton, 14- Consulting engineer. Civil Eng; Eng. 

Educ. (mem. council, 09-12). Structural engi- 

Converse, Dr. Henry A(ugustus), State Normal 
School, Harrisonburg, Va. Mathematics. Louis- 
ville, Ky, June 3, 75. A.B, Hampden-Sidney, 
93 ; Ph.D, Hopkins, 03. Instr. math^ Shenan- 
doah Val. Acad, 93-99; student asst, Hopkins, 
02-03, instr, 03-04; Baltimore Polytech, 04-06; 
prof. math, and physics and dean of the faculty, 
Davis and Elkins, 06-08; instr. math, Balti- 
more Polytech, 08, head of dept, 09; regis- 
trar, State Nor. Sch, Harrisonburg, Va. A.A; 
Math. Soc; Ass. Teachers Math. Middle States 
and Md. Geometry by means of vector anal- 
ysis in the plane; sections of regular figures 
in n-dimensions in connection with the group 
theory; double parabola by means of vector an- 
alysis; methods of teaching mathematics. 

Conwell, Prof. G(eorge) M(acfeely), Nbav York 
State College for Teachers, Albany, N. Y. 
Mathematics. Vineland, N. ,J, June 7, 83. A.B, 
Princeton, 05, A.M, 06, Ph.D, 08. Instr. math, 
Yale, 08-15; asst. prof, N. Y. State Col. Teach- 
ers, 15- A.A; Math. Soc; Math. Ass. Groups. 

Conwell, Prof. H(ennon) H(enry), Moscow, Idaho. 
Mathematics. Topeka. Kans, April 18, 86. B.S, 
Kansas State, 07 ; M.S, Kansas, 15. Assoc, 
prof, math, New Mexico, 08-13 ; instr, Kansas, 
13-15; assoc. prof, Idaho, 15- A.A; Math. Soc; 
Math. Ass. Abelian functions. 

Cook, Prof. A (If red) N(ewton), Vermilion, S. 
Dak. Chemistry. Cornell, 111, Feb. 22, 66 
B.S, Knox, 90; Chicago, 95; Ph.D, Wisconsin 
08. Prof. nat. science. Amity, 92-94; chem 
and physics, Upper Iowa, 94-98; asst. chem 
Wisconsin, 98-00; prof, Morningside, 00-04 
South Dakota, 04- State food and drug com 
missioner, S. Dak, 09-13. A.A; Chem. Soc 
(pres, S. Dak. sect, 15-18) ; Iowa Acad; S. Dak 
Acad, (pres) ; Chem. Gesell. Derivatives, prepa 
ration and properties of phenyl ethers; sul 
phonic acid derivatives of tolyl ethers. 

Cook, Dr. Cha(rle)s G(Upin), 227 A Monroe St, 
Brooklyn, X. Y. Chemistry. Glenville, Md, 
Nov. 25, 66. B.S, Haverford, 92, A.M, 93; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 98. Instr, Bridgewater Col, 93- 
94; principal, Aurora Acad, 94-95; instr. chem. 
Boys' High Sch, BrooUyn, 99- Chemist, Mathi, 
Inghrjm and Co, Baltimore, Md; lab. asst. 
chem, Haverford. Double halids of tin with 
aliphatif amins; praftical chemistry. 

Cook, Cha(rle)s W(ilford), 502 Elm St, Ann 
.\rbor, Mich. Geology, Mineralogy. Fenton, 
Mich, Sept. 17, 82. A.B, Michigan, 04, M.S, 
06, Ph.D, 13. Asst. miner, Michigan. 05-06; 
prof, chem, Pacific (Oregon), 06-08; asst. 
miner, Michigan, 08-09, instr. econ. geol, 09-14, 
asst. prof, 14-20, assoc. prof. SO- Asst. geolo- 
gist, Mich. Geol. Surv, 10-13; expert asst. to 
appraiser of mines, Mich, summer, 11; special 
investigtaions in western and southern U. S, also 
in N. S. and P. Q, 17-18. Geol. Soc; Mich. 
Acad. American minerals; rare metals. 

Cook, Dr. r(rank) C(ummings), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Chem- 
istry. Litchfield, Conn, July 14, 77. A.B, Yale, 
00, M.S, 04; Ph.D, George Washington, 08. 
Physiol, chemist, hur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 03- 
Int. Cong. Applied Chem, Rome, 06, London, 09. 



A,A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Biol. Chem; Ass. Agr. 
Chem; Wash. Acad. Metabolism experiments 
with organic and inorganic phosphorus; meat 
extracts and similar preparations; cold storage; 
metabolism; enzymes; insecticides; fungicides. 

Cook, Harold J(ames), Agate, Nebr. Vertebrate 
paleontology, Geology. Cheyenne, Wyo, July 31, 
87. Nebraska, 07-08; Columbia, 09. Mem. 
State Geol. Surv, Nebr, 06-; field staff. Am. Mu- 
seum Nat. Hist. 09. A. A; Paleont. Soc; Ass. 
Petrol. Geol; Min. and Metal. Eng; Forestry 
Ass; hon. life mem. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist; assoc. 
mem. Archeol. Inst; Nebr. Acad. New fossil 
vertebrates; Tertiary geology-. 

Cook, Dr. Margaret H (arris), 122 W. Linn St, 
Bellefonte, Pa. Zoology. Bellefonte, May 14, 
74. B.S, Pennsylvania, 04, Ph.D, 08. Instr. 
zool, Wellesley, 08-16. A.A; Soc. Zool. Sper- 
matogenesis in Lepidoptera ; origin and distri- 
bution of taste buds in Squalus aeanthias. 

Cook, Dr. Marjorie W(eston), University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkelev, Calif. Bacteriology. Vv'oon- 
socket, E. I, July 16, 89. A.B, Mt. Holyoke, 11 ; 
A.M, Brown, IS, Ph.D, 19 ; fellow, Northwestern, 
19. Research asst, H. K. Mulford Co, 12-17; 
asst. bacteriologist, board of health. Providence, 
R. I, 18-19; research feVow iacter, California, 
19- Soc. Bact. Immunity; hemolytic action of 

Cook, Prof. Mel(ville) T(hiirston), New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. *Plant pathology. Coffeen, 111, 
Sept. 20, 69. A.B, Stanford, 94; A.M, De Pauw, 
01; fellow, Ohio State, 01-02, Ph.D, 04. Prin- 
cipal, high sch, Vandalia, 111, 94-95; instr. biol, 
De Pauw, 95-97, prof, 97-04; plant pathologist, 
Cuban Exp. Sta, Santiago, 04-07; Del. Exp. Sta, 
07-11; prof, plant path, Butgers, and plant 
pathologist, N. J. Exp. Sta, and State Dept. 
Agr, 11- Lecturer human embryol, Central Col. 
Physicians and Surg, Indianapolis, 02-03; comp. 
anat, Med. Col. of Ind. 03-04. A.A. (see'y, G, 
18); Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc. (v. 
pros, 16, pres, 17); Ass. Econ. Entom; Entom. 
Soc; Ecol. Soc; Ind. Acad. Vegetable galls; 
embryology; tannin; text books on botany. 

Cook, O(rator) F(uller), Lanham, Md. * Biology. 
Clyde, N. Y, May 28, 67. Ph.B, Syracuse, 90. 
Instr, Syracuse, 90-91; special agent in Liberia, 
N. Y. State Colonization Soc, 91-98; special 
agent, U. S. Dept. Agr, 98-01, botanist for 
tropical agr, 01-09, hionomist in charge acclima- 
tisation and adaptation investigations, 09- 
Asst. curator crj^jt. bot. and custodian myria- 
pods, U. S. Nat. Museum. A.A; Bot. Soc; Ass. 
Geog; Wash. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc; Wash. 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Anthrop. Soc; Wash. Bot. 
Soc. Tropical agriculture; African coloniza- 
tion; taxonomy; evolution; Myriapoda; palms; 
origins and histories of tropical economic 
plants; heredity, acclimatisation and adapta- 
tion, especially of cotton and corn. 
Cook, Dr. S(amuel) R(ichard), 755 Emry St, San 
Jose, Calif. Experimental physics. Minden, 
Can, Feb. 14, 65. B.S, Michigan, 95, M.S, 97; 
fellow, Nebraska, 97-99, A.M, 98; fellow, Cor- 
nell, 04-05, Ph.D, 05; Berlin, 06-07. Principal, 
high sch, Wahoo, Nebr, 99-01; instr. physics and 
chem, Washburn, 01-02; physics, Case, 02-04; 
prof, physics, and astron, Allegheny, 05-06; 

physics and math, Pacific (Calif), 07- A.A; 
Physical Soc ; Nebr. Teachers Physics and Chem. 
(pres, 99). Escape of gases from planetary at- 
mospheres; flutings in sound waves; permanency 
of planetary atmospheres; theory of the electric 
rectifier; velocity of sound at the temperature 
of liquid air. 

Cook, Prof. William AdelTjert, Vermilion, S. Dak. 
Education. Neponset, 111, Aug. 31, 81. A.B, 
Illinois, 02, A.M, 11; fellow, Wisconsin, 11-13, 
Ph.D, 13. High sch. visitor, Colorado, 13-18; 
prof, secondary educ. South Dakota, 18-19, 
educ, 19- Educational administration; ability 
in typewriting and stenography; spelling; school 

Cooke, Dr. C(harles) Montague, Jr, P. O. Box 
717, Honolulu, Hawaii. Zoology. Honolulu, 
Dec. 22, 74. A.B, Yale, 97, Ph.D. 01. Curator 
Fulmonata, Bishop Museum, 02- London Mala- 
eol. Soc. Hawaiian Pulmonata. 

Cooke, Dr. C(harles) Wythe, U. S. Geological 
Survey, Washington, D. C. Geology. Baltimore, 
Md, July 20, 87. A.B, Hopkins, 08, fellow, 11- 
12, Ph.D, 12. Geologist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 
10- A.A; Geol. Soc; Paleont. Soc; Wash. 
Acad; Wash. Geol. Soc. Geology and paleontol- 
ogy of the Coastal Plain; Tertiary Mollu?ca of 
the West Indies; Mississippian of Maryland. 

Cooke, Prof. H(ereward) L (ester), Princeton TJni' 
versitv, Princeton, N. J. Physics. Montreal, 
Can, March 26, 79. A.B, McGill, 00, A.M, 03; 
1851 Exhibition scholar, Cambridge, 03-06. 
Demonstrator physics, McGill, 02-03 ; asst. prof, 
Princeton, 06-19, prof, 19- Physical Soc; Soc. 
de Physique. Experimental physics; density of 
ice; radioactivity; thermionics; surveying with 
aeroplane photographs. 

Cooke, Prof. J(ean) V(aljean), Washington Uni- 
versity Medical School, St. Louis, Mo. Pediat- 
rics. Brownsville, Pa, June 19, 83. A.B, West 
Virginia, 03; Yale, 04; M.D, Hopkins, 08. 
Instr. path, Univ. and Bellevue Hosp. Med. Col, 
08-10; res. pathologist. Pa. Hosp, Phila, 10-11; 
instr. path, Tulane, 11-12; asst. prof. path, and 
director, lab. animal exp, California, 12-17; 
assoc. pediat, Washington (St. Louis), 18-20, 
assoc. prof, 20- Asst. physician, St. Louis Child 
Hosp, 18- A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; Soc. 
Bact; Soc. Exp. Biol, (see'y, Pacific Coast 
branch, 13-17) ; Cent. States Pediat. Soc. Bae- 
teriolog}-; metabolism after parathyroidectomy; 
intestinal obstruction; proteose intoxication; 
tuberculosis; hereditary syphilis. 

Cooke, Dr. Robert A(nderson), 375 Park Ave, 
New York, N. Y. Medicine. Holmdel. N. J. 
A.B, Rutgers, 00, A.M, 04; M.D, Columbia, 04. 
Assoc, attending physician, N. Y. Hosp, 20-; 
N. Y. Post-Grad. Hosp, 20-; lecturer applied 
Immunol, med. col, Cornell, 20- Soc. Clin. In- 
vest; Harvey Soc. Human h j'persensitiveness ; 
allergy; anaphylaxis. 

Cooke, Prof. Thomas F(owke), 618 Delaware Ave, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Physics. New York, N. Y, Feb. 
15, 83. M.E, Columbia, 04. Physicist, N. Y, 
State Inst. Study Malignant Diseases, 17-20; 
asst. prof, physics, Buffalo. 

Coolbaugh, M(elviUe) F(uller), Golden. Colo. 
Chemistry. Monroe Co, Pa, Feb. 8, 77. B.S, 



Colo. Col, 02; A.M, Columbia, 05. Instr. chem, 
Colo. Col, 02-04; asst, Columbia, 05; prof, S. 
Dak. Sch. Mines, 05-14; asst. prof, Case, 15- 
17; prof, Colo. Sch. Mines, 17-19. With offense 
div, C.W.S, 18. Chem. Soc; Min. and Metal. 
Eng. The determination of antimony and lead; 
complex ore treatment. 

Cooley, Dr. J(acquelin) S(mitli), U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. Botany. 
Middletown, Va, July 24, 83. A.B, Randolph- 
Macon, OC; M.S, Va. Polytech, 11; Lackland 
fellow, Washington (St. Louis), 12-14, Ph.D, 
14. Asst. plant path, Va. Exp. Sta, 11-12 ; 
scientific asst, asst. pathologist and later pathol- 
ogist, bur. plant indust, U. S. Dept. Agr. A.A; 
Bot. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Plant pathology; 
plant physiology; effect of cedar rust upon the 
assimilation of COj by apple leaves; apple 
foliage diseases; transpiration of sprayed plants; 
phy.siology of Sclerotina cinerea. 

Cooley, Prof. M(ortimer) E(lwyn), University of 
Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mechanical engi- 
neering. Canandaigua, N. Y, March 28, 55. 
Grad, U. S. Naval Acad, 78; hon. M.E, Michi- 
gan, 84; asst. engineer, U.S.N, 80-85; prof. 
mech. eng, Michigan, 81-, dean, eng. dept, Oi- 
Chief engineer, U.S.N, 98; mem. jury awards, 
state educ. and marine engineer committees, 
Columbian Expos, 93; past asst. engineer, 
M.S.N.B, 95-; mem. jury awards, Pan-Am. 
Expos, 01. A.A. (v. pres, 98) ; Mcch. Eng. (v. 
pres, 02); Naval Eng; Nat. Ass. Std. Eng; 
Mich. Eng. Soc. (pres, 03); Detroit Eng. Soc. 
Carbon bisulphid engine; water friction of 
pumping engines; physical values of railroad, 
telephone, telegraph, plank roads and river im- 
provement properties in Michigan; tests of 
steam and hydraulic mnohinory. 

Cooley, Prof. RCobert) A (Hen), Montana Agri- 
cultural College, Bozcman, Mont. Entomology. 
Deerfield, Mass, June 27, 73. B.S, Mass. Col. 
and Boston, 95. Asst. entomologist, Mass. Exp. 
Sta, 95-99; prof. 200I. and entom, Mont. Col, 
and entomologist, Mont. Exp. Sta, 99-; .Hate 
entomologist, Mont, 03- A.A; Ass. Econ. 
Entom. Coccidne; Orthoptera. 

Coolidge, Prof. Algernon, 613 Beacon St, Boston, 
Mass. Laryngology. Boston, Jan. 24, 60. A.B. 
Harvard, 81, M.D, 86. Laryngologvit, Mass. 
Gen. no.ip, 9S-; instr. laryngol. Harvard Med. 
Sch, 9.3-96, asst. prof, 06-il, prof, 11- Laryn- 
gol. Ass. (pres, 09) ; Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otol. 
Soc ; Climat. Ass. Diseases of nose and throat. 

Coolidge, Prof. J(ulian) L(owell), 27 Fayer- 
weatlior St, Crimliridge, Mass. *Mathematics. 
Brooklino. Mass, Sept. 28. 73. A.B, Harvard, 
95; B.S, Oxford, 97; Ph.D, Bonn, 04. Teacher 
math, Groton Sch, Mass, 97-99; instr, Harvard, 
99-08, a.sst. prof, 08-18, prof, 18- Chevalier 
L6gion d'honncur; Officier de 1 'Instruction Pul). 
Major, TJ.S.A, 17-19. Math. Soc. (v. pres. 18) ; 
Math. Ass; Am. Acad; Oxford Soc. Modern 

Coolidge, Dr. W(illiam) D(avid), Research Labora- 
tory, General Electric Company, Schenectady, 
N. Y. *Physical chemistry. Hudson, Mass, Oct. 
23, 73. B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 96; Ph.D, Leip- 
zig, 99. Asst. physics, Mass. Inst. Tech, 97; 
Leipzig, 99; instr. physical chem, Mass. Inst. 

Tech, 01-03, asst. prof, physico-chem. research, 
04-05; research physico-chemist. Gen. Elec. Co, 
05-08, asst. director, research lab, 08- Rumford 
premium, Am. Acad, 14; medal of honor, 
Panama-Pacific Expos. Physical Soc; Electro- 
chem. Soc; Chem. Soc; Elec. Eng; Am. Acad; 
Rontgen Ray Soc; Radiol. Soc; N. Y. Chemists 
Club; London Rontgen Ray Soc; Soc. de radiol. 
de Med. de France. Measurement of the dielec- 
tric constant of liquids; conductivity of aqueous 
solutions at high temperatures (up to 306 C) ; 
ductile tungsten; X-ray tube with pure electron 

Coombs, Dr. Helen C(opeland), 437 W. 59th St, 
New York, N. Y. Physiology. St. Joseph, Mo, 
July 25, 91. A.B, Columbia, 11, B.S, 14, A.M, 
15, Ph.D, 18. Asst. physiol, Columbia, 17-18, 
instr, 19- A.A; Soc. Exp. Biol. Nervous 
mechanism of respiration in Mammalia; mech- 
anism of intra-abdominal pressure. 

Coon, Prof. J(ohn) S(ayler), School of Technol- 
ogy', Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical engineering. 
Burdett, N. Y. M.E, Cornell, 77 ; Sc.D, Georgia. 
With Calumet and Hecla Mining Co, 79-86; 
prof. mech. eng, Tennessee, 88-89; Ga. Tech, 
89- Mech. Eng. 

Coons, Prof. G(eorge) H(erbert), Michigan Agri- 
cultural College, East Lansing, Mich. Botany. 
Bloomington, HI, Nov. 2, 85. A.B, Illinois, 08; 
A.M, Nebraska, 11, Ph.D. Adj. prof. agr. bot, 
Nebraska, 09-10; research asst. plant path, 
Mich. Agr. Col, 10, assoc. prof, bot, and plant 
pathologist. A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. Soc; 
Mich. Acad. (v. pres, 16). Ecology of Sand 
Point and Dickinson Co, Mich; rust; index 
of Michigan fungi; potato and apple diseases. 

Coony, Rev. J(ohn) P(atrick), S. J, St. Louis 

University, St. Louis, Mo. Chemistry, Mathe- 
'matics. Edina, Mo, July 22, 62. St. Marv 's 
Col, Kans, 84; St. Louis, 87-93, 99-01, 03-04; 
Woodstock (Md), 97-99; Ph.D, Hopkins, 03. 
Asst. math, St. Louis, 93-97; prof, chem, Mar- 
quette, 07; sch. med, St. Louis, 07- Chemist, 
St. Louis Univ. tropical med. exped, 15. Chem. 
Soc. Comparison of electrolytioally formed 
semipermeable membranes regarding activity, 
permanence and reliability for osmotic pressure 
measurements; variations in blood sugar and 
blood nitrogen. 

Cooper, Dr. A(rthur) R(euben), 508 S. Honore 

St, Chicago, 111. Zoology. Brinston, Out, Oct. 
30, 88. B.A, Toronto, 10, M.A, 11; fellow, Illi- 
nois, 15-17, Ph.D, 17; Can. Lake Biol. Sta, sum- 
mers. 09-12, fellow, 12-14; Marine Biol. Sta, 
St. Andrews, N. B, summers, 13-14; Woods 
Hole, summer, 16. Asst. biol, Toronto, 09-11, 
demonstrator zool, 11-12, lecture demonstrator, 
14-15; instr, med, Illinois, 17-19, assoc. anat, 
19-20, asst. prof, 20- Research asst, biol. sta, 
Michigan, summer, 17. A.A; Micros. Soc. 
Parasitologj-; trematodes; cestodes from fishes. 

Cooper, Dr. F(rank) L(awrence), Yale University, 
New Haven, Conn. Physics. Owosso, Mich. 
April 26, 7.5. B.S, Michigan, 00, A.M, 04; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 07. Teacher physics and chem, 
high sch, Manistee, Mich, 00-01; East Aurora, 
111, 01-03; asst. physics, Michigan, 03-04; 
Hopkins, 06-07; instr, Yale, 07- A.A; assoc. 



mem. Physical Soc; Eng. Educ; Cent. Ass. Sei. 
and Math* Teachers. Light. 

Cooper, Dr. H(erinon) C(harles), College of the 
City of New York, New York, N. Y. Electro- 
chemistry. Glen Ellyn, 111, Nov. 22, 75. Ph.B, 
Beloit, 96, A.M, 99; Ph.D, Heidelberg, 99. 
Instr. chem, high sch, Lincoln, Nebr, 00-01; 
Syracuse, 01-03; research assoc, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 03-04; asst. prof, Syracuse, 04-06, assoc. 
prof, 06-12, prof, 12-18 ; asst. prof, Col. City of 
N.Y,18~ Lecturer, Chicago, summer, 10. A.A; 
Chem. Soc. (sec'y, Syracuse sect, 06-09, pres, 
09-10); Physical Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Ass. 
Prof. History of chemistry; organic chemistry; 
racemic compounds; electric conductivity of 
aqueous solutions at high temperatures; lead 
silicates; silicates and borates; fluorids. 

Cooper, J(ohn) R(alph), Fayetteville, Ark. Horti- 
culture. Washington, Iowa, April 18, 84. B.S, 
Kansas State, 12; M.S, Nebraska. Asst. hort, 
Kansas State, 12; asst. prof, Nebraska, 12-14, 
assoc, 14-17; horticulturist, Arkansas, 17- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Soc. Hort. Sci; Pomol. Soc. 
Horticulture; plant breeding, physiology and 
nutrition; disease resistance. 

Cooper, Dean Thomas P(oe), University of Ken- 
tucky, Lexington, Ky. Agriculture. Pekin, 111, 
March 2, 81. B.S, Minnesota, 08. Statist, 
agent, Minn. Exp. Sta, and special agent, bur. 
statist, U. S. Dept. Agr, 02-07; asst. farm man- 
agement and instr. agr. eeon, Minnesota, 08-11; 
director, N. Dak. Exp. Sta, 14-17; dean and 
director, agr. col, Kentucky, 18- A.A; Soc. 
Agron; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Farm Econ. Ass. 
Farm management; agricultural economics. 

Cooper, Dr. William S(kinner), University of 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Plant ecology. 
Detroit, Mich, Aug. 25, 84. B.S, Alma, 06; 
Hopkins, 07-08; fellow, Chicago, 10-11, Ph.D, 

11. Lecturer ecol, Stanford; asst. prof, hot, 
Minnesota. Asst. plant ecol, sta. for exp. evo- 
lution, Carnegie Institution summer, 07. A.A; 
Ecol. Soc; fel. Bot. Soc. Ecology of Great 
Lakes region; ecology of mosses; alpine vegeta- 
tion of Colorado; chaparral; distribution of red- 
wood; strand vegetation of Pacific Coast; vege- 
tation of southeastern Alaska. 

Coover, Dr. J(olm) E(dgar), Stanford Univer- 
sity, Calif. Psychology. Eemington, Ind, March 
16, 72. A.B, Stanford, 04, A.M, 05, Ph.D, 12. 
Principal schools, Como, Colo, 98-99; Tuolumne 
Co. High Sch, Sonora, Calif, 05-07; high sch, 
Dixon, Calif, 07-10; asst. psychol, Stanford, 10- 

12, fellow psychical research, 12-, asst. prof, 
psychol, 14- Capt, Sanit. C, 18. A.A; Psychol. 
Ass. Education; psychical research; subliminal 
impressions; formal discipline; expert perform- 
ance in typing; assimilation of sound in speech; 
sensory thresholds and the unconscious; selection 
of aviators; statistical procedures. 

Coover, Prof. Winfred F, Ames, Iowa. Chemistry. 
Dayton, Ohio, May 29, 75. A.B, Otterbein, 00; 
A.M, Ohio State, 03. Asst. prof, chem, Iowa 
State, 04-13, prof, and head of dept, 13- A.A; 
Chem. Soc. Analytical chemistry. 

Cope, Prof. Thomas D(arlington), University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Physics. West 
Chester, Pa, Dec. 28, 80. A.B, Pennsylvania, 

03, Ph.D, 15; Berlin, 12-13. Instr. physics, 
Pennsylvania, 06-13, asst. prof, IS- Capt, Bur. 
Aircraft Production, 18. A.A; assoc. Physical 
Soc; Franklin Inst; Wash. Philos. Soc. Indus- 
trial physics; apparatus. 

Copeland, Dr. E(dwln) B(ingham), Chico, Calif. 
*Botany. Monroe, Wis, Sept. 30, 73. Wiscon- 
sin, 91-94; A.B, Stanford, 95; Leipzig, 9.5-96; 
Ph.D, Halle, 96; Wisconsin, 96-97, 98; Chicago, 
00-01. Asst. prof, bot, Indiana, 97-98; State 
Nor. Sch, Chico, Calif, 99; West Virginia, 99- 
00, prof, 00-01; instr, Stanford, 01-03; botanist, 
Philippine Govt, 03-08 ; supt, Sch. of Agr, P. 1, 
08-09; dean and prof, plant physiol, col. agr, 
Univ. Philippines, 09-17. Prof, crypt, bot. Cold 
Spring Harbor, 01. A.A; Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; 
Bot. Cent. States; Wis. Acad; Philippine Nat. 
Hist. Soc. Agricultural plant physiology; tax- 
onomy of ferns. 

Copeland, Dr. Lennie Phoebe, Wellesley College, 
WeUesley, Mass. Mathematics. Bangor, Maine, 
March 30, 81. B.S, Maine, 04; A.M, Wellesley, 
11; Ph.D, Pennsylvania, 13. Teacher, high sch, 
05-10; instr. math, Wellesley, 13-19, asst. prof, 
19- Math. Soc; Math. Ass. Algebra of in- 

Copeland, Prof. Manton, Brunswick. Maine. Zool- 
ogy. Taunton, Mass, July 24, 81, B.S, Har- 
vard, 04, M.S, 05, Ph.D, 08. Asst. zool. Har- 
vard and Eadeliffe, 04-08 ; instr. hiol, Bowdoin, 
08-09, asst. prof, 09-10, prof. 10- A.A; Soc. 
Zool; assoc. Ornith. Union;' Soc. lehthyol. and 
Herp; Soc. Mammal; Wash. Biol. Soc; Nuttall 
Ornith. Club; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. Physiol- 
ogy; mammalogy; animal reactions; spermato- 
genesis in Apis and Vespa. 

Copeland, Prof. W(illiam) F(ranklin), State Nor- 
mal College, Athens, Ohio. Botany. Tappan, 
Ohio. Aug. 16, 72. Ph.B, Ohio (Athens), 02. 
Ph.M, 03, Ph.D, 07. Asst. biol. and geol, Ohio 
{Athens), 02-05, bot, 07, prof, elementary sci- 
ence, 07- A.A; Soc. Nat; Nature Study Soc; 
Ohio Acad. Periodicity in Spirogyra. 

Copeland, W(illia)m E(ogers), Sewage Commis- 
sion, City Hall, Milwaukee, Wis. Biology, Chem- 
istry. Castleton, Vt, Oct. 23, 68. A.B. Harvard, 
92; Mass. Inst. Tech, 93. Asst. bacteriologist 
and chief, bacter. exp. sta, Mass. State Board 
of Health, 93-97; bacteriologist, Filtration Com- 
mission of Pittsburgh, 97-99; Bur. of Water- 
supply, Pittsburgh, 99-00 ; chief bacteriologist, 
Bur. of Water-supply, Phila, 01-04; bacteriolo- 
gist. Sewage Testing Sta. Columbus, Ohio, 04- 
05; Pittsburgh Filtration Commission, 05-07; 
chemist in charge, Water Purification Works, 
and consulting chemist. Sewage Purification 
Works, Columbus, 08-11 ; chemist. Metropolitan 
Sewage Commission, N. Y. City, 11-13; chemist 
in charge, srwarre trstinn sfa. Mihranl-rr. If 
Civil Eng. Bacteriology and micro-organisms in 
drinking waters; purification of water-supplies; 
water softening; sewage purification; activated 

Coplin, Dr. W(illiam) M, L(ate), .TeflFersnn Medi- 
cal College, Philadelphia, Pa. Pathology. Clarks- 
burg, W. Va, Nov, 1, 64. M.D, JefFerson Med. 
Col, 86. Intern, Jefferson Med. Col. Hosp, 86- 
87, asst. demonstrator morbid anat, Jefferson 
Med. Col, 87-89j demonstrator, 89-94, pro/, path. 



and hacter, 96- Adj. prof, path, Phila. Poly- 
clinic, 89-92; A. A. surgeon, U. S. Marine Hosp. 
Service, 90-93; lecturer hygiene, Jefferson Med. 
Col, 92-95; pathologist. Phila. Hosp, 92-95, 96, 
pres, staff, 20-; bacteriologist. Pa. State Board 
of Health, and surgeon, St. Mary's Hosp, 93- 
95; prof. path, and bacter, Vanderbilt, 95-96; 
director, dept. pub. health and charities, Phila, 
05-07; med. director, Jefferson Hosp, 07-12; 
Phila. (Blockley) Hosp; Friends' Asylum for 
Insane, Frankford; director, base hospital No. 
38, and laboratories, third army, A.E.F, 19. 
A.A; Pub. Health Ass; Philos. Soc; Phila. Col. 
Physicians. Bacteriology. 

Corbett, Dr. James Frank, University of Minne- 
sota, Minneapolis, Minn. Experimental surgery. 
M.D, 96. Bacteriologist, Board of Health, 
Minneapolis, 98 ; pathologist, city hosp, Min- 
neapolis; asst. prof. surg. path, Minnesota, 07- 
10, assoc. prof. exp. surg. and later assoc. 
prof, surg, 10- Lieut, col, M.C. Am. Med. Asa ; 
Soc. Pharmacol; Col. Surg; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; West. Surg, and Gynec. Asa; Minn. Acad; 
Minn. Acad. Med. Pathology; bacteriology; 
transfusion; surgery of the kidney; periosteum; 
thyroid; blood-vessel anastomosis; early diag- 
nosis of carcinoma. 

Corbett, Prof. L(atirence) J (ay), 1230 First Ave, 
San Francisco. Calif. Electrical engineering. 
Saratoga, Calif, May 19, 77. B.S. (E.E), CaU- 
fornia, 02. With Gen. Elec. Co, 02-03; with 
various indust. firms, Calif, and Wash, 03-06; 
consulting engineer, 06-11; assoc. prof. elec. 
eng, Idaho, 11-12, prof, 12-18; capt, corps en- 
gineers, 18-19; with Fed. Board Vocational 
Educ, 19; ad. interim assoc. prof. mech. eng, 
California, 20; valiuition, dept, Pacific Gas and 
Elec. Co, 20- A.A; Elec. Eng; Elec. Ey. Ass; 
Eng. Educ. Electrical apparatus; oscillography. 

Corbett, Prof. L(ee) C Cleveland), Takoma Park, 
Washington. D. C. Horticulture. Watkins, N. 
Y, Oct. 21, 67. B.S, Cornell, 90, M.S, 96. Asst. 
horticulturist, Cornell, 91-93; prof. hort. and 
forestry, S. Dak. Col, 93-95; West Virginia, 
95-01; horticultxirist, V. S. Dept. Agr, 01- Sil- 
ver medal, Paris Expos, 01. A.A; Pomol. Soc; 
Soc. Hort. Sci; Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci; Wash. Bot. 
Soc. Propagation of plants by cuttings; th 
effect of incandescent gaslight on plants; com- 
parative rate of transpiration of leaves under 
varying conditions; intensive farming. 

Cordley, Dean A(rthur) B(urton), Agricultural 
College, Corvallis, Oregon. Entomology. Pinck- 
ney, Mich, Feb. 11, 64. B.S, Mich. Agr. Col, 
88, M.S, 00, Sc.D, 17. entom. Vermont, 
90-91; asst. entomologist, TJ. S. Dept. Agr, 91- 
93; prof. zool. and cntom, Oregon Col, 9.5-07, 
dean agr, 07-, director, Exp. Sta, 14- A.A; 
Soc. Prom. Agr. Sci. Economic entomology; 
plant pathology. 

Corey, S(amuel) A(rthur), 1079 23rd St, Des 
Moinpg, Iowa. Mathematics. Fairfield, Towa, 
Sept. 12, 61. A.A; Math. Soc; Edinburgh Math. 
Soc; Soc. astron. de France; Circolo Mat. di 
Palermo. Methods of approximation; linear as- 
sociative algebra. 

Coriat, Dr. Isador H(enry), 416 Marlborough St, 
Boston, Mass. Neurology, Psychiatry. Phila- 
delphia, Pa, Dec. 10, 75. M.D, Tufts, 00; Har- 

vard, 09-10. Asst. physician, Worcester State 
Hosp, 00-05; first asst. visiting physician. Bos- 
ton City Hosp, 05-; instr. neur. Tufts, 14-16. 
Neurologist, Mt. Sinai Hosp, 05-14; consulting 
neurologist, Frost Hosp, Chelsea, 10-; Forsyth 
Dental Infirmary, 16-; Beth Israel Hosp, 18-; 
neurologist, Med. Advisory Board; contract sur- 
geon, U.S. A; collaborating ed, 'Jour. Abnormal 
Psychol,' 06- Int. Med. Cong, London, 13. 
Psychol. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Medico-Psychol. 
Ass; Psychopath. Ass; Psychoanal. Ass; Ass. 
Study Int. Secretions; Boston Med. Library Ass; 
British Soc. Study Inebriety. Psychopathology ; 
psychoanalysis; nervous and mental diseases; 
chemistry of the nervous system; sleep; hyp- 
nosis; colored hearing; stammering; racial psy- 
chopathology; family idiocy; memory; literary 
criticism; repressed emotions; nerve regenera- 

Corlett, Prof. William Thomas, 3618 Euclid Ave, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Dermatology. Orange, Ohio, 
April 15, 54. Oberlin, 70-73; M.D, Wooster, 
77; London Hosp, 79-81, L.E.C.P, London, 81; 
Hopital St. Louis, Paris, 81; hon. M.D, Western 
Reserve, 82. Demonstrator anat, Wooster, 78, 
registrar and prof, dermat. and genito-urinary 
diseases, 82-85; acting prof. Western Reserve, 
85-93, prof, dermat. and syphilol, 93-14, senior 
prof, 14- Am. Med. Ass. (chairman, dermat. 
sect, 99) ; Dermat. Ass. (pres, 04) ; Cleveland 
Acad. Med; fel. Royal Soc. Med. Diseases of 
the skin; dermatoses due to vegetable parasites; 

Comelison, Dr. B(obert) W(ilson), 275 W. Sum- 
mit St, SomerviUe, N. J. Chemistry. Wash- 
ington, 111, 69. B.S Illinois, 90; Morgan fellow, 
Harvard, 92-93, Sc.D, 93. Research chemist for 
various companies and consulting chemist, 93 
08; chemist, bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr, 08-09; 
supt, The Cott-a-lap Co, 09-15; gen. manager, 
Calco Chem. Co, 15-16; pres. and gen. manager, 
Peerless Color Co, 16- Lecturer org. chem, sum- 
mer Bch, Harvard, 92, 93; Brooklyn Inst, 05. 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Soc. Chem. Indust. Organic 
chemistry; production of fast dyes. 

Cornelius, Prof. David W(llliam), University of 
Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tenn. Physics. Lin- 
ton, Ind, April 28, 85. A.B, DePauw, 06; Cali- 
fornia, 08-10; fellow, Illinois, 10-12, Ph.D, 12. 
Asst. physics, DePauw, 05-06; Purdue, 0&-08; 
California, 08-10; prof, physics and eng, Ot- 
tawa, 12-13; asst. prof, physics and astron, 
Kansas, 13-15; instr. physics, Missouri. 15-17; 
prof, Alma, 17-20, Chattanooga, 20- Physical 
Soc. Velocity of electrons in the photo-electric 
effect, as a function of the wave-lengths of the 
light; high resistance; a liquid high resistance 
as a substitute for a Bronson re45istance. 

Cornell, Prof. Clare Brown, University of Ken- 
tucky, Lexington, Kv. Psycholoqy. Michigan, 
March 16, 83. A.b', Nebraska,' 05, A.M, 12, 
Ph.D, 15. Instr. psychol, Nebraska, 12-18; 
assoc. prof, KentucTcy, 18- Educational meas- 
urements; effect of tonsilectomy on mental 

Comer, Prof. George W(aslilngton), 4509 Maine 
Ave, Forest Park, Baltimore, Md. Anatomy. 
Baltimore, Dec. 12, 89. A.B, Hopkins, 09, M.D, 
13. Asst. anat, Hopkins, 13-14; res. house of- 



ficer, Hopkins Hosp, 14-15; asst. prof, anat, 
California, 15-19; assoc. prof, HopJcins, 19- 
Surg, asst, Labrador Med. Mission, summers, 12, 
13. Ass. Anat; Soc. Exp. Biol. Physiological 
anatomy; histology; history of medicine. 

Comman, Dr. Oliver P(erry), 422 Church Lane, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Pedagogy, Psychology. Phil- 
adelphia, Aug. 26, 66. A.B, Cent. High Sch, 
Phila, 84, A.M, 89; Pennsylvania, 94-99, Ph.D, 
99. Supervising principal, Northwesrt Sch, Phila, 
92-06, dist. supt. schools. 06-09, lusoc. supt, 09- 
Lecturer child psychol, Pennsylvania, 98-04. 
A.A. Spelling in elementary schools. 

Corper, Dr. H(arry) J(ohn), 1426 Steel St, Den- 
ver, Colo. Pathology. ClucRgo. March 5, 
84, B.S, Chicago, 00, Ph.D, 11 ; M.D, Rush Med. 
Col, 11. Asst. path, Chicago, 07-09; physiol, 
Illinois, 09-10; path, Chicago, 11-14; lab. direc- 
tor, Chicago Munic. Tuber. Sanitarium, 14^18; 
chief, lab. service, U.S.A. Gen. Hosp. 16, 18-19; 
director research, Nat. Jewish Hosp. for Con- 
sumptives, 19- Lecturer chem. and health, Chi- 
cago, 04-07, mem. Sprague Mem. Inst, 11-14, 
hon. mem, 14- A.A; Am. Med. Ass; Soc. Biol. 
Chem; Ass. Tuber, (chairman, path, sect, 19); 
Chem. Soe; Ass. Path, and Bact. Autolysis and 
necrosis; therapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis. 

Corse, WCilliam) M(alcolm), Monel Metal Prod- 
ucts Corporation, Bayonne, N. J. Metallurgy. 
Maiden, Mass, May 25, 78. B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 99. Asst. supt, Detroit Lubricator Co, 02- 
09 ; works manager. Lumen Bearing Co, 09-14 ; 
gen. manager, Titanium Bronae Co, 14r-19 ; 
Monel Metal Products Co, 19- Min. and Metal. 
Eng. (director, 20); Chem. Soc; Electrochem. 
Soc; Soc. Test. Mat; Automotive Eng; Chem. 
Eng; British Inst. Metals. Non-ferrous alloys. 

Corson, Dr. E(ngene) E(ollin), 10 James St, W, 
Savannah, Ga. Medicine, Natural science. "Wash- 
ington, D. C, July 20, 55. B.S, Cornell, 75; 
M.D, Hahnemann Med. Col, Phila, 77, and 
Southern Med. Col, Atlanta, Ga, 95. On visit- 
ing staff, Savannah Hosp, 97- Lecturer anat, 
training sch. for nurses. Am. Med. Ass. X- 
rays; anatomy; surgery; surgical pathology; 
the peritoneum and the lymphatics and their re- 
lations to carcinoma; oxygen gas in the perito- 
neal cavity and its influences upon carcinoma 
and tuberculosis in man and cattle. 

Corson, Dr. H(arry) P(each), 11 Ruth St, Lowell, 
Mass. Chemistry, Bacteriology, Concord, N. H, 
Sept. 30, 87. B.S, N. H. Col, 10; Ph.D, Illinois, 
15. Asst. chem, Illinois, 10-14, instr, 15; sanit. 
chemist, XJ. S. Pub. Health Service, 15-17; re- 
search chemist, Celluloid Co, 17-18; chief chem- 
ist, Avery Chem. Co, 18- Chemist and bacteri- 
ologist, 111. State Water Surv, 15. Chem. Soc. 
(see'y, div. water, sewage and sanit, 14-17); 
Soc. Bact; Water Works Ass. Sanitation; 
chemistry and bacteriology of water and sewage; 

Corsonwhite, Dr. E(llen) P(av?ling), 1920 Ritter- 
house St, Philadelphia, Pa. Pathology. Nor- 
ristown. Pa, 74. A.B, Wclleslcy, 97; M.D, 
Woman's Med. Col. of Pa, 02. Assoc, director, 
lab, Am. Oncol. Hosp, 13-18; bacteriologist and 
pathologist, Orthop. Hosp. and Infirmary for 
Nervous Diseases, 14- Asst. pathologist, Phila. 

Zool. Soc. Ass. Path, and Bact. Experimental 
cancer research; neurology; psychiatry. 

Cort, Dr. W(illiam) W (alter), Johns Hopkins 
University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 
Baltimore, Md. Helminthology. Leon, Iowa, 
April 28, 87. A.B, Colo. Col, 09; A.M, Illinois, 
11, Ph.D, 14. Instr. biol, Colo. Col, 12-13; prof, 
Macalester, 14-16; asst. prof, zool, California, 
16-19; assoc. prof, helminth, sch. hygiene aiid 
pub. health, EopJcins, 19- Consulting helmintholo- 
gist, Calif. State Board of Health, 18-19. A.A; 
Soc. Zool; Micros. Soe; West. Soc. Nat. Larval 
stages of digenetic trematodes; excretory system 
of trematodes; frog parasites; hookworm in 
mines of California; human blood flukes; orien- 
tal parasitic diseases in California. 

Cory, Prof. C(larence) I*(inns), Nevada Bank 
Building, San Francisco, Calif. Engineering. 
La Fayette, Ind, Sept. 4, 72. B.M.E, Purdue, 
89; M.M.E, Cornell, 91. Asst. elec. eng, Purdue, 
89-90; prof. Highland Park, 91-92; asst. prof, 
California, 92-98, assoc. prof, 98-01, prof. elec. 
eng. and dean, col. mech, 01- Consulting elee. 
and mech. engineer, San Francisco. Elec. Eng; 
British Inst. Elec. Eng. Long distance trans- 
mission of power with high voltage currents. 

Cory, Prof, E(mest) N(eal), College Park, Md. 
Entomology. Alden, N. Y, Aug. 13, 86. B.S, 
Md. Col, 09, M.S, 13. Asst. eniom, Md. Col, 09- 
11, instr, 11-12, asst. prof, 12-13, assoc. prof, 
entom, 13-14, prof, 14-, asst. entomologist, Exp. 
j?fa, 09-14, entomologist, 14- Ass. Econ. Entom; 
"Wash. Entom. Soc. Economic entomology. 

Cory, H(arry) T(homas), Nevada Bank Build- 
ing, San Francisco, Calif. Civil engineering. 
La Fayette, Ind, May 27, 70. B.M.E, Purdue, 
87, B.C.E, 89; M.C.E, Cornell, 93, M.M.E, 96. 
Prof, civil eng, Missouri, 93-98, civil and sanit. 
eng, 98-00; prof, civil eng. and dean, eng. dept, 
Cincinnati, 00-03 ; engineer, various railroads 
and irrigation development projects, 03-09; 
consulting engineer, 09- Director gen, foreign 
relief. Am. Red Cross, 17-18; engineer, U. S. 
Reclamation Service, 18-20. Civil Eng; Mech. 
Eng. Land surveying; the Imperial Valley and 
the Salton Sea. 

Coryell, Dr. H(oraee) N(oble), Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, N. Y. Paleontology. Brewers- 
vilie, Ind, Feb. 13, 88. A.B, Indiana, 14, A.M, 
16; Ph.D, Chicago, 19. Curator paleont, Colum- 
bia, 19-20, instr. geol. and paleont, 20- Paleont. 
Soc; Ind. Acad. Bryoza of Tennessee and New 
York; the outcrop at Spades, Ind. 

Coste, Eugene, 2208 Amherst St, Calgary, Alta, 
Can. Mining engineering, Geology. Amherst- 
burg, Ont, July 8, 59. B.S, Acad, de Paris, 76; 
diploma, Ecole Xat. Superieure des Mines de 
Paris, 83. Petroleum geologist and mining engi- 
neer. Can. Geol. Surv, 83-89; consulting petro- 
leum engineer and geologist, 89-; prcs. and 
managing director, The Can. West. Nat. Gas 
Light, Heat and Power Co, Ltd, 12- A.A; Geol. 
Soc; Min. Eng; Inst. Petrol. Tech; Can. Min. 
Inst, (pres, 03, 04) ; British Inst. Min. and 
Metal} N. of England Inst. Min. and Mech. 
Eng. Natural gas and petroleum. 

Cottingham, Kenneth (Charles), 1870 N. Fourth 
St, Columbus, Ohio. Geology. Columbus, April 
29, 92. A.B, Ohio State, 13; A.M, 14. Instr. 



geol, Ohio State, 14-17; petrol, engineer, with 
Hager-JRobitaille, 19- With Ohio Geol. Surv. 
A. A; Mech. Enor; Ohio Acad. 

Cotton, E(dwin) C(harles), Ohio Department of 
Agriculture, Columbus, Ohio. Entomology. Am- 
herst, Ohio, Dec. 19, 76. B.S, Ohio State, 05. 
Asst. inspector, div. nurseries and orchards, Ohio 
State Dept. Agr, 01-05; asst. entomologist, La. 
Crop Pest Commission, 06; Tenn. Exp. Sta, 06- 
14; fruit grower, 14-17; chief, bur. hort, Ohio 
Dept. Agr, 17- A. A; Ass. Econ. Entom; Ohio 
Acad. Life history of the North American 
fever tick and of the peach tree borer. 

Cotton, Dr. Frederick J (ay), 520 Commonwealth 
Ave, Boston, Mass. Surgery. Prescott, Wis, 
Sept. 24, 69, A.B, Harvard, 90, A.M, M.D, 94. 
Asst. prof. clin. surg. Tufts, 06-10; assoc. surg, 
Harvard Med. Sch. Visiting surgeon, Boston 
City Hosp; consultant surg, IT. S. Pub. Health 
Service. Col. Surg; Surg. Ass. Bone and joint 

Cotton, Dr. Henry Andrews, New Jersey State 
Hospital, Trenton, N. J. Neurology. Norfolk, 
Va, May 18, 76. M.D, Marvland, 99; hon. 
A.M, St. John's (Md) ; EoyalPsychiat. Clinic, 
Munich, 05-06. Asst. physician. State Hosp, 
Worcester, Mass, 00-03 ; State Hosp, Danvers. 
Mass, 03-07; med. director, N. J. State Hosp, 
07- A. A; Medico-Psychol. Ass; Neur. Ass; 
Psychopath. Ass; Am. Med. Ass; Interstate 
Psyehiat. Soc. (pres, 15-) ; N. Y. Neur. Soc; 
N. Y. Psyehiat. Soc. Psychiatry; paresis and 
tabes dorsalis; fatty degeneration of cerebral 
cortex ; cardio-genetic psychoses ; mental capacity 
in dementia praecox and alcoholic insanity; cy- 
tology of cerebro-spinal fluid; heredity in mental 

Cotton, Prof. W(illiam) J(acobs). National Ani- 
line and Chemical Co, Buffalo, N. Y. Chemistry. 
Bailundu, W. Cent. Africa, April 21, 90. A.B, 
Eipon, 10; M.S, Wisconsin, 11. Asst. chem, 
Wisconsin, 11-13 ; chemist, Lakeside Press, 13- 
14; instr. chem, Butler, 14-16; chem. examiner, 
U. S. Civil Service Commission, 16-18; chemist, 
color lab, bur. chem, U. S. Dept. Agr. 10; 
Nat. Aniline and Chem. Co, 19- Consulting 
chemist, North. Water System Co, Madison, Wis, 
10-15. A.A; Chem. Soc; Physical Soc; Ind. 
Acad. The determination of silica; equilibrium 
in the system silver-thiocyanate and pyridin; 
catalytic sulphonation of the aromatic hydro- 

Cottrell, Prof. F(rederick) G(ardner), Bureau of 
Mines, Washington, D. C. *Chcmistry. Oak- 
land, Calif, Jan. 10, 77. B.S, California, 96, Le 
Conte fellow, 96-97; Berlin, 00; Ph.D, Leipzig, 
02. Teacher chem, high sch, Oakland, Calif, 
97-00; instr. physical chem, California, 02-06, 
asst. prof, 06-11; chief physical chemist, U. S. 
Bur. Mines, 11-14, chief chemist, 14-16, chief 
metallurgist, 16-19, asst. director, 19-20, direc- 
tor, SO- Chairman, div. chem. and chem. tech. 
Nat. Research Council, 20- A.A; Min. and 
Metal. Soc; Chem. Soc; Min. Eng; Electrochem. 
Soc. Physical chemistry. 

Coulter, Dr. John G(aylord), Parmain, France. 
Biology. Hanover, Ind, July 20, 76. Wabash, 80- 
90; Indiana, 01-92; A.B, Lake Forest, 95; fellow, 
Chicago, 97-99, Ph.D, 99. Instr. bot. and geol, 

Syracuse, 99-00; prof, biol, Emory, 01; botanist, 
Educ. Dept, P. I, 02-05; ed, 'The Philippine 
Teacher' and 'The Daily Manila Times/ 04-06; 
prof, biol. 111. State Nor, U7-11; ed. and pub- 
lisher, 'School Science Series,' 12-16. Chief of- 
ficer, garden service, A. E. F, 17-19; command- 
ant nat. science, agr. detachment, A.E.F, 19. 
A.A; Cent. Ass. Sci. and Math. Teachers. Sec- 
ondary education. 

Coulter, Prof. John M(erle), University of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, 111. *Botany. Ningpo, China, Nov. 
20, 51. A.B, Hanover, 70, A.M, 73 ; Ph.D. Indi- 
ana, 82, LL.D, 20. Botanist, Hayden Surv, 72-74 ; 
prof. nat. science, Hanover, 74-79 ; biol, Wabash, 
79-91; pres. and prof, bot, Indiana, 91-93; 
pres, Lake Forest, 93-96; prof, bot, Chicago. 
96- Ed, 'Bot. Gazette,' 75- Nat. Acad; A.A. 
(sec'y, F, 90, v. pres, 91, gen, sec'y, 01, pres, 
19); Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc. (pres, 97-15); Philog. 
Soc; Ass. Prof, (pres, 18); Am. Acad; Bot. 
Cent. States; Wash. Acad; Ind. Acad, (pres, 
86) ; 111. Acad, (pres^ 10) ; Chicago Acad, (pres, 
16-) ; for. mem. Linnean Soc; cor. fel. Edin- 
burgh Bot. Soc. Taxonomic work with seed 
plants; special morphology of gymnosperms and 

Coulter, Dr. Merle Crowe, University of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. Botany. Lake Forest, HI, June 
13, 94. B.S, Chicago, 14, Ph.D, 19. Asst. biol, 
Williams, 14-15; bot, Chicago, 17, assoc, 17-18, 
instr, 18- Plant genetics; inheritance in corn 
and in thallophytes ; sex determination. 

Coulter, Prof. Stanley, Purdue University, La 
Fayette, Ind. *Biology, Botany. Ningpo, China, 
June 2, 55. A.M, Hanover, 77, Ph.D, 89, LL.D, 
08. Prof. biol. and director, biol. lab, Purdue, 
87-, dean of men. Ind. State Board Forestry; 
state Conservation Commission, Ii/d. A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Bot. Soc; Nature Study Soc; Bot. Cent. 
States; Ind. Acad. Flora of Indiana; forest 
trees of Indiana; nature study. 

Coulter, Dr. Victor A(ldine), University, Miss. 
Chemistry. Newton, N. C, July 15, 92. B,S, 
North Carolina, 13, M.S, 14, Ph.D, 16, Instr. 
chem. North Carolina, 16-17; lieut. and capt, 
C.W.S, 17-19; asst. prof, chem, Mississippi, 20- 
Research chemist, Armstrong (Jork Co, summer, 
17. Chem. Soc. Organic chemistry; insulating 

Councilman, Dr. W(illiani) T(horaas), 78 Bay 
State Road, Boston, Mass. *Pathology. Balti- 
more Co, Md, Jan. 1, 54. St. John's (Md), 
68-71; M.D, Maryland, 78, LL.D, 07; Vienna, 
Leipzig and Hopkins, 80-86; hon. A.M, Har- 
vard, 98; Hopkins, 02. Assoc, and assoc. prof. 
path, Hopkins, 86-91; prof. Harvard, 91- Nat. 
Acad; A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact; emer. mem. 
Am. Physicians; Soc. Exp. Biol; Am. Acad. 
Anatomy; pathology; diphtheria; dysentery; 
cerebrospinal meningitis; small-pox; the changes 
of old age; pathological anatomy. 

Courtis, S(tuart) A(ppleton), 246 Eliot St. De- 
troit, Mich. Education. Wyandotte, Mich, May 
15, 74. Mass. Inst. Tech, 97, 99; Chicago, sum- 
mer, 08; Teachers Col, Columbia, summer, 10, 
B.S, 19. Head, dept. science and math, Liggett 
Sch, 98-14 ; supervisor educ. research, pub. 
schools, Detroit, 14-19; director instruction, 
teacher training and research and dean, Detroit 



Teachers Col, 20-; assoc. prof. educ. measure- 
ments, Michigan, 19- Hanus committee of sch. 
inquiry, N. Y. City, 12; consulting director, 
dept. measurement, efficiency and standardiza- 
tion, Oklahoma, 13-; measurement sch. products, 
Gary Sch. Surv, Gen. Educ. Board, 16. A.A. 
(sec'y, L, 12-17, pres. 17). Standard tests; 
standards for school products. 

Courtis, W(iUiam) M(unroe),7 Illinois Rt, Detroit, 
Mich. Metallurgy, Botany. Boston, Mass, Jan. 
7, 42. A.B, Harvard, 64, A.M, 67; diploma, 
Eoyal Mininor Acad, Freiberg, 68. Asst. geol- 
ogist, chemist, assayer, cashier and asst. supt, 
68-72; gen. manager, silver, lead, gold and 
copper smelting -svorks and mines, 72-89; con- 
sulting metallurgist, 89- Asst, Geol. Surv, 
Santo Domingo, 69; lecturer metal. Harvard, 
75; director, several companies; treas, U. S. Pot- 
ash Co. A.A; Mich. Acad; Boston Nat. Hist. 
Soc; Detroit Archeol, Chem. and Eng. Societies. 
Metallurgy; amarillium; ferns; Asclepias cour- 
tisii, Amareuxia and Lillium; graphite; sulphur; 
gold ores in Georgia. 

Coutant, Mrs. Mary Wotherspoon, Barnard Col- 
lege, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 
Botany. A.B, Columbia, 13, A.M, 15. Asst. bot, 
Barnard, Columbia, 13-16, lecturer, 16-18 ; tech- 
nician, Philippine Health Service, 18-19; lec- 
turer hot, Barnard, Columbia, 19-20, instr, 20- 
A.A; Bot. Soc; Torrey Bot. Club. Physiological 
botany and bacteriology; effect of stimulants on 
bacterial growth. 

Ooville, Frederick V(enion), 1836 California St, 
Washington, D. C. ""Botany. Preston. N. Y, 
March 23, 67. A.B, Cornell, 87. Instr. bot, 
Cornell, 87-88 ; asst. botanist, Z7. S. Dept. Agr, 
88'-93, botanist, 93- Curator bot, U. S. Nat. 
Museum, 93-; bot. asst, Ark. Geol. Surv, 87; 
botanist. Death Valley exped, 90-91; adviser 
bot, Carnegie Institution, 02-05. A.A. (v, pres, 
03); Bot. Soc. (pres, 03-04); Ass. G'eog; Ecol. 
Soc; Wash. Acad, (pres, 12); Wash. Biol. Soc. 
(pres, 99-00). Economic, systematic and geo- 
graphic botany; plants of the aborigines; con- 
trol of grazing on the public lands; effect of 
soil acidity on plant growth and distribution; 
domestication and improvement of the blueberry : 
influence of cold in stimulating growth of 

Coville, Dr. Luzerne, 514 E. Buffalo St, Ithaca, 
N. Y. Medicine. Preston, N. Y, Aug. 16, 65. 
B.S, Cornell, 86; M.D, Columbia, 89. Lecturer 
anat, Cornell, 98-00. surg, 00-03. Eochester 
Acad. Med; Ithaca Tuber. Ass, (pros). Typhoid 
epidemics in Ithaca, 1898-1903. 
Cowan, Mrs. Edwina A(bbott), Wichita, Kans. 
Psychology. Chicago, 111, Jan. 6, 87. A.B, Hli- 
nois, 08, A.M, 09; Ph.D, Chicago, 13. Asst. 
psychol, Vassar, 09-12; instr, Tulane, 13. A.A; 
Psychol. Ass; S. Soc. Philos. and Psychol. 
Learning process. 
Cowan, P(hilip) Russell, Central Experimental 
Farm, Ottawa, Can. Plant pathology. Glouces- 
ter, England, April 20, 92. B.S. A, McGill. 
Asst. investigator cereal diseases. Can, 15-17; 
cerealist, Dorninion Exp. Farms, 17- Phytopath. 
Soc. Cereal diseases; cereal breeding. 
Cowdry, Prof. E(dmund) V(incent), Union Med- 
ical College, Peking, China. Anatomy. Mac- 

Leod, Alta, July 18, 88. B.A, Toronto, 09; fel- 
low, Chicago, 10-11, Ph.D, 12. Asst. anat, 
Chicago, 09-12, assoc, 12-13; Hopkins, 13-16; 
prof, PeMng Union Med. Col, 17- Ass. Anat. 
Cytology; endocrinology. 

Cowgill, H(orace) B(ranson), Fort Smith, Ark. 
Agronomy. Sterling, Kans, Oct. 14, 80. A.B, 
Washburn, 05 ; M.S.A, Cornell, 10. Plant breeder, 
Cuban- Am. Sugar Co, 10-11; plant breeder and 
agronomist, P. R. Sugar Planters Exp. Sta. and 
P. E. Insular Exp. Sta, 11-18; office sugar plant 
investigations, bur. plant indust, TJ. S. Dept. 
Agr, 18- A.A; Soc. Agron; Phytopath. Soc. 
Sugar cane. 

Cowie, Dr. D(avid) Murray, University of Michi- 
gan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Medicine. Moncton, 
N. B, Nov. 19, 72. Battle Creek, 89-92; M.D, 
Michigan, 96; Heidelberg, 08. First asst. inter- 
nal med, Michigan, 96-06, instr. pediat, 06-07, 
clin. prof, 07-09, pediat. and internal med, 09- 
19, prof, 19-20, pediat. and infectious diseases, 
20- Assoc, ed, ' Am. Jour. JDiseases of Chil- 
dren,' 12- Ass. Path, and Bact; Am. Med. 
Ass; Soc. Clin. Invest; Pediat. Soc. The acid- 
resisting group of bacteria; hyper-ehlorhydria ; 
effect of oil in gastric functions; occult blood 
tests; gastric juice in the insane; structure^ of 
opsonins; chylous ascities in the newborn; hiru- 
din immunity ; method of obtaining human blood' 
plasma without chemical action; metabolism; 
infectious diseases. 

Cowles, Prof. Henry C (handler), University of 
Chicago, Chicago, 111. *Botany. Kensington, 
Conn, Feb. 27, 69. A.B, Oberlin, 93; fellow, 
Chicago, 95-97, Ph.D, 98. Instr. nat. science. 
Gates, 94-95; asst. bot, Chicago, 97-01, assoc, 
01-02, instr, 02-07, asst. prof, 07-11, assoc. 
prof. bot. and later prof, plant ecol, 11- Field 
asst, U. S. Geol. Surv, 95; assoc. ed, 'Bot. Ga- 
zette,' 98-; 'Jour, of Geog,' 02- A.A. (sec'y, 
G, 08-); Soc. Nat; Bot. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Ass. 
Geog; Bot. Cent. States (sec'y, 07-); Chicago 
Acad. (v. pres, 12, 13) ; Int. Ass. Bot. Eco- 
logical relations of dune vegetation; physio- 
graphic ecology; comparative ecology of dune 
Cowles, Dr. Il(heinart) P(arker), Johns Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. Zoology. Washing- 
ton, low'a, April 8, 72. A.B, Stanford, 99; 
Bruce fellow, Hopkins, 02-04, Ph.D, 04. Asst. 
biol, Hopkins, 04-07, instr, 07-10, assoc, 10-11 ; 
assoc. prof, sool, Univ. Philippines, 11-15; prof, 
15-19; assoc. prof, Eopl'ins, 10- Biologist in 
charge. Gulf Biol. Sta, La. summer, 04; exp. 
bacteriologist, Griffith and Turner Co; investi- 
gator in charge biol. and hydrographie surv, 
Chesapeake Bay, 20- A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool. 
Life history of Phoronis architecta; Ocypoda 
nrennrin ; rearing of Polyixordius; light and con- 
tact with solid walls as factors in the behavior 
of ophiuroids; reactions of starfish to light; 
habits of tropical Crustacea; locomotion of the 
starfish; Palacmons of the Philippine Islands; 
hermit crabs; parthenogenetic ostracods. 

Cowley, Dr. E(lizabeth) B(uchanan), Vassar Col- 
lege, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Mathematics, Astron- 
om\i. Allegheny, Pa, May 22, 74. A.B, Vassar, 
01," A.M, 02; Ph.D, Columbia, OS. Teacher, pub. 
schools, 93-97; instr. math, Vassar, 02-13, asst 



prof, 13-16. assoc. prof, 16- Assoc, ed, 'Rev. 
Semest. Pub. Math.' A.A; Math. Soc; Math. 
Ass. (mem. exec, council). Algebraic curves; 
definite orbit of comet. 

OCX, Dr. Alvin J(oseph), 118 Emerson St, Palo 
Alto, Calif. Chemistry. Lawrence, Kans, June 
14, 75. A.B, Stanford, 01, A.M, 02; Leipzig, 
summer, 02; Breslau, 02-04, Ph.D, 04. Lab. 
asst, Stanford, 99-01, instr. anal, chem, 01-02, 
chom, 04-06; chief chemist, sect, weights, meas- 
ures and mineral analysis, Bur. Science, P. I, 
06-10, div. chemistry, 10-12, asst. director, 12, 
director, 12-19, consulting chem. engineer, 19- 
Chem. Soc. Acid, neutral and basic chromates 
of the difficultly soluble metals; the coals, clays 
and raw cement materials of the Philippines; 
effect of litsea chinensis on the hardening of 
lime mortar; industrial alcohol. 

Cox, Dr. G(uy) H(enry), Bella, Mo. Geology. 
Lehigh, Iowa, May 4, 81. B.S, Northwestern, 
0.^; A.M, Wisconsin, 08, Ph.D, 11; E.M, Mo. 
Sch. Mines, 14. Instr. geol, California, 08; asst. 
prof, miner, and petrog, Mo. Sch. Mines, 09-11, 
prof. geol. and miner, 11-; consulting engineer, 
Cox and Jtadcliffe, 16- Geol. Soc; Min. and 
Metal. Eng; Ass. Petrol. Geol; Eng. Educ. Lead 
and zinc ores; cherts; sphalerite; influence of 
an element upon its compounds; ignition of oil 
and gas wells by lightning. 

Cox, Dr. Henry J(oseph), TJ. S. Weather Bureau. 
Chicago, 111. Meteorology. Newton, Mass, April 
5, 63. A.B, Harvard, 84; hon. A.M, Norwich, 
87, Sc.D, 14. With U. S. Weather Bur, S4-, 
in charge, north-cent, forecast, dist, and the 
corn and wheat region service. District ed, 
'Monthly Weather Rev,' 09-12. A.A; Ass. 
Geog; 111. Acad; Chicago Acad; Chicago Geog. 
Soc. (pres, 05-07). Agricultural meteorology; 
temperature and frost conditions in cranberry 
marshes and orchard regions. 

Cox, Dr. J(ohn) W(esley), TJ. S. Public Health 
Service, Washington, D. C. Pathology. Horse- 
heads, N. Y, Sept. 17, 82. M.D, Syracuse, 12. 
Asst. physiol, Syracuse, 10-11, path, 11-12, 
instr, 12-13; asst. prof. path, and in charge of 
dept. North Dakota, 14-18; with U. S. Puh. 
Health Service, 18- Res. pathologist and ba.?- 
teriologist, Grouse Irving Hosp, Syracuse, 13; 
pathologist, N. Dak. Pub. Health Lab, 14-18. 
Pub. Health Ass; Chem. Soc. Bacteriology; 
blastomycetes; hyphomycetes. 

Cox, W(illiam) TChomas), State Forester, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Forestry. Glenwood, Minn, 
Jan. 25, 78. B.S.F, Minnesota, 06. Various 
positions, U. S. Forest Service; state forester, 
Minn, 11- Lecturer, Minnesota. A.A; Forestry 
Ass; Soc. Foresters; Minn. Forestry Ass; Wash. 
Biol. Soc; Can. Forestrj- Ass. Relation of ani- 
mal life to the forest; reforestation on national 

Coye, John S(tarr), General Chemical Co, Laurel 
Hill, L. I, N. Y. Chemistry. Carson, Iowa, 
Aug, 80. B.S, Iowa State, 02; B.S, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 08. Anal, and consulting chemist, 08-13; 
chief chemist, Iowa Eng. Exp. Sta, 13-18; 
asst. chemist, Gen. Chem. Co, 18- Chem. Soc; 
N. Y. Chemists Club. Inorganic and physical 
chemistry; hydrogon-ion concentration. 

Crabtree, James, Georgetown, Demerara, S. Am. 
Chemistry. Lancashire, England, April 3, 89. 
B.Sc, Manchester, 10, M.S, 13. Research chem- 
ist and bacteriologist sewage disposal, Man- 
chester (England) Corp, 11-15; res. chemist, 
Woburn Exp. Farm, Royal Agr. Soc, 15-20; 
supt, British Guiana Sugar Planters' Exp. Sta- 
tions, SO- Inst. Chem. Gt. Britain and Ireland. 
Agriculture; bacteriology; sugar-cane breeding 
and culture. 
Crabtree, J(olm) I(ckerlngill), Eastman Kodak 
Co, Rochester, N. Y. Chemistry. England, 
March 27, 91. B.Sc, M.Sc, Manchester. Re- 
search chemist, Eastman KodaTc Co, 12- Chem. 
Soc; Inst. Chem. Gt. Britain and Ireland. 
Photographic chemistry; motion picture photog- 
Cragin, Prof. F(rancis) W(Mttemore), 912 E. 
San Miguel St, Colorado Springs, Colo. Geology, 
Zoology, Botany. Greenfield, N. H, Sept. 4, 58. 
Brooklyn Polytech, 75-79; B.S, Harvard, 82; 
Ph.D, Hopkins, 99. Prof. nat. hist, Washburn, 
82-91; geol, Colo. Col, 91-03. Originator and in 
charge, Kans. Biol. Surv, 83-91; geologist, Tex. 
Geol. Surv, 92-93; lecturer geol, summer sch, 
Colorado Springs, 94; co-editor, 'Am. Geolo- 
gist,' 90-96. A.A; Kans. Acad. Systematic 
zoology and botany; lesser known parts of fauna 
and flora of Kansas; paleontology and strati- 
graphic geology ; marine invertebrate paleontol- 
ogy of Texas Jurassic ; history and archeology 
of the far west. 
Craig, Dr. Alex(ander) E(igliter), 535 N. Dear- 
born St, Chicago, 111. Medicine. Columbia, Pa, 
July 31, 68. A.B, Franklin and Marshall, 90, 
A.M, 93, Sc.D, 20; M.D, Pennsylvania, 93. 
Intern, Polyclinic Hosp, Phila, 93-94; practis- 
ing physician, 94- A.A; Am. Med. Ass. (sec'y, 
11-); Am. Acad. Med. (asst. sec'y, 01, 04, 
07-11, .sec'y, 03, pres, 12); Acad. Ophthal. and 
Oto-Laryngol ; Phila. Col. Physicians. 
Craig, Dr. Cha(rle)s F(ranklin), U.S. A, Care Sur- 
geon General's Office, Washington, D. C. *Bac- 
teriology. Danburv, Conn, Julv 4, 72. M.D, 
Yale, 94. hon. A.M' 14. Col, M". C, and pathol- 
ogist and bacteriologist, various army hospitals, 
98-06; asst. curator, Army Med. Museum, 09- 
13; asst. prof, bacter. and clin. diagnosis. Army 
Med. Sch, 09-13 ; assoc. prof, bacter, George 
Washington, 10-11 ; commanding officer, dept. 
lab, cent, dept, U.S. A, Ft. Leavenworth, Kans, 
11-16; dept. lab, No. 2, El Paso, Tex, 16-17, 
army lab, Yale, 17-18; curator, Army Med. 
Museum, 18-20; prof, hacter, parasitol. and 
prev. med. and director, laboratories. Army Med. 
Sch, SO- Mem. U.S.A. board for study of trop- 
ical diseases, Manila, 06-07. Am. Med. Ass; 
Soc. Trop. Med. (pres, 13) ; Ass. Mil. Surg; Lon- 
don Soc. Trop. Med. and Hygiene (local sec'y). 
Protozoology; serology; serology of syphilis; 
etiology of tropical diseases. 
Craig, Dr. C(lyde) F(irman), 311 Elm wood Ave, 
Ithaca, N. Y. Mathematics. Des Moines, Iowa, 
Sept. 4, 81. A.B, Michigan, 04; Ph.D, Cornell, 
08. Instr. and later a.fst. prof, math, Cornell, 
07- Math. Soc. 
Craig, Dr. Joseph D(avis), 12 Ten Broeck St, Al- 
banv, N. Y. Anatomy. Albany, Oct. 5, 56. 
A.B, Union, 80, A.M, 83; M.D, Albany Med. 



Col, 84. Demonstrator anat, Albany Med. Col, 
86-02, asst, 87-90, lecturer, 90-92, adj. prof, 
92-02, prof, 02- Curator, museum, Albany 
Med. Col, 88-; visiting physician, St. Vincent's 
Orphan Asylum, 90-; Albany Hosp, 94-; health 
ofBcer, Albany, 00- Ass. Anat. 

Craig, Prof. Eobert Alexander, West Lafayette, 
Ind. Feterin-ary science. Philadelphia, Pa, 
72. D.V.M, Iowa State, 97. Instr. vet, Iowa 
State, 98; prof. vet. science, Purdue, 99-; asst. 
state veterinarian, Ind, 01-04, veterinarian, 05- 
Vet. Med. Ass; U. S. Live Stock Sanit. Ass; 
Ass. Prof. Animal diseases; swine diseases. 

Craig, Prof, Wallace, Orono, Maine. Psychology. 
Toronto, Can, July 20, 76. B.S, Illinois, 98, 
M.S, 01; Ph.D, Chicago, 08. Asst, 111. Biol. Sta, 
98-99; asst. zool, Chicago, 02-04; prof, philos, 
Maine, OS- A.A; Psychol. Ass; Sociol. Soc; 
assoc. Ornith. Union. Behavior, emotions, in- 
stincts and songs of birds ; animal societies. 

Oram, Prof. Marshall P(erley), Brunswick, Maine. 
Chemistry. Brunswick, Jan. 1, 82. A.B, Bow- 
doin, 04, A.M, 05; Ph.D, Hopkins, 08. Instr. 
chem, Bowdoin, 08-09, asst. prof, 09-11, prof, 
11- Mem. Maine State Board of Health. 10-17. 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; London 
Chem. Soc. Petroleum; utilization of waste 
liquors from sulphite paper mills. 

Cramblet, Dr. W(ilbur) H(averfield), Bethany 
College, Bethany, W. Va. Mathematics. Tippe- 
canoe, Ohio, July 10, 92, A.B, A.M, Bethany 
(W. Va), 10; A.M, Yale, 11. Ph.D, 13. Instr. 
math, Eochester, 13-15; Phillips, 15-17; Beth- 
any {W. Va). Prof, math, Bethany (W. Va), 
summers, 10-14. Math. Soe; Ass. Teachers 
Math. Middle States and Md. Discotiuou3 
functions over the general field; intermediate 
functions and their integral sets. 

Crampton, Dr. C(harles) Ward (Grinnell), 500 
Park Ave, New York, N. Y. Physiology, Edu- 
cation. New York, May 26, 77. A.B, Col. City 
of N. Y, 96; M.D, Columbia, 00. Asst, Woods 
Hole, 98; path, dept, Columbia, 00-03; chair- 
man, dept. physical training, High Sch. of Com- 
merce, N. Y, 00-05; asst. director physical 
training, pub. schools, N. Y. City, 05-08, direc- 
tor, 08-19; dean, sch. physical educ, and director, 
educ. activities and research on blood pressure, 
Battle Creek Sanitarium, 19-20; consxUtant 
physical educ, SO- Chairman, committee on 
physical standards for child labor, children's 
bur, U. S. Dept. Labor; hon. mem. nat. council. 
Boy Scouts Am. A.A; Physical Educ. Ass. (v, 
pres); Soc. Exp. Biol; Nat. Pub. Sch. Physical 
Training Soc. (pres); Sch. Hygiene Ass; N. Y. 
Physical Educ. Soc. (pres, 05). Splanchnic 
vasomotor control; pubescence; physiological, 
psychological and anatomical age with special 
reference to weight; height, strength and schol- 
arship; school hygiene; physical training, ath- 
letics and folk dancing; the gravity resisting 
functions of the circulation. 

Crampton, Prof. G(uy) C(hester), Massachusetts 
Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Entomol- 
ogy. Mobile, Ala, Sept. 21, 81. A.B^ Princeton, 
04; A.M, Cornell, 05; Freiburg and Munich; 
Ph.D, Berlin, 08 ; M.S, Harvard, 20. Asst. biol, 
Princeton, 08-10; prof, zool, Clemson, 10-11; 
assoc. prof, entom, Mass. Col, 11-15, prof, 15- 

A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Ass. Econ. Entom; 
Entom. Soc; Wash. Entom. Soc; London En- 
tom. Soc. Insect morphology; insect behavior; 
phylogeny of arthropods; evolution of various 
structures in insects. 

Crampton, Prof. Henry E(dward), Barnard Col 
lege, Columbia University, also, American Mu 
seum of Natural History, New York, N. Y 
*Zoology, Experimental biology. New York 
Jan. 5, 75. Col. City of N. Y, 88-92; A.B, Co 
lumbia, 93, fellow, 96-97, Ph.D, 99. Asst. biol 
Columbia. 93-95; instr. zool, Mass. Inst. Tech 
95-96; lecturer, Columbia, 97-99, tutor, 99-00 
instr, Barnard, 00-01^ adj. prof, 01-03, prof. 
04-; curator invert, zool, Am. Museum- Nat 
Hist, 09- Instr. embryol. Woods Hole, 95-03; 
in charge embryol, biol. lab. Cold Spring Harbor 
04-06; research assoc, Carnegie Institution, 04- 
expeditions to Polynesia, 06-09, 19; West In 
dies, 13, 14; interior of S. Am, 11. Int. Zool 
Cong, Graz, 10. A.A; Soc. Nat; Soc. Zool; Soc 
Exp. Biol; fel. Ethnol. Soc; Ecol. Soc; Anthrop 
Soc; fel. N. Y. Acad. (rec. sec 'y, 06, v. pres 
06, cor. sec'y, 08). Developmental mechanics i 
fertilization of the egg; embryology of gastero- 
pods; variation, selection and inheritance in 
Lepidoptera (Saturniidae) ; general experimental 
evolution ; variation, evolution and geographical 
distribution of Polynesian Mollusca. 

Orandall, Dr. Irving B(ardshar), 463 West St, 
New York, N. Y. Physics. Chattanooga. Tenn, 
May 27, 90. A.B, Wisconsin, 09; A.M, Prince- 
ton, 10, fellow, 12-13, Ph.D, 16. Prof, physics 
and chem, Chekiang Provincial Col. 11-12; re- 
search physicist. West. Elec. Co. 13- Phrsical 
Soe. Infra-red optical properties; telephonic 
transmission; acoustical apparatus; speech. 

Crandall, Lee S(aunders), Zoological Park, New- 
York, N. Y. Ornithology. Sherburne, N. Y, 
Jan. 26, 87. Cornell, 07-08; Columbia, 08-09. 
Asst, dept. birds, N. Y. Zool. ParTc, 08-11, asst. 
curator, 11-19, curator, 19- Mem. collecting 
exped. to British Guiana, 09; Costa Eica, 14. 
Assoc, mem. Ornith. Union; Soc. Ichthyol. and 
Herp; N. Y. Zool. Soc. Ornithology of Costa 
Eica; birds in captivity; protection and propa- 
gation of birds. 

Crandall, Prof. W(esley) C(larence), La Jolla, 
Calif, Biology. Sigourney, Iowa, Aug. 5, 78. 
A.B, Stanford, 99. Teacher science, high sch, 
Ogden, Utah, 99-04; Kern Co. High Sch. Bakers- 
field, Calif, 04-05; physiol. and nature studT, 
State Nor, Sch, San Diego, 05-13; prof, biol, 
Scripps Inst, California, 13- Business agent, 
Scripps Inst, California. Kelp. 

Crane, E(van) J, Ohio State University, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Chemistry. Columbus, Feb. 14, 89. 
A.B, Ohio State. Assoc, ed, 'Chem. Abstracts,' 
11-14, ed, 14- A.A; Chem. Soc. Indexing of 
chemical compounds and subjects. 

Crane, Prof. H(arley) L(ncius), 757 N. Front St, 
Morgantown, W. Va. Horticulture. Terra Alta, 
W. Va, March 31, 91. B.S.A, West Virginia, 
14, M.S.A, 18. Instr. hort. West Virginia, 14- 
17, asst. horticulturist, Exp. Sta, 17-20, horti- 
culturist, SO-, asst. prof, hort, 19-20, assoc. prof, 
SO- A.A; Soc. Hort. Sci; W. Va. Sci. Soc; W. 
Va. Hort. Soc. (sec'y, 19-). Spray nozzles; 
culture of apples and peaches. 



Crane, Prof. Harry W(olven), Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, Ohio. Psychology, Sociology. 
Big Rapids, Mich, Dec. 21, 85. A.I3, Michigan, 
09, A.M, 10, Ph.D, 13. Asst. sociol, Michigan, 
09-13, psychol, 10, instr, 13; chief investigator, 
Mich. legislative connnission on mental defec- 
tiveness, 13-15; instr. and later asst. prof, psy- 
chol, Ohio State, 15- A.A; Psychol. Ass. As- 
sociation and reaction times; feeblemindedness 
in Michigan; dependency and juvenile delin- 

Crane, Jasper E(lliot), E. I. duPont de Nemours 
and Co, Wilmington, Del. Chemistry. Ne^vark, 
N. J, May 17, 81. A.B, Princeton, 01, M.S, 04; 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 04. Chemist, supt, manager 
and later director, Arlington Co, 04-17; man- 
ager, cellulose division, E. I. duPont de Nemours 
and Co, 17-20, European manager, 20- Sec'y, 
plastics sect, Int. Cong. Applied Chem, 12. Chem. 
Soc. (councilor, 12, v. chairman, Del. sect, 19) ; 
Soc. Chem. Indust; Chem. Eng; Soo.' Automotive 
Eng. Chemical technology; nitration of cellu- 
lose; pyroxylin plasties and solutions; camphor. 

Crane, Dr. W (alter) R(ichard), U. S. Bureau of 

Minos, Washington, D. C. Mining engineering. 
Grafton, Mass, Feb. 5, 70. A.B, Kansas, 95, 
A.M, 96; Ph.D, Columbia, 01. Asst. prof, min- 
ing Kansas, 98-05; asst. prof, sch. mines, Colum- 
bia, 05-08; prof, and dean, sch. of mines and 
metal, Pa. State, 08-18; mining engineer, TJ. S. 
Bur. Mines, 18-20, chief engineer. War Minerals 
Belief Commission, 20- Min. Eng. Ore concen- 
trations; mining methods. 

Crane, W(iU) E(dwin), 208 13th St, N. E, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Engineering , Geology. Fond du 
Lac, Wis, May 14, 57. C.E, Iowa, 82, A.M, 85. 
Asst. and later assoc. prof, civil eng, Iowa, 82- 
86; civil engineer, 8G-13; collector geni, paleont. 
and conchol. specimens, 81- Chief inspector 
materials, Pa. and N. Y. tunnels; Panama 
Canal; Hell Gate Bridge. Civil Eng; Paleont. 
Soc. Paleontology; conchology. 

Crary, Dr. Geo(rge) W(aldo), 770 Park Ave, New 
York, X. Y. Dermatology. Brooklyn, N. Y 
Jan. 3^ 64. M.D, Columbia, 85. House sur 
geon, Bcllevue Hosp, 8* ; asst. attending sur 
geon, out-patient dept, Roosevelt Hosp, 88-01 
asst. to attending surgeon, 96-01; asst. consult 
ing dermatologist, N. Y. Lying-in Hosp, 03-05 
consulting dermatologist, Gen. Mem. Hosp, 03- 
Liucnhi Hosp. 06-; N. Y. Infant Asylum, OS- 
Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hosp, 09- 
Nursery and Child's Hosp, 10- Instr. physiol 
chem, Post-Grad. Med. Sch. and Hosp, 88-89 
asst. attending surgeon, N. Y, Cancer Hosp, 95 
00 ; asst. demonstrator anat, Columbia, 97-01 
attending surgeon and clin. asst, med. col 
Cornell, 01-06. Myxedema and thyroid extract 
thyroid extract in psoriasis. 

Crathome, Prof. Arthur R(obert), 1113 S. Fourth 
St, Champaign, 111. Mathematics. Scarborough, 
England, Oct. 26, 75. B.S, Illinois, 98; Chicago, 
summer, 02; Ph.D, Gottingen, 07. Tutor m^th, 
Maine, 98-00 ; instr, Wisconsin, 00-04 ; assoc, 
niinois, 07-15, asst. prof, 14- A.A; Math. Soc; 
Math. Ass; Statist. Ass; 111. Acad; Royal Statist. 
Soc. Limitations of applications of mathematics 
to statistics; correlation methods in educational 

Cratty, R(obert) I(rvin), Ames, Iowa. Botany. 
Butler Co, Pa, Feb. 5, 53. Pub. schools. 
Teacher, pub. schools, 73-94; curator bot, Iowa 
State, 18. A.A; Bot. Soc; fel. Iowa Acad. The 
Iowa sedges; aquatic phenogams of Iowa; Iowa 

Cravath, James R(aley), Monadnoek Block, Chi- 
cago, 111. Electrical engineering. Grinnell, 
Iowa, July 11, 72. B.S, Grinnell, 92. West, ed, 
'Elec. World,' 00-10; consulting engineer, Fowle 
and Cravath, 10- Lecturer ilium, Purdue; Iowa 
State; Armour. Elec. Eng; lUum. Eng. Soc; 
West. Soc. Eng; Chicago Elec. Club. Illumina- 

Crawford, Dr. Albert C(omelius), Stanford Uni- 
versity Medical School, San Francisco, Calif. 
Pharmacology. Baltimore, Md, June 10^ 69. 
M.D, Col. Physicians and Surg, Baltimore, 93; 
Hopkins, 88-90, 91-94, 02. Asst. pharmacol, 
Hopkins, 94-00; research pharmacologist, De- 
troit, 03 ; bur. plant indust. and bur. animal 
indust, U. S. Dept. Agr, 0410; prof, pharmacol, 
Stanford, 10- Soc. Pharmacol; Soc. Biol. Chem; 
Soc. Exp. Biol. Physiological standardization 
and apparatus; poisonous plants; cotton-seed- 
meal poisoning; active principles in mistletoe; 
chemistry of endocrine organs. 

Crawford, D(avid) F(rancis), 5243 Ellsworth 
Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mechanical engineering. 
Pittsburgh, Dec. 4, 64. Pa. Mil. Acad, 82; 
D.Eng, Kentucky. Apprentice, Pa. Lines, 85- 
89, test dept, 89-92, asst. master mechanic, Fort 
Wayne shop, 92-95, asst. to supt. motive power, 
95-99, supt, 99-03, gen. supt, 03-16, gen. man- 
ager, lines west of Pittsburgh, 17-18; v. pres. 
and gen. manager, Locomotive Stoker Co, and 
pres, Westinghouse Union Battery Co, 20- A.A ; 
Mech. Eng; Elec. Eng; Ry. Master Mech. Ass. 
(v. pres, pres) ; Master Car Builders (pres) ; 
Soc. Test. Mat; Hlum. Eng. Soc; R. R. Eng; 
West. Pa. Eng. Soc. Locomotive and car con- 
struction ; railway operation ; electrification of 
steam railroads; electric locomotive. 

Crawford, Prof. D(avid) L(iving3ton), University 
of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii. Entomology. 
Hermosillo, Mexico, 89. A.B, Pomona, 11, A.M, 
Stanford, 12. Asst. entom, Cornell, 12-13; hort. 
expert, Mex. Gulf Coast Citrus Ass, 13-15; asst. 
prof, bot, Pomona, 14-17; prof, entom, Univ. of 
Hawaii, 17- In charge, biol. expeditions to 
Mexico, 09, 10. A.A; Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. 
Entom. Taxonomic and economic entomology; 
phytopathology; pomology; jumping plant lice. 

Crawford, H(enry) G(ordon MacGregor), Depart- 
ment of Agriculture, Ottawa, Can. Entomology. 
Mahone Bay, N. S. B.S.A, Toronto; M.S, Illi- 
nois, fellow, 17-18. Asst. to Provincial ento- 
mologist, 15; lecturer entom. and zool, Ont. Agr. 
Col, 18-20; entomologist, entom. branch. Can. 
Dept. Agr, 20- Field entomologist in charge. 
Dominion Entom. Lab, summers, 16, 17. A.A; 
Entom. Soc; Ass. Econ. Entom; Ecol. Soc; 
Phytopath. Soc; Ont. Entom. Soc; Ottawa 
Field Nat. Soc. Economic entomology; ecology; 
insect morphology; immature insects; orchard 
and field crop pests. 

Crawford, J(ames) C(hamberlain), 2063 Park 
Road, Washington, D. C. Entomology. West- 
point, Ncbr, Aug. 24, 80. Nebraska. Special 



field agent, bur. entom, U. S. Dept. Agr, 04-08, 
asst. curator, div. insects, TJ. S. N. Museum, 08- 
A.A; Entom. Soe; Ass. Econ. Entom; Wash. 
Entom. and Biol. Societies. Hymenoptera, espe- 
cially parasitic forms. 

Crawford, Prof. J(ohn) Forsyth, Beloit College, 
Beloit, Wis. Psychology. Damascus, Syria, 
Nov. 16, 71. Union, 91-93; A.B, Princeton, 95, 
A.M, 97; Berlin, 96; McCormick Theol. Sem, 
Chicago, 97-00, D.B, 10. Demonstrator exp. 
psychol, Princeton, 97; pastor, Beaver Dam, 
Wis, 00-04; prof, psychol. and pedag, Grand 
Island, 04-07 ; Tabor, 07-12 ; philos. and psychol, 
Beloit, 12- A.A; Soc. Nat; Psychol. Ass. The 
temperature sense ; theories of knowledge. 

C?rawford, Prof. Morris B(arker), Middletovrn, 
Conn. *Physics. Ossining, N. Y, Sept. 26, 52. 
A.B, Wesleyan, 74, A.M, 77. Tutor math, Wcs- 
leyan, 74-77, instr. physics, 80-81, assoc. prof, 
81-84, prof, 84- A.A; Physical Soe. 

Crawford, Prof. E(alph) D(ixon), 1050 Tenth St, 
Boulder, Colo. Geology. Peotone, 111, March 
7, 73. A.B, Colorado, 05, A.M, 07; Ph.D, Yale, 
13. Asst. geol, Colorado, 04-07, instr, 07-08, 
asst. prof, 08-14. prof, miner, and petrol, 14- 
Held asst, V. S. Geol. Surv, 06; asst, Colo. State 
Geol. Surv, 07-09, geologist, 09-17. A.A; Min. 
Eng; Chem. Soc; Geol. Soc. Areal and economic 
geology; petrology; mineralogy. 

Crawford, Prof. R(ussell) T(racy), 2740 Hillegrass 
Ave, Berkeley, Calif. Astronomy. Davisville, 
Calif, March 26, 76. B.S, California, 97, fellow, 
Lick Observatory, 98-01, Ph.D, 01. Asst. as- 
tron, California, 97-98; computer, Watson Trus- 
tees, 01-02; examiner, U. S. Civil Service Com- 
mission, 02-03 ; instr. practical astron, California, 
03-06, asst. prof, 06-10, assoc. prof, 10-19, prof, 
19- Major, Air Service, 18-19. A.A; Astron. 
Soc; Pacific Astron. Soc. (sec'y, 07-09); hon. 
mem. Soc. Astron. de Mex; Astron. Gesell. Con- 
stant of refraction; orbits of new satellites; 
comet orbits; perturbations of minor planets; 
celestial mechanics. 

Crawley, Prof. Edwin S(chofield), University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Mathematics. 
Philadelphia, July 31, 62. B.S, Pennsylvania, 
82, Ph.D, 92. Instr. civil eng, Pennsylvania, 
82-84, math, 84-89, asst. prof, 89-99, Thomas 
A. Scott prof, 99- A.A; (sec'y, A, 02); Math. 
Soc; Math. Ass; Ass. Teachers Math. Middle 
States and Md. (pres). 

Crawley, Howard, Pennsylvania Bureau of Ani- 
mal Industry, Philadelphia, Pa. Zoology. Phil- 
adelphia, June 4, 69. B.S, Pennsylvania, 97; 
M.S, Harvard, 01. Asst. zool, Harvard, 00- 
01; expert protosool, bur. animal indust, U. S. 
Dept. Agr, 08-19; Pa. Bur. Animal Indust, 19- 
A.A; Phila. Acad; Wash. Biol. Soc. The Sporo- 
zoa; classification and physiology of Gregari- 
nida; the trypanosomes; parasitic worms. 

Crehore, Dr. Albert C(ushing), Nela Research 
Laboratory, Nela Park, Cleveland, Ohio. *En- 
gineering. Cleveland, Ohio, June 8, 68. A.B, 
Yale, 90; Hopkins, 91; Ph.D, Cornell, 93. Instr. 
physics, Cornell, 93-94; asst. prof, Dartmouth, 
94-98; research physicist, Nela Research Lab. 
A.A; Physical Soc; Elec. Eng. Application 
of the sine Avave to telegraphs as applied to 
submarine cables and land lines; the invention 

of a printing telegraph; alternating currents; 
the polarizing photo-chronograph; multiple tele- 
graphs; the atom; matter and energy. 

Creightoii, Prof. Elmer E. F(armer), Union Uni- 
versity, Schenectady, N. Y. Electrical engineer- 
ing. B.S, Stanford, 95, E.E, 97; Paris, 98-00. 
Asst. engineer, Pacific Postal Telegraph Co, 95; 
instr. elec. eng, Stanford, 95-98, 00-01; engi- 
neer, exp. dept, Stanley Elec. Mfg. Co, 01-04; 
in charge lightning arrester development, Gen. 
Elec. Co, 04-; active asst. prof. elec. eng, Union, 
04-06, consulting prof, 06- A.A. Oscillographs ; 
wireless telegraphy; annealing of sheet iron for 
magnetic uses; development of lightning arrest- 
ers for electrical circuits; aluminum cells; fixa- 
tion of nitrogen; nature and prevention of elec- 
trical surges in electrical circuits. 

Creighton, Prof. H(enry) Jermain (Maude), 
Swarthmore, Pa. Chemistry. Dartmouth, N. S, 
March 2, 86. B.A, Dalhousie, 06, M.A, 07; 1851 
Exhibition scholar, Birmingham, 08-10, M.S, 09; 
Sc.D, Polytech, Ziirich, 11; Heidelberg, 09-10. 
Demonstrator chem, Dalhousie, 07-08, lecturer 
physical chem, 11-12; instr. chem, Swarthmore, 
12-13, asst. prof, 13- Longstreth medal, 18. 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Electrochem. Soc; Franklin 
Inst, (chairman, committee of science and arts, 
18); N. S. Inst, (councilor and ed, 'Trans,' 
11) ; Can. Inst. Chem; Maritime Chemists Ass. 
(v. pres, 20) ; London Chem. Soc. Physical and 

Creighton, Prof. J(ames) E(dwin), Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, N. Y. ^Philosophy. Pictou, N. 
S, April 8, 61. A.B, Dalhousie, 87; Berlin, 91; 
Ph.D, Cornell, 92; LL.D, Queen's (Can), 03. 
Instr. philos, Cornell, 89-91, assoc. prof, modem 
philos, 92-95, prof, logic and metaphysics, 95- 
Ed, 'Philos. Eev,' 93-; Am. ed, 'Kant-Studien,' 
96- A.A; Philos. Ass. (pres, 02). The nature 
of judgment and the knowing processes of mind; 

Creighton, Prof. W(illiam) H(enry) P(aul), U. 
S. N. (retired), 1445 Henry Clay Ave, New- 
Orleans, La. Mechanical engineering. Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, June 29, 59. Cincinnati, 76-77; 
U. S. Naval Acad, 78-82. Asst. engineer, U. S. 
N, 84-92, retired, 92; prof. mech. eng, Purdue, 
87-91; chief engineer, U. S. Coast Surv, 
'Steamer Blake,' 91-92; prof. mech. and sugar 
eng, Tulane, 95- Inspector vessels and govt, 
material, Spanish-Am. War; German-Am. War. 
Naval Eng; Eng. Educ; Franklin Inst. Steam 
engine and other heat motors; evaporation of 
sugar juices. 

Crenshaw, Prof. J(ames) L(lewellyn), Bryn 
Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Physical Chem- 
istry. Dermott, Ark, July 10, 87. A.B, Center, 
07, A.M, 08; Ph.D, Princeton, 11. Asst. chemist, 
geophys. lab, Carnegie Institution, 10-15; assoc. 
physical chem, Bryn Mawr, 15-18, assoc. prof, 
IS- Capt, C. W.S, A. E. F, 18. Chem. Soc. 
Electrochemistry; mineral chemistry. 

Cresse, Prof. G(eorge) H(offman), U. S. Navai 
Academy, Annapolis, Md. Mathematics. Swain- 
ton, N. J, Dec. 21, 71. A.B, Princeton, 06, A.M, 
07 ; A.M, Harvard, 11 ; Ph.D, Chicago, 18. Instr. 
math, Amherst, 10-11; asst. prof, in charge of 
dept, Middlebury, 11-15; Michigan, 17-19; U. 
S. Naval Acad, 19- Math. Soc; Math. Gesell. 
Acceleration of a particle. 



Cresson, E(zra) T(ownsend), Swarthmore, Pa. 
Entomology. Philadelphia, Pa, June 18, 38. 
Common schools. Entom. Soc; Phila. Acad. 

Cresson, E(zra) T(ownsend), Jr, Swarthmore, Pa. 
Entomology. Philadelphia, Pa, Dec. 18, 76, 
Common schools. J.s.voc. cd, 'Entom. News,' 10-; 
asst. curator, Fhila. Acad. Entom. Soc; Phila. 
Acad. Aealyptrate Diptera. 

C?rew, Prof. Henry, Northwestern University, 
Eranston, III. *Fhysics. Richmond, Ohio, June 
4. 59. A.B, Princeton, 82, fellow, 82-84; fellow. 
Hopkins, 84-87, Ph.D, 87; Sc.D, Michigan, 14. 
Apst. physics, Hopkins, 87-88; instr, Haverford, 
88-91; astronomer. Lick Observatory, 91-92; 
prof, physics, Northwestern, 93- Assoc, ed, 
'Astrophys Jour'. Delejjate of Am. Physical 
Soc, Cong, of Physicists, Paris, 00. Nat. Acad; 
A.A ; Physical Soc. (v. pres, 06, pres, 09) ; Opti- 
cal Soc; Astron. Soc; Am. Acad; 111. Acad. (v. 
pres, 08, pres, 13) ; Chicago Acad. (v. pres, 16) ; 
Padua Acad. Spectroscopy; arc and spark spec- 
tra of metals. 

Oribbs, Prof. J(ames) E(lias), 1241 Summit Ave, 
Springfield, Mo. Botany. Mercer, Pa, March 
25, 91. A.B, Grove City, 14; M.S, Chicago, 16, 
fellow, 17-18, Ph.D, 18. Instr. in charge, dept. 
biol, Grove City, 14-18; prof, hot, Emporia, 19- 
20; Brury, 20- Bot. Soc. Plant as.sociations ; 
transpiration; M.irchantia polymorpha; stelar 
anatomy of the seedling of Todea barbara. 

Griddle, Norman, Trcebank, Man, Can. Orni- 
thology, Entomology, Botany. Addlestone, Sur- 
rey, England, May 14, 75. A.A; Ass. Econ. 
Entom; Soc. Mammal; mem. Ornith. Union; 
Entom. Soc; Ont. Entom. Soc; Ottawa Field 
Nat. Club. Insects injurious to growing grain. 

Orider, Prof. Joseph O(tterbein), Universitv, Miss. 
Physiology. Harrisonburg, Va. Aug. 29, 81. 
M'-D, Virginia, 12. Instr. physiol. and Pharma- 
col, Virginia, 12-13; prof, physiol, Mississippi, 
IS- Am. Med. Ass. Physiology of the nervous 

Orile, Dr. George, 2620 Derbyshire Road, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. *Medicine, Surgery. Chile, Ohio, 
Nov. 11, 64. A.B, Ohio 'North. Univ, 84; 
M.D, Wooster, 87, A.M. 88, LL.D, 16; Vi- 
enna, 93; London, 95; Paris, 97; hon. Ph.D, 
Hiram, 01. Lecturer and demonstrator histol, 
med. dept, Wooster, 89-90, prof, physiol, 90-93, 
principles of surg, 93-00; clin. surg. Western 
Reserve, 00-11, surg, 11- Surgeon, St. Alexis 
Hosp; visiting surgeon. Lakeside Hosp; lieut, 
M. R. C, Porto Rico, 98; major and director. 
Lakeside Base Hosp, B. E. F, 18, senior con- 
sultant surg. research, lS-19, lieut. col. and col, 
18. Cartwright prize, Columbia, 97, 03; Senn 
prize. Am. Med. Ass, 98; Alvarenga prize. Col. 
of Physicians, Phila, 01. A.A; Ass. Path, and 
Bact; Surg. Ass; Col. Surg, (pres, 16); Soc. 
Biol. Chcm; Gynec. Soc (pres, 20); Physiol. 
Soc; Exp. Biol; Am. Med. Ass. (v. pros, 07); 
Soc. Clin. Surg; Int. Soc. Surg; Soc. Int. Chi- 
rurgic; hon. fel. Royal Soc. Surg; hon. mem. 
Peruvian Med. Soc; for. cor. Acad. Royalo de 
M<5d. de Belgique. Surgical shock; surgery of 
the re5?piration system ; blood pressure in surgery; 
hemorrhage and transfusion; anoci-association ; 
origin and nature of the emotions; physical in- 

terpretation of shock; exhaustion and restora- 
tion; man an adaptive mechanism; mechanistic 
view of war and peace; the kinetic drive. 

Crittenden, E(ugene) C(asson), Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Washington, D. C. Photometry. Oswayo, 
Pa, Dec. 19, 80. A.B, Cornell, 05. In^tr. phys- 
ics, Cornell, 05-09 ; asst. physicist, assoc. phys- 
icist and later physicist, Bur. Sta7idards, 09- 
Physical Soc; Optical Soc; assoc. Elec. Eng; 
Ilium. Eng. Soc. (director, 19-); Wash. Acad; 
Wasli. Philos. Soc. (cor. scc'y, 17-19). Illumi- 
nation; photometric standards and methods. 

Crocker, Prof. Francis B(acon), Crocker-Wheeler 
Co, Ampere, N. J. *Electrical engineering. 
New York, July 4, 61. E.M, Columbia, 82, 
Ph.D, 95. Instr. elec. eng. Columbia, 89-92, 
ad. prof, 92-93, prof, 93-14. Int. Elec. Cong, 
Chicago, 93 (perm, sec'y); Int. Electrotech. 
Commission (sec'y, Am. sect, 08). A.A; Physi- 
cal Soc; Elec. Eng. (pres, 97); Electroehem. 
Soc; N. Y. Elec. Soc. (pres, 91-94); British 
Inst. Elec. Eng. High potential direct current 
dynamos; unipolar dynamos; regulation of elec- 
tric motors ; primary and secondary batteries. 

Crocker, Dr. W(illiam), University of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111, *Botany. Medina, Ohio, Jan. 27, 
76. A.B, Illinois, 02, fellow, 02-03, A.M, 03; 
fellow, Chicago, 04-06, Ph.D, 06. Instr. biol, 
Northern 111. State Nor. Seh, 03-04; assoc. 
plant physiol, Chicago, 07-09, instr, 09-11, 
asst. prof, and later assoc. prof, 11- A.A; Soc. 
Nat; Bot. Soc; Wash. Bot. Soc. Delayed ger- 
mination; effects of noxious gases on plants; 
gravity as a form stimulus ; inspection methods 
for detecting injury in greenhouses from illu- 
minating gas. 

Crockett, Prof. Cha(rle)s W(inthrop), Rensselaer 
Polyteelinic Institute, Troy, N. Y. Mathe- 
matics, Astronomy. Macon, Ga, Oct. 6, 62. 
A.B, Mercer, 79, hon. A.M, 86, LL.D, 13; C.E, 
Rensselaer, 84. Asst. prof. math, and astron, 
Eensselaer, 84-93, prof, 93- A.A; Astron. Soc; 
Eng. Educ. Slide rule; earthwork; engineering 
instruments; automobile engineering. 

Croft, Terrell, 6600 Delmar Ave, University City, 
St. Louis, Mo. Electrical engineering. Den- 
ver, Colo, Nov. 14, 80. Grad, Pratt Inst, 03. 
Directing engineer and owner, Terrell Croft 
Eng. Co. Elec. Eng; Ilium. Eng. Soc. Electric- 
ity; mechanics. 

CromweU, Dr. Eichard O (liver), 208 S. La Salle 
St, Chicago, 111. Plant pathology. Weeping 
Water, Nebr, 90. B.S, Nebraska, Ph.D, 18; 
M.S, N. C. Col, 16. Research worker. Forest 
Exp. Sta, Ephraim, Utah, 13; asst. plant pa- 
thologist, N. C. Exp. Sta, 13-18; extcn. plant 
pathologist, Iowa State, 18-20, director, bur. 
crop reporting and statistics, E. W. Wagner Co, 
SO- Mem. bot. and forestry exped. to Ozark 
and Rocky Mts. A.A; Bot. Soc; Phytopath. 
Soc; Nebr. Acad. Forest bacteriology; control 
of cotton; inheritance and disease. 

Crook, Prof. A(lja) R(obinson), State Museum of 
Natural History, Springfield, 111. Mineralogy, 
Geology. Circleville, Ohio, June 17, 64. A.B, 
Ohio Weslcyan, 87; Ph.D, Munich, 92. Supt. 
pub. schools, Mt. Carmel, Ohio, 87-89; prof, 
nat. hist, Wheaton, 92-93 ; miner, and econ. 
geol, Northwestern, 93-06; curator, 111. Stata 



Museum Nat. Hist, 06-17; chief, state museum 
div, Dept. Registration and Educ, III, 17- A. A; 
Geol. Soc; Ass. Mus; lU. Acad, (sec'y, 07-10, 
15, pres, 14) ; Geol. Gesell. Cretaceous fossil 
fish; mineralogical and economic geology; or- 
igin of Monk's Mound; mineral collection; 
museum administration. 

Orook, Louis H(enry), 1353 Newton St, N. W, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Havre de Grace, 
Md, 87. B.S, Catholic Univ, 09. Machinist, 
U. S. Navy Yard, 06-09; instr. theoret. and ap- 
plied mech, Catholic Univ, 09- Asst. to Dr. 
Zahm, aeronaut, lab, U.S.N, 16- Physical Soc; 
Wash. Philos. Soc. Aeronautics; aerofoils. 

Orook, Welton Joseph, P. O. Box 985, Stanford 
University, Calif. Metalhirgy. Melbourne, Aus- 
tralia, Feb. 1, 86. A.B, Stanford, 11, E.M, 19. 
Chemist and assayer, Dept. Mines, Govt, of Vic- 
toria, 08; asst. instr. metal, Stanford, 10; chief 
chemist, Pacific Coast Steel Co, 11-13; prof, 
metal, S. Dak. Sch. Mines, 13-17; metal, en- 
gineer, Pacific Coast Steel Co, 17- Research 
chemist, Panama-Pacific Expos, 15. Min. and 
Metal. Soc; Min. Eng. Metallurgical annlytical 
methods; electrolysis; silver cupellation; metal- 
lic magnesium; hot dip galvanizing process; 
properties of basic steel. 

Crooker, Dr. Sylvan J(ay), Bureau of Standards, 
Washington, D. C. Physics. Fairmont, Minn, 
July 3, 93. B.S, Carleton, 14; M.S, Hlinois, 15, 
fellow, 15-17, Ph.D, 17. Asst. physicist. Bur. 
Standards, 17-18, radio engineer, Sig. C. Be- 
search Lab, 19- Lieut, Sig. C, 18-19; cable 
investigator, Alaska, 19. Physical Soc; Wash. 
Philos. Soc. Telephone, radio and cable com- 
munication; high potential phenomena; corona. 

Crosby, Prof. Cyrus E(ichard), Cornell Univer- 
sity, Ithaca, N. Y. Entomology. Penn Yan, 
N. Y, Jan. 9, 79. A.B, Cornell, 05. Asst. en- 
tomologist, Missouri, 04-06; exp. entomologist, 
Cornell Exp. Sta, 06-09, asst. prof, entom. in- 
vestigations, 09-13, exten. prof, 13- Entom. 
Soc. (sec'y-treas, 10); Micros. Soc. Economic 
and systematic entomology; Erigonea; Araneae; 

Crosby, W (alter) W(ilson), 307 E. 30th St, Balti- 
more, Md. Highway engineering. Brooklyn, 
N. Y, Sept. 2, 72. B.C.E, Maine, 93, C.E, 96; 
Sc.D, Md. Col, 12. Asst. engineer, Portland and 
Eumford Falls Ry, 93-97; res. engineer, Mass. 
Highway Commission, 97-01; roads engineer, 
Baltimore Co, Md, 01-04; gen. supt. to park 
commissioner, Baltimore, 04-05; chief engineer, 
Md. Roads Commission, 05-12; Md. Geol. and 
Econ. Surv, 05- Non-res. lecturer highway eng, 
Columbia, 11-15; instr. in charge extramural 
course, N. Y. Univ, 14-15. A.A; Civil Eng. 
(chairman, committe on road materials) ; Soc. 
Test. Mat; Eng. Educ; Road Ass. (treas) ; Soc. 
Munic. Improv; Int. Ass. Road Congresses; Int. 
Soc. Test. Mat. 

Crosby, Prof. W(illiam) O(tis), Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 
*Geology. Decatur, Ohio, Jan. 14, 50. B.S, 
Mass. Inst. Tech, 76. Instr. geol, Mass. Inst. 
Tech, 78-83, asst. prof, 83-02, assoc. prof, 02- 
06, prof, 06-07, emer. prof, 07- Asst. geol. 
and miner, Boston Soc. Nat. Hist, 76-02; con- 
sulting geologist to various state and city com- 

missions, 95- Walker prize, Boston Soc. Nat. 
Hist, twice; bronze medal, Paris Expos, 00. 
A.A; Geol. Soc; Min. Eng; Min. and Metal. 
Soc; Am. Acad; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist; Appa- 
lachian Mt. Club. Chemical, structural, gla- 
cial and economic geology; ore deposits; geol- 
ogy of the Boston Basin, of Alaska, of the 
Rocky Mountains and of southern New York. 
Crosland, Prof. Harold Randolph, University of 
Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. pKiicholnqv. Rlaek- 
ville, S. C, Feb. 19, 93. A.B, South Carolina, 
13; fellow, Clark, 13-16, A.M, 14, Ph.D, 16. 
Instr. psychol, Minnesota, 16-17; asst. prof, 
Arkansas, 17-18; Pittsburgh, 18-20; Oregon, 
20- Psychol. Ass. Experimental psychology; 

Cross, Prof. Charles R(obert), Massachusetts In- 
stitute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. *Wx- 
perimental physics. 'Troy, N. Y, March 29, 48. 
B.S, Mass. Inst. Tech, 70. Prof, physics, Mass. 
Inst. Tech, 75-78, Thayer prof, 78-17, director, 
Rogers Lab, 85-17, emer. prof, 17- Chairman, 
sect. B, Elec. Cong, Columbian Expos, 93; pres, 
Elizabeth Thompson Science Fund, 19. A.A; 
Physical Soc; Astron. Soc; Elec. Eng; Am. 
Acad, (chairman, Rumford Committee. 97-) ; 
Appalachian Mt. Club (pres, 80) ; British Ass. 
Telephony; electric arc; musical pitch; phe- 
nomena of audition. 

Cross, Dr. (Charles) Whitman, 2138 Bancroft 
Place, Washington, D. C. *Geology. Amherst, 
Mass, Sept. 1, 54. B.S, Amherst, 75, 76; 
Gottingen, 77; Ph.D, Leipzig, 80. Asst. geol- 
ogist, U. S. Geol. Surv, 80-88, geologist, 88-, 
chief, sect, petrol, 03-07. Mem. Nat. Research 
Council, 18- treas, 18-19, v. chairman, div. geol. 
and geog, 18, chairman, 19. Nat. Acad; Philos. 
Soc; Geol. Soc. (pres, 18); Wash. Acad; Wash. 
Geol. Soc. (pres, 99); hon. mem. Colo. Sci. Soc; 
for. assoc. London Geol. Soc. Petrology; min- 
eralogy; systematic petrography; geology of 
various districts in Colorado. 

Crossley, Prof. M(oses) L(everock), Calco Chem- 
ical Co, Bound Brook, N. J. Chemistry. Saba 
Isl, D. W. I, July 3, 84. Ph.B, Brown, 09, M.S, 
10, Ph.D, 11. Instr. chem. Brown, 09-11 ; assoc. 
prof, William Jewell, 11-13; lecturer org. chem, 
Wesleyan, 13-14, assoc. prof. chem. and acting 
head of dept, 14-18; chief chemist, Calco Chem. 
Co, 18- Consulting chemist, Middlesex Hosp, 
15- A.A; Chem. Soc. (pres. Conn. Valley sect, 
15-). Amidoanthraquinones and anthraquinone 
sulphonic acids; dye industry; nitro-cyclic com- 
pounds; phosphorus as index of nerve metab- 
olism; chemical physiology of human hair; 

Crowe, Dr. Samuel J(ames), Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital, Baltimore, Md. Surgery. Washington 
Co, Va, April 16, 83. A.B, Georgia, 04; M.D, 
Hopkins, 08; Freiberg; Berlin; Vienna. Asst. 
surg. in charge, Hunterian Lab, 08-09; asst. res. 
surgeon, HopJcins Hosp, 09-10, laryngologist 
and otologist, 11-, din. prof, laryngol, rhinol. 
and otol, Eophins. A.A; Ass. Path, and Bact. 
Physiology of the ductless glands; pituitary 
gland; adrenal; the relation of focal infection 
to general disorders. 

Crowell, Dr. Bowman C(omlng), Institute Os- 
waldo Cruz, Caixa Postal 926, Rio de Janeiro, 



Brazil. Pathology. Yarmouth, N. S, Jan. 10, 
79. B.A. McGill, 00, M.D, CM, 04. Kes. pathol- 
ogist, City Hosp, N. Y. City, 04^07; instr. path, 
Univ. and Bellevue Hosj). Med. Col, 07-11; 
pathologist, Bellevue Hosp, 08-11 ; Bur. Science, 
P. I, 11-15; prof. path, and baeter, Univ. 
Philippines, 12-18, director, grad. sch. trop. 
med. and pub. health, 17-18; chief in path, 
Oswaldo Cruz Inst, 18- Am. Med. Ass; P. I. 
Med. Soc. (pres, 17) ; Manila Med. Soc. (pres, 
14, 16). Tropical diseases; beriberi; cholera; 
plagues; trypanosomiasis. 

Crowley, Dr. Charles F(elix), Creighton Univer- 
sity, Omaha, Nebr. Chemistry. Detroit, Mich, 
May 17, 69. A.B, Detroit, 87, A.M. 87; Ph.C, 
Michigan, 89; M.D, Creighton, 03. Frof. chem, 
Detroit, 90-93; Creighton, 94- Gas commis- 
sioner, Omaha, 09-12, city chemist, 03-09, 12- 
A.A; Chem. Soc; Chem. Eng. Cattle foods and 
dips; gas. 

Crozier, Gen. William, U. S. A. (retired), War 
Department, Washington, D. C. Engineering. 
Carrolton, Ohio, Feb. 19, 55. Grad, U. S. Mil. 
Acad, 76. Served in fourth artil, U.S.A, 76-81, 
appointed to O. D, 81, brig. gen. and chief, 01- 
18, major gen, 18, retired, 18. Instr. math, U. 
S. Mil. Acad, 79-84; on special duty in Europe, 
88-89; inspector fortifications, 98; Int. Peace 
Conference, The Hague, 99; served in Philippine 
campaign, 00 ; relief exped. to Peking, 00. A.A ; 
Soc. Nat; Am. Geog. Soe; Civil Eng; "Wash. 
Acad. Application of wire to construction of 
guns; strains of gun carriages; strains due to 
rifling of guns; industrial management. 

Crozier, Prof. W(llliam) J(ohn), Eutgers College, 
New Brunswick, N. J. Zoology, Physiology. 
New York, N. Y, Aug. 28, 92. B.S, Col. City of 
N. Y, 12; Austin fellow, Harvard, 14-15, A.M, 
14, Ph.D, 15. Ees. naturalist, Bermuda Biol. 
Sta, 15-18; asst. prof, physiol, mod. dcpt, Illi- 
nois, 18-19; eool, Chicago, 19-20; prof, and 
head of dept, Rutgers, 20- Sheldon traveling 
fellow, Harvard, 15-18. A.A; So